Days Transcript Friday 6/10/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/10/05 - Canada; Monday 6/13/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Kate: That's Philip’s wife.

John: Listen, while I'm there, I want to do some checking around, see what I can pick up on DiMera. No, I'll find him, all right. When I do, God have mercy on his soul. Yeah, I'll see you there. Yeah, that's it, Tony. You run. You run, pal. You can't hide from me. DiMeras have hurt us for the last time.

Kate: Have you no shame at all?

Belle: Kate --

Kate: It's bad enough that you married my son under false pretenses and you lied when you claimed to love him. How could you disrespect him like this when he's fighting for his life in a military hospital?

Belle: It's not what it looks like. I was upset, and Shawn was being a friend.

Shawn D.: She is telling the truth. If you want to take this out on somebody, take it out on me.

Kate: I'm not surprised at you at all. Of course you wouldn't think twice before betraying a man who was once your best friend. But you, Belle, I thought John and Marlena raised you better than that. I never believed that you would turn out worse than your sister, Sami.

Belle: I can't help how I feel. Haven't you ever been in love with one man and still had feelings for another?

Marlena: Of course she has.


Rex: Mimi, come on. What's wrong? We've been talking about getting married for months, and now you're suddenly saying we can't?

Mimi: It's just with everything that's going on -- I can't believe Philip lost his leg.

Rex: I can't believe that, either. But stepping on a land mine -- he's lucky he didn't lose his life.

Mimi: Philip's such a good person. He doesn't deserve this.

Rex: You're right. He doesn't deserve this. My brother's a hero. He could have very easily turned back and saved his own life, but he put his life on the line to save a friend. It was a very courageous thing to do.

Mimi: I guess it runs in the family.

Rex: My brother is also a very strong and determined individual. He's not going to let something like this hold him down for long. He'll be fine. Trust me. We'll make sure that he is.

Mimi: Yeah, we will.

Rex: Why don't I open a bottle of wine so we can just try and relax, okay? It's been a really long day for both of us.

Mimi: You must be so exhausted with everything you went through over there. I'm just so glad you made it back okay.

Rex: Thinking of you is what got me through it. Meems, I missed you so much. Tonight, I really just need to be with you tonight and hold you in my arms. But let me get the wine, okay?

Mimi: [Thinking] You're right, Rex. Philip's a hero, and so are you. But I'm just a coward. I couldn't tell you about the baby, and now I can't you I'm about to go to jail for attempted murder.


Lucas: Thanks, Patty.

Nicole: I don't know. I mean, Tony said Stan was here without his disguise. And the only person I see who's remotely the right shape and size is Sami Brady.

Sami: Brady needs to be punished. The best way to do that is to make sure he never sees his precious Chloe Lane ever again.

Nicole: Why drag me into it?

Sami: Honestly, seeing him hooked up with a lying, selfish, gold-digging bitch like you for the rest of his life is the best revenge that I can ask for.

Nicole: You son of a... wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why do I care what a freak like you thinks of me? So...what you're saying is you get revenge on Brady, and then I wind up with exactly what I want -- Chloe’s permanently out of the picture. And Brady’s mine forever.

Sami: Or as long as you can hold on to him.

Nicole: I can hold on to him, all right.

Sami: Then all you have to do is stop the operation.

Nicole: Stan plots like Sami, thinks like Sami. He manipulates like Sami. Could she and Stan really be the same person?

Sami: God, Nicole’s freaking me out. She keeps staring at me.

Lucas: Sami, I don't have any time to deal with your paranoia right now, all right? I gotta focus on Philip. He's going through enough.

Sami: I understand that, but I am not being paranoid. Something is wrong with her.

Lucas: Of course something's wrong with her. She's about to lose the man she loves to his former girlfriend, who just came back from the dead...if she really has.

Sami: [Thinking] Oh, Chloe’s back all right, but she's not exactly the same girl Brady remembers.


