Days Transcript Wednesday 3/16/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/16/05 - Canada; Thursday 3/17/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Niki

[Siren wailing outside]

Man: Shall we begin?

Sami: You mean my...

Man: Transformation. Take a good look, Miss Brady. When I'm finished, even you won't be able to recognize yourself.

Sami: Oh, my God. You were right. I don't recognize myself. [Thinking] I can't believe this disguise. My own mother wouldn't recognize me. Of course, my mother's dead, and my next victims are going to pay for what they did to her.

[Telephone rings]

Tony: Well, hello, Sami -- I'm sorry. Stan.

Sami: Oh, it's you. Good. I don't have to use that stupid dental plate to change my voice. It's so uncomfortable.

Tony: May I congratulate you on how well and how wisely you've been spending the money. Also choosing such an obscure hotel. No one's going to be bumping into Sami. Also, make sure you use the untraceable cell phone that I left in the envelope with the cash, and the other things, we'll discuss at another time. And bravo to you when you visited John Black. Uh, with the drugs that Stan left behind -- um, he won't be able to resist them. And what will happen? He'll become, again, a full-blown junkie.

Sami: Yep, and that is just the beginning of my revenge.

Tony: I hear that you've seen Chloe.

Sami: I know. I can't believe she's alive. Chloe's going to be the perfect way for me to get back at Brady and Nicole.

Tony: No, no, listen to me. You get your priorities straight. Then you'll have your revenge on everyone.

Sami: Good, and I know exactly who I want to go after next.

Tony: Ha ha ha. Ha ha. So do I. And I have the perfect way for you to get to them.


Hope: I heard someone in the hall. I was hoping it was Shawn. It was Mimi and Rex.

Belle: They still haven't found him?

Hope: No. I'm sorry, sweetie, but they're going to keep looking. Belle, are you okay, honey? Can I make you a cup of tea, coffee, maybe some soup?

Belle: No, no, I'm fine. I mean... you know what I mean.

Hope: Seeing that tape of Philip saying goodbye to his mother and you -- it must have been very difficult. I'm so sorry, honey. So sorry. Oh, damn it, Shawn should be here. Damn that Jan Spears for getting his motorcycle fixed.

Belle: She's got some sort of power over him. I don't understand it.

Hope: Yeah, you and me both. I know he doesn't love her. He loves you. I can't believe he got back on that motorcycle, and with a suspended license. Oh, God, where's Bo? I told him Shawn needed him tonight. Where is he?


Billie: I can't take this, Bo. Why did it turn out to be another false lead? Why were her footprints so smudged that we couldn't trace them?

Bo: Hey. Hey, hey, stop. We got to focus on the fact that we got a very solid lead here tonight.

Billie: You're right.

Bo: Yes.

Billie: Okay. Right. The D.N.A. proves that Georgia wasn't stillborn.

Bo: Right.

Billie: That she was taken away from us while she was still alive, right?

Bo: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Billie: Yeah, well, the fact that we don't know whether she's alive now -- that hair, though -- the hair sample was taken so recently, I know she's out there, Bo. She's got to be. I just -- I just wish I knew who that sample was taken from.

Bo: Hey, look, I hate to say this, but with the DiMeras involved, Georgia could be almost anywhere right now.

Billie: Well, I don't care. That's going to stop right now. I'm going to find Georgia.

Bo: Not tonight. You need some rest. It's late.

Billie: No, I don't care if I never sleep again. I have to have my little girl with me.

Bo: Billie, I understand that. Look, first thing in the morning, I'm going to take that package that the hair sample came in down to the police lab. They'll test it, and they'll tell us everything they can find out, all right?

Billie: First thing?

Bo: First thing.

Billie: You promise?

Bo: Yes, I promise, but right now, I got to get over to Shawn’s loft. Hope is waiting for me. Okay?

Billie: Oh, right, yeah. You need to go be with Shawn.

Kate: Sweetie.

Billie: Hi. Mom, oh.

Kate: Hi, I brought you some of your favorite tea.

Billie: Thank you.

Kate: Oh, why don't you sit down?

Billie: Thanks, mom.

Bo: I'll call you later.

Kate: Can I talk to you?

Bo: No, I'm outta here.

Kate: It's only going to take a moment, Bo. You know, Billie has been pouring her heart and her soul into this search for Georgia. I don't see how you can leave her when she needs you the most.


Lucas: There you go.

Alice: Mm. Thank you.

