Days Transcript Tuesday 4/5/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/5/05 - Canada; Wednesday 4/6/05 - U.S.A.



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Billie: All right. You crack me up. Let's go.

Patrick: Gonna help me with this?

Billie: Yes.

Patrick: I think I need it. Thank you.

Billie: Okay.

Patrick: Let's go this way.

Billie: It's beautiful out today.

Patrick: Yes, it is. Oh, yeah.

Billie: Fresh air.

Patrick: Look at those.

Billie: [Chuckles] Festive.

Chelsea: I still can't believe that that slut was throwing herself at my man. It's a good thing I was here.

[Jazz music playing]


Billie: Ahh!

Abby: Please. You may have stopped them from kissing that time, but something tells me they'll try again. At least I hope they do.

Chelsea: How can you say that, you traitor?

Patrick: What was that?

Billie: What?

Patrick: I don't know. I feel like I heard someone.


Rex: So did you really like your surprise?

Mimi: Are you kidding me? Turning the roof into our favorite Chinese restaurant, serenading me with Sonny and Cher, and carving our initials onto the door of fame? How could I not? It was wonderful.

Rex: Well, I just hope you feel better about everything, especially our future.

Mimi: You gave me a night I'll never forget.

Rex: Okay, then, Mimi, why do you still look so sad? What's wrong?

Sami: You should have told Rex about your baby before you selfishly aborted it. Not only have you lied to your boyfriend, but you sinned against God. I believe in doing the right thing. And when I tell Rex what you've done, you're gonna lose him forever.

Mimi: I guess it's just hard to be happy about anything right now. I mean, with Philip missing in action and Belle and Shawn not knowing if they'll ever be together... plus I'm still kind of freaked out about that creep on the pier.

Rex: Okay, sweetheart, you're gonna have to put him out of your mind. Look, he can't hurt you. You'll never see him again. And as for Philip, we're just gonna have to hope that everything is gonna work out, and that everybody is going to be as happy one day as we are -- as happy as we're gonna be for the rest of our lives.


Belle: Shawn, I want you to promise me again that you're not gonna try and go rescue Philip. It's crazy. It's a crazy idea.

Shawn-d: And I promised you I wouldnít.

Hope: Well, promise again.

Shawn-d: Mom --

Hope: Just humor us. You haven't exactly been using the best judgment lately. I want to know you're going to stay out of this completely.

Bo: Hold on. All he wants to do is see if he and Rex can get some more information off the internet. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Hope: I'll tell you what's wrong with it. Besides the fact that it's illegal, if he finds out where Philip is, he'll want to go over there, and then he'll get himself in God knows what kind of danger.

Shawn-d: All right, hello. I'm still here.

Bo: I'm just saying --

Hope: I know what you're saying, and I can't believe it. We almost lost our son tonight. Wasn't that enough for you?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Abby: What are we gonna do? If Patrick sees us, I'll be grounded for life.

[Crash, cat meows]

Patrick: Whoa.

Billie: [Laughs] See, that's all it was. It was just a little kitty.

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, I guess.

Billie: Are you afraid of a little kitty?

Patrick: No. Let's go.

Billie: Hey, you know, I'm looking forward to you being my date for the "swing into spring" dance. That should be fun.

Patrick: I don't remember. I probably haven't taken a girl to a dance since high school.

Billie: Oh, gosh, I never went to one in high school.

Patrick: Oh, come on, you must have been asked. What's the problem, you don't like to dance?

Billie: No, I love to dance. I just -- okay, it's kind of a deep, dark secret, and I don't know why I'm even telling you this, but I dropped out of high school.

Patrick: Wow. Whew. Hey, you know, school's not for everyone. I mean, it really wasn't for me, either.

Billie: Well, I got my G.E.D. though -- thanks in part to Bo. He really wanted me to have that high school experience.

Patrick: Wow, you couldn't pay me to relive the high school experience.

Chelsea: Once is bad enough.

Billie: Well, uh, don't feel obligated to take me just because I asked you and everything. You don't have to go.

Patrick: I don't feel obligated. Actually, I want to go. But I tell you what. The thing I'm looking forward to most? Afterwards.

