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Chloe: Breathe from, like, your tummy.

Mi me ma...

Nancy: There is some good news, Craig.

Craig: I hate that I'm not there.

Nancy: Oh, sweetheart, Chloe knows you have to work. She knows you'd be here if you could.

Craig: Can I talk to her?

Nancy: Craig, I'm in the hall on the pay phone. But by the way, Chloe is helping this child named Clara. Craig, she was in a terrible accident, too. But right now, Chloe’s in there teaching her how to sing.

Craig: Hmm. Sounds like they're helping each other out.

Nancy: It's so good to see Chloe in better spirits. Now if I could just get her to call Brady and tell him that she's here in Salem. Can you imagine what seeing him would do for her?

Craig: I thought that she was gonna think about contacting him.

Nancy: She did think about it and decided against it.

Craig: That's frustrating.

Nancy: I know. Craig, I have a great idea.

Craig: Nancy...

Nancy: Craig, I know what it's like to lose your one true love.

Craig: And we found each other again.

Nancy: Yes, and I want Brady and Chloe to get back together and find one another. So I am going to pay him a visit and tell him the truth about our daughter.

[Cellular phone rings]



Brady: Hello?

Nicole: Why are you whispering?

Brady: I'm not whispering. I'm just taking care of my dad. He's sleeping. Where are you?

Nicole: I'm at the clinic visiting cute little Clara. But she's not in her room. She must be taking some tests or something. So, your dad's asleep. That's good. Do you have to hang out there all night?

Brady: Well, he's my dad. I don't mind looking after him.

Nicole: I know. I just meant that Kate will probably be home soon.

Brady: Oh, you haven't heard the big news. Lucas called off the wedding.

Nicole: Oh, my God, what did Sami Brady do this time?

Brady: I don't know if I should tell you.

Nicole: Why not? I don't care -- wait a minute. Does it have something to do with my brother?

Brady: Lucas caught Sami and Brandon in bed together at the Jet Way Inn last night.

Nicole: Man, I don't know who to kill first -- Sami Brady or my stupid little brother.

Bo: Hey, I got a surprise planned for you.

Hope: What kind of surprise?

Bo: Glorianne's spa is waiting for you. Got the whole deal -- the seaweed wrap, massage, nail, hair -- the whole thing. And then... I'm gonna treat you to something extra special.

Hope: Wait a second. Zack needs a bath, and he still hasn't eaten supper.

Bo: Not to worry, not to worry. All taken care of. Come on. Spa is waiting for ya. Relaxation. Everything's gonna be nice. You're gonna be relaxed when you get home. Go on.

Hope: But --

Bo: Go on. See ya. Bye-bye.


Hope: What kind of special thing are you planning, Brady?

Bo: Doing something really, really special for your mom right now because lately I've been doing some things that haven't made her too happy. And you know what?

Zack: What?

Bo: Tiny man, I'm feeling kinda guilty 'cause... you know, I love you and Shawn and your mom, but there's someone else that I love -- someone I love a whole lot.

Lucas: Yeah.

Billie: Hi, guys.

Lucas: Hey.

Billie: Hey.

Will: Hi, Billie.

Billie: How you doing?

Will: I've gotta get some things from mom's apartment.

Lucas: All right. Hurry back, Will you, big guy?

Billie: See you, Will. Oh, my poor little bro.

Lucas: Yeah.

Billie: I am so sorry, Lucas. Mom told me what happened.

Lucas: Yeah, uh, can I get you anything? Tea or coffee or something?

Billie: You sit down. I'll get it, okay? You know, I know you've heard this until you're sick of it, but... you can't trust Sami Brady. What was she thinking? I don't understand it. Pre-wedding jitters I understand, but hopping into bed with a man the night before your wedding? Unh-unh.

Lucas: I don't know. I can't figure it out.

Billie: So, Sami blames mom?

Lucas: Sometimes Sami blames mom, yeah, and it turns out that she's right.

Billie: Lucas, I know you're depressed about the breakup, but do you really believe that mom would set Sami up?

