Days Transcript Wednesday 6/15/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/15/05 - Canada; Thursday 6/16/05 - U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Kate: You are sweet, but I'm not hungry.

John: Soup. Mmm! Fruit and Danish, little bit sketchy, but you got to eat. Come on. Food's a weapon. You got to keep your strength up for your son.

Kate: Okay, okay, okay.

John: Look, Kate, I know that things appear a little bleak right now.

Kate: He lost a leg. He lost part of his leg.

John: He's alive. My God, he survived a land mine, Kate. He's alive.

Kate: I know. I know that. But when I think about what could have happened --

John: It didn’t. He's upstairs recovering. He's getting the best medical care available.

Kate: And he's with the woman he loves.


Belle: I am so sorry that this happened to you, but you and I both know it could have been a lot worse. And I'm just so grateful that you're alive and that you're gonna recover, and that's what you need to remember. You are going to get better. You just need to focus on your future.

Philip: What kind of future can I have when my leg was blown off? I am sorry. I'm sorry. It's just very difficult to accept, and it's gonna take some time.

Belle: I understand. And you don't need to apologize for anything. You're a hero. You saved a man's life.

Philip: They told me Jake’s gonna be okay.

Belle: Because of you. I am so proud of you.

Philip: I want to thank you, sweetheart.

Belle: For what?

Philip: Just for being here. Belle, if I didn't have you, I don't know what I would do. But I also know it's a lot to ask, and I do not want to be a burden to you.

Belle: Stop. You could never be a burden to me. You're my husband. And I'm your wife. We're gonna get through this together.


Sami: You want us to work together, Nicole? You have to trust the person you're working with, and I wouldn't trust you to pour me a cup of coffee without poisoning it.

Nicole: Same goes for me with you, Sami.

Sami: Well, then forget it.

Nicole: No, no, no. We can't forget it, not if we're serious about getting our men. Keeping each other's secrets means watching each other's backs, protecting each other.

Sami: Protecting each other?

Nicole: Yes. Do we have a deal, Sami? Let's shake on it.

[Door opens]

Brady: What the hell is going on here?

Lucas: Or is it a secret?

Nicole: Sami and I were just --

Brady: Having a friendly conversation? I highly doubt that.

Lucas: So do I. You guys hate each other. The usual insults, maybe, but it didn't look like that to me. What were you talking about?

Brady: That's what I'd like to know.

Nicole: I knew it -- knew it was true. You are Stan. And I can't wait to tell everyone your dirty little secret.

Sami: Outside. We need to talk.

Nicole: Thought you'd say that.

Sami: Nicole, I just was in a war zone, okay? And I'm edgy from thinking I was going to die. You came up behind me and startled me. That's what just happened.

Nicole: And why are you so upset? You haven't even said "Stan who?"

Sami: Well, I know who Stan is. Everyone thinks he's the traitor. But how could you think that that was me? It's a man, for God's sake.

Nicole: There's no denying it, Sami. I know the truth. I talked to Tony. Oh, yeah. That's right. You've been outed. And I wonder what mommy and daddy would say if they found out what you were doing.

Sami: Well, Nicole, if I'm screwed, so are you. Exactly how long have you been lying to Brady about Chloe being alive?

Nicole: You have no proof of that.

Sami: And it's not even the worst part. I would never do what you did to Chloe. Sabotaging her reconstructive surgery, making sure that she'll never have a normal face again. Do you realize how sick that is?

Nicole: You put me up to it. Or rather, Stan did. I just made sure that they used infected instruments during her surgery. It's not like I took the knife to her myself.

Sami: Oh, sure. Brady will really understand that. Are you kidding? He'll never want to look at you again.

Brady: Nicole? Why are you so quiet?

Lucas: Come on, Sami. Spit it out.

Sami: All right, well, you want to know what we were talking about? I'll tell you.


Marlena: I'm pregnant. It can't be true. It must be a mistake.

