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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 4/1/05 - Canada; Monday 4/4/05 - U.S.A.



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Mimi: Who in the hell are you?

Sami: Your conscience. And you really shouldn't swear. If you can't tell Rex about

terminating your pregnancy, then I will.

Mimi: [Thinking] I've gotta find out who that guy is. And who told him I had the abortion. [Thinking] It had to have been Jan. No one else except Belle and my mother and the doctors even knew. You evil little...

Jan: What?

Sami: Damn you, Mimi Lockhart. Such a little hypocrite -- badmouthing me to Lucas when you've done something a million times worse than anything I've ever done.

Sami: Oh, my God. Aah! I've had it! This game is over! You're going down tonight, Mimi. Then again, after all the trouble I've been through, it would be such a waste to waste it all on Mimi Lockhart.


Brady: I've missed you so much.

Chloe: I've missed you so much, too, Brady. I won't be that much longer now, I promise. Then the two of us will be back together again.

[Door closes]

Nancy: Don't be so sure. According to this, you and Brady are through... for good.

Brady: I was supposed to have these figures to Japan two days ago. Damn it! God, Brady. What's the matter with you, man? Just focus. Calm down and focus.

Nicole: Why not let me help, Mr. Black?

Nicole: I've got just the right thing to help you relieve your stress.

John: Up, up. Up, up. Got it. I got it. One, two, three, four, five. One more. Here we go. Up, up. I got it. Two... all right.


Kate: Good job. Good job.

John: All right. 30 second recovery. We'll pound out another set.

Kate: No, because the physical therapist said one rotation twice a day, and you've already done four.

John: Hey, no pain, no gain. Come on, one more set.

Kate: No, that's enough. You're exhausted. So am I.

John: You gotta admit, this is good for us. I mean, you've got exquisite form, and I have never had a more inspirational trainer in my life.

Kate: Yeah, well, I could work out 24/7, and that still is not gonna put a dent in my stress level. We're gonna find Philip. We're gonna find him.

Kate: How? When are we gonna find him? You had the perfect plan, and you had the I.S.A., and you had the Marines implementing it, and it was top secret. How did the people holding him -- how did they find out?

John: That was my fault. I'm the one who dropped the ball.


Hope: Hey, Philip’s strong, and he's smart and resourceful. And the Marines trained him for -- for any situation. He's not gonna let his captors win.

Belle: You saw that videotape. He just -- he looked so tired. I just -- I miss my mom a lot right now.

Hope: I know you do, honey.

Belle: If you were me, and Bo was the one being held captive, what would you do?

Shawn-d: She's falling apart. I have to do something to help her.

Bo: The best thing you can do for her right now is just be there for her.

Shawn-d: I cannot do that. I cannot just sit around and hope that Philip gets rescued. I'm telling you, I'm gonna go go after him, and I'm gonna -- I'm gonna save him myself.

Bo: What, are you nuts?

Shawn-d: I cannot just sit here and watch her fall apart. Somebody's gotta do something.

Bo: Somebody is doing something -- the I.S.A., The Marines.

Shawn-d: And they already blew it.

Bo: Hey, look, I know you wanna help out the woman you love, but you gotta leave this to the professionals.

Shawn-d: No, dad, I have something that they don't have, something that is sure to bring Philip back home alive.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Chloe: What do you mean, Brady and I are through for good?

Nancy: "Since the tragic demise of the young diva, what now-available hunky heir to a drowned Greek tycoon has been spotted around town comforting his recently widowed 20-something step-grandmother?" Wanna guess who they're talking about?

Chloe: Is there more?

Nancy: Oh, yeah. You ain't heard nothing yet. "Sources close to this beautiful blond couple say they're a very hot item -- so hot that even if the tragic diva were still alive..."

[Deep breath] "She'd be singing 'I lost my love to another' -- Aria from Puccini’s dumped -- because even she couldn't stand a chance against the heat generated by the new object of this young heir's affection." Do you see what you're up against?