Chelsea: Don't even say it.

Billie: Afterwards?

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, we'll have to check out the view.

Billie: The view?

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah, you know, from, uh... [Clicks tongue] Lookout point.

Billie: Patrick Lockhart! I am not that type of girl. Although I kind of used to be. But I haven't had that much opportunity lately.

Patrick: Well, maybe all that is about to change. Let's go.


Abby: What'd I tell you? They're totally hooking up.

Chelsea: Will you stop saying that? Why do you want Billie to steal him away from me?

Abby: Okay, first of all, she can't steal him, because he's not yours. And second, I don't care who he's with, as long as it's not my mom.

Chelsea: Some friend. Come on, before they get away.

Abby: Who cares if they do? Why do we have to keep on following them?

Chelsea: For damage control, in case Billie gets any more ideas.

Abby: Oh, brother.

Chelsea: Plus I figure if I hang around the tramp long enough, I might learn a thing or two. She must have something Patrick likes.

Abby: Gee, you think?

Chelsea: Let's go.


Hope: Shawn Douglas Brady, I absolutely forbid you to get involved in Philipís rescue. Do you hear me?

Shawn-d: Yes, I hear you.

Hope: And I can't believe you're still encouraging him.

Bo: Hold on. I don't want him taking off and doing something crazy. But if he can work with Rex -- who has been able to hack into those web sites -- it's a chance in a million, but they could come up with something.

Shawn-d: Exactly.

Bo: And if they do, they'll take that information to the proper authorities and let them run the rescue. Right?

Belle: Shawn, please, listen to your parents, okay? I'm already terrified that I'm gonna lose Philip. I can't stand to worry about losing you, too.

Shawn-d: You are not going to lose me. 'Cause I promise you I am not gonna do anything crazy or stupid or irresponsible. Hey, come on, it's better late than never, right?

Hope: This isn't funny.

Bo: Right.

Hope: Hey, Rex, Mimi.

Rex: Hey. Sorry for interrupting.

Hope: No, not at all.

Shawn-d: Of course not.

Mimi: Rex told me what happened. I'm so sorry. I was sure they had found him.

Belle: Yeah, well, so was my dad, but the marines stormed the bunker and there was nobody there.

Mimi: Are you okay?

Belle: Yeah. They're gonna bring him home. He's gonna come home safe and sound.

Mimi: I know he will, too.

Belle: So, how's your mom? You had to leave earlier.

Mimi: Oh, she's -- she's -- she's fine. Just having one of her normal freak outs. I've been back for a while. Rex had a little engagement celebration for me up on the roof. It was so sweet.

Hope: What was that? Did I hear you say "engagement"? You and Rex are getting -- I can't beli-- why didn't anyone tell me?

Belle: Well, I guess it sort of fell through the cracks with everything going on. We should have made more of it when it happened.

Mimi: It's really not a big deal.

Hope: Not a big deal? Are you kidding me? What's bigger than two people pledging to spend the rest of their lives together, huh? To love each other forever. It's the most important commitment that you'll ever make.

Belle: You know what, Hope? You're absolutely right. Rex and Mimi getting engaged is huge. We should do something to celebrate.

Mimi: Please, no. It really doesn't matter.

Rex: Whoa, it doesn't matter? Mimi, what is it with you?

Mimi: Okay, that didn't come out right. Of course it matters. It matters more than anything. Rex asking me to marry him is the best thing that's ever happened to me...

Rex: That's more like it.

Mimi: But it's just with everything else going on --

Belle: I just had an idea. We're throwing you guys an engagement party.

Hope: That's a great idea.

Bo: You gotta celebrate.

Shawn-d: Yeah, I think so, too. You two are the perfect couple. You're gonna be together forever. You deserve it.

Rex: Thanks, Shawn.

Mimi: That sounds really great, but I just -- I don't feel right celebrating anything while Philipís still a prisoner of war.

Hope: I think Philip would want you to celebrate. Rex is his half-brother, and he's known you since you were in kindergarten.

Belle: Yeah. Look, Mimi, it doesn't have to be a big deal. We could just have a small dinner party for friends and family.