Sami: Damn you, Kate. You set me up. And everybody believes you. Everybody thinks that I went to the Jet Way Inn to sleep with Brandon when all I wanted to do was tell him to stay away from Salem until Lucas and I could be married. God, you must have -- you must have drugged Brandon and drugged me. Oh, why didn't I think of having a blood test or something last night? Damn it. Then you made Lucas walk in on us naked in bed together. And that is the end of me and Lucas. Well, Kate, you are gonna pay for what you have done to me. Oh, ha ha, and you, John Black. You bastard. You could have forced that slut you are playing house with to tell the truth. Why? Because I'm your wife's daughter. Remember her? Remember Marlena, the woman you professed to love? Well, no, obviously, you have chosen Kate Roberts over your own family. It's not just John. It's my whole freakin' family. They all hate me, and they have all abandoned me. Rot in hell, every last one of you.

[Door closes]

Sami: Will, honey! I'm so glad you're home. I missed you so much. Will! Wait a second. Will, come here. We have to talk. I've really been worried about you, Will.

Will: I hate you! Leave me alone!

Sami: You don't mean that.

Will: Can't you read?

Sami: Will, you don't hate me, okay? You're just -- you're just upset and -- and confused right now, and --

[Doorbell ringing]

[Kate banging on door]

Sami: [Groans] What? What the hell do you want?

Kate: I'm here on official business. Perfect night for a fire.

Sami: Kate, say what you have to say, and then get out.

Kate: I need to discuss your future at Basic Black.

Sami: Let me guess.

Kate: Not looking too bright for you, Sami.

Bo: You know what, tiny man? When you grow up, I hope you'll find someone as special as your mom 'cause she's been there for me through the good times and the bad. And lately, I haven't been able to be there for her 'cause of this other person. Kinda let her down a lot. And you know what? Unless I figure out a way to have both these women in my life, I'm afraid your mom is the one who's gonna lose out.

[Teapot whistles]

Lucas: I don't know. I don't know if mom set up Sami or not. I just don't know.

Billie: Well, I had a long conversation with mom 'cause... I had my suspicions, too. But she convinced me. Lucas, it wasn't her fault. She loves us. She just -- she wants us to be happy. I mean, she set aside her own feelings about Sami because she knew how much this marriage meant to you.

Lucas: I hope you're right, Billie. No one should have to see the woman they love in bed with another man. I can't believe this. Every time I close my eyes, I see them naked together. How could she do this? How could she do this to me?

Billie: I know.

Lucas: She destroyed Will's life. The poor kid's disappointed over and over again. How is he gonna recover from that? How is he supposed to move on with his life? Sorry, all right. It's been rough lately.

Billie: It's okay.

Lucas: Enough about me. Are you all right? Is there anything going on with you?

Billie: [Laughs] You know, crazed as ever.

Lucas: Yeah? Well, I love the fact you're here, but is there something going on? You wanna ask me something?

Billie: Oh, well, there was this one question, but it can wait. You need to focus on getting Will through this mess, right? I mean, what -- what did he go to Sami’s for, anyway? Did he forget his ipod?

Lucas: No, he went to get all his stuff. He's moving in with me.

Sami: You destroyed my relationship with Lucas. And, obviously, you wanna destroy my career next. Well, unfortunately for you, there are procedures here. And I have been an exemplary employee, so I don't think you're gonna get what you want this time, Kate.

Kate: You have demonstrated shockingly unprofessional behavior.

Sami: Unprofessional?

Kate: You contractually promised the advertisers that they would receive invaluable promotion during your wedding and your reception, and you reneged on that promise.

Sami: It wasn't my fault that the wedding didn't happen. You set me up, you bitch.

Kate: That accusation's getting so tired. And haven't you noticed? No one believes you.

Sami: Well, you and I both know that it is true, Kate. And in case you've forgotten, John is the one who hired me at Basic Black. He did it for my mother. You remember her, right -- your so-called best friend?

Kate: Well, sorry to say, Sami, your mother's dead. And John has taken a leave of absence from his company, and he has left me in control of all operations at Basic Black -- hires and terminations. You're fired.

