Days Transcript Wednesday 6/22/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/22/05 - Canada; Thursday 6/23/05 - U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Niki

[Siren wails, tires screech]

[Car doors open, close]

Tek: Lockhart.

Patrick: Mm. Well, hello, there, officer Tek. Uh, what seems to be the problem?

Tek: The problem is you. Lexie told me Jack Devereaux wants your ass off his property. What are you doing here, trying to rob the place?

[Knock on door]

Lexie: Come in.

Jack: Lexie?

Lexie: Oh, Jack. I thought you were Abe. He was here for more tests.

Jack: Oh. Oh, I don't want to be a bother.

Lexie: No, you're not a bother. Come on in. I-I thought you left. Did you change your mind about telling Jennifer that --

Jack: That I have a few months left to live? No. And you can't tell her, either.

Lexie: I know. I already promised you that I wouldn't, Jack. You don't have to keep reminding me about doctor/patient confidentiality, so if that's why you came back --

Jack: No, no. I'm -- I'm sorry. I just want you to look at these insurance papers and sign them, please.

Lexie: [Sighs]

Jack: Look, I can see that you're not pleased, but, got to let me handle this situation my way.

Lexie: Well, as you know, the stress of keeping this a secret could be very detrimental to your health.

Jack: [Laughs] As if that would matter at this time.

Lexie: Jack, if you won't confide in Jennifer, you need to at least talk to someone. Listen, you must have a lot of questions for me. I have some time right now if you want to sit down, talk about it.

Jack: Thanks, but, actually, I gotta go. I got Jennifer and Abigail and her little friend Chelsea waiting for me at the stock-car races.

Lexie: I see. And that's more important than learning about this condition that is slowly killing you.

Jack: Right now, today, this moment, the most important thing is making memories with my kids and the woman I love.

Max: Oh, my God.

Jennifer: I cannot believe this.

Abby: Mom, I can't believe you know Max Brady. He's, like, the hottest new driver in Salem 500.

Jennifer: You are not gonna believe this, but I have known max since he was a little boy. And you know what the funniest thing is -- he used to ride this little toy race car around the neighborhood. Remember, you'd pedal around? So cute. And I used to dry his tears. He'd get hurt, so I'd put band-aids on his elbows and his forehead.

Abby: Shut up!

Chelsea: Shut up!

Jennifer: No, I'm serious.

Max: But I put on my own bandages now, thank you very much, depending on the location, of course.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. I cannot believe it's you. Oh, you have certainly grown up, Max.

Max: So has my little toy hot rod.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Chelsea: Oh, my God.

Nancy: Chloe, you're making the biggest mistake of your life letting Nicole talk you into running away.

Chloe: It's my decision.

Nancy: No, it's not your decision...although she's done a good job of convincing you that it is.

Chloe: Here, thanks.

Nurse: Thank you. Good luck, Chloe. We really wish you the best.

Chloe: Thanks, and thanks for everything. And could you please promise me something? If anyone ever asks, don't ever tell them that I was here.

Nurse: Of course not. I would never violate a patient's privacy. But I have to say the longer you cut yourself off from your old life, the -- the harder it will be to heal.

Chloe: I'm never gonna get better -- ever. You know that.

Nurse: I mean emotionally. I think it would have been good for you if you'd had more visitors -- your boyfriend, someone other than your mother. And that woman Nicole -- between you and me, she gave me the creeps.

[Curtain rustles]

Nicole: Oh, did I hear my name?

Nurse: I'll, uh, take care of that, uh, paperwork right away.

Chloe: Thank you.

Nicole: Well, are you all packed?

Nancy: Actually, no. She's not.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Brady: Excuse me.

Nurse: Yes, can I help you?

Brady: Is Nicole Kiriakis here? I noticed her car was in the garage. She'd be visiting Clara, the patient that we sponsored.

Nurse: No, Mr. Black. Mrs. Kiriakis isn't with Clara.

Brady: Oh. Now it all makes perfect sense.

Belle: Shawn, you have to go before Philip gets back.

Shawn D.: I told you. I'm not going anywhere.

Belle: Shawn, please. We cannot let Philip see you... at least not until I get a chance to tell him you're here. He could be back any minute. Oh, my God. Philip -- he saw us.

Shawn D.: Well, good. Maybe it's time we tell him the truth -- that we love each other.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Nicole: What now, Nancy?

[Clears throat]

Nancy: I said that Chloe is not ready to go yet.

Nicole: Why not?

Nancy: Because she isn't packed yet.

