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Sami: Oh, man, way too close. Sami, get it together before you get caught. At least Mimi can't find me in here.

Mimi: He must've come in here. The creepiest guy I've ever seen in my life.

Lucas: You've got no idea who he is. Are you sure?

Mimi: I don't recognize him at all, but he keeps harassing me, showing up in my window. It's gotta stop. I am totally freaked out.

Lucas: We've checked every apartment. He probably found his way out.

Mimi: Didn't check Sami's apartment.

Lucas: She's out of town, but I do have a key.

Mimi: I don't see anybody.

Sami: [Gasps]

Lucas: Shh. Shh...

Lucas: Oh, my God.

Abby: Hey, Chelsea, what's up?

Chelsea: Hey, I thought you were grounded for breaking curfew tonight.

Abby: I snuck out of my bedroom window. What's my mom gonna do, arrest me?

Chelsea: Good point.

Abby: We had another huge fight.

Chelsea: Why do you let her get to you? Just say "sorry," and then you can do whatever you want. It works for me.

Abby: And I owe you an apology. She is into Patrick, like, completely and disgustingly.

Chelsea: Did she actually admit it?

Abby: Of course not. She's my Mom. She has to keep up the image. But it's getting more obvious all the time, and I hate it. And I hate her.

Chelsea: Why worry about it? Patrick said he wouldn't go after her, right?

Abby: Yeah, but I can't control what she does. I mean, he's a guy. They have no judgment.

Chelsea: Well, he better have some. He's mine. I'm the one he kissed at the Cheatin' Heart.

Abby: He didn't know it was you, Chelsea. You were disguised.

Chelsea: Deep down, he knows. I just have to get him away from that witchy Billie Reed. Why do all these middle-aged women want my guy?

Billie: Thanks for hanging with me tonight, Lockhart.

Patrick: No problem. No problem. You have to go home sometime, though.

Billie: See, now, that's the problem. It's not my home. Living with Bo and Hope is driving me nuts. Every time I even so much as look in Bo's direction, Hope gives me the evil eye.

Patrick: Well, she's his wife, you know? I guess she's tuned in to that vibe you're throwing out.

Billie: What vibe am I throwing out?

Patrick: Well, you're still attracted to him. I mean, come on, that's gotta drive her nuts.

Billie: You know what? She's had him long enough. If life were fair, it'd be my turn.

Patrick: Yeah. Life fair.

Billie: I know. What a joke, right? If life were fair, I'd have Georgia with me. Hey, the truth? I will not interfere in Bo's marriage. I will not act on my feelings for him.

Patrick: Can you guarantee you never will?

Philip: Now, honey, if for some reason I don't make it home, you stay strong. You stay strong in our love. 'Cause I'm still gonna be loving you... forever. It'll just be from a better place, that's all. Semper fi, sweetheart. Always faithful.

Belle: Philip.

Bo: What happened, a computer glitch?

Rex: I'm sorry, but I think we lost the satellite transmission.

Belle: No, I can't lose Philip.

Bart: Damn. Damn! The picture went South, boss. Lost the sound, too.

Tony: Evidently.

Bart: Sorry, sir, my bad. You want me to jump-start the satellite connection?

Tony: No, no, no. Nothing wrong with having a little dramatic tension. Belle must be hysterical right now, as is her father. But my guess is this -- because of the sudden blackout, my brother John will be forced into action and try to save the life of this young marine that married his little girl.

Kate: Philip. He's gone.

John: Lost satellite feed.

Kate: Oh, my God. Did you have it long enough to be able to trace him? Do you know where he is? You said you were gonna be able to rescue him, John.

Bart: What?

Tony: Ha ha ha ha. I'm just imagining John Black pulling out his perfectly coifed hair because he can't get the satellite reception back.

Bart: Ha ha ha!

Tony: Which I assume you've taken care of.

Bart: Yeah. I absolutely took care of that. And that TV picture of Philip K. is lost forever.

Tony: Mm. As is he.

Bart: You mean... he's dead?

Tony: Yes. Sadly. Young Kiriakis is gone.

