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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/5/05 - Canada; Friday 5/6/05 - U.S.A.



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Belle: Please, God, make my dad well again. I just want him to be happy. I know it's not up to me, but I don't think Kate is making him happy. I am sorry for the things I've done to make her hate me. I never meant to hurt Philip this way. Please help me make better choices from now on, and please, please keep our loved ones safe. Amen.

Mimi: Amen.

Belle: Excuse me.

Woman: Yes.

Belle: I couldn't help noticing your ribbon. Do you know someone in the war?

Woman: Yes -- my husband. Do you?

Mimi: Yeah, my boyfriend's there.

Belle: My boyfriend's there, too.

Mimi: So is her husband.


[Engine approaching]

Lucas: That was way too close, way too close.

Shawn-d: Hey, you don't think that they captured Brady, do you? Forced him to give them our location?

Rex: No, no.

Lucas: No way. Even if they caught him... Brady wouldn't say anything. He wouldn't say anything as much as Philip would.

Shawn-d: You're probably right.

Rex: Don't move.


Sami: What are you doing? I was just talking to Tony on the phone.

Man: Well, you must have made him angry.

Sami: Then did he tell you to kill me and Philip?

Tony: If I wanted you and Philip killed, you'd be dead already.

Sami: So you are alive.

Tony: Obviously.

Sami: And it was you on the phone with that creepy voice. I've been following your instructions this whole time.

Tony: Yes.

Sami: So are you going to kill me or what?

Tony: No. You're much too beautiful... and much too integral to my future plans.

Sami: Good. Well, if that's the case...


Marlena: Roman, I'm -- I'm just so confused. I-I don't know what to do.

Roman: Doc... don't be confused. I told you what we should do, all right? John and Kate don't need to hear about what happened between us back at that castle. It's over and behind us. We're home now, and you love your husband, and I love my wife, and we're going to be with them forever. That is all that matters. To tell them the truth would only hurt them and serve no good purpose whatsoever. Now, Doc, listen to me -- look, we are the only ones that know what happened back at that castle except Tony DiMera, and he's dead. There's no way our secret will get out. The only thing that John and Kate need to hear is that we are thrilled to be home and back in their arms, that we love them very, very much and can't wait to get on with our lives together.

Kate: I'm ready to go. I have what I need for tonight. I packed the rest. I'll, um, I'll send someone to pick it up in a couple of days.

Marlena: All right, fine. Kate, that's fine. That's fine.

John: Doc, you all right?

Marlena: I -- I'm -- I'm very glad to be home.

John: I'm glad that you are home. You sure that's all it is? You seem like you're worried about something.

Marlena: John, I have to tell you something... before --

[Doorbell rings]

Kate: Who can that be?

John: I'll get it. Yeah? Hey, Shawn.

Shawn: Is it really true? Oh, dear God.

Roman: Hey.

Shawn: Roman!

Marlena: Will!

Shawn: Marlena, oh!

Roman: Pop, how you doing?

Shawn: I can't believe it. My son and my precious daughter-in-law are alive! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Marlena: Oh!



Hope: Oh, my God. Gas. We've got to get them out of there.

Patrick: I see some kind of rope down there. I'm gonna go down and get them. Hold on.

Hope: Okay.

Patrick: [Grunting] Ahh! [Coughing] They're both alive, but they're unconscious. The gas is pretty strong. I'm already feeling it.


Hope: Patrick!


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Roman: Uh, pop, Marlena is married to John. I'm married to Kate.

Shawn: [Sighs] I'm sorry. Did I say... of course you are. It was just I was -- I was so excited to hear, you know, I mean, that you were both alive. [ Laughs] I mean, both -- you know, when Jack and Cassie both showed up at the pub, I nearly had a heart attack. Not literally, of course, you know. But it was just so unbelievable.

Kate: Shawn, where is Cassie? Why didn't she come with you?

Shawn: What? Oh, well, the poor girl, she was exhausted, you know, and, uh... I was starting to ask her questions, you know, and she fell asleep while she was answering all of them, so... I'm sorry. Just --

Kate: No, no, no, no. That's okay. That's fine. I'm just glad that she's alive and she's safe, and when she wakes up tomorrow morning, my face is going to be the first thing she sees.

