Days Transcript Monday 5/23/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/23/05 - Canada; Tuesday 5/24/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Patrick: Mom, mom. Your phone messages -- what's going on? I ran three red lights.

Bonnie: The worst. I'm so scared. My baby.

Patrick: Listen, I can't -- I can't understand you. Just slow down, slow down. Okay, I'm here. I'm going to take care of it. Just -- what's going on? Who's in jail?

Bonnie: Mimi.

Patrick: Wh-wh-what for? At did --

Bonnie: Attempted murder. But -- but it was an accident. Jan fell and hit her head.

Patrick: Okay, fine. Then why -- why is she here?

Bonnie: Because they were fighting. One of Mimi’s fake fingernails fell off, and the cops found it on Jan’s body. And then before she slipped into a coma, Jan recorded an incriminating message saying that Mimi was her attacker.

Patrick: All right, hold on, hold on, let me think. Mimi didn't try to kill Jan, right?

Bonnie: Of course she didn’t. She's your sister. I'd like to throw the witch down a flight of stairs, but Mimi doesn't take after me that way. No, she doesn't want anyone to help her. Mickey was supposed to be her lawyer. He told her just to keep quiet and that he'd handle everything, but she wouldn't listen to him. She pleaded guilty, Patrick.

Patrick: Maybe she's, like, in shock or something, okay?

Bonnie: No, Patrick. Patrick, listen to me. Mimi has to change her mind about Mickey defending her. I don't want my little girl in Statesville Prison.

Patrick: All right, look, I'm going to take care of this, okay? Can we go in there? I'm -- I'm her brother. Thank you.

Bonnie: Baby.

Mimi: Mom. Why did you drag Patrick into this? It's not his problem, and it's not yours, either.

Patrick: You in a jail cell is a problem, okay? I'm getting you out of here.

Bonnie: A jail break -- that's it. Now we're talking.

Nancy: She had the face of an angel, Craig. When they passed out beauty, our little girl got it all -- her hair, her eyes... her perfect skin.

Craig: Yeah. Our daughter will always be beautiful, okay?

Nancy: To us, Craig. But you heard those doctors. The bacterial infection that she got from those unsterilized surgical instruments, she could -- she could be scarred for life.

Craig: Chloe... hey, sweetheart. Hey there. It's daddy. How are you feeling?

Chloe: Pretty numb.

Craig: Yeah, well... it's the aftereffect from the anesthetic.

Chloe: I hope it wears off soon. I can't wait to tell Brady that I'm alive. When can I take the bandages off? I want my future with Brady to begin right now. Mom? Mom, don't cry. It's okay. Everything's going to be fine. I'm finally going to be happy.

Marlena: Any news yet?

John: Not yet. I'm in constant contact with the I.S.A. As soon as we hear anything on the boys, I'll know about it.

Marlena: This must be so hard on you. Worried sick about your son -- I'm worried about Brady, too -- not to mention fighting an addiction.

John: Well, it's especially tough on Kate. Now three of her sons are hostage.

Marlena: How is she getting through this? My word. And poor Belle -- worried about Shawn and Philip.

John: Well, what about what Bo and Hope are going through with Billie? I mean -- Hope -- I mean, I really feel for her, trying to deal with the fact that Billie slept with her husband.

Marlena: Well, those circumstances were just horrific. They were lucky to get out alive.

John: Yeah, well, still, Bo slept with Billie, broke his vows. I mean, any spouse would be crushed by that. I'm sorry. Did I say something to upset you?

[Doorbell rings]

Marlena: Oh. Uh, I'll get it.

Marlena: Nicole.

Nicole: Hi. I heard you were back, Marlena, but it still is so amazing to see you in person.

Marlena: Thanks. Come on in. What, uh, what brought you here?

Nicole: I was wondering if you heard any news about Brady. I know that he and the boys are trying to rescue Philip. What is it?

John: The news isn't good. Brady, Shawn, and the others have been taken hostage.

Belle: No.

