Days Transcript Monday 4/18/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/18/05 - Canada; Tuesday 4/19/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Shawn-d: You haven't told us who we're supposed to be meeting here.

Brady: I just hope he shows.

Shawn-d: The three of us are enough. Hell, I would go over there and rescue him myself if I had to.

Brady: Shawn, we already agreed my dad's plan is a good one. It requires four men, and even with four, it's gonna be pretty risky.

Shawn-d: We're wasting time. We should be on the plane right now.

Rex: I know we're all anxious to rescue Philip, right, but this whole thing without a fourth man could unravel. John has planned this operation down to the minute -- practically every move.

Shawn-d: Okay. How do you know we're even gonna be able to talk a fourth person into coming with us? And how do you know that we could trust him?

Brady: Lucas. Thanks for coming, man.

Lucas: Your message said it was important.

Brady: It is.

Lucas: What's up?

Brady: We're going to attempt to rescue Philip...

Lucas: What?

Brady: And we need your help.


Caroline: Gin.

Victor: I don't know why I play cards with you.

Caroline: Because there's not much else to do around this place. Want to hear the score?

Victor: I have a feeling if I say no, you're gonna tell me anyway.

Caroline: 127 for me... 19 for you.

[Both laugh]

Caroline: Another hand?

Victor: Hey, I'm a glutton for punishment. Do you smell smoke?

Victor: Now that you mention it...

Caroline: Oh, my God. The carousel is on fire.


Roman: Okay, there's got to be some way out of here.

Jack: Think, think.

Roman: All right.

Cassie: We're gonna die.

Roman: No! Listen to me! Nobody's gonna die. Doc, you and Cassie stay close behind me.

Jack: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I got an idea. It's not great, but it's worth a try.

Roman: Give it to us, Jack. We don't have a lot of time.

Marlena: When Tony went in that hole, I'm hoping he went straight to hell. I hope that he roasts in eternity.


Jack: Please. Don't say "roast."

Bart: Count D.! Tony! Come on, there's no time to play hide-and-seek here now. Holy gaping holes! Well, this is no good at all. That falling beam must have knocked Count D. two floors down to the dungeon. Man. He's surprised me before, but there is no way the Phoenix can rise from the ashes this time.


Jennifer: Okay. This looks good. This place looks really, really festive, don't you think? Yeah, yeah, it could use a few more balloons. I agree. All right, and then we'll be done. A few more balloons, we'll be done. The Bensons are gonna bring Abby home. Mrs. Anderson is upstairs with Jack Jr. She's gonna help me with him during the party. We've got everything under control. I cannot wait to see Abbyís face when she walks through that door. Patrick, hey, I am so glad you're here, 'cause I've been talking to this lamb, and I'm getting really scared because I think he's starting to talk back.

Patrick: Jen, listen --

Jennifer: You don't think these decorations are childish, do you?

Patrick: Jen, listen.

Jennifer: What's wrong?

Patrick: I've got bad news, okay? Really bad.


Man: We could break it right here, right?

[Voices overlapping]

Man #2: It's coming loose. Watch it.

Man: Here it goes.

Billie: Hey. Chelsea. Don't you worry. Everything's gonna be okay. The paramedics are here, and they're gonna take real good care of you, okay? Chelsea? Chelsea? Hey, help! Somebody come over here! She's stopped breathing. I was just talking to her. She passed out. She's not breathing. Ooh.

Billie: Okay, Chelsea. Come on, Chelsea. Hang in there, Chelsea.

Man: I'm sorry.

Billie: What are you doing? Why are you stopping?


Mimi: I am done letting you blackmail me, Jan. It's over.

Jan: You wish. As long as I'm breathing, babe, you've got major problems. The second I tell Rex you aborted his kid, he is not gonna be your fiancť anymore, and you know it, so I've got the power, not you.

Mimi: I love Rex, and I won't lose him because of a psycho like you who keeps men in cages. When Shawn finds out that you kept him in chains all last summer, Jan, I would be very, very afraid.

