Days Transcript Tuesday 5/3/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/3/05 - Canada; Wednesday 5/4/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Hope: Can't you drive any faster?

Patrick: Hope, I'm over the speed limit as it is. Don't worry. We're gonna find Bo and Billie.

Hope: I just hope we get there in time. How much further to Ogden?

Patrick: Not much.

Hope: I know they've marched themselves right into another DiMera trap. I mean, Tony may be dead, but he's still pulling all the strings. Just answer me this, okay? Why does Bo keep choosing Billie over his own family?

Patrick: Well, Billie is sort of family, too. Georgia definitely is. Look, Bo is just desperate to help Billie find their daughter. Can you really blame him for that?

Hope: I blame him for breaking his promise not to run after Billie again. Bo swore to me that he would stay in Salem to stop Shawn from doing anything stupid. Now Shawn has flown off to a war zone to try to rescue Philip Kiriakis.

Patrick: At least he is not out there alone.

Hope: Yeah, right. I-I... what if they get killed or captured?

Patrick: You can't think like that.

Hope: How could I not? None of this should be happening, Patrick. My whole life is falling apart -- my family, my marriage -- all because Bo chose to be with Billie Reed.


Bo: I love you, Fancy Face.

Billie: [Thinking] I can't help myself. I just... I love you so much.

Billie: Make love to me, Bo.

Billie: [Thinking] I know this is wrong, but I love you so much, Bo. And if we're gonna die down here, I have to be with you one last time.


Bart: If you're into porn, I know a terrific website. You can interact -- that's Bo Brady and Billie Reed. Look at them go. Is this hot or what? That's -- that's okay. We all know how it's gonna end anyway -- some of us. But the good news is that nobody -- nobody in Salem knows that you're still alive, sir.

Tony: The Phoenix always rises from the ashes, Bartleby. And woe to my enemies who dare to try to underestimate me.

Victor: Damn Tony DiMera. I was so sure he died when that castle exploded. The bastard has got more lives --

Caroline: Than a Phoenix?

Victor: We were so close to making it back home when his men caught us.

Caroline: [Groans] If only we had be able to reach somebody by phone, our families would know we're alive.

Victor: But they donít. So there'll be no one looking for us as we go off to God knows where on Tonyís cruise of the damned.

Caroline: Well, at least Marlena and Roman and Jack and Cassie got away. I know that you had problems with Kate, but she's good for Roman. They're good for each other.


Roman: I thought about this all the time in that castle -- being back in your arms, holding you.

Kate: This time I'm not letting go.

Roman: Me neither. It's what got me through, Katie. That and wanting to see my kids again. How's Sami doing?

Kate: Sami?

Roman: Yeah. Well, Tony got the sadistic pleasure out of letting us know the wedding was called off.

Marlena: We don't understand. They were so much in love.

Kate: Well, you know Samiís track record with weddings.

Marlena: What happened?

Kate: The night before the ceremony, Lucas caught her in bed with Brandon Walker.

Roman: Oh, Sami.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh.

Kate: And understandably, he refused to marry her, and she left town in disgrace.

Marlena: With Brandon?

Kate: No.

Marlena: Where is she?

John: Well, no one knows right now.

Marlena: We've gotta do something. We've gotta find her. Will must be devastated.

Kate: Will, I think, over the years, has become used to what his mother's capable of.

Roman: [Stammering] I thought Sami wanted to marry Lucas so the three of them could finally be a family.

Marlena: She must be an emotional mess about now.

Roman: Yeah, when she gets in that state, she's capable of anything. What if she gets into even worse trouble?

Kate: [Thinking] Then it will serve Sami right.


Sami: [Thinking] No, they can't do this to me. I don't wanna die. Wait. Don't you have to give me a blindfold? Isn't that in the Geneva conventions or something?

Man: No more stalling. It's time to die!

Man: What the hell?

Man #2: He's a woman.

Sami: I can explain.

Man: She's a spy sent to infiltrate our organization.

Man #2: Or to rescue Private Kiriakis.

