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Marlena: Well, you lucked out, didn't you?

Nicole: How do you mean?

Marlena: I mean Chloe. Your number one rival for Brady deciding --

insisting she doesn't want anybody to tell him that she's alive.

Nicole: Chloe's doing the right thing. She's thinking of Brady, not herself, and I think I'm doing the right thing by not telling her or Nancy that Brady’s been taken hostage in some damn war zone.

Marlena: Well, for once, I agree with you. That's too much for her to handle, on top of finding out she's got this terrible infection from the surgery.

Dr. Weiss: If you're gonna assist me in this operation, scrub your hands again, and this time, do it thoroughly.

Nicole: Yes, doctor.

Dr. Weiss: And I also want to make sure that you've properly sterilized all the instruments we're going to be using today.

Nicole: Of course. Just as you asked.

Dr. Weiss: Look, this surgery is complicated enough as it is, and I just don't want anything to go wrong.

Nicole: It's so awful what happened to Chloe. How unlucky can one girl get?


Woman: Dr. Evans.

Marlena: Hmm, yes?

Woman: I've given Chloe her meds. You can continue visiting her now, but please see that she doesn't get agitated.

Marlena: I will. Thanks, Denise.

Denise: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Chloe. Do you feel like talking some more?

Chloe: Sure, I guess. But where is Nancy?

Marlena: Oh, she's -- she's resting. She was exhausted. I persuaded her to lie down in one of the empty rooms.

Chloe: Good. Thank you. So, what did you want to talk about?

Marlena: I'm hoping you'll reconsider not telling Brady that you're alive.

Chloe: I've made up my mind.

Marlena: I do have some thoughts about it... if you'd be willing to listen. Would you? Please?

Chloe: Okay, fine. It's not like I've got anything else to do.


John: Damn it. I haven't gotten anything since the second delayed satellite feed of Lucas being captured.

Roman: Well, at least we got a good look at the traitor who sold out our guys to the enemy.

John: And unfortunately, we watched them also get carried off by his comrades, so we don't know if Lucas iced him or not. I'm assuming he could still be out there somewhere.

Roman: John, you said you recognized him. What exactly do you know about him?

Sami: Like I said, I'm your friend, here to lend a helping hand.

John: What, by pushing your drugs on me?

Sami: You're walking, aren't you? You don't seem to be in much pain. I wonder why.

Sami: Oh, yes, I can see it in your eyes. Poor John -- the fallen hero. And now he's just a common junkie. He can't even make it through one day without a fix. Not to worry -- Stan’s your man. And I won't let you down.

John: How I know him really isn't important, Roman.

Roman: What the hell are you talking about? Of course it is. This guy sold our guys out. Finding out who he is, what he's up to, could be the key to getting them back home safe.


Man: Get up! Move it! Against the wall!

Lucas: You all right?

Tony: Surprise.

Brady: You can't be alive! My father killed you.

Tony: Yeah, he gave it a good try. But alas, Brady, your father is quite fallible. But then, you know that, don't you?

John: So why don't you just give me the damn drugs?

Brady: Oh!

Philip: Tony... what the hell are you talking about?

Tony: Never mind.

Shawn-d: So what's your plan, Tony? What are you gonna do with us?

Tony: Give you one guess?


Bart: Don't try anything stupid. But then again, that's like asking the hot kettle on a stove not to whistle or a steak on a barbecue not to sizzle or a --

Sami: Shut up!

Bart: You're right, I'm sorry.

Sami: No, no, I'm sorry. Because there is no way that I can let Tony hurt those guys. Ow! Stop it, Bart! Let me go! Stop it!


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Sami: Let me go! Ow! You know, I was wounded, okay? I was shot at!

Bart: Yeah... well, you're gonna be wounded in other places if you don't settle down. Now, you cannot go in there because "a," Tony won't like it, "b," the guys are gonna see you and know you turned on them, and "c"... all right, there's a whole bunch of "c" reasons. I'm sure you can't go in there!

Sami: All right. All right, fine, I get your point. All of them. Just let me go.

Bart: You promise to behave yourself?

