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By Eric
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Bart: Man, it's cold out there. I figured you needed more firewood.

Tony: Oh, Bart, please. Can't you see I'm concentrating?

Tony: Oh, good grief, Bart. Just say what it is you wanna say.

Bart: Sorry, boss, I just -- I get goose bumps when I see you deep in thought like this. Let me take one guess. You're thinking it's been way too long since you've created mayhem and mass hysteria for those suckers who made it back to Salem, am I right?

Tony: Ah, you know me too well, Bart. Yes, it is time to shake up their world... once again.


Roman: Oh, my God, Doc, I love you so much. You were the great love of my life.

Marlena: I love you, too, Roman. I always have.

Roman: Oh, Doc. Doc. Before I die, there's something I want very much. I wanna make love to you.


John: Well, you know the saying. Hell hath no fury like... Sami Brady.

Kate: If she accuses you of being an addict, then we'll sue her for defamation of character.

John: Yeah, but, Kate, in the meantime, she could do a lot of damage -- not just to me personally, but to the company.

Kate: Okay, so I'm going to alert the P.R. people. If she starts slinging mud, at least -- at least we'll be ready.

John: Thanks. I appreciate it. I know you're looking out for me and the company, but --

Kate: But you're still worried.

John: Yeah, I am. Sami has harbored so much anger for so long now. I have a feeling she could be driven to do more than just sling a little mud.

Brady: I agree. When Sami’s on the warpath, she stops at nothing until she hurts everyone that she feels has done her wrong.


Nancy: Stop, Nicole, you can't go in there.

Nicole: Why not?

Nancy: Have you signed in?

Nicole: Signed in?

Nancy: It's the policy here.

Nicole: I've never had to do that before. Look, Nancy, I know I'm not exactly Salem’s favorite citizen, but what do you think I'm gonna do, kidnap a patient?

Nancy: Nicole, this isn't personal. It's because it's the clinic's liability insurance.

Nicole: Whatever. Where do I sign in?

Nancy: There's a book up at reception.

Nicole: You think someone would have told me that when I first got here.

Nancy: What are you doing?

Chloe: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm leaving.

Nancy: Don't be ridiculous.

Chloe: Thanks to you, I can't stay here anymore.


Bo: As much as I don't want to, I gotta get up.

Hope: Mm, why can't we just stay here?

Bo: Well, we could, but... we got plans.

Hope: What's wrong with this plan?

Bo: Not a thing. And we will get back to this later. I'm gonna take a quick shower, and then you're gonna jump in there and meet me downstairs. Put on that pretty new dress, okay?

Hope: I was hoping we could stay in tonight.

Bo: Don't you worry, we'll have plenty of fun.

Hope: One more kiss.

Bo: Ow.


Billie: Lucas, don't go over to Sami’s right now.

Lucas: You heard Will. She's freaking out.

Billie: Yeah, but you know what's gonna happen if you get over there. She's gonna start crying and begging for your forgiveness. Do you really wanna deal with that right now?

Lucas: No.

Billie: Okay, then, come sit down and relax.

Lucas: Billie, you don't know her like I do. She's capable of anything when she's like this. She can get herself into major trouble right now.

Billie: So what? I can't believe you still feel sorry for Sami.

Lucas: Billie, she has nobody -- no friends, no family, no nothing.

Billie: What about Eric?

Lucas: I don't know. He's in Malta on a photo shoot or something.

Billie: Okay, you know what? I'm really sorry that Sami has no friends, but whose fault is that? Lucas, you should not waste one more minute worrying about her. If Sami gets herself into trouble, then she's just gonna have to find a way to get herself out of it.


Sami: What the hell is this? I don't get the evening paper. Well, I guess since Kate fired me, I might as well start looking at the classifieds. Oh, my God. What is this? First my computer, and now the newspaper. Okay, this is really starting to get freaky.

[Telephone rings]

[Fax machine whirring]

Sami: What the hell? Wait a second, I didn't even think that stupid fax machine still worked. Okay, stop it. Look, whoever is doing this, just -- just stop it. Do you hear me? Stop it right now!


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Lucas: I've been so caught up in my own life, I don't even know what's going on in yours.

Billie: Aah, you got enough to worry about without worrying about me.

Lucas: Well, no, I wouldn't say I'm worried about you. Just what exactly is going on between you and Bo Brady?


Bo: All right, thanks. Bye. Fancy Face, you ready?

Bo: Whoo. You take my breath away.

Hope: It's beautiful.

Bo: Glad you like it. The best part about it is you get your wish. We don't have to go out tonight.

Hope: You did all of this while I was upstairs?

Bo: I had a little help.