Brady: Oh, Chloe... I'd give anything to have you come back to me. But I know that's impossible. Everything Nicole said made perfect sense. I mean, if you were alive, you'd be here with me right now. And I know that's a miracle. I also know that miracles like that just don't happen.

Chloe: [Thinking] Oh, Brady, maybe it's time to show you they do.

Marlena: You don't want Brady to marry Nicole, do you? That may be reason enough to tell him that you're alive.

Chloe: I know that Brady loves me for who I am and not what I look like. It's the same way that I love Brady. But I also know that...if I went to him like this, it would be just like when I had leukemia. He would drop everything that's important to him to take care of me. That's not fair. I won't be a burden to him -- not a second time. I've never seen so many stars before. I think it's a sign that I'm making the right decision.

Nicole: Well, maybe you should check your horoscope, because it might be saying, "don't make any hasty decisions."

Chloe: I've told you I made up my mind. Brady knows that I'm alive, and I can't keep lying to him. Listen, Nicole, I appreciate that you've kept my secret as long as you have, but the time for secrets is over. Now, could you please go and tell Brady that I'm out here waiting for him?

Nicole: Uh, Chloe, are you sure this is what you really want to do? I mean...afterwards, there's -- there's no turning back.

Chloe: [Thinking] I'm sure, Nicole. Marlena's right. It's time to tell Brady I'm alive.

Brady: Oh, my God. It's you.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Rex: It's that Pinot you really like -- the one we had on your last birthday.

Mimi: It's sort of expensive. Don't you think we should save it for a special occasion?

Rex: Uh, I think me being back home with my beautiful bride-to-be is a very special occasion.

Mimi: [Chuckles]

Rex: To you and me -- back together. Oh, trust me, sweetheart -- from now on, nothing is gonna keep us apart. We're gonna spend every night in each other's arms, just like this. Oh, I tell you, now that I'm back home and Cassie’s back, it's really made me want to focus on the future -- my job at the university and especially our future together.

Mimi: Rex, stop, okay? Just stop it.


Marlena: You know exactly how she feels, Kate. Weren't you still in love with Roman when you accepted John's marriage proposal?

Kate: That was a completely different situation. I thought Roman was dead. I believed he was never coming back, and John thought the same thing about you. But Belle knows that Philip’s alive.

Marlena: Belle did nothing wrong.

Kate: She did nothing wrong?! How can you possibly say that? The minute Philip shipped out, she was in the arms of her ex-boyfriend. I don't even think you waited a day.

Belle: We didn't do anything. I said I wouldn't until I spoke to Philip.

Kate: It may not have been physical, but it was a betrayal, and you know it.

Belle: It wasn't like that.

Kate: How can you deny it? Belle, your husband is lying in a hospital thousands of miles away while you're in the arms of the man who helped put him there.

Belle: Shawn tried to save Philip. He risked his own life.

Shawn D.: Kate, he insisted on going back into combat. I tried to stop him. Even when he was in the middle of that minefield, I wanted to go after him.

Kate: Well, why didn't you go after him?

John: Shawn! What the hell are you doing here?!


Brady: I didn't expect to see you here.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Well, I couldn't miss welcoming home the heroes who helped find and rescue Philip Kiriakis. What you boys did was truly amazing, even if it was against the law.

Brady: I know, Judge Fitzpatrick. I'm sorry.

Judge Fitzpatrick: You don't have to explain to me, Brady, unless someone files charges and you end up in my courtroom. But I don't think that's going to happen.

Chloe: [Thinking] Okay, now, leave before I lose my nerve. I can't stay out here all night.

Brady: I do appreciate you understanding. Thank you.

Judge Fitzpatrick: I'm just sorry about what happened. Such a shame, after everything Philip’s been through. But at least he's alive.

Brady: I'm sorry -- what did you say?

Judge Fitzpatrick: You haven't heard?

Brady: No, I've been out here this entire time.

Judge Fitzpatrick: The military hospital phoned Belle. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, Brady, but they had to amputate one of his legs.

