Days Transcript Monday 5/30/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/30/05 - Canada; Tuesday 5/31/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Hope: I can't begrudge Bo and Billie wanting to find their daughter. I'm getting my son back. I want everyone to have a happy ending.

Jennifer: I know. Me too. And you know, despite everything that's happened, I just know that from here on out, everything's going to be just fine.

Jack: Damn it. What's wrong with me?


Bo: Getting the truth out of DiMera will not be easy.

Billie: I am convinced that he knows where Georgia is, and now that he's been captured, we've just got to force it out of him.

Bo: Yeah, I'll give it a shot, but don't get your hopes up too high, Billie.

Billie: I know Tony hates us. I know he's a liar. He has spent years trying to destroy us. But Georgiaís fate is in his hands. So what do you want me to say? You want me to say that I'll -- that we'll never see her again? Well, I wonít. I canít.


Hope: [Sighs] Bo promised things are going to be different now. No, I think he finally learned his lesson after this last scare with Shawn. As important as it is to find Georgia, his priority -- it's with me and our boys.


Bo: Hey.

Billie: Hey.

Bo: Come on. Don't give up. We will find our daughter one way or the other. Don't lose faith in that.

Billie: I'm trying not to. Believe me. But I've had faith in things before. I never thought I'd lose you.

Bo: Billie...

Billie: Bo. You have Hope and the boys. Georgia's all I've got. If I lose her... I don't know what I'd do.


Rex: Whew.

Shawn-d: I'm going to call Belle. Now that Philip isn't around, I can actually talk to her.

Rex: Dude, Philip is not around because he rejoined his unit, and he's out back at war, and your noble thing to do is to call his wife behind his back?

Shawn-d: I just want to talk to her. I don't want to put any pressure on her. I haven't talked to Philip about her and me.

Brady: You better not have. I mean, news like that should kind of come from Philipís wife, don't you think, Shawn?

Rex: Sounds like you're just as thrilled as I am about your sister dumping Philip and hooking back up with Shawn.

Brady: Belle is making a huge mistake. She is so much better off with Philip.

Rex: Aah, what are you going to do about it?

[Telephone rings]


Belle: Philip?

Shawn-d: No, Belle, it's me.

Belle: Shawn, please, I can't talk to you right now. Can you put Philip on?

Shawn-d: I can't do that.


Philip: All right, I see them. They're right behind that dune. I got to get close enough to launch a grenade.

Jake: That's suicide.

Philip: You just cover me. I'm going in. Guys, lay down some fire! Here we go!

Jake: You okay?

Philip: I'm alive. I got to get to that mortar. Get down!


Lucas: Please, uh, I got to talk to Tony DiMera. He's the only person I know who can help me find this -- this woman I'm looking for.

Jake: What woman?

Lucas: Her name is Samantha Brady, and she was with us earlier, but now she's disappeared, and she could be in horrible trouble.

Man: Go ahead.

Lucas: Thank you.

Lucas: All right, what the hell have you done with her? Where's Sami?

Tony: I have no idea.

Lucas: What about that Stan guy?

Tony: What about him?

Lucas: I'm feeling that he may have her, and if he does, then her life could be in terrible danger.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sami: Aah! God. It's either die here or back in Salem. Oh, God. When my parents and Lucas find out that I'm responsible for those guys being held hostage, they're going to burn me at the stake in Salem Place. Aah!


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Hope: I know things are going to be better now between Bo and me, but I'm not kidding myself. Believe me, I know I still have to keep my guard up where Billieís concerned. Jen, she doesn't just want her daughter. She wants my husband as well.

Jennifer: I know that, but she's not going to get him, because he loves you.

Hope: But she'll do anything to sink her claws into him. I mean, the fact that she actually let Bo make love to her while he was hallucinating on gas fumes? He thought he was with me.

Jennifer: I know, I know.

Hope: That's how low she'll sink.

Jennifer: I can't even believe that she did that. I-I really can't, and that you had to find them.

Hope: Jen, it was horrible, but it wasn't Boís fault.

Jennifer: You know what? You have nothing to worry about. You donít. You donít.

Hope: Yeah. You're right.


Bo: We'll get DiMera to tell us the truth. We'll find our daughter and bring her home.

