Days Transcript Friday 3/11/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/11/05 - Canada; Monday 3/14/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Philip: You listen to me, mom -- do not -- do not let this destroy you. You understand me? If I die, it will be in service of my country, and there is nothing I believe in more.

Rex: I can't take this anymore. Those cowards. Mimi, they took my brother hostage, and they're making a videotape of him to put on television. I bet you they tortured the hell out of him first. The only reason they did that is to humiliate him --

Mimi: Don't say that. We have to believe that he'll get out of this. And, Rex, don't forget, Philip is Special Forces. He has been trained to handle himself in these situations.

Rex: Mimi, I know how strong Philip is, but I don't think all the training in the world could prepare a person for something like that. The only thing that's probably keeping him focused and together is knowing Belle is watching this, and that she's praying for him to come home safely. Unfortunately, his loving wife is in love with another man.

Jan: Not for long. After she sees this video, Belle's number one priority will be her husband Philip. She knows the eyes of the world will be on her. The paparazzi will probably be calling her all day and all night, and the last thing she wants is for the news media to break the story that she's in love with another man. Don't worry. I'm not going to say anything. I don't have to. No, I'm feeling pretty good right about now, because Mrs. Kiriakis has to be on her best behavior, which means Shawn will be all mine.

Philip: Belle... my wife, my love... how am I supposed to even begin saying goodbye to you? How am I supposed to even begin telling you how much you mean to me or how happy you've made me? You have brought so much... joy into my life, and even though the time we had together was way too short, I thank God for the memories that we do have, because they've gotten me through some pretty tough times while I've been here, and these are memories that I'm going to take with me... to my grave.

Belle: [Sobbing]

Philip: Memories of the most beautiful, most kind, and selfless person I have ever known. I have to go now, sweetie. You take care of yourself. Just know that even though I'm not with you... that I've never left you, and I will always be with you in your heart... watching over you, loving you, protecting you for the rest of your life. Goodbye, Belle.

Belle: [Sobbing] This can't be happening.

Man: It is not known where P.F.C. Kiriakis is being held or which group is holding him. Likewise, it is not known if the hostage is still alive or if he has been executed.

Belle: [Sobbing]

Shawn-d: It's okay. It's okay. Let it out.

Belle: No, damn -- don’t.

Billie: Do you have the results? Bo! Bo, wait! The test results are in. Come here.

Bo: This will just take a second.

Billie: Well, are they a match? Does that lock of hair match our daughter? Is she -- is she alive?

Ricardo: The D.N.A. on the hair that you submitted for testing was a match. Without a doubt, it belongs to your daughter Georgia.

Billie: Oh, my God. Bo, she's alive! She's alive! Oh! Oh, we can bring her home.

[Car door closes]

Jack: What was that? That's weird. What's Jennifer doing outside? She was just --

Jack: I must be really tired.

Jennifer: Jack? What's wrong? You look like you've just seen a ghost.

Jack: I have. Yours.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Bo: Okay, just to be sure, there's no question about the results of this test?

Ricardo: No, it's 100% certain.

Billie: Okay, now, we have been through a lot. So are you -- are you sure?

Ricardo: Yeah. Let me explain a little bit...

Kate: Well, even you have to admit that Georgia’s still alive, Hope.

Hope: I'm the child's stepmother, Kate. I want her to be alive just as badly as everyone else.

Kate: You don't act it.

Hope: Well, it's just hard to be excited when the DiMeras are still involved. I'm sorry, but until this little -- little girl... what am I talking about? She's a teenager now if she's still alive. And a lock of hair really doesn't prove anything.

Billie: Wow. This is too good to be true.

Hope: Well, you know what? It might just be. Excuse me, I just have to ask, how do we know this D.N.A. sample is a recent specimen? What if it was fabricated, like every other clue the DiMeras have left for Bo and Billie?

Ricardo: Fabricated?

Hope: Yeah.

Ricardo: I don't understand.

Billie: Okay, why can't you just be happy for us, Hope?

Hope: I am happy... but it's a cautious happy. Bo, I just wanna make sure we're not being led on another wild goose chase, that's all.