Sami: I promise.

Bart: All right.

Bart: Good. That's good behaving.

Sami: Just shut up, okay? Just shut up and let me think. Listen...Sami. You need a brain to think. And like Tony always tells me, you got two brains, Bart. The problem is, one of them went out for a walk, and the other one went looking for it. Ha. Okay, you can think.


Brady: I've had enough of this. No more games. What the hell are you up to?

Rex: I can't believe you, Tony. What happened to you? When you took me and Cassie in, you were a kind and considerate and decent man.

Tony: I was. Fortunately, I've seen the error of my ways. And maybe perhaps it had something to do with the fact that you and Cassie turned out to be Brady’s.

Shawn-d: Oh, you son of a --

Brady: Shawn! Come here, man!

Tony: Now, do we have any more heroes?

Lucas: You never do anything without a hidden agenda, do you? So what is it, huh? What are you up to?

Tony: What the hell? I might as well give you all the information, anyway. Nothing you can do about it.


Roman: John, come on. Now, if you know something about this scum who betrayed our boys, you gotta tell me.

John: I saw him down on the pier dealing drugs, but he took off before I could catch him. Now, how the hell he got overseas in a war zone involved with our boys, I don't have a clue.

Roman: Yeah, that is strange. What are you doing now?

John: Setting up another program to alert us if there's any news.

Roman: All right, I'll get us some more coffee here.

John: The guys must be going crazy, cooped wherever they are. Again, you know all about that, being imprisoned in DiMera’s castle for all those months.

Roman: Well, it wasn't quite the same. At least I knew who we were up against.

John: Yeah. Tony. Plus, you had Marlena to keep you company. And I have a pretty good idea what happened when the two of you were locked up together.


Chloe: I doubt you'll change my mind. My mother's been trying to get me to tell Brady that I'm alive for months now. Ever since the accident.

Marlena: I know that. And she's telling you that he loves you and he will love you, no matter how you look. And I think that's true.

Nicole: Marlena, Chloe’s made up her mind. I tried to tell her the same thing, but she doesn't want to hear it.

Marlena: You're telling Chloe to reveal herself to Brady?

Nicole: Yes, I am.

Chloe: Nicole did say that Brady would love me no matter what I look like.

Marlena: Well, I think that's true. So why don't you tell him that you're alive? Are you afraid that, what, he'll reject you or that you'll be a burden to him? Because I don't think that's true.

Nicole: Oh, for heaven's sake, Marlena, Chloe has made her decision. She's doing what she feels is right, so why can't you respect that?

Marlena: [Whispers] Because I think she's making a mistake, Nicole. And I think you're encouraging her, because you want Brady for yourself.


Roman: All right, John, what exactly do you think happened between me and Marlena in that castle?

John: Well, I'm sure you did everything you could to protect her and keep her safe, reassure her that you were gonna get home and back to your families. Yeah, I'm sure you were a real comfort to her, Roman.

Roman: She helped me get through it, too.

John: I owe you a great deal of thanks for taking care of her.

Roman: No thanks necessary, John. I just did what comes naturally, just like you did with Kate.

John: I knew you would be upset about how close the two of us got after we thought you and Marlena were dead.

Roman: Yeah, well -- ha ha -- yeah, well, I'd say, uh, say you two got a little more than "close." Marlena and I come back, you're engaged.

John: That's a fact. We were. And I knew it would only be a matter of time before you and I had a problem about that.


Philip: You've got our attention, Tony. So let's hear it. What's this all about?

Tony: First and foremost, to punish all of your families for all the rotten things you did to mine.

Philip: The things that our family has done to you? The litany of crimes the DiMeras have committed against all of our families and all of Salem goes back since before I was born.

Tony: And that's why it's taken me so long to complete what my father never could. And that is the complete and utter destruction of all of my enemies.

Lucas: That's why you're doing this -- to beat your father? This is nothing more than a stupid ego trip, is that it?

Shawn-d: You're even crazier than we thought.

Tony: Say what you will, 'cause you have no idea how satisfying it is to have this kind of revenge and victory. And if you don't understand that, Lucas, I suggest you ask your ex-fiancée Samantha.

