Days Transcript Thursday 6/23/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/23/05 - Canada; Friday 6/24/05 - U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Max: All right.

Abby: Oh.

Crowd: Hey, look who it is.


Max: Here we are.

Chelsea: Oh, my God, Max. These seats are amazing.

Max: Well, if I'd known all you were coming, I could have got you in the boxes.

Abby: Oh, that would have been so cool.

Chelsea: Well, there is always next time.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. This was generous enough. Thank you so much.

Max: I'm just glad I could help, and I found a fifth ticket for your friend.

Jack: Patrick Lockhart is no friend.

Patrick: So, it's a real pleasure to meet you, Max. I've been following your career since you started driving. Who knew you were an old friend of Jennifer's?

Jennifer: Young friend. Very young friend. When I was in high school --

Abby: She dated his older brother, Frankie.

Jennifer: Yes, I did, and Max was just a little boy then.

Chelsea: Nothing little about him anymore.

Max: Maybe we all better take our seats.

Jennifer: Yeah, thank you. Here, honey, sit by me.


Jack: Come here. What the hell's going on? After I warned you, you show up here. And you're bothering my wife and kids again.

Patrick: It's a pure coincidence.

Jack: It's a coincidence that you're moving in on our whole family situation, cozying up with my wife.

Patrick: Careful, Jack. You're starting to sound a little paranoid.

Jack: It's the last time I'll warn you. You stay away from my wife. You stay away from my family.

Patrick: Or what?

Jack: Or I kill you.


Philip: So, is that why you're here? You're here to steal my wife?

Shawn D.: [Chuckles] You got -- you got to be kidding me, right?

Philip: No, I'm not kidding. I want answers now. Why did you come to Germany?

Shawn D.: I came because of Belle.

Philip: Finally, the truth comes out.


[Jet engine whirs]

Chloe: Wow, this is quite a jet.

Nicole: Yeah, it's all right. Make yourself at home. Would you like a drink?

Chloe: No, thank you.

Nicole: I could sure use one.

Chloe: I can't believe that Brady was at the clinic. What if he finds out that I was a patient there...or that I'm alive?

Nicole: Mnh...he won’t. Everyone who works at the clinic is bound by patient/doctor confidentiality.

Chloe: Well, they're not all doctors.

Nicole: It doesn't matter. There's no one there that will tell Brady anything.

Brady: Nancy... you're gonna tell me where Chloe is, and you're gonna tell me right now.

Nancy: Brady, you know where Chloe is. You saw her ashes. She's in that beautiful urn with your mother's wedding ring.

Brady: No, see, I don't think so. I don't know whose ashes those were in that urn, but they sure as hell weren't Chloe's. Chloe's alive, isn't she? Isn't she?! Nancy, please. I love her. You have to tell me where she is.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Patrick: I ran into Abby and Chelsea on the way to my seat. They insisted I join them. What am I supposed to do? Say I can't because you hate me?

Jack: It seems to me that somebody with your talent for hiding the truth could come up with something a little more inventive, like, uh, "hey, I feel a lot more comfortable in my own seat. Thank you."

Patrick: Fine.

Jack: Good.

Patrick: Hey, guys, I just want to thank you for including me and everything, but I think I'll just use my own ticket.

Max: Whoa, let me see that. You've got to be kidding me. This has got to be just down the next county.

Patrick: Yeah, I know, but --

Chelsea: Come on, Patrick. Sit with us, please? You know so much about all the different cars.


Jennifer: Jack, listen to me. I know -- I know how you feel about Patrick, all right? But he has moved out. His stuff is gone. But the girls look at him as if he's an uncle, so what would the harm be if he's just here --

Jack: The harm? Jennifer, the harm is that I don't trust him.

Jennifer: I know that. I know you don't, but I do. We would still be stuck on that island if it weren't for Patrick, and our daughter would be orphaned. Would you prefer that?

Jack: Of course not, but we wouldn't have been on that island in the first place if it wasn't for him and his boss.