Bo: That's your gut feeling?

Hope: Yeah, it is.

Jennifer: Jack, what are you talking about? My -- my ghost?

Jack: I'm sorry, just -- it's just -- it's sleep deprivation. After the long, slow freighter to the states, and getting away from Tony’s castle, and hitchhiking to Salem, and -- well, needless to say we didn't get any sleep back at the Horton cabin, so... but, still, I saw you, or someone who looked like you outside. I'm telling you. On the front walkway right -- right here, there was --

Jennifer: There's nobody here.

Jack: I know, when I looked back, I didn't -- I didn't see you, or -- or -- or anyone there, either.

Jennifer: I have a really bad feeling about this, Jack. Listen, Tony knows that you escaped the castle. He knows that the I.S.A. is after him. Okay, so what if Tony DiMera right now is after us? We gotta get outta here.

Jennifer: Hello? Yeah, yeah, I just got here. No, don't worry. I'll get what I came for, and I'll be back before anyone knows I was here.

Mimi: Jan, are you delusional? Dumb question.

Jan: What? You don't think Shawn and I have a chance together?

Rex: God, the wheels are turning, but the hamster is dead. Wake up, Jan. Shawn does not want a relationship with you, so stay out of what's going on and don't complicate things.

Jan: Someone has to be there to pick up the pieces when Belle leaves him. He's gonna be devastated. But devastation will be good for him.

Mimi: Are you serious?

Jan: Of course. He'll have to see the alternative would be public humiliation. The world will hate him if he and Belle publicly show their love for each other while Philip’s being held captive.

Rex: Can't argue with that.

Jan: I don't want my lover to be in pain. But maybe now he'll finally realize what he should have known all along -- that I am the only woman that's actually good enough for him.

Jan: You know, they're gonna be showing this 1,000 times a day. Atta boy, Philip -- pile on the guilt.

Rex: Come on, let's get outta here.

Philip: How am I supposed to begin to say goodbye to you? How am I supposed to begin telling you how much...

Jan: I'm sorry this had to happen to you, Philip. But like they say, no pain, no gain. And while you're getting the pain, I'll be getting the gain. If you hadn't been captured, you would have lost your wife, and I would have lost my fiancé forever. I bet Belle's over there giving Shawn the old heave-ho right about now.

Philip: Some pretty tough times while I've been here.

Belle: No, I have to be strong for Philip. He's gonna depend on our love to get us through

this. Nobody is trained for this kind of a mission. He's a prisoner of war. And if somebody doesn't do something, he's gonna be executed.

Shawn-d: The marines are gonna do everything in their power to rescue him. The military and the government, they cannot release all their information. They don't wanna tip the enemy. And your father -- he's contacted the I.S.A. I'm sure they've already launched a covert rescue mission.

Belle: That's not good enough! He's been captured, and I want him found right this minute. You don't understand.

Mimi: I'm sorry. We can come back.

Belle: No, come in.

Mimi: Belle, I'm so sorry. We saw the news.

Belle: Rex, can you get on your computer, and see if you can find some more information about Philip?

Rex: Yeah, sure, I'll go back to the loft and give it a try. You coming?

Mimi: I think I'll stay here.

Rex: All right.

Belle: I wanna see Philip. Come on, I wanna see Philip. He was just there...

Billie: I'm not surprised you feel that way, Hope. Who cares what her gut feelings are? We finally have hard evidence, and the lab technician says it's 100% accurate.

Ricardo: You know, I still don't understand what you meant about that D.N.A. being fabricated.

Billie: Oh, she would love it if it were a hoax, believe me.

Hope: Billie, that is not true. Bo, please, just listen to this, okay? You know that Stefano was a chess player. He thought 10, 12 moves ahead. Now, this game that he is playing with Georgia started years ago. We were all being held captive on that island, and there were times that you were unconscious, Billie.

Billie: So what's your point?

Hope: My point is that how do you know that while you were unconscious, Tony didn't have a D.N.A. specialist take samples from you?