Ashley: Hello. Lab.

Marlena: Ashley, hi. It's Dr. Evans. If you're not too busy down there, could you please rerun that pregnancy test for me?

Ashley: I can do that, but I'm sure I'll get the same results.

Marlena: Ashley, I wouldn't ask if it weren't important. It's kind of a delicate situation. I want to be completely clear about the results.

Ashley: No problem. I'll get back to you as soon as I have them.

Marlena: Thanks. Oh, my gosh. What am I gonna do if it's true? How am I going to tell John... or Roman?

Roman: You got back.

Marlena: Oh, hi. Hi, there.

Roman: Doc, something wrong?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


John: Wow. That soup really sucked, didn't it?

Kate: Okay, you were right.

John: What?

Kate: You were right. It was good. And I was hungry, and I feel better, all right?

John: Yeah. I know this has been a stressful time for all of us, Kate, especially you.

Kate: Worrying about Philip and then Roman and Marlena returning from the dead -- having to deal with that.

John: Are you saying that... you're unhappy that they're back?

Kate: No, of course not. It's a wonderful thing that they're alive. It's just that --

John: It's just what?

Kate: It's just that it's -- it's awkward. It feels awkward.

John: Between you and Roman? I know what you mean. Marlena and I have kind of been feeling our way, also.

Kate: Well, they were gone a long time.

John: Yeah. A long time. You know that conversation that I was having with her? The thing is I've been picking up on these real weird vibes.

Kate: What kind of vibes?

John: She's distracted. It's just something on her mind. Now, maybe I'm imagining it, but I just -- I can't help but wonder if maybe something happened between the two of them when they were in that castle together.

Kate: Between Marlena and Roman?

John: They were imprisoned for months.

Kate: No. They wouldn’t. I mean, they wouldn’t. You heard them. They couldn't wait to get home to us.

John: Yeah, I'm sure that's true. So why can't I shake this feeling that they came back with this very deep bond -- even deeper than before?


Roman: Something happen with John and Kate? Did you hear from them?

Marlena: I did. In fact, John e-mailed me the moment they landed.

Roman: Then what's got you so upset?

Marlena: Just some -- some test results I wasn't expecting.

Roman: Sounds serious.

Marlena: Maybe not. Anyway, what brings you over here?

Roman: Well, you know I'm trying to track down ma and Victor.

Marlena: Yes. Any luck with that? Any clues, any leads, anything?

Roman: Possibly. I was going through some I.S.A. reports down at the station. It seems that after the castle burned down and Tony escaped, that we got an eyewitness that claims he saw an older couple walking toward the village.

Marlena: Roman, do you think that if they'd escaped, we wouldn't have heard something by now?

Roman: Not if Tony got to them first, which is one more thing that makes me believe that they are still alive but are being held prisoner somewhere. [Cell phone rings] Wait a minute. Oh, it's the station. Excuse me. Yeah. Yeah, it's Commander Brady. All right, you got it? Okay, you checked? Good, good. Hang on one second. Okay, give it to me. Give it to me. That's it? Good. Good work. All right. I will be talking to you soon. Thanks again. Okay. All right. Doc, is this what's got you so upset -- this pregnancy test?


Philip: Honey, I have a confession to make.

Belle: A confession?

Philip: I love hearing you call yourself my wife. Nothing makes me happier or prouder.

Belle: Philip.

Philip: Now, I know we haven't been married that long, but, Belle, the way that you were at home waiting for me was the only thing that got me through everything out there.

Belle: I'm glad.

[Knock on door]

Belle: I'll get it.

Col. Cochran: Mrs. Kiriakis?

Belle: Yes?

Col. Cochran: I was wondering if I might talk to your husband for a moment if he's up to it.

Belle: Um...of course.

Col. Cochran: Private, I'm colonel Cochran. I'm sorry to interrupt.

Philip: Not at all, sir. Have you met my wife -- Belle?