Billie: But what's to stop Tony from lying to us again, from leading us on another wild goose chase into another trap?


Tony: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Lucas: What the hell's so funny, Tony?

Tony: Aah, you -- thinking that Stanís a threat to Sami. I can assure you, he is not. Well, at least not for now.

Lucas: I found Stanís clothes. I found a long strand of blond hair on them, which means it had to be Sami, so at some point, she was with him.

Tony: Oh, I don't doubt it. Well, Stan and Sami spent a great deal of time together.

Lucas: What?

Tony: Oh, don't get jealous. Stan's working for me.

Lucas: What the hell are you talking about, huh?

Tony: Ooh.

Lucas: Answer me.

Tony: I think I hit a nerve.

Lucas: You bastard. I swear, if anything happens to Sami... I'll kill you.

Sami: Aah! Oh. Oh, God. Oh, Tonyís going to rat me out to everyone I love -- my mom and dad, Lucas and Will. Well, maybe I can tell Lucas first, and then he would understand, and -- and he'd forgive me, and then he would convince everyone else to forgive me, too. Okay, Lucas, I'm going to tell you the truth, the whole truth. It was me. I was pretending to be Stan.

Lucas: What?

Sami: Well, I mean, I was Stan, and -- and as Stan, I... gave drugs to John Black, and I talked Nicole into permanently disfiguring Chloe Lane, and then I tormented Bo and Billie about their missing daughter so that I could ruin Bo and Hope's marriage, and I threatened Mimi about her abortion, and then I saw Mimi and Jan fighting, and I lied and told the police that Mimi tried to kill Jan, and the worst part is that I made a deal with Tony to set you guys up, and -- and then I couldn't do it. You know, when I found out what Tony was up to, I-I backed out, but -- but it was too late, and now I'm in danger, too, and the reason I'm telling you the truth about all this, Lucas, is because I-I regret everything that I did, and -- and I just want you to forgive me, so please, please, Lucas, say that you forgive me.


Brady: Look, Rex, Belle can be with whoever she wants to be with. I will only butt in if Shawn decides to tell Philip what's really going on.

Rex: Well, I'm not going to let him do that.

Brady: I just hope my sister doesn't make a big mistake.

Rex: Well, look, maybe when Philip gets back and they see each other, Belle will change her mind.


Belle: Shawn, why won't you put Philip on the phone?

Shawn-d: It's not that I wonít. I canít. He's not here.

Belle: Fine, you know what? Then I can tell you how mad I really am at you. Going over there --

Shawn-d: Belle, wait.

Belle: No, Shawn, how could you do that? How could you just put your life at risk like that -- and Bradyís and Rex's and Lucasís?

Shawn-d: I did it to rescue Philip for you.

Belle: Yeah. Well, you almost got yourself killed, and everyone else in the process.

Shawn-d: But we weren't killed. We're okay. We rescued Philip, and we captured DiMera, so he can never bother our families again. Belle, it's all good.

Belle: Yeah, well, you still lied to me. You said you weren't going to go over there and try and rescue Philip. You gave me your word. After everything all these lies have done to us...

Shawn-d: I had no choice. I knew if I told you, you would tell your father, or you would have told my parents, and either one of them would have tried to stop me. Bottom line -- if I hadn't done this, Philip might have been dead.


Philip: All right, there's a big dune about 50 yards up ahead where I can take cover. It's in throwing range of the mortar site. I am going for it. You watch my back. You got it?

Jake: Are your mike and earpiece working?

Philip: Yeah, I'm good to go.

Jake: No way I can change your mind?

Philip: No, and don't waste any time trying. The sooner this mission is over, the sooner I can get home to my wife. You guys ready?!

Men: Yeah!

Jake: Good luck.

Philip: Thanks.

Jake: Now!

Philip: Go!


Jack: Jennifer. Je-- Jennifer.

Jennifer: Mm. You know what? Tonight just restored my faith. I mean, the boys are coming home, they're safe, they're going to be here, and I have my husband back, and Marlena and Roman are back.

Hope: And Tony DiMera is finally going to get what he deserves.

Jennifer: Oh, yes. Oh, you know what? I have the greatest idea. Once the boys get back, why don't we do, like, a family vacation together? Why don't we go to the Horton Cabin for a few days, both of our families together?