Roman: Pop -- pop, did, uh, did Jack and Cassie tell you about Tony DiMera?

Shawn: Oh, they sure did. And praise the lord. The DiMeras are out of our lives forever.

Roman: What else did Jack say?

Shawn: Well, he didn't stay around to chat. You know, I mean, he was in a hurry to get home to Jennifer and to Abby and Jack Jr.

Roman: Of course he was. Uh, pop... did Cassie -- did Cassie tell you the rest?

Shawn: The rest? No. No, that's all Cassie told me about.

Roman: Um, pop, why don't you come over here with me? There's, uh, there's something I gotta tell you.

Shawn: Okay.

Marlena: Oh. Will. I can't believe how much you have grown.

Will: And I can't believe that you both are alive.

Marlena: I know. There's so much I want to ask you.

Will: And I'll bet the first thing you want to ask is how mom totally screwed up and ruined any chance for a family that me and dad could have ever had with her.



Patrick: [Coughing] I'm having trouble breathing.

Hope: Take short, shallow breaths. You've got to find a way to stop the gas.

Patrick: [Coughing]

Patrick: Tie that up to something and then open up all the doors and windows.

Hope: [Grunts] Okay, it's secure. I'm gonna open the door.

Hope: Okay.

Patrick: [Coughing]

Patrick: All right. Hope, I've got it! I'm going back down for Bo and Billie!

Patrick: Billie, come on. Come on, Billie. Come on, baby. Come on. You can do it. You can do it. Okay, hold on, hold on. Okay.

Bo: [Coughing]

Patrick: Hey, hey, hey. Bo, hey, snap out of it, man. We got to get out of here. Come on.

Bo: Hope. Hope. Take care of Hope. Get her out of here.

Patrick: All right. Billie, hey, come on. It's Patrick. Can you hear me? Huh?

Billie: Bo?

Patrick: No, it's Patrick.

Billie: Patrick?

Patrick: Come on, can you stand up? Let's go. Gotta get you out of here. Okay, hold on.

Hold on. Hold on.

Billie: [Coughing]

Patrick: Hold on. All right. Put your arm around my neck.

Billie: Okay.

Patrick: Okay. Here. Hope, start pulling!

Hope: [Grunts]


Woman: Excuse me, did you say that your husband and your boyfriend are both at war?

Belle: No, no, my husband is a prisoner.

Mimi: And our friends and her husband's brothers and trying to find and rescue him. Uh, her husband.

Belle: Okay, hi. My name's Belle, and this is my friend Mimi.

Mimi: Hi.

Woman: Hi, my name's Eileen. Nice to meet you.

Belle: So what about you? How's your husband doing? Have you heard from him?

Eileen: He's fine for now, but who knows what can happen on any given day? It's the waiting and not knowing that's the worst.

Mimi: Tell me about it.

Eileen: His family has been in the military for generations. His father died in Vietnam. So my husband grew up without a father. I just pray that my children won't have to do the same.


Shawn-d: Um, guys, could you, um, please get this thing off of me?

Rex: Don't move, all right? Don't move. Just stay still. Stay still, all right?

Lucas: Got it, Rex?

Shawn-d: Ahh. Ahh.


Lucas: Whew. You all right?

Shawn-d: Thank you. Thank you.

Lucas: What?

Rex: Why'd you have to kill it?

Rex: What do you mean, why'd I have to kill it?

Shawn-d: The thing was gonna sting me, Rex. I could have died.

Rex: You guys, you guys, guys, there's 1,200 species of scorpions. Maybe 35 species are dangerous, and less than 2% of those are lethal to adults. I mean, seriously, you might have just killed an innocent scorpion.

Shawn-d: Seriously, I'll take my chances.

Lucas: Look, Shawn, we -- we wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you, all right? We're a team. And we're all getting out of here with Philip. Nobody gets left behind.

Rex: What's that?

Shawn-d: What?

Lucas: Oh, it's just -- Will, he would -- he would've loved to have seen that scorpion. Sami would have been screaming her lungs out.


Tony: I let you do that once. Don't you ever do that to me again.

Sami: How dare you drag me down to this hellhole to have your men capture me and threaten to kill me.

