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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/14/05 - Canada; Tuesday 2/15/05 - U.S.A.

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Bo: You remember the first time I kissed you?

Hope: Do I remember?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Uh...

Bo: Oh, come on.

Hope: Let's see, uh...

Bo: Funny.

Hope: How could I ever... ever forget that moment?

Bo: Well, from that moment on, my heart belonged to you, and it will always belong to you.

Hope: I love you. I love you.

Bo: Good.

[Knock on door]

[Knock knock knock]

Hope: [Groans]

Hope: Maggie.

Maggie: Hope, hi.

Hope: What are you doing here so late? Oh, it's freezing. Come on in.

Maggie: Thank you. Um... I-I woke you up, didn't I?

Hope: Uh, yes. Actually, yeah, you did. Come on. Sit down.

Maggie: I'm sorry.

Hope: That's all right. I came down to make sure the fire was out and grab something to eat, and I guess I fell asleep on the sofa. You know what's strange is that when I woke up, Bo wasn't in bed, but, you know, the light was on in the bathroom, so he... I'm sorry, I'm just rambling on. He must be taking a shower. I'm sorry.

Maggie: Well, I know you were having a romantic night. I'm really glad I didn't spoil that.

Hope: It was... thank you. Thank you for helping Bo pull everything together.

Maggie: It was a surprise, wasn't it?

Hope: Oh, yeah. Yeah. It was wonderful. The flowers, the balloons, the candy, the hearts... you didn't forget a thing. But you know what the best part was?

Maggie: Mnh-mnh.

Hope: My husband being home with me, giving me his undivided attention instead of being off somewhere with Billie Reed.

Jenkins: Now, sit down.

Billie: Oh, come on.

Jenkins: Keep quiet.

Billie: Come on, I'm I.S.A. I showed you my I.D. Is cuffing me and my friend really necessary?

Jenkins: Yeah, after the way you decked me at the Cheatin' Heart, it's necessary. Hey, if you don't cooperate, I'm gonna throw you in a holding cell.

Patrick: Billie, relax. We don't need any more trouble right now.

Jennifer: Patrick!

Patrick: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hey, are you okay?

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, I just... I feel stupid.

Bo: Hey, man, what's going on? Are you okay?

Billie: Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm just pissed. Would you please tell this jerk to take these cuffs off of me so I can get outta here?

Bo: No. I will not. And you're in no position to be calling your arresting officer a jerk.

Marlena: Damn Tony!

Roman: Doc, listen to me. I know you're angry about this situation, but those walls are solid stone. There's no way you're gonna pull that chain out of there.

Marlena: I wish he would just do whatever he's going to do and get it over with. Roman, I can't stand being cooped up like this. I want to go home. I want to see my husband. I want to hold my children.

Roman: I know you do, Doc. And I want to get home to my wife.

Kate: Can I get you anything?

John: No, no. What's the matter with me? I'm such a disappointment to my son. I can't believe he saw me buying drugs on the pier. Now all he wants is to put me in rehab.

Kate: You can't even think about that right now. You just have to get some rest.

John: Kate, you shouldn't be here taking care of me. Not now, not on the day that your son's gonna have his wedding.

Kate: Yes. Today. Lucas and Sami are getting married today.

John: Mm-hmm. I know how fast you put together Phil and Belle's wedding. I'm sure you went to a lot of trouble for Lucas, also.

Kate: I'd do anything to ensure Lucasís happiness. But everything is all set up now. It's out of my hands.

Sami: No, Lucas, don't go --

Lucas: Get your hands off me! I'm outta here!

Sami: But, Lucas, we're still getting married, right?

Lucas: What are you -- crazy? Sami, I told you, the only person who can mess this up is you! And that's exactly what you did! You succeeded!

Sami: But I --

Lucas: No buts. Sami, listen to me. It's over.

