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Philip: I've come home to you.

Belle: Philip? Philip, where are you? [Gasps] Oh, my God! Philip, no!

Roman: Doc, I hate to see you so worried.

Marlena: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you.

Roman: Just don't give up hope. You understand me? Somebodyís bound to find us. Come on. You remember when you thought you saw Bo and Billie outside our window?

Marlena: It was a long time ago, and I might have been mistaken about it.

Roman: Yes, but there was also an explosion. And since then, haven't you noticed that the guards seem more uptight?

Marlena: What are you thinking?

Roman: I am thinking that maybe we're not Tonyís only prisoners. Maybe somebody escaped. And if that happened, help could be on the way.

Marlena: Well... that would be nice.

Roman: Doc, it's more than nice. It's very possible. Before you know it, I could be back home with Kate, you could be back with John.

Marlena: And what if by some miracle that happens, and what if it's too late?

Roman: Don't you think that way, Doc.

Marlena: I think we have to face facts. From all we've seen, it looks like John and Kate are falling in love.

John: [Groaning]

John: [Groaning] Oh. [Ship horn blows]

John: Oh, Doc. Doc, help me get through this. If only you'd come walking down those stairs like you did all those years ago.

John: Oh, Doc.

John: Oh... thank God. You found me. Oh...

Bo: Listen to me, Billie. I don't care what kind of tricks the DiMera people pull. We're gonna find our daughter.

Billie: I want so much to believe that.

Bo: You gotta believe that. We will find Georgia.

Billie: Thank you.

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: Thank you for being you. Thank you for caring so much about me and our little girl. It means a lot to hear you say that.

Bo: Of course I care. Hey, Hope.

Billie: Hey.

Hope: Looks like I came home sooner than you expected.

Bo: You don't understand what's going on here.

Hope: No, no, I understand. I understand -- perfectly.

Bart: Boss, not to worry. Not to worry. That is some nifty drug. Yeah. No, he's conscious. He just can't move or speak. He's like a statue. Only thing missing are the pigeons. By the way, boss, um, when are you gonna be sending the Tony mobile around? You're kidding me. Police car? Cruising the area? No, no, no. We'll -- we'll stay right here till the coast is clear, boss. You got it. Deveraux and I will be just fine. Uh-oh. Jack's wife and Lockhart are coming up the walk, boss. Don't worry. Don't worry. Relax. This is why you pay me the big bucks. Well, not that big, but I know exactly what to do.

Patrick: You okay? I just, you know -- I'm sorry. I thought that, um, you know, it would cheer you up to see spring coming again and everything starting to bloom.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, Patrick. And you have no idea how excited Jack and I would get when we'd see the first bloom on this breath of heaven. I can't even believe I didn't notice it. I just --

Patrick: Miss him very much. I know.

Jack: [Thinking] Jennifer, stop. Don't open that door.

Patrick: Jen, what is it? What's wrong?

Jennifer: I don't know. I don't know. All of a sudden, I... it -- it's Jack. That feeling that I told you about -- I just got that feeling again. Oh, my gosh, why? Why do I feel so close to him tonight?

Bart: Close call. She'll never know how close, thanks to Lockhart.

Roman: Doc, listen to me. We don't know that John and Kate are lovers.

Marlena: Uh, we've seen it on the monitor. It isn't like we're imagining this.

Roman: Listen to me. Tony controls the feed, all right? He could be stopping and starting the camera, taking this out of context. The point being, we are seeing only what Tony wants us to see.

Marlena: What is the context? I mean, we're seeing them in bed.

Roman: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just can't believe that John and Kate would forget us that easily.

Marlena: I appreciate what you're trying to do -- I mean, it is giving me some false hope, but --

Roman: Doc, it is real hope. When we get home, and we will, I think John and Kate are gonna be overjoyed to see us. And once the initial shock wears off that we're still alive, I think we all pick up our lives exactly where we left off.

Marlena: I think you couldn't be more wrong.

John: Kate? I'm sorry. I thought you were Marlena.

Kate: I gathered that.

John: My mind is playing tricks on me. Between that and the fog... I'm sorry.

Kate: It's okay. I was worried about you when you weren't at home. What are you doing here all alone?

