Days Transcript Thursday 6/2/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/2/05 - Canada; Friday 6/3/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric 
Proofread by Niki

Nicole: I don't see that you have much of a choice. Brady recognized your voice, Chloe. He knows you're alive. And when he gets home, he's gonna come looking for you.

Chloe: I know what I should do. I should've thought of it before.


Brady: Get this damn plane off the ground already! I have to get back to Salem. Lying to you is like breathing. Why should I believe you?

Tony: Because I'm telling you the truth.

Brady: No, this is some sick ploy to get your "get out of jail free" card.

Tony: Oh, I know I have an excellent imagination. But I could never make up a story like this.

Brady: I loved Chloe with all my heart. I would give anything to have her back. But she's dead. And I'm not gonna get my hopes up because you tell me otherwise.

Tony: You know, you have a point. I should've known better than thinking anybody would take my word. Obviously, you need some proof.

Brady: And you can prove that Chloe is still alive?

Tony: Actually, I can.

Brady: This ought to be good. How?

Tony: Very simple. Why don't we call her?

Chloe: Hello?

Chloe: Hello? Is anyone there?

Brady: Oh, my God. Chloe, talk to me!

Nicole: Brady. Brady, is that you?

Brady: Nicole? Wh-what the hell are you doing with Chloe? Put her back on the phone!

Nicole: Chloe... Brady, Chloe’s dead.

Brady: I know that Chloe is alive, and Nicole knows where she is. Why would she lie to me?


Sami: [Thinking] Brady can't find out that I was the one who got Nicole to botch Chloe’s surgery. What if the truth comes out about all the horrible things that I did?

Lucas: What's going on, Sami? I know you. There's something you're not telling me. What is it?


Kate: Still no word from Philip. Roman, what if he was killed in that explosion?

Roman: Kate, listen to me. All right? We don't know if Philip was even injured. All Belle said was she was talking to him on the telephone, and then she heard an explosion. Now, his radio was patched in to a satellite phone. The bomb probably destroyed the signal, that's all.

Kate: Well, that means that it went off very close.

Roman: No, it doesn’t. Not necessarily. All right? Now, I brought you over here so you could relax. Fighting with Belle at the penthouse wasn't doing anybody any good, yourself included.

Kate: Oh, God, Roman, how do you expect me to feel? At the very least, my son is in terrible danger, and there she is, pretending to be concerned about him? The whole time he was over there, she's been emotionally unfaithful to him with Shawn Brady.

Roman: Kate, it is a tough situation. Belle can't help being in love with Shawn.

Kate: Oh, God. Roman, Belle and Philip exchanged vows. They promised to love each other and to be faithful to each other until death. And she knew he was still alive. And she knew he was being held hostage. And still -- and still she could not deny her feelings for her first true love. And I think that's wrong.

Marlena: Roman, I'm just so confused. I don't know what to do.

Roman: Doc... don't be confused. I told you what we should do, all right? John and Kate don't need to hear about what happened between us back at that castle. It's over and behind us. We're home now, and you love your husband, and I love my wife. And we're going to be with them forever. That is all that matters. To tell them the truth would only hurt them and serve no good purpose whatsoever. Now, Doc, listen to me, look, we are the only ones that know what happened back at that castle except Tony DiMera, and he's dead. There's no way our secret will get out. The only thing that John and Kate need to hear is that we are thrilled to be home and back in their arms -- that we love them very, very much and can't wait to get on with our lives together. Kate... I need to tell you something.


Marlena: Honey, I made some herbal tea to help calm your nerves.

Belle: I doubt it, but thanks, mom. Has dad heard anything about Philip and Shawn? Anything at all?

Marlena: Well, he is in the den still working on it. He's trying to contact the I.S.A. and his Marine buddies. But there's no news yet, sweetie.

[Doorbell rings]

Belle: I'll get it. It's probably Mimi.

Mimi: I got here as fast as I could. What happened to Philip and Shawn?

Belle: It's awful.

Mimi: What is it? Tell me.

Belle: I was on radio hookup with both of them, and then there was this big explosion, and the phone went dead. Philip and Shawn might be injured. They may even be dead.

Mimi: Oh, my God.


Sami: Lucas, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not hiding anything.

Brady: Here's Shawn.

Lucas: There he is. How have you been, man? What's going on?

Sami: Yeah, we're waiting to get out of here.

Shawn-d: I was trying to get some word on Philip. He hadn't checked in with command.

Lucas: And so?

Shawn-d: Turns out he was stuck in the middle of a minefield.