Sami: But, Lucas, I explained to you, I have no idea how I ended up naked in bed with Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah, I don't know, either. I swear. I checked in, called Lexie, and the next thing I knew, I woke up with Samantha lying next to me.

Sami: It's our wedding day. We're getting married in a couple hours, right? It's -- it's bad luck for you to see me now.

Lucas: Bad luck already happened when you jumped into bed with Brandon! Now, how many times do I have to say this? There is no wedding today! We're not getting married!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

John: I know that you've gone all out for Lucas the same way you did for Philip. You just want your children to be happy. That's what I want for my kids, too. That's -- that's why I feel so lousy about what happened with Brady on the pier, the way I treated him when he got back here.

Kate: I think you should take some of this sleep medication that Lexie prescribed. Hold on. Here. Here you go. Here you go.

John: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Kate: Oh, God... it's okay. It's okay. Don't worry about it. I'm just gonna -- I'm gonna change out of these and into something else, into another nightgown. Um, but I think -- I think mine are all packed. Um... maybe Marlena has something, huh? Or are hers all packed, too? I think they were all -- nope, here's something. I'll just put this on. I'll be right back.

Sami: Lucas, we have to get married. All the arrangements have been made.

Lucas: Well, that hasn't stopped all your other weddings from being stopped, has it?

Sami, how can I marry you when I caught you in bed with your ex-husband the morning of our wedding day?

Sami: Lucas, nothing happened.

Brandon: She's telling the truth.

Lucas: Don't do that, man. Don't do that to me. Don't insult my intelligence. Look at this bed! It's a mess. Look at the two of you. You're naked. And look at this empty bottle of champagne, huh? What's that all about?

Brandon: Hey... I have no idea where this came from.

Sami: It's fate. Fate is against me. I mean, my horoscope said that this would happen.

Lucas: That is just pathetic! Do you hear me? I don't care what your horoscope said. The stars don't control your fate, Sami! You do! I can't believe this. I find you guys in bed together, and the only explanation, the only excuse you two have, is "I don't remember" and "my horoscope"? Huh? I told you, the only person who can mess this up is you. And you did it, honey. You sure did it.

Sami: No, Lucas, don't go! Please, I didn't do anything wrong!

Lucas: You know what? For once in your life, why don't you take responsibility for your actions? Nobody forced you to come here! You came on your own! I-I catch you in bed naked with Brandon? I mean, you can't deny that, can you?

Sami: No.

Lucas: Right, right, well, you know what? That's all I need to hear. I don't need any details.

Sami: There aren't any details, Lucas! Are there?

Brandon: No, no, I... I don't even know how you got in here. I swear, I didn't let you in.

Sami: The maid let me in.

Lucas: The maid did? Why would the maid let you into Brandonís room, Sami?

Sami: I told her that Brandon was my husband and that I had forgotten my key.

Lucas: Well, there it is -- another gem, another Sami lie.

Hope: You still haven't told me what you're doing here so late. Not that I mind.

Maggie: Ha ha ha. Uh, well, as you know, valentine's day is Mickeyís and my wedding anniversary.

Hope: Oh, my God, Maggie, that's right. I -- happy anni-- oh, congrat--

Maggie: Never mind.

Hope: Maggie, I'm sorry. This is terrible.

Maggie: Ha ha ha.

Hope: Any improvement with the situation with bonnie?

Maggie: Afraid not. Mnh-mnh. But she's not home tonight. She, uh, I understand she's throwing a red beer valentine party at that travesty that she's made out of Tuscany.


Hope: Maggie, I'm sorry. This is terrible. It's so unfair what you're going through.

Maggie: Anyway, enough, enough. I want to do something for Mickey. I want to remind him of all the wonderful time that we've shared together.

Hope: Well, you know what? You've got the perfect opportunity, because Bonnieís at work and you've got uncle Mickey at home.

Maggie: Well, unfortunately not. He was called out to go down to the police station for a client, but when he comes back, I want to give him a night he won't forget. And I need your help to do it.