Nicole: Chloe agreed to let me fly her out of Salem on the Titan jet.

Nancy: That's because you talked her into it, you self-serving little piece of trash.

Nicole: You know what? I am sick and tired of you laying this on me. I am not the one who decided to tell Brady that Chloe was dead at the time of her accident. Chloe was. And she is the one who insisted that Brady couldn't know that she was alive. I am just respecting her wishes, and as her mother, I would think you would want to do the same.

Chloe: I've been telling Nancy that for months, and that's why she's kept my secret this whole time. I'm not gonna change my mind, mother. And now Brady's really close to finding me. The only way to prevent that is to leave Salem, which I intend to do right now.

Brady: I forgot -- Salem's high-fashion clothing mall -- there are designer stores right next to the clinic. Nicole's probably shopping. Thank you for your help.

Belle: Philip, you're in a wheelchair.

Philip: Yeah, I'm in a wheelchair. I wanted to come in here and surprise you, but it turns out I'm the one who's surprised. Honey, why didn't you tell me Shawn was coming?

Belle: I-I didn't know.

Shawn D.: I didn't call her.

Philip: Good to see you.

Shawn D.: Uh, man, Phil, hey. I -- I'm really sorry. This sucks. When I heard that mine go off, I -- I thought you were dead. Even when we found out that you were okay from the commanding officer, he made it sound like you had one foot in the grave.

Belle: What did you say?

Shawn D.: Oh, my God.

Belle: Could you be any more insensitive?

Patrick: I'm just here to finish packing up my things.

Tek: I'm keeping an eye on you. I'm gonna find out what you're up to.

Patrick: [Scoffs] What I'm up to? Like, stealing Jennifer's silverware or Abby's IPOD?

Tek: The only reason to be so defensive is 'cause you're trying to hide something.

Patrick: Well, I'll tell you what. You came up to me here, out of the blue, and accused me of breaking and entering. Wouldn't that make anyone defensive? Why don't you tell me what an appropriate response would be? You know what? It doesn't matter what I say, does it, Tek? You already have your mind made up about me.

Tek: Did a pretty good job of covering up your tracks so far. One day, you're gonna slip up. I'm gonna be right there to nail your ass.

Patrick: [Chuckles] Really? That's, uh -- that's, like, a typical "b"-detective-movie response right there.

Tek: Yeah? Here's another one for you. Have a nice day.

Lexie: Jack, I really think you should talk about what you're going through.

Jack: What's to talk about? I don't feel like someone who's got a fatal illness.


Lexie: You'll continue to have your existing symptoms until...

Jack: Until I'm dead?

Lexie: Yeah. I expect it'll happen very quickly.

Jack: Whoa, whoa -- too much information. Let's not get morbid here.

Lexie: Jack, I really think you should talk to Marlena.

Jack: Why? Why take the time to go talk to Marlena when I just have a few months left? There's nothing left to say, is there? Now, uh... I've really got to go. Race is starting in a couple of minutes, and I got to run home, or else it's gonna be a disaster, and how many more disasters can the Devereaux family handle, anyway?

Lexie: Wait. You've got to go home? What's the problem?

Jack: Well, we're having a tailgate party, picnic, cookout, and I forgot the piccalilli relish, and you can't have a picnic without piccalilli relish.

Abby: Well, if you knew Max Brady when he was little, then he is related to the Bradyís -- our Bradyís -- and --

Max: And me and my brother, Frankie, were adopted by Shawn and Caroline Brady back when we were kids.

Abby: Get out -- really?

Max: Really. I mean, ask Shawn about the home movies sometime. And I needed to stop by and see him, 'cause I read what happened to Caroline in the paper, and I'm so, so sorry.

Jennifer: Yeah, the family's pretty devastated, but I don't know if you heard the news. There may be hope that Caroline's alive.

Max: Jen, that's great. Who found out that --

Abby: Max, will you sign my poster?

Jennifer: Sorry.

Max: That depends. Is that a poster of me?

[Both giggle]

Abby: Yes.

Max: All right, then I'll sign it. You got a pen?

Abby: Sure do.

Chelsea: Max, could you sign mine, too?

Max: Of course. How can I pass up two pretty ladies like yourselves?

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Max: And here you are.

Abby: Thanks, Max. Hey, good luck today.

Chelsea: Yeah, hope you win.

Jennifer: This is so crazy! When I was growing up, race-car drivers were race-car drivers. You're like a rock star.

Chelsea: Like the Beatles when you were a teenager, Mrs. Devereaux.

