Days Transcript Monday 4/11/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/11/05 - Canada; Tuesday 4/12/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Rex: Shawn, listen to me. We are a couple of untrained civilians. Before we go parachuting or sneaking off into some war zone, I want to know exactly what your plan is to rescue Philip, and I want to know how the hell you think you're gonna finance this.

Shawn-d: Well, that part's easy. We're gonna get the money from Brady Black.


Nicole: Didn't Nancy say this was supposed to be a C.D. of Chloe’s voice?

Brady: Yeah, that's what she said.

[Piano music playing]

Nancy: [Thinking] What in the world is going on? Where's the vocal?

Chloe: Oh, my God. The voice audio isn't working. What if someone tries to come here and fix it?

You're the wind

blowing through me

so strong

I can't catch my breath

you're the sun

below the horizon

I'll never feel

your warmth again

Nicole: Finally. Someone should've told Chloe that intro was way too long when she recorded it.

Brady: That's no recording.

Nancy: [Thinking] That isn't the C.D. It's Chloe. Oh, no matter what she says, she wants Brady to know the truth. Thank you, God. Now please let Brady figure it out.

Brady: Little eerie, Nancy. That doesn't sound like a recording. Sounds like Chloe’s actually here performing live.

Nancy: Because she is, Brady. Chloe is here... in the church with us.

Chloe: And it's lonely

so lonely

you're the wind

blowing through me

so strong

I can't catch my breath

you're the sun

below the horizon

I'll never feel

your warmth again


Bo: Hope, you have got to get over this thing you've got about Billie and me. What we had was over a long time ago. Hire someone else to help Billie find Georgia. Do that for me, and I'll believe that you're over her.

Bo: Georgia isn't just Billie’s daughter. She's mine, too.

Hope: That's it. You know what? You're sleeping on the sofa tonight because I don't want some man in my room or in my bed obsessing about another woman.

Bo: You're the one obsessing about another woman.

Hope: Why is that? Thanks to you, she's in our lives, she's in our house, and she's still coming between us.


[Pan clattering]

Hope: Oh, you're awake.

Bo: Am now. Quite an alarm clock you got there.

Hope: You're usually up way before this.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: That sofa must be very comfortable.

Bo: Not as comfortable as our bed. Hey, look, Fancy Face, this is a new day. Can we have a new beginning here?

Hope: It's up to you.

Bo: Look, if it seemed to you like I was overreacting when I found Billie in bed with Lockhart, it's just that I --

Hope: It's just exactly what I said it was last night. You still have a thing for Billie.


Jennifer: Hey, coffee's ready if you want some.

Patrick: Oh, after my run, thanks.

Jennifer: Patrick. What happened to your back?


Mimi: Why ask me about Jan?

Belle: Yeah, we're just here to see how she's doing.

Tek: It was Dr. Carver's idea.

Mimi: It was?

Tek: Yeah, for some reason, she thought you'd be the person most likely to know who'd want to hurt Miss Spears.

Mimi: I am done letting you blackmail me, Jan. It's over!

Jan: You wish. As long as I'm breathing, babe, you've got major problems. The second I tell Rex you aborted his kid, he's not going to be your fiancé anymore, and you know it. So I've got the power, not you.

Mimi: I love Rex. And I won't lose him because of a psycho like you who keeps men in cages. When Shawn finds out that you kept him in chains all last summer, Jan, I would be very, very afraid.

Jan: Damn you! Don't mess with me!

Mimi: [Coughing]

Jan: Aah!

Mimi: [Coughing]

Jan: Oh! Oh!

Mimi: Jan? Oh, come on, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up.

Belle: Tek, why would Lexie think Mimi knew anything about what happened to Jan?

Tek: Well, she said they'd been roommates recently.

Mimi: Sort of.

Belle: So there still aren't any leads?

Tek: Well, so far, only this.

Belle: Hey. That looks like your acrylic nail, Mimi.

