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By Eric
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Marlena: Roman, make love to me.

Roman: Doc.

Marlena: I need to feel safe. I need to feel loved... the way you always made me feel in the past.

Roman: Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure?

Marlena: I'm sure. I'm sure, I'm sure.


Kate: Oh, my God. That was...

John: Amazing.

Kate: Good morning. I bet you could use some coffee and some breakfast.

John: Oh, that sounds good. Smells good, too.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

John: Thank you.

Kate: About last night --

John: We're gonna find Philip. It's a guarantee.

Kate: Thank you.

John: No, thank you... for everything. How the hell did I get so lucky?


Shawn-d: So, how 'bout it, cuz? Philip is your brother. Are you really willing to sit here in Salem and let his captors determine his fate? And I'm not gonna lie to you. I certainly could use your expertise.

Rex: I'm in.

Shawn-d: Good. Let's just hope Brady’s willing to play ball.

Rex: Hey, how's Jan doing?

Belle: Well, she's still unconscious, and the police still haven't figured out who did this to her.

Shawn-d: Wow, well, I guess it's a good thing that I have an alibi.

Belle: You? Why would you say something like that?

Shawn-d: Are you kidding me? After everything that Jan did to me this summer -- keeping me locked in that damn cage? If the cops knew about that, I'd be a suspect for


Belle: Well, me, too, if you look at it that way.

Shawn-d: Ah, well, you know, let's face it, we all had major issues with Jan. I think everyone who knew her did, so I guess we all could be suspects, couldn't we?


Brady: With this ring, I thee wed. It will be with me every single day of my life until we are finally reunited in heaven.

Nancy: That was a lovely sentiment, Brady -- to be married to someone in heaven through all eternity.

Brady: I really wish I could have married her on earth.

Nancy: So do I. Brady, can I ask you a question?

Brady: Sure.

Nancy: If Chloe were alive, and she came back to you today, what would you do?

Nicole: Oh, my God. This can't be happening.

Chloe: Nicole --

Nicole: No, no, no. It can't be. You're dead.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.



Brady: Nancy, why would you ask me that?

Nancy: Brady, just answer me. If -- if Chloe was alive and she came back to you today, how would you feel?

Brady: Nancy, she's gone! She's never coming back.

Nancy: Humor me, Brady, okay? Just answer the question.

Brady: All right. If Chloe were still alive, by some miracle, of course I would want to be with her, Nancy. She was the love of my life. She always will be.

Nancy: That's what I thought.

Brady: But Chloe is dead, Nancy. I'm sorry, but she's dead. And I need to move on.

Nancy: With Nicole?

Brady: Nicole has been wonderful for me.

Nancy: You are breaking my heart, Brady.

Brady: Nancy, I'm sorry, bu--

Nancy: Look, Nicole Kiriakis is a liar, a manipulator, and a whor--

Brady: Stop it! I don't need to hear that from you. I don't need to hear that from anybody.

Nancy, I get that you don't like her, but she's changed since you and Craig left Salem.

Nancy: Women like Nicole Kiriakis do not change, Brady. Oh, they'll pretend to change just to get what they want.

Brady: You know what? I'm sorry, we cannot have this conversation now. We're too emotional. We're gonna say something that we're gonna regret.

Nancy: Then let me remind you, Brady, that beautiful women can have ugly souls, whereas plain women -- even women that some people think are ugly -- are beautiful beneath the surface.

Brady: Chloe had both kinds of beauty.

Nancy: Yes, she did. Which one mattered most to you, Brady?

Brady: What?

Nancy: Which one meant more to you -- Chloe’s physical appearance or her inner beauty?

Brady: I loved all of Chloe, everything about her. I know you think with Nicole it's all about her looks, but you're wrong. Underneath, Nicole is a very good person.

Nancy: It sounds to me like you're trying to convince yourself.

Brady: No, I'm not trying to convince anybody. Look, I have so much respect for you, but I don't owe you an explanation.

Nancy: Brady, Nicole is playing on your grief. Can't you see that?

