Days Transcript Friday 7/01/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/1/05 - Canada; Monday 7/4/05 - U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Hope: You watch my step. I don't want to fall into the river.

Bo: You know where we're at.

Hope: I can hear the water lapping. I just don't know what we're doing here. Wait a second. Hold on. Oh, no, no, no, no. Brady, if you're even thinking about sneaking us back onto that boat that was like the

Bo: Fancy Face, think again, 'cause I'm not gonna break the law.

Bo: We're not sneaking onto somebody else's boat...

Hope: Good boy.

Bo: Open your eyes. ...Because she's our boat.


Hope: What?

Bo: Yep. And she's not just "like the Fancy Face." She is the Fancy Face.

Hope: Oh, Bo, I... is this... is it -- I mean "she" -- really, really ours?

Bo: Yes. Yes, she is. You know what they say. Third time's a charm.

Hope: Wait, let me see. Let me see her.

Chloe: Of course I still love you, Brady. That's why...

Brady: Why what? Chloe, you say that this isn't Nicole's fault, that -- that it was your choice to keep it a secret that you were alive, that you're the one that wants to leave Salem and never come back, but you have to tell me why, Chloe, please.

Chloe: I canít. Telling you would only hurt you more.

Brady: What?

Chloe: All you have to know is that it was my decision to leave, which is what I still intend to do. I'm going somewhere you'll never find me, where I might as well be dead. And there's nothing you can say or do to make me change my mind.

Shawn D.: I know you still love me. Admit it -- you lied to Philip. The only reason you said you'd stay with him is because you couldn't bring yourself to hurt him after what's happened.

Belle: None of this would have happened if you hadn't come here. You forced the issue.

Shawn D.: I didn't force you to lie. You told him you loved him.

Belle: I do.

Shawn D.: But not as much as you love me. That's what you couldn't bring yourself to say -- that you love me more than you will ever love him.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Philip: Listen, I appreciate everything you're saying to me. But...I don't even know if I want my old life back.

Heather: Why not?

Philip: 'Cause I don't know if I can burden my wife with this for the rest of her life.

Heather: Burden her with what?

Philip: Come on. I mean...


Heather: I honestly don't know what you're talking about. I can do everything I did before I lost my leg, before I had my accident. I can run. I can ski. I can roller blade. I have a successful career. You know, you could return to active duty as a marine, with modern prosthetic technology the way that it is. And if you have the stamina to endure basic training that you have before, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Philip: I can handle the pain, believe me. What I can't handle is other people's pity.

Heather: If you don't pity yourself, then no one's gonna pity you, Philip. If anything, you'll be an inspiration to them.

Philip: Yeah. What about my wife?

Heather: Do you think she feels sorry for you?

Philip: I just -- I don't want her to stay with me because she feels obligated. You have to understand -- Belle is the type of woman who puts everyone else before herself. And marriage vows are sacred to her, just like they are to me. But we were together one -- one night before I shipped out. And then this happens. She is so special. I think she deserves better than me. I think she deserves a husband who's whole.

Heather: You think we're not whole?

Philip: I didn't mean you. I'm sorry.

Heather: Well, few people are whole, you know. It's just a mind-set. One day in the not-too-distant future, most people who look at you won't even know you're an amputee, unless you choose to tell them. Look at me. Since my accident, I've married, I've got a baby. I've never been happier in my life. I know it's hard for you to look that far into the future, but right now, if you take one step at a time, literally, you will be whole again.

Belle: You're wrong. I do love Philip. I'm not lying.

Shawn D.: Fine. I'll accept that... as long as you admit that you just love me more.

Belle: Stop it.

Shawn D.: We said that we were gonna tell Philip the truth.

Belle: That was before he was captured and injured. Now that, that's happened, it has changed everything. Can't you understand? I stood before God, and I promised to love him in sickness and in health, for better or worse.

Shawn D.: And in health you would have broken that promise.

Belle: And that would have been bad enough. It would have been horrible. Philip needs me more than he ever has.