Jennifer: That's not true. I don't believe that.

Jack: The fact is, he was working for Tony DiMera, and, unless he's got himself a real job, he probably still is.

Jennifer: I just wonder when we're gonna put this behind us.

Jack: Jennifer, I've been presumed dead twice. It's pretty hard to forget about it.

Jennifer: And I'm not asking you to forget about it.

Jack: Look, I will not forget about it...until I'm -- until I'm dead.

Jennifer: You almost were dead.

Jack: Look, he suddenly shows up on that island, and he saves me. That's really great. That's really wonderful.

Jennifer: I happen to think that's a very big deal. And he also delivered our son on that island while I was Tony DiMera's prisoner.

Jack: Yes, I know, I know. And who knows -- maybe our son wouldn't have lived. Maybe he wouldn't have survived. I've heard all this before. But the fact is -- listen to me -- every single time, every moment, he was there, conveniently there, to save you. It made you gracious to him and gratified to him. And the entire time -- the entire time -- he was still working for tony DiMera.

Jennifer: Well, I believe that people can change, jack. I do. Listen, can't we just be here together today as a family and just enjoy the day? Jack, I almost lost you twice. And I think about all the times where our family has almost lost everything that we have. What about when you first came to Salem? Remember how sick you were? You thought you were dying. You almost died.

Jack: I know. I almost never met you.

Jennifer: Right, and you had the kidney transplant with Steve. What about that? You're forgetting all of these things.

Jack: Steve -- and now, I know, here I am. Here I am, and Steve is... it's been so many years since he's been gone. I know.

Jennifer: And I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you sad. My point in saying all of this, Jack, is that it's our turn to be happy. And I am telling you, no matter what, I will never lose hope. And I don't want us to take for granted this time together. Do you understand that?

Jack: I understand. I get it. I do. I just -- all right, all right, all right.

Jack: [Sighs] It's okay, okay. He can -- he can stay. He can stay. For now it's okay. He can stay.

Jennifer: Thank you.


Abby: Why don't you want to sit with us, Patrick?

Jennifer: Hey, Patrick. Listen, um, Jack and I would really like it if you would join us to watch the race and have a tailgate party with us afterwards.

Chelsea: Patrick, please.

Abby: Come on. You know you want to.

Patrick: I, uh, all right. You wore me down. Thank you, thank you. And, hey, man, thanks for the ticket.

Max: Oh, any friend of Jennifer Horton's -- I mean Devereaux's... but, uh, you look familiar. Did we meet someplace?


Belle: You already know the truth, Philip. Shawn told you. He came here because he thought I might need help. You're the one that asked him to look after me.

Philip: If I didn't make it back.

Belle: He's our friend. He wants to be there for both of us. I'm sure he must be exhausted after that long flight. You should really go back to the hotel and get some sleep. And you've had a long day, too. You used your wheelchair for the first time.

Philip: Yeah, all by myself.

Belle: The doctor said you should get some rest, so I think we should call the nurse, get you into bed. And I hear they have pay-per-view. We can watch a movie.

Philip: I don't want to watch a movie, Belle. I don't want to go to bed, and I don't want Shawn to leave.

Shawn D.: Good...because this has gone long enough. It's time you know the truth.

Philip: You're damn right it is, so why are you here?

Shawn D.: For the same reason I organized that rescue mission, and for the same reason I wanted to pull you out of that minefield. For Belle.


[Telephone beeps]

Nicole: Jackson, have you filed the flight plan and gotten us cleared for takeoff yet?

Jackson: Yes, Mrs. Kiriakis.

Nicole: Then why are we still sitting here?

Jackson: I'm doing my final check. Then we can proceed to the runway.

Nicole: Just hurry up.

Jackson: I thought we were still waiting for another passenger.

Nicole: Maybe, maybe not. Just finish the check.

[Receiver hangs up] What the hell is keeping your mother?

Brady: Nancy, please. You're the only one who can help me. I know you believe that Chloe and I belong together. All I want is for her to be happy, so please tell me where she is.