Chloe: [Gasps]

Brady: Somebody there?


Nicole: [Thinking] It was a gamble storming away from Brady like that. He should have come after me by now. So where is he? I wish I knew what was going on out there. All I know is if Chloe decided to come out of hiding, I'm history. And if she doesn't, it won't matter anyway, because Tony DiMera knows what I did. He's going to tell Brady I ruined her surgery. If only I knew for sure that Sami was Stan, I might have some leverage. Think, Nicole. There had to be some clue.

Sami: Looks like you could use a friend.

Nicole: Who are you? What do you want?

Sami: I'm here to help you keep Chloe lane out of Brady’s life...permanently.

Nicole: Brady loves me!

Sami: Believe what you want. But if I were Brady and I knew the true love of my life were still alive, you'd mean about as much to me as a $2 whore.

Nicole: Why, you...

Sami: I know you've never let anything get in the way of what you wanted before -- not when you broke Eric Brady’s heart... or when you married Lucas Roberts and turned him into a self-destructive drunk... not even when you seduced old man Kiriakis and then married him for his money but kept yourself busy boffing Colin Murphy behind his back.

Nicole: Who told you that? Who the hell are you? If Sami really is Stan, I've got to find a way to prove it. Oh!

Sami: God, Nicole’s still staring at me, isn't she?

Lucas: What's wrong with you, Sami? Why are you so jumpy?

Sami: I'm not jumpy, okay? It's just she's crazy, and she hates me.

Lucas: Get used to that, because just about everybody in Salem hates you.

Sami: Do you hate me?

Nicole: Well, if he doesn't now, he will when he hears what you've done this time.


Rex: Mimi, what is going on with you? What's wrong?

Mimi: I'm sorry. I just can't sit here drinking wine and planning our future like nothing's happened.

Rex: Sweetheart, look, I am worried about Philip, too. He's my brother. Believe me, this wasn't an attempt to make you forget about what's going on. There is no one that feels worse about the situation than I do. I just wish there was something I would have done to keep him from going back into combat.

Mimi: That wasn't your fault!

Rex: I'm sorry, but if I just would have done something different, I could have... look, Mimi, all I wanted with tonight was just to be close to you -- that's it. I'm sorry if that came off as insensitive.

Mimi: No, of course it didn’t. You're the most sensitive guy I've ever known.

Rex: I wanted to show you how much I love you.

Mimi: I've never doubted that. I love you, too. I just wish our love was strong enough to make all the wrong things right.

Rex: Make all what wrong things right? Mimi, talk to me. Is our relationship in trouble?


John: All right, why doesn't everybody just slow down and tell me what's going on here?

Marlena: I'm so glad you're here.

John: I thought you were going home after Alice’s.

Marlena: Yeah, I was. Then I wanted to see Belle one last time before she left. I'm glad I came by. When I walked in, Kate was berating Belle.

Kate: Because, once again, I walked in, and I found Belle in Shawn’s arms.

Shawn D.: We explained. She was upset. I was consoling her.

Marlena: Belle would never hurt Philip. She's on her way to comfort him in Germany right now.

Kate: She's going out of guilt and no other reason.

Belle: That is not true!

Kate: Maybe you condone her actions, but I don’t. And directly or indirectly, she is responsible for everything that's happened to Philip.

Marlena: Kate, you know --

John: Let me talk to her.

Marlena: Shawn, let me talk to Belle alone, please.

Shawn D.: Sure.

Belle: Could you just get my other suitcase from upstairs?

Shawn D.: Yeah, absolutely.


Belle: I'm sorry you got dragged into this again.

Marlena: Don't feel sorry about that. I'm just glad that I was here.

Belle: It really wasn't what it looked like.

Marlena: I know that. I also know that you and Shawn have rekindled your affection for each other. It's natural. You and Shawn have been in love since you were little pups. Honey, you've gotta think about Philip. He's lost so much. I'm not sure he could live with a broken heart.

Belle: So are you saying that I shouldn't tell him about wanting to be with Shawn ever?