Billie: Bo... Bo. I can't believe you're not gonna help me out.

Bo: I'm not pulling rank. When Jenkins called me, he said you were drunk and disorderly. He tried to intervene, and you assaulted him.

Patrick: That -- that's not exactly true. Some guy had his hands all over Billie, so Jenkins and I tried to get him to back off.

Bo: Is this true?

Jenkins: Yeah, that's right, commander. But then this, uh, this lady felt the need to take a swing at me for no good reason.

Billie: Hey, that's a lie. I had no idea who you were. I was aiming for the guy that groped me. He ducked, and I must've hit you by mistake. Besides, how did I know you weren't a friend of his?

Bo: All right, calm down. What's the status of the charges?

Jenkins: Both Miss Reed and Mr. Lockhart have been booked and processed.

Bo: Damn. Well, you're gonna have to be arraigned.

Billie: Are we gonna have to sit here while we're waiting for that to happen?

Bo: Uncuff 'em. I'll take responsibility. Listen, man, it's late. Why don't you go home?

Jenkins: Thanks. And, uh, a happy, crazy valentine's night to you.

Bo: Yeah... put some ice on that. Have your report on my desk in the morning, would you?

Jenkins: Yes, sir.

Bo: Thanks, man.

Billie: Sorry I hit you, detective. It really was an accident.

Jenkins: Accident or no, you pack a hell of a punch.

Bo: Mickey. What are you doing here?

Mickey: Well, I'm here to bail them out.

Patrick: Thanks, Jennifer.

Bo: How'd you find out they were here?

Mickey: Jennifer called me after Patrick called her.

Bo: Why'd you involve Jen in this?

Patrick: Because I thought I might need a lawyer, and her uncle's a good one.

Bo: Her uncle's married to your mother. What, you don't have her phone number?

Jennifer: Bo, please, I got worried when Patrick didn't come home. If someone needs to bail him out --

Patrick: Jennifer, no, I don't want you to do that.

Jennifer: I'm not gonna let you spend the night in jail, Patrick.

Bo: That's exactly where he belongs, Jennifer.

Billie: That's not fair, Bo. Come on, Patrick did nothing wrong. Everything that happened tonight was my fault.

Bo: You're damn right, starting with the fact that you went drinking with Lockhart.

Kate: Well... appropriate for valentine's day, don't you think?

Marlena: Happy Valentine's Day!

Kate: What's wrong?

John: It's those pajamas. I got 'em for Marlena a couple of years ago for valentine's day.

Kate: Oh... I-I'm sorry. I'll take them off. I had no idea. I don't want to cause you any painful memories, okay? I'll put something else on.

John: No, no, no, no, no. In a strange way, seeing you in those pajamas makes me feel like part of Doc is here with me.

Marlena: You're right, Roman. We can't give Tony the pleasure of watching us fall apart. But I can't help but realize that the longer that we're here, the more time our families have to adjust to our death and move on.

Roman: And what's really bothering you is seeing John and Kate together, being very... intimate.

Marlena: "Intimate." You don't have to sugarcoat that for me. We both saw them in bed together.

Roman: Well, I'm trying not to think about it.

Marlena: So am I. It doesn't work for me. I can't get the picture of John and Kate in each other's arms out of my head.

[Hissing sound]

Roman: What the hell is that?

Marlena: What?

[Hissing continues]

Roman: There!

Marlena: Roman, what is it?

Roman: Oh, my God, Doc.

Sami: Yes, I told the maid that Brandon was my husband. But it was a lie for us, Lucas, for our future.

Lucas: So, you're still lying.

Sami: I had to because I had to come to see Brandon.

Brandon: Why wouldn't you just knock?

Sami: You weren't answering the phone. I thought I would just come in here and wait for you.

Lucas: What was so important that you had to talk to him the night before our wedding?