Man: Except now all she's going to be is dead.

Man #2: Forget the blindfold.

Sami: No. Please, no.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Tony: You seem preoccupied, Bart.

Bart: Yes, I'm just going over my list of things to remind you about, boss.

Tony: Ah, yes.

Bart: Number one, Sami Brady.

Tony: Using Sami Brady to exact revenge on my enemies was a stroke of sheer genius. After all, she does think she's acting on her own behalf, which is always the prime motivator for Miss Brady.

Bart: I guess.

Tony: So, what's next?

Bart: Okay. An official apology. I-I-I screwed up at the castle, I know I did. I'm sorry. I should have never let Roman and Marlena and Jack Deveraux and Cassie get away. Still, I did manage to recapture Victor Kiriakis and Caroline Brady.

Tony: Ah, yes, that must have been very difficult.

Bart: Okay, they run slow. But still, two of six is pretty darn... it's bad. It's bad. I know it's bad. And I let our favorite castle go ba-ba-boom.

Tony: Don't worry, Bart, we have plenty of real estate around the world. But as far as our escapees are concerned, returning to Salem will not be as celebratory as they may expect. But imagine all of that excruciating pain that all the loving couples of Salem will be going through. I guarantee it.


Marlena: Well, I guess there's one person who's not unhappy this wedding has been called off. You never wanted them married, did you, Kate?

Roman: Marlena, I'm sure Kate had nothing to do with what happened.

Marlena: Are you?

Roman: Yeah. The night we were married, she promised me that if anything happened to me she would look after Sami. She would protect her and try to do whatever she could to keep her out of trouble. Right, Kate?

Kate: I did my best. I even worked with her to arrange the wedding. The whole thing was going to be a fairy tale.

John: That's a fact. Kate worked around the clock to make that thing happen -- spared no expense, you can't blame her.

Kate: Thank you.

Roman: And thank you. Thank you for keeping your word.

Marlena: Has anybody heard from Sami?

Kate: Um, she left Lucas and will a goodbye letter, but as far as that, no one knows.

Marlena: Did she say where she was going, how long she might be gone?

John: No details at all.

Marlena: Roman, this is bad. This is bad. Her self-esteem is so frail. She could be desperate right now.


Sami: [Whimpering]

Man: Ready. Aim.

Sami: Please. Please don't shoot me. Look, I have a son at home -- a little boy. Well, he's not that little anymore. But he can't lose his mother like this. Please, you must have mothers somewhere. Think of them. And Lucas -- God, I can't -- I have to stay alive. 'Cause no matter what happened, I know we're gonna get married someday. Please. Look, I swear, I was just following orders.

Man: But you don't know who they came from?

Sami: Right. Right, like I told you it was just a voice on the other end of the phone. But, obviously, he sent me to be on your side.

Man: You're bluffing.

Man #2: What if she's not? We could wait.

Man: No. Better to kill her now, not take any chances.

Sami: No, look, our boss is gonna be really angry if you take this into your own hands. We're on the same side.

Man: Who's side is that?

Sami: Anyone's who's pointing a gun at me.

Man: Any final words? Speak up now.


Marlena: Yes, Eric, it is a miracle.

Roman: Yeah, yeah. Well, we can't wait to see you either, son.

Marlena: Bye-bye, sweetheart.

Marlena: Eric is worried about Sami, too. Not only has she lost the dream of a life with will and Lucas, she's lost everybody she can turn to for support -- you and me, and your mother.

Roman: Mom always did know how to calm Sami down.

Marlena: Even when she had those awful tantrums as a child.

Roman: I should have gone back in there, Doc. I should have gone back and searched. After all we all went through, she and Victor don't make it out? Damn it, I should have gone back in that castle and searched for them.

Marlena: You are not superman, Roman. You did all that you could. And, in fact, Jack and Cassie and I owe our lives to you.

Roman: At least Tony got what he deserved. But I still wish... she was my mom. And to die like that?

Marlena: I'm sorry, I know.