Col. Cochran: Not officially. I'm pleased to meet you.

Belle: Nice to meet you, too.

Col. Cochran: I just wanted to come by and see this young Marine that I've been hearing about. They tell me that you saved your buddy's life while dodging bullets and navigating a minefield. You're a brave man, Kiriakis.

Philip: Thank you, sir.

Col. Cochran: The word "hero" gets thrown around pretty freely these days, but you -- you're the real McCoy.

Philip: I'm just doing my duty, sir.

Col. Cochran: No, you did a lot more. I want to personally thank you for your service to our country. And once you're farther along in your recovery, you and I will talk again about your future with the Marines. But in the meantime, I'll leave this with you. It'll explain all of your options. You just look it over when you're ready.

Philip: I will. Thank you, sir.

Col. Cochran: Right now, you just need to focus on getting better. And once you've had a chance to think things through, you and your wife can decide how you want to proceed. And I've taken up enough of your time. You got a good man there, Mrs. Kiriakis.

Belle: I know I do.

Col. Cochran: Good luck to you both.

Belle: Thank you.

Philip: And thank you very much for coming by, sir.

Belle: What a nice man.

Philip: Yeah.

Belle: And he was right. You can look at this later. Right now, I have a surprise for you.

Philip: You do?

Belle: Mm-hmm -- one I think you're gonna like a lot.


Brady: Well, this ought to be good. I'd like to hear how this unholy alliance came about.

Sami: Well, you and Lucas are right. There's no reason I'd talk to this slut unless I needed something.

Nicole: Excuse me?

Lucas: What could you possibly need from Nicole, Sami?

Sami: A job.

Brady: You asked Nicole for a job?

Sami: Well, yeah. I realize it comes as a shock to you, but it's the truth.

Brady: At Titan?

Lucas: I don't believe this.

Sami: I'm desperate.

Nicole: Believe me, it came as a shock to me, too.

Lucas: Wait a minute. You don't remember what happened last time you worked at Titan -- what a disaster that was?

Sami: Of course I remember, Lucas, but that's when Kate and Victor were calling the shots.

Lucas: So you think it's gonna be easier working for Nicole?

Sami: Look, I already said I'm desperate here. Your mother fired me from Basic Black, remember? And now that I'm out of Tony DiMera’s clutches and back home, I need a job. Beggars can't be choosers, remember?

Nicole: Well, you can forget working at Titan. Like I said before Lucas and Brady showed up, there is no way I would ever hire you.

Brady: Neither would I.

Nicole: And I don't blame your mom for firing her lazy butt. Lord knows, I am not a fan of Kate, but that was a smart move.

Sami: You wouldn't know a smart move if it hit you in the face.

Nicole: And by the way, who are you to be calling me a slut?

Sami: You are a slut and an opportunistic bitch. You didn't wait for old man Kirakis to get cold before you started doing his grandson.

Brady: Hey, Sami, what did you call him?

Sami: Your grandfather? Victor.

Brady: You called him "old man Kirakis."

Sami: No, I didn’t. I said Kiriakis.

Brady: No, you didn’t.

Sami: Yes, I did.

Lucas: What is the big deal? We all know she's called him a lot worse.

Brady: Our old friend Stan mispronounced Philip’s last name just like that.


Kate: Thank you.

John: Mm-hmm.

Kate: But, you know, I think it's only natural that Roman and Marlena grew closer. I mean, after all, they were Tony’s prisoners all that time. They only had each other to rely on.

John: For a divorced couple, they have remained very close.

Kate: Well, the truth is they have children together.

John: Children. You know, you're probably right. And I'm sure it was upsetting for her, how close you and I got.

Kate: "Close" is an understatement, isn't it?

John: I just need to be more understanding. Doc's an amazing woman. She's been through so much. The last thing she needs right now is me stirring anything up.