Brady: You know what I can see? I can see a very patient and caring person in Nicole. She's been a Godsend. She has helped me deal with Chloe’s death, among other things. And believe me, I have not made it easy on her. She's always been there for me. So I am -- I am ready to make the same kind of commitment to our relationship and our future as she has.

Nancy: No, Brady --

Brady: Nancy, I'm sorry.

Nancy: Brady, you can't do that. You would be betraying Chloe. You just can’t.

Chloe: She was so scared that she fainted. Was it the shock of seeing me alive, or seeing my hideous face? Well, I can't leave until I make sure she's all right.

Nicole: Ow.


Roman: So, how long you been awake?

Marlena: A while.

Roman: Why didn't you wake me?

Marlena: You had a long night. You were exhausted.

Roman: Doc, last night was very special.

Marlena: Yeah, uh, Roman --

Roman: We -- we reconnected in a way that, uh, well, I didn't really think was possible after all these years.

Marlena: Well, that came out of our mutual need for some comfort and some support.

Roman: That was part of it, no doubt about it. But all I can say was that it meant a lot to me.

Marlena: It meant a lot to me, too. Roman, that can't happen again.


Kate: While, um, you were on the computer, I was upstairs on the phone taking care of things at Basic Black.

John: Truly amazing -- not only kept basic black up and running, but you got it growing the whole time while I've been -- well, for lack of a better word -- out of commission.

Kate: You know I'm going to do whatever I can to help you.

Kate: And if that means going to the office and taking care of things, that's what I'm going to do because right now you need to be concentrating on two things -- ending your addiction to the painkillers, and helping finding my son.

John: Speaking of which --

Kate: What? Did you come up with something?

John: Yeah. I'm excited about this. Take a look.


John: Oh, damn it. That's not it. Oh, my God. Roman and Marlena are alive. Look at this. But, look, Katherine, they're alive.

Kate: No, that can't be true.

Marlena: You're wasting tape.

John: I suppose you'd say the same thing to Scorsese.

Marlena: Is this really necessary?

John: No, it is. I'm preserving this date for prosperity.

Marlena: Shoot what's-his-name. Shoot him.

Roman: "What's-his-name"? What's your name? Get over there. Turn to her. She's the guest of honor, Dr. Marlena --

John: I'm sorry, Kate. That's something I shot a long time ago.

Kate: I remember. I was there.

John: I didn't mean to call it up. I must have -- I must have hit the wrong key or something.

Marlena: John, I shouldn't have gotten you that.

John: Let me put it down here and make sure we can see everybody.

Roman: Don't break it.

John: There we go. There we go. Okay. Because it's not every day that my wife gets honored as University Hospital physician of the year.

Marlena: Why are you making such a big deal out of this?

John: It is a big deal.

Kate: Oh, it most certainly is.

Roman: See, we all agree.

Marlena: This is just so embarrassing, that's all.

Roman: Well, we are just very, very proud of you.

John: And proud deserves a celebration.

Roman: Yes, absolutely.

Kate: Ta-da! Ta-da, ta-da!

Roman: All right. You're good, you're good.

John: Come on, come on. Bottoms up.

Marlena: What am I gonna do with all of you?

John: To the best damn doctor in all of Salem, and the best wife in the whole world.

Roman: Aww. All right. Here we go.



Shawn-d: When someone is attacked as brutally as Jan was, the police naturally are gonna suspect anyone who had bad blood with the victim.

Mimi: Well, like you said, I mean, with Jan, that could cover just about anyone.

Belle: Yeah, but the eyewitness said the attacker was a woman, right?

Shawn-d: Probably a woman.

Belle: Well, that pretty much lets you off the hook, then.

Mimi: Unless you were in drag last night.

Rex: No, Mimi, come on, this is serious. No matter what any of us think of Jan, she didn't deserve this. I mean, whoever did this should be caught and punished.

Mimi: Well, what if it was just an accident or self-defense?

Shawn-d: Well, in that case, why wouldn't the person she argued with just come forward?

Rex: Shawn's right. If this person's innocent, they would have stayed and explained what happened, not run away. Something is definitely not innocent here.

Belle: Well, Tek was at the hospital asking a lot of questions.