Victor: I'm gonna find a way to get us out of here and back home to Salem. And then I'm gonna see to it that Tony pays for everything that he's done.

Caroline: I think it's in God's hands, Victor. In the meantime, it's enough for me to know that my children are safe and happy -- Roman with Kate, and Bo with Hope. Our families will go on. I've had a good life.

Victor: But it's not over yet. I mean, we can't just give up. We can't sit back and live vicariously through our children.

Caroline: When you look at me like that, I feel like I'm 20-something years old all over again.

Victor: I know you vowed to be faithful to Shawn. I just wish I could find a way to show you how much I still love you.


Patrick: We just crossed the Ogden town line. Hope, where'd you just go?

Hope: Just thinking.

Patrick: Yeah, what?

Hope: Nothing, it's crazy.

Patrick: Come on, you can talk to me.

Hope: Bo didn't know this until he was an adult, but Shawn Brady really isn't his father. His mother had an affair with Victor Kiriakis.

Patrick: Yeah, I knew Victor was his biological father.

Hope: Yeah. Bo never likes to think of himself as taking after Victor, but personality-wise, I'd say they have a lot in common. Not exactly conformists, you know? Maybe it's genetics.

Patrick: What? Like a predisposition to being unfaithful?

Hope: I guess that's what I'm getting at, yeah.

Patrick: I'm no biologist, Hope, but I don't think so. I mean, the color of your eyes -- that's one thing, but if I believed that heredity had doomed me to repeat all of my parents' mistakes combined, I'd have given up a long time ago.

Hope: Told you it was crazy.

Patrick: Hope, come on. You know Bo didn't go with Billie to have sex with her. He went off with her because they had a sweater with Georgiaís blood on it. There it is.

Hope: There's Boís car. That must be the house. It looks pretty deserted to me.

Patrick: I wouldn't be so sure.


Bo: You're the love of my life, Fancy Face. No one -- no one could ever take your place.

Billie: [Thinking] Oh, God, this is wrong. I love you, Bo, I always have. And I always will. But you've always loved Hope. I have to respect that. I love you too much not to.

Bo: [Coughing]

Billie: [Coughing] Oh, God. The gas is filling the vent. We don't have much time. Bo! Bo! Bo, come on. Wake up. Bo! No! No!

(Gentle acoustic guitar music)


Marlena: Mmm, I can't wait to see Belle. Tony made sure that we were up to date on her wedding plans to Philip. Um, are they happy? Is that working out?

Kate: Um, no, it's not. Belle has suddenly decided that she's still in love with Shawn.

Marlena: Oh. Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Has she told Philip about that?

John: Philip's unit shipped out right after the wedding. Once he got over there, he volunteered for a dangerous -- and as it turns out, pretty sketchy -- mission 'cause it went south in a hurry, and he was taken prisoner.

Roman: Oh, my God. Kate, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. John, John, what can we do to help?

John: At this point, nothing. I already coordinated an I.S.A. rescue mission. Unfortunately, it was another failure, and now he's being held by some splinter group. We don't know who's heading it up so there's no negotiating.

Roman: Were there any ransom demands?

John: No, but they've made a video broadcast. Philip looked very weak -- very weak, very tired, and he, um, told Belle and me that he loved us, and then he said goodbye.

Roman: John, we gotta do something.

John: I already proposed a foolproof alternative plan, but the I.S.A. rejected it as being too dangerous.

Roman: All right, we'll do it ourselves.

John: Someone beat us to it.

Roman: What do you mean?

John: With Shawnís urging, Rex hacked into my system. He downloaded the plan. Along with Brady and Lucas, they've got the Titan jet, and they're on their way right now to carry it out.

Marlena: Oh, my --

John: That's why we were at the airport. We were trying to stop 'em. We were too late.

Roman: What the hell are they thinking? They're not trained to do that.

John: I know, I know.

Roman: It's suicide.

Kate: Exactly. So I could lose Rex -- Rex and Lucas as well as Philip.