John: What do you think? Buying drugs?

Kate: Well, this is where Brady found you last time. You swore to me that you would stop using drugs. And if you're lying to me --

John: I-I wasnít. I wasnít. Come on, look at me, I'm putting up a really good fight.

Kate: Good, because if I find out that you're not telling me the truth, I'm going to turn you over to the police.

Bo: Billie's upset.

Hope: Well, guess what -- so am I.

Bo: The D.N.A. test proves that our daughter's alive. I'm just reassuring her that I'm as determined as she is to find her.

Hope: You gonna search for her tonight?

Bo: No, but first thing in the morning, we have a lot of --

Hope: But Billie just needed you more than Shawn and I did, right?

Bo: No.

Hope: News flash, Bo -- the one you should be looking for is your son.

Bo: Why? What's going on?

Hope: He's an emotional wreck. Jan had his motorcycle fixed, and I couldn't stop him from taking off on it again. Bo, the state that he was in -- I'm scared for our son.

Bo: I'll go find him.

Hope: I don't even know where he went.

Bo: Don't worry. I'll make some calls.

Hope: Bo, if the police find him tonight, they're gonna throw him back in jail. Don't forget he has a suspended license. My God, why am I -- you should have been there tonight. You're his father, Bo.

Bo: I understand. Calm down. I'll make some calls, my people will find him. I'll take it from there.

Hope: Your people will find him...

Billie: Hope, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that Bo didn't catch up with you and Shawn earlier.

Hope: I don't think you are.

Roman: Doc.

Marlena: Hmm?

Roman: How long has it been since we've had a visit from either Tony or Bart?

Marlena: It's been a long time.

Roman: Exactly. So if something has Tonyís attention other than you and me...

Marlena: Maybe he's out there destroying somebody else's life, maybe even a friend of ours.

Roman: No, I prefer to think that maybe somebody's onto him. Bo, Billie, John, Abe... maybe the I.S.A. is breathing down his neck.

Marlena: That would be very bad for us.

Roman: Now, why in the hell would you say that?

Marlena: Because if Tony feels pressured, he will move us to a new hiding place where we'll never be found.

John: You'd really do that, huh? You'd turn me in to the cops, knowing full well just what that would do to my family, the corporation...

Kate: Yes, I would... to save your life, because I think it's more important than your company. And I think your family would agree.

John: I'm not trying to get strong. I need to get stronger for you, for Belle, and especially for Philip. I need to find him and bring him home.

Kate: Well, I appreciate that, but, um...

John: What?

Kate: Oh, Philipís captors released a video.

John: Wha-- when did that happen?

Kate: It's been on the news all today. He's trying very hard to be strong in it.

John: Kate, as rough as it was for you watching that, at least you know that he's alive now.

Kate: But for how long?

John: Until we find him and bring him home.

Kate: And when we do that, what's waiting for him?

John: This thing between Shawn and Belle and Philip never should've happened.

Kate: If Roman and Marlena were here, everything would be different, wouldn't it?

Kate: I'm glad we have each other. Come on. Let's go home. Come on.

Shawn-d: Your love made me a better person. I want to be that person again. But I can't do that without your help. I need your help. I love you so much.

Belle: I love you, too. Maybe it can work out, and we can all live happily ever after. But for now, while Philip is away at war, putting his life in danger, there's just no way we can be together.

Shawn-d: Damn it. If Philip doesn't make it back, I'm never gonna be with Belle.

Philip: I loved you, Belle. I loved you with all my heart and soul. I wanted to come back to you. I tried so hard. But when you told me you still loved Shawn, I had nothing left to live for. Why did you tell me you loved me when it was all just a lie?

Hope: Oh, Belle... this didn't have to happen. Look what denying your love has done to my son.

Belle: [Gasps] [Sobs]

Shawn-d: I'm here because of you. When you said we couldn't be together, nothing else mattered. I didn't care if I lived or died. You killed our love, and you killed me.

Belle: No!


Billie: It's been a long night. Bo was trying to meet you several times, but things just happened. It's not his fault.

Hope: I know it's not his fault.

Billie: I encouraged Bo to go and meet you and Shawn several times, but he thought that I needed him here more.