Shawn D.: But for how long? Until death do you part?

Brady: Chloe, this whole thing is just crazy. You're standing here. You're not even looking at me. I find out that the love of my life is alive, and now you're gonna leave me all over again? What do you expect me to do, Chloe? Just pretend that this is not happening right now? Well, I'm sorry. I can't do that. This is a miracle, Chloe. Sweetheart, look, I'm sorry. You being alive and coming back to me is all I ever dreamed about since Nancy told me that you were in that car accident. Now, wait a second. The car accident -- did that ever really happen, or was that just a lie, too?

Chloe: There really was a car accident. The only part that wasn't true was that I died.

Hope: I don't believe this. I still -- I can't believe it.

Bo: I knew you'd be surprised.

Hope: You know what this reminds me of? The time you surprised me with the first Fancy Face.

Hope: You mean to tell me that you bought this boat?

Bo: You bet I did. Signed, sealed, and ready for foreign travel. You like her?

Hope: Bo, it's wonderful.

Bo: Her -- "her," Hope. You call a boat "she."

Hope: She's wonderful. Bo, it's beautiful. It real-- she -- she's beautiful. She's -- oh, Bo.

Bo: You know what we're gonna do with her?

Hope: What are we gonna do with her?

Bo: We're gonna sail her off into the sunset.

Hope: Oh, Bo.

Hope: I'd swear it -- she...

Bo: [Chuckles]

Hope: ...Was the same, only no white picket fence this time.

Bo: Well, no need for a picket fence. Back then, you wanted a house. I wanted a boat. We compromised.

Hope: Eh, correction -- I compromised.

Bo: Then we got a house, had to get rid of the boat, I compromised.

Hope: It's all in the way you look at it, Brady.

Bo: The thing is, right now we can afford both.

Hope: But can we, really? Last time we discussed this, we decided that we couldnít.

Bo: That was before I knew what an awesome deal I could get on it.

Hope: What kind of deal?

Bo: The owner's willing to hold the note, and I made a little extra money when I was police commander.

Hope: Ehh...ever so little.

Bo: This is ours. She's for us. We deserve this. Look. This will be our little sanctuary. I know our life has sort of gotten off track recently, and I want to get back to the way things used to be. Knowing us, our life is always gonna be crazy, but we'll have this place to come to for a day, an hour, three minutes -- whatever it is we need -- so that we can focus on us, focus on how much we love each other. And I do love you, Fancy Face. No matter what happens, don't ever doubt that.

Hope: I donít. I wonít. I love you. Thank you.



Brady: Chloe... after your accident, I wasn't the only one who thought you had died. I just -- I don't get how you can give up your career and your future -- your life -- by pretending that you were dead.

Chloe: I didn't have a choice where my career was concerned. In the accident, a shard -- a glass shard -- partially severed my vocal cords. They told me I'd never sing again...well, certainly not the way I used to.

Brady: I'm sorry.

Chloe: So now you see why I'd lost everything I worked so hard for. It was like fate was telling me that I made this huge mistake for leaving Salem and leaving you. I completely put my personal life on hold just to pursue some stupid dream. What was I thinking?

Brady: I was the one who told you to go, remember?

Brady: You need to do this. You are not gonna give it up.

Chloe: [Scoffs] But this is all I want to do all the time.

Brady: Yeah, I can't believe I'm gonna say this right now, but we have to stop.

Final boarding call for flight 272 for New York with continuing service to Vienna. Final call for flight 272.

Brady: I love you, Chloe Lane.

Chloe: I love you, Brady Black.

Brady: All right, I can't say it.

Chloe: Neither can I.

Brady: So, I'll see you soon, huh?

Chloe: Not soon enough.

Chloe: [Sighs] Yeah, I remember. It's because of how much you loved me. God, you loved me so much, you were willing to sacrifice your own happiness just to let me fulfill the dream of a lifetime.

Brady: Yeah, that's the thing. You succeeded, Chloe. I don't understand. You succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.