Hope: Maggie again?

Bo: No, it was Henderson.

Hope: Henderson?

Bo: Uh-huh.

Hope: Well, he did a fantastic job.

Bo: We did a fantastic job. I helped... a little. Have a seat. I have a special wine for a special woman. Chateau Margot from the year we were married.

Hope: That is special, but --

Bo: It's from my father's wine cellar. Henderson said that, um, he set it aside for us.

Hope: That was very sweet of Victor.

Bo: Yeah, yes, it was. And like this wine, every year with you gets better and better. To the most beautiful woman in the world -- the mother of my children, my heart, my soul, my wife.

Hope: And to you, the only man I've ever loved.


Sami: What is this? "Revenge!" Why do I keep getting these messages? I mean, the computer and the newspaper. Think, Sami. Okay, okay, maybe it's just some sort of marketing campaign, you know, for a new movie or something. Whatever, it doesn't matter. I just have to focus on fixing things with Lucas and Will, my stupid bank account, and I have to figure out how to get a new job. Oh, God, Sami, what am I gonna do? Okay, just right now -- right now, just relax. That's all. Okay, maybe I need a glass of wine. Okay. I'm just gonna relax. I'll have some wine. Great. Just a little wine, a little -- maybe I'll take a hot bath. Maybe a little music. Yeah, a little music, some wine... this'll be perfect.

[Jazz music playing] Okay. Okay.

Man's voice: Revenge. Revenge. Revenge.


[Cellular phone rings]

Brady: Oh, excuse me for just a second. I'll be right back.


Brady: Hello?

Nicole: Hey, Brady, it's me.

Brady: Hey there. How's Clara doing?

Nicole: I'm wondering that myself.

Brady: What, you haven't seen her yet?

Nicole: No, not yet. But you'll never believe who I did run into.

Brady: Who?

Nicole: Nancy Wesley.

Brady: Nancy Wesley? What's she doing at the clinic? I didn't know she was back in town.

Chloe: You went out of your way to question Nicole about Brady. I heard you.

Nancy: I did that for you. Someone has to light a fire underneath you. I thought that if you saw how close they were becoming, that you might tell Brady you're alive.

Chloe: Yeah, alive and ugly.

Nancy: You are not ugly... although your behavior is starting to become ugly. I'm sorry, Chloe, but it's true. Sweetheart, a little scarring does not change who you are on the inside.

Chloe: I told you I didn't wanna see Brady until I was ready. And I'm not ready. Why can't you just accept that?


Kate: I think you're right that Sami’s going to lash out, but I think I'm the one she's going to come after first.

John: Now, why would you say that?

Kate: Because she blames me for what happened.

John: Okay, Kate, you be honest with me now. Did you set her up?

Kate: Well, it all depends on what you think the definition of setup is.

John: Go on.

Kate: I hired a private investigator to, uh, to follow her because I didn't think she was being faithful to Lucas. But the odd thing is that up until the night before her wedding, she was true to him. Now, why she went to Brandon’s hotel and wound up in bed with him is a mystery.

John: She's got no guidance. You know, even after Roman and Marlena were divorced, they would still get together and sit that girl down and talk sense to her. And she'd listen. It's amazing. It was during moments like that that you began to realize through everything, just what an unbreakable bond Doc and Roman really had.


Marlena: Oh! What -- oh, oh!

Roman: You son of a bitch. What the hell are you doing here?

Tony: Well, I'm sorry. Did I drop by at a most inopportune moment?

Roman: You are such a sick son of a bitch, Tony.

Tony: Oh, well, three's a crowd. Next time I'll call first.

Marlena: What do you want?

Tony: Well, I had some news. Well, it's sad news, unfortunately. It's about your daughter Sami.

Marlena: What happened?

Roman: What is it?

Tony: Well, it seems that she has suffered a terrible loss. Her life, I'm afraid, as she's known it, is over.


Bo: I got something for you.

Hope: What have you done? Bo.

Bo: One for you and one for me -- so we'll always have a piece of each other's heart.

Hope: They're beautiful.

Bo: The "h" is mine.

Hope: Obviously, and the "b" is for me.

Bo: There you go.

Hope: Oh, it's perfect.

Bo: Just like you.

Hope: Are we gonna put yours on?

Bo: You could put it on me later, when we're in bed.

Hope: That sounds like a good idea. Much easier that way.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Thank you. God, I love you.

Bo: Well, you should.

Hope: Everything is absolutely delicious. Kudos to Henderson. And you, of course.

Bo: Thank you. Hey, did I tell you that Shawn called earlier?

Hope: No.

Bo: You must have been in the shower. He said he had some great news, but he wanted to tell us in person.