Shawn-d: He's a good detective. He'll be able to find whoever did this. Unless -- do you think he really didn't have any leads, or could it just have been that he didn't want to make his information available to the general public?

Mimi: Okay, you know what? I don't wanna talk about Jan anymore. The whole thing creeps me out. Belle, you didn't tell Shawn and Rex about Philip.

Shawn-d: You have information about Philip? Why didn't you say something?


Brady: Nancy, I want you to know, I will never get over losing Chloe. And I know you won't either. I'm sorry you have to go through this. But all of these what-if questions about Chloe still being alive, they're gonna drive you crazy. Chloe is gone. Now, I've accepted that. And I think you need to as well. Now that we've said our final goodbyes, I think you should take Chloe’s ashes home. I hope today brings us the closure that we need. We should probably go. Do you need a ride?

Nancy: No, thanks.

Brady: Thanks for asking me to be here. It meant a lot to me. Come on.

Brady: Nicole? Oh, my God, what happened?

Woman: Apparently, she fainted.

Brady: Are you okay?

Nicole: I... I saw Chloe.

Brady: What?

Nicole: She was here.

Brady: You saw Chloe. Where?

Brady: Chloe, wait.


John: I'd forgotten all about that video. I had it on there so I could edit it, and then everything started happening, and I never got around to it.

Roman: All right, come on, you two beautiful women, look at me -- all right, here's the cake.

John: Happy doctor of the year to you way to go, Doc. Happy doctor of the year

Roman: That's it. All right, put it down there on the piano. Here we go. Here we go. All right. Blow those candles out! Go get 'em.

John: Yeah!

Marlena: Oh, no!

Roman: Wait a minute. What kind of effort is that?

John: Huff and puff and blow the house down.

Roman: Oh, man.

Kate: No, you don’t.

John: That's cheating.

Roman: Hey, that is not fair.

Kate: Yay! You did it.

Marlena: I didn't ruin the cake, did I?

John: Always thinking -- another reason she's physician of the year!

Kate: I wanna know -- who got those trick candles?

John: The clown that sold 'em -- I mean, I plead the fifth.

Roman: Well, Doc, I hope you made a wish.

Marlena: It isn't my birthday. I don't get to make a wish.

John: Oh, yes, you do. And because it's not your birthday, you have to tell us what it is.

Marlena: Oh, all righty. I-I wish that, um, the four of us could be friends for so many more years to come, and that we're always as happy as we are today.

Roman: I will drink to that.

Marlena: I love you all so much.

John: Ah, we love you, too.

Roman: Congratulations.

Kate: To good friends and good times.

John: God, we were happy back then.

Kate: I know. I don't know if we'll ever be that happy again. I mean, how could we with Roman and Marlena gone?


Roman: Doc, I can see you're feeling guilty about last night. Please don’t.

Marlena: I'm married to John. And you --

Roman: I am married to Kate. And under normal circumstances, I would be feeling guilty as hell myself, but, Doc, this isn't normal. We don't need to apologize. It's understandable that we would turn to each other for comfort.

Marlena: That was more than comfort. That intimacy brought up feelings from our marriage -- passionate feelings.

Roman: Am I supposed to feel bad about that? Because I don’t.

Marlena: We crossed a line. We are in dangerous territory.

Roman: Doc, we have been in dangerous territory. We are in Tony DiMera’s castle, cut off from everything and everybody we know. If we hadn't had each other, I'm not sure we could have survived this for a minute. Our feelings for each other are the only damn things that we had to hang onto.


Shawn-d: Come on, Belle, what's this news about Philip?

Belle: Well, on our way back from the hospital, I called my dad, and he says he's come up with a new way to rescue Philip.

Shawn-d: Well, did he give you any details?

Belle: Just that it's gonna be a smaller operation than the last one, maybe three or four special agents. Anyway, he's really excited, and he thinks he's gonna get it approved by the I.S.A.

Shawn-d: That's great. Do you think you can hack back into the web site, see what the plan is?

Belle: You know, I don't think that's a very good idea. If my dad thought we should know more, he would have told us. He was really upset when I told him that you hacked into the site before.