Lucas: Wait a minute. What do you know about her?

Tony: Ha ha ha! Plenty.

Lucas: Wait -- wait a minute. I saw her. I saw her looking through this door earlier. She is here. She's really here, isn't she? Is she another one of your prisoners, too?

Sami: I can't believe this is happening. Look, Tony has gone off the deep end. He has turned into some sort of crazed Stefano wannabe.

Bart: Hey, that's the boss man you're talking about.

Sami: I don't care who he is, Bart. You can't let this happen. You have to help me stop him.


Nicole: Excuse me? Oh, I'm encouraging Chloe to tell Brady so that I can have him for myself? What kind of logic is that?

Marlena: Reverse psychology.

Chloe: Actually, you're wrong, Marlena. Nicole didn't talk me into anything. She didn't manipulate me. Not telling Brady was my decision, and it still is.

Marlena: And I still think you're making a mistake.

Denise: Time to change your bandages, Chloe. If you two will excuse us for a few minutes.

Marlena: Oh, sure. Sure.

Marlena: I can't believe you're encouraging Chloe to give up a life with Brady.

Nicole: Well, that's what she wants.

Marlena: No, no, darling, that's what you want. You are so desperate to have Brady for yourself, and you know that you can't have him if he knows that Chloe is alive.

Nicole: And you want Chloe to tell Brady just to make sure I don't get him.


Roman: John, it's all right. Don't worry about it. As a matter of fact, I am very grateful to you for what you did for my wife. She had a lot of things to cope with, let alone dealing with my so-called death.

John: And she was there for me, too, in more ways than I can even begin to tell you.

Roman: I gotta ask you a question. And I'm gonna need a very honest answer.

John: Okay. Shoot.

Roman: It's about Sami. Was she as out of control as Kate said she was?

John: Well, Roman, I know you're not gonna want to hear this, but... whatever Kate told you about Sami, the reality was... probably a whole lot worse.


Bart: Sami, it's like this. There's a fine line between insanity and criminal genius. Besides which, Stefano took me in when I had nowhere to go. So I'd never turn against his son.

Sami: Bart, I am not gonna let Tony hurt Lucas and the others. I may be bad, but I am not a killer.

Bart: Between you and me, I can't pull a trigger, either.

Sami: So, look, you have to understand. I-I regret everything that I did. I was just so angry at Kate for setting me up and ruining my chance at happiness with Lucas. But you have to believe me, I-I love Lucas, and loving him made me -- made me want to be a better person. And I want Lucas. I wanted Will, I wanted us to be a family. And I wanted my parents to get back together. Is that so wrong? Is that evil? Look, Bart, my motivations were good.

Bart: No, and -- and I'm sure they were, but --

Sami: But I admit I did bad things, okay? I was just obsessed with revenge against everyone who had wronged me. And Tony took advantage of that and turned me into Stan when I was -- when I was at my lowest and most susceptible. Who is this? Look, Kate, if that is you, just cut it out, okay? If you think this is some sort of joke, I am not laughing. Look, Kate, you quit harassing me, you bitch, or I --

Tony: [Distorted voice] Don't be so hasty. You want to get back at your enemies, don't you, Sami? John...Shawn... Belle...Brady... of course Kate. The list keeps growing, doesn't it?

Sami: Who is this?

Tony: A friend. A friend who can help.

Sami: What, by scaring me to death? I don't think so.

Tony: Listen carefully, Sami. Revenge... it's all about revenge.

Bart: Excuse me, Sami, if mama Kate did all of this, started all of this, why didn't you just go after her?

Sami: I did. But the only way to get to Kate is through her children. They're all she lives for. So that's what I did. And I'm sorry that I did it now. I regret it. But I am not gonna let Lucas and the others get hurt. I'm gonna stop Tony, no matter what I have to do.

Lucas: Answer me. What do you know about Sami?

Tony: I thought you never wanted to speak to her again. But I know privately you still yearn for her. And what about you, Rex? Still yearning for Mimi? And you, Philip -- your lovely bride Belle. And let's not forget you, Brady -- still longing for your grandfather's widow Nicole, or do you still have heat for that dearly departed Chloe? And you, Shawn...