Jennifer: Hey. There you are -- the guest of honor. What are you doing in the kitchen?

Lucas: Uh, Gram was just telling me how, uh, she and grandpa Tom used to sit at the kitchen table late at night and talk when he got home from the hospital. We were just reminiscing. Sorry.

Alice: The guests haven't even missed me.

Jennifer: Oh, well, I missed you. Hi. How are you doing?

Lucas: Okay.

Jennifer: Yeah?

Lucas: I'm glad to be here and help celebrate our grandparents' anniversary.

Alice: Well, you're family, Lucas... even though you didn't grow up that way.

Lucas: Thanks, Gram. I keep thinking about all the wonderful years you and grandpa Tom spent together. I don't think I'm ever going to have that.

Alice: Nobody's happy every minute.

Lucas: I can't be happy for two minutes. I was married to Nicole for two minutes, and that was about it, and Sami -- I can't marry her now because she betrayed me the night before our wedding. I'm beginning to think I'll never have an anniversary to celebrate.

Jennifer: You know what, Lucas? I almost gave up on Jack, and we got a second chance. You know what -- we even had a third chance. But the saddest part about all of it is that we'll never be able to celebrate another anniversary together.


Woman: Move and you're a dead man, Deveraux.

Jack: You know, uh... I'd say that we got to know each other pretty well in the past 24 hours. You know things about me that... only my wife... I knew you wouldn't want to shoot me in cold blood after all we've been through.

Woman: The sex meant nothing.

Jack: Right. Same for me... after I found out you weren't my wife.

Woman: Poor Jack. Did you really think I'd tell Tony that you were such a nice guy I decided to let you go free so you could turn him in to the authorities?

Jack: Yes.

Woman: He went to a great deal of trouble to have this mask made to make me look exactly like your little blond wifey.

Jack: Damn it. [Mutters] You know what I went through to get back to my wife and family. Tell me, what did I do to deserve this?

Woman: Life's not fair, Jack. Are you such a sucker you're just finding that out?

Jack: Well... I know there's nothing more I can say to stop you from shooting me, so... good day.

Woman: You've had your warning. One more move, and you're dead.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Sami: Oh, my God. That is totally evil... and totally inspired.

Tony: I'm so happy that you love my suggestion. Now do it.

Sami: [Thinking] This is kind of scary. I mean, how does this person know so much about me and all the people I want to destroy? Of course, I'm having way too much fun to worry about that now.

[Male voice] If Tony wasn't dead, I'd swear he was the one behind all this.


Lucas: I love you. Happy Anniversary. You, uh, want to say my goodbyes for me?

Jennifer: Yeah, I will. I don't want you to go. Well, just be strong, okay? You have my number. If you want to talk, call me.

Lucas: All right. Thank you. You do the same. I love you, Gram.

Alice: Tom and Jack and all our family members who've gone to heaven are watching over Philip.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, you know what, Gram? If Jack were alive, he'd get on a plane, and he would head over there, and he would find Philip. I know he would. He'd find Philip, and then he'd come home, and he'd win a Pulitzer for the story that he'd write about how he did it.


Woman: I hope you don't think I'm bluffing. The gun's loaded. It's cocked.

Jack: And you don't have a silencer. You took it off. So you try to shoot me now, the whole neighborhood's going to turn out, call in the police, and you'll be toast. I know you're smarter than that.

Woman: I'm a woman with a gun. I don't have to be smart. All I have to do is pull this trigger, and you'll be dead.

Jack: But maybe... maybe you'll miss. Maybe you'll miss my heart. And then... you and your boss will be toast as soon as I can spill it out to the police or any media outlets that care to listen. So I'm going to walk out now. You can watch me.

Jack: I was hoping I could count on you. Thank you.

Tony: Leaving so soon, Jack? What's the matter? Didn't you have a lovely evening with the wife?

Jack: [Sighs] You know something? There’s... way too many guns in this country. I'm going to have to call my Congresswoman about that.

Bart: Aah, never works. By the way, this one has a silencer.

Jack: I know. I know, Bart, old buddy, old pal. But I also know you wouldn't shoot me. You got the skill set, but... you don't have the moxie.

Tony: You're absolutely right, Jack. Bart's not a killer, but he is an extremely effective doorstop. Well, what do you know? I have a gun, too, with a silencer. Now, why don't we get inside, Jack? It's getting a bit chilly, and I assume you don't want Bart having to hose off the blood on the sidewalk at this time of night.