Jan: Damn you!

Mimi: [Gagging]

Jan: Oh! Oh!

Mimi: [Coughing]

Jan: Oh!

Mimi: Oh... Jan? Oh, come on. Oh, wake up. Wake up, wake up, wake up. Why ask me about Jan?

Belle: Yeah, we're just here to see how she's doing.

Tek: It was Dr. Carver's idea.

Mimi: It was?

Tek: Yeah. For some reason, she thought you'd be the person mostly likely to know who'd want to hurt Miss Spears.

Mimi: How do I get myself into these messes? If Jan wakes up out of her coma and tells Tek I'm the one who attacked her, I'm dead.

Bonnie: Which is why you need to 86 those gifts, girl, and get the hell out of Salem.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Jennifer: Patrick, you're scaring me. Just tell me what's wrong. It's Gram, isn't it? It's gram.

Patrick: No, it's not. Um... Jen, it's Abby. She was in an accident.

Jennifer: Abby?

Patrick: She was in a car accident with Chelsea and her parents. It was a total fluke. Billie and I were the first ones on the scene. We called for help.

Jennifer: What? She was in a car accident?

Patrick: Yeah. The driver of the other car was drunk.

Jennifer: Oh, dear God.

Patrick: The paramedics were arriving when I left. The reason I'm here is I didn't want you to hear this on the phone, okay? The driver of the other car -- he died at the scene.

Jennifer: Oh, no.

Patrick: But when I left, everyone else was safe. They're alive.

Jennifer: It's bad, right?

Patrick: Yes, it's bad.

Jennifer: Take me to Abby.

Patrick: What about Jack Jr.?

Jennifer: He's fine. The neighbor's upstairs. We'll call her from the car.

Patrick: Fine. We'll meet them at the hospital, okay?

Jennifer: Okay, hurry, hurry!


Billie: Why did you stop the C.P.R.?

Man: Because she's -- I told you, it's too late.

Billie: Don't say that.

Man: It won't do you any good.

Billie: She is too young to die.

Man: Okay, well, I understand you're upset, but --

Billie: Look, if she is hanging anywhere between life and death, she's going to choose life, trust me. Come on, Chelsea. Come on, baby, don't you give up. If you won't, I wonít.

Man: Please, ma'am --

Billie: No. Come on, Chelsea, come back to me. Come back to me, Chelsea. Do you hear me?

Man: Please, ma'am --

Billie: Chelsea. Come on, Chelsea.

Chelsea: [Coughing]

Billie: Oh, thank god.

Man: God. You did it.

Billie: She did it. I told you she wanted to live.

Lexie: Billie!

Billie: Oh, Lexie, thank God. Thank God.

Lexie: I'm Dr. Carver, University Hospital.

Man: Oh, you just missed a miracle. Doctor, she was gone, and then this woman here brought her back.

Lexie: Good work, Billie. I'm a doctor. I'm gonna check you over. And then we'll get you to the hospital as soon as we can, okay, sweetheart?

Billie: Okay. Okay.


Mimi: Why are you still here?

Bonnie: Never mind that. What are you doing back here? Are you out of your mind?

Mimi: What do you mean?

Bonnie: Don't you realize that coming back here makes you look guilty as hell? Look at you standing there with that stupid balloon -- give me that. Hey, have a balloon.

Woman: Thank you.

Bonnie: And a box of chocolates for Jan Spears, your archenemy?

Mimi: Uh, news flash, mom -- I am guilty, remember? I'm the reason that she is in here fighting for her life.

Bonnie: Please.

Mimi: Now what are you doing?

Bonnie: No way am I letting you waste these yummy drugstore chocolates on the likes of Jan Spears... not that she has much of a hankering for sweets now, anyway. Mmm, mmm... mocha cream hazelnut, if I'm not mistaken. [Gasps] Baby, have one.

Mimi: No, thank you.

Bonnie: Oh, you don't know what you're missing. Ever since Maggie the cat moved back in the house and cost me my sacrileges with Mickey, I haven't had a sinful pleasure like this since Christmas.

