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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/10/05 - Canada; Friday 3/11/05 - U.S.A.



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Bo: Hey, Solly, we got a message from the lab tech, said the D.N.A. test results were in.

Billie: Can you please page him and tell him that Bo Brady and Billie Reed are here?

Solly: Calm down, Ms. Reed. I'll take care of it.

Billie: Thank you. Oh, it's gonna be a match, Bo. I can feel it. I just know that that D.N.A. test is gonna be a match to that lock of hair that that anonymous caller sent us. It's gonna be Georgia’s. I know it.

Bo: And we'll be one step closer to finding our daughter.

Billie: One giant step.

Hope: Not necessarily.

Billie: Right. Right, 'cause it could be another DiMera trick. Right. I know, I know. I heard it the first 50 times that you told me. We know! We also know that you actually don't want it to be a match because deep down -- no, excuse me, not deep down inside. It's actually right out there, right out there in the open. You don't want us to really find Georgia alive. So, please, once, will you for once stop with the negativity?

Hope: Billie, I was just...

Billie: Mom.

Hope: Trying to be realistic.

Bo: Hope, the results are gonna be in real soon. Just give it some time.


Kate: Did you get the results yet?

Billie: The lab technician's on his way with the results right now.

Kate: I hope it's good news. Our family could really use it right now.

Billie: Why? What's wrong?

Kate: Baby, I hate to have to tell you this right now.

Billie: Tell me what, mom?

Kate: Your brother Philip...

Billie: What? Mom, what happened?

Kate: Baby, he's missing in action.


Man: P.F.C. Kiriakis, it's time for you to say goodbye.

Bart: Count, sir, with all due respect, are you sure this is what you really wanna do to our newest guest? No, I'm not questioning your judgment. No, sir, Count -- Count DiMera, I would never, never do that. Tough luck, kid.



Rex: Damn, every one of these public affairs web sites is a dead end. It's like they don't want anyone to know Philip’s missing. You know what? Maybe I can hack into one of these private web sites and find out what's really going on.

Jan: Shawn, what are you doing?

Shawn-d: I want you out of here now.

Jan: But I love you.

Shawn-d: And I love Belle.

Jan: She doesn't even want anything to do with you -- not while Philip’s missing, and not when he comes home, either.

Shawn-d: We will see about that. But no matter how it turns out, I don't want you. Whatever we had, it's over. Is that clear enough for you? There's no more us -- not now, not ever.

Jan: Oh, yes, there will be.

Shawn-d: Mimi, leave that open, please.

Mimi: Why?

Shawn-d: I have to go in. I have to talk to Belle.

Mimi: Oh, I don't think that's a good idea 'cause she's taking a shower, and then she said she's gonna go to bed, and she's really exhausted.

Shawn-d: No, I understand, which is exactly why I need to be there for her, okay? Just, please.

Mimi: I tried.

Jan: Well, I hope you tried harder than that when you talked to Belle. Did you do what I said? Did you convince her to tell Shawn it's over?


Belle: Shawn! What are you doing?

Shawn-d: I-I... well, um, I love you so much. And I know how much you need me now more than ever. I'm not gonna just let you go. I'm gonna be with you now and always.

Jan: I'm waiting, Meems. Did you do it? Did you convince Belle that it would be a major mistake to go anywhere near Shawn while Philip’s missing? Is that what she's telling him right now? Or do I have to tell sexy Rexy your dirty little secret?

Mimi: Philip could be injured, or captured, or even dead. I cannot believe you are using this to keep Belle and Shawn apart.

Jan: A woman in love does what she has to to keep her man. But I don't have to tell you that. You love Rex. So as much as you hate me, you'll do whatever it takes so you don't lose him -- so that I don't tell your too-trusting fiancé that you got rid of his baby without even telling him you were pregnant -- so that I don't tell him that that pelvic infection that's left you barren is the result of that procedure -- th that's why you two will never have a biological child together.

Mimi: I hate you.

Jan: Why? I'm not gonna tell him any of it... unless you force me to. My goal is not to break up you two. It's to break up Shawn and Belle permanently. So answer the question, measles. Did you convince Belle to dump Shawn or not?

Mimi: I helped Belle decide that she can't be with the man she loves as long as Philip’s missing.