Ricardo: Excuse me, but that hair sample didn't come from Ms. Reed.

Hope: Maybe not directly. But the DiMeras are the ones who gave the world the Gemini twins. You do remember them, don't you? Genetic engineering, cloning -- these people are capable of anything, you know that.

Ricardo: Wow, sounds very sci-fi to me.

Hope: Obviously, you don't know the DiMeras. Unfortunately, there's nothing sci-fi about it. I just don't want you running off on another dangerous search until you know for sure that what you're looking for is actually out there, Billie.

Bo: Which is exactly what we're doing here.

Billie: And I know that if this were Zack or Shawn missing, you would move heaven and earth, Hope. You would exhaust every possibility.

Hope: Absolutely. As a mother, Billie, I know this must be a horrifying experience for you.

Billie: Yeah.

Hope: But what if this just turns out to be another trick? Then you and Bo will both be devastated again. So let's just ask all the right questions now. Doesn't that make sense?

Bo: All right. Is there any possible way to determine whether that hair sample was recent, or whether the person it was taken from is still alive?

Jack: Hey, hey, what if -- what if DiMera got some clone look-alike drone to come back and get me? Or -- or even worse, what if -- to get you and me? And take us back to that fortress/prison castle of his? I mean, he knew I was coming here to talk to you, and tell you that he's alive, so -- I'm sorry, I'm -- I'm way out of line here. There is no devil out there. There's no one trying to break in.

Jennifer: Are you sure, Jack? Because you know what? I think it all makes sense -- except, of course, for the clone part.

Jack: No, Jennifer, I... I have been dreaming about seeing you everywhere.

Jennifer: Thank God you're alive. You came back to me. I can't believe it. I can't believe it.

Jack: Believe it. I'm alive. I'm here. Nothing and nobody's ever gonna take me away from you again. You and Abigail and the baby are all I've been thinking about for months. I haven't been sleeping for months, so my eyes are playing tricks on me. And I can't believe I'm still letting DiMera control my life. So I'm telling you right now, we are not leaving the house. After the I.S.A. and the police get here, and I give my statement, you and I are going upstairs and going to bed -- to sleep.

Jennifer: Okay, well, then, coffee is out of the question. I am going to go in the kitchen and make you some herbal tea.

Jack: All right. You're the best. You're the best.

Jack: What? What is it?

Jennifer: Look, I don't mean to be an alarmist, but after everything we've been through, I am really scared. If Tony DiMera were gonna send someone, they'd be here by now.

Jennifer: Oh. I'm definitely gonna need this.

Jack: You're right. You're right. Tony would want to try to stop me before I got back and told Bo and John and the authorities that he's still alive, and he kept Cassie and me and all those others hostage. Well, the I.S.A. and the police are on their way. If Tony comes here and tries to get me -- or us -- I promise you, I'm gonna be ready for him.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, yeah, this oughta do the trick.

Rex: Okay, here we go. The Pentagon. [Typing] There's gotta be something about Philip here. [Typing] Great, it hasn't been updated yet. You know what? Let's try this. Damn! It crashed. I've already lost my sister. I'm not about to lose my brother, too. Mom, I haven't even called you yet. You already lost Cassie and dad. How can you lose another child?

Kate: No answer. John must be sleeping. That's good. Oh, God. Thankfully, Philip isn't here to see what's going on between Shawn and Belle. He had the courage and he had the strength to go and fight for his country. Well, I have the strength to fight for the woman he loves. Because it's going to be a cold day in hell before Shawn Brady walks off with my son's wife.

Shawn-d: What are you doing?

Belle: No, I'm just trying to find another station that's playing Philip’s tape. I wanna see if there's any new information.

Shawn-d: If the military did have information, you'd be the first person they would call.

Belle: I just wanna see his face. I just wanna hear his voice just one more time.

Shawn-d: Just stop doing this to yourself. You're driving yourself crazy.

Belle: I am crazy! How could I betray his love?

Shawn-d: Okay, just stop thinking like that, okay?

Belle: It's the truth. He just kept saying how much he loved me, and what do I do? I plot how I'm gonna tell him that I don't love him. Please, just leave me alone.