Chloe: Promise me you won't tell Brady I'm alive or where I am or where we're going.

Nancy: You're making a big mistake, Chloe.

Chloe: Promise me.

Nancy: All right! I promise I won't tell Brady anything. Why are you doing this, Brady? Do you have any idea how hard it's been for me to come to terms with losing my daughter? Why do you keep insisting that she's still alive?

Brady: Nancy, if I'm wrong, I am deeply sorry. But if Chloe isn't alive and she is not a patient at this clinic, then why are you here?

Nancy: Brady --

Brady: What the hell is this?

Nancy: Brady, don’t.

Brady: I knew it. Chloe's picture, Chloe's clothes... I gave this locket to Chloe. What the hell is going on here? Tell me the truth.


Patrick: You have a hell of a memory. We did meet once, briefly, a long time ago. You were still a midget driver. I was talking to your sponsors about investing in the team.

Max: Mm. Did you?

Patrick: No, I didn’t.

Max: That's too bad. That car made a lot of money.

Patrick: I know, I know. Unfortunately, I had the same luck investing in cars as I did driving them.

Max: You drove? No kidding. For who?

Patrick: Ah, just some non-sanctioned heats for a private interest, but -- well, I totaled the car, I crashed it, they couldn't get the money together to build a new one.

Chelsea: That is so cool. Well, not that you crashed.

Abby: You really drove a race car?

Patrick: Oh, yeah, and I loved it. The only thing that comes close to that is like --

Max: Yeah, don't I know it.

Chelsea: Tell me about it. Just watching those cars is such a turn-on. Can't imagine how hot it must actually get inside one.

Max: I think you can. But speaking of turn-ons, I have to go for my final check, so...

Chelsea: Good luck.

Abby: Oh, we're rooting for you, Max.

Chelsea: So you have to win.

Max: Well, I think a couple of kisses might ensure it. Mm. You two, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. You used to call me that when you were a little boy.

Max: Oh. I used to dream about this.

Jennifer: You were like 9 years old. It's a good thing your brother didn't know.

Max: It's too bad you didn't know.

Jennifer: Hey, be careful. Drive safely.

Abby: Mom, you do not tell Max Brady to drive safely.

Jennifer: Yes, I do. Come on, sit down.

Jack: Okay, all right. That settles it. Tomorrow morning, first thing, I'm gonna go out and get myself a black-spandex tight racing jumpsuit with a big yellow stripe down the side.

Jennifer: I mean this in the nicest way.

Jack: I'm sure you do.

Jennifer: I don't think it would look the same.

Jack: Of course it wouldn’t. It would look better, because I'm a reporter sort of way.

Jennifer: You're right. In a reporter sort of way, you are buff.

Jack: Yeah.

Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Patrick: Hey, can I get a program?

Chelsea: That jumpsuit would look just as hot on Patrick. He and Max both have killer bodies.

Abby: They sure do.

Chelsea: Can you imagine what it would be like to unzip the two of them out of them?


Nancy: Brady, what's gotten into you? You know that I've been volunteering at this hospital. You've seen me.

Brady: And the clothes?

Nancy: Um, I brought them here to donate to one of the less-fortunate patients. I had no idea that the pictures and the locket were in there.

Brady: So, where is this "less-fortunate patient"?

Nancy: She's off having tests.

Brady: "Off having tests." I see. So, what's this patient's name? How old are they? What are they in here for? How long have they --

Nancy: Brady, will you stop?

Brady: There is no patient, is there? The patient is Chloe.

Nancy: No.

Brady: Damn it, why won't you tell me the truth? Nancy, if Chloe didn't die in that car accident, if she's just seriously injured, then she needs me now more than ever.

Nancy: Brady, she's not here.

Brady: I helped your daughter through leukemia, Nancy. I can sure as hell help her through whatever she's going through right now, but I need to be with her. Why can't you understand this? I will never love another woman the way I love Chloe. My life is nothing without her. So help me. Nancy, help your daughter. Please, tell me where she is!