Jan: I knew I could count on you.

Mimi: But it's wrong, because Belle and Shawn belong together. She should just follow her heart and be with the man she really loves, but I couldn't tell her to do that because of your stupid blackmail. Go to hell, Jan. Just go to hell.

Rex: Hey, what's going on? I heard yelling.

Jan: Are you gonna tell him, Measles, or should I?


Belle: What are you doing here? How did you even get in?

Shawn-d: I was in the hall when Mimi was leaving.

Belle: Mimi wouldn't have let you in.

Shawn-d: Well, she said you didn't wanna see me.

Belle: Because I am still married to Philip.

Shawn-d: And I also know how upset you are about him being M.I.A. I'm not gonna let you go through this alone. I want him found, too, and I'm gonna do whatever I can to support him and you.

Belle: Philip is my husband. I have to honor our vows. It can't even look like I'm being unfaithful to him. Shawn, if you really love me, please, just respect that, and please, please leave.

Shawn-d: I'm sorry, but I can’t.


Man: Say your prayers, P.F.C. Kiriakis.


[Men laugh]

Man #2: Before we're through, you'll wish there had been a bullet. Heh heh heh heh!

Bart: Count, Philip’s family, his new wife, they're gonna be destroyed by this -- absolutely destroyed. Yes, yes, I got that. Enemies of the DiMeras deserve all the pain and misery we can dish out. I'm aware of that, sir. But this ain't gonna be pretty.

Man: It would be no fun if we just killed you. First, we're going to play some games.



Billie: Mom, what are you talking about? What do you mean, Philip’s missing? What happened?

Kate: Apparently, he volunteered for a very dangerous mission, and it was behind enemy lines, and he became separated from his unit, and that's all we know. Baby, this is -- this is my worst nightmare come true. What if we don't ever see him again? What if I never see my son again?

Billie: Mom, listen. Listen, the military is -- is fantastic. They're looking for him everywhere, I'm sure. I'll call the I.S.A. They've got operatives everywhere. We'll find him.

Kate: That's okay. John already called Shane Donovan, and they're on the case.

Billie: I'll report for duty.

Kate: No, absolutely not. You and Bo have to stay here and get those D.N.A. results so you can get your daughter. That's what Philip would have wanted.

Billie: But, mom --

Kate: That is what I want. My son is missing and my granddaughter is missing, and I just wanna make sure we do everything we possibly can to get them both back. Now, you have a lead, and that's a ray of hope for us all to hold onto.

Billie: Okay. I have a really good feeling about this, mom. I really think that that lock of hair could be from Georgia.

Kate: Oh, baby, so when the technician comes back, it'll be good news for everyone, won't it?

Billie: Yeah. Everyone except for Hope. She's made it very clear that she doesn't want us to find Georgia alive.

Kate: Well, maybe it's time Hope was out of the picture.


Hope: Bo, I'm not deliberately trying to upset you and Billie. It's just -- we've been down this road before. I just don't want either one of you to get your hearts broken. I want you to be prepared if the D.N.A. test says the hair isn't Georgia’s.

Bo: I know that, Hope, but right now I could just use a little support.

Solly: Mr. Brady, I'm sorry to interrupt. I have some bad news.


Jack: I don't get it. Why do we suddenly have to leave when we just got here? And what's the big rush? Who was that on the phone? Is this another surprise? That was Alice, wasn't it? Tell me. She's planning a welcome back Jack party. Come on, fess up. Come on.

Jennifer: Jack Deveraux, ace reporter. Always after the big story, aren't you?

Jack: That's me. Never let up. So, come on, give it up.

Jennifer: Okay, it was Gram. But it wasn't about your party. The I.S.A. called her, and they don't wanna wait till morning. Neither do the police. They wanna talk to you tonight. They wanna talk to you about this remote castle in Europe of Tony’s. And I know we both hoped to wait till tomorrow, Jack,, but if we can take care of it tonight --

Jack: No, no, no, no. It's fine. Everything's fine. I should have done that anyway. Of course, what am I thinking? People are being held hostage. The least I can do is try to help them. We'll just think of this as an intermission.

Jennifer: That's right, Jack, because what if your hunch is right? What if Roman and Marlena, and Cassie, and Victor, and Caroline -- what if they still are alive in that castle, and the I.S.A. frees them and brings them home to Salem?