Mimi: Well, I'm glad one of us is happy.

Bonnie: Oh, jeez, honey, I'm sorry. I can see how stressed out you are, but I'm serious about you being here. Honey, you watch "Law & Order." The perp always returns to the scene of the crime.

Mimi: Will you shut up, mom? And for your information, this isn't the scene of the crime, and I am not a perp! I swear to God, what happened was an accident.

Tek: I think it's time you told me the truth, Mimi.


Lucas: Wait a minute. Back up here for a second, all right? The three of you are going to try to rescue Philip?

Brady: With your help, yeah, we're gonna try. Do you wanna come?

Lucas: Look, man, I want my brother back more than anybody. But how are the four of us gonna find him, let alone bring him back? I mean, isn't that a job for the military or the I.S.A.?

Rex: We can't wait for that, Lucas. We have to find Philip now.

Brady: We have our hands on a very detailed plan.

Rex: One that we think will work.

Shawn-d: Okay, you know what, if you don't want to help us, we'll find another way.

Lucas: I didn't say that, all right? I can see you guys are fired up about this, and I think it's great you guys want to do something, but, come on, where do I come in?

Brady: It's my dad's plan. It calls for four men. Each one of us will have a very detailed assignment.

Lucas: Wait, wait, did John Black leave you this?

Brady: Not exactly.

Rex: No, I hacked into his computer and downloaded his files.

Lucas: You did what, Rex? I told you about that, man.

Brady: Look, look, at first, I didn't like it, either, but when I found out that my dad submitted the plan and the I.S.A. turned it down, I figured it was fair game for us to use.

Rex: Lucas, here's an outline of the mission and its objectives.

Lucas: All right, fine. You know what? I just got one question before I decide to jump in.

Rex: What?

Lucas: If this plan is so freakin' great, how come the I.S.A. shot it down?


Victor: [Coughing]

Caroline: Here, here, here. I don't think this is working!

Victor: No... the smoke is still coming in.

Caroline: Maybe we should break the glass so we don't choke to death.

Victor: I don't think that's a good idea.

Caroline: Why not?

Victor: Because the back draft will make the situation even worse. [Coughing ] Well, I'm willing to risk it. How about you?

Caroline: Yes.

Caroline: You're right. It's worse. It's worse!

Victor: Damn that Tony DiMera! There's not even an emergency alarm in here! Hey! Somebody! Tony! Guard! This room is filling with smoke. Let us out of here!



Jack: Quick! Grab this! Wrap it around yourselves!

Roman: That's it? That's your idea?

Jack: Hell, yeah! You take this, wrap it around your shoulders, and run through the flames as fast as you can!

Roman: No, it's cloth! It'll catch on fire, damn it!

Jack: It's the only chance we've got! I'm gonna go first, so I'll make sure it's safe. And I'll make sure we can get the hell out of here!

Roman: All right, hey, now be careful!

Jack: All right. Wish me luck.

Roman: All right, go!

Jack: Aah!



Mimi: The truth about what?

Tek: Jan Spears.

Mimi: I don't understand. You said you wanted to talk to me about what happened to Jan because we were roommates. I don't know anything more than I already told you. Why would you think I did?

Tek: Your friend Belle said the acrylic nail we found near Miss Spears looked just like yours.

Mimi: Yeah...

Tek: Yeah, was it?

Mimi: I told you it wasnít.

Tek: Oh, you sure about that?

Mimi: Look, I didn't attack Jan.

Tek: So then why do I keep finding you here? Oh, and I see you come bearing gifts this time. That's very sweet of you.

Bonnie: Oh, here. Have one.

Tek: No thanks.

Bonnie: Oh, please, you don't know what you're missing. Just one bite, come on.

Tek: You wouldn't be trying to bribe an officer of the law, now, would you?

Bonnie: Since when is it a crime to offer an officer a piece of candy? I just figured you work very hard protecting and defending, and you probably skipped your din-din. Your sugar must need a boost. It'd probably do wonders for his mood, too.