Kate: Yeah, you're right. I mean, we've all been through hell this past year, including the children. And I think all -- when we all get back to Salem, then -- I don't know, things will get back on track. Maybe we'll find a way to show Roman and Marlena how much they mean to us.

John: You just gave me a great idea.

Kate: I did?

John: Yeah. And I think I can get the groundwork rolling right now. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go make a phone call.

Kate: Aren't you gonna tell me --

John: I'll tell you all about it.


Marlena: Anybody ever tell you that you'd make a great cop?

Roman: So, I was right. That's what's got you upset. Looks like the results of a pregnancy test.

Marlena: Yes, well, that's what it is.

Roman: Well, Doc, I'm sorry I scribbled on it.

Marlena: That's okay. All righty. There's your number.

Roman: Okay, thank you. Look, it's none of my business, but shouldn't your patient be happy?

Marlena: Oh, well, it's n-- it's -- it's complicated, roman... and not exactly the best time for this pregnancy.

Roman: What about her husband, her partner?

Marlena: That's -- that's sort of part of the complication.

Roman: Sounds to me like there are two guys in this lady's life.

Marlena: The baby only has one father.

Roman: Situation we can relate to. I remember when you were pregnant with Belle, and I thought she was mine.

Marlena: Yes, we both did.

Roman: And she turned out to be John’s.

Marlena: Well, it was a tough time for all of us.

Roman: Yeah...which was not one of the best decisions I ever made in my life was giving you up.

Marlena: Can we not do this?

Roman: You are absolutely right. Why in the hell rehash this?

Marlena: Yes.

Roman: So let me get back to why I came here in the first place, and that's tracking down ma and Victor.

Marlena: Do you think you'll find them alive?

Roman: That's why I wanted to come here and ask you this. Aside from our eyewitness, you could be the key to bringing them home.


Sami: So what if I did say that?

Brady: Sami, I told you. Stan mispronounced Philip’s last name the same way.

Sami: Well, I probably picked it up while Tony was holding me prisoner -- from that slime ball. He was hanging around.

Lucas: Hanging out with that guy, lucky you didn't pick up a disease.

Sami: So, Nicole, how about it? You gonna give me a job or what?

Brady: You're not gonna hire her, are you, Nicole?

Nicole: Do I look that stupid? I'm still recovering from the time I worked under Sami at Titan as a model.

Sami: Thanks for nothing, Nicole.

Lucas: Well, great. Now that that's settled, I'd like to talk to you privately for a moment.

Sami: Yeah, sure.

Nicole: Wow. Can you believe her nerve?

Brady: Sami is my stepsister, Nicole. Nothing she does surprises me. But I'm not interested in Sami right now. I have to find Chloe.

Nicole: Brady, Chloe’s not alive. Why won't you believe me?

Lucas: Think about it, man. She says she was there, right? She was there when you thought you heard Chloe’s voice on the phone?

Brady: Yeah, and she swears up and down that Chloe wasn't there. She says it was another DiMera trick.

Lucas: If Chloe’s alive, who stands to lose the most here? Think about it. It's Nicole. I'm telling you, man, if you believe her, you could be making the biggest mistake of your life.

Brady: You know what, Nicole? When I think about it, you're right.

Lucas: I'm serious. Cut the crap. What's going on? What's really going on between you and Nicole?


Philip: Okay, I'll bite. What's the surprise?

Belle: Oh, it's something that's gonna make you feel better even faster.

Philip: Oh, yeah?

Belle: Mm-hmm.

Philip: 'Cause I think I'm looking at all the incentive I need right now.

Belle: Besides that.

Philip: A DVD player?

Belle: Well, with a very special DVD.

Philip: Yeah, what is it?

Belle: You'll see. Rex made it. Just watch.