Jack: I'll tell you what, we're gonna make a lot of people in Salem very happy.

Jennifer: You are an amazing man, Jack Deveraux. And I am so lucky to have you back.

Jack: Not half as lucky as I am to be back. Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: No, no, no. We can’t.

Jack: Can't?

Jennifer: Yeah, we have to get dressed. We have to go. We can't keep the police or the I.S.A. waiting. Come on.

Jack: I'll tell you what. This is what we're gonna do. As soon as I finish with the police, I'm taking you upstairs to that bedroom. And then -- then we do not pass go, we do not collect $200.

Jennifer: All right, well, just hurry up. Because I have one more surprise in store for you.


Rex: Okay, what the hell was going on out there? Is she harassing you again? Jan, how many times do I have to warn you, Mimi just got out of the hospital, and she should be resting. And now with Philip missing, the last thing any of us need is you hanging out here causing trouble.

Jan: I'm not trying to cause trouble. Believe me, if I was, you'd be the first one to know.

Rex: You know what, Jan? I'm sick and tired of it! Mimi's sick, Philip’s missing, and all you can do is play these stupid little games? Why don't you get your stuff and get the hell outta here?

Mimi: Rex is right. We don't want you here, and neither does Shawn. So why don't you just leave?

[Computer beeps]

Rex: Maybe we just got a lead on Philip.

Jan: Last warning, Measles. Play nice, or else I'm gonna have to tell Rex all about the b-a-b-Y. Do you really wanna rip his heart out like that? Especially since he's already upset about his brother? I'll take that as a no.


Rex: Gotcha.

Mimi: What is it?

Rex: I managed to hack into a military web site, and I think we've got some news about Philip.


Man: Heh heh, he thought you were going to strike him.

Man #2: No, that's not the game we're gonna play -- not yet. These are just to keep you in place.

Man: He frayed the rope -- almost all the way through.

Man #2: It's very rude to try to walk out on your hosts.


Billie: Mom, I know that you're upset about Philip, and you want me to find Georgia, but that doesn't give either of us the right to get Hope out of the picture. I mean, how would I even go about doing that? He loves her, mom. You need to accept that his future is with Hope.

Kate: You and Bo belong together. When you get Georgia back, you're going to have to deal with years and years of God knows what the DiMeras did to her. She's going to need her parents. She's going to need you and Bo together... full time.

Bo: Billie. We need you over here.

Billie: Where's the technician? Did you get the results?

Solly: I'm afraid there's some bad news.

Billie: What do you mean?

Solly: Ricardo isn't answering his page. I called the lab. They don't know where he is. And apparently, he has your results with him.

Bo: Okay, well, we'll have to find him.

Billie: Okay, let's go.


Kate: Hope, we need to talk. It's extremely important.

Hope: Kate, what is it?

Kate: No, not here. We really need some privacy. Come on.

Hope: Kate, what is it?

Kate: Hope, you have to get your son under control.

Hope: Shawn? Why? What's he done?

Kate: Since Philip has been away at combat, Shawn has been openly pursuing Belle. He has absolutely no respect for the fact that she's a married woman, and he has been pressuring her to break her marriage vows while my son is away at war.

Hope: Kate, he wouldn't do that.

Kate: I'm not lying to you, especially at a time like this.

Hope: Kate, what is it? What's wrong?

Kate: Today we got the news that Philip is missing in action.

Hope: Oh, my God, Kate, I am so sorry.

Kate: And obviously, Belle and the whole family are reeling from this.

Hope: Of course.

Kate: But even knowing that, Shawn is still pressing Belle for her affections. Now, she can't handle this. None of us can handle this. So, I'm asking you, mother to mother, keep your son the hell away from Belle.


Shawn-d: How can I leave you like this?

Belle: Please, Shawn, I just don't have the strength for this. Just go.

Shawn-d: That's exactly why you shouldn't be alone.

Belle: Well, maybe not, but I shouldn't be with you, either. I can't be. I mean, I have to --

Shawn-d: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, you are exhausted. Come on, just get into bed, okay? Here, take your robe off. Just go on.

Belle: What am I gonna do?

Shawn-d: You're gonna go to sleep. And I'm gonna go downstairs.