Sami: You scheming bitch.

Sami: Aah! Aah!

Will: What's wrong with you? I'm outta here.

Nicole: Excuse me. Excuse me. Hi, I'm looking for a little girl -- Clara -- that I've been visiting here. Do you know where she is?

Woman: Oh, she's visiting another patient in, uh, room 206.

Nicole: Is it okay if I see her?

Woman: Sure. She'd love to see you.

Clara: I'd love to come to a concert of yours someday.

Chloe: Oh, no, no.

Clara: But once you get out of the hospital, you'll be able to sing again, right?

Chloe: Well, my voice is still pretty shaky.

Clara: It'll get stronger. You just need a good teacher, someone you trust. Who's the person you trust the most?

Brady: Sing with me.

Both: One can wish

upon a star

two can make that wish

come true

one can stand alone

in the dark

two can make the light

shine through

it takes two, baby

it takes two, baby

me and you

Chloe: Who made you so smart?

Clara: I was right. There is someone you trust -- someone who could help you.

Chloe: He was the best.

Clara: Well, call him.

Chloe: I'd like to, one day, but it just depends on how things go.

Nancy: Okay, okay, Craig. I'll put a lid on it. I just thought if Brady knew that Chloe was here --

Craig: Don't interfere, Nance.

Nancy: I won’t.

Craig: Promise.

Nancy: I promise.

Craig: I love you, Nancy.

Nancy: And I love you, too, Craig -- bunches. Bye.

Nancy: Sorry, Craig, but sometimes mother knows best. And if I don't get my rear in gear pronto, Chloe may lose Brady for sure.

Nicole: Time to see Clara and meet her new friend.

Hope: How could Bo still be in love with Billie?

Bo: You know what, tiny man? I wish your mom would realize that she is the only woman I will ever love as a mommy, as a wife, and as a lover. The other young woman who's got a hold of my heart -- guess what? Her name is Georgia. And she is your big sister. What I had with her mom was over a long time ago. And to tell you the truth, it never really compared to the love I share with your mom. You know what? I wanna find Georgia, have her be part of our lives, huh? Wouldn't that be great to have a big sister? Yeah. I'm gonna find her real soon, and we're gonna be one big happy family. Hey, you know what? I got a big surprise planned for your mom, and I gotta tell somebody. You wanna hear what it is?

Hope: Not unless -- not unless you want me to hear it. Hey, baby.

Bo: Hey, Fancy Face. What's going on? You upset?

Billie: I think it's great that Will's gonna live here with you. You're a great dad, Lucas, you know that?

Lucas: I'm glad you're back, came to cheer me up, but what can I do for you?

Billie: Oh, well, there was this one thing, but from what you just said about Will, there's really no point in me even asking.

Lucas: Oh, come on. What is it? What do you mean?

Billie: Well, was just gonna check it out and see if I could camp here for a few days.

Lucas: Well, what about mom? You could stay with mom for a while, can't you?

Billie: Oh, you'd think, right? No. While she's busy taking care of John, she's having her suite redecorated. So, I guess I'm outta luck in three different places.

Lucas: I'm sorry. I hate the fact that my place is so small. But you know what I can do? You take my room, and I'll just sleep on the couch.

Billie: No. No, no, no, no, no, really. You and Will need some good quality father-son time together. You don't need auntie Billie hogging the bathroom. You know I do.

Lucas: Come on, you won't be hogging nothing. Please? I feel bad. Don't do that.

Billie: Don't worry about it, okay? You just worry about Will right now. He needs you.

Sami: Will, listen, I didn't mean to throw the flowers at you. I'm very glad that they didn't hit you, it's just that I was --

Will: You were angry, and you forgot to use your words. It's called acting out in nursery school.

Sami: Will, I'm just very unhappy right now.

Will: It's your own fault, mom.

Sami: No, it's not. But you won't believe me. In fact, no one will believe me.

Will: Then I guess that's why you're burning all of our family photos, huh? Those are my memories, too. But all you do is think of yourself. You never change.