Sami: I know you think it's stupid, but I was afraid after I read my horoscope -- afraid of something terrible happening and me never walking down the aisle.

Lucas: Oh, so you had to run over to Brandonís hotel room just to make sure that that terrible prediction would come true, is that it?

Sami: No, I didn't want it to come true, okay? I came over here to tell him to stay away from me because I didn't want anything to ruin our wedding.


Lucas: Excuse me. Excuse me, miss. Can you come here for just a second? Did you let this woman into this room?

Woman: No, I've never seen her before. And I would never let anyone into a room without permission from the manager.

Sami: It was a different maid.

Woman: I'm the only one on duty on this floor tonight.

Sami: No, no, I swear, it was someone else. I just think there's got to be some way that I can convince you to let me into my room.

Kate: Well, actually, there is one way... one way and one way only -- cold hard cash in my hand.

Sami: Great, perfect. Um, I'm sure I can spare a little something.

Kate: I'll take all of it, every dime.

Sami: There had to have been another maid on duty.

Woman: Well, there wasnít. Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do.

Lucas: Thanks. So, when's it gonna start, huh? When are you gonna start telling the truth?

Sami: I am telling the truth.

Lucas: Why don't you just start from the beginning -- the very beginning. You two came together, right?

Brandon: Came here? No, I came here alone. And the reason I came here was to avoid Samantha until after she got married.

Lucas: Then why'd you come back to Salem, then?

Sami: Yeah, why did you come back?

Brandon: Because my father's going blind, and he had a setback. And you know what? Salem's my home. I have every right to be here, and I don't need to explain myself to you. Besides, I've done everything in my power to help you two stay together.

Lucas: Sure, you've been a huge help, man. You stole my woman. You can have her now.

Brandon: I don't want her.

Sami: Oh, thanks a lot.

Lucas: Whoa, wait a minute. So you want him to want you, right?

Sami: No! No, I donít.

Lucas: You still have feelings for her, don't you, Walker?

Brandon: Yeah, I do.

Lucas: So, why should I be the one to marry her, then, huh?

Brandon: I can't spend my life with Samantha.

Lucas: Why is that?

Brandon: Because she broke my heart.

Lucas: Yeah, well, that's great. Broke my heart, too. That makes two of us. When I left your apartment, you told me you had a couple of things to take care of before we got married. And you wanted to get some sleep, right? I guess you got your sleep... only it wasn't alone, it was with your ex-husband.

Hope: So, you still haven't told me how can I help. Surely you know how to seduce your husband.

Maggie: Well, that's just it. I can't seduce him. Mickey's insisted until the situation with him and me and bonnie is resolved, we have to keep things platonic.

Hope: Okay. That's the key, you know? Be so incredibly alluring and attractive to uncle Mickey that he won't wanna keep things platonic. And once that happens, you've won.

Maggie: Hope, I'm not sure that I can compete with Bonnie in that department.

Hope: Oh, Maggie. First of all, you are a beautiful woman. Second of all, there is a huge difference between sex and love. And what you share with uncle Mickey has the depths of time behind it -- a closeness that's so much more than physical.

Maggie: That sounds good. You might be right. Hmm, I'm not against hedging my bets a little.

Hope: Good girl.

Maggie: So, can I borrow a good bottle of champagne from you?

Mickey: Please, Billie, do not go making statements to a police officer before your arraignment.

Billie: Oh, come on. It's just Bo.

Bo: I'm here as a friend, Mickey, nothing she says is on the record.

Patrick: So, Bo, does that go for me, too?

Bo: I wanna know exactly what happened, from the beginning.

Patrick: You know the beginning. I left Jenniferís house. I was going to get something to eat. Asked Billie if she wanted to come along, and you didn't give her your permission, remember? Well, anyway, I took her to the Cheatin' Heart. Figured it was her kind of place.

Bo: What is that supposed to mean?