Brady: Oh, man.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I-I was there with the Communication Officer, and he had him on the radio. But all of a sudden, there was a big explosion, and then nothing. It doesn't look good.

Rex: Hell, has anyone heard anything?

Lucas: They ought to get somebody out there to find him. Do they know where he is?

Shawn-d: Yes, well, they were sending someone out there, but then they --

Brady: Captain Owens, what's the latest on Philip?

Shawn-d: Did they find him?

Rex: Is he injured?

Lucas: Please tell me my brother is going to be okay.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Lucas: What is it, Captain? Is my brother dead?

Owens: No. No, he's not dead.

Shawn-d: Thank God.

Lucas: How is he? Is he gonna be okay?

Rex: Yeah, was he wounded?

Brady: Is he gonna be all right?

Owens: He was airlifted out of here for treatment. I'm afraid that's all the news I have right now.

Shawn-d: Do you know how badly he was hurt?

Owens: Even if I did, I can only release that to the next of kin, which in this case, is his wife.

Shawn-d: Have you been in touch with her yet?

Owens: No, but I do have a note for you, Mr. Brady, from Kiriakis. It was dictated in medevac.

Rex: What does it say?

Shawn-d: "Shawn, I don't know how to thank you for what you did, for organizing an impossible mission to rescue me. I knew you did it for Belle's sake, but you put your life on the line. For that, I'm always going to be grateful. You'd have made a great Marine.

Brady, Rex, and Lucas, too. I just need you to do one more thing. Please be there for my wife when she gets the news about me. It won't be easy for Belle to hear that I've been hurt. But tell her not to worry. I'm going to make it. I'll do whatever it takes to get back to her so we can have the future that we planned. Tell her also that I love her and I can't wait to be with her and that nothing will ever come between us again."


Mimi: Belle, listen to me. Try not to think the worst, okay? Philip and Shawn are going to be fine. They're gonna come home safe and sound, and then you and Shawn will be together.

Belle: Mimi, I can't think about that right now.

Marlena: Belle, I've got news. The Basic Black jet has just taken off with all the former hostages onboard.

Belle: Shawn's okay! What about Philip? Is he on the plane?

Marlena: The message said all the former hostages.

Mimi: See, Belle, I told you not to worry. If something bad had happened to Philip, you would've heard. You're his wife.

Belle: You're right. They would've called me if anything happened. He's coming home!

[Telephone rings]

Belle's voice: Hi, we're not here to take your call. Please leave us a message, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Man: Mrs. Kiriakis, this is Reverend Chris Canton, U.S. Marine Corps Chaplain. I need to talk to you about your husband, Private First Class Philip Kiriakis. Please call me as soon as you can at 555-839...

Belle: Meems is right. I mean, since I haven't heard any official word about Philip, he must be okay, coming home with the others. Or the Marines would be trying to reach me.

[Telephone rings]

Belle: Oh, my God, maybe I spoke too soon.

Marlena: No, no, I'm sure it's all right, sweetheart.



Marlena: Hello.

Chloe: Hi, Marlena, it's Chloe.

Marlena: Oh, hi. How are you?

Chloe: I'm not doing so well. And, by the way, please don't tell anyone that I'm calling.

Marlena: No, of course not.

Chloe: I'm really sorry to bother you, Marlena, but my mom is busy taking care of my little sister right now, and I really need some help. I need your advice as a psychiatrist. It's kind of an emergency.

Marlena: All righty, could we talk on the phone?

Chloe: I'd rather do this in person... if you don't mind.

Marlena: No, not at all. I will be right there. Honey, uh, I have to go and see a patient.

Belle: I didn't know you'd gone back to work already.

Marlena: Well, I'm not -- not really. It's just somebody that I've known for a long time. Will you stay with Belle, please?

Mimi: As long as she needs me.

Marlena: That's my girl. Um, it's gonna be fine. I just know it's gonna be fine.


Nicole: Chloe, I don't think calling Marlena was very smart.

Chloe: She's always wanted the best for me. I just need to talk to her.

Nicole: It doesn't matter, anyway. Brady knows you're alive. And he's gonna hate me for keeping the truth from him.

Chloe: No, you found out after he'd already left.

Nicole: Still, he's gonna be furious with me for not telling him.

Chloe: I made you and everyone keep this a secret. If anything, I'm willing to take all the blame.