Sami: No, I didn't mean to burn the photos, I was just --

Will: Forget it, mom. I know a lie when I hear one. I've had lots of practice.

Sami: I'm not lying about what happened with Brandon -- in fact, what didn't happen with Brandon. Will, I didn't do anything that I should be ashamed of.

Will: I should have known on Halloween when I heard you say his name. It's like you were obsessed with him all over again.

Sami: The only man I am obsessed with is your father. How is he?

Will: How do you think he is? He's a wreck.

Sami: Is he alone? I mean, maybe I could go --

Will: He doesn't wanna see you. Besides, aunt Billie came over.

Sami: Great. She hates me.

Will: Who doesn't hate you, mom?

Sami: That's not a very nice thing to say to your mother. You know, I'm sure Billie was in on Kate’s plot, anyway.

Will: You don't get it. Nobody needs a plot. Dad was all set on marrying you, and you messed it up -- you, nobody else.

Sami: Will. Will, please. Please don't leave me alone. Great. Now I'm all alone without a job. Oh, let's have some good news. I'll look in my bank account.

Sami: $150 in my checking? Oh, God, what does my savings account say? That's it? I only have $150 in -- oh, my God. Oh, my God, I know I had more money than that. What? Oh, my God. How am I gonna take care of Will now? No, no. Please. Please, don't do this. I can't afford to have you fixed. Aargh! No!

Sami: Revenge.

Brady: I'm really glad my dad has you to depend on.

Kate: You know how fond I am of him.

Brady: He's pretty attached to you. Look, I'm gonna take this tray downstairs --

Kate: Um, no. Look, let me take it. You go sit with your dad.

Brady: Oh, thank you.

John: Stop right there.

Brady: I didn't know you were awake.

John: I heard you talking outside the door. Look, kid, I know you mean well, but Doc's the only woman for me.

Brady: But you said that Marlena would have wanted you to move on, dad. You're still young. What are you gonna do, spend the rest of your life alone?

John: That's my business.

Brady: Kate's pretty special, you know. It's worth considering.

John: Yeah, same way you considered Nicole -- not the love of your life, but she'll do?

Brady: It's not like that.

John: No? Then tell me, kid, what would happen with your relationship with Nicole if I were to tell you Chloe was alive?

Chloe: I'll see you tomorrow, Clara. Bye.

Nancy: That's a very nice thing that you're doing for that little girl.

Chloe: Well, I'm doing it for myself, too. Being around Clara makes me feel like myself again.

Nancy: Hmm, well, I know something -- or should I say someone -- who could make you feel better if you would just let him know that you're here.

Chloe: Mom, I told you, I'm not ready yet.

Nancy: Well, then, you better get ready, honey, and you better get ready quick because Nicole Kiriakis is headed for Brady’s heart like a runaway train.

Chloe: Are you trying to make me miserable?

Nancy: No, sweetheart, I am trying to help you get the man that you love. But Nicole is a tough competitor. And with -- with you being "dead," she has the field all to herself.

Chloe: I can't let Brady see me like this.

Nancy: Then call him. At least let him know that you're alive. That will put a halt to Nicole’s plans. Sweetheart, please, just one phone call. That is all I'm asking.

Nicole: The nurse said 206.

Nicole: Oh, my God.

(Gentle acoustic guitar music)

Bo: There you go, all tied up.

Hope: No, nothing's wrong. I just, um, I just get emotional when I see you with Zack. Hey, did daddy give you a good bath? Did you splash him, get him all wet?

Bo: No, I didn't get wet this time.

Hope: Save that for mommy.

Bo: We're gonna have to spend more time like this together, huh? A little father-son bonding.

Hope: You have the best daddy, don't you?

Bo: Yeah. You look gorgeous.

Hope: Thank you. Glorianne did me herself. She gave me the royal treatment.

Bo: Well, you deserve it.

Hope: So, what's the surprise?

Bo: Well, if I tell you...

Hope: Then it won't be a surprise.

Bo: How 'bout you and I take this guy, read him his nighttime story in his bed, and then we'll start our evening?