Billie: It means he's right, Bo. You know I used to go there all the time when I lived in Salem.

Patrick: Casual and comfortable is what I meant. So anyway, I got us a couple of beers --

Bo: What? You bought Billie a beer?

Patrick: Yeah, we're all adults here. What's the problem?

Bo: As if you didn't know.

Patrick: What are you talking about?

Jennifer: Patrick, come here, listen, Billie -- she had, um, she had a serious drug problem when she was younger, and she doesn't drink beer because she has an addictive personality.

Patrick: I had no idea, I mean --

Jennifer: No, of course you wouldn't know. How could you know?

Bo: He could know everything there is to know about Billie by reading DiMeraís files on her. I'm sure he's read all our files when he worked for Tony.

Bo: What the hell were you thinking?

Billie: I don't owe you any kind of an explanation, and the last thing I need is some big brotherly condescending lecture.

Bo: And you're not gonna get it. Billie, what is going on here? You know better than to drink.

Billie: Yeah, I do.

Bo: Well?

Billie: But it was -- it was there, and I'm tired, and I'm stressed.

Bo: Billie, you didn't need to drink. We have been through this before. If you were tempted, you could have called me.

Billie: Yeah, and interrupt your romantic evening with Hope? Right, like she doesn't hate me enough already.

Kate: You sure it's not too painful seeing me in something of Marlenaís, especially tonight?

John: No. The best thing for me right now is to remember her, to draw on her strength and her love.

Roman: All right, Doc, come on. Get up on my shoulder, use this handkerchief, plug that nozzle.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. I don't believe it.

Lucas: I knew it. I knew you were still in love with Brandon. But me, I just kept ignoring the signs.

Sami: Brandon! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Brandon! Brandon, are you okay? Oh, my God, I can't lose you, Brandon!

Lucas: What the hell's going on here? Come on, man. Get your damn hands off my fiancťe. I kept catching you two together in each other's arms. But you, Sami, you always had an excuse for me, didn't you?

Brandon: There's nothing between us, Lucas. Just a lot of history.

Lucas: Yeah, well, you just needed a little more history, didn't you? You needed one last-minute fling with your ex-husband before you married good old Lucas.

Sami: No, that is not true.

Lucas: You know what, Sami? That's not what good old Lucas is about. I wasn't gonna wait till our wedding day to be true to you. I was committed. I was committed from the moment I told you I loved you. And all the promises, all the declarations of undying love -- what was that, more lies? More Sami lies?

Sami: No, you're wrong, Lucas.

Lucas: People warned me about you. They warned me, but I wouldn't listen because I was too in love. I guess I learned the hard way. That's it, Sami, I'm done. Goodbye.

Hope: Champagne -- you want champagne? You're a recovering alcoholic, Maggie. How could you even think of trying to get uncle Mickey drunk?

Maggie: I-I-I wouldn't do any such thing. Bonnie might do something like that, but not me.

Hope: Why do you want it?

Maggie: Because I was inspired by that romantic scene that Bo and I set for you. And anyway, Mickey -- he loves a good mimosa. And Bonnie doesn't buy anything that doesn't come in a longneck bottle or a jug.

Hope: You got that right. I think I can help you out. I have a beautiful bottle of champagne. And you know what? I want you to consider it an anniversary gift -- along with a prayer for many more, okay?

Maggie: Oh, thank you.

Hope: Wonder why Bo hasn't come down. I should see if, uh, he'd like a cup of tea, actually.

[Cellular phone rings]

Maggie: Oh, excuse me.


Maggie: Oh. Hello?

Mickey: Hello, Maggie, it 's Mickey.

Maggie: Yes, I know. I recognize your voice. Happy Valentine's Day.

Mickey: Oh, uh, thank you. Same to you. Listen, dear, I, um, I'm afraid I'm going to be a little late for our date because, um, I'm still here at the police station.