Hope: Did he give you any idea what it was about?

Bo: No.

Hope: Oh, let's just hope he came to his senses and broke up with Jan.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: You know what? Let's not ruin the evening by talking about Jan Spears.

Bo: Good idea.

Hope: I'd rather talk about what a wonderful husband I have -- always surprising me. First a special valentine's day, now this.

Bo: Well, I-I haven't exactly made your life easy lately, and I was trying to make up for that.

Hope: You're doing a pretty good job.

Bo: Do you know how much I love you?

Hope: I know you love me... I just wanna make sure it stays that way.

Bo: It will. Why would you say something like that, Fancy Face?

Hope: Why do you think I would?

Bo: Oh, come on.

Hope: Billie ree-- Bo... you asked. I don't trust her. I'm sorry, but as long as she's in our lives, I think she's a threat to our happiness.


Billie: Not you, too. Why does everyone think there's something going on between me and Bo?

Lucas: Everybody knows you never got over him. You share a child together -- a daughter who still may be alive.

Billie: And that is the only connection that we still have.

Lucas: Billie, that's a strong connection. I mean, Sami and I would never have stayed together all these years if it wasn't for Will.

Billie: Yeah, look how that turned out.

Lucas: Thank you.

Billie: Oh, I'm sorry. Lucas, look, I-I just wanna find Georgia, okay? I'm not plotting to get my ex back.

Lucas: It's possible to want someone without plotting to get 'em, right? And that's why it's so awkward that you're staying there. You're still in love with Bo, aren't you?


Man's voice: Revenge. Revenge. Revenge.

Sami: Oh, my God. What the hell is going on here? Why is this happening to me? I'm getting out of here.

[Telephone rings]



Brady: Did Nancy say what she was doing at the clinic?

Nicole: She's working part-time as a volunteer.

Brady: What?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. She said her father was on the board.

Brady: Oh, I guess that makes sense. It's just weird. Nancy never mentioned anything to me about her being back. Did she say anything about Chloe’s sister Joy?

Nicole: She didn't say, although she did ask about you. Anyway, um, right now I'm gonna try and catch up with Clara.

Brady: Okay, well, I'm almost done here at the house. I can swing by the clinic soon if you want.

Nicole: Yeah, that'd be great.

Brady: Okay, I, uh, I'll be right there. Bye.

Nicole: Bye.

Nancy: I am sorry if you think that I have gone against your wishes, but I am your mother. Chloe, it is killing me to see you cutting yourself off from the one person who could help you. Don't you think I know how much you miss Brady?

Chloe: I do miss him... terribly. But until I'm ready to face him, I don't want him or Nicole to know that I'm here.

Nicole: Oh, my God.


Brady: Hey.

Kate: Hey.

Brady: Um, I'm gonna go meet Nicole at the clinic. You okay, dad?

John: Yeah, I'm perfect. Go ahead.

Kate: It's okay. I'm gonna be here.

Brady: Thanks, Kate. Look, if you need anything, I'll be on my cell phone, all right?

Kate: We'll be fine.

Kate: You know, I was thinking about what you said about Roman and Marlena --

John: Yeah, they were always on the same page when it came to their kids. You know, for a divorced couple, I find that kind of unusual.

Kate: Yeah. You know, I was friends with Marlena, but when Roman and I were first seeing each other, I have to admit that I was -- I was a little jealous of their relationship.

John: You're not alone. When I was on that island, it was pretty obvious Tony was trying to get the two of them back together.

Kate: What do you mean?

John: Oh, Tony had -- Tony had poisoned roman with some sort of a toxic substance. He almost died.

Kate: Why didn't you ever tell me this before?

John: I hadn't gotten around to it. Anyway, Roman was in a bad way. He was hallucinating and -- and the whole 9 yards. Anyways, it got to the point where... he asked Marlena to make love to him as a dying wish.

Kate: What? Did she?

John: No, no. Never got that far. Tony mysteriously got Roman an antidote somehow.

Kate: Tony DiMera... why -- why -- why play all these sick jokes with our lives? I don't understand it.

John: Just be grateful that he's dead, or he'd still be at it. Knowing my brother the way I do, he wouldn't stop until he tried to destroy all of our lives.


Roman: What happened to Sami?

Bart: Stand back, my good man, or prepare to meet your maker.

Tony: Bart, must you be so melodramatic?

Bart: I always wanted to use that line. It's from one of my favorite movies. Did you ever see it, boss?

Tony: Not now, you fool, don't you understand? Captain Brady here's concerned about his daughter, and rightly so.

Marlena: What happened?