Tony: Oh, heaven's sake. I didn't force you. You came here on your own volition, very much like the night you went to Brandon Walker's hotel room the night before your wedding.

Sami: How the hell do you know that?

Tony: I know everything that goes on in Salem, and you should be happy that I do. As I said earlier to you, it was Kate who set you up. She singularly destroyed your life with Lucas and your son. Listen, you're here to help me capture Philipís rescuers. And that's the price you have to pay for my helping you getting even with your enemies.

Sami: I understand that, but I am not going to do anything to hurt Philip. Okay, he's innocent. He's a Marine. He thinks he's defending our country. He doesn't realize that he's fighting you. Look, I've done a lot of horrible things in my life, and I am now realizing that I am going to be paying for them for a long time. This is now the second time that I was almost executed. When I was on death row, I promised myself that I would change, and I havenít. Not really. Well, Tony, this time I am going to do the right thing. I am not going to stand by and watch you starve Philip to death and torture him! So you are going to do what I have asked, Tony. You are going to give Philip food and water, or I won't do anything to help you. As far as I'm concerned, you can take your sick plans and go straight to hell with your demented father Stefano.

Tony: [Laughs] I admire your spirit, just like my father did. Make sure you give Philip lots of water and food, and I don't want him harmed.

Sami: Thank you.

Tony: Ah, you're welcome. Now, shall we get down to business?


Roman: Pop, listen to me. There is absolutely no easy way to say this. It's about Victor and ma. Now, we think that they were being held captive in that castle, but we don't think they got out when it exploded.

Shawn: I wanted to ask Cassie about Caroline, but when she didn't mention her, I was afraid to. Oh, dear God, it's like getting her back and then losing her all over again.

Roman: I know. I know.

Marlena: Tell me -- has your mom tried to contact you?

Will: No. And I don't care.

Marlena: Yeah. I guess you're pretty disappointed, hmm?

Kate: He and Lucas were so devastated. In fact, Will was so upset, he decided he didn't want to live with Sami anymore.

Marlena: That must have been very hard for your mom, hmm?

Kate: Well, not as hard as it was for Lucas to accept the fact that Sami was with her ex-husband the night before their wedding.

Marlena: Kate --

Will: I know you're trying to protect me, but I know all about mom sleeping with Brandon and then trying to blame everyone else for what she did.

Marlena: Oh. Wow, Will. How do you feel about all that?

Will: Well, I'm really mad at her for messing up our future. But I still love her, and I'm really starting to get worried about her. She's been gone a lot longer than I thought she'd be. I'm trying to be tough and brave. Do you think mom's ever gonna come home?

Marlena: Oh, I'm sure she is. And when she does, I think she will try to put it together with you and your dad.


Patrick: All right, see how Billieís doing.

Hope: She's got a pulse. She'll come to.

Patrick: All right, I'm going back down for Bo.

Hope: Oh, I wish I could hit you a lot harder than this. Come on, Billie, wake up. Snap out of it.

Billie: [Coughing] What happened?

Hope: Do the words "wild goose chase" sound familiar?

Billie: Oh... it was a trap. Georgia wasn't here.

Hope: Well, we've been down this road before, haven't we? And if you had just stopped to think a minute when you got your last clue, none of this would have hap--

Patrick: Hope! Hope!

Hope: What?

Patrick: I can't get a pulse!


Belle: It must have been really hard on your husband's mother -- raising her kids on her own.

Eileen: It was, but I knew why my husband had to make this sacrifice, and why he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. It's amazing what the women went through back then.

Belle: Wait, "back then"? You're going through it right now.

Eileen: Oh, I know, but at least we have cell phones, e-mails, I can send my husband pictures of the kids. He's never seen the baby in person. She was born after he was deployed.

Mimi: Oh, my gosh.

Eileen: Yeah. I know he's living for the day when he meets her for the first time.

Belle: And when he sees you again.

Eileen: Part of me wishes I could be there with him. I was in the military, too, when we first met. It meant everything to me to serve my country. But at the same time, my family needs me here.

Belle: Of course. But, you know, you've made a huge sacrifice for your country, too.

Eileen: Not nearly as huge as the mothers that are leaving their husbands and children and parents to go over there and fight.