Philip: Shawn, it still amazes me that you did this. I mean, you came all the way here just to try to free me so I can get back to Belle, especially since you used to love her yourself. It's --

Shawn-d: It wasn't completely selfless. I wanted to do it for belle. I just wish we could have pulled it off.

Brady: We almost did. If Stan didn't double-cross us.

Lucas: Yeah, I swear there's something about that guy. There are missing pieces to this puzzle.

Sami: I never meant for Tony to hold Lucas hostage. Well, I don't care what Tony says. I have to make sure that he's okay.

Lucas: Sami?

Brady: Did you just say "Sami"?

Lucas: Yeah, I just saw her.

Shawn-d: No, Lucas, get a grip. Sami cannot possibly be here.

Lucas: She is. You're wrong. I'm telling you, she was just outside this door. I'd know those eyes anywhere.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Belle: How? How could this happen? They've all been taken hostage?

Nicole: And they could all be killed.

John: The I.S.A. is doing everything they can to prevent that. In fact, I'm waiting right now for a ransom demand.

Belle: They didn't do that when Philip was taken prisoner. Why would they do that now that there are other hostages? Oh, my God. They could die.

Nicole: [Thinking] I can't lose Brady.

John: Baby, there is no indication that these hostages have or will be harmed.

Belle: I was afraid this was going to happen. I-I should have figured out what he was doing, and I should have stopped him. Now I could lose him and --

Marlena: Belle. Belle, no. You couldn't have stopped this.

Belle: Will could lose his father.

Marlena: We'll pray that doesn't happen. Sweetie, look -- I just -- I wish Sami were here for will. I wish there was some way to -- to find her and bring her home.

John: Well, maybe there is.

Lucas: Sami, open this door!

Sami: If Lucas saw me -- if any of those guys find out that I was behind their kidnapping, there's no way I could ever show my face in Salem again.

[Pounding on door]

Lucas: Open the door, Sami. What are you doing here? What the hell is going on? I know that was you!

Brady: Lucas, stop it. There is no way in hell that Sami is behind that door.

Philip: Believe me, bro, it was your imagination. Just relax.

Rex: Lucas, come on. Why would Sami be here, anyway? That'd mean she's working for the rebels. That doesn't make any sense.

Lucas: I know, I know. You're right, you're right. But I know what I saw, man. I know her eyes. I can't believe this. I -- maybe my mind's playing tricks on me or something.

Brady: Maybe you wanted it to be Sami. Think about it, man -- your life's on the line right now. Maybe deep down inside, you want to make peace with her.

Lucas: That's not what I want, all right? I can never forgive her for sleeping with Brandon the night before our wedding.

Sami: [Thinking] Damn it, Lucas, why won't you see the truth? Well, that's why I'm here. I'm following Tony’s orders so he'll give me the proof that your mother set us up.

Lucas: Stan. Stan is the one I wish was here right now. He's the one who trapped us and allowed us all to be taken prisoner. I'd kill that guy if he was not dead already. I don't know what's -- I'll kill him.

Sami: By the way, my name is Stan.

Lucas: Yeah, Lucas Roberts. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Lucas: Oh, my God. I know who that was.

Bonnie: Don't worry, baby. Your brother's got the right idea. We are going to bust you out of here pronto. What can I do to help?

Patrick: Listen to me. Listen to me. I've got a way to get you a second chance, all right? So how does a clean slate and a fresh start sound?

Mimi: Sounds too good to be true.

Patrick: All right, I just have to call in a few favors. They're going to take care of everything. You just have to trust me, do everything I tell you, and you'll walk out of here a free woman.

Chloe: What happened? Did something go wrong with my operation?

Nancy: Chloe, honey, don't upset yourself.

Craig: Honey. You've been through a really difficult surgery, and you should get some rest, okay?

Chloe: Oh, my God. It's bad, isn't it?

Nancy: Sweetheart, uh...

Chloe: Please tell me. I have to know. Dad, please.

Craig: Chloe... honey... there was a -- a problem with your operation. One of the nurses accidentally brought in some surgical instruments that had not been sterilized.