[Up-tempo music plays]

You are so wonderful

being near you

is all that I'm living for

you've shown me more kindness in little ways

than I've ever known

in all my days

tell me we'll stay together

let me love you forever

'cause you're the wonderful one

you're the wonderful one


In you, there is a rare quality

your love, baby

it means the world

Wonderful one

For me

you're always concerned

and you ask nothing, baby

in return

Wonderful one

You're really more --

Philip: Damn it!


Col. Cochran: Mrs. Brady?

Kate: Yes.

Col. Cochran: Colonel Sam Cochran, U.S. Marine Corps.

Kate: A pleasure to meet you.

Col. Cochran: You're Philip Kiriakis' mother?

Kate: Yes, I am.

Col. Cochran: May I?

Kate: Please.

Col. Cochran: You sure raised a fine young man, but then, I'm sure you already know that.

Kate: Yes, I do.

Col. Cochran: We're very proud of Philip. Everyone in the Corps is. He's smart, he's brave, he's loyal.

Kate: And I know that I'm very lucky that he survived. So many mothers lost their sons and their daughters. But still --

Col. Cochran: Losing a leg -- I know it's a heavy price to pay. And I don't need to tell you that Philip is gonna need a lot of support, both from you and from his wife, Belle.

Kate: Have you met his wife?

Col. Cochran: Yes, she was in his room when I stopped in a little while ago. Lovely woman.

Kate: Yes, she is.

Col. Cochran: Just like Philip’s mother.

Kate: Colonel, I appreciate your interest in my son. And I promise you, Philip is going to receive all of the love and the support that he needs.

Col. Cochran: I know he will. Oh, I told Philip that I'd be in touch, but in the meantime, if there's anything he needs or if you have any questions, please give me a call.

Kate: Thank you very much. I will.

Col. Cochran: It was a pleasure meeting you, ma'am.

Kate: Yes, Philip will have a rich, full life with the woman he loves, especially if Shawn Brady ends up in jail, where he belongs.


Marlena: Me? How can I help find Victor and Caroline?

Roman: Doc, have a seat. I want you to think back to when we were on that fishing trawler -- also when they transferred us to the castle.

Marlena: One of my favorite times.

Roman: Yeah, but do you remember Tony or any of his minions talking about maybe another secret hiding place? I mean, that idiot Bart got chatty as hell all the time.

Marlena: I don't remember Bart saying anything. What about those islands where Tony held us captive? Maybe he's using those again.

Roman: No, the I.S.A. has had those monitored ever since you and John were there.

Marlena: That was where John discovered Tony was his half brother.

Roman: You know what? I think I will go visit Tony’s sister.

Marlena: Lexie.

Roman: Yeah. Hopefully, she'll let me in the DiMera mansion and have a look around. Also, maybe Lexie can remember some secret real-estate holdings that Stefano may have had.

Marlena: I'm not sure Lexie will be a lot of help. Remember how secretive Stefano and Tony always were around her?

Roman: Yeah, but it won't hurt to ask her.

Marlena: Roman, what about Patrick Lockhart?

Roman: Oh, that's right. I understand he's still hanging around here.

Marlena: Billie Reed and the I.S.A. cleared him of any wrongdoing, but who knows what Tony’s thinking? Maybe he could help us.

Roman: It's a good idea.

Marlena: I was going to have some tea. Will you join me?

Roman: Sounds good.

[Telephone rings] Oh, go ahead.

Marlena: Everything's in the chest right there. Dr. Evans.

John: Hey, Doc, it's me.

Marlena: John. Oh, it's so good to hear your voice. How's everything? How's Philip?

John: He's okay. Still in I.C.U. Belle's with him.

Marlena: Oh, I hope that gives him a boost.

John: I'm sure it is. Listen, Doc, I -- I called because I didn't like the way I left things with you.

Marlena: What do you mean?

John: I didn't have any business asking you if you'd rather be with Roman. I mean, I just reacted badly to an innocent comment, and I'm really sorry about that. The fact is, you've never given me any reason to believe that you could still be interested in your ex.

Roman: Oh! Damn!