Belle: Yeah, well, I think everyone who makes such a noble sacrifice deserves our -- our support and our prayers.

Eileen: Yeah. That is exactly why I'm here.



Lucas: Aw, man. Those missiles are getting closer to that town.

Shawn-d: Yeah. Let's just pray Brady finds Philip so we can get him and get the hell out of here.

Rex: I'm with you, man. I'm no Marine. I'd like to bail out of here.

Lucas: I know. It's pretty weird being here, huh? It's different than watching it on TV or some -- some movie. All the explosions and the missiles and the gunfire -- I mean, you never know. You never know when a bullet could be coming with your name on it.

Shawn-d: It sure helps knowing that Belle's at home waiting for me.

Rex: Funny, that's what Philipís counting on, too.

Lucas: Come on, man, don't start with him. Don't push his buttons. You guys are lucky, you know? You guys have people waiting for you.

Rex: Look, I -- I know you don't want to hear this, bro, but I seriously think that as soon as we get back home, you need to try and find Sami and forgive her. I mean, if there's anything we've learned about this whole thing, it's that life is short. I mean, come on, I know what Sami did was awful, but is it really unforgivable?

Lucas: Yeah, it is. As far as I'm concerned, it is.

Rex: Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that. I just -- I find it hard to believe that Sami would gamble it all away and sleep with her ex-husband the night before your wedding.

Lucas: Well, maybe she didn't want to get married, huh? Maybe she wanted nothing to do with the marriage, and she knew she'd get caught.

Rex: Oh, come on, Lucas. You know Sami better than that. I mean, she's straightforward. If she didn't want to marry you, she would tell you. I don't know, I seriously think that there is more going on than you know about. I mean, Lucas, come on, aren't you a little worried about her? And no one's heard from her since she left town, have they?

Lucas: No, they haven't, all right? But I'm not worried about her. She can take care of herself. And wherever she is, whatever she's doing, she's probably making a list of all the people who hurt her, trying to figure out how to get revenge.


Sami: Tony, wait. This had better not be some kind of trick. If Philip isn't taken care of, I'm not doing a damn thing to help you.

Tony: I promise Philip will be fed, he'll be scrubbed, he'll be watered, he'll be rested -- he will be in perfect form for the big race.

Sami: That's not funny.

Tony: None of this is funny, and I'm tired of this petty bargaining. My understanding was that you wanted to get revenge on your enemies and to be reunited with your parents.

Sami: I do.

Tony: Then do everything that I am instructing you to do, and I promise you, you'll get both those things and more. You have my word.

Sami: You. You're the one who made everyone in Salem believe that my mother was the Salem serial killer. You're the one who made everyone in Salem believe that all those people were dead, and now you want me to believe that they're still alive? Surprisingly, your word's not good enough. I want proof.

Tony: As a matter of fact, I have proof -- right here... in the palm of my hand.


Shawn: Thanks.

Shawn: Roman... we have so much to be thankful for. I mean, your mother had a -- a good, long life. A good life. But when I think of everything she suffered, I just... she deserved so much better.

Roman: She deserved to come home, pop, and I should have done more. I should have gone back. I should have --

Shawn: No, don't talk that way, Roman. I know that you did everything in your power. We've already spent months mourning your mother and your cousin Colin. And Victor. I just can't believe that she was alive all this time, and we still didn't get a chance to say goodbye. But the good news... is that my son, Marlena... my granddaughter Cassie, and Jack... that they did survive. We just have to count our blessings. I know that Caroline is watching over us from heaven.

Will: Part of the reason mom left town is my fault, because I didn't want to live with her.

Kate: Will, come on. Don't blame yourself for your mother's mistakes.

Will: I said some pretty bad things to her.

Kate: Sweetie, she deserved it. She broke your heart, and she broke your father's heart.

Marlena: Hey. Will... I know... how much you miss your mother, and I know no matter what, you love her with all your heart, don't you?

Will: Yeah, I do. And -- and I know dad's still angry at her, too, but sometimes I hear him talking out loud to himself when he's looking at mom's picture, and I know he still misses her.

Kate: After what she did to him, that's impossible. Believe me, Will, you and Lucas -- your dad -- are better off without her.


Tony: Here. Take a look.

Marlena: You want to share?