Jennifer: Oh, this one -- I am not that old. But, yes, something like that. So, this is great. You're really doing well.

Chelsea: Doing well? Come on, Mrs. D., he's, like, the hottest driver in Salem 500, not to mention the cutest.

Max: I do okay. I mean, there's a lot of competition out here.

Jennifer: Hey, what about Frankie? Are you guys still close?

Max: Sure, sure. We keep in touch, but we have our own careers, our own lives.

Jennifer: Wow, that's so funny. I would love to see Frankie. I think about him often.

Max: He mentioned you, too, over the years. In fact, when he found out I had a race here in Salem, he called me and asked me to make sure I said hello.

Abby: So, when you lived here, your brother was mom's friend.

Jennifer: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Max: He was a really good friend, wasn't he, Jennifer?

Abby: And just how good of a friend was he, mom?

Shawn D.: I wasn't -- I was not trying to be insensitive. I wasn't thinking, and then -- I just put my foot in my mouth.

Belle: What?!

Shawn D.: I cannot believe I just said that.

Philip: [Laughs] Dude, it's -- it's psychological, okay? It's the more you try to avoid something, the more you can't stop thinking about it. Don't worry about it.

Shawn D.: Thanks.

Philip: I think that's the first laugh I've had since this happened, so thank you for being so ignorant.

Shawn D.: Thanking me -- I -- definitely was not intentional. But, you know, if it helps give you a leg up on your recovery.

Belle: Shawn, I can't believe you.

Philip: [Laughs]

Shawn D.: I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut.

Philip: Yeah, that's probably the best idea. But before you do, I was wondering, exactly what are you doing here?

Shawn D.: Eh, I just came to see if there was anything I could do to help out.

Philip: Oh, cool. Cool. Um, but what is it you think you can do that isn't already being done by John, my mom, Belle, and the entire combined resources of the U.S. Military?

Chloe: Mom, could you please grab my jacket out of the closet?

Nancy: No, I refuse to do this anymore. I am not gonna help you throw away your chance for future happiness.

Chloe: I don't want to be a burden to Brady. Please trust me. It's better this way.

Nancy: Chloe, the only one that it's better for is Nicole. I don't care what kind of spin she's put on it. She's the one that's gonna live happily ever after with Brady. She has played you for a fool.

Chloe: No, she hasnít. Look, mom, I know that she's used this to get together with Brady. But I can't be with him, so I want him to move on. And if that's with Nicole, then so be it. I trust Brady to choose the right woman for himself. Besides, I know that Nicole loves him. And I've seen them together, and he seems really happy. All I want is for Brady to be happy.

Nicole: Thank you, Chloe. That's all I want for Brady, too.

Nancy: Of course you do... as long as it's not with Chloe. You conniving little --

Chloe: Mom...please.

Nancy: I'm sorry, Chloe, but this sickens me. I can't accept that you really want Nicole to live the happy life that you have always dreamed about. Chloe, the life that you've always dreamed about with Brady, the life that you could still have, if you would just have the courage to take it.

[Cellphone rings]

Nicole: [Clears throat] Oh, my God, it's Brady.

Chloe: Don't answer it.

Nicole: Okay, if you say so.

Nancy: Like she was going to. Get a grip.

Brady: Oh, damn. Not picking up, huh? Voice mail. Nicole is definitely up to something.

Jennifer: Uh, well, Max's brother, Frankie -- we're about the same age, and we went to school together.

Max: And they dated for a while -- quite a while, if I remember correctly.

Abby: Was he your first real love, mom?

Jennifer: Oh, sweetie, no, it was high school. At that age --

Chelsea: Don't be shy about it, Mrs. D. If you did love him, I totally get why... if Frankie looks anything like you do, Max.

Jennifer: All right, look, like Max said, Frankie and I -- we dated for a little while. That's all. I don't know where your father is. He should be here by now. I wonder what's keeping him.

Jack: What the hell are you doing here? You were told to get your stuff out of my garage apartment, so you wait till nobody's home and come back to rob my place?

Patrick: You are the second person to accuse me of that today, and I am sick of it.

Max: Who's Jack?

Jennifer: Jack Devereaux. He's my husband. Max, you were probably too young to remember him.

Abby: You'll love my dad. He's a journalist. Maybe he can write a profile of you for the newspaper.

Max: Too late. The Salem Gazette just did a piece on me yesterday, after I ran my qualifying time. Thanks, though, Abby.

Abby: Okay, but he's gonna love meeting you.

Max: Is he a big Salem 500 fan?