John: Kate, I know you're having a tough time. You just got some horrible news. But Belle's having a hard time herself.

Kate: I know. I know that. I'm sorry, it's just I lost it. I lost it when I walked in there and saw her in Shawn’s arms. John, Philip doesn't deserve that.

John: Of course he doesn’t. But I think you and I both know that love can be...complicated.

Kate: Yes, we do know that, don't we? But this isn't a level playing field. If Philip had the chance to fight for her, then he could prove to her that they were meant to be together. But Shawn has been manipulating her and confusing her ever since Philip shipped out. And now it's going to be hard enough with him having to deal with losing his leg, but to lose his wife and to lose the love of his life... John, we can't let that happen. You know as well as I do that Philip is better for Belle than Shawn.

John: They're adults. We have to let them live their own lives. I'm gonna see if Belle's all packed, and if she is, we will be out of here in a few minutes. I'll wait here. I have to make a phone call before we leave.

John: Why don't you just wait right here?

Kate: I'm sorry, John, but you're wrong about that. Sometimes parents do have to get involved to keep their children from being hurt. And I'll be damned if I'm going to let Shawn Brady take away the one thing that Philip has to live for.


[Cell phone rings]

Judge Fitzpatrick: Hello?

Kate: Hello. Karen, it's Kate Roberts.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Oh, Kate, I'm so sorry about Philip.

Kate: Oh, well, thank you. Thank you.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Is there anything I can do to help?

Kate: Actually, I think I should be asking you that question. I heard the campaign isn't going too well -- you're low in the polls and short on funds.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Kate, I know you're upset, but I certainly hope you're not trying to bribe me.

Kate: Oh, Karen, don't be silly. The thing is, I just wanted to let you know that if things don't go well with the election, I would like to offer you a job heading up legal affairs at Basic Black.

Judge Fitzpatrick: What about Joe Burns?

Kate: Well, why would I want him when I can have you?

Judge Fitzpatrick: You would fire him after all these years to hire me?

Kate: In a heartbeat.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Okay, what's the catch?

Kate: Well, since you mentioned it, I think it's been months since Shawn Brady was arrested for driving his motorcycle through that window at St. Luke's under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It just seems to me that you could find a date on your court calendar for that case, because the sooner we get Shawn Brady off the streets, the better it's going to be for everyone.


Brady: I could have sworn I heard something.

Chloe: [Thinking] I've got to do this. It's now or never.

Brady: It's nothing. Forget it. I gotta find out about Philip.

Chloe: [Sighs] I missed my chance. Maybe it's for the best. He's really upset about Philip. I should just listen to Nicole -- wait till the time is right. Maybe it'll never be right.


Sami: Lucas and I are having a private conversation, Nicole.

Nicole: Yes, well, this is a public place.

Lucas: Can we please not do this? Sami and I just got back from a grueling experience, and we'd like to be left alone right now.

Nicole: [Groans] [Thinking] Things are looking up. Guess Chloe didn't reveal herself to Brady after all.

Lucas: Nicole, did you hear me?

Nicole: What? What?

Sami: He said beat it. We want to be alone.

Nicole: Well, this will only take a second. I just wanted to congratulate the two of you for rescuing Philip and getting home safe.

Lucas: Well, thank you.

Nicole: But, Sami, I'm still wondering how you ended up in the middle of a war zone.

Sami: I don't owe you any explanations.

Nicole: Of course you don’t. But I'm sure Lucas here is a little curious.

Lucas: Sami was taken hostage, just like the rest of us were, Nicole.

Nicole: [Thinking] I don't think you were Tony’s hostage, Sami. I think you were his goon. If you changed your hair... altered your nose just a bit... and added a few other little touches... oh, my God, I was right!

Sami: What are you looking at? Nicole, didn't anyone teach you that it's not polite to stare?

Nicole: It's not polite to do a lot of things, Sami.


Rex: Mimi, answer me -- what's wrong? Have I done something to hurt you?