Tek: Hmm.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Chloe: You're the words

I've never spoken

and the heart

that's still broken

you're the hurt that stays

till the end

I'll never hold you


Brady: Nancy, what do you mean Chloe’s here?

Nancy: Brady, she's alive. And that voice is Chloe’s. She's with us... right here in the church.

Brady: Nancy, this... is an emotional day for both of us.

Nancy: No, Chloe is here singing with us.

Brady: It's Chloe’s voice. And Chloe is here... in spirit. Nothing more.

Nancy: No. You don't understand, Brady. She is alive. She's here. She's in the sacristy, and she's singing with the recording.

Chloe: With a hurt

that stays till the end

never hold you

I'll never hold you


Nicole: Well, I know what my next donation to St. Luke's is going to be earmarked for. Let me see. Well, no wonder the voice and music didn't sound like they were coming from the same place. The fader and balance are totally messed up.

Brady: Nancy, I know it sounded like Chloe was really singing, that the voice was not part of the C.D. but think about it. It was a glitch in the sound system or something.

Nancy: No, it is not a glitch in the C.D. Chloe is here. She's in there. You've got to believe me.

Brady: Nancy, Chloe is dead. I'm sorry. Chloe's dead. That's why you're here -- to say goodbye to your daughter. That's why I'm here -- to say goodbye to the one true love of my life.

Nancy: Okay, Brady. If Chloe is the one true love of your life, then you tell me exactly, where does Nicole fit in?


Bo: Of course I have feelings for Billie. I was married to her. We have a child together. But you are the woman I'm married to now. You're the woman that I love. Billie's the past.

Hope: And you've moved on?

Bo: Of course I have.

Hope: Then why do you have such a problem with her moving on?

Bo: I don't have a -- I don't know how many different ways I can say this. I have a problem with her moving on with Lockhart. We both know that he worked for the DiMeras. And once you're hooked in with them, you're hooked in for life. And I don't want him ruining Billie’s life. And... he could be the one person standing between me and my daughter.

Hope: Patrick aside, Billie’s a grown woman, and you know what? It's time she started acting like one. She needs to find herself, make her own mistakes, build a life without you interfering with her all the time, and she's gonna start by finding her own place, effective immediately.

Bo: That's fine with me. But Judge Shay released her on the condition she'd be staying here.

Hope: That was when there were no other alternatives. You know what? There is an alternative. Call uncle Mickey, and I'm sure he can talk to the Judge and work something out.

Bo: Well, you can't be too angry if you're cooking breakfast for us.

Hope: Oh, don't confuse things. I'm not making anything for us. I already had my cereal hours ago. I'm going for a run.

Bo: Oh.

Hope: Yeah, you're on your own.

Billie: Morning.

Bo: Yeah, morning.

Billie: Here, let me help -- [Gasps] Oh.

Bo: Nice.


Patrick: I, uh, I didn't realize I scratched my back.

Jennifer: Mmm.

Patrick: Oh, yeah.

Patrick: Uh... you know, I must've scratched my back working out. I was doing squats up against the garage wall.

Jennifer: Oh, well, it looks like it hurts. Let me get you some peroxide.

Patrick: Oh, no, it's fine.

Jennifer: Well, okay. Well, have a good workout.

Patrick: Oh, yeah, did you talk to Abby this morning?

Jennifer: No, I didn’t. She's still asleep. Why?

Patrick: Oh, well, she and Chelsea were at Alice’s last night.

Jennifer: What? She snuck out again?

Patrick: I guess so.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. I am going to kill her. Well, thank you for bringing her home.

Patrick: Don't thank me. Thank my mom. She insisted.

Jennifer: Patrick, listen, I wish you would've called me. I mean, Abby is my responsibility. You do not have to be her truant officer, and your mother is not a taxi service.

Patrick: Hey, she was happy to do it.

Jennifer: No, but that's not the point. Abby knows that I did not want her going out again. You know, she would never do this to Jack. She would never defy him. He could always get her to listen, and she would understand. So why can't I do that with her?

Patrick: You know, she's going through a phase. She'll come around.