Hope: And what exactly did he do for you -- hold your hand?

Billie: This is a lock of Georgiaís hair, so that I would always have her close to me. I know it may sound silly to you, but after what happened tonight, it means a lot to me.

Hope: Look, whether you believe me or not, I am truly relieved and thrilled that Georgiaís alive. And I hope to God that you find her really soon.

Billie: Well, if you mean that, then thank you.

Hope: But I also want you to know that I had a very interesting conversation with your mother tonight.

Billie: I don't know what she told you, but --

Hope: No, she just confirmed what I already knew all along -- that you want my husband.

Billie: That may be my mother's fantasy -- and yours, for that matter -- but it's not true.

Hope: Come on, let's be honest here. You're not going to be happy until you create a family consisting of my husband, you, and Georgia.

Billie: The only thing I want is to find Georgia, period.

Hope: Oh, please.

Billie: Oh, no, Hope, I know that you're worried about Shawn. I understand that. But he's been out there, what, an hour, maybe two? Georgia's been out there her whole life! She has been missing her whole life with no parents and no one to love or protect her. She's probably being held captive by the DiMeras and living a life that is pure hell.

Bart: The cops are still buzzing around. Yeah, I suppose a limo would look suspicious in this neighborhood, sir. Well, we'll just cool our jets... unless, of course, Mrs. Deveraux makes the fatal mistake of saying night-night to Lockhart and coming inside, but so far, our boy Patrick is doing a damn good job of keeping her outside.

Patrick: I tell you what -- why don't we, uh, sit down for a second, okay? You can talk to me.

Jennifer: I don't know. Maybe -- maybe it was being at Gram's party. Do you know it would have been their 75th wedding anniversary?

Patrick: Wow.

Jennifer: And maybe just thinking about all the couples that have been torn apart -- John and Marlena and Roman and Kate and Jack and me -- I just -- I can't stop thinking about all the times that we've shared.

Jack: Yes, uh, speaking of checking -- oh, Mr. Deveraux wanted me to check on my -- and see if you -- if you had had an answer to his, uh, his little question. Uh... yes. So, uh... I-I-I'm asking for him, uh... uh, uh, uh, uh, w-- w-w-w-w-w-would you marry him? Come on, come on. A little bit more. A little bit more. Come on. Just a little bit more. Come on. Come on.

Jennifer: Oh!

Jack: Come on. Just a little bit more. Just -- just --

Jennifer: Oh.

Jack: I can't believe it.

Jennifer: You can't believe what?

Abby: [Crying]

Jack: I-I did it. We have a baby. A little baby girl.

Jennifer: Oh.

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Shawn-d's voice: I can't go on without you.

Philip's voice: Your love is the only thing keeping me alive.

Shawn-d's voice: I can't go on without you.

Philip's voice: Your love is the only thing keeping me alive.

Shawn-d's voice: I can't go on without you.

Philip's voice: Your love is the only thing keeping me alive. Look at you -- my bride. Your love is the only thing keeping me alive.

Shawn-d's voice: I can't go on without you, Belle.

Philip's voice: Your love is the only thing I have to come home to.

Shawn-d's voice: I can't go on without you. I love you, Belle, and I know you love me. I can't go on without you.

Both: I love you, Belle.

Shawn-d's voice: I can't go on without you, Belle.

Philip's voice: Your love is the only thing keeping me alive.

Shawn-d's voice: I can't go on without you.

Philip's voice: Your love is the only thing keeping me alive. Your love is the only thing keeping me alive.

Belle: [Gasps]

[Telephone rings]


Belle: Hello?

Bo: Hey, Belle, it's Bo Brady. Sorry to call so late. Have you heard from Shawn?

Belle: No. No, not since he left on his motorcycle.

Bo: Do you know where he might have gone?

Belle: No. I'm sorry, I donít. You still haven't heard from him?

Bo: No, no. Listen, if you do, you call me right away, okay?

Belle: Yeah, of course I will.

Bo: Okay. Good night, Belle.

Belle: I know where Shawn is.

Belle: I betrayed a man who did nothing but love and honor me, and I took his love, and I took his trust, and I did the unthinkable -- I cheated on him with my ex-boyfriend.