Nancy: Brady, I can’t.

Brady: Oh.

[Cellphone rings]

Nancy: Hello?

Chloe: Mom, what is keeping you? We have to leave.

Nancy: I can't talk to you right this moment. I'll call you back --

Brady: Nancy. Chloe, it's Brady. Please, tell me where you are.


Philip: So, you organized the rescue mission for Belle's sake.

Shawn D.: She was a mess. When she saw that hostage video of you, she was scared to death.

Philip: Of course she was. She's my wife. She loves me.

Belle: Look, Shawn just wanted you to be okay. He just wanted to bring you home to us.

Philip: And I'm grateful. But, Shawn, what you did was crazy. It was dangerous, and it was against military regulations. You are a bunch of untrained civilians. Why not just let the professionals handle it?

Shawn D.: They tried once. When the ISA. located you, Belle's father organized a joint rescue operation, but it failed. By the time they got there, you had already been moved, and the marines were out of options. That's why I organized my own rescue squad.

Philip: And, like I said, I'm grateful for that. But, Shawn, before I shipped out, you still loved Belle. You wanted her back, and you hated me for marrying her. So why just the sudden change of heart? Why risk your life to save mine?

Shawn D.: What was I supposed to do, just let you rot over there?

Philip: Why are you here now? I'm not a hostage. I don't need rescuing. I'm trying to reunite with my wife. And speaking of my wife, I'd also like to know why you had your arms around her while I was rolling myself in here.

Belle: Philip, please.

Philip: Come on, Shawn. Be a man. If our friendship meant anything to you, and even if it didn't, I want you to tell me the truth. Right now -- I'm waiting. Why did you have your arms around my wife?


Brady: Chloe, Chloe, it's Brady. Answer me. Are you there? Damn it. That was Chloe, wasn't it?

Nancy: Don't be ridiculous. That was Craig calling to find out when I was leaving for the airport.

Brady: If that was Craig, then why did he hang up when I got on the phone?

Nancy: Maybe he'd hung up already. You know, he's very busy. Now, if you don't mind, may I have my phone back?

Brady: That was not a New York area code, Nancy.

Nancy: It wasn't?

Brady: No, and I know that number from somewhere.

Chloe: Brady got on the phone. He must have found my mother.

Nicole: Damn it. If that bitch opens her mouth and tells Brady that you're alive --

Chloe: Don't talk about my mother that way. If she promises she won't say anything, she won’t.

Nicole: Are you out of your mind? Your mother hates my guts. She'll do anything to get you and Brady back together.

Chloe: I know her. She won't break her word.

Nicole: Are you positive?

Chloe: I hope so.

Nicole: Well, that's not good enough. You know what? It looks like your mother's gonna have to find her own ride to Switzerland.

[Telephone beeps]

Nicole: Jackson, we're not gonna wait for another passenger. Get clearance and get us out of here now.

Chloe: She said she's on her way.

Nicole: I don't care. Ohh. Brady, hi, it's Nicole. I-I left my cellphone in the car when I -- when I went into the mall, and I just noticed that you called.

Brady: I know what's going on here, Nicole. What are you talking about?

Brady: Put Chloe on the phone.

Nicole: Chloe?

Brady: I said put Chloe on the phone.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Brady, have you been drinking?

Brady: No more games, Nicole. Put Chloe on the phone now.


Chelsea: Come on, Max!

Jennifer: Floor it!

Jack: Brady's starting to make his move.

Patrick: Now's the time, Max!

[All gasp]

...Putting the squeeze on him, not letting him by. And Brady's got him.

Jack: Oh, he's got him.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. I don't believe it.

Jack: He'll never make it. He'll never make it.

[Tires screech]

Jennifer: Max! Max! Oh, my gosh, Max, no!

Jack: Whoo-ee. That was great.

Jennifer: My heart is still beating a mile a minute after that.

Jack: That was something.

Chelsea: I still can't believe Max pulled that off.