Chloe: Yeah, but then it was over in a second. When I learned that my vocal cords had been damaged and that I'd never sing again, that's when I decided to disappear.

Brady: But that doesn't make any sense. I'm sorry, I'm just -- I'm not buying any of this.

Chloe: Just know that if I had to make the choice all over again, I'd still let you go on thinking that I was dead, okay? And I wish you would just do that right now. Just pretend like you never saw me or that any of this ever happened.

Brady: Chloe, do you realize how impossible that is? You're standing right here. Please, let me just hold you!

Chloe: Brady, no! Don't touch me! I mean it! Just stay away from me.

Heather: Look, I can see you're getting tired now. I'll let you get some rest.

Philip: No, wait a second. Thank you very much.

Heather: Don't thank me. Just promise me you'll do the same for someone else in the future.

Philip: Well, I would love to help someone else the way you've helped me here today.

Heather: That's the spirit.

Philip: You've shown me that I'm the one in charge of my recovery.

Heather: Good for you.

Philip: I just wish there were other things that I could control right now, too. And I hope my marriage can survive.

Belle: I'm sorry, but I have to stay with Philip, and that's just the way it is.

Shawn D.: I get that, but my question was, "for how long?" Are you saying we're through?

Belle: Look, I don't know, okay? I just don't know.

Shawn D.: That is what you're saying -- this could be forever.

Belle: I can't think about forever right now. I just need to take it one day at a time, the same way Philip is gonna have to get through his recovery.

Shawn D.: I don't want to hurt him.

Belle: Then please go home. [Crying] Please. Just leave now because by staying here, you are not only hurting him. You are hurting me.

Shawn D.: That is the last thing that I want to do. Okay, okay, I'll leave. I'll stop pressuring you. But that does not mean that I have accepted what has happened here, because I will never accept it. I love you. And I know that you still love me. I promise you, I will find a way for us to be together.

Belle: [Cries]


Brady: Chloe... why won't you let me touch you? What could you possibly be afraid of?

Chloe: [Thinking] I'm afraid, if you touch me, Brady, I won't ever let you go.

Brady: Chloe, answer me, please!

Chloe: I'm not afraid of anything! I just want you to stay away.

Brady: Why? Chloe, we can fix this, okay? We can fix why you want to run away. We can fix why you're saying these crazy things.

Chloe: You're wrong. Nothing can fix this, okay? Nothing.

Brady: Are you talking about your voice, Chloe? Fine, maybe I agree with you. But as beautiful as your voice was, it's not the only reason why I fell in love with you. It was only part of the equation. Remember when you had leukemia, okay? And I stood by you, and we got through that. We can do that again, Chloe. I don't care that you can't sing. Except that I'm sorry for you. Now, I know how much your career meant to you, so we'll get you some vocal therapy, you know? We'll get you singing again.

Chloe: I already can. You heard me.

Brady: What? When?

Chloe: That day at the church at St. Luke's, when Nancy was having yet another memorial service, but this time with the ashes. She wanted to play a cd of me singing, but there was something wrong with the sound system.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, I remember that. I thought it was you -- the real you. Then I realized that that was impossible. You were there, Chloe?! You were there, and you couldn't reveal yourself to me then?

Chloe: No, I couldn't, okay?

Brady: You know, I don't understand how your mother went along with this. The memorial service, the ashes, the urn, the music -- my God.

Chloe: Because I made her.

Brady: Well, she wasn't too happy about that, you know. I mean, she'd keep saying these strange things to me, and I guess she was just trying to give me a hint that you were still alive, and she slipped a few times. She said, "Chloe's alive!" But then she said, "only in our hearts." But, you know, she was right. Chloe, you were always alive in my heart. I never stopped loving you, and even when I believed you were gone, I could never let you go.

Chloe: Just stop this, Brady.

Brady: Chloe, if you were at the church, didn't you hear what I said? Did you see what I did?

Chloe: Yes, I... I saw that you put your mother's ring in the urn and asked me to marry you in heaven. Yeah, I saw and I heard it all.