Chloe: What?

Craig: Um, apparently, they gave you an infection.

Chloe: What kind of infection?

Craig: Well, it's a very rare one, and... you were exposed to a very... virulent bacteria which is extremely difficult to treat.

Chloe: And if it can't be treated, what happens then?

Craig: The doctors aren't quite sure yet, honey. One of the possibilities is that your scars could become more pronounced.

Chloe: What's the bottom line? What's my prognosis? Am I going to be scarred for the rest of my life, or is there a chance my face will heal someday?

Craig: Honey, there's a chance that... it may not be as bad as they think.

Chloe: Don't lie to me. I know you don't want to hurt me, but this is my life and my future. I wanted to tell Brady that I'm alive so we could be together, but if I'm going to look like some creature from a horror movie, then I don't want him to ever see me again. It's better that he goes on thinking I'm dead.

Nancy: No, come on, sweetheart. You can't do that. You need Brady now more than ever.

Chloe: Brady doesn't need to spend his life with a monster, and that's exactly what I'll be. Just like in all those nightmares. Oh, my God. It's all coming true. My life is over. If I can't be with Brady, then I might as well be dead.

Craig: Honey. Honey.

[Alarm chirping]

Nancy: Craig? Sweetheart?

Woman: The sedative should calm her down.

Craig: Thanks.

Woman: I'll be at the nurses' station if you need me for anything.

Craig: Okay.

Nancy: Chloe... I am not going to let you give up on yourself. You have to keep fighting.

Chloe: I have fought. I've done everything I could. I know I was so lucky to survive that accident, and I've worked so hard to recover. But they should have just told me from the beginning that there was no chance that I could. The life I had before is over. I'm never going to sing again, I'm never going to have a career, and I'm never going to have the man that I love.

Craig: Chloe.

Chloe: It's better that Brady thinks I'm dead, 'cause you know what the truth is? The Chloe he fell in love with is dead anyway, and now it's official. I'm never coming back.

Nancy: Craig, we have got to do something. I can't stand seeing her like this.

Craig: I know, I know. The poor baby's been through so much. I don't think she's going to be able to handle this by herself, sweetheart. I think -- I think we should call some professional help in.

Nancy: What do you mean? Like a counselor, therapy?

Craig: I think we should call Marlena.

Nancy: Marlena?

Craig: Yes.

Nancy: Craig, she's been through such a terrible ordeal herself. I don't -- do you think she'd be up for it?

Craig: Only one way to find out. She's the best, and... Chloe has always trusted her.

Nancy: Okay. Let's do it. Sweetheart, I am so glad that you're here with me.

Craig: Mm.

Chloe: Mom, dad? Did you say something about Marlena?

Craig: Yeah, sweetheart. Um... we thought that you might want to talk to her.

Chloe: I can’t. She can't know that I'm alive. She's Brady’s stepmother.

Nancy: Chloe --

Chloe: No. I'm not going to let you call her, and that's final.

John: Doc, I already talked to the I.S.A. about Sami. They said they're going to keep their eye out, and they'll let me know if there's any sign of her.

Marlena: Thank you.

John: You know, my take is she's just going to show up on her own. I mean, she's got to come home sometime, right?

Marlena: I wish she would call. She has no idea that Roman and I are even alive.

Belle: Dad's right, mom. It was Sami’s choice to leave when Lucas bailed on their wedding, and I'm sure when she's ready, she'll come home. Right now, I am just more concerned about Shawn and Brady and all of them being held hostage. I can't believe this is happening.

Marlena: I'm so glad I'm here for you.

Belle: Me too. This has been one of the worst days of my life. On top of everything else, Mimi’s in jail.

John: What?

Belle: She pleaded guilty to trying to kill Jan.

Nicole: Mimi Lockhart?

Marlena: Oh, my gosh.

Belle: She didn't really do it. She's just feeling, like, hopeless because Jan lied and said she did, and now she's in a coma and --

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow -- slow down. Slow down. Is there anything I can do?

Belle: Well, her bail is $1 million.