Patrick: It was unbelievable the way he steered out of the spin and took advantage of the other drivers to win the race. It's like he planned it!

Jennifer: It was so insane.

Patrick: I've never seen driving like that ever.

Abby: Oh! He's coming back over here.

Jack: Oh, he is. Look at him.

[Cheers and applause]

Chelsea: I was so scared for you.

Max: Hey, it all worked out.

Chelsea: Worked out? You won.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness, please tell me that you did not plan that.

Max: No, I didn't, I didn’t. But I sure made the best of it.

Jennifer: And you're really okay?

Max: Never better, never better. Getting the fans excited is half the fun, right?

[Cheers and applause]

Jennifer: Well, yeah, you accomplished that. And I never really got the appeal of racing before. But being here and watching the cars go arou-- I mean, I felt like I was one with the driver. I really did.

Chelsea: I wouldn't mind being one with Max Brady.

Patrick: Congratulations. That not only will move you up in the standings, but I'm sure it'll bring more prize money.

Max: I'm counting on it.

Jack: Wait -- all this excitement's got me ravenous.

Abby: Me too.

Chelsea: I'm starving.

Jack: Let's get to the tailgate area, light up the grill, and get this party started!

[Thunder rumbles]

Jack: Or...not.


Belle: [Clears throat] Shawn had his arms around me because he was comforting me. It was a friendly hug. He was trying to let me know you were gonna be all right.

Philip: And that's all?

Belle: Yes.

Shawn D.: No.

Philip: I didn't think so. How about telling me the rest?

Belle: Shawn, please.

Shawn D.: Philip is right. It's time we stopped the lying.

Philip: Exactly -- what is going on between you and Belle?

Nurse: Private first class, you've got an appointment downstairs.

Philip: I just came back from x-ray.

Nurse: This is to get measurements for your prosthesis.

Philip: That's gonna have to wait.

Nurse: I don't think so.

Philip: Damn it, nurse, I'm in the middle of something with my wife and my best friend.

Nurse: I'm not just a nurse, Private Kiriakis. I'm a captain, and this isn't a request. It's an order.

Philip: Yes, ma'am. I'm very, very sorry, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

Belle: I'll wait here.

Shawn D.: Me too.

Philip: Good, 'cause when I get back, I expect the truth.

Belle: What are you doing? Are you out of your mind? Philip cannot know the truth yet. He's not ready. He's getting fitted for a prosthesis right now. We can't do this to him. We have to keep up this lie.

Shawn D.: I am sorry, but I can't, and I won’t... not anymore.


Jennifer: Oh, boy.

Jack: Okay, all right. So much for a tailgate party. Looks like it's gonna be a monsoon.

Jennifer: But we don't have to cancel the cookout. Let's go home, have it inside, and barbecue in the garage.

Jack: No, no, no.

Abby: Yeah, dad, we can help.

Jack: Really? Well, I guess I'm outvoted here.

Abby: Can Max come, too?

Jennifer: Honey, I'm sure he has other plans.

Max: Actually, I just have carry out and cable in my motel room.

Jennifer: Are you kidding me?

Max: Well, my life isn't as glamorous as the fan magazines make it seem.

Jennifer: Then we will not take "no" for an answer. Come on. You're coming with us.

Chelsea: And you're coming too, Patrick.

Patrick: Oh, you know, I don't think I should. Yeah, I just -- I don't think there's room for me. It's okay.

Jennifer: Patrick, there is enough food for everyone. And you're welcome to come. Isn't that right, Jack?

[Thunder rumbles]

Jack: Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure, why not? Sure. Let's -- let's all get over there before the rain starts.

Jennifer: Come on, girls. Hurry, hurry.

Jack: One beer, one burger, and then you're gone. Everybody, wait for me. I got the keys.


Nicole: I don't know what's the matter with you. How could Chloe be here? She's dead.

Brady: Nicole, I know what's going on, and I also have every reason in the world to believe that Chloe is with you right now, wherever that may be.

Nicole: That's crazy. I can't believe you're doing this again. We went to the memorial service. Nancy had Chloe's ashes.