Brady: Okay, fine, so you saw and heard how much I love you, Chloe, and yet still you made me go on thinking that --

Chloe: You know what, Brady? I heard you say how much you love me, but you were right there with Nicole.

Brady: Oh, jee-- that can't be what this is about! Chloe, are you telling me that you didn't reveal yourself to me then because you were jealous? All right, I get it. So you're wondering how I could possibly be in love with you if I was sleeping with Nicole, right?

Hope: Oh, she is truly beautiful.

Bo: Yes, she is. Come here.

Hope: Oh.

Bo: I can remember a time when you didn't know a boat was called a "she."

Hope: I didn't know anything about boats.

Bo: Yeah, you learned very quick. I couldn't have asked for a better first mate.

Hope: [Chuckles] I have a few other memories from that time.

Bo: I was a bit of a taskmaster, wasn't I?

Hope: Ah, he finally admits it. Thank God.

Bo: But we had fun.

Hope: We had a lot of fun.

Bo: Speaking of which, let's head on down below.

Hope: Ohhh. I don't know, Captain. Is this your way of bribing me into swabbing the decks again? Careful.

Bo: You'll be swabbing something. Come on, let's go.

Chloe: I'm just saying, it's very obvious from what I heard and saw that you've moved on.

Brady: Chloe, when I found out -- when I was told that you were dead, I was devastated, and Nicole was there for me.

Chloe: I'll bet she was.

Brady: Chloe, what did you expect me to do?

Chloe: Brady, I'm not angry with you for moving on. In fact, I was hoping you would. I -- it's just that I thought you would have made a better choice.

Brady: I thought that Nicole had changed, okay? Obviously I was wrong. It truly was the biggest mistake of my life. But, look, I'm not gonna lie to you. I really did care about Nicole, and she helped me through a very rough time -- the roughest time of my life.

Chloe: I know. And, Brady, as much as I wanted you to go on thinking I was dead, I couldn't stay away from you. I had to be near you and just know that you were all right. There was even a couple times that I snuck down to the mansion.

Brady: What? What? You came down to the mansion? Chloe, you were that close to me, and you wouldn't let me see you? Wait a second. That means Nicole did see you.

Chloe: Yeah, I didn't mean for her to.

Brady: She was pretty freaked out about that.

Chloe: Yeah.

Brady: I tried to convince her that it was just her imagination, but she knew better. Chloe, is that when she started to manipulate you? You have to tell me what she did to you.

Chloe: She didn't do anything.

Brady: You know I don't believe that.

Chloe: It's true, Brady. Nicole's only crime was loving you, too. She was terrified of losing you.

Brady: Chloe, just because Nicole loves me is no excuse for what she did.

Chloe: You really shouldn't blame her, Brady. She didn't know that I was alive the whole time.

Brady: Yeah, but she didn't tell me when she finally found out. Now, she was with you when I heard your voice on the phone, right?

Chloe: Yeah.

Brady: Exactly, and she kept lying to me, over and over again.

Chloe: But that's because I asked her to, the same way that I insisted that Nancy and Craig lie to you.

Brady: You know what? If Nicole really loved me, she would have told me, regardless.

Chloe: No, Brady, I really do believe that she loves you.

Brady: Yeah, her selfish idea of love. This whole damn thing is her fault. I hope I never see her again.

Chloe: You won't forgive Nicole for lying to you, but you'll forgive me? Brady, it was the same lie. If you hate her for lying to you, then you should hate me even more for forcing her to.

Belle: Hi.

Heather: Oh, hi. You must be Philip's wife. I'm Heather Mills McCartney.

Belle: Belle Kiriakis. Oh, my father's company, Basic Black -- it's a big supporter of your charity, adopt-a-minefield.

Heather: Very good supporter of adopt-a-minefield.

Belle: It's very nice to meet you.

Heather: Do you want a coffee?

Belle: Sure. So, you came to visit my husband?

Heather: Yeah, I just met him.