Shawn-d: Okay. Can I talk to you for a sec? What should I be doing?

Mimi: Um, I think you should just give belle a little space. She's really confused, and feeling really guilty right now. So I think it's best if she just works it out on her own.

Jan: [Thinking] And I know exactly how to make Belle do that.

Shawn-d: I know you're right. She's been telling me the same thing, too. I just -- I can't stand to see her torn up like this. I wanna be with her every minute. But I guess I can’t.

Jan: Belle, I know that we've never really gotten along, but I'm sorry. I hate that this is happening to you. Philip's never been my favorite person in the world, but he -- he's a very brave and honorable guy. He doesn't deserve this.

Belle: No. No, he doesn’t.

Jan: Even in the face of death, he's still so strong. He's holding on for you. Must be a terrible feeling -- knowing that you betrayed a man who's about to die.

Ricardo: Afraid I'm not a psychic, Bo. Okay, I can't tell you if your daughter's still alive today. However, I can verify that the hair did not come from a newborn. And I could certainly give you an indication of when the sample was taken.

Billie: Wait, wait. You mean like a timeline?

Ricardo: Yeah. Based on the amount of oils and nutrients found on the specimen, it's clear that it was recently taken.

Bo: Which means?

Ricardo: Which means more than likely the person from whom the hair was taken is alive.

Billie: I knew it! I knew it. Our baby wasn't born dead. I knew it. Oh!

Kate: Baby, this couldn't be better news.

Hope: Yes, it is. I'm happy for you. I'm happy for you, Bo. And for you, too, Billie. I'm happy I was wrong. At least now we've asked all the right questions.

Bo: Yeah, now we know Georgia was born alive, and she was taken from you at birth, and she's been out there somewhere all these years.

Billie: And, you know, we have -- we have a chance to find her still, okay? I think that we need to -- we need to get together. We need to restrategize. We need to go over the clues on that disk and reanalyze them right away.

Ricardo: Ah, well, before you do any of that, there's still the matter of some forms that need to be signed. So if you'll follow me...

Billie: Oh, right, okay.

Hope: Oh, Bo, wait.

Bo: What?

Hope: We were on our way to talk to Shawn. It really can't wait any longer. You are coming with me, aren't you?

Jennifer: Well, what do you think Tony would do to us?

Jack: Nothing. Nothing. I won't let him touch you.

Jennifer: All right, well, let me rephrase that. What do you think he would try to do to us, Jack?

Jack: Well, he made it very clear that he was never gonna let any of us out of that castle. And if we did try to escape, he had the whole nearby town locked down under his payroll -- from the consulate, all the way down to the nearest barmaid. I mean, it was amazing that I got away at all.

Jennifer: You know what? I am not gonna let him take you away from me again. I am calling Bo.

Jack: No. Jennifer, no. I'm sorry. I am so sorry. I don't wanna upset you with my paranoia. Look, the person outside -- that Jennifer was just a figment of my imagination. That -- that -- that's all she was.

Jennifer: Really? Why, Jack? Why?

Jack: Because... you are unique. There's only one you. And if Tony thinks that he could find somebody to mimic you, he's crazy.

Jennifer: He is crazy, isn't he, Jack? He's crazy.

Jack: Yes, but you -- there's only one you. You are -- you have so many wonderful things that -- that you do that I love. There's -- there's -- I love -- your hair. That thing you do with your hair, I love it. You know what I'm talking about.

Jennifer: Yeah, of course, Jack.

Jack: I'm so-- this sounds crazy. I know I'm weird, but just to -- just so I know I'm not dreaming, could you just do that for me?

Jennifer: What am I thinking? Aunt Maggie has plenty of knives. What she specifically asked for was a pie server. But I don't have a pie server. I have a spatula. A spatula will work just as well.

Jennifer: Aunt Maggie, hi, it's Jen. Listen, I can't find my pie server. I don't know what I've done with it. But I have a spatula, okay?

Jack: I just love all those little things that you do so much. Could you -- could you do that hair thing for me, please?