Mimi: Mom --

Bonnie: Hey, you don't like sweets? Why don't you come to Aliceís for a free warm meal? We love to give our boys in blue the full service treatment. Or is that against the law now, too?

Mimi: Mom --

Tek: I don't know exactly what we're talking about here, and I don't think I want to know, so let's get back to my original question.

Bonnie: Which was?

Tek: Why are you here to see Jan, Mimi?

Mimi: Look, Jan was my roommate. That doesn't make us best friends, but I feel bad for her, okay?

Tek: So you feel bad for a woman you hate and who, by all accounts, hates you?

Mimi: Jan has no friends or family. I just can--

Bonnie: Mimi, you don't have to explain yourself to him. Now, come on.

Tek: She's right. You don't have to talk to me, at least not yet. But, see, you'd save the taxpayers a whole lot of money if you just told the truth.

Bonnie: Oh, please, the truth is, my daughter doesn't know anything.

Tek: Then why don't you let her speak for herself?

Mimi: Why are you trying to pin this on me all of a sudden?

Bonnie: Mimi, do not say another word. If Mr. Kramer here keeps bothering you, I will be forced to call my husband. You do know who Mickey Horton is, don't you? Believe me, he will put a stop to this.

Tek: If that's supposed to scare me, it really doesnít.

Bonnie: Well, it should. Because if you keep bothering my daughter, I will sue you and the entire damn Salem P.D. for harassment.

Tek: I gotta tell you something, Ms. Horton, I don't take any more kindly to threats than I do to bribes.

Bonnie: And I don't take kindly to bullies. Now, either you have something on my little girl or you donít. Which is it?

Tek: I'm gonna give you a straight answer, which is more than I'm getting from you. Not only do we have evidence that Mimiís involved, but we are about this close to charging her with attempted murder. And you better pray that Miss Spears doesn't die, because then I'm gonna have to drop the word "attempted."


Patrick: You okay?

Jennifer: A drunk driver... you know, when I was editor of the "Spectator," I used to send reporters out to cover accidents, you know? And they'd write their story, and I'd run it, and I'd go home and have dinner. I mean, I felt bad for the people involved, you know? I just -- I never thought I'd be living this, Patrick.

Patrick: It happens more than you think. A cousin of mine was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago.

Jennifer: Was he okay?

Patrick: Well, he survived the accident.

Jennifer: Was he okay?

Patrick: He's in a wheelchair, but, um, you know, he's doing okay.

Jennifer: Gosh, with all the publicity about drunk driving and these tougher laws, why does this keep happening? That poor idiot driver -- now he's just a statistic. Oh, God... God. My little girl might be one now.

Patrick: It's okay.


[Police radio chatter]

Billie: Listen, Chelseaís going to be okay, Mrs. Benson, all right? You just -- you hang in there just like your daughter, okay?

Mrs. Benson: Thank you. Thank you for your kindness to my little girl.

Billie: Hey, she and Abby are good kids.

Mrs. Benson: Do you have children of your own?

Billie: I have a daughter. She's about Chelseaís age.

Mrs. Benson: I'm sure she loves you very much. It's easy to see you'd make a wonderful mother.

Billie: Thank you for saying that. But, listen, you have to stop talking, okay? You need to relax. Dr. Carver's on her way, all right? Okay.

Lexie: She's hypertensive. Her pulse is thready. Keep her warm. Don't give her anything to drink.

Billie: How is she doing?

Lexie: She's clammy and disoriented. I'm worried about internal bleeding. We need to get her to the trauma center A.S.A.P.

Billie: They should've sent another ambulance. Abby's on her way to the hospital. We need at least two more.

Lexie: Okay, I think I can do something about that. Jim Gordon owes me a favor. Commissioner Gordon. This is an emergency. It's Dr. Lexie Carver. Commissioner, I need your help in a hurry. I am on highway 86 just south of town. There's been a bad car accident. I need two ambulances right away. I'll hold.