Mimi: I'm still not sure.

Rex: Come on, Mimi, why don't we celebrate our engagement with our friends?

Mimi: All right.

Belle: Good. Then it's settled.

Hope: Okay. Belle, if you need any help at all planning anything, just call me.

Bo: As long as it's not help with cooking.

Hope: Hey, my cooking's not -- okay, it's not that good.

Bo: Right. I didn't marry her for her culinary skills.

Hope: That's a good thing, huh?

Bo: Yeah. Hey, it's getting late. We better get out of here, what do you say?

Hope: Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

Shawn-d: Hey, listen, thanks for coming by, guys, and, dad, thanks again for the talk.

Bo: My pleasure, and I hope you take my advice.

Shawn-d: Don't worry. I plan on it.

Bo: Good. And no more talk about trying to rescue Philip, okay?

Shawn-d: Yeah.

Bo: All right.

Shawn-d: All right.

Hope: I love you.

Shawn-d: I love you.

Hope: We're trusting you to keep your promise.

Shawn-d: Don't worry, mom. I said I wasn't gonna do anything crazy, and I wonít.

Hope: Okay.


Billie: Hey, are you sure you don't mind stopping by here? 'Cause if not, we could always go home.

Patrick: No, no, it's fine. I'm sure my mom will be happy to see me.

Billie: Aw!

Patrick: Now are you sure you really want to do this? You've had a long day.

Billie: Oh, really, really long. But, yeah, I'm not sleepy yet.

Patrick: Uh-huh. You're avoiding going back to Bo and Hope's house.

Billie: Ha! You got that right.

Patrick: I know it's a little uncomfortable --

Billie: A little uncomfortable? To say the least.

Patrick: It's just until your trial, right?

Billie: Ugh, yeah, which can't come soon enough. I can't believe I hit an off-duty cop. How stupid was that?

Patrick: It was an accident.

Billie: Yeah, well, I just hope that cranky old judge believes me. Until then, I'm living with the Brady Bunch.

Patrick: Yeah, and I'd stay out of Hope's way.

Billie: Believe me, the last thing I want is another confrontation with Hope. So I am going to be completely sure that they're in bed before I go home.

Patrick: All right. Then let's go.

Billie: Hey, wait. I don't want you to think that that's the only reason I'm hanging out with you. I'm actually having a good time.

Patrick: Good. Me too.

Billie: Good. And what better place to have a good time than Aliceís? We can listen to a little music, do a little...dancing.

Patrick: Hey, yeah, that sounds great. But you're not thinking about having a --

Billie: Drink? No, I promise I'm not, okay?

Patrick: All right. And just to keep you from temptation, I won't either.

Billie: Well, that's awfully gentlemanly of you, Lockhart. But don't worry. You don't have to do that.

Patrick: I know. I know I donít. Just the kind of guy I am. After you.

Billie: Well, thank you.


Chelsea: Come on, let's go inside.

Abby: No, we can't go in there. The restaurant is closed, and only the bar is open now. We're underage.

Chelsea: So? No one else has to know that. We can look 21. Plus, we have our fake I.Dís to prove it. All we have to do is make a couple of adjustments.

Abby: What are you doing? Stop.

Chelsea: You want Patrick away from your mom, right? Just like I want him away from Billie. And there's only one way to guarantee both those things. So get with the program.


Bonnie: There's my handsome boy. It's so good to see you.

Patrick: How have you been, mom?

Bonnie: Well, I'm hanging in there. How's about you? What brings you by so late?

Patrick: Billie and I were just out walking, thought maybe we'd come by and, you know, say hello, maybe do a little dancing. You remember Billie, don't you?

Bonnie: Oh, yeah. Yeah, Christmas Eve at the Hortonís'. Bo Bradyís ex-wife.

Patrick: Uh, yeah, she's also an I.S.A. agent, mom.

Bonnie: I.S.A.

Billie: If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna head over to the powder room. Nice to see you again, Mrs. Lockhart.

Bonnie: Horton.

Billie: Horton, right. Sorry.