Bart: Thanks, boss. I'm just getting over this chest cold.

Tony: Get inside now, Jack!

Bart: You sure you want to take him out now, boss?


Bo: Look, Kate, I've gotta go meet with Hope and deal with my son. I've kept her waiting long enough.

Kate: I don't know how you can compare Hope waiting a few hours when Billie’s been waiting literally years to see Georgia.

Bo: I'm not comparing an-- look, my son needs me right now, so that's where I'm going.

Kate: Okay, I'm just gonna be blunt. Maybe it's time for you to step aside and let Shawn make a few mistakes on his own and pay for them. You and Hope have been there as fine guides for him since the day he was born. He has aunts, and he has uncles, and he has grandparents... well, Georgia has no one. And most likely, she's been raised by strangers. Who knows what kind of hell her life has been?

Bo: We don't know, Kate. We may never know.

Kate: Well, I really hope you're not gonna say anything that negative and that upsetting to Billie. Bo, look at her. She can barely keep it together. The girl is distraught. And now she knows that that lock of hair belonged to Georgia. I don't know. I just don't see how you can leave her alone at a time like this.

Bo: You're her mother. Why don't you stay with her?

Kate: I would love to, but I made a commitment to John, and I have to be there for him. But she needs your reassurance. I don't see how you can let her down, Bo.

Bo: Okay. I'll take her home, and then I'll go see Hope and Shawn. You happy?

Kate: Thank you. I don't know what my daughter would do without the father of her child.

Bo: Hey, Billie.

Billie: What?

Bo: Come on, let's go.

Billie: Where are we going?

Bo: I'm gonna take you home.

Kate: Oh, yes.



Hope: Great. Bo has got his phone turned off. He must still be at the hospital. And God knows where or what Shawn is doing right now.

Belle: He was really upset when he left here. He was so mad at me. I'm really worried what he might do.

Hope: And you're also worried because you love him. Belle, I know you're married to Philip. And with him in this terrible situation... honey, I'm worried about you, especially now because you don't have your mother's support.

Belle: Philip is my husband. I married him for better or for worse, and this is about as bad as it gets. He could be dead.

Hope: Oh, God, honey, why don't we all pray that is not true? You've all been friends for forever. And Philip was very good to you when Shawn disappeared last summer.

Belle: He kept me together. And then he fell in love with me, Hope.

Hope: I know he did. But did you really fall in love with him? Belle, I know that I'm not your mother, but I feel that this is an area I'm qualified to give advice. If you have true love, my God, don't take it for granted. Don't ever let that go.

Belle: Okay, I know what you're trying to tell me, Hope, and with all due respect, you're wrong. I have to let Shawn go, and I have. What we had is over. It has to be.

Hope: No, I can't let you make that mistake.


Sami: Ha ha, this is so good. And I know exactly how to use it to drive them all crazy.

Philip: Just know that even though I'm not with you, I've never left you. And I will always be with you in your heart, watching over you, loving you, protecting you for the rest of your life.

[Knock on door]

Lucas: Hey, mom.

Kate: Hi, sweetie. Is will home?

Lucas: No, no, he's at a friend's house. I'm waiting for him to call. Is there something wrong? What's going on?

Kate: Will's cousin Georgia is alive. It's certain.

Lucas: How do you know that?

Kate: Because Bo and Billie, they have D.N.A. proof from a lock of Georgia’s hair.

Lucas: That's great. That's great news.

Kate: It is. It is great news for everyone. So, how are you handling things, huh?

Lucas: I'm all right. I went to Mickey and Maggie’s. And grandma Alice -- she had a wedding anniversary. She still celebrates it ever year.

Kate: Oh, that's nice. Honey, please tell me that you did not speak to that bitch you almost married.

Lucas: I couldn't speak to her even if I wanted to. She left a note, mom. She left town.

Kate: Permanently, I hope. Sorry, that's probably too good to be true.

Lucas: You know what? I don't know where she is. She didn't say, and she didn't tell me when she was gonna come back, and I don't want to talk about Sami right now. I'd like to talk about Philip. Have you heard anything else?

Kate: No, I haven't, and it's breaking my heart. I can't understand why the marines haven't figured out where he is.

Lucas: You what? My God. You don't know, do you?

Kate: What? Know what?

Lucas: Sit down. Sit down, okay?

Kate: Lucas... Lucas, what is it? What? Do you know where Philip is?