Chloe: He doesn't mention any names. He could be talking about anybody.

Nancy: Chloe! "Dead young diva," "heir to a Greek tycoon," "step-grandmother"!

Chloe: You should believe the garbage you read in those columns.

Nancy: Sweetheart, are you in total and complete denial? Chloe, I told you -- I warned you, if you didn't tell Brady that you were still alive, you were gonna lose him for good.

Chloe: Stop it! Why are you doing this to me?

Sami: If I were Nancy Wesley -- oh, God, I'd rather be Stan the man for the rest of my life. Where in Salem would I go to take my Frankenstein daughter in and get her face repaired? Not University Hospital -- everyone there knows the Wesley’s. She obviously doesn't want Chloe to be recognized.

Nancy: This is Clara’s friend from the clinic. I brought her up to St. Luke's so that she could hear Clara sing with the choir tonight.

Sami: St. Luke’s.

Sami: Yes, hello, sister Mary Margaret. I was hoping you can help me out. I was at your concert earlier. Yes. It was lovely. There was one particular singer that I was really impressed by -- Clara something or other. I lost my program. Yes. That's her. You know, I'd love to send her some flowers or something, but I don't have an address. Thank you, sister. Brace yourself, Nicole. Life as you know it is about to be over.


Brady: Mm. Mnh-mnh. No, absolutely not. I can't right now, Nicole.

Nicole: Why not?

Brady: Because I have so much to do right now.

Nicole: That's the problem, baby. You've been under so much pressure at titan. Let me help you.

Brady: You really mean that?

Nicole: Of course I do.

Brady: Great, because I have a lot for you to do. Um, here. Why don't you look over these import-export numbers, and I'll be back in a few minutes, and we'll all go over it in depth, okay?

Nicole: Wait, bra-- Brady. Brady!

Brady: I'll be back.


Kate: What do you mean you dropped the ball?

John: I should have been three steps ahead of the enemy. Because of the pain and the drugs, I was three steps behind him. My concentration is off. That's why they outmaneuvered me. It's my fault that this mission failed.

Kate: No, it's not.

John: Yes, it is.

Kate: No, and I'm not gonna let you say that. You and everyone else involved put in the best possible effort that you could. This was always high-risk. You said it yourself. Philip is smart, and he's resourceful, and he's resilient, and he had the very best training, and I have to have faith in him. And have faith in God that he is gonna come back to me because he has to.

John: Yes. You just hold on to that thought 'cause I'm not giving up on him. I think it's time you shut it down tonight. You're exhausted. You've been through the wringer. Why don't you try to get some rest?

Kate: I haven't been able to sleep since Philip was captured.

John: You better try taking a hot shower. And if that doesn't work, I'll just have to come up with something else.

John: Damn. I gotta find out where Philip is and who the hell has got him.

[Groans] Just breathe through it. Breathe. Damn, I need those drugs.


Jan: What the hell is the matter with you?

Mimi: Everything! You ruined my life. Now it is your turn to suffer.

Jan: Measles, you are acting very, very strange, even by your standards. Do you wanna tell me what the hell is going on?

Mimi: Oh, don't play innocent with me. You know exactly what's going on. You told a complete stranger about my abortion!

Jan: What? Are you on drugs?

Mimi: You're the only one who could have told him. I cannot believe I let you blackmail me. I should have known you'd find a way to destroy my life!

Jan: I didn't tell anyone your dirty little secret -- not yet, anyway.

Mimi: I'm warning you, if I lose Rex because you told that creep about my abortion, there will be hell to pay.

Jan: I didn't tell anybody. Besides, what could you possibly do to me anyway?

Mimi: This.

Jan: Aah!


Bo: Come here. What the hell are you talking about?

Shawn-d: I don't wanna get into it right now.

Bo: You'd better get into it. How the hell do you think you can find Philip, much less rescue him?

Shawn-d: It's complicated.