John: Now, that is something I can do. I'll call the bail bondsman and wire him the money right away.

Belle: Oh, my gosh. Thank you. I don't know what I would do without you and dad.

Marlena: When I think of all you've been through while I was away, it just breaks my heart.

John: Nicole, I know that you... care about Brady.

Nicole: I love him, and now that it's official and Victor has been declared legally dead, I am -- I'm free to move on.

John: With my son.

Nicole: Yes. I know you're not exactly thrilled, but Brady actually promised to marry me as soon as he got home. But all I can think about is what if he doesn't come back? And what -- and what if, after everything that I've done to -- to make sure we'd be together, that I end up alone?

John: And what exactly have you done to make sure you would be with my son?

Brady: You know, Lucas, you're kind of freaking me out, man -- I mean, first you think you see your ex across the world from where she lives, and now you're saying you recognize a pair of eyes through that slot? I mean, who recognizes eyes, man?

Philip: I would know Belle's if I saw them.

Rex: All right, look, stop keeping us in suspense. Whose eyes were they?

Lucas: Stan’s.

Sami: [Thinking] Oh, God, that was close. I can't let it happen again.

Shawn-d: Stan's? You think you saw Stan?

Lucas: Yeah, think about it. He could still be alive. He's the whole reason why we're here right now. And it wasn't a coincidence that will and I ran into him in Salem. He was stalking me and pumping me for information about will and my relationship with Sami, and if that's true, then Will and Sami can be in danger right now.

Sami: [Thinking] Not to worry, Lucas. I will take care of Will -- I promise.

Philip: Hey. Bro, relax. Calm down.

Lucas: Wh-- what if I never get to see my son again, huh? What if -- what if none of us ever make it home to see our families?

Brady: Lucas, we will. Remember what I said before? I think we're being held for ransom. And if that's the case, between Basic Black and Titan, my dad can put up the money, and we can get the hell out of here.

Sami: [Thinking] Wrong, Brady. None of you are going anywhere.

Sami: I'm sorry that you had to get caught up in this, Lucas. But if I can't have you, I guess it's nice that no one else can.

John: What have you done to make sure that you'd be with Brady?

Nicole: When Brady lost Chloe, he fell apart. I was there for him. I stood by him through his grief.

John: Yeah, well, it was tough on Brady, losing Chloe. She was the love of his life. I know how it goes. When I lost Marlena, I thought I'd never recover.

Nicole: But Kate was there for you, and so were Brady and I. In fact, if you recall, I was the first one who realized you had gotten yourself into trouble with drugs. I mean, you might not be here if it wasn't for me.

John: What's your point?

Nicole: I think you get it. You got your wife back, and I'm so happy for you. But that's never going to happen for Brady with Chloe. If he comes home -- when he comes home -- I would appreciate it if you would give us your support... dad.

John: Leave it to you, Nicole. My son is missing, and yet you're working up your own agenda, as always.

Nicole: I just want him to be happy.

John: And all I want to do is find him and bring him back home -- alive. Excuse me.

Nicole: [Thinking] Okay, fine. While you're doing that, I have to make sure Chloe stays dead.

Belle: Don't go away again, okay? I need you.

Marlena: I promise.

Belle: All right. Dad, I've got to get going. You'll let me know if you hear anything else about the guys?

John: Right away, baby.

Belle: Okay. Thank you for posting Mimi’s bail.

John: You just let me know if there's anything else I can do, okay?

Belle: Now I just need to convince her to fight the charges... and tell her that the man she loves has been held hostage.

Patrick: So what's the deal, mom? You think Mimi can make bail? I mean, what's going on with Mickey?

Bonnie: For once, I don't need Mickey’s money. Belle went to ask her Daddy Warbucks for the cash.

Patrick: Good, good. John Black's so rich, he won't even miss it.

Mimi: Won't miss it? Won't miss the money? Wait, are you saying I should jump bail?

Patrick: Well, yeah. You got a better idea? I can get you out of the country fast. I can get you a new identity, a job -- everything you need to start over.