Mimi: No, you could never. You're wonderful. I love you. I love you so much. You've made me so happy -- happier than I ever thought I could be.

Rex: Okay, so, then, what's the problem? You're acting just like you were before I left. This is crazy that our love isn't strong enough. Our love can handle anything.

Mimi: That's what Belle and Shawn thought, too, but look what happened to them.

Rex: Yeah, well, Belle and Shawn had some serious trust issues. Look, even they were able to find their way back to each Philip’s expense. But I just can't stop thinking that if they would have been open and honest with each other from the beginning, this whole situation could have been avoided. Then Philip wouldn't be about to have his heart broken.

Mimi: He's not the only one.

Rex: We're not them. Okay? You and I -- we don't have any secrets between us. That's why our love can handle whatever life throws at us.

Mimi: God, Rex, I am so sorry.

Rex: Mimi!


John: Watch it -- it's hot, baby.

Belle: Thank you.

Marlena: Sweetie, I'm not telling you that you shouldn't tell Philip about Shawn. I'm just saying you have to proceed very carefully. He's been through so much. I'm not sure he could bear finding out that his wife loves somebody else.

Belle: No, mom, I wouldn't tell him that now.

Marlena: Of course you wouldn’t.

Belle: Everyone seems to have forgotten that a part of me still loves Philip. I don't want to see him hurt.

John: I know you don't, sweetheart.


Shawn D.: Is this the one?

Belle: Yeah, that's it.


Marlena: How was Kate?

John: Oh, well, this hasn't been easy, especially coming here, seeing Shawn consoling Belle didn't go over real big, but I think she'll be okay once she gets to Germany and sees Philip for herself.

Marlena: I'm sure that's true. I wish she would be more understanding of Belle, though, and what she's going through. She was Shawn’s first love. He was hers.

John: Come on, don't make excuses for the kid. Look, Doc, you always look for the good in everybody, and I love that about you, but you weren't here to see what that kid turned into. He's been out of control. You weren't here to see when he crashed his motorcycle through that window at St. Luke's during Belle's wedding -- almost killed her, Philip, himself, and a half-dozen other people.

Marlena: I did see that. Tony would bring in a closed-circuit monitor. From time to time, he would show Roman and I what was going on with our loved ones -- what they were doing while they were back in Salem.

John: I thought you...told me that Tony just told you what was happening.

Marlena: He did whatever he could to torture us. But the visuals were especially effective.


Shawn D.: You sure you're okay?

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Kate had no right to attack you like that.

Belle: I'm almost getting used to it by now.

Shawn D.: You shouldn't have to.

Belle: She's worried about Philip, just like we all are. The important thing is that we stay strong for him.

Shawn D.: Yeah... which is why I think I should go with you to Germany.

Belle: No.

Shawn D.: No, I can be there for you.

Belle: No, I will have my dad.

Shawn D.: It's not the same.

Belle: You being there would absolutely antagonize Kate even more, and she would find a way to hurt you. I know she would.


Kate: What do you say, Karen? Can you help me out? I'm not asking you to do anything illegal. I just want to see justice served.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Kate, you and I go back a long way, and I've always respected you. I know you wouldn't be calling if you didn't feel strongly about this. But there are procedures I have to follow.

Kate: I know that. I'm just asking you to move Shawn Brady’s file to the top of the stack. That's it. He's dangerous, Karen. He needs to be put away before anyone else gets hurt -- any innocent people get hurt.

Judge Fitzpatrick: You make it sound like it's life or death.

Kate: As a matter of fact, it is.


Craig: Well, hello, there.

Chloe: Dad.

Craig: Hey.

Chloe: Hey. I thought you were in New York.

Craig: No, I just got back a couple hours ago. I looked all over the clinic. No one knew where you were.

Chloe: I went to tell Brady that I'm alive.

Craig: Oh! Sweetie, that -- what's wrong? Why isn't he here with you?