Shawn-d: How else are we gonna know what's going on? Rex can do it so we can't get caught. Right, Rex?

Rex: Pretty sure.

Mimi: Well, I'm thirsty. I'm gonna get a soda. Does anyone want one?

Belle: Yeah, I do.

Shawn-d: Covert operation for three or four agents? That's perfect for us.

Rex: There are only two of us, Shawn.

Shawn-d: Which means we can be less conspicuous. Come on, let's look at this plan. If it's a good one, we can be on our way to rescue Philip before John Black or anyone can stop us.


Brady: I'm so sorry. I thought you were somebody else.

Woman: It's all right. If you'll excuse me...

Nicole: I'm feeling much better.

Woman: You still look a little pale.

Nicole: No, I'm fine. Thank you for the water.

Woman: If you're sure you feel all right, I should go back inside.

Nicole: Yes, of course. Brady, did you find her?

Brady: It wasn't Chloe.

Nicole: Yes, it was. It was definitely Chloe. Only she was scarred really badly. She looked like the way she did in the closet at the mansion.

Brady: Nicole, I checked that out. You thought some sweatshirt hanging on a hook was Chloe.

Nicole: No, Brady, I didn't imagine this. And you know what? I don't think I imagined that, either.

Brady: Look, Nicole, when you fainted, you probably hit your head really hard.

Nicole: Brady, don't talk to me like I'm crazy, okay? I saw her. I saw Chloe.

Nancy: Look, um, I have to be going. I want to thank you for coming. Even you, Nicole. I'll see you, Brady.


Nancy: Chloe? Chloe!

Chloe: Mom, I'm here.

Nancy: Chloe, why didn't you show yourself to Brady? It was the perfect opportunity. Did you see the ring that his mother gave him, the one that he's supposed to put on the finger of the girl that he's going to marry?

Chloe: Yes, I saw it.

Nancy: Then how could you let him put it in this urn? It should be on your finger.

Chloe: Stop it! I couldn't let Brady see me like this. I won’t. Do you understand that? I won’t.

Nancy: Chloe, I --


Nicole: Brady, I want to ask you something, but you can't look at me like I've lost it, okay?

Brady: Okay.

Nicole: Is it possible for the dead to come back to life?


Marlena: Roman, I love you. You know that. And I know that you love me, too.

Roman: And I always will, Doc. Doc, we didn't do anything wrong.

Marlena: But we did. We can't behave like husband and wife. I am -- I am married to John. And you -- you're married to Kate.

Roman: But we also have desires, and who in the hell knows how long we're gonna be here? Which doesn't mean I'm giving up. Because I am bound and determined to find a way to get us back home.

Marlena: When we do get home, I don't know how in the world we explain to John and Kate that we made love.

Roman: John and Kate made love, too, Doc. Do you remember that? We saw them on that damned monitor that Tony brought in, and he knew what that would do to us, seeing them together.

Marlena: But it's different. They think that we're dead. We know they're not. They did not break their marriage vows. Not knowingly, anyway. We did. And that's exactly what Tony wanted us to do.

Roman: Well, being locked up all this time, it's been hell on both of us.

Marlena: Yes, it has.

Roman: And that -- that is the reason I'm not gonna apologize, Doc. Because I don't see a damn thing wrong with us comforting each other. You needed me, I needed you.

Marlena: Yes, I did -- in the moment. And now we're just trying to rationalize that. I don't know how we will ever explain to John and Kate that we made love.

Roman: Then we won’t.

Marlena: What?

Roman: If -- when -- we get back to Salem, we won't tell them.

Marlena: Are you saying that you want me to lie to my husband? Are you planning to lie to Kate?


Kate: Tell me the truth.

John: About?

Kate: Your heart still belongs to Marlena, doesn't it?

John: And your heart still belongs to Roman, doesn't it?

Kate: That doesn't mean that we can't have a future together. It's just that... Roman and Marlena were a big part of our lives.

John: They still are.

Kate: And that's not gonna change... is it?


Belle: Did you find anything?

Rex: This guy is good. He's got firewalls on top of firewalls.

Shawn-d: I thought you said you were good, too.

Rex: Back off. I'll get in. It's just gonna take some time.