Hope: Sounds like a plan. I'll take him.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Come here, big guy. Let's go put your jammies on.

Bo: I'll be right there.

Bo: Hey, it's a go.

Lucas: Yeah, will would love it if you stayed here. He really would. But I was just thinking if you did stay here, I don't think that judge would like it if I would vouch for you.

Billie: Why not?

Lucas: I've appeared in front of that judge before, and, um, he doesn't think too highly of me, you know? I used to work for Tony for a while. It wasn't a good situation. How many bad moves can one guy make in his lifetime?

Billie: Hey, hopefully, you've made your last bad move. It's a fresh start for the Roberts boys.

Lucas: Yeah, I just don't wanna ruin things for you, Billie. I know how much you need a break.

Billie: I already got one... when mom had you, little brother.

Lucas: That's a good right hand. Ow.

Sami: Damn it, I really can't afford a virus right now. Oh.

[Door opens]

Sami: Will, um, I just wanna apologize for freaking out before. The last few days have been really hard on me.

Will: My whole life has been hard on me, mom. Because of you.

Sami: Will, I-I've -- I've always done the best that I can. You know how much I love you and how much I depend on you.

Will: Not anymore. I quit.

Sami: You can't quit being my son.

Will: I guess not, but I can move out.

Sami: Well, no, Will, you can’t. You're underage, honey. You can't --

Will: I'm changing homes -- from a nuthouse with you to a regular life with dad. Here's my forwarding address. Give it to the mailman.

Sami: Will, I can't let you just leave like this.

Will: You can't stop me. I heard about how you were saying about how grandma Kate framed you. And then I thought about it, no way she could have done all that.

Sami: You're saying I lied?

Will: When don't you lie, mom?

Sami: I guess you really don't love me anymore.

Will: You're my mom. Of course I love you. Besides, what choice do I have? You're the only mother I've got, but I can't live with you.

Sami: Have you talked to your father about this? I mean, I know he's really upset right now and hurt --

Will: It was my decision. But, yeah, we talked about it. I can talk to him without him freaking out the way you do. See you around.

Sami: Will, I love you. Will. Will, I love you.

Nicole: What are you doing back here again, Nancy?

Nancy: Volunteering.

Nicole: All right. It's a long commute, isn't it? All the way from New York City just to change bedpans, or whatever they're letting you do?

Nancy: I'm sure you don't mean to be so callous. After I came back with Chloe’s ashes, I decided that I should live here part-time with my parents.

Chloe: [Thinking] Don't blow this for me, Nancy. For once in your life, don't butt in.

Nancy: My father was the person responsible for the formation of this clinic, and this is just my way of giving back.

Nicole: Okay. Well, I'm -- I'm trying to wrap my brain around the idea of you as Nancy Nightingale.

Nancy: And I've also heard through the grapevine that you and Chloe’s former love Brady have become involved. Is it true?

Nicole: I'm sorry if this is hard for you to hear, Nancy, but, yes, Brady and I are seeing each other. But after my husband died --

Nancy: Oh, your husband. That's right, I forgot. You were the wealthy Mrs. Victor Kiriakis.

Nicole: And now the wealthy widow. That's right. Anyway, after my mourning period was over, Brady and I decided to see if the sparks between us might turn into something more.

Nancy: Oh, and have they? Are the two of you a couple now?

Nicole: You're weirding me out, Nancy. Why are you so interested in my relationship with Brady?

Brady: Dad, why would you say that? Chloe is not alive.

John: I'm sorry if I hurt you, son, but you just proved my point. In your heart, you still love Chloe. You're not over her yet. And if by some miracle she were to walk in the door right now, you would drop Nicole in a heartbeat because... you don't really love her, kid. She's just a substitute for the real thing.

Brady: So, what are you saying? You want me to live my life alone? My girlfriend died, dad. Wishing and hoping and staying celibate -- that's not gonna bring her back. Chloe is dead and gone, just like Marlena.

Kate: Hey. Glad you're awake. I called into the office. The staff has everything covered so there's nothing to worry about.