Belle: Look, I've made up my mind, Hope. The relationship that I had with Shawn is over, and it has to be. It's the only way it can be.

Hope: Belle, you know that's not true, not when your feelings for Shawn are as strong as they are.

Belle: My relationship with Shawn was over last summer when he left.

Hope: Look, I don't know what happened last summer --

Belle: Neither do I. It doesn't matter. It's in the past. It was a mistake to try and get back together with Shawn. Things can't ever be the way they were, especially now. I'm married to Philip, and I have to be loyal to him.

Hope: Are you being loyal, though? If you live a lie for the rest of your life, are you being loyal?

Belle: It's too late. Mimi tried to tell me not to marry him if I was still in love with Shawn, but I did. And now Philip’s being held hostage or even worse, and it's all my fault.

Hope: No, Belle, Philip being held hostage has nothing to do with you, sweetie.

Belle: He volunteered for that special mission so he could get home to me.

Hope: He volunteered for that special mission because he's a courageous marine doing his job. Honey, he didn't know about you and Shawn.

Belle: There's no way to dress this up and make it look like I've been a loyal wife. Because I haven’t. I betrayed Philip’s love with another man.

Hope: You haven't broken your vows, Belle.

Belle: No. We haven't slept together, but there are other kinds of betrayal. I married Philip, knowing that I was still in love with someone else, and I couldn't give Philip what he really needed -- my heart and soul -- because I already gave it to Shawn. And I'm going to feel guilty for that for the rest of my life.

Hope: Oh, my God, honey, I hope not. Belle, I know you're doing everything you can to make it right, but the truth keeps getting in the way.

Belle: That's the truth. All I've done is lie.

Hope: You're lying to yourself if you think there is any way of denying the true love in your heart for Shawn.


Billie: It's not crazy, is it, to put so much faith in a lock of hair?

Bo: No, no, that's our proof that our daughter's alive.

Billie: Oh, God, it's overwhelming.

Bo: Yeah, it is.

Billie: I'm a mom.

Bo: Yes, you are. And speaking of parenthood, I gotta go check on my son.

Billie: Oh, yeah, Shawn needs you. You're such a great dad.

Bo: Right. You know what? It's chilly out. I gotta grab a shirt.

Billie: Okay.

Billie: Oh, gosh... oh, Georgia. We're gonna find you. And when we do, we're gonna be a family -- you, me, and your dad.

Billie: Whoa, Billie, just one day at a time.


Alice: Sounds like they're having fun. Darling, why don't you go and join them?

Jennifer: You know what, Gram, I'm not really in a party mood right now.

Alice: You're missing Jack, aren't you?

Jennifer: Gram, let me ask you something. When grandpa died, you heard his voice sometimes, right? I mean, like -- like in the house, as if he were upstairs?

Alice: Well, why do you ask, dear?

Jennifer: Because, Gram, when I was home, I could've sworn I heard Jack's voice. And for a moment, I thought, I'm crazy. Jack is alive. And then I realized, no, he's not. He can't be alive. And it is so hard to accept, Gram, and all I want right now is for him to walk through that door.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Oh, my God. Jack, is it -- oh, my God! Jack!

Jack: It's me. It's me. I'm alive. I'm here. I've come back to you. And I've got some things to tell you -- some real doozies. But right now all I want to do is --

Alice: Jack, now, now.

Jack: Right. Don't worry, Alice. Uh... right now all I'm gonna do is -- is kiss you. For the moment.

Jennifer: Jack's not coming back.

Jennifer: And I am so grateful for the love that we had. And I know I will never have a love like that again.

Alice: That's right, dear. You won’t.


Jack: I'd call you the king of cruelty, but you'd probably take that as a compliment.

Tony: Oh, you know me so well. Don't know your wife half as well as you thought you did, though.

Jack: That's enough, Tony. That is enough.

Woman: Oh, come on. You had a good time.

Jack: Yes, I did. I thought I was with my wife, not you. I'll tell you something, Tony. You mean nothing to me. None of this means anything. None of you.

Bart: "None of you"? Don't put me in on this, buddy. I wasn't in on it, all right? I didn't get the memo. But now that I found out what you did, boss, my cup runneth over with envy. Even you got to admit, Jacko, this man is brilliant.


Kate: What have you heard about your brother?

Lucas: Well, you know that I watch the news, and I -- I taped it because I was going to Alice’s party. And when I got home, I turned it on, and, um...

Kate: What? What? There was news about Philip on the television?