Bonnie: Why can't nobody ever get that right? It's Horton now. Hor-ton.

Patrick: Mom, I think Billie has some other things on her mind right now.

Bonnie: Oh, yeah? What the hell are you doing hanging out with an I.S.A. agent? If she finds out about your past, you could do the next 20 years in the slammer.


Rex: Hey, are you guys okay?

Belle: Yeah, I just wish they were able to rescue Philip.

Rex: I can't believe your dad's plan failed. I really thought it was foolproof. I mean, I don't know how those captors were able to get Philip out of that bunker before the Marines hit it. It's almost like they had inside information.

Belle: Who knows? Who knows how they did it? I just want them to find him and bring him home.

Shawn-d: Rex, do you think you could get back on their website and see if there's any new news?

Rex: Yeah, sure, I can try.

Rex: No, sorry, no new information. I'd better log off.

Shawn-d: Why don't you just stay connected?

Rex: Because, Shawn, I breached a firewall. If I stay on too long, they could track me.

Rex: Oh, God, I better get to Aliceís before Bonnie closes up.

Mimi: Now? Why?

Rex: I've gotta get my paycheck. We're five days late on rent.

Mimi: Okay, I'll come with you. I can say hi to my mom.

Rex: Didn't you just see her earlier?

Mimi: Yeah, but, um, I want to make sure she's all right. I think this whole Mickey-Maggie thing is really starting to get to her. Hey, you guys should come with us. I think it would be really good for you to get out, Belle.

Belle: Maybe it would. I'm going crazy here, waiting for news. Every time the phone rings, I'm scared to death.

Shawn-d: Okay, we just have to believe that there's not going to be any bad news. One way or another, Philip is going to be rescued, and he'll be returned home safe. And then everything is going to be all right. Okay?


Abby: Hey, if Patrick sees me and tells my mom, I am so dead.

Chelsea: Would you chill and focus on what's really important here? Like who's that trashy blonde talking to him now?

Abby: That's his mother.

Chelsea: Oh... for a minute there, I thought I had even more competition.


Patrick: Don't worry, mom. Billie knows all about my past.

Bonnie: You told her... everything?

Patrick: Well, I didn't get specific. But she knows there are things that I'm not real proud of.

Bonnie: And that you could still do time for. Not to mention if Jennifer even finds out even half the things you've done, your butt will be out of that house so fast, your head will spin. It'll be over for the two of you before it's even begun. And I don't even want to know what you're up to now. I knew it. You are up to something.

Chelsea: Uh, I can't really hear much, but I think they just said something about your mom.

Abby: What?

Patrick: Mom, will you not freak out about this? I am not interested in Jennifer romantically. We are just friends.

Bonnie: Don't tell me you're interested in that Billie Reed.

Patrick: What -- why --

Bonnie: Honey, no. Jennifer is a Horton. They have class, pedigree, and money up the wazoo. You can't do any better than that. Take it from me!

Patrick: When are you going to get it through your head? I am not interested in Jennifer for her money or for anything else. She is still mourning her husband.

Bonnie: Oh, what better time to go in for the kill? When she's weak and vulnerable.

Patrick: You know, I don't believe you.

Bonnie: I am just looking out for your interests. What does this Billie woman have to offer? She's a nothing, a nobody. She's -- oh, my God. She's Kate Roberts' daughter. She is, isn't she?

Patrick: Yeah, so?

Bonnie: So... Kate is loaded. Now that I think about it, isn't Billie the one behind Countess Wilhelmina cosmetics?

Patrick: Yeah, and your point?

Bonnie: Okay. If you can't snag a Horton, you could do a lot worse than end up with Billie. So I say, go for it. I'm behind you, son, 100%. You have your mother's blessing.

Billie: Did I just hear my name?


Hope: [Gasps] Ooh!

[Hope trips]

Hope: Ha ha ha ha! Hey, look at this. Looks like they're ready for the swing into spring dance.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: It looks like fun. We should go.

Bo: Is that an invitation?

Hope: As long as I'm not being too forward.

Bo: You can never be too forward. Consider it a date.

Hope: I'm glad I was able to talk you into this stroll.