Billie: Hey, Chelsea... you hang in there. You're gonna be okay.

Chelsea: Mom? Is that you?


Brady: Lucas, technically, the I.S.A. only tabled my dad's plan. I'm sure they'll give it another look.

Shawn-d: But by then, Philip could be dead.

Lucas: You guys have no idea how dangerous this is.

Shawn-d: Of course this is dangerous.

Rex: Okay, Lucas, Lucas, I did a risk assessment of the whole operation. It's definitely doable.

Brady: The plan calls for four men. Quite frankly, Lucas, we do need you.

Shawn-d: If you don't want to help us, we'll find another way.

Lucas: I didn't say that. I didn't say I didn't want to help, all right? You guys have weighed the risks. You're determined to do this. It's the first I've heard about it. Give me a chance to think for a second, okay?

Brady: All right.

Lucas: What's gonna happen? What's gonna happen if none of you make it back? What if you're killed? What's gonna happen to the people you leave behind, huh? Especially the women you love.


Caroline: [Coughing]

Victor: Here. Here's a wet towel. Put that over your nose and your mouth. It'll make breathing easier.

Caroline: I don't think anyone is coming, Victor.

Victor: You can't lose faith, Caroline. Tony's got to remember that we're here.

Caroline: Oh, as if he cares! He probably set this fire himself.

Victor: He didn't keep us locked up here all this time to let us die this way. Someone will come. And if they don't, at least you and I are in this together.

Caroline: Yes. Yeah, we are. And that's -- that's a big comfort to me, Victor.

Victor: I feel the same way.

Caroline: Besides my faith, you being here with me -- it gives me all the strength that I need to face whatever happens.


Bart: Tony! Where are you, Tony? Could the Count be down for the count? Kiriakis and the old lady. I better evacuate them from the castle before they both get 86'D.


Roman: Jack! Jack, can you hear us?

Marlena: What was that noise? Something might've fallen and knocked him unconscious. We've gotta do something, Roman.

Cassie: Dad, you can't just let him die.

Roman: Don't worry. I'm not gonna let that happen.

Marlena: Roman, be careful.

Cassie: No, dad!

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. You listen to me. It's gonna be okay. We're getting out of here.

Cassie: You don't believe that any more than I do.

Marlena: I do believe that, Cassie. Your daddy won't leave us here. He will not do that.


Marlena: [Gasps] Roman! Roman, what happened? Are you all right? Roman!

Roman: [Groaning]

Roman: [Coughing]


Bonnie: I don't care for your attitude, Mr. Detective. All this talk about how much evidence you have. I think you've got bupkes.

Mimi: Mom, cool it, okay? I'd like to hear exactly what Detective Kramer was talking about.

Tek: What I'm talking about is that acrylic fingernail we found near Miss Spears -- the one that you denied was yours. It just happens to match the nine other nails we retrieved from your garbage can.

Bonnie: Hold on here just a damn minute. You went through my daughter's trash?

Tek: Police work ain't always so, uh, pretty.

Bonnie: And sometimes, it's stupid. Like right now. So you found some nails with the same polish on them or something. So what? It doesn't mean that the nail you found on Jan was Mimiís. And even if it was, it sure doesn't mean Mimi was anywhere near Jan when she tripped and hit her head.

Tek: What makes you think she tripped?

Bonnie: I just assumed.

Tek: Right.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm.

Tek: I'll be in touch. Oh, and, uh... don't either of you two leave town, okay?

Bonnie: Oh, I'll call my travel agent. The queen Mary 2 will just have to sail about right here.

Tek: Good, good. Because I'm gonna be getting a warrant to search Jan Spears' house. Who knows? I might find more evidence to pin this on whoever -- you know, whoever might've done this. You two have a nice day.


Mimi: What am I gonna do now? I may as well just turn myself in.

Bonnie: Just get a hold of yourself. He's bluffing.