John: Marlena?

Marlena: Yeah.

John: Is -- is that Roman? Is he there with you?


Sami: Why do you always think that I am up to something?

Lucas: Really, come on. Is that a serious question?

Sami: You think you know me so well.

Lucas: Yeah, I do. I almost married you. And I was married to Nicole, which means I know you both pretty damn well. Together, you both spell disaster.

Sami: I don't know, Lucas. Maybe we were comparing notes about what a good lover you are.

Lucas: Oh. All I know is, Sami, you weren't asking her for a job. That much I'm sure of.

Sami: All right, fine. How many times do I have to say it? I'm desperate, okay? You say you know me so well, but you keep forgetting how long it's been since I've had a paycheck. And that's not just thanks to your mother because --

Lucas: Because of Tony, when he took you hostage? Which, by the way, you never managed to tell me how you got over there. Shall we begin?

Sami: Oh, my God.

Lucas: Sami? What's the whole story, huh? What were you really doing in the desert?

Nicole: Did you say I'm right?

Brady: Yeah, I did. I mean, you're right, Nicole. I guess I just heard what I wanted to hear, and it was all in my head.

Nicole: It was, Brady.

Brady: I could have sworn that I heard Chloe’s voice, but, obviously, I didn’t. And I want to apologize to you for putting you through all this.


Belle: Philip, what's wrong with you? Why are you freaking out like that?

Philip: Belle, for God's sake, do you think it's easy seeing the man I used to be? Seeing you and I dancing? Damn.

Belle: I'm sorry. I guess I didn't really think about that.

Philip: It's not your fault. You were just trying to do something nice. Damn land mine. Damn it!

Belle: Philip, stop. You losing a leg does not diminish who you are, not in my eyes or in anyone else’s. I know you. You're gonna get past this.

Philip: I'm not so sure.

Belle: Well, I am. You are unbelievably strong. And I'm not just talking about physical strength. I'm talking about your heart and your character and your determination.

Philip: Those are just words, Belle. They don't mean anything. The reality is that I am never gonna dance with my wife again.

[Door opens]

Dr. Gage: What's the problem?

Belle: My husband's upset.

Dr. Gage: His pulse is racing. I'm gonna give you a sedative.

Philip: I don't need a sedative. I need my damn leg back.

Dr. Gage: Nothing too strong. I don't know what set you off, but this should relax you.

Belle: Dr. Gage, I'm responsible for that. I upset him.

Philip: Belle, no, no, no. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you, honey. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Belle.

Dr. Gage: What happened?

Belle: I'm an idiot. I thought if I showed Philip a DVD of our life together before the accident, that it might -- I don't know -- give him some incentive to get better.

Dr. Gage: Instead, it angered him.

Belle: He saw us dancing, and he went crazy. He threw the DVD player across the room.

Dr. Gage: Mrs. Kiriakis, I'm afraid to say his reaction was normal. You shouldn't feel bad.

Belle: Well, I do.

Dr. Gage: Losing a limb is very difficult to accept for anyone, but especially for an active young man like your husband.

Belle: What can I do for him?

Dr. Gage: There is something you can do, but it requires a huge commitment on your part.

Belle: Dr. Gage, I will do anything I can to help Philip recover from this.

Belle: You said there's something I can do to help him.

Dr. Gage: What your husband needs right now is to know that you love him, that the loss of a limb doesn't change the way that you feel about him.

Belle: Of course it doesn’t.

Dr. Gage: I've seen marriages fall apart when one partner is seriously injured. It can put an incredible strain on any couple. But when it's a soldier dealing with a loss of a limb, it can be very difficult. Young men and women in the military are used to being in top physical condition. The loss of an arm or a leg, it can make them feel like they're less of a person. But love and support can help them make the adjustment -- relearn to perform tasks that were previously second nature. But it's gonna take time. You think you can hang in there with him?

Belle: Absolutely. I know I can.