Bo: Hey, you don't fool me. I know the reason you didn't want to go home. It has nothing to do with fresh air.

Hope: You're wrong.

Bo: Mnh-mnh.

Hope: There's no way I'm letting Billie Reed keep me out of my own house.

Bo: Good. 'Cause she shouldnít.

Hope: I just wanted a chance to tell you how much I appreciate you talking to Shawn. Whatever you said and you did, it really seemed to have gotten through to him.

Bo: You don't have to thank me. That talk was long overdue.

Hope: Still... it was almost like we had the old Shawn back. Of course, except for that part about his wanting to go after Philip. I really hope you got through to him.

Bo: Hey, without backup and a whole list of things, he knows he'd have a chance in hell. Sit down.

Hope: Oh, okay. Hey, what about Mimi and Rex?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I am so happy for them. Your nephew has really turned into a fine young man.

Bo: Yeah. Roman would be really proud of his son.

Hope: Yeah. And Mimiís turned into a beautiful young lady.

Bo: Yeah, it's really kind of hard to believe that, not too long ago, she and her mom and brother were living out of a cardboard box. Now Bonnieís married to your uncle Mickey --

Hope: Don't remind me.

Bo: And Mimi is -- she's in college, engaged, got a bright future ahead of her. She really turned her life around.

Hope: Yeah, she did. Just like Billie. Of course, she never could've done it without you. What?

Bo: Why'd you have to bring up Billie? Do you really want to get into another fight tonight?

Hope: No, of course I don't want to fight. I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry that I brought Billie up. It won't happen again. Let's just forget it, okay?

Bo: Forget what?

Hope: Exactly.

Bo: I love you, Fancy Face.

Hope: I love you, too, Brady.

Bo: Let's continue this walk.

Hope: Let's do it.

Bo: This is nice, huh? Moonlit stroll on the pier.

Hope: Yeah, except there's not much of a moon tonight.

Bo: I know, it's beautiful, anyway. I've got you on my arm... what the heck?

Hope: What?

Bo: I don't believe it. Come on. Come on. Come on.


Bonnie: Yes. You did hear your name. I was just talking to Patrick about your missing daughter. My husband Mickey told me all about it, and all the problems it's causing you and Bo and Hope.

Billie: Oh.

Bonnie: I feel for you, sweetheart, I really do. Not knowing where your child is -- that has got to be the worst thing that can happen. Then having to live with her father -- your ex -- and his wife, that's really gotta bite. And I should know. I'm living with one who came back from the dead. Try that on for size.

Billie: Actually, I have.

Patrick: Yeah, mom --

Bonnie: You know what I found that really helps keeps me from getting into the dumps? It's going out, having a good time. And not just for one night -- on a regular basis. I bet my son Patrick here would just love to show you a good time.

Patrick: Mom, mom, that's enough, thanks, really. We're gonna get a table, okay?

Bonnie: Oh, good idea. I'll send over some brewskis on the house.

Patrick: Uh, no, no thanks.

Billie: Yeah, I'll just have a cranberry juice, thanks.

Patrick: Yeah, and, uh, I don't know, get me a club soda with a twist.

Bonnie: Okay, if that's your pleasure.

Patrick: It is.

Bonnie: Suit yourselves. Coming right up.

Patrick: All right.

Abby: Oh, no. This is not good.

Belle: Mimi, is that who I think it is?

(Gentle acoustic guitar music)


Bo: Hello? Anybody here?

Hope: I don't think we should be doing this... you're a police commander, and you just broke into a boat.

Bo: She's for sale. No one's aboard. We're just taking a little... look around. Man... she's just like the Fancy Face, isn't she?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Kinda like taking a step back in time.

Bo: Look at this boat. Isn't she a beauty?

Hope: Yeah, it's beautiful.

Bo: Look at those lines. I bet she's fast.

Hope: It's for sale. Bo, why don't we do it?

Bo: Yeah, I wish it were that simple.

Hope: Okay, can I look?

Bo: No, you can't look. You gotta keep that bandanna on just for a little while longer.

Hope: Bo, what's going on? Why can't I look?