Mimi: Mom, Jan keeps a diary. She writes everything in it. And she hates me so much, you can bet I'm on every page. Let go of me, Jan!

Jan: Damn it, Mimi.

Mimi: What?

Jan: Shawn is my fiancť. And you come in here, pushing him to leave me and be with Belle?

Mimi: That's the way it should be.

Jan: I'm warning you --

Mimi: They belong together, Jan.

Jan: No, they donít. And from here on out, you're gonna do everything you can to keep Belle and Shawn apart. Or else. Aah! Get off me! Get off of me! Damn you, Mimi Lockhart! Let me outta here! Let me out! You're not gonna get away with this. I'm gonna tell Rex what you did.

Mimi: Fine! Fine! Tell him! Tell him whatever you want! I can't live with the guilt anymore!

Jan: If Shawn and Belle get back together, you're not gonna want to live anymore. Let me out! I'm suffocating in here!

Mimi: Oh, well, now you know how it feels, huh? God. Jan, when I think about what you put Shawn through last summer, keeping him locked in that horrible cage...

Jan: Am I supposed to be scared?

Mimi: This is a real gun, you idiot, and I've got it.

Jan: Ooh.

Mimi: I'm keeping you in my sights until Belle and Shawn get here, and then I'll fill them in on all the insane stuff you pulled over the last summer.

Jan: I'm not insane.

Mimi: Oh, no, of course not. Why would I think that, just because you kept Shawn locked in a freakin' cage all summer?

Jan: Your boring lower-class mind can't understand a passion like Shawn and I have. It's wild. There are no rules. The cage was all part of that. That's where we went to satisfy each other. You know, why am I even explaining this to you? You just don't get it.

Mimi: What I get is that you kept him here like some kind of sex slave, which makes you a very sick chick.

Jan: Oh, well, if you think I'm so wacko, you're not scared I'm going to take that gun from you, are you?

Mimi: If you make a move, I'll -- I'll seriously wound you.

Jan: Ha ha ha. You have always been such a wuss, Meems. You can't even pretend like you're going to kill me.

Mimi: Come any closer, and I will. I will kill you.


Mimi: [Gasps] How could you have done that to someone you say you love?

Jan: Shawn was my love slave, you idiot. He liked being tied up. Ask him if we didn't have the greatest sex ever.

Mimi: Oh, God. You're a lunatic, Jan! But you know what? It's over. It's finally over. Because the whole truth is gonna come out today before Philip leaves. And, you know, I am sorry that Philip is going to be hurt, but Belle and Shawn are gonna get back together, and you had better get used to being locked up, because you, my dear, are going to jail! Mom, if Tek finds the diary, I'm finished... with the police and with Rex, too.

Bonnie: Not necessarily.

Mimi: What do you mean?

Bonnie: Tek can't find that diary if we find it first. Let's go, come on. Go!


Jennifer: Excuse me. My name is Jennifer Deveraux. Can you tell me what room my daughter is in? Her name is Abby Deveraux.

Patrick: Yeah, she was in a car accident.

Mary: I just came on duty. I'll check for you. Here we are... Abby Deveraux. I'm sorry, she's in surgery.

Jennifer: What? Surgery for what? Doesn't the parent have to give permission first? Please, I have to know what happened to my little girl.

Mary: Just take a seat. I'll see what I can --

Jennifer: No, I am not gonna sit in this waiting room and read some two-month-old magazine while my daughter is on the operating table and I don't even know what's wrong with her.

Mary: I'm sorry, Mrs. Deveraux, but I don't --

Jennifer: Let me talk to Lexie Carver, please.

Mary: I know you're worried. Please, I'll see what I can find out.

Jennifer: I just want some answers! Can't you understand that?

Patrick: Come on, come on, the nurse is just doing her job.

Jennifer: My grandfather built this hospital, and my brother was Chief of Staff. And if I have to throw my weight around to find out what's wrong with my little girl, I will.


Man: Yeah, we're worried about his leg.

Lexie: Yeah.