John: What I'm worried about right now is Sami. I still can't believe that she and Lucas didn't get married.

Kate: I know, I know. I guess Sami was just bound to mess that up. Of course, I don't have to tell you about that. You've been through the Sami wars, right?

John: Yeah, once or twice. But she's really a wreck this time. I'm thinking maybe we oughta try to do something for her.

Kate: John, if you're talking about me doing something for Sami after she broke my son's heart, I'm sorry, but you're gonna have a hard time talking me into that. I think -- I think it's time that Sami learns from her mistakes, John.

Brady: Well, that's never gonna happen. Although Sami just loves to point out other people's mistakes. My guess is, she's gonna start with you, dad.

Nancy: Nicole, I am so sorry. I don't mean to pry into your personal life. It's just that I was very fond of Brady. Craig and I -- we thought of Brady as becoming our future son-in-law. With Chloe’s passing, we lost more than just our little girl. We lost the future that we would have had with her... her grandchildren. So much joy lost -- I'm sorry, I'm just going on and on. Forgive me.

Nicole: It's okay, Nancy. Here. Here.

Nancy: So, um, with Chloe gone, we've barely seen Brady. We don't hear from him anymore. How's he doing?

Nicole: Brady's just fine. I think he's happier than he's ever been. You know, Brady and I have a lot of fun together. We're good partners in a lot of ways. You know, in fact, we're sponsoring a patient here at this hospital, and the nurse said she's visiting another patient in this room. So I'm gonna go in and say hello, okay?

Nancy: No, don't go in there!

Bo: Okay, now, you hang out here. I'm gonna go downstairs and check on dinner.

Hope: What are you cooking? I don't smell anything.

Bo: No, no, it's all part of the mystery. Into the bedroom with you.

Hope: And what? Want me to take it all off?

Bo: Mm, only if I'm there. There's a little something for you over there on the bed. You open it up, meet me downstairs in 10.

Bo: 10 minutes. Don't be late.

Hope: I won’t.

Hope: Oh, my God. It's beautiful. It's perfect.

Bo: You're perfect, Mrs. Brady.

Bo: I got an idea. How 'bout we have dessert first?

John: How could Sami use my mistakes against me? What mistakes? She didn't say something to you, did she?

Brady: No, but when she was here earlier, she made that sarcastic comment about you having the "flu."

Kate: Yeah, like she didn't believe it. I noticed that, too. You don't think she knows about your addiction, do you?

John: No, I don't see how she could.

Kate: Well, I haven't told a soul.

Brady: Me neither.

Kate: What about Nicole?

Brady: Nicole and Sami hate each other. Nicole wouldn't do that.

John: So, you two are suggesting that she might try to get back at me by going public about my addiction?

Brady: It's a possibility, dad. Think about it. She feels like she has nothing to lose. So she gets back at you, and then moves on to the next person on her hit list.

Kate: God. I'm so thankful that Lucas saw the truth about that woman. Otherwise, he'd be married right now to that she-devil.

Billie: Well, yeah, obviously --

Lucas: Hey, did you get all your stuff?

Will: No. Whatever I didn't get I'll just go without. I never wanna go back there again.

Lucas: Why? Why not?

Will: 'Cause mom's freakin' nuts, that's why not.

Lucas: Oh, man. I'd better go see what she's up to before she does something stupid again.

Billie: Hey, Lucas, don't go running after Sami. It's time for her to make her own way through life.

Lucas: Sami on her own? That's a scary thought.

Sami: What the hell? I don't get the evening edition. Is this some sort of special promotion? Well, I guess now that I'm out of a job, no time like the present. Look at the classifieds.

Hope: I honestly believe the DiMeras are out to destroy everything you and I have.

Tony: What's the matter? You don't know what you were doing when you were sleeping? When I walked in, the beautiful Marlena was kissing you.

Brady: When Sami’s on the warpath, she stops at nothing until she hurts everyone that she feels has done her wrong.

Billie: I'm really sorry that Sami has no friends, but whose fault is that?

Sami: Oh, my God.

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