Abby: Oh, I don't know. Is he, mom?

Jennifer: Uh, you know, I think he's more of a tailgating fan, and that is the extent of it, but same here. I just -- I never realized this could be so exciting.

Chelsea: You know, it's the hottest spectator sport in the country right now?

Max: [Chuckles] Well, do you guys want to see maybe the car and the pit area, maybe meet some of the other drivers?

Jennifer: Oh, boy.

Abby: Yeah, we'd love to.

Max: Well, let's do it.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Max: Oh, wait. Jennifer, are you coming?

Jennifer: Oh, no, some other time, thank you. I'm gonna wait for Jack. Have fun! Oh, come on, Jack. Where are you?

Jack: So, who else accused you of trying to rob me blind?

Patrick: That cop Tek came by and saw me.

Jack: Begs the question, doesn't it -- could both of us be wrong?

Patrick: I was outside of your house, Jack. I wasn't carrying anything.

Jack: Still, it's good to know that the cops don't trust you, either. And since your things are outside my house in the garage apartment, why are you in my house now?

Patrick: Just came by to get some garbage bags to use to pack my clothes.

Jack: Garbage bags, huh? And here I thought you were a world traveler. Now, look. We asked you nicely to get your things out of here...days ago. You're still here. Why? What's taking so long?

Patrick: Uh, Jennifer gave me a little extra time to get my things together and find a place to live.

Jack: Shouldn't be so hard. You can move in with your mother in that habitat for humanity that we helped build, since she's now living in quasi-sin with Mickey Horton.

Patrick: Where I live is none of your business.

Jack: Quite right -- couldn't care less, as long as you're nowhere near me or mine.

Patrick: You made that very clear, which is why I phoned ahead to make sure no one was here so I wouldn't run into you and have this confrontation.

Jack: Too late, but now you have the rest of the afternoon to yourself. So get packing and...keep the luggage.

Patrick: [Sighs]

Jack: I want everything out of that garage apartment today. I don't want a hint, I don't want a memory of you being here when I return with my family, get it?

Patrick: Yeah, I got it.

Jack: Good.

Lexie: Jack, are you really more worried about the fact that you forgot piccalilli relish than you are about the fact that you only have a few months left to live?

Jack: Yes. Yes. Yes, and I'll tell you why. For the last year, I have been separated from my family -- from Jennifer, from Abigail... and from my baby boy, Jack. I realize the most important thing is the precious moments that we have together. I [Sighs] I love them. I love them. And, quite literally, I love them more than my life itself. And now I'm gonna make every day the most special, memorable day I possibly can.

Lexie: You're not going to tell them you're dying, are you?

Jack: No. No, I'm not.

Lexie: Can I ask why?

Jack: If I tell them that I am dying...then they'll live in fear. They'll live in anticipation of my death. Can you imagine Abigail's sneaking into our bedroom every night -- every night -- and leaning over me just to see if I'm still breathing? Can you imagine Jennifer checking on me every 10 minutes just to make sure that I'm all right? Everybody holding their breath every time I sneeze or cough, things that have absolutely nothing to do with this illness. I will not do that to them. I will not do that to them. The greatest gift that I can give them, the greatest gift I can give myself, right to the moment I go into the grave, is to -- is just to have some -- just a few, special, wonderful, happy memories in these few months that we have left.

Lexie: Don't you think you're cheating them? What if they're angry that you kept this secret from them? What if they have regrets about something they did or didn't do? Jack, if they knew, maybe they'd want to do something special for you, to say goodbye.

Jack: No. No. There's no saying goodbye. No. Not yet. Not yet, anyway. I'm not -- I'm not dying, Lexie. I'm gonna live. I'm gonna live my life to the fullest, right to the very end. And now I think you know what the most important thing is that I need to do.

Lexie: [Clears throat] Yeah, yeah. You've got to get that piccalilli relish.

Jack: That's right. That's right, to make the best Devereaux burgers there are... for Jennifer and Abigail, so they can have the best -- the best tailgate cookout ever. Nothing is more important. Nothing is more important.

[Door closes]

Lexie: [Sighs] I'm so glad you're here. I really need you right now.

Shawn D.: I didn't think you and Belle would mind if I was here to try and help -- maybe run interference for you with the military and your parents.

Philip: Well, I guess if we're gonna run anything, it's better you than me, right?

Shawn D.: [Chuckles]

Philip: I went and made another lame j-- I said "lame." I guess it really is hard to avoid, isn't it?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Philip: All joking aside, I have a lot of questions for you.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Ask away.