Chloe: I chickened out. I went to Alice’s. They were having this big homecoming party for him and the others. But every time I got the nerve to approach him, someone or something just kept interrupting me. And then I gave up.

Craig: Sweetie... it's a big step to take -- one I didn't even know you were ready to take.

Chloe: I wasn't, but Brady found out that I was alive, so I decided I had to.

Craig: Brady found out you were -- how did that happen?

Chloe: Tony DiMera told him.

Craig: How the hell did he know?

Chloe: I have no idea. All I know is that the phone rang, I answered it, and it was Brady. All I said was, "hello? Is anyone there?" And he recognized my voice. Nicole was here, and so just grabbed the phone and tried to cover, but he wasn't buying it. Now Brady’s determined to find me.

Craig: Of course he is, sweetheart. He loves you very much.

Chloe: And I love him. Marlena thinks I just need to tell him the truth -- just tell him that I'm alive. And, of course, Nancy thinks the same thing, too.

Craig: Chloe, what do you want? What do you want to do?


Sami: Would you please stop staring at me? What the hell is your problem, anyway?

Nicole: Oh, no problem -- not anymore.

Sami: Oh, really? Here you are drinking alone while your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend is off chasing after the love of his life. Wherever victor is spending eternity, you can bet that he's busting a gut laughing at you, just like everyone else in Salem will be.

Nicole: You won't be laughing, not when I'm through with you.

Lucas: Can we not do this?

Sami: Eric and Lucas and Victor and now Brady -- that's even more than three strikes. That's more like four. How many is it, Nicole?

Nicole: You're a dead woman.

Lucas: That's enough. Stop it. You and I have to have a little talk. You stay here. What is the matter with you?

Nicole: What's the matter with me? Oh, that's hot. Why don't you ask Sami what's wrong with her? Or should I say him?

Lucas: Why the hell are you giving her such a hard time? She's been minding her own business.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Since when does Sami mind her own business?

Lucas: I know you're going through a lot right now, and I'm real sorry about that, Nicole.

Nicole: Not as sorry as I am for you. I see you giving that lunatic another chance to make you miserable.

Lucas: We are not back together, and we're not talking about me right now. We're talking about you. If Chloe’s alive, she's gonna go back to Brady, isn't she?

Nicole: What's it to you?

Lucas: I feel bad for you. I actually feel bad for you 'cause I know that you love him in your own little way.

Nicole: Of course I love him. And he loves me. And for the record, unlike half the people in this town who are supposed to be dead, Chloe really is.

Lucas: Fine. Whatever. Whatever you say. Just take some of my advice -- if she's not, if she's alive, why don't you just let them be happy? Let them start a whole new life together on their own.

Nicole: You'd really like that, wouldn't you, Lucas -- to see me alone and miserable?

Lucas: That's not what I meant.

Nicole: You know what? I hope you and Sami get back together. You deserve each other.

Lucas: Just like I told Brady -- woman hasn't changed a bit. [Cell phone rings] Hello? Uh, give me a second, okay? I got to take this. I'll see you later, all right?

Nicole: You're wrong, Lucas. If Chloe does come back, it may be hard to hang on to Brady but not impossible. I'll just need a little help... from one specific person.

Nicole: [Clears throat] Stan?

Sami: What?

Nicole: Oh!


Mimi: I can't lie to him anymore, mom. I have to tell him the truth, all of it -- about the abortion, about going to jail for Jan’s attempted murder. No! No! No, you cannot talk me out of it. I have made up my mind, and I have to do it, and I have to do it tonight. God! I wish it was just like the fairy tales, and we could just get married and make all our troubles go away.

Rex: That's all I want, Mimi. I thought I'd find you up here. Why did you run out on me like that?

Mimi: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just, um, needed some air.

Rex: Look, Mimi, I have no idea what I said down there that got you so upset, but there is clearly something on your mind that is just eating you up inside. I think it's time you tell me what it is. Mimi, I have to know what we're fighting about here. You can't keep this inside.