Bo: Yeah, you better believe it is. This is not some computer game. This is a real war in a foreign country with real soldiers and weapons. You get shot, you cannot hit the "play again" button.

Shawn-d: You think I don't know that? I'm gonna find Philip, and I'm gonna bring him home -- wherever they're hiding him.

Bo: You don't have the skills and training to infiltrate a local gang, much less a gang of hostage-takers in a war zone.

Shawn-d: I also don't have a choice. I have to do this for Belle so her and I can get our lives --

Bo: What kind of lives are you gonna have together if you get shot and killed?


Hope: Being married to a cop isn't exactly the same thing, but I do know what it's like to worry every day that your husband goes to work and may never come home.

Belle: Yeah, but as least you and Bo are both cops. And you understand the job. I mean, you're there for each other. I can't do anything for Philip except be here.

Hope: Honey, you are here. You're praying for him. That is the most powerful thing you can possibly do. You have to have faith, Belle. You can't keep thinking the worst, honey.

Belle: I can't help it. Philip probably wouldn't have volunteered for that mission if it wasn't for me. And if he dies, or if he never comes home, I just don't see how I could ever go on with anybody else.


Shawn-d: I am not going to get myself killed.

Bo: Oh, now you're a psychic as well as a superhero.

Shawn-d: No, I'm not. I am your son, which means everything I do will be perfectly planned out.

Bo: Uh-huh, and the marines and I.S.A. -- Their plan wasn't perfectly planned out?

Shawn-d: Apparently not. And besides, I have something that they don’t.

Bo: All right, this -- talk to me. Let me help you out here. What is this special thing that you have?

Shawn-d: It's not a thing. It's someone.

Bo: What?

Shawn-d: It's Rex.


Nancy: Sweetheart, I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm trying to help you. Think back to when you were in the hospital with leukemia, when your hair fell out from the chemo.

Chloe: Yeah, that's gonna cheer me up. You know what? Brady didn't run away then, and he's not gonna run away now. Yes, your face still is a little scarred.

Chloe: A little?

Nancy: But that doesn't change who you are on the inside. Brady loves you for you, the same way Craig loves me. He won't even notice the scar.

Chloe: Nancy, he's not blind. This is not the face he fell in love with.

Nancy: Do you think this is the same face your father fell in love with? When he looks at me, Chloe, I know that he is looking at the woman he loves. Maybe all men are not capable of doing that, but your father is. And so is Brady. But you have to give him the chance. You have to pick up the phone and tell him that you did not die in that car accident in Austria. You deserve to be happy again, sweetheart. Please, Chloe. Call Brady. You owe it to yourself. And you owe it to Brady.


Brady: All right, Nicole. I think we are ready to -- you're --

Nicole: Naked? I know. You're a very perceptive guy.

Brady: Am I as perceptive when it comes to the business?

Nicole: Amazingly so. All the companies titan acquired S.V. are in the black.

Brady: S.V.?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Since Victor. We make quite a team, Brady. You know, we've taken titan to places even your grandfather could never imagine. Japanese investors are gonna be very happy.

Brady: And you?

Nicole: I'm gonna be very happy, too.

Nicole: Now, as acting C.E.O., I officially declare the business portion of this meeting over and order you to get naked.

Brady: Whoa, what about the staff here?

Nicole: Oh, the staff. Oh, I gave everyone the night off.

Brady: Ah.

Nicole: I didn't want any unnecessary interruptions while we look at rising profits.

Brady: Well, okay then.

Sami: You're going down, Nicole. Hmm. Soon. First, my boss needs me to make a speedy delivery to John Black.


John: I wanna get clean. But if I don't do something so I can concentrate, I'm never gonna locate Philip and bring him home. I'm sorry, Kate, but this is for you and Belle. No, I can't be out, I can’t. Damn. It's gotta be in here somewhere. Come on, come on. Damn it.

Kate: Are you all right?

Kate: No. You couldn't do this -- not again. Not again.