John: Someone jammed the transmission codes. I was on the verge of locking onto Philip's location when we lost the signal. Damn it. Someone figured out what I was doing.

Kate: What are we gonna do now?

John: Just give me a second.

Kate: God...

John: Well, if ever there was a time to pray, this is it.

Bo: Are you hacking into I.S.A. Restricted Communications?

Rex: Restricted and classified. Scary how easy it is, huh?

Bo: Yeah. What are you picking up?

Rex: Just...chatter. It's not good, though.

Bo: Damn it. Hey.

Hope: I know this happens. Our soldiers face danger every day. But this time...

Bo: It's happening to someone we know. Man, I feel so useless not being able to help my own brother. All I can do is pray.

Hope: Sometimes, it's the best thing you can do.

Bo: Yeah. This could tear Shawn and Belle apart for good.

Hope: At least they have each other right now, just like we do.

Belle: "Always faithful." You heard him. He's been faithful to me, and I haven't been faithful to him.

Shawn-D: Now, listen, it's terrible what is happening to him right now, but we are all praying that he is going to get through this. And I know that you love him, but it's not the kind of love that is "till death do us part."

Belle: But that's what I promised. The whole world just heard him say how much he loves his wife. Me. If he ends up getting killed over there, I just -- I don't see how we can be together again.

Shawn-D: We are going to get through this. Okay? I promise you. Our love is too strong. It's the kind of love that is built on knowing each other our entire lives, of getting mad, breaking up, and forgiving each other. You have to have faith in our love, because I do. Trust me, and trust our love... and trust Philip's strength. 'Cause if anybody can get through this, he can. He won't give up, I know that for sure, and you shouldn't, either.

Rex: Yes! John Black is the man.

Bo: What do you have?

Rex: John traced Philip's exact location. Don't ask me how. The guy's some kind of a super genius.

Hope: That's incredible.

Belle: Wait, does this mean that --

Rex: The rescue mission is on.

Bo: All right. (Gentle acoustic guitar music)

Mimi: Is he in there?

Lucas: No.

Mimi: Then why'd you just say "oh, my God" like that?

Lucas: Because it's Sami's wedding dress... the dress she didn't wear down the aisle because I caught her with Brandon the night before our wedding.

Sami: Come on, Brandon. Tell them. Tell them that you know Kate set us up.

Brandon: I wish I could, Samantha. But the fact is I can't say for sure because there is no proof. All I know is I woke up naked with you in my bed, and I still have no idea how you got there.

Sami: But I don't have any idea either. So how do you explain that?

Brandon: Look, I agree that it seems like a setup, and, yes, I did think Kate was probably the top suspect.

Sami: What do you mean you did think?

Brandon: Look, I know she has plenty of motive. But the more I hear and the more I think about it, the more it seems impossible that she or anyone else could have pulled this off.

Sami: Oh, come on. With Kate there is always a way. I mean, all right, I haven't gotten it all figured out yet myself, but I do know that it has Kate Roberts written all over it.

Kate: This is just so pathetic. It's so pathetic. Not only have you broken my son's heart, now you're trying to turn him against me. Can't you see what she's doing? She is so determined to destroy our family. She wants to turn you and she wants to turn will against me. You need to tell her it's just not gonna happen because I had nothing to do with this. I was with John all night, except for the short time that I was here. And if you need further proof, you can ask Brady, you can ask John, you can ask the private duty nurse because they can all confirm it.

Sami: This can't be true.

Lucas: Sami, just give it up, will you?

Sami: Oh, come on, Lucas. How can you believe her over me when all she's ever wanted is to tear us apart?

Lucas: I told you so many times. I told you the only person capable of ruining our chance at future happiness was you. Damn it, I don't know if you walked into a trap or not. All I know is -- is you decided to go see Brandon the night before our wedding. You did that of your own free will, Sami. Nobody forced you to do it. And now you got no one to blame but yourself. I don't wanna talk about this stupid dress anymore.

Sami: Sorry.

Lucas: Bad memories are hard, but the good ones are even harder. I can't believe it to think that we almost made it. We almost got it right.