Jennifer: You know, Patrick, when I was a teenager, my grandmother would always say, "oh, I can't wait till you grow up and have a rebellious child of your own." And you know what? She got what she wished for, because now I understand.

Patrick: Well, I mean, you grew out of it, right? So will Abby.

Jennifer: No, but what if she doesn't? Some kids don't, Patrick.

Patrick: She'll be fine.

Jennifer: You know what? I just can't do this. I need Jack. It is so overwhelming to do this alone sometimes, Patrick.

Patrick: Jen, come on. You're doing a great job with Abby and Jack Jr. It's gonna be fine, you know? And besides, you're not -- you're not alone. I'm here.


[Door opens]

Hope: Hey, good morning.

Jennifer: Hey, good morning.

Hope: Good morning.

Patrick: Morning. Uh, I'll see you after my run.

Jennifer: Thanks again, Patrick.

Hope: Oh, my God. Did you see his back?

Jennifer: Yeah. He hurt it working out. It must've been a pretty hard workout.

Hope: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, it was. It was so hard that he and Billie broke the bed in our guest room.


Rex: What makes you think Brady’s going to finance your mission, huh?

Shawn-d: Because he's loaded. And because he would do anything to make his sister happy, as would I, and nothing would make her happier right now than to see Philip home alive.

Rex: Shawn, we are talking about a lot of money, even for Brady.

Shawn-d: Okay, then, they can take an advance against my inheritance that I'll receive once they settle grandpa Victor's estate.

Rex: What you're talking about is illegal.

Shawn-d: Are you backing out?

Rex: No, I'm just asking you to look at the big picture. Look, if the Marines or the I.S.A. have not gone back in there, maybe they've got a good reason for waiting.

Shawn-d: Or maybe they're giving up.

Rex: No way.

Shawn-d: Look, I don't know why they're waiting, and I realize what I want is illegal, but I do not have a choice. Every hour that goes by, it's less likely that those bastards that are holding Philip are going to release him. Now, they are expecting military action. They are not expecting you or me. That's why we need to go in there, Rex. We have to do this for Belle and for Philip.

Rex: All right, look, I've pinpointed the exact location where Philip’s broadcast originated from. See? Now, according to the department of defense, that area is not a hot zone. But it is still extremely rugged terrain. Shawn, we will never make it in and out of there alive without some serous equipment. Not the kind of stuff you can run down to the mall and buy. I really think we should consider something else.

Shawn-d: If you don't want to join me, that's fine. Just give me the technical and logistical data to support me, and I will do this alone. Because nothing is going to stop me from rescuing Philip.

Rex: Not even Belle?


Mimi: I used to have acrylic nails like this. But I cut them off.

Belle: You did?

Mimi: Yeah. Well, Belle, with everything that you've been going through since Philip was captured, I'd hardly expect you to notice that I cut my nails.

Belle: But they're the same color yours were, right?

Mimi: Maybe. Who knows? I mean, tons of women wear Countess Wilhelmina’s "barely pink."

Tek: Well, we've taken D.N.A. samples from under Jan’s nails, and from the acrylic one. Hopefully, there were enough cells for the lab to tell us just exactly who tried to kill Miss Spears.

Bonnie: Someone tried to kill Jan? So that little bitch finally got what she deserves. That should make your day, Mimi.


Billie: I'll clean this up. You sit down. I'll make you some breakfast. Pancakes -- you always loved my pancakes.

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. You don't have to do that.

Billie: Are you kidding me? It's the least I could do after being responsible for you spending the night on the couch.

Bo: It's not your fault.

Billie: Well, it was beyond rude. I should've -- I should've known better than to bring Patrick back here, you know? We should've gone to a hotel or something.

Bo: Hey, no, Lockhart’s the one who should've known better, but it's exactly what I would've expected from a manipulative bastard like him.

Billie: This was not his fault, Bo.

Bo: Yeah -- Billie, something about him just sets off the alarms for me. For all we know, he could be the one keeping us from finding our daughter.