Hope: I'd love that. I'd love that. It sounds great.

Jennifer: And then we can keep an eye on the little ones, and we can take turns getting lost in the woods with the loves of our lives.

Hope: Ooh, I love the way you think. I think that's a great idea.

Jennifer: Wait a minute.

Hope: What?

Jennifer: Speaking of the loves of our lives, where did Jack go with the champagne? Let me check on him.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: It's the end of the line for Tony DiMera. The I.S.A. has ways of getting information out of monsters like that. When they do, we'll get our daughter back.

Hope: I sincerely hope you do.

Jennifer: Aah!

Hope: Jennifer!

Jennifer: Oh, Jack.

Jack: I'm fine, I'm fine. I slipped and bumped my head. I was just being clumsy.

Jennifer: You are not fine. I still want you to get checked out. Do you understand me?

Jack: No, no, it's just a little cut, Jennifer.

Jennifer: It's not just a little cut. It's huge.

Hope: Are you all right?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just slipped and cut myself.

Billie: No, he is not fine. He passed out on the porch earlier.

Jennifer: What? He passed out?

Jack: Oh, thanks, Billie.

Jennifer: That is -- you are definitely going to the hospital right now, Jack.

Hope: Bo and I will stay here with Jack Jr., Okay?

Billie: Okay, and I'm going to get the car.

Jennifer: All right.

Bo: Come on, man.

Jack: I'll be all right.

Hope: Take it easy.

Jennifer: Careful. Get up slow, get up slow. Slow.

Jack: I'm already okay. I'll be fine.


Belle: Shawn, I am so glad that you're okay, and I do know that you're a hero, but I almost went crazy thinking you guys were going to die over there.

Shawn-d: Well, it wasn't that great for me, either. You know what scared me the most, though, was the idea of never being able to see you again, never being able to hold you or kiss you or... tell you how much I love you.

Belle: Thank you for helping to save Philip.

Shawn-d: So does that mean you forgive me?

Belle: Yes, I forgive you.

Shawn-d: God, I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you.

Belle: I miss you, too. But remember what you promised.

Shawn-d: Yes. Yeah, I'm not going to tell Philip. I'm going to leave that to you.

Belle: And I will, I promise. As soon as I can after he gets home.

Shawn-d: Only that's going to be a little longer than we thought.

Belle: Why? I thought you were on your way back to Salem.

Shawn-d: Well, I was trying to tell you, but you didn't give me a chance. Philip rejoined his unit. He's back in combat.

Belle: Oh, my God. No!


Philip: Jake! Jake, come in! I'm pinned down!

Jake: So are we! The mortar's got us in lockdown, and there's a sniper trying to pick us off.

Philip: All right, where is he?

Jake: Two o'clock from your position.

Philip: Aah! I see him. I think I can take him out for you, but I'm going to have to get up to get a clear shot.

Jake: That's insane. You'll be a perfect target.


Tony: Nothing you can do to me, Lucas, can get you the answer you want. You say Samiís missing, then go find her, but in the meantime, if you do run across Stan, please say hello for me.

Brady: Lucas.

Lucas: Hey.

Brady: How'd it go with Tony?

Lucas: Nothing. Any sign of Sami?

Rex: Nah, haven't seen her.

Lucas: I can't believe this. Where the hell is she? Why does she always do this?

Brady: Do what?

Lucas: Gets herself into trouble, and then I got to save her.



Sami: So what do you say, Lucas? Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

Lucas: Forgive you, Sami? What are you, crazy? I'm going to turn you in to the police and the I.S.A. When they strap you to the table and they give you the lethal injection, I'm not going to save you this time. I'm just going to watch to see if you die. Or you know what?

Better yet... maybe they'll let me give you the needle myself.

Sami: Who am I kidding? It's all over for me. I'm a dead woman.


Sami: God, I just wish one of those shells would hit me and get it over with already.

No matter where it happens, you'll see it right here.


Tony: Oh, what kept you?

Bart: Sorry, boss. As soon as I put on the uniform, the marines tried to get me to go out on a mission. I mean, these guys work fast, but old Mr. Silver Tongue, he outfoxed them. He talked his way out of it.

Tony: Bart.

Bart: Yes, sir.

Tony: The bolt cutters.