Roman: Kate, you're not gonna lose your sons. And John is not gonna lose Brady. John, there has got to be something we can do to help them -- bring 'em home.

John: I need to fill you in some more. Come here.

Marlena: Oh, Kate.

Kate: Ever since we got the news about Philip, every time the phone rings, my heart just stops. And now with Lucas and Rex...

Marlena: I know, I know. I know, I know.

Kate: It was a miracle that brought roman home to me, but I'm afraid it's gonna take another to bring my boys back home safe to me.

Marlena: Katie, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.


Tony: Kate and John may have gotten Marlena and Roman back to Salem, but that's about the best news they're going to have for a long, long time. You see, I like to turn lemons into lemonade.

Bart: Sir, no matter how many lemons you squeeze into that, it's still gonna be Earl Grey. Just watching you makes me pucker.

Tony: Must you take everything literally? And when are you going to learn that I always have a contingency plan?

Bart: You do?

Tony: I do. Not one, but two aces up my sleeve -- Philip Kiriakis and Samantha Brady.

Bart: What does our hero hostage have to do with Stan the man?

Tony: Turning the tables with a vengeance.


Sami: Oh, God. Please, I have to figure out some way to get you to listen to me. This is worse than when I was stuck on death row and they had me strapped to that gurney and were shoving needles in my arms.

Sami: Lucas saved me at the last minute. He's the man that I love. He's not gonna come save me this time because he doesn't care about me anymore because of his damn mother. And that's why you can't kill me because then she'll win. That's exactly what she wants -- for my son not to have his mother around anymore. Oh, god, worse than that, he's gonna grow up with Kate as his only female role model. Oh, God, please, I know I haven't been a very good person, but -- but I'll change. If you give me another chance, I promise I'll change. I won't think about revenge anymore. I'll just be saint Sami. Mom, daddy, please? I know you're up there. If you'd just put in a good word for me, I promise I'll be the kind of daughter you could be proud of.

Man: That's it. Before I have to listen to any more of this drivel.

Man #2: She's history.

Sami: Mom, dad! God! Someone!

Man: Ready? Aim.

[Telephone rings]


Sami: Oh, God, is that the Governor?

Man #2: Yeah?

Tony: Listen carefully, my friend. You have new instructions.

Sami: Help! Whoever you are, please help me! They're gonna kill me!

Man: Boss? We thought you died.

Tony: Not only am I very much alive, I'm very well aware of what's going on there. That young lady that you and your cohort were about to execute when the phone rang is Samantha Brady.

Sami: Help!

Tony: Now, when she goes undercover, she goes by the name Stan. She was actually telling you the truth -- well, the truth as she knows it. And she does work for me, although she has no idea of my identity. I'm just a voice on the phone.

Man: We had no idea, sir.

Tony: Oh, well, I don't blame you. And I applaud your conscientiousness. But Samantha is much more important to us alive than dead. So no more gunplay for right now.

Man: Yes, sir.

Tony: In addition, I want Philip Kiriakis to be kept alive. I want you to make sure he's got food and water. I don't want him to starve to death, but watch him very carefully. He's very clever. Make sure that his chains are secure, which will eliminate any possibility of escape.

Man: Will do.

Tony: Now, lastly, I want you to be extra vigilant. A ragtag rescue squad is on its way -- four untrained naive young men who think of life as nothing better than a computer game. I want them all captured alive, and Samantha will prove key to that.

Man: Yes, Count DiMera.

Sami: Count DiMera? Let me go! Tony! Tony!


Billie: [Coughing] No. You can't die, Bo. You can't die. I couldn't go on without you. I need you. Georgia needs you. Please, stay with us. Stay.

Hope's voice: Bo, you gotta focus all your energy in staying alive... for me, for our family. No one could ever take your place.

Bo: I'll be here for our family, Fancy Face. Don't you worry.

Hope's voice: I love you, Brady. I love you.

Bo: I love you, too.

Hope: I'm going in.

Patrick: Wait, just let me check things out.

Hope: There's no time. My gut tells me we've gotta find Bo now before it's too late.