Jan: Do you have any idea how much I paid for this coat? More than you've made in your entire life -- and now it's ruined. You're gonna pay for this, Measles, and I do not mean with cash.

Mimi: Oh, bring it on, Jan. Now that you already blabbed about my abortion to that creep, you've got nothing to hold over my head anymore.

Jan: Like I said before you went all "million dollar baby," I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Who? Who do you think that I told?

Mimi: That man!

Jan: What man?

Mimi: That creepy man who was out here before. You know exactly who I'm talking about -- blond hair, blue eyes, mustache, goatee? He followed me home. He was outside my window taunting me with a baby doll -- your M.O., Jan. You had to have given him the idea. I tried to follow him, but I lost him. I'm sure you already know that.

Jan: Why don't you just use your brain for a change? Why would I waste the ammunition that I have against you by blabbing it to a complete stranger? Huh? I need that blackmail information so you'll help me keep Shawn and Belle apart.

Mimi: I don't know why you would do anything, Jan. And I don't care. But you're not blackmailing me into helping you anymore. I'm through. And if your freakoid friend tells rex about my abortion, I'll tell Shawn about the cage I found in your house -- the one he doesn't remember being locked up in all last summer.

Jan: Don't you dare try to threaten me.

Mimi: That's not a threat, honey. It's a promise.

Jan: You know, Mimi. There was a time that I tried to be your friend. I even helped you climb out of that cardboard box you were living in.

Mimi: Oh, are you kidding me?

Jan: What was my reward, huh? I lost my baby. I lost Shawn. And I am not gonna lose him again. What the hell's the matter with you, huh? You got Rex. You got pregnant. Do you have any idea how lucky you were? Don't blame me because you're a selfish idiot who decided to lie to your boyfriend and sin against God.

Sami: You should have told Rex about your baby before you selfishly aborted it. Not only have you lied to your boyfriend, but you've sinned against God.

Mimi: You lying little bitch! You did tell him. You had to. You set me up, and you're going to pay.


Bo: So Rex is some kind of special weapon?

Shawn-d: He can find Philip. He hacked into the government's computers, he can do it to the enemy's, too.

Bo: Maybe. Then what? Neither one of you is qualified to run a rescue mission of this caliber.

Shawn-d: Yes, we may not be Marines.

Bo: Look, I've been in law enforcement a very long time, I'm not qualified to run something like this. It takes a lot of training and experience. And a hell of a lot of planning.

Shawn-d: Yes, we may lack the training and the experience, but I know I can do this. I have to -- for Belle. So I can make things right for her.

Bo: Shawn, I understand you wanna help, but this is not the way.

Shawn-d: Dad, if Philip dies, she's gonna feel guilty for the rest of her life, and I can't let that happen. I won’t.

Bo: Hey. You don't have a choice.


Belle: Well, as awful as it is having the man you love in danger, I guess it could be worse if we had kids.

Hope: Kids change everything in so many ways. When you and Shawn have children and become parents, you'll understand.

Belle: Well, actually, I've been doing a lot of thinking about it, and I kind of do understand. And that's why I'm not having kids.

(Gentle acoustic guitar music)


Brady: You know, I can't think of two people that are more different than you and Chloe. I mean, everything that I loved about her, I love about you.

Nicole: What are you talking about?

Brady: Well, you're kind, you're loving, you're tough. But underneath, you're vulnerable, just like she was.

Nicole: Wow. I never thought I'd see the day when you or anyone else would compare me to Chloe Lane.

Brady: I gotta tell you, Nicole, I am really glad you gave the staff the night off.

Nicole: Me, too.

Nicole: You know, Brady, after everything we've been through, sometimes I wanna pinch myself. But I'm not dreaming, it's true. We're finally together.

Brady: Nothing is gonna ever come between us.


Chloe: You think I don't wanna call Brady? That I don't wanna hear his voice? But I can’t.

Nancy: Yes, you can.

Chloe: No. If I'm gonna tell Brady that I'm alive, I can't do it over the phone. I have to do it in person.