Billie: Uh... it's not your mom, honey. It's Billie Reed. But your mom's here. The paramedics are with her.

Chelsea: Is she okay?

Billie: She's gonna be fine. She just needs to rest right now. Otherwise, she'd be here holding your hand.

Chelsea: Is Abby okay?

Billie: Abby's on her way to the hospital. We're just waiting on two more ambulances to take you and your mom and dad to the hospital.

Chelsea: My dad... is he with my mom?

Billie: Your dad's still in the car, but the firemen are doing everything they can to get him out.

Chelsea: Wait, my dad's trapped in the car?

Billie: Shh, it's okay. They're gonna get him out. Don't worry, okay? Don't worry, shh...

Chelsea: They're gonna be okay, right?

Billie: The paramedics and the firemen are doing everything they can.

Lexie: Okay, no more talking, all right? You just try to relax.

[Sirens wailing]

Lexie: Oh, the ambulance is here.

Billie: Well, looks like your clout with the Commissioner worked.

Lexie: Yeah, they finally got Mr. Benson out of the car. I just hope it's not too late.

Billie: Well, he's alive.

Lexie: Yeah, but he's in really bad shape. So are his wife and his daughter. I just wish help had gotten here sooner.

Billie: Oh, damn you, Hope. [Thinking] If you hadn't hung up on me when I called Bo for help... I swear, if anybody dies, it's gonna be on your head.


Lucas: No, I'm serious. Have you thought about the women in your lives? I mean, do they even know what you guys are up to?

Brady: Nicole knows.

Lucas: I can't imagine she's too happy about it, is she?

Brady: No, she's not. But she also understands that I can't let Rex and Shawn do this alone.

Lucas: What about Belle, huh? I mean, I can't imagine Belle is too supportive of this... even though I have no idea what's going on between you two. I don't know if you're back together or what -- she's still married to my brother.

Shawn-d: We love each other, but we're not back together.

Lucas: Yeah, but you will be, if Belle gets a chance to talk to Philip, right?

Shawn-d: Where are you getting this, from your mother?

Lucas: Leave my mother out of this. It's got nothing to do with mothers, you got it?

Shawn-d: None of us know what's gonna happen when Philip gets back.

Lucas: Why don't you be honest, man? The only reason you're so gung ho to find my brother is because you're in love with his wife, admit it!

Shawn-d: That's not the only reason.

Lucas: You know she's too decent of a person to betray him while he's overseas, right?

Shawn-d: Okay, do I hope this is gonna work out between the two of us? Yes. But that is not the only reason that I want to bring Philip back. He is family, in case you forgot.

Lucas: Yeah, right, right, he's family. Tell me something, what happens if this crazy Rambo plan of yours goes haywire, and you and Philip both get killed, huh? What's gonna happen to Belle then? How is she gonna deal with that? Rex, you really thought about this, man? Have you thought about Mimi -- what it's gonna do to her if you don't make it back?


Victor: Thank you for getting us out of there.

Caroline: So, what is next? That fiend that you work for -- is he gonna lock us up the next time?

Bart: First of all, you're welcome. Second of all, if you're referring to count DiMera...

[Coughs] I don't know where the hell he is, but I'll tell you one thing -- when I find him, I'm gonna tell him that you said "fiend." All right, come on, let's get out of here. This way!


Roman: [Groaning]

Marlena: Roman!

Roman: [Coughing]

Marlena: What happened?

Cassie: Daddy!

Marlena: Roman, what was that noise? Roman, are you all right? Roman! Jack! Anybody, please!

Jack: All right! Help is here!

Marlena: Oh, my gosh, where did you come from?

Jack: I found a way out -- down the stairs and through a tunnel.

Cassie: We thought you were --

Jack: Dead? No way. Very much alive. We're getting the hell out of here. Where's Roman?

Marlena: He went looking for you, Jack. We haven't seen him since.

Jack: I'll find Roman, you two head down that way, we'll meet outside.

Marlena: Please be careful.

Jack: I will.

Marlena: Cassie, come on.