Caroline: So you do think that Roman and the others will get safely back to Salem, don't you?

Victor: I'm sure.

Caroline: It was horrible, you know -- the way the DiMeras came between Marlena and Roman. He deserves a second chance with Kate.

Victor: I agree. And since the DiMeras have come between you and Shawn, well, maybe we deserve a second chance, too.


Marlena: Kate, I'm also concerned about John. I know he's putting up a very good front, but how is he really doing?

Kate: John is an incredibly strong man. We've all been amazed by his resilience and his stamina.

Marlena: Yes. When we left the island, he was paralyzed from the waist down. How has he been able to find his way back to walking?

Kate: He still uses a cane.

Marlena: But even so --

Kate: You know as well as I do that when John sets his mind to something... and he was incredibly motivated. He was determined to walk Belle down the aisle.

Marlena: Yes, I'm sure he was. Kate, I'm a doctor. I know how tough that must have been. That must have been excruciating for him.

Kate: Like I said, John's a very strong man.

Marlena: I want to see Lexie. I want to see his chart. Any medication that can handle that kind of pain must be highly addictive.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I tell you, willing myself to walk again was a real bitch.

Marlena: [Laughs]

John: And if I hadn't had a good friend by my side every step of the way, I never would have made it. And now that I've got you back, it's just the best medicine in the whole world.

Roman: Kate... I love you, but I gotta ask you this. Do you know where Sami went, or anything about how she wound up in bed with Brandon that night?

Kate: Why does Sami do anything she does? You're not implying that --

Roman: Kate, come on. We know there was no love lost between you two, so -- look, like I said, I hate to ask this, but you got to tell me the truth. Did you have anything to do with Lucas and Sami breaking up, and does the reason that Samiís missing have anything to do with you?


Sami: Give me that. Tony! Tony! Damn it, you talk to me, Tony!

Tony: Oh, give her the phone, will you?

Man: With pleasure. Let her go.

Sami: Tony, you bastard! Damn it, I should have known you were behind all of this. Why can't you ever just stay dead?

Tony: Ha ha. Oh, I'm so glad to hear you're still so passionate about me.

Sami: You used me.

Tony: No, I gave you exactly what you wanted -- revenge on your enemies. But, Samantha, I have much, much more. But first, quid pro quo. I have a little job for you.

Sami: What kind of job?

Tony: Well, you're very well aware that, um, Brady Black is planning to try to rescue Philip Kiriakis.

Sami: I heard something about it.

Tony: Yes, well, he and your cousin Shawn and a few others are on their way here. I want you to be their welcoming committee.

Sami: Tony, there is no way I am going to help you.

Tony: What? What? After all that I've done for you?

Sami: Oh, like what, killing my parents?

Tony: You just drive a hard bargain. This is the deal. Do exactly as I say, and I promise you I will deliver your mother and father to you alive.


Kate: Why would you think that I would have anything to do with Sami missing?

Roman: 'Cause you hated each other's guts, pure and simple. Kate, come on, I know that you didn't want Lucas to marry Sami. So at the very least, no matter how hard you worked on that wedding, I know that you were happy that it was canceled and even happier when Sami left town.

Kate: Okay, you're right. You're right, I didn't want Sami to marry Lucas, and I was happy when it blew up. And I know she's your daughter, but she's just no good for Lucas, and she proved that. She proved it that night by breaking his heart. Because he was in love with her. And he believed that she had changed. And you don't know how devastated he was when he found her in bed with Brandon Walker -- not to mention Will.

Roman: Ah, man. When in the hell is she ever going to learn? You know, if I told her once, I told her a million times -- a successful relationship is built on trust and honesty. If you got that, you can work through any problem together. If you don't have that, you got nothing. Thank God, you and I understand that.


Marlena: Now, look, I'm not just your wife, I'm your doctor, so come and sit down.

John: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Marlena: Doctor's orders. Come on.

John: Yes, ma'am.

Marlena: All righty. Easy. Easy.

Marlena: All right? All right? There. Now... can I get you something?