Belle: No. I just --

Shawn-d: Just close your eyes. Okay?

[Belle sobbing quietly]

Shawn-d: Hey, hey, it's okay. It's okay. I got you, all right? You're gonna be all right. I'm never gonna let you go.


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Billie: Hey, did you find the technician?

Bo: No, nobody's seen him. He's M.I.A.

Billie: [Sighs]

Bo: What? Hey, don't worry about it. Maybe Solly’s had better luck.

Billie: No, it's not that, it's just, um...

Bo: What?

Billie: Mom and I just got some really bad news. Philip is missing in action.

Bo: Oh, why didn't you tell me?

Billie: Because we're so close to finding Georgia. I didn't want you to think that I couldn't go on because I was too worried about my brother.

Bo: He's my brother, too.

Billie: That's right.

Bo: If Victor were alive today, he'd have a rescue team out there looking for him. Have you called the I.S.A.?

Billie: John did. The marines are working with them.

Bo: Okay, well, if there's anything I can do, you just let me know.

Billie: Thanks.


Jennifer: Huh? Well, I can't believe that -- that we beat the police and the I.S.A. Maybe -- maybe I'll just -- I'll just get some coffee ready.

Jack: Are you sure that this isn't a setup for your grandmother's surprise party?

Jennifer: No. No, the party's tomorrow, Jack. And everyone is gonna be so shocked and excited to see you.

Jack: So the surprise is for them, not for me?

Jennifer: Uh, yeah.

Jack: So, there's no present for me?

Jennifer: No. But you're cute, and -- and I love you, and you're a nut.

Jack: Patrick Lockhart didn't get an invitation, did he?

Jennifer: You know, that's funny you said that 'cause I haven't seen him or spoken to him since you got home. And his lights are off, so he's either out or asleep. But, you know, I could leave him a note.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, look, look. You told me that he was really helpful to you and the kids when I was away, and you told me that he was a friend to you and the kids, but I'm telling you, I don't trust him. And I don't want him around.

Jennifer: I know that. But, please, just give him a chance to prove that he's changed... for me.

Jack: For you?

Jennifer: For me.

Jack: All right, all right, on one condition -- from now on, I take care of you and everything in this house.

Jennifer: I think that's great, because the toilet downstairs is running, the kitchen sink -- it drains so slow.

Jack: Oh, actually, I was thinking it's time to call in the professionals. Call the plumbers.

Jennifer: Just as I thought. But you know what, Jack? It's okay, because your talents lie elsewhere.

Jack: Exactly, my talents lie elsewhere. And from now on, you're never gonna have to do without my talents again. Never. I can't wait to have this conversation with my baby boy. And Abigail. I know she's having a lot of troubles right now, but like you told me, deep down, she's a good kid. And together, we're gonna work this out.

Jennifer: Yeah, everything's gonna be fine now that you're home.

Jack: You know, I was kinda wondering where the I.S.A. and the police are. It's taking a long time. Because I don't exactly feel comfortable knowing that Tony is still out there. I can't wait to get that S.O.B. out of our lives. I want him to pay for the suffering and the pain that he has caused us and everybody else in this town.


Bart: Count, I'm really worried about scoop Deveraux being on the loose on account of he knows everything. But, sir, don't you see? If the Jackmeister’s free and gets back to Jennifer D., We'll all wind up chilling at the bottom of the sea. Hey, I did it. I busted a rhyme. No, I'm sorry, sir. I trust you, I trust you, I do. It's just that you've had a lot of other things on your mind lately.

Man: He'll never get out of that.

Man #2: Wake up, sleeping beauty. Save your strength. You're never gonna get free. You're never gonna see your mother, or your family, or your pretty new wife ever again. How long do you think it'll be before she takes up with another man?

Man: I'll bet she already has.


Belle: You said you would stay downstairs.

Shawn-d: I know. I-I did. I just -- I saw you tossing and turning, and I thought that if I held you, you would sleep better.

Belle: You did more than hold me. You kissed me.

Shawn-d: I -- you kissed me back.

Belle: We can't do this, Shawn. It's wrong.

Shawn-d: Okay, all right, just, please, go back to bed. I'll go downstairs.

Belle: No, I don't want you to go downstairs. I want you to go home to your own apartment.