Maggie: Oh. Well, is everything all right? You didn't tell me why you had to get down there -- just that Jennifer called you.

Mickey: Well, I wasn't so sure myself. Seems that Billie Reed and Patrick Lockhart were arrested.

Maggie: What? Why?

Mickey: Well, they got into a fight at the Cheatin' Heart.

Maggie: [Gasps] With each other?

Mickey: Oh, no, no. They were on the same side, but unfortunately for them, one of the guys on the other side was an undercover cop.

Maggie: Oh, dear.

Mickey: So, anyway, Jennifer and Bo and I are going to go with them to their arraignment.

Maggie: Excuse me, back up a bit. Did you say Bo?

Mickey: Yes, I did.

Maggie: Oh, oh, boy. Okay. Uh, well, listen, would you please come home as soon as you can?

Mickey: Sure. Yes, I will. Goodbye, dear.

Maggie: Bye.

Hope: What was that about?

Maggie: Um, maybe you better forget about the tea, 'cause I don't think Bo is upstairs. He's at the police station.

Hope: Oh, my God, is it Shawn?

Maggie: No. Billie and Patrick were arrested.

Hope: Billie. And Boís there.

Maggie: Mm-hmm. Are you gonna go there?

Hope: What do you think, Maggie? I'm not gonna let her get away with this. Can you watch Zack for me?

Maggie: Yes, of course.


Bo: You interrupting is not the issue here.

Billie: Oh, come on. I know why Hope wanted to get out of Jenniferís house earlier. It's valentine's day. You need to go home and be with her.

Bo: If you're so concerned about my relationship, why'd you call me in the first place?

Billie: Panic. I panicked, okay? I'm sorry. It's no big deal, right? I mean, we'll get arraigned, we'll post bail, and we'll just go home.

Bo: Yeah, right. All fun and games. You're charged with assaulting a police officer.

Billie: Not your concern.

Bo: Okay.

Patrick: Billie was being accosted. We were just defending ourselves.

Bo: Oh, shut up. If you hadn't gotten involved with this and gotten her drunk, none of this would have happened.

Patrick: You're blaming me?

Bo: Yeah, right.

Billie: I told you, this wasn't Patrickís fault.

Jennifer: Billie is right. Patrick had no idea that Billie shouldn't be drinking.

Billie: That's right. It's my responsibility, my decision.

Bo: I don't see it that way. Like you said, you were tired and vulnerable. He took advantage of you.

Patrick: Oh, for God-- if I knew she had a problem, I never would have taken her to that bar.

Billie: Hold, hold, you're all treating me like I'm a kid.

Jennifer: Well, then, stop acting like a kid.

Billie: [Gasps] Thank you very much, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Billie, I'm sorry, everyone that I care about, the minute they get involved with your life, they end up in trouble.

Billie: Like Patrick?

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean, like Patrick.

Bo: Hold on, hold on. Jen, you're blaming Billie and making excuses for him?

Mickey: All right, people, listen to me. It's time to go down for your arraignment. I take it that you are still living at Jenniferís, right?

Patrick: Yes, sir, I'm in the garage apartment.

Mickey: And I'll need an address for you.

Billie: Oh, well, I was staying at Jenniferís also before I went to Europe, so I guess I'm stay--

Bo: I don't want her anywhere near Lockhart. Give the judge my address. She'll be staying with me.

Roman: There you go. All right.

Marlena: Oh.

Roman: Okay.

Marlena: Oh.

Roman: Well, Doc, Doc, what was it? What'd you see?

Marlena: It wasn't what I saw, it's what I smelled. He's not pumping gas in here. He's pumping in the scent of roses.

Roman: What are you talking about -- roses? What?

Marlena: Roman, maybe --

Roman: You're right.

Marlena: Maybe it's his perverse way of reminding us that this is valentine's day.

Roman: Are you remembering what I am?

Marlena: Wow. Detective Brady. This is the last thing I expected from you on valentine's day.