Patrick: Things are moving a lot faster than I expected. Yes, I can stall, but not for that long. I need to know when to expect delivery. Hello? What are you -- hello -- damn it.

Jennifer: Wait, Patrick spent the night at your house with Billie?

Hope: Until the bed collapsed under the force of their workout. Jen, are you okay?

Jennifer: Yeah. I mean, it's just they were both here last night, and Patrick said that he was gonna make sure he got Billie back to your house safely. And I just -- I did not even see that coming.

Hope: Oh, my God, you're jealous.

Jennifer: No.

Hope: I knew that you liked Patrick. I guess I just didn't realize how much.

Jennifer: It's not like that.

Hope: This is me -- Hope. This is me you're talking to.

Jennifer: No, listen, I'm just saying when we got back from DiMera’s island, he was such a huge help, you know, with the house, with the kids, and I just got used to having him in my life, so... it just seems really strange --

Hope: Strange to think that you might have to share him with another woman.

Jennifer: Yeah.


Brady: Nancy, I love Nicole, but not in the same way that I loved Chloe. How could I?

Chloe was the first true love of my life. I'm never gonna have a relationship like that again. And I know that Chloe wouldn't want me to wallow. But I've gotta admit, sometimes, I-I don't know how I can go on without her.

Nicole: Good news. Chloe is not haunting St. Luke’s. It's just that the sound system is about to join her in the great beyond. You know, maybe we should donate a new one in Chloe’s memory.

Nancy: Well, now that that mystery seems to be solved, maybe we should start with the memorial.

Nancy: We are gathered here today to officially say goodbye to my first-born daughter Chloe Lane, a beautiful young woman whose outer beauty was merely a pale reflection of her incredible inner beauty, which is what made us all love her in the first place. I wish we weren't here today. And I can think of many reasons why we shouldn't be. But I need to honor my daughter's wishes about her burial. Brady? Would you like to say a few words?

Brady: Yes, I would.

Brady: Chloe, you taught me what love is. I could live to be 100, and I'll never find that kind of love again. You are truly my soul mate. Like my mom, you're always gonna be with me. And no one -- no one will ever replace you in my heart. That is why, today, I want to do something really special for you in this holy place before God.

Brady: Chloe Lane, will you marry me?


Shawn-d: Belle cannot know about this.

Rex: How do you expect to keep this a secret from her? Brady is her brother. If you ask him to finance your mission, he's gonna say something to her. And even if he doesn't give you the money, the odds are, he's gonna say something to you father. If not him -- John. And I have to say, that the guy who tried to break up his daughter's wedding can't be number one on John Black's list.

Shawn-d: I'll just tell Brady to keep it a secret then.

Rex: And what if he doesn't? And even if he does, Shawn, people are going to find out. And when they do, even if your dad doesn't do something, John will stop you. He'll call the I.S.A. and have your mission shut down and probably arrested.

Shawn-d: Okay, so basically what you're saying is you're going back on your word, and you're not going to help me.

Rex: I'm sorry. I just can’t.


Mimi: That is a horrible thing to say, mother.

Bonnie: Why? It's the truth. Jan Britney Spears started terrorizing my poor little Meems way back in kindergarten. And it's gotten worse every year. It would be justifiable homicide if you got so fed up that you finally just attacked her yourself.

Mimi: What are you saying? She didn't mean that.

Woman: Detective Kramer, they need to see you in the lab.

Tek: Thank you. Why don't you sit tight? I may have a couple questions for you when I get back.

Belle: Um... yeah, I'm gonna go call my dad and see how he's doing.

Mimi: Oh, God, this is a mess.

Bonnie: Why? Have a jelly bean. It'll calm you down.

Mimi: I don't want a jelly bean. I want to know what you're doing here and why you're dressed like that.

Bonnie: I'm a candy striper.

Mimi: Since when?