Bart: Got them right here.

Tony: Yes, well, use them, will you? Get me out of these damn chains.

Bart: Yes! Right! You got it, sir. Um, boss, that raise we were talking about --

Tony: Bart, not now.

Bart: Okay, not now.


Brady: Admit it, Lucas -- you still got a thing for Sami.

Lucas: She's the mother of my son. I just don't want anything bad to happen to her.

Brady: Well, I want to know what the hell she was doing here with Tony.

Lucas: That's what I was trying to find out, but Tony wouldn't say anything.

Brady: We'll see about that. Open it up. What in the hell? Where'd he go?

Lucas: He was just here, I swear it.

Rex: Yeah, well, somebody helped him. This panel is open.

Brady: Well, get out there. Damn it. Whoa! I don't see him, guys.

Rex: Yeah, but he couldn't have gotten far, not with this all going on.

Lucas: What the hell? Is that Sami out there?

Brady: Where?

Lucas: Right there, hiding behind that sand dune with shells exploding all around her.

Brady: What the hell is she doing?

Lucas: You guys go after Tony. Don't let him get away. I got to go save Sami.

Brady: Be careful, man. Come on.


Man: Stop right there! Put your hands on your head.

Sami: Aah! [Gasping] Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the -- oh, God, who am I kidding? It's not sleep, stupid. You're going to die out here. Oh, God, I always swore that I would change my ways so that I could get into heaven. It just -- it just never seemed like the right time. And now look where it's gotten me. I'm going to buy it out here all alone. God -- God, please -- please, I'm serious, just give me one more chance, and I really will change. I really will clean up my act. I swear.



Lucas: Are you all right?

Sami: Lucas!

Lucas: What the hell are you doing out here?

Sami: Well, I-I got scared when the bombing started. I thought the bunker was -- was going to be bombed, so I just ran out here. I saw a dune, I tried to hide.

Lucas: All right, listen to me. We're going to run as fast as we can, all right? Stay low. We're going to zig-zag. If I say move, you move. Drop, you drop. You don't argue with me, all right?

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: For luck. Come on, let's go.


Belle: My God, Shawn, why did you let Philip go back into combat?

Shawn-d: I tried to stop him. We all did, but he insisted on rejoining his unit.

Belle: I can't believe this.

Shawn-d: I-I knew you'd be upset. I can't understand why he would choose to do this, to put you through this again. It's just not right.

Belle: Because he's a soldier, and he took an oath to defend his country.

Shawn-d: Yeah, but he also took an oath to you.

Belle: And I took an oath to him -- to love, honor, and cherish him forever. And look at what I'm doing instead.


Jake: Kiriakis, come in. Kiriakis, do you copy? Phil, come in. Phil. Come on, buddy, talk to me.

Philip: Ow.

Jake: You okay, soldier?

Philip: [Coughs]

Jake: Phil.

Philip: Ugh. Oh. I think I took one in the flak jacket. Ugh. [Coughs] I think I broke a rib, but I'm all right.

Jake: It sure doesn't sound like it. Listen, you did your hero thing. Now come back in.

Philip: Negative. I'm taking out that mortar.



Belle: Philip is honoring the vows he made to defend his country. And as long as I'm still his wife, I'm gonna honor the vows that I made to him, vows that you want me to break.

Shawn-d: Belle, we're thousands of miles apart. You're being faithful.

Belle: Just talking to you on the phone -- he doesn't even know about it. It would break his heart if he did.

Shawn-d: You and I haven't been together. You haven't done anything to break your vows. And until your marriage to Philip is annulled, that's the way it's gonna stay. I understand that, and I respect that. And I understand the fact that you're worried.

Belle: Of course I'm worried! I never dreamt that after all of this, Philip would go back into combat. But of course he did... because he's brave and he's honorable.

Shawn-d: As soon as this offensive is over, Philip is coming home, if I have to drag him onto that plane myself. Then you can tell him the truth, and we can put this whole mess behind us and we can move on with our lives. That is what you want, isn't it? You still want to be together, right?


Philip: All right. Let's do this! On my command, you lay down as much fire as you can. You give 'em hell! Now!

Man: Hey, Phil! Come in, Philip! Damn it, Kiriakis, are you still with me? Philip!