Rex: How the hell do you know so much about us?

Tony: 'Cause I know everything about my enemies, just like my father did before me. And, boy, do I have some incredible secrets, some shocking secrets for you to hear. Boy, do I have some beauties for you, Philip.


Roman: Wow. That bad, huh?

John: Well, these past few months, Sami’s behavior has been worse than ever. With everything else that's going on, all she could do was think about herself. And I'll tell you something, what happened that night before her wedding -- I mean, I can't even begin to comprehend that. I'm assuming that you heard?

Roman: Oh. Oh, yeah. Yeah, Tony got a great deal of pleasure out of making sure Doc and I knew about that. I just can't believe that Sami would do something so stupid when she was so close to finding real happiness. I mean, being a family with Lucas and Will.

John: And then she tried to blame Kate for it all, even though it was Lucas who found Brandon and Sami together in that hotel suite.

Roman: Yeah, Kate told me. Told me that Sami accused her of setting her and Brandon up in bed, as if that were possible.

John: It's impossible. It's ridiculous, starting with the fact Kate didn't know Brandon was back in town.

Roman: And even if she did, how in the hell is she gonna force Sami to go into bed with Brandon?

John: Of course not. You couldn't do that.

Roman: You know what else? You know, the night Kate and I were married, she made a promise to me that if anything happened to me, she would look after Sami, that, uh, she would try like hell to get along. And, John, you know what? I believed her. And I still believe her. I just don't think that she would do something like that to my daughter, even if it were possible.

John: Well, actually, Roman, I think she could.


Sami: What is Tony saying in there?

Bart: Hey, unh-unh. No, no, no, no, no.

Sami: Stop it, Bart.

Bart: No, listen. If the Count wanted you to listen, he would've wanted you to listen, all right? And believe me, Sami, you don't want to know what's going on in there, all right?

Tony: Philip, so much has happened since you have been gone.

Brady: I'm so sick of this crap. There are five of us and three of you.

Tony: As I was saying...


Marlena: I want what is best for Chloe and for Brady. I think that's to be together.

Nicole: But that's not your call to make. You heard her. We both have to keep her a secret. But then, I'm sure you're good at that.

Marlena: What is that supposed to mean?

Nicole: I think you're keeping some secrets of your own -- some big ones.

Marlena: Really. From whom?

Nicole: John.

Marlena: My personal life with John is none of your business.

Nicole: Ooh, well, my personal life with Brady is none of yours. But if you insist on sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, well, then I might just have to do the same.

Marlena: What are you getting at, Nicole?

Nicole: I heard the news reports, Marlena -- how you and Roman were held together in the same room at Tony’s castle in Europe. But they never mentioned what happened in that room.

Marlena: We were prisoners, frightened for our lives.

Nicole: Oh, I'm sure you were. And that kind of fear, that kind of desperation, can really take a toll on someone, can't it?

Marlena: What are you going on about, Nicole?

Nicole: I'll spell it out for you. When you were locked up all those months with your ex, did you stay true to John, or did you rekindle your romance with Roman? And now you're just trying to cover it all up.

Nicole: Well, it looks like I struck a nerve.

Marlena: I have to go. Please tell Chloe I will talk to her later.

Nicole: You can talk all you want, Doc. Chloe's not going to change her mind. Oh, and who would you rather go home to, anyway? Or does it even matter?


Roman: Wait a minute, John. Are you telling me that Kate somehow did set Sami up to be in bed with Brandon?

John: No, Roman, all I'm saying is, Kate is fiercely protective of her children's happiness and would protect them at any cost. Now, if she thought eventually that Sami would hurt Lucas or Will, she would've done whatever she could to stop that wedding.

Roman: Yeah, but she picked up the tab, so... she must've supported the marriage.

John: That's because she knew Lucas loved Sami. And Will was desperate to get his mom and dad back together.

Roman: Well, you know what? I mean, Sami has always been her own worst enemy. And I got to think that maybe if Doc and I had been here, that might have made a difference.