Bonnie: I just volunteered. I figured I'd score some points with Mickey. He still can't decide whether to stay married to me or go back to that old bag Maggie. And so I figured, while he's ruminating, I would show him how much I'm supporting the Horton family interests. But I do think I'm gonna have to personalize this outfit a little bit. A little nip here, a little tuck there. Ooh, maybe some fringe. What do you think? Earth to Mimi.

Hello? Jan finally got what was coming to her. Be happy.

Mimi: How can I be happy, mom? She's lying there in a coma. Who knows if she'll ever wake up? And if she does, who knows what she'll remember?

Bonnie: Oh, my God. You're the one who did it, aren't you? You're the one who tried to kill her.


Brady: I've always intended to give this ring to Chloe. It belonged to my mom. On her deathbed, she told my dad that she wanted me to have it so that I could give it to the woman that I loved.

Nancy: That's beautiful, Brady. Chloe would've been honored to wear that ring.

Brady: I was gonna give it to Chloe on our wedding day. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. So I'm just gonna have to wait until I get to heaven to place it on her finger. This ring is yours, Chloe. I'm never gonna love another woman the way I loved you, so I would like to put the ring in the urn with her ashes.

Nancy: No, you can’t.


Billie: I don't think Patrick would ever come between us and Georgia.

Bo: How can you be so sure?

Billie: Because I've... gotten to know him, and I can't believe it.

Bo: You've gotten to know what Lockhart wants you to know. Come on, Billie, you're I.S.A. trained. He's hiding something.

Billie: Oh, come on, you may think that he's sneaky and manipulative, but you're wrong. And he is not some DiMera goon sent to carry out Tony DiMera’s last dying wish. He's turned his back on all that.

Bo: What's your proof -- he said so?

Billie: He and the I.S.A.

Bo: I wish I could be as positive as you are.

Billie: I don't think so. I don't think the reason you're suspicious of Patrick has anything to do with who he is.

Bo: Oh, sure it is.

Billie: I think Hope was right. What this is really about is you're not comfortable seeing me with another man. Any other man.


Jennifer: No, you're right. It would be a little weird if Patrick wasn't around because he was seeing another woman.

Hope: A little weird?

Jennifer: Okay, a lot weird. I have gotten used to having him to myself.

Hope: Of course you have. He's handy, he's strong, he's good-looking. I mean --

Jennifer: Yeah, he is good-looking.

Hope: Does he always walk around the house undressed like that?

Jennifer: Well, only when he's working out.

Hope: Which, judging by those abs, he does a lot.

Jennifer: It's just nice. It's nice to have adult conversation in the morning when I'm having my coffee. It's nice to talk to someone like that before I go to sleep at night.

Hope: You really like him, don't you?

Jennifer: I do. You know, he'll never be Jack. Never.

Hope: No, he won’t. Oh, sweetie, I wish that -- I wish I could tell you that if you just hang in there Jack will come home to you and to Abby. But that's not gonna happen. Jen, Jack's gone.

Jennifer: I know that. I know that. And I hate it. And every day, that seems more and more real, and I hate that, too, Hope.

Hope: I know, honey. You know, I do have to tell you, though -- I was rooting for Patrick and Billie to get together because if they did, then maybe she'd back off of Bo and leave him alone. But if you want to pursue a relationship with Patrick, then I say go for it, honestly, now while he's available.

Jennifer: But if Patrick is sleeping with Billie, then that means that they're --

Hope: No, it means nothing. Patrick would be a fool to choose her over you. And Patrick Lockhart is no fool.

Jennifer: You know what? I'm not even sure that I am ready for that yet. I don't know.

Hope: Jennifer, you are a young, beautiful woman. You have so much to offer someone. You can't stay in mourning forever. It's not healthy for you, and I don't believe that Jack would want you, too, either. If you're interested in Patrick, like I said, go for it, honey. Oh, my gosh, I didn't realize the time. I've gotta run, honey. Thank you so much.

Jennifer: All ready? Okay.

Hope: Thanks for the coffee.

Jennifer: You're welcome. Well, thanks for coming by.

Hope: I'll call you, okay?