Mimi: My God, Patrick. What kind of people are you involved with?

Bonnie: Don't ask questions, Mimi. Your brother is trying to help you, and I think it's a great idea. Beats spending 15 to 20 in the slammer. Make it a warm tropical place with a great exchange rate. I want to visit my daughter lots and lots. Oh, Meems, I can see it now -- we'll be sipping piŃa coladas, soaking up the sun. How does that sound?

Mimi: It sounds like you two have lost your damn minds. I am not skipping bail and leaving town. I'm staying where I belong -- behind bars.

Chloe: I mean it. Do not call Marlena. Please -- I can't let her or Brady know that I'm alive.

Nancy: Chloe, you need help. You need to talk to someone, and Marlena is an excellent, excellent psychiatrist. And, sweetheart, what's more, she's always cared for you very


Craig: And she's bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. I know it may be hard for her, but she won't tell Brady anything, darling. You can trust her. She will keep your secret as long as you want.

Nancy: Please, Chloe. Please talk to her. Do it for your father and me.

Nicole: I'm so sorry to have bothered you. I was just worried. I really do love Brady very much. So if you hear any news about him, anything at all, just --

Marlena: We'll let you know.

Nicole: Thank you.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

[Telephone rings]

John: Maybe that's the I.S.A. John Black.

Nancy: Hello, John? I-it's Nancy Wesley. We were so glad to hear that Marlena was back. You must be thrilled.

John: Well, you could say that.

Nancy: Um, could I talk to her for a minute?

John: Yeah, sure. She's right here. For you. Nancy Wesley.

Marlena: Oh. Nancy, hi. How are you?

Nancy: Oh, doing as well as can be expected. Um, we were so thrilled to hear that you were back.

Marlena: It's a miracle. How are you and Craig?

Nancy: Hanging in there. Marlena, would it be possible for you to see me? Right away. It's an emergency.

Marlena: Uh, uh, what is it, Nancy?

Nancy: I can't tell you over the phone. And once I do tell you, um... you have to promise that you won't tell a soul.

Nicole: Yes, I'm -- I'm checking on a patient's post-op condition. Chloe Lane. I-I know she's there anonymously, but -- I'm a friend. Well, can't you break the rules just this one time and just tell me how she's doing? Thanks for nothing. There's got to be some way to find out. With any luck, Chloe’s face will be so hideously infected, she'll never want to see Brady again. And then I will be Mrs. Brady Black as soon as he comes home.

Brady: You know the first thing I'm going to do when I get home?

Lucas: Take a shower?

Brady: No, you moron. I'm going to marry Nicole.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? She put you under her spell, did she? She's a real piece of work. She doesn't care about anybody but herself. Took her $5 million to marry me. That should tell you something.

Brady: I've told you a thousand times, Lucas -- she's changed.

Lucas: Yeah, she's changed. All women have changed, right?

Brady: Lucas, think about it. She had a rough childhood. Think about the father that she had to grow up with, and when she first moved out, she made a lot of mistakes, but she's a different person now.

Lucas: You pass up a class act like Chloe for her? I don't know what you're thinking.

Brady: [Sighs] Can we just change the subject, please? I don't care what you or anybody else has to say. I'm going to marry her no matter what.

Lucas: Oh, you're going to marry her -- wow.

Brady: All right, you know, what is everybody else going to do when they get home? First thing.

Rex: I know. I am going to grab Mimi, tell her I love her, and never let her go, man. I miss her so much.

Shawn-d: I hear you. The one person I -- I-I miss -- I miss everyone. Getting home is going to be great.

Philip: I think I'm going to renew my wedding vows with Belle. I mean, the way it went down, me having to ship out for duty, it's just not how I pictured it. I mean, that's -- that's not to say that the vows we did take aren't sacred to me, because they are -- to both of us. We're both going to stay faithful to them no matter what. For better or for worse. Those are forever.

Sami: I'm sorry to tell you this, Philip, but Belle can't wait for you to get home so she can

dump you. And as for the rest of you, if you never see your loved ones again, it's no more than you deserve for treating me the way you have.