John: Perhaps. You never know.

Roman: Yeah. You know, Sami did call will, talked to Kate and will. Didn't say where she was or when or if she was coming back to Salem.

John: Well, I hate to say it, Roman. It's probably for the best.


Tony: It would be smart if you'd step back at this point. My men can fire 10 rounds per second.

Tony: [Chuckles] That was very wise. But I'll tell you what I'm going to do -- I'm going to leave now and continue this discussion later... when everybody's calmed down and you can all behave like gentlemen.

Sami: I meant what I said, Tony. Listen to me, I am not going to let you hurt Lucas and the others.

Tony: We have a deal.

Sami: I don't care. I want out.

Tony: Now, you don't want to disappoint me, Samantha... or yourself. You pull out now with all that hard work trying to get revenge on your enemies, getting your son back... something I missed out?

Sami: Seeing my parents again.

Tony: Right. So what's more important -- those five men or your mother and your father?

Sami: That's not fair.

Tony: Life's not fair. But I'm fair. I've kept up my end of the bargain.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Tony: Have a look.

Sami: It's my mom and dad.

Tony: That's right. They're back in Salem. Unfortunately, your mother Marlena went back to my bastard brother John. Your father went to that... conniving bitchy Kate. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Tony: If you'll let me continue with my plan, not only will I guarantee your mother and father to be alive and well, but that they will be together forever.


Roman: John, why would you say that it's best for Sami to stay away?

John: Well, like I said, Roman, when Sami was caught in bed with Brandon Walker, she refused to take responsibility for her actions. She just lashed out and started blaming everybody else for her mistakes, and you know your daughter when she gets like that.

Roman: Yeah. Watch out.

John: Exactly. And all she can think about is revenge.

Roman: Oh, man... damn. You're right. I hate to admit this about my daughter, but, uh, it probably is a good thing she's not here, at least for now.

John: The last thing we need, with everything else going on, is Sami running around causing trouble for anyone that she thinks have done her wrong.

Roman: Which would especially mean Kate.

John: No doubt about it.

[Computer beeping]

Roman: Sounds like something's up.

John: Yeah, let's see what we got. That spy satellite should be in position. Yeah, it's picking up chatter.

Roman: All right, what do you think it could be?

John: Probably what I've been expecting -- proof that our guys are okay and a long list of demands. What the hell is that?


Philip: I think we should tear this thing apart, make some kind of weapon.

Rex: I-I cannot believe that Tony’s still alive, and he's the one responsible for Philip’s capture.

Shawn-d: And now ours.

Brady: Yeah, Philip, who the hell did you guys think you were fighting, anyway?

Philip: We were fighting the rebels, but the mission was top secret. I don't know how DiMera could infiltrate it, but he did. Now he's using it -- he's using us to his advantage. I mean, you guys showing up here was just icing on the cake.

Brady: You know, Philip’s right. This compound could be a neutral territory. I mean, not even a quarter mile from the war zone. And Tony’s men snuck in and pulled Philip out, and when Tony found out we were here, he sent Stan out to throw us off-guard.

Shawn-d: Makes sense.

Lucas: At least now we know who that traitor was working for, what he was doing in Salem -- gathering information on all of us, just to give it to Tony. God knows who else he messed with or who he's going to be messing with in the future.


Sami: How can you guarantee that my parents will get back together?

Tony: Ah, it's very simple. I have a foolproof plan to break up John and Marlena, Kate and Roman, and to ensure that your parents are reunited.

Sami: And they're really at home back in Salem.

Tony: Yes, they are. That footage was taken the first night they came home. You'll see the time and date in the corner of the screen.

Sami: Oh, God, it's like a miracle. They're really home, and they're okay.

Tony: Well, now... it would be so easy to just take them away again.

Sami: No. God, you can't do that again. Tony --

Tony: No, no, don't -- don't get upset now. I won't do anything unless you force me to. Continue cooperating, I promise you your parents and your son and everything else you ever wanted. Now, are we on the same track? Do you agree to continue to cooperate?


Chloe: You're right, Nicole. I would never want to be a burden to Brady.