Roman: Well, you're damn right I want to share. Absolutely. I'm going to do some --

Marlena: That's mine.

Roman: I want to do some of this Kung Pao chicken.

Sami: Is this now? I mean, how do I know this wasn't taken before?

Tony: Well, it's very recent, but it's not the island. It's not Salem. But I promise you, your parents are alive... and together, which I know will make you very happy, and the sooner you finish this job with me, the sooner you'll be reunited with them.

Sami: I want that more than anything.

Tony: Well... shall we get started, then?

Sami: What do I need that for?

Tony: Because we're in the middle of a war zone. Hopefully you won't need it. But my men will give you all the necessary equipment, including a headset and a microphone so we can communicate when you're out in the field. Also any other equipment you may need. I've covered every possible scenario.

Sami: "In the field"? You mean I'm not going home.

Tony: Oh, no, not yet. So let me tell you what your cover story is and exactly what I want you to do.


Patrick: [Coughs] All right, buddy. This is your best friend Patrick Lockhart. If you don't start breathing soon, I'm going to give you mouth-to-mouth, man. You copy that?

Bo: [Coughs] Get away from me.

Patrick: Yeah, I thought that might do the trick. I'm only trying to save your life again.

Hope: Bo, please, let him help you! You inhaled poison gas! You're very weak!

Bo: Hope. Thank God you're okay. I was worried about you.

Patrick: Come on, let me help you up. Let's get you out of here.

Bo: I'm okay. Get off of me.


Patrick: Let's go, let's go. Let's get you out of here. Hold on, hold on.

Bo: All right.


Patrick: All right. All right. Let's go. Start pulling when I tell you to!

Hope: Okay. Ready!

Patrick: Okay. Now!

Billie: Pull!


Belle: I almost don't know what to pray for anymore, except that everyone gets home safely, and then I'll have to tell Philip that I'm still in love with Shawn.

Mimi: I just had a horrible thought.

Belle: What?

Mimi: I'm sorry. It's not something that you need to hear or even think about right now.

Belle: Then why'd you bring it up? Don't do that, Mimi. What is it?

Mimi: Have you thought about what you might do if only one of them comes back?

Belle: No, I can't think about that right now. They have to come back.

Mimi: I know. That's what I'm praying for, too. But if -- if, God forbid, Shawn doesn't make it, would you stay with Philip? And if Philip doesn't get out alive, would you feel so guilty that you would never be able to totally commit to Shawn?

Belle: Okay, I can't think about any of this right now. All I can do is pray that they all get home safely, and when they do, I'll deal with the rest of it.

Mimi: But you have to know that there's a possibility that as soon as Shawn finds Philip, he'll tell him about you two, and God only knows how Philip will react.

Belle: Stop it. Why are you doing this to me right now?

Mimi: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You know, it's when I get freaked out, I just think worst-case scenario. Like with Rex and me. I mean, I know I'm going to lose him no matter what. If he comes home, I'm going to have to tell him that I lied, and he'll never forgive me. I may even be in jail by then. But I can't even worry about myself right now. The only thing that matters is that they all come home alive, and I would do anything, trade anything I have, make any bargain I had to, to make sure that Rex and the others don't die.

Belle: So would I.

Belle: Please, God, bring them home safely.


Rex: Lucas, I think you're still in love with Sami. And I think that you need to try and do whatever you can to work things out. Because when you truly love someone, you do whatever you can to find a way to forgive them for what they've done.

Lucas: Really. You'd forgive Mimi if she did what Sami did to me? You'd forgive that?

Rex: No, I don't know if I would. It would be hard, okay? But if the alternative was losing Mimi forever, yeah, I'd do whatever I could to try and understand. That's just what you do when you love someone, because the pain of losing someone you truly love is worth doing whatever you can to work it out.

Shawn-d: Thanks, Rex. I'm glad you understand. There is nothing more important than being with the woman that you love and doing anything you can to keep her.

Rex: Look, you know, Sami says she never slept with Brandon, right? And I know it's hard to understand what she was doing in his hotel room the night before your wedding, but maybe she's telling the truth.

Lucas: That mom set her up? You believe that? Don't tell me you believe that crap.

Rex: No, that's not what I'm saying.