Bonnie: Baby, please. Listen to your brother. He is trying to help you.

Mimi: I know he is, and I appreciate it, but I am not going to do that. If I went on the lam, it'd be all over the news, and Rex would find out Jan was blackmailing me and why. Okay, I don't ever want him to find out. That's why I am pleading guilty. I just want this all over with so he can move on with his life with someone who deserves him.

Bonnie: Oh, for Pete’s sakes. Why are you talking like you're Cruella de Vil?

Mimi: What I did was cruel, mom. And I would give anything to take it back, but I can't, so this is my way of making sure that I protect Rex from ever finding out.

Bonnie: What about protecting yourself? And me, while you're at it. I don't want my little girl in jail.

Patrick: Jail time is no joke, Mimi. It's ugly. It's scary. It will change you in ways you never thought possible. You don't want to put yourself through that, believe me.

Bonnie: Baby, please. For your mama. Fight for yourself. Fight for your future.

Mimi: [Sighs]

Belle: Um, okay, so my dad posted bail.

Bonnie: Thank God. You're outta here.

Belle: Now all you have to do is hire Mickey back and fight this.

Mimi: You're so sweet, Belle, but I can't accept the money.

Bonnie: Can't accept the money? Whoever taught you words like that?

Mimi: Belle, I meant what I said before. I don't want to drag this out. There is no point. All I would end up doing is hurting Rex even more than I already have.

Belle: Listen, Mimi... I've got some bad news. The guys weren't able to rescue Philip, and... they've all been taken hostage. Rex, too.

Mimi: No. God. Rex doesn't deserve this. Why is all this bad stuff happening? Why?


Marlena: Nancy?

Nancy: Oh, Marlena. Thank you so much for coming. I guess you're thrilled to be back with your family.

Marlena: Oh, I am. What can I do for you? You said it was an emergency.

Nancy: Well, you know how you and Roman, Jack and Cassie all came back from the dead? Well, you weren't the only ones.

Marlena: What does that mean?

Nancy: Chloe... she's alive, too.

Marlena: Oh, Nancy. Oh, I'm so happy for you and for Craig. And for Brady. Oh, my goodness. Why didn't you tell me this sooner? It-it's been months. Is she -- is she in Europe? Is she performing? Is she here? Where is she? What's happening?

Nancy: Marlena, Chloe may never sing again. The most tragic thing has happened.

Chloe: I knew you'd be honest with me, dad.

Craig: Mm. I wish the news was better, sweetheart.

Chloe: Well, at least it's better to know the truth. My face isn't going to be the same. I'll have horrible scars that will frighten people.

Craig: Oh, only until they get to know what a courageous, beautiful young woman you are.

Chloe: I'm not beautiful.

Craig: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Your soul is beautiful. Your spirit, and... the way people see you has everything to do with the way you see yourself, sweetheart. I'm hoping Marlena’s going to... be able to help you understand that. And speaking of Marlena, here she is. Oh. Thank you for coming over so quickly.

Marlena: Oh, my goodness. When I hear "emergency," I drop everything.

Craig: Thanks for coming.

Marlena: And when I heard it was Chloe... I want to do all I can to help.

Chloe: Hi. I'm so glad that you're alive.

Marlena: It is so good to see you.

Craig: Okay. We're going to leave you two alone for a little while. I got to call the hospital in New York and check in.

Nancy: And I have to see that the nanny takes Joy to the park. It's such a pretty day outside. We'll be right outside.

Craig: See you later.

Marlena: Your mother told me everything.

Chloe: And you feel sorry for me.

Marlena: Is that how you feel? You feel sorry for yourself?

Chloe: Okay, before we get into this shrink stuff, I just want to make sure of something. Nobody can know that I am here or that I'm alive, especially not Brady. I'm sorry, I just can't talk to you unless you promise to keep my secret.

Nancy: Thank you for suggesting Marlena. Do you really think that after talking with her, Chloe will be able to accept what's happened?