Nancy: Then get dressed. I'll get your hairbrush and your makeup, and then we'll head right over to the Kiriakis mansion.

Chloe: But, Nancy --

Nancy: Wear that new blue top.

Chloe: Maybe Nancy’s right. You love me for who I am, and not what I look like. And who I am hasn't changed. No!

Nancy: What is it?

Chloe: I can't see Brady. I'm not ready.

Nancy: Of course you are, honey. Look, I promise you, Brady will be so happy to know

that you're alive, he won't even notice those little scars.

Chloe: They're not little. They're monstrous!

Nancy: No, they're not.

Chloe: I can't do this -- not yet.

Nancy: Okay. Fine. Then you don't have to. I will.

Chloe: No! Nancy, come back!


John: It's not what you think. I didn't take any drugs, Kate. They're empty, see? I was throwing them away.

Kate: Oh, God. I'm so proud of you. I know this isn't easy. I know that it takes guts and determination to walk away from this stuff cold turkey. But if you have that kind of focus, you are never, ever gonna be three steps behind anyone ever again.

John: Yeah, that's the plan, isn't it?

Kate: Yeah. That's the plan. Here.

Kate: You know, when I was in the shower, I was thinking, I was thinking that even though the mission failed, you're absolutely right because Philip is of more value to these bastards alive -- alive than dead. And I know that he's gonna do everything in his power to stay alive until we rescue him.

John: That's right. And we are gonna rescue him. That's a promise.

Kate: I believe that because you're on the case and you're drug free, and I trust you more than anyone in the world. Okay. I'm gonna go dry my hair.

John: Okay.

John: Nothing, damn it. Aah, this is crazy. I've just gotta stop. Just stop. Stop!

[Telephone rings]


John: John Black.

Sami: It's the candy man, John. And I've reopened shop -- with some very high grade imported sweets.

John: Not interested.

Sami: Of course, you are. You just don't wanna admit it.

John: I'm hanging up now.

Sami: Go ahead. But I'll call right back. Because we both know how much you crave my special treats. They're the only thing that could possibly get rid of all that pain, John.

John: Why don't you just go to hell?

Sami: And if you don't get rid of the pain, you'll never be able to save Philip. And that would devastate poor Kate and Belle. I know you, John. You can't hurt the women you love.

John: Listen, you don't know anything about my life.

Sami: I'll be at the usual spot. But don't be too long. Supplies are limited.


Jan: I didn't tell anybody.

Mimi: Oh, really? Then why did you just say the same exact thing he did -- that I betrayed my boyfriend, that I sinned against God?

Jan: I don't know -- maybe 'cause it's true.

Mimi: But no one else knows what I did.

Jan: Look, I really don't care, okay? I'm freezing. I'm going home to change. You know, Meems, there's still one thing that I don't get. This creepy guy follows you home and shows up on your fire escape with a baby doll. You chase him away, but you still didn't tell Rex. So, you're still lying to your fiancé. It doesn't even make sense anymore. I mean, if strangers on the street know your secret, it's just a matter of time before sexy Rexy finds out.

Mimi: Well, if that's true, then your blackmail ammunition against me is going to be useless.

Jan: If that's the case, maybe I should just call Rex right now.


Hope: What do you mean, you don't want children? You love kids.

Belle: No, I just meant not anytime soon. I've learned my lesson about making big decisions without being sure -- especially when they affect other people. I'm not making that mistake again. I'm gonna be totally positive that I'm ready to be a mother. I just -- I wanna finish school, and I wanna get my career started, and I wanna be really secure in my marriage.

Hope: That sounds very smart.

Belle: But until then, my first priority is making things right with Philip. Because until that happens, I can't even think about moving on with Shawn.


Bo: I know you wanna bring Philip home, but there's no way you can do this.

Shawn-d: I have to at least try -- for Belle and for me.

Bo: He is a war zone. Can you hear-- let the government handle this. You can't go over there and try to rescue him.