Belle: Thank you for taking the time -- I'm sure you must be very busy.

Heather: Truly, it's my pleasure.

Belle: He's trying to be so brave, isn't he? He must be so scared and in so much pain. I don't know what to do to help him.

Heather: Just be there. That's all he needs from you right now. That, and massage his leg to help with the circulation. It'll help you both bond with each other again.

Philip: So, how does it look, doc?

Dr. Gage: You're doing fine, Philip. You can expect the phantom leg pain to continue for some time, but eventually, over time, it will lessen and disappear.

Philip: What about therapy? When can I start?

Dr. Gage: Soon. Though we've done preliminary measurements, you won't be fitted for the prosthesis until you've completely healed from the surgery.

Philip: Any idea when I can actually get out of this place?

Dr. Gage: I'm gonna see what I can do to get you released as quickly as possible.

Philip: Thank you. Understandably, my wife and I are very anxious to get home.

Dr. Gage: I know you are. I just have one concern.

Philip: What?

Dr. Gage: Normally, you would be doing your rehabilitation work and your recovery back at Walter Reed, in D.C. But since you've elected to do this back in Salem, it could be quite stressful, to say the least. Are you certain your wife can handle it?

Philip: I am now. Something happened today -- something wonderful that let me know she's hanging in, that she's gonna stick with me no matter what.

Dr. Gage: I'm glad to hear it. You try to get some rest now.

Philip: I will. Thank you, doctor. Whew.


Shawn D.: So, what is it? You need something?

Philip: I just wanted to talk to you for a second. In -- in the wake of Belle's decision today, I know it's not gonna be easy, but I want to make sure there's not gonna be any hard feelings between us.

Bo: Welcome to your new home away from home, Mrs. Brady.

Hope: Oh, my God. Look at this. Everything's just the way it was in the old Fancy Face.

Bo: Well, of course it is. We had it all stored up. I went to storage, brought it here, and put it where I thought it should go.

Hope: It's perfect.

Bo: [Chuckles]

Hope: It's like stepping back in time.

[Bell rings]

Bo: Fancy Face... what are you doing?

Hope: Some kind of sailor you are. It's a ship's bell.

Bo: Yeah, I can see that, but why'd you put it up?

Hope: We're gonna use it as a signal. You know, "4:00, all is well," so when one of us rings this bell, it'll be a signal that all is well.

Bo: Well, as far as I'm concerned, all is well as long as we're together.

Hope: Then all is well, 'cause we'll always be together.

Hope: [Rings bell] You remembered everything.

Bo: There's not a moment with you that I could ever forget. We've got a whole lifetime ahead of us.

Hope: What'S... oh, gosh. You didn't try --

Bo: No, I didn't cook.

Hope: Thank God. Whew.

Bo: But I wanted our first night on the Fancy Face to be very special.

[Lighter clicking]

Hope: Here. Oh. I was gonna say, "let the co-captain try."

Bo: You're just a mate.

Hope: See, I know nothing about boats.

Bo: So I went out and got our favorite takeout... and something else to help celebrate.

Hope: Champagne.

Bo: Yes. And, as you know, the tradition is to, um, crack this over the hull to help christen the boat. But this is a fairly nice bottle, and I was thinking I shouldn't let it go to waste.

Hope: I think it's a really good idea. What do you think about this? We drink the champagne first. Then we smash the empty bottle.

Bo: Good...

[Cork pops]

Hope: Oh!

Bo: ...Idea. Man, this is good. A toast. To us... then, now, and always.

Hope: I will drink to that. One, two...

[Glass shatters]

Bo: [Chuckles] Mmm. She's christened.

Brady: Chloe, see, there's a difference between the lies that you told and the lies that Nicole told. See, from what little I'm getting here, you apparently lied to protect me, while Nicole was lying for selfish reasons. She wanted to keep something away from me that I desperately wanted and needed in my life, which is you. But, see, the one thing that I can't figure out is, why would you ever want to hide yourself from me? Have you forgotten how much we meant to each other, how much we loved each other?