Nicole: I love you, Brady, with all my heart. And it's been killing me to see you so conflicted about Chloe. I mean, one minute, you accept her death, and the next, you've persuaded yourself that she's alive. And I thought that when we had that memorial service at St. Luke's with Nancy that you had put her to rest.

Brady: I thought so, too. I did. But now I have. I promise. [Thinking] Lucas is right, Nicole. You would do anything to keep me away from Chloe. But I am going to find her. You are not going to stop me.

Sami: Lucas, Tony was holding me hostage. You saw me over there. Why won't you believe that?

Lucas: It just doesn't make sense to me. I mean, it's not a real answer. What were you really doing over there?

Sami: Look, Tony is crazy, okay? He can do anything, and he's got all those, you know, lackeys working for him. Look, I don't know. I wish I had a better explanation.

Lucas: That bastard Stan. Soon as we find him, we'll get all the answers we need.

Sami: You mean "if" you find him.

Lucas: Oh, I'll find him. I'm not gonna stop till I do. And when I do, I'm gonna get him to tell the truth. And then he's a dead man.


Marlena: Yes, roman is here. He's trying very hard to figure out where Victor and Caroline might be and thought I might be able to give him some clue to that.

John: And have you thought of anything?

Marlena: Well, I've been completely useless, unfortunately.

John: I'll let you go, then. I just called to tell you that I love you.

Marlena: I love you, too. I miss you. Bye. Did you burn yourself? What did you do?

Roman: No, no, no. Not at all. Just clumsy. John say anything about Kate and Philip?

Marlena: They're at the hospital, and Belle is with Philip right now.

Roman: Well, I'm sure those two have a lot of catching up to do.

Marlena: Yeah. You know, they're doing such wonderful work with prosthetics now, I'm sure that Philip will be able to lead a long and full life.

Roman: You're absolutely right. I've seen people with one leg. They run, ski, play basketball -- hell, even football. Pretty amazing.

Marlena: Yeah, amazing.

Roman: Listen, when you were on the phone, I got a text message from the station, so I'm gonna have to pass on the tea and get back to work.

Marlena: All righty.

Roman: Okay. Well, like I said, you call me if you need anything, okay?

Marlena: Yes. Good luck finding any information on Victor and Caroline. If I can help at all...

Roman: Okay. Thanks, Doc. Take care.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Ohh. What am I going to do if it's true?


John: Hey.

Kate: Oh! I was about to come looking for you.

John: I'm sorry. I was on the phone with Doc.

Kate: Oh. How is she?

John: Okay. Roman was with her.

Kate: Was there something wrong?

John: No. Just working overtime, trying to find Caroline and Vic. Thought he'd stop by the office and see if there was anything she might have remembered from the time the two of them spent in the castle.

Kate: That's it?

John: What do you mean?

Kate: Well, I mean, you didn't get any more vibes about them being together?

John: No. I think you're probably right. They just have a connection because of their years together, and they have a history.

Kate: And they have children.

John: Right. Children.

Kate: So, what's this idea? You said that I gave you an idea about how you can show Marlena how much she means to you.

John: I'm gonna ask her to renew our vows. Gonna ask her to marry me all over again. It'll be like a new beginning for all of us -- a recommitment to our marriage.


[Telephone rings]

Marlena: Dr. Evans.

Ashley: Hi, Dr. Evans. It's Ashley. I just reran that test. Your patient is definitely pregnant.

Marlena: Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Oh, my gosh. I'm pregnant with Roman's child.


Philip: I want to ask you something. Why were you calling to Shawn in your sleep?


John: I need to renew my vows with Marlena.

Kate: Because you broke those vows when you made love to me?


Shawn D.: I could be back before anyone notices that I'm gone.


Bo: I am sick and tired of your cavalier attitude.


Sami: There's only one thing left for you to do.

Nicole: And what's that?

Sami: Find a way to get rid of Chloe permanently.

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