Lucas: I'll turn it on, and I'll watch it with you.

Philip: Mom, I don't think I have much time here, but I want you to know how much I love you, and how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.


Belle: I don't even know what love is anymore. I mean, here I was in love with Shawn for as long as I can remember, and then he abandoned me. So I realized my love for Philip practically overnight. And now I'm back in love with Shawn. I hate love.

Hope: Bo and I have been going through... a rather tough time right now because of Billie. But, Belle, I'm telling you, I know in the deepest part of me that our love -- Bo’s and mine -- is forever. Nothing Billie does could ever truly come between us, because Bo and I have that special love that lasts forever. The same once-in-a-lifetime love that you share with Shawn. Belle... I'm telling you straight out. Honey, if you give up that love, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Ask yourself this, okay? Do you really think that Philip wants to be married to someone who's not in love with him?


Bo: Hey, you need anything?

Billie: No, I'm okay. You go ahead. I got everything I need.

[Cellular phone rings]

Billie: Mm. My phone, please. It's in my purse.


Billie: Thank you.

Bo: See you.

Billie: See you.


Billie: Hello?

Sami: [Gruff voice] Hello, Billie.

Billie: Who is this?

Sami: I've got a message from Georgia for her mommy.


Jennifer: You know, gram, jack was just so unique. You know that. And I miss him. I miss him so much. I will mourn him for the rest of my life, Gram.

Alice: You will always miss him, darling, of course, but the love never dies, even when the person we love is gone. But you will not find Jack when you go home this night, no matter how much your heart wishes it.

Jennifer: You're right, gram. I know. And, honestly, the last thing that I want to do is go home to that big old empty house.


Bart: So I'm guessing you didn't pull this plan out of thin air. I mean, you had it all worked out way back when Jack first cut and ran, didn't you, boss?

Tony: Of course.

Bart: You're the man.

Tony: Thank you.

Bart: But, boss, how? I mean, how did you know way back when what Jack would do and when he would do it? I mean, you're like -- you're like the great chess masters -- always one move ahead.

Tony: No. 20 moves ahead, Bart. Let's face it. I knew Jack would come back to Salem to reunite with his loving wife. So I decided to recruit the best. I knew when Jack would come to his front door to meet his loving wife, I would have Madison masquerade as Jennifer.

Bart: Lucky duck. Madison's hot.

Tony: Not my type. I like my women authentic.

Bart: Yeah, but, boss, your plan wouldn't have worked out so good if the real Jennifer had showed up, so I guess you got lucky there.

Tony: Luck had nothing to do with it. I had an informer tell me that Jennifer was going to spend the evening with Alice Horton’s anniversary party, along with Patrick Lockhart. Ghoulish, don't you think? I mean, Tom's been dead for years.

Jack: I couldn't help but overhear that, uh, Lockhart was with Jennifer. Are you saying that he's still working for you?

Tony: All you need to know, Jack, is this -- that I will not allow anyone to interfere with my well thought out plans.

Bart: That's right, boss. You tell him. Hey, you wouldn't believe the things the boss has got in the hopper for the good town of Salem, especially the lollapalooza.

Jack: Lollapalooza.

Bart: Oh, it's a ring-a-ding-dinger. Listen to this.

Tony: Oh, would you shut up, Bart?

Bart: I'm hip. Lips zipped.


Sami: Your daughter wants her mommy.

Billie: How do you know what my daughter wants?

Sami: Your little girl misses you, Billie. She cries for you every night.

Billie: Who are you?

Sami: Just someone who wants you to know the truth. Your daughter's lived a life of misery because you and her father abandoned her when she was just a baby.

Billie: They told us she was dead.

Sami: As if she'll believe that! Georgia thinks you left her because you were on drugs and selling your body to pay for it.

Billie: No. No.

Bo: Listen to me. Whoever you are, you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Sami: Whoever you are, you better give the phone back to Billie, or I'm hanging up.


Lucas: No,

Kate: Philip only wanted to serve his country, and now he's been taken hostage. God. His eyes and his face -- he was trying to be so strong.

Lucas: He's trying to be strong for you and Belle.

Kate: For Belle. Has she seen this? It's horrifying.

Lucas: I don't know. It was on the news. I-I don't know if she's seen it or not. It was on a while ago.

Kate: I have to go to her. She's my son's wife. We need to be together.

Lucas: All right, well, tell me if there's anything I can do. Call me anytime.

Kate: Baby, thank you.