Brady: I don't care what Nancy had. If Chloe's alive and you've been lying to me, then I will never forgive you.

Nicole: How could you do this, Brady? I love you. You love me. How can you keep letting your dead girlfriend get between us?

Brady: Where are you two? You gonna tell me?

Nicole: You have got to accept she's gone.

Brady: Where are you?

Nicole: In my car, on my way home. I told you -- I went shopping. Look, Brady, we'll talk about this when you get home from work later, okay?

Brady: No, not later. Start talking now.

Nicole: I know you miss Chloe. But I can't do this, not now. Not while I'm driving. It's too upsetting. I don't want to risk getting in an accident. I will talk to you later.

[Cellphone beeps]

Chloe: Brady is too suspicious. We're never gonna get away with this.

Nicole: The hell we won't, as long as your mother keeps her mouth shut. If Brady doesn't find you, he won't have any proof. We are getting the hell out of here.

Chloe: Nicole --

Nicole: Shh. Jackson, get this plane in the air now.

Nancy: Brady, you can't believe that if Chloe were alive that -- which she isn't -- that she would reveal herself only to Nicole, of all people. That just doesn't make sense.

Brady: Nancy, none of this makes any sense. But something is going on, and sooner or later, I'm going to find out what it is. So you might as well just tell me now.

Nancy: There's nothing to tell. And as much as I'd love to stay here and chat, I really have to go. I've got a plane to catch and get to the airport on time.

Brady: Plane. Wait a second -- that's it. Nancy, stop.

Nancy: What?

Brady: I knew I recognized that phone number on the caller I.D. It's from the Titan jet.


Jack: All right, whoa.

Jennifer: Okay.

Abby: I can't believe it hardly rained. If we were at the track a little bit longer, we could have been having the tailgate party now.

Jack: No, no, that storm is coming back full-force. We need to just stay right here and have the barbecue here.

Max: This is nice. I'm on the road so much. I mean, I live in motels. I forgot what a simple life in Salem could be, you know?

Jennifer: Yeah, well, sometimes I get the feeling you don't really miss it.

Max: No, I miss some of it -- the fireplace, comfortable furniture, the home cooking.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, that we can take care of. Here, sit down. Make yourself comfortable.

Patrick: Hey, uh, Max, is your team looking for any more backers?

Max: Are you hoping to cash in on what you missed out on when I was starting out?

Patrick: Maybe, maybe, or I might know some people who are.

Max: Well, you'd have to talk to the owners. I'm just the driver. The only thing I know about finances is, uh, cashing the paycheck.

Chelsea: You're not "just the driver." You're the star.


Max: It's a team effort, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Well, without you, there wouldn't be a team.

Max: There's nothing like a dedicated fan.

Jennifer: Yeah, she is.

Max: So, what can I help? What can I do to help?

Jennifer: Let's see. Jack is the grill-meister. So we're set. And the sides and the salads -- oh, they're in the car.

Max: What about dessert?

Jennifer: Oh, I forgot. I was gonna stop at the bakery on the way home and pick up pies.

Max: Forget the pies. Is Sweet Bea's still in town?

Jennifer: Yeah, in fact, Sweet Bea's is being run by her daughter Terri now.

Max: Well, I remember going there with Shawn and Caroline when we got their famous homemade ice cream. How about I go and get some?

Jennifer: That sounds like a plan.

Max: Anyone want to come for the ride?

Abby: Ooh, I do.

Chelsea: Me too.

Max: Two-seater, ladies.

Abby: Oh, well, you can go. I'll stay home and help my folks.

Chelsea: Thanks, Abs.

Max: What's everybody's favorite?

Jack: Strawberry.

Jennifer: Peach.

Abby: Chocolate-banana-nut swirl.

Jack: Strawberry for her, too -- strawberry.

Chelsea: Patrick?

Patrick: [Sighs] You know, I don't think I'll be staying for dessert, thanks.

Chelsea: Okay.