Lucas: No, it's stupid, all right? The only person responsible for what Sami did was Sami. I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay? I'm outta here. I'm going to go make sure everything's cool.

Rex: Uh, no. No, dude, no. If you're going to act like a soldier, you got to use the lingo. You're going to check the perimeter and make sure it's secure.

Lucas: Just radio me when Brady gets back, all right?

Rex: Why don't you get some sleep? I'll let you know when Brady comes back.

Shawn-d: Are you kidding? The last thing I need to do right now is sleep.

Rex: Okay, then, why don't you cook us up some food?


Shawn-d: Food -- yeah, that's another joke.

Rex: Oh, God. I swear to God, if we ever get out of here, I am writing the United States Marine Corps, and I am apologizing for us even thinking that we could attempt to do their job.

Shawn-d: Yeah, well, why don't you include in there a little part where you're begging for them not to send us to prison?

Rex: Uh, brig, not prison.

Shawn-d: Are you serious?

Rex: Shawn, cut the light. Cut the light.

Shawn-d: What -- what is it? You see something?

Rex: Someone's coming.

Shawn-d: Who? Is it Brady?

Rex: No, no, it's definitely not Brady, but whoever it is is headed straight for our camp.


Marlena: Well, I find it very hard to believe that Sami did what she's accused of.

Will: Well, dad found her in bed with Brandon.

Marlena: But that doesn't -- we don't have to go there. Let me just say that I find it uncharacteristic of Sami to not have some explanation for something that might have happened. I mean, in this case, she just said that she was innocent, which -- ha ha -- which makes me think maybe that's the truth.

Will: I don't see how.

Marlena: We will see how when she comes home and tells us what happened.

Shawn: Oh.

Marlena: Shawn.

Shawn: I'd best be getting Will home. I mean, there's -- there's plenty more time for visiting in the morning, you know?

Marlena: I'm so sorry about Caroline.

Roman: Listen, pop, uh... tell you what -- Kate and I will walk out with you and Will as soon as we get our things together. Why don't you and will wait for us at the elevator? We'll be right there.

Shawn: All right.

Roman: Okay?

Shawn: Thanks.

Marlena: You big boy. Oh. My love. Come on.

John: You hang in there, kid.

Will: All right. See you later.

Marlena: Well, I'm so glad that... we get to be alone.

John: So am I.


Hope: Take deep breaths.

Bo: [Coughs]

Hope: Slowly, slowly, slowly.

Bo: I got it, I got it.

Hope: Okay, sit right there.

Bo: [Coughing]

Hope: Okay, okay, okay.

Bo: Oh, Hope. Thank God you're okay. I didn't think we were going to make it out of there. How'd you get down into that pit, anyway?

Billie: Bo. Bo, she wasn't down there with you. It was -- it was me.

Hope: I know exactly what happened. Bo was hallucinating. He thought he was making love to me. And what about you, Billie? Who did you think you were making love to?

Billie: Hope --

Hope: Bo, that's who, you bitch. You knew that he thought it was me. You knew it, and you did nothing to stop it!


Belle: Eileen, I hope your husband comes home safely. And soon.

Eileen: Thank you. I hope the same for your loved ones.

Mimi: Thank you.

Belle: Bye.

Mimi: Belle, we have to just try and hold it together. We have to somehow find the strength and faith that that woman has.

Belle: I don't know if I can do that, Mimi. All I keep thinking about is that we may never see them again.


Tony: Yes, I have Sami Brady exactly where I want her doing exactly what I need her to do. Ha ha. Oh, Bart, of course I know you never doubted me. And -- yes, yes, yes, you're right. Samantha will come through. Then my enemies will know pain and suffering, well, like they've never known before. Ha ha ha. That's right. Oh, payback is a bitch, and so is Sami Brady.


Rex: Freeze.

Shawn-d: Put your hands up. Put them on your head now.

Rex: What the hell are you doing here?


Belle: I just miss mom.

Marlena: I miss you, too. Ha ha ha ha ha!


Rex: Some guy just wandered into our camp, said he's a journalist.

Brady: Wait a minute. Do I know you?


Mimi: Jan, it's me -- Mimi.

Jan: Murder


Hope: You're a whore. Don't ever try that again, or you'll be dead.

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