Shawn-d: All right, all right. Cool.

Belle: Hey. You're awfully quiet.

Mimi: How are they doing?

Belle: Well, nothing yet. How are you doing?

Mimi: Tell me the truth, Belle. Do you think the cops will find out that that was my nail? Am I gonna be arrested?

Belle: Look, I don't want to upset you, but we know that Jan was threatening to tell Rex about the abortion. That's all she'd have to say to police to have them look at you as a suspect.


Roman: No, Doc. I wouldn't lie to Kate, and I wouldn't expect you to lie to John -- at least not outright. What I'm saying here is this -- when we get back to Salem, do you really think our loved ones are gonna ask us what the hell we did or didn't do in this castle? No. They're just gonna be damn grateful we're still alive. And I also doubt very, very much that they're gonna be real eager to tell us how intimate they got while we were gone.

Marlena: So we just commit a lie by omission, is that it?

Roman: No. No. We do what makes sense. We all put this nightmare behind us, and we all move on with our lives.

Marlena: And you think we can do that?

[Faint scraping]

Marlena: What?

Roman: Shah. Do you hear that?

[Scraping continues]


John: Kate, getting all dark like this isn't doing either one of us any good. Now, I deal in facts. And the fact is, Roman and Marlena’s gone, and we need to move on with our lives, which brings me to the business of finding your son.

Kate: You're right. You're right. We have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, don't we?

John: There you go.

Kate: So, what do you have planned?

John: I've plotted out a new detailed strategy on locating Philip. It's simpler. It's better thought out this time around. I'm just waiting for feedback from the I.S.A. But this time I have proposed no more than four highly trained operatives. The emphasis is on speed and surprise.

Kate: But do you think Shawn is still planning to do something along these lines?

John: Ah, he'd be a damn fool if he tried.

Kate: Yeah, but that's not exactly answering my question, now, is it?

John: Good point.

Kate: Damn that little bastard. He's not interested at all in saving my son. He just is interested in winning Belle back. He wants Philip found and he wants him saved so that when Philip comes back into town, Belle can break his heart.


Nicole: Don't look at me like that, Brady. I am serious. Can the dead come back to life?

Brady: Nicole, you know the answer to that. Of course not!

Nicole: Well, then how do you explain me seeing Chloe?

Brady: Nicole, you obviously saw somebody who looked like her -- the same person that I just saw.

Nicole: No, no, I am serious, Brady. I saw her. Not someone who looked like her. Chloe Lane. She was standing there right in front of me. And when I came to, she was leaning over me.

Nicole: Oh, my God. This can't be happening.

Chloe: Nicole --

Nicole: No, no, no. It can't be. You're dead.

Brady: Nicole, it's your mind playing tricks on you, and it's probably my fault.

Nicole: Why do you say that?

Brady: I know it hurts you when I talk about Chloe. I saw your face when I put my mother's ring in Chloe’s urn and said how I can't wait till the two of us are married in heaven.

Nicole: Yeah, you're right. That hurt.

Brady: I don't mean to hurt you, Nicole. I don’t. It's just that Chloe and I -- we have a very deep connection. But that doesn't mean that there can't be a future for us, okay?

Nicole: Are you sure about that?



Chloe: For God's sakes, what are you doing now?

Nancy: It's a beautiful ring. And it obviously meant a lot to Brady. I just want to make sure that he has it when it's time to put it on your finger.

Chloe: After everything you've said, I'm surprised you think there's even a prayer of that happening.

Nancy: Chloe, I just said that your chances were getting slimmer. Every day that he spends with Nicole, they get closer and closer -- not to mention the nights.

Chloe: There's nothing more that I want than to marry Brady, and I think I've finally found a way to make that happen.

Dr. Weiss: Miss Lane, I understand you wanted to see me.

Chloe: Yes. I want to have that radical surgery we talked about.

Nancy: Chloe!

Chloe: I want you to fix my face to look the way it did before the accident. You said it was still possible.

Dr. Weiss: Possible, yes, but as I told your mother, there are no guarantees. I need to tell you exactly what's involved so that you can then decide if this is really what you want to do.