Nicole: So you've pretty much made up your mind? You're going to tell Brady that you're alive? That's very brave of you. But I-I still don't think you have to worry. Even though you'll never look like the Chloe Brady fell in love with -- especially after this horrible infection has made your scarring even worse -- he'll still love you. He'll do the right thing, and he'll stand by you because that's the kind of man he is.

Chloe: I haven't made up my mind. I don't know what I'm gonna do yet. All I know is that Brady is gonna be really upset when -- if he sees my face. He's gonna be really angry that this happened to me. And the person he'll blame is the nurse who ruined my plastic surgery and gave me an infection. And knowing Brady, he's gonna want to find out exactly who she is, track her down, and make her pay for what she's done to me.

Nicole: I could've done without those step-by-step color photos. "Post-operative complications." Ugh. These are even worse. And it's exactly what I have to make sure happens to Chloe. Oops. Did I forget to sterilize you? Oh, well, accidents happen.

[Thinking] She's right. Brady will kill me if he ever finds out what I did.


Pilot's voice: We're ready for takeoff.

Brady: I can't wait to get home and find out the truth about Chloe... and what Nicole has to do with it.

Nicole: You want me to pretend to be a nurse?

Sami: Unless you want Chloe to have the operation that restores her former beauty and sends her back into Brady’s arms... and bed. Permanently.

Nicole: What you're asking me to do is impossible. Even with a fake I.D. and some surgical clothes, there is no way I can stop that operation.

Sami: If you stop this operation, you're gonna lose the man that you love forever.

Lucas: Sami, what's the matter, huh? You nervous about going home?

Sami: What?

Lucas: I think I know what you're afraid of.

Rex: Did that note change your mind about you and Belle? Come on, Shawn, can't you see that she belongs with Philip?


Kate: Still nothing from Philip. Did you want to tell me something?

Roman: Yes. I did. Actually, I just wanted to remind you that, back when this was an elegant restaurant called Tuscany, you and I exchanged our wedding vows here.

Kate: Yeah. It's also the same place that you were killed by the Salem Stalker, and what was supposed to be our wedding night turned into the worst night of my life.

Roman: I know how horrible that must've been for you.

Kate: I didn't think I'd ever recover.

Roman: But you did recover. In fact, you and John even got engaged.

Kate: John and I helped each other through a very painful time.

Roman: Kate, earlier today, I, uh, I walked in on John while he was on the phone with you. And I overheard him saying how much he still cares for you.

Kate: Um... I... I...

Roman: Tell me the truth. Do you still have feelings for John?

Kate: I'll tell you what. I'll be honest with you if you're honest with me about your feelings for Marlena.

Roman: Kate, I'm not going to lie to you. Marlena, without a doubt, was one of the two great loves of my life. We had a family together, and, yes, we would probably still be together if Stefano hadn't had other plans.

Kate: When you and Marlena were at the castle, it must've brought back a lot of old feelings.

Roman: Yeah. As a matter of fact, it did. Very powerful feelings. Doc and I supported each other, just as I'm sure you and John must have.

Kate: But John and I thought that the two of you were dead. You and Marlena knew that we were alive, and that's a completely different situation.

Roman: Different, yeah. But they were both extraordinarily difficult situations, so what are you getting at here, Kate? What do you want to know?

Kate: Well, I would just like to know how much the two of you came to depend on each other. Just how close did the two of you get?

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Oh, well, saved by the bell.

Roman: Brady. Yeah... I see. Okay. Thank you very much.

Kate: What is it? What, is there news?

Roman: It was my I.S.A. contact... the hostages are on their way back to Salem.

Kate: Philip, too?

Roman: I believe everybody is coming home.

Kate: Oh, my God! Oh, I'm so happy.

Roman: You know what?

Kate: Philip's all right.

Roman: You know what? I just got a great idea. I think we should celebrate our kids' homecoming, and I know exactly how to do that.


Belle: I am so glad that all the guys are headed home. You cannot believe what it was like on that satellite phone with those two and then hearing that explosion...

Mimi: You must've been freaking out.

Belle: I was, believe me. I'm just hoping that he's not injured, but then he wouldn't be, right? I mean, or he wouldn't be coming home with everybody else.

Mimi: Right. He must be fine. And once he's back in Salem, yikes... he won't be fine. Because then you're gonna have to tell him the truth that you're still in love with Shawn, and your marriage is over.

Belle: Okay, I can't talk about that right now, okay? I hate that I'm gonna have to break his heart.

Mimi: I know how you feel. I am thrilled that Rex is coming home, but he's gonna find out that I am going to jail, and he'll be heartbroken when he realizes that we will never have a future together.