Sami: Lucas, of course I'll marry you. [Applause]

Sami: And look at this. Look how cute the last ingredient is -- "a whole lot of love." How sweet is that?

Lucas: That is sweet. I think we got that ingredient covered, though. Don't you, huh?

Sami: I love you, Lucas.

Lucas: I love you, too. Mm, thank you.

Sami: Lucas, I think this thanksgiving is gonna be perfect. And I wanna prove that I can be a good wife and mother. Nothing can go wrong.

Lucas: If I'd married Sami, this would have been our home -- the Roberts family home -- me, Sami, and Will. Now it's not gonna happen. That dream is just blown out of the water.

Lucas: Mimi, you should learn from Sami's mistakes. I know Rex really wants to marry you.

Mimi: He told you that?

Lucas: Yeah, brothers talk sometimes, you know. I'm mean, I'm just getting to know the guy myself. But I can already tell what a great dad he'll be.

Sami: [Thinking] Rex'll be a terrific dad to somebody else's kids. You don't deserve kids, Meems, and you don't deserve my half brother. Not after what you did to your baby. And when I tell him the truth, you're gonna spend the rest of your life alone.

Chelsea: Billie's so old. How can Patrick even stand to be that close to her?

Abby: She doesn't have wrinkles, Chels. I mean, she's not exactly ready for a nursing home.

Chelsea: Bet she's sucking in her gut right now. She has to be brainless to lose her daughter. Who loses their kid? Look at her. She's not even that hot. When I was Angelica, I was the girl of Patrick's dreams. He wanted me so bad.

Abby: He wanted who he thought you were, not jailbait.

Chelsea: I can still feel that kiss.

Chelsea: Here's my number. My name's Angelica.

Abby: Okay, so you gave him your number. But did he call you?

Chelsea: No.

Abby: Okay. And I've gotta point out that he's walking in the moonlight with Billie, and living with my middle-aged Mom. I think he likes older women.

Chelsea: He's mine, and I'm not gonna let him cheat on me.

Abby: You're totally hallucinating this whole relationship.

Chelsea: I'm in love.

Billie: You refuse to believe me? Okay, what do I have to do? Do I have to swear on a stack of bibles? 'Cause I'll do it. I will. Okay, I, Billie Holiday Reed, do solemnly swear to never -- I repeat -- never make a move on my ex-husband Bo Brady.

Patrick: Mm-hmm. Well, when a woman doth protest so much, yeah, I tend to think she's not being straight with me or herself.

Billie: Gimme a break, will ya? Come on, I mean, we -- we had a child together. We loved each other. It was mutual. Just because I'll always love the guy doesn't mean that I wanna ruin what he has with Hope and his sons. I wanna find Georgia. I wanna be a family, too. Is that so wrong?

Patrick: No. But a guy can't have two wives. Not in this country, anyway.

Billie: Believe me, I wish that Bo were free to be a family with Georgia and me, but he's not. I just hope that he'll wanna spend some time with us -- the three of us together when we find her. I want him to be a real dad to her. You know, I don't want him to be the kind of father that's afraid to talk to her because he's afraid his wife will get all bent out of shape about it. So? You convinced? Okay, help me prove it to you.

Patrick: Help you how?

Billie: Start dating me.

Abby: Are you crazy? You can't let them see you. For one thing, I'd be in deep trouble. And you'd trash any chance you ever had of making your fantasy about Patrick come true.

Chelsea: Well, I'm not about to let her start dating my guy.

Abby: I don't see how you can stop her.

Chelsea: Then you don't know me as well as you think you do. I'll find a way to get rid of her.

Patrick: Did you just ask me on a date?

Billie: Why not? It is the 21st Century, you know? Women stopped wearing chastity belts a long time ago, babe.

Patrick: Who are you calling babe?

Billie: I was just messing with you.

Patrick: Oh, so you didn't just ask me on a date?

Billie: Well, it is April Fool's. [Swing music playing]

Billie: Can you, uh, can you think of something we could be doing right now?

Patrick: A few things come to mind.

Billie: Let's start with a dance.