John: You.

Marlena: [Laughs] I can't even imagine what kind of pain you were in.

John: I told you, I handled it, thanks to Kate. She was a great help.

John: I'm sorry you had to come home to all this. I thought you both were dead. I mean, that's the only reason that we started moving on.

Marlena: I know. I know. I know. I know.

John: But you're home now. And I want to forget everything that has happened while you were gone. You and me. I never stopped loving you.

Marlena: I never stopped loving you.


Patrick: Hold on, hold on, wait. This is way too easy.

Hope: What, you think we're being set up?

Patrick: I just -- I'm getting a bad feeling here. Let's take it nice and slow.

Hope: Bo? Billie?

Patrick: I'm gonna look around upstairs, okay? You stay down here and look.

Hope: Okay.

Patrick: If you see anything suspicious, you yell.

Bo: I love you, Hope. I've never loved anyone the way I love you.

Billie: [Thinking] A part of him loves me, too. I know he does.

Hope: Did you find them?

Patrick: No, nothing.

Hope: Wait a minute.

Patrick: Hope --

Bo: Hope. Hope.

Hope: That's Bo.



Caroline: Victor, I canít. I'm a married woman. Married in the church. Those vows are forever.

Victor: I know --

Caroline: I broke those vows once. It was my choice, but it hurt Shawn so much that I swore I'd never do that to him again.

Victor: One of the things I adore most about you, Caroline, is your loyalty to the people you love. You make it seem so easy.

Caroline: It's not! I-I just -- I've seen what infidelity can do to ruin a relationship. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone.


Billie: Bo...

Hope: Can't be.

Billie: Yes. Oh, God.

[Bo and Billie moaning]

Hope: Where are they?


Patrick: Aha.

[Gas hissing]

Patrick: Some kind of trap door.

Billie: Bo... yes...yes...

Hope: No.


Marlena: [Chuckles] Whew.

John: I know that you would never be unfaithful to me.

John: What's wrong? Don't worry. The kids are gonna be fine.

Marlena: How can you be so sure?

John: Because you taught me to believe in the power of miracles, and the power of love.

Marlena: But there are limits, John. There are --

John: I don't think so. Just look at the four of us. A couple hours ago, this was impossible. Now here we are, united with the ones that we love.

Marlena: I do love you. And I believe in you. I always have. I believe in us. I believe in us.

John: That's why we all just have to keep the faith here. We have to believe that there's gonna be a happy ending to the rest of this.

Marlena: I want that. I want that more than anything.

Roman: John, you're absolutely right. I may have lost my mother, but I'm not gonna lose anybody else I love. And I got you back. I got Cassie back. And I promise you that Rex, Lucas, Philip, Shawn, Brady -- they'll all come home safe.

Kate: You really believe that?

Roman: John and I will see to it. And then I'm gonna find Sami, wherever she may be, and bring her back home to us.


Sami: How could you bring my parents back? It's impossible. They're dead.

Tony: Well, the dead have been known to rise again, Samantha. You just have to have faith... and follow my orders, and I promise you I will reunite you and your son with your parents.

Sami: I would do anything to have my mom and dad back, and for will to have them back. He misses them as much as I do.

Tony: Well, then the choice is obvious.

Sami: All right, I'll do it. Whatever you want, Tony, I'll do it.

Tony: Excellent.

Sami: I swear to God, Tony, you had better not be lying.

Tony: Oh, I'll deliver -- right after you do. Oh, Samantha, will you help me? God, I tell you, my plan's gonna work out perfectly. And all the good people of Salem, they just won't know what hit them.



Patrick: We have to get them out.

Hope: Are you kidding me? They were just having sex like there was no tomorrow. Like hell I'll get them out of there. They can rot in hell for all I care.


Shawn-d: Philip is counting on us, and so are a lot of other people.


Mimi: Do you think God will answer our prayers?

Belle: He has to.


Sami: Well, Tony, answer me. Do we have a deal, or not?


Marlena: I've got to tell you something.

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