[Cell phone rings]


Mimi: Hello? Oh, my God.


Sami: I'm not afraid to go home, Lucas.

Lucas: I think you are a little bit. You know when you get home you're gonna have a lot of explaining to do -- like how the hell Tony got you into a war zone.

Sami: You heard me tell Will. I don't know how I ended up here. It's all just a confusing nightmare.

Lucas: Yeah, confusing.

Sami: Just like I don't know how I ended up in bed with Brandon the night before our wedding. But I can guarantee you that Kate set me up.

Lucas: Well, don't worry. 'Cause once we get home, once Philip’s okay, I'm gonna get to the bottom of that. I'll find out what my mom did know or didn't know about what happened the night before our wedding.

Sami: She's just gonna lie to you again, Lucas. She never wanted us to be happy or get married. You can't believe a word that she says.

Lucas: She could say the same thing about you. But don't you worry. I'm gonna get to the bottom of it. I'll find out the truth.


Rex: Look, you read the note, Shawn. Philip is set on spending the rest of his life with the woman he loves -- just like I plan on spending the rest of my life with Mimi. No one could ever take her away from me.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I feel the same exact way about Belle.

Rex: Yeah, but Belle and Philip are married. After everything he's been through, how could you two break his heart like that?

Shawn-d: I don't like it, either, okay? I wish none of this had ever happened. Just right now I want to focus on him coming home alive. I just hope that he's okay.

Rex: Yeah, what if he's not okay? Look, if Philip is seriously injured, there is no way Belle is gonna leave him for you.

Shawn-d: Well, let's just hope that he is not seriously injured.

Rex: And what if he is? Man, the guy asked you to look after his wife. How can you even think about spending the rest of your life with her?


Belle: I'm almost afraid to ask. What's the bad news? What's wrong?

Mimi: That was Mickey. He just called to tell me that they moved up my sentencing date.

Belle: You scared me to death.

Belle: Sorry. I mean, I know that's not good news, either. In fact, it's horrible. Mimi, you cannot go to jail.

Mimi: I told you, it's where I belong. Oh, but I just realized that the day I'm supposed to be sentenced is the day that Rex and I planned for our wedding.

Belle: Please, think about what you're doing, and change your plea to not guilty.

Mimi: I can’t.

[Telephone rings]

Belle: Hello.

Roman: Belle, it's Roman. I assume you heard the good news. Everybody's on their way home.

Belle: Yes, it's wonderful. I am so relieved.

Roman: Well, we were thinking they deserve a welcome home party. I know it's last-minute, but Kate and I can make all the arrangements for a reunion bash at Alice’s.

Belle: That's a great idea. Mimi and I will help spread the word, and then we'll be over to help.

Roman: Perfect. We'll see you soon.

Belle: Thanks, Roman.

Roman: Well, Mrs. Brady, we are going to have one hell of a celebration. Your sons are coming home, and our son Rex is coming home. And so is my daughter Sami.

Kate: Hmm. Sami. I'd still like to know what she was doing over there.

Roman: Kate, I know that you and Sami will never see eye-to-eye, but you know what? It was on our wedding night right here on this very terrace that I asked you to look after her in case anything happened to me. You promised me you would, and I am grateful you were true to your word. Now, I know you did everything you could. I'm just sorry that, despite your help and support, she still managed to find a way to get back into trouble.


Lucas: I want to believe you, Sami, I do. But you don't have the best track record when it comes to your weddings.

Sami: Look, I don't blame you for thinking the worst. I admit that it was a really big mistake I made to go to Brandon’s hotel room. I just wanted to make sure that nothing ruined our wedding. And Kate took advantage of that. She got us into bed together. She must've drugged us. That's the only explanation.

Lucas: It doesn't matter, 'cause I'm gonna find out the truth.

Sami: [Thinking] Just don't find out too much truth, like the fact that I was Stan, and it was all my fault you guys were taken hostage.

Lucas: So, Sami, what are you still thinking about, huh? What is it?

Rex: Excuse me, guys. Bro, can I talk to you for a second?

Lucas: Excuse me. What's going on?

Rex: So, listen, uh, we're gonna be home just in time for my wedding, and, uh, I was wondering if you'd be my best man.

Lucas: Well, yeah, I would, man. I'd be honored. Congratulations. Good job.

Sami: Yeah, congratulations, Rex. I just hope you can trust your bride-to-be. Yeah, I know all about it -- the big secret. How you got pregnant and didn't tell your boyfriend. Didn't happen to tell him how you got yourself unpregnant, either. But now you never will be again.