Jennifer: Be careful. Yes, call me later.

Hope: Okay.

Jennifer: Oh, Jack Deveraux. Jack Deveraux, I love you so much, and I always will. And as overwhelming as it seems, maybe it is time that I move on. But you have to show me a sign, Jack. You would have to show me a sign that you would understand.


Rex: Where are you going?

Shawn-d: To rescue Philip. With or without your help.

Rex: Do you even have a plan yet?

Shawn-d: I'm working on it.

Rex: Shawn, look, I know you're upset, and I'm sorry. But I just can't take off with you like this.

Shawn-d: Well, Rex, you've made that very clear.

Rex: Look, I will do everything I can to help you from here.

Shawn-d: I'll let you know.

Rex: Look, come on, Shawn, can we at least talk this through?

Shawn-d: What's the point? You think what I'm doing is crazy.

Rex: No, I don't think it's crazy, okay? I think it's incredibly courageous, but I know you don't have any experience in this sort of thing. Why don't we just run it by your dad before you make your move?

Shawn-d: Because he would say what I'm doing is dangerous and then he would try and stop me, but I know if my mother was in the same position as Belle, he would do the same thing, regardless of the danger.

Rex: So you're just doing what he'd do.

Shawn-d: I look at Belle, and she is in agony, not knowing whether Philip is alive or dead. And she blames herself for putting him in that situation. I have to do whatever I can to bring him back, even if that means putting my own life at risk, because I cannot let her live like this. You know what I'm talking about, 'cause you would do the same thing for Mimi.

Rex: You're right. I would. Thank god Mimi would never get herself in a crazy situation like that.


Mimi: Would you keep your voice down, mother?

Bonnie: I'm right, aren't I? You're the one who put Jan in a coma.

Mimi: Yes. But -- but I wasn't trying to kill her. It was an accident. We were arguing, and then she fell and just hit her head --

Belle: Tek, hey. Did you get the lab results? Do you know who Jan’s attacker was?

Tek: Nope, it was impossible to find a match. But I do have a few more questions for you. Were you at your bar last night?

Bonnie: You bet.

Tek: How 'bout you, Belle?

Belle: Oh, yeah, I was at Alice’s last night. But I think I was home by the time it happened. We just saw it on the news this morning.

Tek: Oh. Mimi, were you anywhere near the crime scene, by any chance?

Mimi: Jan. I-I, um...

Bonnie: You were in the back room with me. Remember when we heard the sirens and I said, "oh, thank God, maybe they're finally going after those jerks that go through the stop sign"?

Woman: Detective Kramer, Miss Spears' admitting doctor is available now. He's in the E.R.

Tek: Great, thanks. Well, thank you so much for all your help.

Woman: You can go in and see Miss Spears now. Some doctors believe coma patients respond to the human voice.

Belle: Yeah? Well, we'll try talking to her.

Belle: Hey, you ready?

Mimi: Oh, you go ahead. I'll be right there.

Bonnie: Where are you off to?

Mimi: I am going to tell Tek the truth before this totally gets out of hand.

Bonnie: You'll do no such thing.

Mimi: I have to.

Bonnie: I am not gonna have my daughter go to jail for something she did not do.

Mimi: But, mom, I was there, okay? I know what happened.

Bonnie: So what? If Jan Spears fell and hit her head, then she fell and hit her head. End of story. Whether you were there or not is irrelevant.

Mimi: I don't know.

Bonnie: If I didn't remember the labor pains so well, I'd swear you were someone else’s. You are the only one of my kids who would leave a body there for the police to find. I just wish you'd come to me when all of this first happened.

Mimi: Why? What difference would that have made?

Bonnie: You know that guy Artie I used to date -- the one with the biceps? He'd still do anything for me. And now he works the night shift down at the dog food company. One phone call, he would have come over on his break, picked up the body, and we would have thrown the bitch in the grinder, and that would have been that.

Mimi: But she wasn't even dead!

Bonnie: She would have been when she hit the grinder.