Shawn-d: You're worried about your father, you're worried about Mimi, you're worried about Sami, but who is worried about you? Who's going to take care of you?

Belle: Look, you have to go, okay? Otherwise, we're being really unfair to Philip.

Shawn-d: And don't you think we're being unfair to us? I mean, I pray to God that they find him and they bring him home, but what then?

Belle: I can't even think about that right now. Philip is my husband, and he's missing. I have to stay focused on him and only him.

Shawn-d: So has what happened to Philip changed the way you feel about me?


Philip: [Grunting]

Man: Do you want to say something?

Philip: My wife would never cheat on me! She would never break our wedding vows. You got that? As long as she thinks there's the slightest chance I'm still alive, she won't give up on me.

Man: Touching but irrelevant, because tonight, when she sees that tape you made and hears you say goodbye, she is going to know there's no chance of ever seeing you again.


Mimi: You mean without that tracking device, they might never find him?

Rex: Well, it's certainly going to be a hell of a lot harder. Philip could be gone for a very long time.

Jan: [Thinking] And the longer Philip’s gone, the better, because no way will Belle get together with Shawn while her husband's M.I.A. I couldn't have planned this better myself.

Rex: I'm picking up some chatter. Looks like there's going to be an official announcement about Philip.

Mimi: What kind of announcement?

Rex: I don't know, but I'm sure as hell going to find out.


Shawn-d: We have to talk about this.

Belle: No, I'm not going to discuss my feelings for you while Philip is missing.

Shawn-d: You're not being realistic. How long could it be until he comes back to us? He could be gone forever. What if he never came back?

Belle: Don't you dare say that. Don't you even think it.

Shawn-d: I'm sorry. It's just that, considering --

Belle: No, you're not. You're not sorry. You have no idea what it was like -- all those months when you were missing, and I thought that you were hurt or en dead, and you just thought that I'd blissfully gone on about my life without you. You have no idea.

Shawn-d: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I made you feel like that.

Belle: Yeah, well, now I'm worried about my husband. It's like I'm living the same damn nightmare all over again.

Shawn-d: You didn't have to go through it alone then, and you don't have to go through it alone now.

Belle: Yeah, well, when you were gone and Philip was there for me, I was too needy, and I was too dependent, and that's how I wound up married to a man I didn't love, and I think I've learned something from that, so I don't need you hovering all around me. I-I just need time. I need space. And most of all, I need to feel like I am not cheating on my husband.

Shawn-d: Well, I hate to just sit back and watch you suffer like this.

Belle: Then go home, 'cause I don't need you here telling me that you think Philip might never come home, because he will. He has to, and when he does, then we'll figure this whole mess out, but until then, I am not making any decisions about our future. I'm not discussing it. I'm not even thinking about it. I can't, and I won’t.

Shawn-d: Okay. I didn't mean to upset you, okay? I just -- I wanted --

Belle: Let me -- news.

Belle: Oh, my God. No.


Jennifer: Coffee's almost ready.

Jack: Now all we need is the police and the I.S.A. guys to get here.

Jennifer: Well, Gram said they were on their way.

Jack: I'm sure they are. I'm sure they are. You know, I-I'm just thinking of everything I want to tell them. I'm just afraid I'm not going to remember everything.

Jennifer: No, Jack, you know what? You're a hero. The I.S.A. -- They're going to capture Tony DiMera. They're going to release and rescue all of these captives. Who knows -- maybe they'll find evidence that will help Bo and Billie find their daughter.

Jack: You know, we know that the DiMeras are capable of just about anything, but to think of them keeping that little girl away from her parents for all those years... Georgia would be about Abigail’s age about now, and I-I just can't imagine what it would be like to be separated and spend all those years away from my little girl.

Jennifer: Well, I hope that Bo and Billie find their daughter safe and sound, and that she can be a part of their lives.

Jack: Me too.

Jennifer: I'm just concerned about what it will do to Bo and Hope's marriage.


Bo: Don't you worry. They're going to find Philip and bring him home safe and sound.

Billie: Do you really think so?

Bo: Yeah. Got to have faith. We're going to find that lab technician, our D.N.A. is going to match, and before you know it, we'll find our daughter.