Shawn-d: You did not cheat on him. We did not sleep together.

Belle: Well, maybe we didn't have sex, but I knew I was going to break my vows. I wanted to. It's the same thing as committing adultery.

Shawn-d: Well, in that case, so did I, but we can't always control our thoughts.

Belle: If anything happens to Philip, if he dies, I'll never forgive myself.

Billie: Georgia could be out there, alone and in danger. It's different with Shawn. Everybody in this town knows him. When he gets into trouble, he's got -- he's got you, he's got Bo, he's got the rest of his family. Bo is Georgiaís father. He is the only person I can count on for help, and, what, I'm not supposed to accept that because you're afraid that I'm going to steal him away from you?

Hope: You going to stand there and deny it?

Roman: Doc, I do believe good things are happening. Now, I don't know how or when, but somebody's going to find us.

Marlena: Ha ha ha.

Roman: Well, what's so damn funny?

Marlena: You being an optimist. When we were married, if you had a sniffle, you thought you had pneumonia.

Roman: Yes, and it would have turned into pneumonia, except I had a very gorgeous live-in doctor to treat me.

Marlena: You were a hideous patient.

Roman: I know I was, but now I can make up for it by taking care of you, and I am going to get you out of here.

Marlena: Don't make a promise you can't keep.

Roman: Doc, if I say I'm going to get you out of here, then that's what I'm going to do. Until then, I'm going to be right by your side every day, every night.

Kate: You must be exhausted. You're not used to all this walking.

John: I'm going to stay up for a while. I need to map out a plan to find Philip.

Kate: Okay. I'll make us some coffee.

John: That sounds good.

John: And I have missed so much.

Philip: I have to go now, sweetie. You take care of yourself. Just know that even though I'm not with you... I've never left you, and I will always be with you in your heart, watching over you...

Kate: Coffee's on.

Philip: Loving you, and protecting you for the rest of your life.

Kate: [Sighs]

John: I-I'm sorry. I-I just wanted to see if there was any news.

Kate: I just can't watch it anymore. What if he's already dead? Oh. Hey. Hey.

Bart: Boss, forgive me, but when is the damn limo going to get here? Jennifer could walk in any minute.

Patrick: It sounds like you and Jack had some wonderful times together.

Jennifer: We did, Patrick. We had amazing times. You're the man that I love, and I want to be your wife again. So... here we go. If you could just help me down. Okay. Jack Deveraux... will you marry me?

Jack: Jennifer --

Jennifer: Oh! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. It's the pillow. Ha ha ha ha.

Jack: Oh, miss Horton... yes. Yes, I will marry you.

Jennifer: Hee hee hee!

Jennifer: Some people, they just -- they didn't understand Jack. I mean, they just didn't take him seriously. They thought he was a dreamer.

Patrick: But not you.

Jennifer: No. I thought that he was the most loyal and caring man in the world. Patrick, he was my best friend. He was -- he was my lover and my partner. I could not have asked for a better husband.

Jack: [Thinking] And I couldn't have asked for a better wife. I love you so much, Jennifer.

Jennifer: And I -- I can't even remember if I told Jack those things, but if I had, I should have told him more often.


Jennifer: Did you hear that?

Patrick: What?

Jennifer: Someone's in the house.

Shawn-d: What are you doing here?

Belle: Looking for you.

Shawn-d: Well, I came up here to be alone and think. So why were you looking for me?

Belle: Your dad called.

Shawn-d: Yeah? What'd he want?

Belle: He and your mom are really worried about you, Shawn.

Shawn-d: So you told them that I'd be up here?

Belle: No. Actually, I didn't even think of it until after I hung up.

Shawn-d: So you could have called them back. Why'd you decide to come up here instead?

Shawn-d: There must have been some reason you came up here to try and find me.

Belle: I wanted to make sure you were okay.

Shawn-d: Yeah, well, I'm fine. So why don't you just run on home and wait for your husband?

Belle: I have my cell phone with me. If there's anything new, they'll call. Right now, I'm worried about you.

Shawn-d: Yeah? Well, I'm fine.


Belle: You never used to drink when we would come up here before.

Shawn-d: Well, things changed. Now I drink.