Bo: I'm trying to surprise you.

Hope: I know it's a surprise, but I'm anxious.

Bo: Stop, stop. I'm gonna pick you up and put you down, all right? Don't worry. You trust me, right?

Hope: I trust you -- I don't know if I should trust you.

Bo: Okay, okay.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: Are you ready?

Hope: I'm ready. Okay. Ready?

Bo: Let me get this knot.

Hope: 1...2...come on.

Bo: 3.

Hope: 3.

Bo: 3.

Hope: Bo, what is this?

Bo: It's a boat, Hope.

Hope: I know that. I mean, what's a boat doing with a fence? I mean, a picket -- a picket fence.

Bo: Yeah, a picket fence.

Hope: Well, how did it get here?

Bo: Well, I don't know. I guess somebody built it.

Hope: Yeah, but why? Who would put a picket fence on a boat?

Bo: Who do you think?

Hope: Bo... do you mean you did this?

Bo: Well, yeah, yeah. Do you like it?

Hope: Yes, I love it, but I don't understand it.

Bo: Well, Hope, it's like this. You always wanted a picket fence, and I never liked the idea of a house that went with it, so... so we got this boat here, and, you know, I thought it would be a nice compromise.

Hope: You mean to tell me that you bought this boat?

Bo: You bet I did. Signed, sealed, and... ready for foreign travel. You like her?

Hope: Bo, it's wonderful.

Bo: "Her" -- "her," Hope. You call a boat "she."

Hope: She. She's wonderful. Bo, it's beautiful. It -- she's beautiful.

Bo: She's beautiful.

Hope: Oh, Bo!

Bo: You know what we're gonna do with her?

Hope: What are we gonna do with her?

Bo: We're gonna sail her off into the sunset.

Hope: Oh, Bo...

Hope: And that's just what we did.

Bo: Those were simpler times back then, weren't they?

Hope: Yeah, they sure were. Oh, wow... hey...

Bo: Mm.

Hope: Why don't we buy this boat?

Bo: What?

Hope: Why don't we buy this boat? What do you think? Bo, I really miss the Fancy Face. I miss the times we used to have. I mean, I would love to have that life back again.


Abby: Oh, no. I think we're busted.

Belle: Mimi, isn't that your brother?

Mimi: Yeah. What's he doing with Billie Reed?

Shawn-d: I don't know, but he can have her.

Bonnie: Hey, kids! How y'all doing? Hey, baby.

Mimi: Hi, mom. Again. How are you?

Bonnie: Well, much better now that you're all here. So, what's up?

Chelsea: That was close.

Abby: Too close. We have to get out of here. Now.

Chelsea: No. I'm not going anywhere. Not as long as Patrick is here with that man-eater.

Bonnie: Honey, I'm so sorry to hear that that big rescue attempt was a flop. I heard about it on the news. It's just so sad. And now that they've moved Philip, they'll probably never find him again.

Shawn-d: That is not true, Mrs. Lockhart.

Bonnie: Horton.

Mimi: Nice, mom. That's real sensitive.

Rex: Uh, Bonnie, look, I was wondering if I could get my paycheck.

Bonnie: Oh, sure, honey, I'll get it for you. But first, why don't y'all have a drink on me?

Belle: I'll have a soda.

Shawn-d: Yeah, me too.

Mimi: Me three.

Rex: I'll order them.

Bonnie: Thanks, sweetie.

Belle: So, Mrs. Lockhart -- I'm sorry, Mrs. Horton, we were actually thinking of planning an engagement party for Rex and Mimi.

Bonnie: Ooh! What a great idea! We could have it right here at Aliceís. I could get those big wedding bells. You know, the big --

Mimi: Mom, wait. I don't want anything big. I really don't even want a party -- especially with what's going on with Philip.

Bonnie: Sweetie, what's going on is a bummer. I feel just awful for that boy. But I know he'd be the first to want you to celebrate your happiness. And it just wouldn't do for us just to sit around with long faces acting like we're in mourning. For all we know, Philipís not dead. At least, not yet. Right, Belle?

Mimi: Mother!

Bonnie: What? What'd I say?