Chloe: Well, it is.

Dr. Weiss: Well, let me finish. Um, there are serious risks involved. I mean, first there's the danger that another infection will develop after the surgery.

Chloe: I understand.

Dr. Weiss: And once we start, there's no turning back, as each step is contingent upon the next step. We can alleviate some of your pain, but you will still be in a great deal of discomfort. Knowing all this, are you sure you want to proceed?


Brady: Nicole, I am really glad that you were here with me today.

Nicole: Really?

Brady: Yes. I know that the service was sad, but it was really important, not just for Nancy and me, but for you.

Nicole: Why for me?

Brady: Because you got to see that I can finally put Chloe behind me and move on with my life.

Nicole: Yeah, until you meet up and marry her in heaven.

Brady: Nicole...

Nicole: Okay. Don't worry. I'll take my chances on what happens in heaven. What matters to me is that I get a commitment from you in the here and now.

Brady: I hear you.

Nicole: And?

Brady: After today, I think I might be able to do that very soon.


Nancy: Dr. Weiss, about these risks -- could you elaborate, please?

Dr. Weiss: This is an extremely delicate surgery. It can't be rushed. After each stage, we must take time for proper healing. If we move too fast, the disfigurement could be permanent. Given your history, I'm afraid the risks are considerable.

Chloe: The only risk I care about right now is losing the man I love. I want to go ahead.

Nancy: Chloe, I think we should give this some thought. Talk to your father. Get a second opinion.

Dr. Weiss: You are welcome to do that. I'd be happy to recommend a surgeon in Chicago.

Chloe: No, Dr. Weiss. I trust you, and I want you to do the surgery. And I want you to start as soon as possible.

Nancy: Chloe, you're determined to do this.

Chloe: Yes. And I understand the risks. I want to go ahead.


Roman: Doc, come here. Somebody's digging.


Marlena: Do you think it's Tony’s men?

Roman: No. No, I don't know why they'd be digging. Listen. Listen. It's getting louder. It's getting closer.

Marlena: Roman, I can hear it. I can hear it.

Roman: Doc! Doc, I think this could be it. I think somebody's coming after us.

Marlena: You think so?

Roman: Yes, I do think so. I think we are finally gonna get out of here.

Marlena: Oh...oh... oh...


Mimi: There are only three people who knew about Jan blackmailing me -- my mom, you, and that creepy guy I told you about. Oh, my God. You're not thinking I could be the one who did this to her.

Belle: No. I don't think you tried to hurt Jan. I just don't want you to get in trouble for keeping information from the police. Mimi, don't you see what's happening? You are so worried about Rex finding out about your abortion that it's making you paranoid about everything.

Mimi: Maybe you're right. If she wakes up out of that coma and says I'm the one who attacked her, what am I gonna do? Even though I didn't do it. And you know she hates me enough to lie about it, just like when she accused you of causing her miscarriage even though you had nothing to do with it.

Belle: Yeah, well, I completely understand, but, look, Jan is gonna want the police to find the real attacker, which means that she's gonna have to tell them the truth. Besides, you have an alibi. You were with your mom at Alice’s, right? So you have nothing to worry about.

Shawn-d: How much time do we have?

Rex: Depends. If John Black's not online, we're okay. If he is, he could notice there's been a breach, and then we're toast.


John: Come on, Kate, do you really believe that? Hmm?

Kate: The important thing is to find Philip and to bring him home.

John: That's a fact. My plan's gonna do just that. It's foolproof. In fact, I should have heard from the I.S.A. by now. What the hell?

Kate: What? What is it?

John: Something's going on. Come on.


Shawn-d: How we doing?

Rex: Keep your fingers crossed. A few more minutes, we should have it all.


Mimi: No, mom, I'm going to confess.

Bonnie: I couldn't live if my baby girl was in jail.


Roman: They're through.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh!


John: Kid's a hothead. You never know what he's gonna do.

Belle: Are you comparing Shawn to Tony DiMera?


Shawn-d: Excellent work. We are gonna get Philip out of that hellhole.


Hope: Time for him to make a choice -- me or his ex. He can't have us both.

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