Jennifer: Yeah, sure. Sure, but first, I am going to make you some herbal tea.

Jennifer: DiMera. Why didn't you tell me that Jennifer does something stupid with her hair? And if Jack did see Jennifer, Tony’s plan to capture him may be in jeopardy.

Jack: How could Jennifer act like she doesn't know what I'm talking about with the hair? I don't know. I just think maybe we should go over to Doug and Julie’s and pick up the baby, and then swing by and pick up Abigail. You know, I wanna see the look on their faces when they recognize me.

Jennifer: No, no, Jack. No, you can’t. You can't see Abby or the baby tonight.

Jack: Are you telling me you called your grandmother -- Alice Horton -- to contact the I.S.A.?

Jennifer: Yes, and anyone else that she can reach tonight. She and Agent Specter are like this.

Jack: Are you kidding me?

Jennifer: No, I am not kidding you. They go way back, Jack. He adores her. And who better than Alice Horton to convince everyone of the truth?

Jack: Me, that's who. I need to be doing something.

Jennifer: You are. You are doing something. You're doing something. You're reuniting with your wife tonight.

Jack: Something very strange is going on here.

Rex: I can't believe my mom's voice mail is full. [Sighs] All right, here we go.

[Typing] Pentagon. There it is. There it is. Information about Philip. Damn it! How can they give up?! I don't care if it's a mountainous area with rough terrain and fog. They can't stop looking for my brother!

Shawn-d: Would you get the hell away from her? What did she say to you?

Belle: Nothing I don't already know -- that there's no one to blame but myself. I betrayed a man who did nothing but love and honor me, and I took his love, and I took his trust, and I did the unthinkable. I cheated on him with my ex-boyfriend.

Shawn-d: You did not cheat on him. We did not sleep together. We swore we would not until you had a chance to talk to Philip.

Belle: Well, maybe we didn't have sex, but I knew I was gonna break my vows. I wanted to. It's the same thing as committing adultery.

Shawn-d: Okay, well, in that case, so did I. But we can't always control our thoughts.

Belle: If anything happens to Philip -- if he dies -- I'll never forgive myself. What is he saying?

Man on TV: A statement was just released from the Pentagon that the search for U.S. Marine Private first class Philip Kiriakis, who was captured by a covert band of mercenaries, has been suspended due to weather conditions in the mountainous region. As you will recall, Private first class Kiriakis was captured earlier today, and his captors made the following videotape.

Shawn-d: Now, you don't -- you don't need to hear that again. Come on. Belle, please.

Belle: Don't make me say this again. Just leave me alone.

Shawn-d: Okay.

Rex: I guess you heard.

Mimi: About the search being called off? Yeah.

Shawn-d: [Grunts]

Jan: Shawn, let me help you.

Shawn-d: Get away from me!

Shawn-d: It's because of you that I can't be with the woman that I love.

Jennifer: Hey, aunt Maggie. Mission accomplished. Found the pie server. I'll be right over. Hey, have Abby and Chelsea gotten there yet? Oh, you know what? That's my fault. I don't think I was specific enough about where we're gonna meet for Gram's party. Let me run back inside, and I'll leave a note just in case, and I'll be there. Okay.

Jennifer: Well, apparently, Jennifer does something with her hair that Jack absolutely adores, and I have no idea what it is. Do you? I am only as good as my Intel. So my suggestion is that you take action, or your mission will be compromised.

Jack: Wait a minute. What if -- what if the Jennifer that I am with is the imposter? Then where's my Jennifer? And how do I find her? Who the hell was I making love with in that cabin? My God. No, this can't be happening. This can't be happening.

[Cellular phone vibrating]

Jennifer: Hello. Hey, aunt Maggie. Yeah, you need something else? Oh. A pie plate? Hmm. Yeah, but you had a beautiful pie plate. What happened to yours? Oh, Bonnie broke it. Well, surprise, surprise. All right, well, let me look for a second. I know I must have one somewhere. Hold on.

Jennifer #2: [Thinking] That's it. She tosses her hair.