Max: All right, well, let's go.

Patrick: Hey, uh, why don't I bring some stuff in from the car?

Jack: We can handle it.

Patrick: Look, just let me help, all right?

Jack: We don't need your help.


Shawn D.: I won't keep lying to him.

Belle: We have to.

Shawn D.: He deserves better. He deserves the truth, and you heard him -- he asked for it.

Belle: Because he doesn't know what it is.

Shawn D.: I think he does.

Belle: He's not strong enough, Shawn. He's got a long recovery ahead of him, and this could make him lose the will to get better. I can't be responsible for that.

Shawn D.: I cannot be responsible for lying to him anymore. Lying is what got us here in the first place. The longer it takes for us to tell him the truth, the more it's gonna hurt when he finally finds out.

Belle: No, no, it won't, because he's gonna be in a better place to deal with it.

Shawn D.: You're fooling yourself, 'cause if it was me --

Belle: It's not about you. It's about Philip, and it's about me. And if you can't respect my feelings on that, then just go home.

Shawn D.: Yeah, like if I were to leave right now, that wouldn't make him suspicious?

Belle: He lost his leg, Shawn. We have to help him.

Shawn D.: Lying to him is not gonna help him. I don't want to hurt Philip. That is not why I came over here. I want you back... honestly, openly. You said we had to wait to tell him the truth in person. Well, I have respected that for all these months, and now we are here, and we have to tell him the truth, and if you're not gonna do it, then I will.

Belle: You can’t.

Shawn D.: I have to, because I love you! And I want to be back with you, like we have always dreamed.

Belle: [Crying] I want that, too. But we can’t. Not right now.

Shawn D.: Don't you see? This is tearing you up inside. If Philip really loves you --

Belle: He does.

Shawn D.: Then he wouldn't want to do this to you, 'cause I certainly don’t.

Belle: I can't think about myself right now.

Shawn D.: I think you have to. I think you have to listen to your feelings. You don't want to hurt him, and I love you for that. But who do you love more? Who do you really want to be with, Belle -- me or Philip?

Belle: You. I love you.


Jack: Got it?

Jennifer: We did pack enough food for an entire army.

Patrick: There must be something I can do, guys.

Jennifer: Yeah, actually --

Jack: Everything's under control here. Abigail, I want you to take this into the kitchen right now. You can get started, and I'm gonna get in there and help you with the mix.

Abby: You gave me the recipe, dad, remember? I can mix it myself.

Jack: Yes, but this time you're doing it under my supervision.

Abby: Dad.

Jack: And I'm doing all the grilling.

Abby: Okay.

Patrick: Why don't I take --

Jack: No, you just stay right here.

Jennifer: Um, hey, Jack, why don't Abby and I prepare the burgers in the kitchen, and then you could go outside and get the grill all started up --

Jack: Jennifer, the burgers are my thing. If you could just go into the kitchen right now with Abigail and help get everything set up, I'll be ,in a minute, and we can make the burgers together, all three of us. It's all right. Everything's fine. I promise.

Jennifer: Okay.

Patrick: Very subtle, Jack.

Jack: I don't recall asking you for your opinion.

Patrick: No, you didn’t. But even you have to realize how uncomfortable Jennifer is with the tension between us.

Jack: Okay, I've got a solution. After you've had your beer and your burger, you make your excuses, and you leave. And you don't bother me or my family again.

Patrick: Or what? You're gonna beat me up?

Jack: Don't push me. It could be the biggest mistake of your mistake-filled life.

Patrick: I don't like threats, Jack.

Jack: It's not a threat. It's a promise. Nothing and nobody ever gets between me and my family again.


Chelsea: That was amazing. I don't think I've ever driven that fast in my entire life.

Max: You weren't scared?

Chelsea: For a minute. I kept flashing back to when... just for a minute. Then it was cool.

Max: That was a leisurely stroll in the park compared to what it's like on the racetrack.

Chelsea: I'd love to try it sometime...with a really experienced driver.

Max: I bet you like to try lots of things.