Tony: Well, it's a sad story. Once again, Sami was walking down the aisle. This time it was going to be with Lucas Roberts. But, lo and behold, the night before the nuptials, she decided to sleep with Brandon Walker.

Roman: She did what?

Marlena: How did you hear that?

Tony: How do I hear anything, Marlena? But the poor thing, you know, she got caught by her intended, canceled the wedding, and here she is now at home all alone, miserable once again.

Roman: Oh, Sami, damn it.

Marlena: She needs me. I've gotta be there.

Tony: No, she doesn’t. Let her take care of her own responsibilities.

Marlena: And what about Will? He wants his parents together.

Tony: Well, I don't think that's any longer a possibility. And what about you? Where are your manners? Shouldn't you be thanking me for the flowers? What, did they stir a certain... memory?

Roman: Give it a rest, Tony.

Tony: What's the matter, you don't know what you were doing when you were sleeping? When I walked in, the beautiful Marlena was kissing you. Don't worry, I won't tell. But as compared to what's happening in Salem between John and Kate, you two are a picture of restraint. Enjoy the flowers.


Billie: Okay, I'm still in love with Bo. But that's no secret, Lucas.

Lucas: How does Bo feel about it?

Billie: Bo loves Hope. Bo loves Hope. Bo loves Hope. Bo loves Hope. Bo loves Hope. Ugh! You know, even if I could take him away from her, that's just -- it's not who I am anymore. Believe it or not, I am not out to hurt Hope or her family.

Lucas: Yeah, but, Billie, if Georgia may be still alive, then you have a family with Bo, too. And that's why hope doesn't want you under her roof, because she feels threatened by you now.

Billie: Well, I wish I could make her understand that I'm not out to break them up. Maybe once we find Georgia, she'll finally realize that.

Lucas: You know what I think?

Billie: What?

Lucas: If the judge thinks you're gonna stay with Bo, that's where you should be. He's the acting police commander right now. If he said he'd vouch for you, that's where you want to be. You don't want to risk it, stay somewhere else, and end up getting thrown in jail. Just ride it out for the next couple of days until the case is settled. Then you could stay where you want.


Bo: Hope, I have told you 100 times. Billie's not gonna come between us. How can I make it any clearer?

Hope: Do you think I like feeling like this about Billie? I hate it. Look, I don't wanna talk this to death, okay, because this has nothing to do whether I trust Billie -- which I don't -- or whether I trust in our love -- which I absolutely do.

Bo: Then what's it about?

Hope: Tony DiMera. Tony brought Billie to the island for one reason and one reason only -- to break us up. He was counting on you and Billie finding each other and rekindling your relationship. And it might have worked... if I hadn't shown up with Patrick. What really worries me now is that when that plan didn't work, he didn't give up. Bo, come on, you and I both know what the DiMeras are capable of. Tony could have easily have planted that information about Georgia on the computer disk.

Bo: Knowing that eventually we would uncover it.

Hope: Exactly. Look at the emotional toll this has taken on us. I honestly believe the DiMeras are out to destroy everything you and I have.


[Telephone rings]


Sami: Ahem, okay. Who is this? Look, Kate, if that is you, just cut it out, okay? If you think this is some sort of joke, I am not laughing. Look, Kate, you quit harassing me, you bitch --

Man's voice: [Distorted] Don't be so hasty. You want to get back at your enemies, don't you, Sami? John, Shawn, Belle, Brady, of course, Kate. The list keeps growing, doesn't it?

Sami: Who is this?

Man's voice: A friend. A friend who can help.

Sami: What, by scaring me to death? I don't think so.

Man's voice: Listen carefully, Sami. Revenge. It's all about revenge.


Nicole: [Thinking] That must be the poor woman who's helping Clara.

Nancy: Nicole, what are you doing back here?

Nicole: Well, I just signed in. I wanted to see Clara. I was told she was in this room.

Nancy: Well, she's not in here anymore. She's probably in her own room.

Nicole: Okay, well, as long as I'm here, I'd like to say hello to Clara’s friend. You know, tell her how nice it is that she took Clara under her wing.

Brady: I'd like to meet her, too.

Chloe: [Thinking] Brady? What's he doing here? Oh, this is exactly what I was afraid of.


Roman: Damn it!

Marlena: Roman, you keep saying we can't let Tony get to us. That's what he wants.

Roman: I'm just so damn sick of being in this fishbowl, Doc.

Marlena: I know. I'm sorry. If I hadn't --

Roman: Hadn't what? Hadn't kissed me? Doc, it's okay. Hey, we were both asleep. But if I remember right, I was kissing you back. It's just sometimes I wonder. I wonder if we're ever gonna get back home, if we're ever gonna see Carrie and Eric, Sami, Belle.