Belle: No thanks. Donít. You've had enough.

Shawn-d: Why do you care?

Belle: Because I do.

Shawn-d: Is that why you drove all the way up here?

Belle: You know how much you mean to me.

Shawn-d: Yeah? Do I mean as much to you as your husband?

Billie: I'm sick of walking on eggshells because of your insecurity. Well, you can go to hell and take your damned accusations with you.

Hope: Well, you know what, Billie? I'm sick of you trying to drive a wedge between me and my husband. You know the kind of man Bo is. He'll do everything he possibly can to find Georgia, even if it means neglecting everything else in his life.

Billie: I never asked him for his help.

Hope: It's obvious you're still in love with him.

Billie: And I never denied that. I also told you that I didn't want to break up your marriage. It's not my fault --

Bo: Hey, excuse me. I got people out looking for Shawn.

Hope: I hope they find him.

Bo: Yeah, me, too, and just so you know, Billie didn't want me to stay here tonight. She wanted me to go.

Hope: So it was your decision to stay here with Billie rather than coming to help me with our son.

John: Listen to me. I know what's going through your mind, but Philip is not dead.

Kate: How do you know?

John: Whoever captured him wants to use him as a bargaining chip. He's useless to them dead.

Kate: I hope you're right. But if he's not rescued, I don't know how much more of this I can take.

John: Hey, come on, come on. Come on. You be strong. You're strong, Doc.

Marlena: Oh, how I would love to believe that help is on the way.

Roman: Doc, we got to believe it. If we give up hope, Tony wins.

Marlena: You're right. We can't let that happen.

Roman: I know you wonít.


John: You know that I will help you any way I can.

Kate: But you have your own problems to deal with.

John: Oh, I wouldn't have gotten this far without you.

Kate: I feel the same way. Thank you.

John: It's late.

Kate: Let's go to bed. We can deal with this in the morning.


Marlena: Well, Tony didn't splice that tape together, did he?

Roman: I saw what you saw.

Marlena: Then it's true. We've lost them.

Marlena: Would you, um... would you hold me?

[Sobbing] Roman, don't let me go.

Bo: Hope, if you'll let me explain -- a lot of things happened tonight --

Hope: You chose to be with Billie tonight -- again. I want to ask you something, and I want you to think very carefully before you answer, because once you do, there-- there's no turning back.

Bo: What?

Hope: What's more important to you -- Billie and Georgia or the boys and me?

Bo: That's not a fair question.

Hope: Since when isn't it fair? Because I'm asking it? Billie's basically been asking you to choose for months now, and so far, you've chosen her and Georgia every time.

Belle: You've had too much to drink.

Shawn-d: Answer my question. What did you come up here to do?

Belle: I came up here because I love you, okay? I would die if anything happened to you.

Shawn-d: So what are we supposed to do? 'Cause I love you, too, and it's killing me that you just keep pushing me away.

Belle: I hate this, too.

Shawn-d: You're worried about Philip. So am I. But nothing we do or don't do is going to bring him back any sooner or make him any safer.

Belle: He is my husband.

Shawn-d: We love each other, and we need each other, and you cannot convince me that there is something wrong with that.

Belle: Shawn, I canít.

Shawn-d: I happen to know that my heart... tell me that this doesn't feel right.

Belle: God help me, I do want you.

Bart: The limo's coming. On your feet, buddy boy.

Jennifer: Did you hear that thud? It sounded like someone's in the house.

Patrick: No, no. That could have been anything, you know?

Jennifer: Are you sure? I could swear... hmm. I need to go inside, Patrick.

Patrick: Uh, Jennifer, wait. Uh, you know, I was going to grab a bite to eat. Why don't you keep me company?

Jennifer: Patrick, that's very sweet, but I really -- I am so tired.

[Gasps] Jack.

John: Damn it, you don't even know what's going on! You don't know the kind of pain I'm in! You get rid of those drugs, and you will regret it, because it will be the biggest mistake you have ever made in your life.

Hope: If Shawn gets hurt tonight because you chose to stay with Billie instead of coming with me to help him, then we're through, Brady.

Billie: You're hearing things, Billie.

Girl's voice: Mommy, why won't you come and save me, mommy?

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