Patrick: Hey, you know what? My sister's here. If you'll excuse me for a second?

Billie: No, go ahead. Take your time.

Patrick: Thanks.


Billie: Hi, Shawn.

Shawn-d: Hello, Billie.

Billie: Hi, Belle.

Belle: Hi, Billie.

Billie: What's going on? Why are you two here together?

Shawn-d: That's really none of your business. Why are you here with Patrick Lockhart?

Billie: Well, not that it's anyone's business, but we're just hanging out. Why do you care?

Shawn-d: Oh, I donít. As long as you stay the hell away from my father.


Hope: What do you think, Bo?

Bo: Look, I had the same thought, but we have priorities right now. I mean, we do have to put Zack through college.

Hope: We can do both.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: It was just a thought.

Bo: Yeah, and I had the same thought. Hey, we don't need no stinking boat to remind us how much we love each other, how much we belong together. Um, the fact that Billie and I have a child together is not something we can run away from, but I have my priorities straight. It's very important to find Georgia, but nothing -- nothing is more important than you and the boys. You know that, right?

Hope: I do.

Bo: Good.

Hope: And if I had any doubt, you proved it to me tonight.

Bo: Okay, well, just in case you, you know, might need a little more convincing.



Patrick: Hey. I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on your engagement. It's about time we had some good news around here.

Mimi: Yeah, it's great.

Patrick: Hey, Rex, welcome to the family.

Bonnie: And what a family it is, right, kids?

Mimi: You can say that again.

Rex: Thanks, Patrick. I'm glad to be a part of it.

Patrick: How are you feeling?

Mimi: I'm okay.

Bonnie: Mimi, I think we should talk more about that engagement party.

Mimi: I told you, mom, I don't want a party.


Abby: You know, Chels, Shawn Brady is pretty hot, and so is Rex. Plus, they're a lot closer to our age than Patrick.

Chelsea: Yeah, they're also taken. Even if they weren't, I'm not interested. I only want Patrick. Besides, that whole older man, younger woman thing happens all the time. Look at Bruce Willis. He's with someone in their 20s.

Abby: Whatever.

Chelsea: Okay, what's up with Billie just ordering cranberry juice?

Abby: Remember, I told you she used to drink and all that when she was younger?

Chelsea: Oh, that's right. She's not only a slut, she's a junkie, too.

Abby: Okay, she's been clean, like, forever.

Chelsea: Really? Then why did we see her the other night at the Cheatin' Heart tossing back some beers?

Abby: That was just a freak thing. And it turns out she got totally wasted, got in a fight, and got arrested.

Chelsea: Shut up.

Abby: I'm serious. I heard my mom and aunt Hope talking about it. They said if Billie does something like that again, she can lose her job and get arrested.

Chelsea: Really?


Billie: I am not after your father, Shawn. But I don't expect you to believe that any more than your mother does. All I want is to find my daughter -- your sister -- and make sure that she has the best life I can possibly give her.

Shawn-d: Yeah, you mean with you and my dad.

Billie: I won't lie to you, that would be ideal. But I know that it's not gonna happen.

Shawn-d: Damn right, it's not gonna happen.

Belle: Shawn.

Billie: You're one to talk. Belle is married to my brother Philip. So I'll ask you again, what the hell is she doing here with you?

Shawn-d: And I'll explain it to you again, Billie. It's none of your damn business.

Belle: Shawn, let's just not make a scene, okay? Go with Rex and get the drinks, and I'll get us a table. Please.

Shawn-d: That's fine. We aren't gonna let her get to us. Grab a table, and I'll be right back.

Belle: Okay.

Billie: Poor Philip. He doesn't deserve this, you know.

Belle: I know he doesnít.


Patrick: Uh, I better get back to my date. But congrats again. You're getting yourself a great girl.

Rex: Don't I know it. Hey, you okay?

Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah. No, I just had a little run-in with Billie. I'm glad I ran into you. There's something I need to ask you.

Rex: Sure, what is it?

Shawn-d: You know that restricted website that you accessed so we could track Philís rescue operation? Um, how exactly did you break into it?

Rex: Actually, it was easy.