Marlena: We are not giving up, Roman.

Roman: Believe me, I am trying not to.

Marlena: We will fight. Even if it kills us.

Roman: Well, unfortunately, I think that's what Tony’s counting on.


Brady: Mrs. Wesley, how long have you been back in town?

Nancy: Not long. My mother's not feeling well, so joy and I came back to be with her.

Brady: So Joy is here. I would love to see her.

Nancy: Oh, Brady, she would love that, too. Um, and since I'm here, I thought I would do a little volunteering at the clinic.

Brady: That's what Nicole said. Have you met Clara’s friend?

Nancy: Yes, I have, and, well, she doesn't wanna meet either one of you.

Nicole: How do you know that?

Brady: We just wanna thank her for all that she's doing for Clara.

Nancy: Brady, she's very shy. And she's very self-conscious about her appearance.

Brady: We certainly don't wanna make her feel uncomfortable, we just -- we're very grateful for her being so good to Clara, that's all.

Chloe: [Thinking] Oh, Brady, I wish I could come out and let you see that I'm alive, but I just can’t. Not until I look the way I used to.


John: I can't believe that you are still standing by me after everything I put you through. Thank you.

Kate: Hey. You never judged me, even after I told you that I was Stefano’s --

John: I was Stefano’s pawn and his mercenary, I know how much you suffered. You've got nothing to be ashamed of, Katherine.

Kate: I'm never gonna forget how kind you were to me, how much you helped me. You're a good man. I mean that.

John: Look at us, will you? How pathetic. The two of us sitting here feeling sorry for each other. What a bear.

Kate: I do miss Roman.

John: I know. I miss Doc so much, too.

Kate: I like to think that -- that they're together... that they're together, and they're -- they're at peace.

John: Uh, yeah. And I choose to believe that they're looking out for each other in heaven.


Marlena: If Tony wanted us dead, we would be dead. He must want us alive for some reason.

Roman: Yeah, yeah, he does... to torment us. That's how he gets his kicks. We're like a couple insects to him, and when he gets tired of us, he'll squash us like two bugs.

Marlena: Then we'll make sure that he doesn't get tired of us. And if he tries to squash us, we'll fight back.


Bo: Fancy face, we're gonna find out the truth about Georgia. It's the only way to put this whole thing behind us. I think we'll find her, and when we do, Billie will be part of our lives, but we'll be able to handle that just fine.

Hope: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin our evening by bringing up all this other stuff.

Bo: No, no, no, you didn't ruin our evening. We're together. We got the whole evening in front of us, and I've got some plans for you. More wine? Just say yes.

Hope: Yes.

Bo: Mm-hmm. We'll work through this. Don't worry.

Hope: Yes, we will. It's so nice to have this place to ourselves tonight.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Told you Billie’d find a place to stay.

Hope: Come here, Brady.

[Doorbell rings]

Hope: Wonder who that could be.

[Doorbell rings]


Lucas: We had it all, and you had to go ruin everything, Sami. Billie was right. You screwed up. You screwed up, and now you gotta suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, so do Will and I.


Sami: Look, I'm calling the police.

Man's voice: You don't wanna do that.

Sami: Yeah? Well, actually, I do. I'm calling right now. Okay, obviously Kate’s behind thi I have no idea who she hired to make this phone call, but -- but I'm gonna find out. Uncle Bo could run a trace on it. I'll get -- what, now there's no dial tone? Oh, God. No, no! What the hell is going on here?

Man's voice: I can help you, Sami.

Sami: You're still there?

Man's voice: You have no money. You have no job.

Sami: I'll get a job, okay? Now just leave me alone.

Man's voice: Who's going to hire you? There's only one thing for you to do right now.

Sami: Oh, really? Oh, really? And what is that?

Man's voice: Simple. You have to go away.

Sami: Oh, that's just great. Kate would really love that. Now, just tell me who you are.

Man's voice: I told you, I'm a friend.

Sami: I don't have any friends.

Man's voice: Yes, you do. I want to help you, Sami.

Sami: Yeah? Okay. Well, then, tell me who you are.

Man's voice: In due time, all will be revealed. But you have to take the first step.

Sami: The first step?

Man's voice: Open your front door.

Sami: Why?

Man's voice: The mystery awaits.

Man's voice: Don't be afraid. Just open the door.

Sami: Oh, my God.


Tony: Once those emotions are rekindled and they take hold, they won't be able to resist them -- not those temptations.



Roman: Ta da.

Marlena: I don't believe this.


John: Please lie down beside me.


Bo: This would have been our anniversary.

Billie: Happy Anniversary.

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