Hope: Belle, please listen to me. Truly great love only comes around once, honey. So grab it, hold onto it, and never let it go.

Belle: But it's not that easy. What about Philip and what he feels? Am I just supposed to forget about him?

Hope: No, of course not, but if you stay with him, you'll be making three people miserable, and sooner or later, he is bound to see your true feelings toward him. How will he feel then?

Belle: I don't know. I don't know.

Hope: I know you're trying to do everything right and be honorable. But you can't create love out of guilt, Belle.

Belle: It's just Philip’s been so good to me. I can't turn my back on him. Maybe you're wrong. Maybe over time I will fall in love with him. I mean, I do care about him a lot.

Hope: Look at all the years Jack and Jennifer were apart. And when they finally got back together, Jack was taken from her -- not once, but twice. Don't you think Jennifer would do anything to have Jack back with her? And my grandmother -- she had so many wonderful years with my grandpa Tom. She treasures every memory, but I know she'd do anything in the world just to have one more day with the love of her life. And if I thought I was gonna lose Bo, nothing would stop me from going to him, being with him.


Billie: What's he saying?

Bo: He will only talk to you.

Billie: Okay, it's me. What do you want?

Sami: You caused Georgia’s suffering. All you cared about was latching onto Bo, keeping him in your bed. You didn't even think about your newborn daughter.

Billie: That's not true. Why are you torturing me? Tony is dead! The torture is supposed to stop! Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?

Sami: How could you do it, uncle Bo? How could you kill my mother?

Bo: Sami, listen to me --

Sami: I saw it on the news. You gave the order to have your men hunt my mother down like an animal! And then shoot her on sight? Oh, God. That is cold-blooded murder, uncle Bo, and I swear to God, I will make sure that you pay for it.

Billie: Damn it. Where are you keeping my daughter?

Sami: Ha ha ha ha! It won't do you any good. You'll never find her. She's gonna go on missing you and needing you until the day she dies. Ha ha ha.

[Sami's voice] This is fun. I think I'll go out and have a little late-night snack to celebrate.

Bo: Hey, I'm sorry.

Billie: He said our daughter is suffering. Why is this happening to us, Bo? Why?

Billie: Who the hell was that? What if he does something to hurt Georgia? What if he already has?

Bo: Shh... he's not going to.

Billie: Please, Bo, we've gotta find Georgia. Please tell me we're gonna find her.

Bo: We will find her. I'll stay right here in case that bastard calls back. Okay?


Hope: Belle, please hear me, honey. It is a pain you cannot even imagine to lose the person that you love with all of your heart. You owe it to yourself. Follow your heart. Be with the man that you love. And don't put it off, or you could regret it forever.

Belle: Thank you. You've given me a lot to think about. And I promise I will, but right now I am so exhausted.

Hope: I know, sweetie. Why don't you go upstairs and lie down, okay? And remember, listen to your heart. Come on.

Hope: Kate. What are you doing here?

Kate: I came by to see my daughter-in-law, and it's a good thing I did after what I heard you say to her. How could you tell her to betray her husband with Shawn? She is such a sweet good-hearted girl, which is exactly why Philip fell in love with her. But if she follows your advice, she's going to end up a scheming, selfish tramp, just like you.


Lucas: Wait a minute. He left your house a half an hour ago? No, no, he's not home. He said he was going to call me when it was time to pick him up. Fine. Uh, look, thanks for calling. I'll give you a call when he walks through the door, all right? Damn it, will, where are you? Don't do this to me, buddy. Don't do this. Not tonight.

Will: Whoa. Sorry.

Sami: Will, I love you so much.

Will: Hey, are you okay?


Jack: Cough it up, Tony. What fabulously evil plot do you have in mind this time? I mean, really, do you think you could top all of this? Why don't you give us one of your megalomaniacal monologues?

Tony: Oh, Jack, I'd love to oblige you, but this is not the time or the place. Get up.

Jack: I'd like to oblige you, too...

Madison: Deveraux!

Jack: Cool it! Everyone listen up. You can pull your triggers, but I'll pull mine, too. I can't help it. It's involuntary. So while I'm dying, I'll have shot your boss in the heart. So you see, even brilliant people die sometimes, Bart.


Patrick: You may not want to hear this, but, uh, I have a confession to make.


Jack: I'll do whatever I have to, to save my family.

Tony: Well, go ahead, do it.


Lucas: My God, I know you.


Billie: Thanks for caring about me and our little girl.

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