Mimi: Belle, don't let Billie get to you, okay? Everything is going to work out between you and Shawn. I know it will. I just wish I could say the same for Rex and me.

Belle: What makes you think it won't? Has Jan been threatening you again?

Mimi: It's worse than that. I'm almost positive she told someone else, and now he's been threatening to tell Rex about my -- [Whispers] My abortion.

Belle: What? Who'd she tell?

Mimi: I don't know. Some weird guy confronted me on the pier, and then he showed up on my fire escape with some horrible crying baby doll.

Belle: Oh, my God. Well, who do you think this guy is?

Mimi: Obviously, someone who hates me as much as Jan does.

Belle: That's so sick.

Mimi: I don't see how these people can get off on making other people miserable. I just -- I don't understand it.


Chelsea: Look at her. I'm surprised that she doesn't just do him right there on the table.

Abby: They're just holding hands, Chelsea.

Chelsea: That'd better be all they do.

Patrick: Look, I really am sorry that Shawn upset you, but you've gotta understand where he and Hope are coming from.

Billie: You know what? I don't wanna talk about this anymore. We came here tonight to relax and have some fun, and that's exactly what I wanna do.

Patrick: All right, then, shall we?

Billie: I thought you'd never ask.

Chelsea: That does it. I have to put an end to this.


Hope: What are you doing? What are you doing? No, no, no. What, are you nuts? Bo, we're on some stranger's boat in the middle of the night. We can't do that.

Bo: Sure we can.

Hope: What if the owner shows up?

Bo: Well, I'll just whip out my badge and tell him we saw something suspicious going on down here.

Hope: I don't think that's a good idea. I can't believe -- you are a commanding officer.

Bo: This is a perfect place -- deserted boat. Wouldn't this be a perfect place for a romantic couple to come down and make out, huh?

Hope: Would it?

Bo: Yes, it would.

Hope: I don't think it's a good idea. It don't think it's a good idea.


Man: I will save

a dance for you

save a dance for you

I will save a dance for you

Woman: When you turn

the lights down

and we're dancing

cheek to cheek

I feel peaceful knowing

you're a part of me

and a part of so many lives

save the world

with your strength

you're a hero to me

I will save a dance for you


I will save a dance for you

for the rest of my life...

Abby: What do you mean you're gonna put an end to this? How?

Chelsea: Just watch.

Abby: Chelsea, what are you doing? You're gonna get in so much trouble.

Chelsea: No, Billieís gonna get in so much trouble.

Bonnie: What the heck are you two doing?


Shawn-d: So, you actually have the access codes for this restricted government site on your laptop?

Rex: Yeah, why?

Shawn-d: No, I -- well, I'm just curious. It's interesting. Listen, I have to tell you, I am very happy for you and Mimi. I think it's great.

Rex: Thanks, Shawn. A girl like Mimiís one in a million. I just can't wait to marry her.


Mimi: Anyway, I've been petrified that this evil guy -- whoever he is -- will tell Rex -- if Jan doesn't first. Belle, I don't know what to do.

Belle: Well, there's only one thing you can do, and that's something you've wanted to do for a long time. You've gotta tell Rex the truth yourself and make him understand.

Mimi: I've tried. I have tried so many times, but I can't do it because I know I'll lose him. Hearing what I did will break his heart -- just like you know telling Philip about you and Shawn will break his.

Belle: Right now, all I want is for him to come home safe and sound. I just thank God Shawn gave up that crazy idea to try and go over there and rescue him himself.


Shawn-d: I know what you mean. I cannot wait to have with Belle what you have with Mimi. But, of course, that cannot happen until this entire situation with Philip is resolved.

[Thinking] And now that I've got what I need, I'll find Philip, and bring him home. Then Belle and I can finally be together.


Hope: I don't think you want Patrick any closer to Billie for one simple reason -- you're jealous.


Billie: All I wanna do is kiss you... and not stop.


Jan: Dare do anything to me.

Mimi: Aah!


Shawn-d: I will save Philip because I cannot live without Belle.


Kate: You selfish little bitch.

John: Kate! What are you doing?

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