Hope: Thanks. I am really worried about Jack.

Bo: Hey, hey.

Hope: I hope he's okay. I mean, Jennifer was just telling me how happy she is to finally have her family back together. I've never seen her so hopeful about the future.

Bo: You said he fell, hit his head. He's got a hard noggin. He'll be fine.

Hope: Billie said he passed out on the porch. That was before he fell.

Bo: He's probably still weak and exhausted from that ordeal Tony put him through. I mean, after that kind of torture, I'm surprised he came home in one piece.

Hope: Yeah, I'm sure. And then to come home and find Abby in the hospital. Then to find out that Tonyís still alive and holding the boys hostage.

Bo: Yeah. A lot to deal with, even if you haven't been in prison for the last six months.

Hope: Thank God that nightmare's over... for all of us, finally.

Bo: Yeah. DiMeraís in custody. He's the one that's the prisoner, finally. I.S.A. will get as much information out of him as they can. You know, after all these years, the hell he's put our families through. It's payback time.

Hope: Do you really think that Tonyís gonna cough up the truth?

Bo: He better. He's the one who knows where my daughter is. I'm gonna get that information out of him and then I'm gonna find her, bring her home, so she can be with her mom.

Hope: I really hope that happens for you and for Georgia and for Billie.

Bo: You don't mind her being part of our family?

Hope: As long as you're talking about Georgia.

Bo: Oh, yeah, sure.

Hope: Of course I won't mind. Are you kidding? I know you want to spend as much time as possible with her, and you should. She needs to know what an amazing dad she has.

Bo: Mm-hmm. And an amazing step mom, too.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: What?

Hope: You know what?

Bo: Hmm?

Hope: God willing, Jack's okay. Jennifer and I were just talking about packing the family up after Shawn gets back and heading out to the Horton Cabin for a nice, relaxing getaway. What do you think? I mean, swimming, roasting marshmallows. We'll take turns watching the little ones so the adults can have a little playtime.

Bo: I like the sound of that.

Hope: You always like the sound of that. Mm. I am one lucky lady.

Bo: Oh.

Hope: Hmm.

Bo: I'm the lucky one.

Hope: You know what?

Bo: What?

Hope: I was just thinking again about something, and I was thinking that if you find Georgia in time, what do you think about bringing her with us on the trip?

Bo: Are you serious?

Hope: I'm dead serious. It would be a great way for Shawn and Zack to get to know their new sister.

Bo: That's an awesome idea.

Hope: Billie's not invited, though.

Bo: [Laughs]

Hope: I just want to make that clear.

Bo: Will not be a problem. She knows I want to spend some time with my daughter.

Hope: Uh-huh. She seems to have a real problem with boundaries, but I'll tell you what. If that happens and she has a little problem, I'll be more than happy to straighten her out.

Bo: I'm sure you will. Ow.

Hope: Look, I know where her heart is, okay? She doesn't just want her daughter. She

wants my husband, but you know what? You're mine.

Bo: I think she knows that.

Hope: She better know that.

Bo: So do I know that. I love you. Nothing and no one is ever gonna change that.

Hope: Unh-unh. Come here, lips, right here.

Bo: No. I got to -- there's something I got to do. Just hold that thought.

Hope: Right now?

Bo: Mm-hmm. I'll be right back.



Jennifer: Just thank you so much for meeting us. It just helps to have someone I know --

Lexie: I understand. What happened?

Jack: I slipped in the dining room, cut my head, and there's a little blood.

Jennifer: A little blood?

Jack: And my lovely wife is overreacting.

Lexie: I doubt that.

Billie: You'd be right. I was with him the first time he passed out.

Lexie: You passed out twice?

Jack: The first time was just for practice. No, I mean, I was tired, exhausted. Everything going on caught up with me. I just -- you know, I just -- it's no big deal.

Lexie: Mind if I take a look at that cut?

Jack: Yeah, but be gentle, doc.

Jennifer: Jack, will you please take this seriously? No kidding right now. Come on.

Lexie: It's superficial.

Jack: Superficial, see?

Lexie: Nevertheless, I'm gonna clean it up and I want to draw some blood and run a few tests.

Jack: Wait a minute now. I'm already bleeding, and you're gonna draw more blood. Have a heart, doc.