Mimi: I said, who are you? What do you want from me?

Sami: Oh, I'm just a friend, that's all. A friend who's here to clue you in on a little advice. Nothing is gonna work out, Meems. The happy life you've got planned with Rex Brady is doomed. You're doomed.

Rex: Listen, I love Mimi, Sami, and I trust her. There aren't any secrets between us.

Sami: [Thinking] Oh, man, are you in for a rude awakening.

Brady: [Thinking] I gotta find you, Chloe. And when I do, forget Nicole. You're the one I want to be with.


Chloe: It was definitely Brady on the phone. And he heard my voice. When he gets back to Salem, he'll be looking for me, unless I can stop him somehow.

Marlena: No, you need to tell him where you are. It's gone on long enough. He needs to know that you're alive.

Nicole: I think we should give Chloe some time to think about it. Um, Marlena, can I speak to you for a minute... outside?

Chloe: Please go ahead. I do need a little time.

Marlena: I'll be right back.


Marlena: What? And why are you still here?

Nicole: I'm here to make sure Chloe makes the right decision.

Marlena: And in your world, is the right decision -- what, keeping a secret from somebody you love?

Nicole: Wow. I could ask you the same question. Or do you not remember our little discussion? You're keeping some secrets of your own, Doc. I could see it in your eyes when I asked you before. You got down and dirty with your ex at the castle, and I bet you haven't even bothered to tell John, have you?

(Gentle acoustic guitar music)


Roman: Look, Kate, I know it wasn't easy to support Sami, especially after she got engaged to your son, but I also know you weren't responsible for yet another of her weddings crashing and burning.

Kate: [Scoffs] Well, we all know Sami is her own worst enemy.

Roman: Yeah, no doubt about that. She sure is. And I will have questions for her when she gets back... like how did she get involved with Tony DiMera and wind up in a war zone?


Lucas: Well, obviously Tony must've taken advantage of you when you were at your low point, when the wedding fell through and will left you, left you on your own. What I want to know is, how did he get his hands on you? I mean, what exactly did he threaten to do to you?

Tony: You disappoint me, Samantha. You double-crossed me. And you're gonna have to pay.

Sami: Doesn't seem like you're in a position to be making threats, Tony.

Tony: Really? Have you forgotten that I know Stan’s true identity? That I know it was you who helped capture those four hostages? That it was you who gave John Black illegal drugs? That it was you... who helped Nicole botch Chloe’s surgery? It just goes on and on. You have caused so much pain for so many people. Do you really think you're going to get away scot-free? [Laughing] No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. There will be a day of reckoning and serious repercussions, I assure you.

Sami: Lucas, Tony is a monster, okay? I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Lucas: I understand that. The son of a bitch needs to be caught and punished.

Sami: He's not gonna get caught, Lucas. He's probably long gone by now. You know, he escaped into a war zone. For all we know, he's already dead. And if he's not, he's not gonna show his face anymore. I mean, he's practically a war criminal. No, this nightmare that we've all lived through is finally over. It's best if we just forget about Tony DiMera.

Lucas: I doubt the authorities are gonna forget about him. They're not gonna rest until he's caught, until justice is served. You can bet on that.

Rex: God. I hope Philip recovers in time to share best-man honors with Lucas. I mean, I'm sure Belle will be Mimi’s matron of honor, and Philip and Belle will walk down the aisle together...

Shawn-d: Is there a reason you continue to throw this in my face? See ya.


Mimi: Belle, promise me -- Rex can't find out that I never told him about getting pregnant and getting rid of his baby. He would be devastated. You have to make sure he moves on and finds someone else to love. And promise me that you'll make him forget me.

Belle: That's impossible. Rex loves you. He can't just forget his feelings.

Mimi: He has to. I'll be in prison, and I'll refuse to see or talk to him. And he'll realize that he was in love with a killer.

Belle: Okay, you did not try to kill Jan. It was an accident.

Mimi: But if he believes I'm a killer, then it'll be easier for him to get over me.

Belle: He'll never get over you.

Mimi: The same could be said about Philip. You know, if he could survive being held hostage and fighting in a war, do you think he'll ever get over you?


Roman: All right, little brother, we will see you and Hope at Alice’s when everybody gets in. Okay, put two more on the list. We're gonna have one hell of a shindig.

Kate: I just can't wait to see our boys.

Roman: Hey, Belle, Mimi.

Belle: Hey, how's the party coming? What can we do to help?

Kate: Well, you can help by caring more about reuniting with your husband than with Shawn.