Chloe: No, Brady, I haven't forgotten. I wish I could tell you that you were right. And I wish that we could just pretend like none of this ever happened and that we could be together again, the way that we were, but we canít.

Brady: What do you mean? We can. Chloe, what could possibly prevent us from doing just that?

Chloe: Well, since you won't take my word for it, I guess I have no choice but to tell you...everything.

Hope: Mmm.

Bo: Careful, there.

Bo: What?

Hope: [Chuckles] This is like a dream, like everything's just the way it was all those years ago.

Bo: May I have this dance?

Hope: You may, indeed.

Bo: Come here.


Hope: I never want this to end.

Bo: It doesn't have to. That's why I bought the boat -- so we can come here anytime we want, pick up where we left off.

Hope: Thank you.

Bo: Mmm.

Hope: So, when do we get to take this boat out for a little shakedown cruise?

Bo: Soon.

Hope: Soon?

Bo: Not now.

Hope: Not now?

Bo: Something else planned for you.

Hope: Oh.

Bo: Hold on. All right.

Hope: That's nice.

[Both chuckle]

Bo: [Chuckles]

[Bell rings]

Heather: Belle, Philip obviously thinks the world of you. He loves you very much.

Belle: And I love -- I love him.

Heather: Well, I'm glad to hear that, because he really needs you right now, more than ever.

Belle: I know.

Heather: He doesn't feel like a whole man, and he feels like a burden to you.

Belle: I would never feel that way.

Heather: Well, that's good, because he needs you to be strong right now, as he's likely to take his anger out on you. But you mustn't take it personally.

Belle: Sure.

Heather: You and Philip need to be honest with each other and share your feelings, but don't let him wallow in self-pity. Find examples of inspirational role models and introduce them to him. I've left a video in the bag in there, and it's fantastic. It's got paralympians running the 100 meters in 11.3 seconds, with both legs missing.

Belle: Wow. You know what? You're right. Thank you for everything you've said.

Heather: Well, you and Philip will be changed profoundly by this experience, but, at the same time, I hope you'll never forget, it is possible to get your old life back again. You make a lovely couple, and I wish you every happiness.

Belle: Thank you.

Heather: You have a very brave husband in there. Good luck to both of you. Bye.

Philip: Whew.

Shawn D.: I respect you. You're a hero, and I will always admire you, Philip. But to say that there's no hard feelings... I have been in love with Belle ever since we were kids. And I have always planned on spending the rest of my life with her. So I can't exactly say that I am thrilled with the way things turned out. You just better promise me that you will never hurt her.

Philip: It'll never happen. Never. You know, Shawn, just for the record, I think you're a hero, too. And I'll tell you something else. If I had to choose between losing my leg all over again or losing belle... I would lose my leg without even thinking about it.

Brady: Chloe... if this is about your voice, it makes no difference to me.

Chloe: [Sighs] It's not about my voice. The accident damaged more than my vocal cords.

Brady: What else?

Chloe: My face.


Brady: Nothing underneath those bandages could possibly change the way I feel about you.

Chloe: I know that. I mean, I guess I always knew in my heart that it didn't matter to you because you love me and you didn't want to hurt me.

Brady: Then you stayed away for what? Some scars on your face?

Chloe: Trust me, Brady. It's a lot worse than you think. I didn't want to burden you.

Brady: Burden me? Chloe... take them off. Let me see you.

Chloe: Oh, no. You don't want to see.

Brady: Chloe, please, take them off.

Chloe: There. That's more than enough.

Brady: Chloe... take off your bandages -- all of them.

Chloe: [Sighs]

John: You just stay focused on the prize. You eliminate all other distractions, because if you don't, it could cost you your marriage.

Lucas: You really expect me to believe my mother set us up?

Sami: Tony has proof.

Patrick: There's no way she's gonna survive in there, man. We've got to find a way to get her out of there.

Rex: I think I have one.

Mimi: We'll see who's going down.

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