Billie: Thanks, Bo.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Bo? Did Billie tell you about Philip?

Bo: Yeah. That's -- hey, Kate, um... I'm sorry. If there's anything you need...

Kate: Thank you. Thank you. Did you get the D.N.A. results yet?

Billie: The lab technician has seemed to disappear.

Bo: Nurse Solly is looking for him. It shouldn't take very long.

Hope: I hate to do this now, but I really need for you to come with me right now.

Bo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on?

Hope: Shawn's out of control. He's really gotten himself into trouble right now, and he needs us -- both of us.

Bo: Okay, well, we're going to get the results very soon, and then we'll go take care of whatever's up with Shawn.

Hope: You're putting a child who may not even exist ahead of your own son.

Bo: What?


Bart: Not to worry, boss. Everything is going according to your master plan. I'll tell you one thing -- there's going to be a shortage of hankies at a certain household in Salem, because it's time for the... big, sad goodbye.

Philip: I know what you're trying to do, but you won't break me. I trust my wife. She won't give up hope, and neither will my family.

Man: P.F.C. Kiriakis, it's time to say goodbye.

Rex: Okay, a videotape's just been released for broadcast. I've got -- I've got the link here.

Philip: You listen to me, mom. Do not -- do not let this destroy you. You understand me? If I die, it will be in service of my country, and there is nothing I believe in more.

Rex: No!

Mimi: Oh, my God. Poor Philip.

Jan: [Thinking] Poor Philip, but lucky me. Now Shawn and Belle will never be together.

Philip: Love of my wife...

Belle: Oh, my God. No.

Philip: Belle... my wife, my love... how am I supposed to even begin saying goodbye to you? How am I supposed to even begin telling you how much you mean to me or how happy you've made me? You have brought so much joy into my life, and even though the time we had together was way too short, I thank God for the memories that we do have, because they've gotten me through some pretty tough times while I've been here. And these are memories that I'm going to take with me to my grave... memories of the most beautiful, most kind and selfless person I have ever known. I have to go now, sweetie. You take care of yourself. Just know that even though I'm not with you... I've never left you, and I will always be with you in your heart, watching over you, loving you, and protecting you for the rest of your life. Goodbye, Belle.

Belle: [Sobbing]

Man: It is not known where P.F.C. Kiriakis is being held or which group is holding him. Likewise, it is not known if the hostage is still alive or if he has been executed.

Belle: [Sobbing]

Shawn-d: It's okay. Just let it out.

Belle: No. No. I have to be strong for Philip. When the reporters come, Philip wouldn't want me crying, and he wouldn't want you here, so we have to respect that, so you have to leave right now.


Hope: Shawn needs us now, Bo. Whatever the results of the D.N.A. tests are, they won't change whether you're here or not. Bo, our son's gotten himself into a mess. We need to get over there.

Bo: What kind of mess?

Hope: I'll explain on the way to his apartment. Come on.

Bo: Give me a call on my cell as soon as you have the test results.

Billie: Okay.

Bo: Okay, what's going on?

Hope: Shawn is obsessed with getting back with Belle.

Solly: Look who I found headed for the cafeteria. He accidentally turned his beeper off.

Kate: Oh, you have to stop Bo from leaving.

Billie: Bo! Bo, wait, the results are in!

Bo: This will just take a second. Come on.

Billie: Come on. Well? Was it a match? Is that lock of hair from our daughter? Is she alive?


Jack: Bo and Hope's marriage is built to last, just like ours. Just like ours survived my being gone all this time, theirs will survive Bo and Billie finding their daughter.

Jennifer: Do you really think so?

Jack: Not a doubt in my mind.

Jennifer: I'm going to get us some coffee. I think this is going to be a long night.

Jack: It's already a long night. Mm.

[Car approaches]

Jack: Oh, maybe that's the I.S.A. They finally got here. Good.

Jack: How did Jennifer get out front?

Jack: Whoo. How --

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. Yeah. This ought to do the trick.

Jack: Something very strange is going on here.


Hope: I'm going to talk to Shawn and find out what's really going on. At least my son was brought up to believe that adultery is wrong. I don't suppose you'd like to try to teach your kids the same.


Shawn-d: I don't know what you did to me last summer, Jan, but I do know that it's your fault, and I want you to finally admit it.

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