Mimi: It's about our relationship -- our getting married. There are things going on --

Rex: You're right. There are a lot of things going on right now. And having a big wedding right now would be completely inappropriate with what happened with Philip, especially with my mom and Belle both being over in Germany. Look, why don't we just go to a Justice of the Peace? That way, once everyone's home and Philip’s well, we can have that big wedding you've always dreamed of.

Mimi: No! No, Rex, I can't marry you -- not at a Justice of the Peace, not anywhere.

Rex: What are you talking about? Why not?

Mimi: Because... because I am going to jail.


Marlena: John, it's obvious from what roman and I saw on Tony’s monitor, well, that Belle would be making a mistake if she married Philip, and I was helpless to intercede.

John: Doc --

Marlena: You don't want her to spend her life in a loveless marriage, do you?

John: No, of course not, but you heard her. She said a part of her still loves Philip.

Marlena: Not the way she loves Shawn. Belle is in a horrible position here, not unlike the position I was in when Stefano took Roman away. I loved Roman. Years later -- years later, I believed that you were him. And I fell in love with you. And then Roman came back, and I still loved him. And if I hadn't been tricked...

John: saying that Roman is your Shawn and I'm your Philip? That Roman is the one you really want to be with?


Shawn D.: Hey, there is nothing Kate can do to hurt me.

Belle: Don't be so sure. She's desperate to keep us apart, Shawn. Just promise me that you'll be careful while I'm gone.

Shawn D.: Let her try her worst. I can take care of myself.


Judge Fitzpatrick: Oh, Kate, this is awful. I mean, I knew about what Shawn Brady had done at their wedding, but I had no idea about the rest of this.

Kate: Well, that's why I had to call you. Philip's a war hero. This is not what he should be coming home to.

Judge Fitzpatrick: I will find a place on my calendar for a fair trial for young Mr. Brady ASAP.

Kate: Karen, thank you. Thank you so much. You are a true friend. I'll talk to you later. Yes. Yes. By the time we get back from Germany, Shawn Brady should be headed to prison for the foreseeable future, and Belle and Philip will have a chance to live happily ever after.


Craig: The decision has to be yours and yours alone, sweetheart. And whatever it is, you know that I will love you and I will support you. You know that, don't you?

Chloe: [Sighs]

Craig: So... [Sighs] What's it gonna be? You gonna tell Brady you're alive or not, hmm?

Chloe: There is a part of me that wants to run into his arms as fast as possible, and then there's another part of me that just wants to run away and never set foot in Salem again. Daddy, I'm so confused. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Craig: It's okay. It's okay, sweetheart.


Brady: Lucas, I'm sorry. I still can't believe it about Philip. Is he gonna be all right?

Lucas: It's not gonna be easy on him. But I know they're doing amazing things with high-tech prosthetics, so we just got to pray for him and hope that he recovers.

Brady: Yeah, definitely.

Lucas: I know that you're hot to try to find Chloe. Why don't we go inside and grab a beer or something and drink to Philip?

Brady: Yeah, definitely. That sounds good. I'm just not so convinced about Chloe’s situation anymore.

Lucas: You seemed pretty convinced before. What happened?

Brady: I guess it was just wishful thinking.

Lucas: I know somebody else who's been doing a lot of wishful thinking. That'd be Nicole.


Nicole: I knew it. I knew it was true.

Sami: Knew what was true? I don't know what you're talking about.

Nicole: Oh, please, please. Don't play dumb with me, Sami. You can't deny it. You are Stan. And I can't wait to tell everyone your dirty little secret.


Marlena: If I hadn't been tricked by DiMera, I'd still be married to Roman.

John: You're saying that you still want to be with Roman?


Belle: As far as Philip’s concerned, I'm still his wife. I need to be there for him.


Rex: What are you talking about?

Mimi: I've already confessed.


Billie: It's ironic that Hope is always accusing me of trying to go after you and break up your marriage when that's exactly what she is encouraging Shawn to do to Belle and Philip.

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