Philip: I know you were the one to organize the mission to come and rescue me in the desert. And speaking strictly as a marine, I have never heard of such a dumb-ass thing to do, you bunch of amateurs. Fortunately for you, it was Tony DiMera that captured you, and not the enemy we were fighting, 'cause otherwise would all be dead. You know that, right?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I do.

Philip: Good. That being said, if you hadn't shown up, I might still be there, so I appreciate what you did -- I do. And I was also thinking that we didn't have a lot of time out there to discuss exactly why you were so determined to bring me home back to Salem.

Belle: Because Shawn couldn't bear the thought of you being hurt, or even killed.

Philip: And that's very noble of him, sweetheart. But I have to ask this -- Shawn, before I left for the war, all you and I did was fight. And you did everything you could possibly do to come between Belle and me. So I'm sorry that I'd have to think this, let alone say it out loud, but is that what you're doing now? Is that why you're here?

Nurse: I've got your discharge papers, Chloe. Just sign off, and all you need to do after that is have a safe trip. We'll forward all your records.

Chloe: Thanks for everything.

Nurse: Oh, Mrs. Kiriakis. Your boyfriend, Mr. Black, was here looking for you.

Nicole: He was?

Nurse: Yes, I told him I hadn't seen you.

Nicole: Is he gone?

Nurse: Well, he went looking for you at the mall, but he was back at the desk when I came to give you the papers.

Chloe: Oh, my God, please don't tell him that I'm here.

Nurse: I wonít. Chloe, I promise.

Chloe: Or you, either, mother. Promise me. Swear to me that you won't tell Brady I'm here.

Nancy: Okay. I swear.

Nicole: Here, take this.

Nurse: I don't need to be bribed to keep a promise to a patient. Goodbye, Chloe. Good luck.

Nicole: Come on, Chloe. Let's get the hell out of here.

Brady: Hi. Uh, are you sure Nicole didn't go out with Clara?

Nurse: Yes, and Clara still hasn't come back.

Brady: Then why is Nicole's car still in the garage? Unless she's here to see another patient, but it can't be Chloe because why would Chloe be in a clinic? Chloe's not dead. She was only injured in that accident, and she's recuperating here. Nurse, you have to tell me. Is there a patient here by the name of Chloe Lane? Please.

Nurse: The identity of clinic patients has to be kept confidential, Mr. Black. I'm sorry.

Brady: I don't need your sympathy. I need your help. Have you ever been in love with someone so special that you just can't imagine your life without them? I have such a strong feeling that Chloe is still alive and she's out there somewhere and all I have to do is find her.

Nurse: I...I can't tell you anything. But maybe there's someone in room 206 who can.

Brady: Thank you. Damn it.


Brady: Oh, my God.

Abby: Wow, look at these cars. They're like commercials on wheels.

Max: Sponsorships, ladies. This is what drives our sport.

Chelsea: Look at that.

Max: That's my pit stall right here.

Abby: Oh, um, have you ever been in a crash?

Max: Sure. Pileups happen all the time.

Chelsea: He hit the wall at a track in California a few weeks ago.

Max: You are a fan, aren't you? But I sure did. My car flipped over four times.

Chelsea: I still can't believe you walked away from that. Abby and I were both in a car accident with my parents. The car didn't even flip over once, and they both died.

Max: I'm so sorry, Chelsea. Really, my condolences.

Chelsea: Maybe if we would have been in a car like this, they would have been okay.

Max: That's right. These cars are very strong and amazingly safe. And, of course, the Salem 500 stock-car racers are the best drivers in the world, but we take precautions because it's still a very dangerous sport.

Abby: You have to concentrate every second, don't you?

Max: Sure do. And that means lots of discipline. I mean, I'm in bed by 9:00 the night before the race. I eat healthy, and I don't drink, don't smoke. And I take care of myself as well as my mechanics and crew take care of my car here. But that's before the race. Afterwards, well... I like to, uh, put the pedal to the metal, crank the revs, blow the carbon off all the points, if you catch my drift.

Chelsea: Yeah. Sounds really hot.

Max: Darling, you have no idea.

Jack: [Panting] Jennifer! Jennifer, I'm sorry.

Jennifer: There you are. Jack, oh, where have you been? Don't you know how much I worry about you?

Jack: I had to rush home. I forgot the piccalilli relish.

Jennifer: Oh, good, good. So you have it -- where is it?

Jack: It's -- I -- I don't believe it. I forgot the piccalilli relish again.