Jennifer: Oh. Here it is. I've got one right here. Perfect. Okay, got it, and I'm gonna finish up this note, then I'll be right over.

Jennifer: Jack?

Jack: Wait a minute. What's Maggie Horton’s car doing here? Jennifer, where are you?

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh! Jack, you're alive.

Rex: Look, I'm gonna go back to my loft again and see if I can find any new information on the computer.

Mimi: Have you talked to Kate?

Rex: No, her voice mail was full. My God, what if she hasn't seen Philip’s video? You know, I'm gonna try and call her again.

Mimi: Good luck, okay. While you're over there, will you check on Shawn? I would hate for him to do something stupid. Belle, honey, you can't keep beating yourself up like this, okay? Philip's going to be okay.

Belle: We don't know that. He may never come home again. I may never get the chance to make things right with him.

Mimi: Are you saying that you wanna work out your marriage with Philip? Are you saying that you're giving up on Shawn for good?

Jan: Shawn, you've really scraped up your hand. Let me just clean it for you.

Rex: Hey, is everything okay?

Shawn-d: Yeah, everything's fine. Just blowing off some steam.

Shawn-d: I cannot believe this is happening.

Jan: Well, you know Belle. It was inevitable. She's with Philip for the long haul. He needs her just like you need me.

Shawn-d: I don't need you. I want you out of my apartment, and I want you out of my life.

Jan: What you want and what you need are two very, very different things. You don't know it, Shawn, but you do need me.

Shawn-d: You know what? You're right. I do need you. I need the truth. All of this -- me leaving Belle, her hooking up with Philip, me blaming her for things that she never did -- all of that happened because of your lies. I don't know what you did to me last summer, Jan, but I do know that it's your fault, and I want you to finally admit it.

Bo: You never told me what's going on with Shawn.

Hope: Well, I'll explain on the way. Bo, you know the results of the D.N.A. test. There's nothing else you can do here right now. So let's go. We've gotta --

Kate: Look, I don't mean to intrude, but someone needs to stay with Billie.

Hope: You're her mother, Kate. You stay with Billie.

Kate: I would like to, but I have to get back to John. Look, she is so excited about this news, and she's not gonna stop until she gets another clue. She does that without you, she could endanger herself, endanger Georgia. What then?

Bo: Knowing how Billie is, she'll find a clue, and within an hour, she'll be on a plane.

Hope: Ooh, yeah, and within five minutes, so will you.

Bo: No, Hope, that's -- I'm not gonna leave you and the boys. That's why I wanna stay here and talk to her.

Hope: Don't pretend this has anything to do with me and our sons, okay? How can you discount our entire family for a daughter that you haven't even met? What about your sons?

Bo: I don't believe you're saying this.

Hope: I'm serious!

Bo: So am I serious, Hope. I am -- I am not discounting my family, and I have a responsibility to my daughter. Why don't you go over to Shawn, see what's going on? I'll stay here, talk to Billie, and as soon as I'm finished, I'll be over there. I'll meet you over there.

Hope: Of course. I don't like this.

Bo: It's not gonna take very long.

Bo: I'll meet you over at Shawn’s loft.

Hope: Sure.

Kate: I hope you can keep your son away from my daughter-in-law.

Hope: You know what, Kate? I am really sorry about what's happened to Philip, but nothing Bo or I say to Shawn is going to bring Philip home. And you know what? Quite frankly, maybe if you and Billie would allow Bo five minutes with his family, maybe none of this would have happened.

Kate: You're blaming me when your son is the one who nearly destroyed a church -- who destroyed and ruined a beautiful wedding ceremony? And now he's chasing after a married woman whose husband put his life on the line for his country and now is missing in action.

Hope: I'm gonna talk to Shawn and find out what's really going on. At least my son was brought up to believe that adultery is wrong. I don't suppose you'd like to try to teach your kids the same. Hmm?

Billie: Sign right there. And then right underneath, too, just initial.

Bo: I wanna be really clear on this. I don't want you taking off tonight on any wild --

Billie: Listen, I've just gotta go over all the clues...

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