Chelsea: I've gotta find a way to stop this.

Hope: How do we know the mission's on?

Bo: He's tapping into the defense department's classified sites using I.S.A. Communications.

Rex: Yeah, and if I can just get into this one site, we can watch the mission unfold in real time.

Hope: No, I don't think we should. I mean, what if the mission fails?

Shawn-D: It's not gonna fail.

Hope: I'm sorry, honey. I'm just trying to protect the both of you.

Belle: Well, Philip's the one that needs protecting. Whatever he's going through right now, I just wanna be as close to him as I can be. [Helicopter whirring]

Belle: Oh, my God. They're -- they're taking off. They're going to get Philip.

Shawn-D: This is incredible to watch it happen.

Belle: He's gonna be okay, isn't he? He's gonna make it.

Shawn-D: Yeah, we're on our way. They're gonna find him, they're gonna bring him home. This is all thanks to your dad.

Belle: Oh, God, please just don't let anything go wrong.

Kate: Oh, you did it. You found him.

John: I got lucky.

Kate: No, no, no, no, no. You kept your promise to me. You said that you were gonna bring him home --

John: Listen, I don't wanna put you on a downer here --

Kate: No, I know because he's not home yet, but he will be. When he comes home, he's gonna owe his life to you --

John: Kate, look me in the eye. This isn't a slam dunk. It's a dangerous mission. Every one of those soldiers who volunteered to go up in that chopper, they know what they're risking here. But Philip is in the gravest danger because he's unarmed. He could get caught in the crossfire. There is no guarantee. It's just a matter of timing and execution. So, let's hope for the best... for all of them. Only a couple minutes to go. So now that you know what's at stake, you give me the word, we'll abort the mission. Philip won't be any worse off, but you gotta tell me now.

Bart: Gone? You mean Philip's in that big semper fi in the sky?

Tony: He might as well be, but I have patience, Bart. Just a few minutes more.

Lucas: Mimi, you, uh, you look white. You sure you're feeling okay?

Mimi: It's been one of the weirder nights of my life, that's for sure. First that creep harassing me, and then -- oh, my gosh, I should have told you this right away

Lucas: What? Told me what?

Mimi: It's about Philip. When I left the loft, Rex was on his computer, tapping into some national defense site, and apparently, there's, um, there was another hostage video.

Lucas: Oh, my God.

Mimi: This video, I guess, is top secret. The I.S.A. doesn't want anyone to know they're trying to trace the location of where they're holding Philip.

Lucas: Good, good. So the Marines are gonna try to rescue him?

Mimi: I think so.

Lucas: Good, good. I hope it works. We're all hoping that he makes it back. But my Mom -- she's really taking it hard. She's a wreck. She's going through hell.

Sami: She better get used to it.

Mimi: Well, I'm sure Rex will call you as soon as there's any word.

Lucas: Thank God for Rex. I'm so glad he's my brother. He's able to check all this out. You know, he's a really good guy, Mimi.

Mimi: Yeah, too good for me.

Lucas: Come on, why would you say that? Don't do that to yourself.

Sami: She killed his baby, that's why.

Mimi: Low self-esteem, I guess. I don't know.

Lucas: Sami had the same problem -- always getting down on herself, putting herself down. You know, if she had a little more confidence in herself, things might have worked between us.

Mimi: Sounds like you still care about Sami. Are you sure you did the right thing -- not marrying her?

Lucas: I really don't wanna talk about it, okay?

Mimi: I'm serious, Lucas. It's very important to be honest about how you feel. If Sami was here right now, what would you say to her? Would you forgive her?

Patrick: So, you wanna see my dance moves, huh?

Billie: Uh, yeah, we can start there.

Patrick: All right, the jacket's off.

Billie: Oh, no! I'm scared!

Patrick: You ready?

Billie: Yeah. Whoa! Okay, okay. I'm sorry.

Billie: Okay. Watch this. Whoa!

Patrick: You ready?

Billie: Whee!

Chelsea: Look at her -- falling all over Patrick like she's a total tramp.

Abby: Not as bad as you did when you were pretending to be that Angelica chick.