Jack: Go on. All right. We'll be all right! Oh, my God. I hope I find him in time. Aah!


[Bonnie and Mimi bickering]

Bonnie: Open, open, open.

Mimi: Shh, shh!

Bonnie: Close it, close it, close it. Okay, if I were a diary, where would I be hiding?

Mimi: Shh, shh, shh!

Bonnie: I'm guessing somewhere near Janís bed. A nightstand or something. Meems, where's the bedroom?

Tek: Upstairs.

Mimi: What was that? I just heard something.

Bonnie: I asked you where the bedroom was.

Mimi: No, no, no. I heard -- I heard a voice.

Bonnie: Please.

Mimi and Bonnie: Aah!

Tek: Mimi Lockhart, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Jan Spears.


Rex: Lucas, have I thought about Mimi? Of course I have. I can't stand being apart from her. And am I aware that I could die? Sure, we all plan on coming back, Lucas. You know me. I wouldn't get into something if I haven't thought through every possibility. Now, if I didn't think we could get in there and bring Philip back home safely, I'd say so. Ask Shawn. When he first brought this idea to me, I told him he was crazy. I mean, this is war. We should leave it to the military.

Lucas: Yeah, so what made you change your mind?

Rex: Researching maps, I mean, the internet, finding out why the first rescue attempt failed... but the clincher was getting John's plan, and then knowing that we got Brady on our side.

Lucas: I respect you, Rex. I respect your decision-making ability, but... and, you know, Philip is our brother.

Rex: Yeah, and the fact that he could be out there facing God knows what -- it's hard for us to just sit back and do nothing.

Lucas: Yeah, I know that. Here's where I'm coming from. Now, you and Shawn stand to lose the most, because you guys got women in your lives. All right? Belle and Mimi -- I mean, it doesn't happen every day. Brady and I -- we've already lost the women. Chloe's dead, and Samiís God knows where. She's out of my life for good. The only concern I really have right now is my son.

Brady: Look, Lucas, we can't make this decision for you, obviously. If you can't do this because of Will, we respect that. We could just really use your help.

Lucas: I don't know, Rex. This research you did -- I mean, this really convinced you? I mean, you really think we can do this?

Rex: Shawn, show him the topographical map. All right, Lucas, look. This is very, very rugged terrain.

Lucas: Yeah.

Rex: But if we enter over this route, we can do it.

Lucas: I know I could help. I know I could help with this. It's just -- it's my son. It's Will. He's got his grandmother and the rest of his family to look after him, but...

Brady: So you're saying you're in.

Lucas: Yeah. Let's go get my little brother and bring him home.

Brady: Let's do it.


Cassie: [Coughing] Where are they? What if they don't come out?

Marlena: We have to pray for Jack and for your dad.

Jack: [Coughing] Roman! Roman. Come on, come on. Come on, I know you're awake. Come on, you're all right, man. Come on, come on, come on. We have to get out of here!

Roman: My leg.

Jack: Your leg. Just a second. Here we go. Just let me -- ready? I'm gonna pry it. Come on! Come on! You can do it.

Roman: Aah!

Jack: Come on!

Roman: Aah!

Jack: Aah!

Bart: We're almost there! The castle doors -- oh, my God!


Lexie: Mrs. Benson in trauma 1, Mr. Benson in trauma 2. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Take a liter of saline. Cross-match for transfusion. Come on, let's go, let's go.

Billie: Oh, God, please let Abby be all right.

Billie: Lexie, what is it?

Lexie: I'm sorry. We lost her.

Jennifer: No. No. Oh, Lexie, no, not my baby! Please! Not my baby!


Tek: You wanted Jan out of the way so you could keep Rex in the dark about your lies.

Mimi: I hated her, and I wanted her dead.


Sami: You mean about as much to me as a $2 whore.


Cassie: They're dead, or they will be very soon.


Billie: Hope wouldn't let me talk to you. She told me to leave you alone and hung up on me. So if anyone's responsible for this tragedy, it's her.

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