Nicole: Because you love him so much, and you want him to be happy. I don't know if I'd have the strength to make that kind of sacrifice.

Chloe: Hopefully you'll never have to make that choice.

Nicole: You know, I-I should go and let you get some rest.

Chloe: Could you make me a promise, please?

Nicole: Sure, if I can. What is it?

Chloe: Could you always be true to Brady, no matter what? Don't do anything to hurt him or disappoint him... or make him unhappy.

Nicole: Don't worry, Chloe. I never will, I promise.


John: All right. We got the feed back. All systems go. Satellite link in place.

Roman: All right. What do we got?

John: What the hell? It can't be.

Roman: What is it?

John: Take a look at this.

Roman: No. That's impossible.

John: It can't be happening. Not again.


Marlena: We were prisoners, frightened for our lives.

Nicole: Oh, I'm sure you were. And that kind of fear, that kind of desperation can really take a toll on someone, can't it?

Marlena: What are you going on about, Nicole?

Nicole: I'll spell it out for you. When you were locked up all those months with your ex, did you stay true to John? Or did you rekindle your romance with Roman, and now you're just trying to cover it all up?

Marlena: [Sighs] I can't keep living a lie. I've got to tell John the truth. He has to know that I slept with Roman.

Marlena: Oh.

Marlena: John, I've got to tell you something important about while we were gone --

John: Well, it's going to have to wait, Doc, 'cause I got news you are not going to believe. Tony DiMera is alive.

Marlena: What?

John: He is the one who's holding all the boys hostage.


Tony: So, Samantha, I'm waiting for your decision. Do you cooperate or not?

Lucas: Surprise!

Sami: Ha ha ha ha!

Lucas: Surprise!

Sami: What is all this?

Will: We're giving you a shower, mom.

Lucas: Yeah, I think we really got her.

Sami: A shower?

Lucas: Yeah. With all the craziness and, um, everything that's been going on with Belle's wedding and the disaster at the church, no one had time to give you the shower we wanted you to have.

Will: I think she's speechless, dad.

Lucas: I think you're right. Look, Sami, nobody -- I mean, nobody loves you as much as we do. I know it's not traditional for the groom and his son to give the bridal shower, but --

Will: But we thought it would make you happy.

Sami: Yeah. Wow, you two are -- are too much. Thank you. Especially since, you know, none of my friends had time to plan a shower.

Will: What friends, mom?

Lucas: William.

Will: Uh, sorry. That's not how I meant it to come out.

Sami: It's okay. Will, I know what you meant. But you do make a good point. Who needs friends when I have two of the most wonderful men in the whole world right in front of me? All I want is for the three of us to be a real family, and now it's really going to happen. I'm the luckiest woman in the whole world. Nothing is more important to me than my parents' happiness... except my son. I'm not going to let you hurt his father or any of the others. Tony, this has gone too far. It has to stop now.


Tony: Bart.

Bart: Yeah, boss?

Tony: I'm afraid our friend Samantha has made the wrong decision.

Bart: Uh-oh.

Sami: Tony, if you just give me a chance to ex--

Tony: No. No, no, no. You are against me, you're a prisoner like the rest.

Sami: No! Aah! Tony --

Tony: I tell you what to do. Keep her alone, maximum security, and then I'll decide what I'm going to do with her.

Sami: No! No, Tony, please don't -- Bart, put me down, damn it!

Tony: Guards!

Sami: Tony, listen to me!

Tony: Open the door.

Sami: Damn it! Tony!

Tony: Well, have we all calmed down? Are we ready to talk?

Brady: Tony, what the hell are you going to do? Are you going to tell us?

Tony: Ha ha ha. As I told you before, take a guess, but I'll give you a hint -- time is running out.


Hope: You do not belong here, especially since this is your fault.


Belle: My dad's going to stop him, and he's going to put an end to this monster once and for all.


John: It's all a game to him. Our lives, our kids' lives -- this time he's not going to win, because that sick bastard is in for the shock of his life.


Charles: Call the boss. Tell him we have a situation, but we're going to take care of it.

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