Chelsea: Patrick was having a good time.

Abby: He was drugged. He didn't know what he was doing.

Chelsea: Whose side are you on?

Abby: I don't care who Patrick hooks up with as long as it's not my Mom.

Chelsea: Well, I care. Would you please just help me figure out a way to get him interested in me?

Abby: Face it, Chelsea. You may be too late. Patrick and Billie are getting closer all the time.

Patrick: Hey. What's going on behind those beautiful eyes, huh?

Kate: I can't make this decision on my own.

John: Kate, if you were to talk to Philip right now, what would he say to you?

Kate: What would he say? He's so proud to be a marine. He'd want the mission to go forward.

John: I think you're right.

Kate: What do we do next?

John: We're on. They're gettin' close. It's almost time. Listen in.

Kate: Oh, God.

John: John Black, Alpha Force Mission. Commander? Alpha Force. What's your location?

Man: We've locked onto the bunker. The eagle lands in 60 seconds.

John: All right. Hang tight. It could be rough.

Bart: Listen, did you hear that?

Tony: What?

Bart: It's quiet. Too quiet. I bet they're planning a sneak attack.

Bart: Down! Down! Incoming! Incoming Blackhawks. We're gonna die! We are gonna die!

Tony: Bart, shut up!

Bart: Boss, I'm telling you, their bombs are aimed right at us. They're smart bombs -- sonar. Shocked and awed -- that's what we're gonna be. Shocked and awed! Boss, ba-ba-boom. Ba-ba-boom! Aren't you just a little bit scared, sir?

Tony: Hmm.

Man: The eagle has landed.

John's voice: Roger. Stage two -- perfect storm.

Shawn-D: Say a prayer.

Rex: I'm picking up a video stream.

Belle: Philip, no!

Kate: I can't tell what's going on. What's happening with it?

Kate: Philip! Oh, my God. Oh, God.

Rex: Hey, look, it's definitely not Philip.

John: It wasn't Philip.

Kate: Are you sure?

John: Most definitely.

Kate: Oh, God.


Bart: Holy Mary -- Holy Mary, Mother of God -- Holy -- how does that thing go again? Oh, I should have gone to church more. Boss, I mean God, please let me live. Let me live through this. If you let me live through this, I'll go to confession every week, and I'm not even catholic. Boss, we gotta go. It is time to split. I can feel that they're practically on top of us right now! Mommy. Mommy. [Gunshots stop]

Tony: "Mommy"? Do you mind?

Bart: What -- what happened to the gunfire?

Tony: Oh, it's on the telly. Quite an action-packed program, don't you think? "Saving Private Kiriakis."

Bart: Do you mean that the choppers aren't -- aren't -- aren't headed to this bunker?

Tony: No, they think they are.

Bart: They think they are? They think they are. You did it again. You did it. You pulled the wool over John Black, Rex Brady, and the entire national defense department's eyes, and mine, too, boss. You rule!

Tony: Ha ha. Yes, I do. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to watch the surprise ending.

Belle: Where's Philip? I don't understand. The soldiers went in. What happened?

Kate: Why? Why can't they find him?

John: He's not there.

Kate: What do you mean he's not there?

John: It was all a setup.

Kate: A setup?

John: They still got him, Kate. I'm sorry.

Kate: Where? Where?

John: I don't know where. It could be anywhere.

Kate: No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, God.

Belle: No!

Rex: Belle, look, I'm sorry. We failed. It wasn't our fault. Whoever it is did an amazing job of misleading us.

Shawn-D: So, Philip's...

Rex: Still a hostage. And we have no idea where. I mean, he could be missing for weeks, months, even years.

Patrick: Sorry if I got too personal.

Billie: I like your dancing. I'm just not crazy about the questions.

Patrick: Okay. [Jazz music playing]

Patrick: I just wanted to get to know you better. But there are plenty of ways to do that -- like, for instance...

Chelsea: No, she doesn't. I'm not gonna let her have him.

Abby: Face it, Chelsea, you're a kid. Patrick obviously wants a woman. And as long as it's not my Mom, I don't care who it is.