Hope: Shawn-Douglas Brady, what are you thinking? There is absolutely no way I will allow you to do that, do you hear me? It's insane.

Belle: Your mom's right. If you try to rescue Philip, you'll be killed. I can't lose you, too.

Shawn-d: You're right. There's no way I could do what the marines and the I.S.A. couldn’t. It's just that I hate seeing you so miserable.

Belle: I love that you want to help, Shawn, but it's too dangerous. If I lost you too, I don't know what I would do.


Hope: Like father, like son.

Bo: Hey --

Hope: We have to stop him.

Bo: He's just blowing off some steam.

Hope: What if he wasn't? What if he really tries to go through with this?

Bo: He won’t.

Hope: How do you know? He's been completely impulsive, completely reckless lately.

Bo: Hope, he promised me tonight he'd stop living his life on the edge. You heard him. He knows he'd be in way over his head.

Hope: I've heard you too over the years.

Bo: It's not the same.

Hope: It's exactly the same. Don't you see? He gave in too easily. He is playing us, trying to get us to drop it, but he hasn't changed his mind, Brady.

Bo: You're overreacting.

Hope: I've heard that a lot lately, too. I'm not overreacting, I promise you. And I need for you to promise me that you will be here to stop him, and not running off with Billie Reed somewhere. Please. Promise me.


Belle: Just promise me that you won't do anything crazy, Shawn, please.

Shawn-d: Yeah. I promise.


Chloe: I promise you, Brady, I will let you know I'm alive. But it has to be in my own time, not Nancy’s. I have to stop her before she tells you.

[Cellular phone rings]



Nancy: I'm sorry, Chloe, but this has gone on too long. It's time that Brady knew the truth -- before you lose any chance of getting him back.


Nicole: Hey.

[Both chuckle]

[Doorbell rings]

Brady: Mm.

Nicole: Oh, no, ignore it.

Brady: I can't, Nicole. You gave the staff the night off, and I ordered a pizza.

Nicole: Oh. Ooh. The delivery boy's in for quite a shock. You better pray he doesn't have a camera phone. Otherwise I know what will be all over the tabloids tomorrow.

Brady: You're just jealous because I look 10 times better in this thing than you do.

Nicole: Whatever. Hurry up.

Brady: I will.

Nicole: Ha ha ha.

Brady: Whoa, Nancy. Hi. What are you doing here?


Nancy: Um, I'm sorry to have disturbed you so late. I've -- I've come with important news about Chloe.


Mimi: No, no, you can't tell Rex.

Jan: Why not? Since you're obviously not going to tell him about the abortion, don't you think he'd rather hear about it from an old friend than a stranger?

Mimi: I'd rather you stay out of my life. You're not a friend, Jan. And if I find out that you had anything to do with that guy finding out, you're a dead woman.

Jan: My conscience is clear, Meems. So if I were you, instead of threatening me, I'd be more worried about that guy at your apartment right now telling Rex the truth.

Mimi: Oh, no. No, he couldn't be.

[Cellular phone rings]



Mimi: Hey, honey, what's up? Yeah, my mom's fine. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I'll be home in a few minutes. We can talk then. Okay. Oh, my God. Oh, please, don't let him know what I did.


Sami: Ah, come on, John.

Sami: You know you want 'em.

John: Kate? Kate? That's good. You get some sleep. I'm gonna do everything I can to find your boy and bring him home. I'm not gonna let that punk drug dealer interfere anymore. I don't know how he knows so much about me, but I'm not gonna let him ruin my life. I think it's about time I find out exactly who that piece of scum is.


Rex: There's something I want to say to you.

Mimi: There's something that I want to say to you, too.


Nicole: What the hell are you talking about?

Brady: That's what I'd like to know.

Nancy: Brady --

Brady: What the hell are you talking about, Chloe is still alive?


John: My God, you're not even a man.

Sami: Let go of me!

John: Aah! Aah!

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