Jennifer: Jack, take this seriously, please.

Jack: All right. For you, I will. All right.

Lexie: Come on.

Jack: I'm getting you a lollipop.

Jennifer: [Sighs] He's gonna be all right.

Billie: Well, he's still got his sense of humor.

Jennifer: I know. Why did he pass out? I don't understand.

Billie: Well, I've been thinking about this. We've studied postwar stress syndrome with the I.S.A. and Jack being held hostage -- maybe it's left him with post traumatic shock response. You know, I mean, being held captive -- that could have happened.

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense.


Lucas: This way. This way. You all right?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: I can't believe you kept up with me. You're much faster than I thought.

Sami: [Panting] Well, I guess all the hours on the treadmill paid off. Oh, God. I have to thank you. You saved my life.

Lucas: No, Sami, we owe you. You're the one that saved us. You took care of that guard and you got us keys. You rescued us. Sami, you're a hero. Or a heroine.

Sami: Well, I couldn't just stand by and do nothing. Lucas, Tony is a monster. You know that. You used to work for him.

Lucas: I know. It was a low point in my life. I should have gotten a hack license or flipped burgers or something. Damn it.

Sami: Well, I'm just saying that Tony would do anything to get back at someone who's crossed him or someone he thinks crossed him. He gets his happiness from destroying people's lives.

Lucas: I know, but you're a prisoner, Sami, just like the rest of us were.

Sami: You're right. You're right. I was. But I'm sure Tony will make up some big story about me to make sure that everyone keeps hating me.

Lucas: I don't know anybody who will ever believe anything that guy says again. He's had to have some rock-hard evidence for me to take his word.

Tony: I fall, too, Samantha. You're not gonna get away with the actions of yours. I tell you what, your past, Stan, will come back to haunt you.

Sami: There is no evidence whatsoever that I was Stan, Tony.

Tony: [Laughs] Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Sami: [Thinking] God, if Tony can prove I was Stan and prove what I did, I'm sunk.

Brady: Sami? What the hell? I thought you bought it out there.

Sami: Yeah, well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Brady.

Rex: It's a miracle you got her out of there and you both got here alive.

Lucas: Just tell me -- did you find Tony?

Sami: What do you mean, find Tony? He's chained to a chair.

Lucas: Tony pulled one of his famous DiMera escapes. He's gone.


Bart: Stand down, soldier. You're relieved from duty, son.

Man: Yes, sir.

Bart: Hup-hup!

Tony: [Chuckles] Bart, my dear man, I think you've earned that raise! Whoa.



Bo: Here you go. For you.

Hope: They're beautiful.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Oh.


Bo: Not as beautiful as you, though. You know, your cousin's got quite the green thumb. That garden of hers is amazing.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: Hmm? What?

Hope: You picked these out of Jenniferís garden?

Bo: Yeah, there was a lot to choose from.

Hope: Oh, no. Oh, my God, Bo.

Bo: What?

Hope: [Sighs] These are the -- oh. These are the flowers she was growing for the spring flower show.

Bo: Uh-oh.

Hope: "Uh-oh" is right. She has been slaving since last fall over these -- watering, enriching the soil, throwing moth balls into the garden to keep the squirrels away.

Bo: I thought I smelled moth balls. Do they really keep the squirrels away?

Hope: Of course they're beautiful -- these are hand-seeded hybrids.

Bo: Oh, man.

Hope: Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man, oh, man. Oh, it's such a sweet thought. It's not your fault, but... Jennifer is gonna be really upset. She's gonna be very unhappy.

Bo: Well, we'll replant them.

Hope: Replant them? How are we gonna replant these? You cut them.

Bo: No, not the -- well, what are we gonna do?

Hope: We're gonna call gran. Yeah, she'll know what to do. She's growing flowers like this. We're gonna call gran, and she's gonna help us out.

Bo: Okay, great. I was just trying to [Sighs] Hope, I want to show you how much I love you.

Hope: There are other ways of showing me that.

Bo: What do you mean?

Hope: What do I mean? Well, the obvious is sometimes right under your nose.

Bo: Sorry.


Jack: You see? See right there? Little bandage -- that's all it was.

Jennifer: Let's just wait and see. Where is Lexie with those test results?

Jack: The husband speaks. The wife ignores it. She'll ever be thus.