Jennifer: But you went home specifically to get the piccalilli relish.

Jack: I was distracted.

Jennifer: By what?

Jack: I -- hey, where -- those girls gotta be around here somewhere. We got to get this tailgate party started. Hey, girls!

Jennifer: You are not gonna believe this. You'll never guess who the hottest racer is today in this race.

Jack: You're right. I won't guess. Why don't you just tell me?

Jennifer: Max Brady.

Jack: Max Brady.

Jennifer: Frankie Brady's younger brother, Max. Max Brady.

Jack: Frankie! Frankie's brother, Max, is in this race. Wait, I saw a Max Brady in the sports pages. That's the same Max Brady? I didn't put two and two together.

Jennifer: I know, and wait till you see him. It's unbelievable. He is all grown up, and if you don't believe me, ask Abby and Chelsea, 'cause they are with him right now.

Jack: They're smitten, huh?

Jennifer: No, they are hot for his bod.

Jack: They're what?

Jennifer: Never mind. Just think "smitten."

Jack: Right, right. It certainly sounds less threatening.

Jennifer: So, what distracted you so much that you forgot your favorite relish?

Tek: God, you're really upset.

Lexie: Yeah.

Tek: Is it Abe? Is he giving you a hard time again?

Lexie: No, no, it's, uh... it's a patient of mine. He's dying. And he doesn't want his family to know.

Tek: Well, why?

Lexie: It's completely selfless. He doesn't want them to spend the last few months with him, worrying and fearful.

Tek: In my opinion, the patient's right. I mean, you know, every day's too important to worry about what might be or... could have been. And sometimes there's things you got to let go of and things you need to reach out and hold on to.

Lexie: [Chuckles] Well, all of a sudden I get the feeling you're not talking about my patient anymore. Are you talking about my marriage?

Tek: Lexie, I'm talking about your life, Lexie. I care about you so much. And I know that you're hurting, and I know that Abe is making that hurting worse. I just want to take that hurt away.

Lexie: No. No, no, Tek, I canít. I can't do this. This is so confusing. It feels right, but --

Tek: It is right. How can it be wrong if it's what we both want? I want you so bad, Lexie. I want you so bad.

Lexie: I want you. I want...

Max: So, where you guys sitting today?

Abby: 12th row, 4 aisles right of center.

Max: Oh, I can do better than that. These are right behind the pits, ladies.

Abby: Oh, thank you so much.

Max: Enjoy. And I'll see you guys after the race.

Chelsea: Bye.


Max: What?

Man: As soon as we hit town, you have a harem of babes lined up who will do absolutely anything for you.

Max: Not anything.

Man: Uh, not from what I've seen.

Jack: Actually, the piccalilli relish isn't really that important. You and Abigail don't really like it anyway.

Jennifer: Yeah, but you like it, Jack, and you always say --

Jack: It is not a Devereaux burger without the piccalilli relish.

Jennifer: That's right, so how could you forget it? I mean, was there some kind of an emergency, or -- what happened?

Jack: No, it merely -- actually, yes. Back at the house, I ran --

Abby: Mom! Dad! Look who we found!

Brady: Come out of there. Come on. Hold it. I know Chloe's alive, Nancy. Where is she? Is Nicole taking her somewhere? Damn it, I'm gonna ask you one more time. Where the hell is Chloe?

Nicole: Whew. That was too close -- way too close. All right, so, I will take you to the plane. Nancy will bring the rest of your stuff and join us later. You're home free, Chloe. Soon, you'll be gone, and Brady will never know you were alive.

[Keys jingle]

[Engine turns over]

Shawn D.: I don't need to be reminded that you and Belle are married, Philip.

Philip: That's not the point. You tried to stop our wedding when you crashed your motorcycle through the window at St. Luke's, and you almost killed all of us. You did everything you could think of to come between us. So, Shawn, buddy, you'll understand my concern -- my concern that that's why you wanted me to come home from the war. That's why you're here now -- because you're still after Belle, and you're doing everything you can think of to come between us and steal my wife from me.

Belle: Philip cannot know the truth yet. He's not ready. We have to keep up this lie.

Shawn D.: I am sorry, but I can't, and I wonít.

Chloe: Oh, my God, Nicole. Brady's out there.

Nicole: Damn it.

Chloe: He's gonna find me. There's nowhere for me to hide!

Jack: Stay away from my wife. Stay away from my family.

Patrick: Or what?

Jack: Or I kill you.

Jennifer: Max, no!

(Gentle acoustic guitar music)

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