Mimi: Oh, God, you are not serious.

Bonnie: Trust me, by the time this is all over, you're gonna wish that girl was dog food because knowing Jan Spears, she is gonna wake up from that coma, and find a way to use this whole mess against you, same as she always does. Baby, I gotta go do my rounds. You listen to me, whatever you do, don't you say anything to anybody about what happened -- especially the cops. And don't you feel guilty. You didn't do anything wrong. Mommy loves you, sweetheart. Here, have some jelly beans. They'll make you feel better.

Belle: Why'd you lie to Tek?

Mimi: What are you talking about?

Belle: You had those nails on last night. Tell me the truth, Mimi. Is that nail that they found yours?


Bo: Yeah, Billie, I do care about you, and I don't want to see you get involved with someone who's gonna break your heart.

Billie: [Scoffs] Patrick is not gonna break my heart.

Bo: Oh, yeah, that's right, you trust him.

Billie: No, because I am not interested in getting involved with anyone right now. My only priority is to find Georgia. And make sure that my brother gets home safe.

Bo: Yeah, well, we're all praying for him.

Billie: I just can't understand what Shawn and Belle are thinking right now.

Bo: Well, Shawn is trying to figure out a way to go over there and rescue Philip himself.

Billie: What? He'll wind up dead!

Bo: So I told him.

Billie: Well, did he listen?

Bo: He listened, but I don't know how much stuck. So, I gotta stay here in case he decides to do something crazy.

Billie: Well, what if I get another clue about Georgia?

Bo: Well, you're gonna have to follow it on your own. I'll help you out the best I can from here.

Billie: What if I can't do it alone?

Bo: Listen, I gotta be here for my boys. I gotta be here for my family.

Billie: Pancakes are done. Whoa!

Bo: You all right there? Hi.

Hope: Let me guess -- another accident?

Bo: Well, yeah, Zack’s toy is here.

Hope: Sorry I interrupted.


[Patrick panting]

[Cellular phone rings]

Patrick: Lockhart. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, cell phones. So when can I expect delivery, huh? I can't stall for that long. I need it to happen now.

Jennifer: Well, Patrick, could Hope be right? Could there possibly be anything between us? No. No, those scratches on your back said it all. You're with Billie now.


Belle: Well? Is that fingernail that they found yours or not?

Mimi: It's mine.

Belle: Then why did you lie to Tek?

Mimi: I didn't want to. Actually, I was gonna go tell him the truth right now, but if I do, he'll just ask more questions and keep investigating. And when Jan wakes up, she'll tell him about the abortion, and then it'll just become a bigger mess than it already is.

Belle: That's why you've gotta be the one to tell Tek the truth before Jan can put her own spin on it and use it against you.

Mimi: Oh, my God, you're right.

Belle: And you've gotta tell him that she was blackmailing you about the abortion.

Mimi: If I do that, then he'll think I had the perfect motive for hurting her. And besides being a suspect, I'll lose my fiancé forever.


Rex: Shawn, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound like it was all Belle's fault. If Mimi was in the same kind of pain Belle was in, I would do whatever I could to make it better.

Shawn-d: Then you know why I have to rescue Philip -- even if it seems like a suicide mission. Because if I didn't, I don't think I could live with myself. I could use your help, man. I really need your expertise.

Rex: I'm in.

Shawn-d: Good. Now let's just hope Brady’s ready to play ball.


Brady: Stop it. Why can't I put it in the urn?

Nancy: Well, you can put it in the urn. It's just that it's an antique. It's very fragile. I need to help you with it so that you don't break it. Here.

Brady: With this ring, I thee wed. It will be with me every single day of my life until we are finally reunited in heaven.

Nancy: That was beautiful, Brady.



Shawn-d: We all had major issues with Jan. I guess we all could be suspects, couldn't we?


Nicole: Is it possible for the dead to come back to life?


Marlena: Are you saying that you want me to lie to my husband? Are you planning to lie to Kate?


John: Roman and Marlena are alive. Look at this.

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