Billie: Jack, knock it off. She's right. You've got a wife, a teenage daughter, and a little cute baby boy at home. You have to stay healthy.

Jack: Okay. I'll take my time. Oh, perfect timing. They're ready to take more blood. What's the good news?

Lexie: Uh, Jennifer, Billie, would you mind stepping outside for a few minutes? I need to give Jack another quick check.

Jack: Oh.

Billie: Sure. I'll just go check and see what's happening with our boys overseas.

Jennifer: That's a good idea. I'll just -- I'll wait outside for you.

Jack: Yeah. I'll get you another lollipop. [Sighs] All right, Lexie, what are you up to? You put her out of the room for a reason. What is it?

Lexie: Jack, I'm sorry. I just got your test results back. It's not good.


Sami: What do you mean, Tonyís gone?

Brady: He couldn't have gotten far. The Marines are looking for him. So are we.

Sami: [Sighs]

Rex: Look, let's split up. I'll go outside and check the perimeter for any hidden escape routes.

Brady: But if you find him, don't try to take him by yourself. Wait for backup.

Lucas: I'll go with you guys.

Sami: [Breathing heavily]

Lucas: Look, maybe I should stay here. She's still pretty shaken up.

Brady: Okay, man. It's you and me, Rex.

Rex: Let's go.


Sami: Lucas, can I ask you something? Would you, um -- would you risk your life to save a woman that you didn't have feelings for?

Lucas: Which woman are you talking about?

Sami: I'm just trying to ask [Breathes deeply] If your feelings about me have changed since I left Salem.

Lucas: Sami, I've had a lot of time to think since I've been here. Under all the gunfire and everything that's going on... it made me look at my life in a whole new light. Let's just say we got to talk when we get back to Salem.

Sami: Well, does that mean that you do still have feelings for me, that we still could have a future?

Lucas: I don't want to talk about it right now. I'm just so glad that you didn't die out there.

Sami: Well, that's something, I guess.

Lucas: I just hope we catch Tony. The guy's got a lot of misery coming his way. I can't

think of anybody who deserves it more than he does.

Sami: [Thinking] Well, I hope he gets away and stays away forever. Then no one will ever find out what I did when I was Stan. Keep running, Tony. My future with Lucas

depends on it.

Lucas: I'm gonna find that double-crosser Stan, too. Tony tells me you spent a lot of time with him. The I.S.A. is gonna want to question you. They're gonna want to hear everything you know about him.


Bart: [Grunts] All clear. Boss, let's get while the getting's good. I'll hot-wire a hummer, and we're out of here.

Tony: We should split up. I'll go this way, and I'll meet you outside.

Bart: Yes, sir.

Brady: Hey. Any word on DiMera?

Tony: Unh-unh.

Brady: Jeez. Hey, Tony. Thought you'd be smarter than this.

Tony: I'm much smarter than you think. Let me go, I'll make it worth your while -- more than anything you've ever dreamed of.

Brady: I don't think so. There is nothing that you could possibly give me that would make me let you go after all the hell you put us through.

Tony: There is one thing! There is one person, and I think you'll do anything to get her back -- "her" being Chloe.

Brady: What the hell are you talking about? Chloe's dead.

Tony: You know what? You help me along here, I'll bring her back from the grave.


Belle: Of course I still want us to be together. That hasn't changed. It never will. I love you.

Shawn-d: Well, you had me worried there for a second.

Belle: But what I said before is still true. And I mean it more than ever now that Philip is back in combat. If anything happens to him, you and I...can never be together.


Philip: [Grunts]

Man: Right on, Kiriakis. You got him, bro. Now come on back, and let's get the hell out of here.

Philip: Jake! Jake, help me out! I don't know where I am, Jake! Jake, I lost my bearings. Help me! Send up a flare, so I can send a location!

[Alarm sounds]


Sami: What's all that, Lucas?

Lucas: I think it's about time we let our son know we're okay.


Tony: Your lovely Ms. Chloe is still very much among the living.

Brady: Why hasn't she told me that she's still alive?


Shawn-d: Philip's in trouble. He's come under enemy fire, and he's trapped.

Man: Fall back.

Philip: That's a negative, sir! Private Horton and I are trapped in the middle of a minefield!

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