Belle: I do care about Philip, and I thank god he wasn't hurt.

Kate: Well, at least as far as we know.

Belle: If anything bad had happened to him, I would've heard from the Marines by now.

Man: Mrs. Kiriakis, this is Reverend Canton again. I really need to speak with you in person about your husband. We're on our way to Salem.

Belle: Kate, I truly believe that Philip is okay. And when they all get here, I hope that we can be civil and not let anything spoil this night. We have a lot to celebrate and a lot to be grateful for. Come on, Meems, let's go inside and help set up.

Kate: "Let's not spoil this night," she says. As soon as Philip comes home, she's gonna break his heart.


Sami: Lucas, I don't want to talk about Tony anymore, okay? I just want to think about seeing my son again. You know, when we get home, I have so much to celebrate... including, I hope, a future with his father.

Lucas: We'll see about that. Still a lot of unanswered questions.

Man: Please fasten your seatbelts. We're starting our descent into Salem.

Sami: Whoo-hoo! Yes!

Rex: Yes, we're home.

Brady: See you soon.


Marlena: I just spoke to Roman. There's going to be a homecoming party at Alice’s tonight. Brady is going to be there. It would be a very good time to tell him that you're alive.

Nicole: I thought we discussed this. Isn't it up to Chloe? We promised to keep her secret.

Marlena: Oh. Well, that was before Brady heard Chloe’s voice on the phone. Now when he sees you, he's going to ask where she is. He's going to want to see her right away. I don't think you can lie to him. I don't think he'll let you lie to him. So... it's over.

Nicole: You're right. There's nothing I can do.

Nicole: Good luck, Chloe.

Marlena: Are you ready? Brady is coming home... tonight... to you.

Chloe: You're right, Marlena. I'm getting dressed.

Marlena: Oh, are you going out?

Chloe: Well, if Brady’s so determined to see me, then I'm not gonna have him keep searching. I want to see him as soon as possible.


Nicole: How can I tell Brady the truth? Once he's back with Chloe, he'll want me out of his life. I've got to find a way to stop this.

[Door opens]

Nicole: [Gasps] Brady! Oh, my gosh! It's so good to see you! Hi!

Brady: Nicole. Nicole, listen to me. I need the truth. Now, I know Chloe’s alive. Where is she?


Sami: Daddy! Dad!

Roman: Sami! Oh, baby!


Sami: Oh, dad, I missed you so much.

Roman: Good to see you. Oh! Oh! Oh, my God!

Sami: [Sobbing] Oh, dad! I'm so glad you're okay.


Kate: Oh, my God. I am so happy to see you. I am so happy that you and your brothers are all right. Where's Rex? Where's Philip?

Lucas: My God. You haven't heard the news?

Kate: What -- what news?

Lucas: Mom, it's about Philip.


Mimi: Rex? Rex!

Rex: [Laughing] Sweetheart.

Mimi: Oh, my God!

Rex: I'm so glad to see you!

Mimi: I missed you so much. I was so scared.

Rex: Oh, I was scared, too. I was scared I'd never see you again, sweetheart. But I'm back, and I love you, and I can't wait to marry you. Mmm! Let's go inside, okay? Hey, Belle.

Belle: Hey, Rex.

Belle: Shawn? Oh, my God. I'm so glad you're okay. I was so afraid of losing you.

Shawn-d: I love you. I wasn't gonna let that happen.

Belle: Where's Philip? Was he on the plane with you?

Shawn-d: Uh, no. Y-you didn't get the news yet.

Belle: What news?

Shawn-d: Philip was seriously injured.

Belle: How bad is it?

Shawn-d: Well, we don't know yet. But he wrote me a letter... and he wanted me to tell you that he was gonna do whatever it took to come home to you. And that he'd never let anything come between you and him again.

Man: What was the wife's name again, Chaplain?

Canton: Isabella.

Man: Isabella. It's gonna be a long, hard night for her.

Belle: At least he's -- he's still alive, right? I-I mean, he's gonna live.

Shawn-d: Like I said, I don't know how badly he was hurt... or if he's even gonna make it.

Belle: No. Philip can't die. I can't lose him.


Bo: If DiMera survived that explosion at the castle, why not ma and Victor?

Hope: So maybe they are still alive, Bo.


Marlena: As soon as you're ready, you should see him. You'll make him the happiest man on earth.


Shawn-d: What? What's wrong?

Belle: It's worse than I thought.



Sami: Tell me what I have to do to get you back.

Lucas: You gotta be honest with me...about everything.

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