Craig: Well, I don't know about acceptance. It might be a little too soon for that. But Marlena’s very smart, and she's always cared very deeply about Chloe. I think she's our best shot. Hmm?

Nancy: I wish -- I wish you didn't have to go.

Craig: I know, I know, but, honey -- trust me, I wish I could stay here with Chloe through this whole process, but I got to get back to the hospital.

Nancy: Craig, there is something that's still bothering me. The nurse that ran off after Chloe’s operation --

Craig: I hold her directly responsible.

Nancy: But Dr. Weiss said it was an accident.

Craig: I don't know, honey. I don't know. I just -- hopefully with this investigation, they'll find everything out. Anyway, right now... I got to make that call, book that flight back to New York.

Nancy: I, um... I really don't want you to go, but I understand.

Craig: I know.

Nancy: [Sighs]

Nicole: All right, where the hell is Chloe’s file, damn it? I have to make sure she stays scarred for life. Aha. Here it is. What? What is it, written in secret code? I can't understand a word of it.

Marlena: Chloe, I will adhere to strict doctor-patient confidentiality. If you don't want Brady or anyone else to know you're alive, I won't say a word. I know you trust me.

Chloe: Yes, I do. Thank you.

Marlena: Do you want me to tell you news about Brady, or should I keep that from you, too?

Chloe: What news about Brady? Is he okay?

Marlena: Chloe, what I'm about to tell you may change your mind about keeping this a secret.

Nicole: What? This isn't any English I've ever seen before.

Nancy: Nicole? I see you're looking at Chloe’s file. You don't seem surprised that she's alive. Why is that?

John: [Groans]

John: My family needs me. This is no time to give in to my addiction.

Mimi: I can't believe that... Rex and Shawn and the others are being held hostage now, too. What if something happens to them?

Belle: The I.S.A. is on it, okay? They're gonna find them, and when they do, Mimi, Rex is gonna need you.

Bonnie: Right on, Belle. Did you hear that, Mimi?

Patrick: Take the money, get out of here, and fight.

Belle: Exactly. That's what you have to do.

Mimi: Belle, I've been trying to explain this to my mom and my brother. Some people are good, and they do good things in the world. I am not one of them. I have done terrible things, and I shouldn't get away with it.

Patrick: Mimi, I know you've done some bad things. But I know you didn't try to kill Jan Spears. Come on.

Mimi: If I'm behind bars, it'll prevent me from ever hurting Rex again.

Belle: Are you serious? Do you know what it's gonna do to him when he comes home and finds out you're in jail? Mimi, Rex loves you. It will destroy him. It's the worst thing you could do for him. You have to fight these charges. If you're not gonna do it for yourself and you're not gonna do it for us, do it for him.

Rex: I can't stop thinking about Mimi, guys. I hope she's okay.

Shawn-d: I've been thinking about Belle, too, how she's been doing. I'm worried about her.

Rex: Well, don't let Philip hear you say that.

Shawn-d: Sooner or later, he's gonna have to know the truth. Their marriage was a mistake.

Rex: Will you shut up?

Philip: [Groans] All right. Listen up. We need to come up with a plan. How the hell are we gonna get out of here and get back to our families?

Brady: I told you, Philip, there's gonna be a ransom demand.

Lucas: Yeah, there is. But there's no guarantee they'll let us go.

Philip: That's damn right. We're not gonna sit around here and wait to be rescued. We need a plan "b," and we need it now.

Sami: You guys better get comfortable, because I think you're gonna be calling this place home for a while. I'm just glad that Tony promised that he wouldn't hurt you.

Man: The orders are straight from Tony DiMera. All of the hostages will be taken care of tonight.

Chelsea: I'll be the best-dressed homeless person in town.

Billie: I want you to stay with me.

Kate: Neither Will nor his father want anything to do with you.

Sami: You deserve to lose Lucas. You deserve everything you're gonna get and more.

Marlena: Nicole?

Tony: Imagine if the truth came out, how you exacted revenge on all the good people of Salem. You'll be branded a monster, just like me.

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