Chelsea: I can look older.

Abby: With a ton of makeup on, maybe. But it doesn't really matter anyway. You've already lost the guy. Just look at the way they're dancing.

Lucas: Yeah, I could forgive Sami, but she'd just screw up somewhere else. She just can't help it, Mimi. That's who she is. I was stupid enough -- I was dumb enough to fall in love with her and think that she could change. But you know what? I was wrong.

Mimi: Personally, I think you're better off. Sami's hurt a lot of people. Look at the way she's treated her own sisters and all the men she said she loved. She's the worst. And, you know, I just keep thinking how a good person like Philip ends up in a horrible situation like this -- he may not even make it back to Salem alive, and then there's Sami -- who runs out on her own kid when she doesn't get her way. She oughta be ashamed of herself. And with all the suffering going on in town lately, if she hadn't left, I'd say it was probably all her fault. Oh, my gosh.

Lucas: What?

Mimi: I know why everything's going so badly for everyone lately -- Sami.

Lucas: What do you mean, this is all Sami's fault? I mean, she's not even here.

Mimi: She left behind plenty of bad karma, though.

Lucas: Yeah, maybe for me and will, but nobody else, all right? My Mom and John are going through hell right now, yeah, but not because of Sami. You can't even blame her for that.

Mimi: Hmm, notice how you keep defending her?

Lucas: I am not defending her, all right? What we had is over. We have no chance for a future. I'm telling you. It's done forever.

Mimi: Hmm, that's too bad for Sami, because you're a pretty great guy. Uh, anyhow, I better get going because Rex -- Rex is gonna be wondering where I am. Thanks for your help.

Lucas: Yeah, no problem. Sorry we didn't find that guy.

Mimi: Yeah, who knows where he went?

Sami: Moron Meems. I love bringing bad karma to all of you. You were all out to get me, and you turned Lucas against me. [Thinking] Everyone's going to be heartbroken. [Feedback squeals]

Billie: Well, yeah. Thanks for the dance.

Patrick: Anytime.

Billie: Speaking of time, I really should get back to Bo and Hope's.

Chelsea: If they were really meant to be together, they wouldn't have stopped dancing. I'm not crazy, Abby. I thought you were my friend. Whose side are you on?

Abby: I don't care as long as Patrick doesn't wind up with my Mom.

Chelsea: Well, I won't let that happen if you help me with my plan.

Abby: What plan?

Chelsea: "Bye-bye, Billie."

Billie: Whoo! "Swing into spring dance." Do you think it can possibly be as fun as tonight was?

Patrick: Well, if I have a partner as good as I had tonight.

Billie: Would you -- would you -- would you really like to go with me?

Patrick: Yeah, sure. Date?

Billie: Date.

Patrick: All right.

John: I'm so sorry that I got your hopes up. I was sure that I had the right location. The enemy was just one step ahead of me. Who the hell are those guys?

Kate: Whoever they are, they still have him. They still have my son, but I can't lose him. I can't lose him.

Philip: Where the hell am I? It looks like the same place as before, but I know it can't be.

Bart: How'd you do it, boss? How'd you outsmart John Black one more time?

Tony: Is that a rhetorical question, Bart?

Bart: Uh, I don't know, sir. Is that one?

Tony: You already know the answer, of course. And I know my enemies. One of them will decide to play hero. "Play" is the operative word. And that'll prove to be a fatal mistake. 'Cause one of them will come here, try to rescue Private Kiriakis, and now the trap is set.

Shawn-D: You saw the way he looked on that video. The way they're treating him, he's suffering. And she's suffering. I just can't stand by and watch this happen. I have to do something.

Bo: I understand that, but what do you think you can do?

Shawn-D: I'll go find Philip, and I'll rescue him myself.

Mimi: There will be hell --

Jan: I didn't tell anybody. Besides, what could you possibly do?

Mimi: This.

Nicole: And as acting CEO, I order you to get nekkid.

Kate: No, you couldn't do this, not again. Not again.

Hope: It's insane.

Belle: Your mom's right. If you try to rescue Philip, you'll be killed.

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