Chelsea: You only live once.

Max: Come on. Hmm. Yeah.

Chelsea: So, I thought we were going to Sweet Bea's for ice cream. Why'd we stop here?

Max: I remember my brother telling me what a great view of Salem this is.

Chelsea: Did he also tell you it's the place where everyone comes to fool around?

Max: It is?

Chelsea: It is.

Max: Sounds like you've been here before.

Chelsea: Maybe once or twice.

Max: [Chuckles] Doesn't surprise me, you being as beautiful as you are.

Chelsea: Actually, I don't date that much. Every guy I know is just so immature. None of them are anywhere as near as hot as you are.

Max: You think I'm hot?

Chelsea: Well, yeah.

Max: How hot?

Chelsea: Very hot.

Max: What a coincidence. I thought the same thing about you the minute I saw you.

Chelsea: You did?

Max: Oh, yeah. But I just didn't know whether I should do anything about it.

Chelsea: You should. You definitely should.


Belle: I can't do this. I'm still married to Philip. I took vows.

Shawn D.: You're not breaking them.

Belle: Maybe not technically.

Shawn D.: Not at all, and I'm not asking you to. I'm not asking you to do anything until your divorce is final. What I am asking you to do is to acknowledge the bond that we have, a bond that will never be broken. You and I both know that. And I think, deep down inside, Philip knows it, too. That's why he keeps asking. And he's gonna continue to ask until he gets an answer. I love you. My life is nothing without you.

Belle: Don't say that.

Shawn D.: It's true.

Belle: I know you love me. And I love you, too.

Shawn D.: Then I'm gonna tell him.

Belle: But this is bigger than us. We can't do the selfish thing.

Shawn D.: Wanting to be happy is not selfish. We need each other.

Belle: We have to put our needs aside and think about what's best for Philip. He needs time to recover. My mother believes that you and I should be together, but even she says that he needs time to heal.

Shawn D.: Your mother is wrong. How can he possibly concentrate on getting better when his mind is in overdrive, wondering what's going on between us? He is my friend -- was my friend. And we're not doing him any favors by lying to him, asking him to believe in a fantasy that is not going to happen.

Belle: After everything he's been through, it would be too cruel to do this to him now.

Shawn D.: What's cruel is leading him on by trying to protect him. As hard as it was for him to learn the truth about his leg, do you think any of the doctors tried to protect him by lying to him and telling him that his leg was magically gonna grow back one day?

Belle: Of course not. That's ridiculous -- it's gone.

Shawn D.: So is his marriage.

Belle: If a child...were injured in a car crash, would the doctors tell her that her mother died? No. They would wait.

Shawn D.: But Philip isn't a child. He's asking for the truth, and I am not going to be part of this lie anymore.

Belle: Please don't do this.

Shawn D.: We both know that he believes it. He suspects it.

Belle: Maybe, but you can't do this.

Shawn D.: I have to.


Nicole: We are out of here. Brady's never gonna find you.

Chloe: I hope you're right. Something's wrong. Why are we slowing down?

[Telephone beeps]

Nicole: Jackson, what the hell is going on? Why are you turning around? I told you to take off.

Jackson: Sorry, Mrs. Kiriakis, but we've been ordered to return to the hangar.

Chloe: No! We can't! We have to get out of Salem!

Jackson: No way am I going to violate a direct order from the F.A.A.

[Telephone beeps]

Chloe: Oh, my God, Nicole. Brady's out there.

Nicole: Damn it.

Chloe: He knows I'm on the plane. He's gonna find me. There's nowhere for me to hide!

Nicole: This can't be happening.

Brady: Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!


Bonnie: You can't do that! My daughter's innocent!

[Gavel bangs]

Judge: Order.

Bonnie: Are you okay?

Judge: Order in the court!


Philip: I'd like you to stay. I have some questions about you and my wife.


Marlena: The longer you keep this from your family, the harder it's going to be to tell them.


Max: Are you sure you want to do this?

Chelsea: Don't I look sure?

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