Roman: I know, but, uh... it is valentine's day, and, uh, I'm not letting you out or letting you have visitors, so I thought that, uh... they just might cheer you up a little bit.

Marlena: Thank you. They're lovely. And what do you know -- turns out the cop's got a heart.

Roman: Well, time out there. Let's not get carried away.

Marlena: I wasn't getting carried away. Let's get these in some water, and, um... I've got something special for you, too.

Roman: Doc, I got to say... your gift was one of the nicest I ever had.

Marlena: Mm. They just smell heavenly.

Roman: Oh, well, here, why don't you put them right there?

Marlena: And I had a case of your favorite beer delivered and put on ice.

Roman: Wait a minute. Stop right there. You had a delivery guy come in here?

Marlena: No. I called Abe Carver. He had an off-duty policeman bring it up.

Marlena: I know you're on duty, so mum is the word. Happy Valentine's Day.

Roman: Well... Dr. Evans... Happy Valentine's Day to you.


Mickey: All right, fine. Thank you.

Patrick: Mr. Horton, uh, thanks for taking care of this for us. I just wish you could have gotten the charges dropped.

Mickey: Well, we still have a trial to go through, but I'm almost certain that I can prove that the alleged assault on the officer was accidental.

Jennifer: Oh, uncle Mickey, I'm sure you can, but what if they're found guilty?

Mickey: They could be facing jail time.

Billie: Oh, man. I'm starting to sober up, and I feel awful. How could I have been so stupid?

Bo: Billie, you were defending yourself. I'll talk to Jenkins before we go to trial. I can't influence him in any way, but... if I ask him to go over the details of the incident with me, maybe he'll realize it was just an accident, a misunderstanding.

Billie: God, I hope so. This could be really bad for me. If I'm convicted of assault, I could lose my job with the I.S.A. What would I do without my job, Bo? What would I do?

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. Don't get ahead of yourself. You'll be fine. You'll be fine.

Jennifer: Oh, no. Poor Hope.

Patrick: Poor Bo.

Kate: I'm here for you, because you were here for me during the lowest point of my life. And I'm here for you because Marlena was one of my dearest friends, and because Roman -- because Roman... you were like a brother to him.

Kate: I'm going to be here for you as long as you need me or want me.


Marlena: Kate's wearing the pajamas that John got for me for valentine's day ages ago.

Roman: Are you sure they weren't Kateís?

Marlena: Do you recognize them? Maybe he just got her the same pair. I really have -- I really have lost him forever, haven't I?

Roman: Doc, you listen to me. Now come on. We have to believe that everything will change when we get back.

Marlena: John promised he would be my valentine forever.

Roman: And I made you the same promise, that you would always be my valentine. And right now... today... you still are.

Lucas: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Something's wrong here. Sami didn't even try to come up with a lame excuse or some explanation why she's in bed with Brandon. Which makes me think that maybe she really didn't know what was going on. This is too important. Our lives are at stake. I gotta find out the truth.

Brandon: I don't know how this could have happened. I don't know how you found me or how you got in here. Nobody knew where I was.

Sami: I asked my psychic, and she knew what hotel you were staying in.

Brandon: What? You called a psychic who told you where I was?

Sami: Yeah, well, she's an amazing woman, and everything she's predicted has come true.

Brandon: How the hell would a psychic know what hotel I was staying at? There has to be more to it than that. All I know is that whenever there's a crime... the person that has the most to gain is usually the one who committed it.

Sami: Yeah, well, there hasn't been a crime, has there?

Brandon: Oh, no? How about it being criminal for someone to go out of their way to destroy your chance at happiness with Lucas? Know anyone like that?

Sami: Yeah, well, there's --

Sami: Kate.

Brady: Good sons don't punch their father, so hit me.

John: You're never going to forgive yourself, are you?

Brady: Nope.

Brandon: Samantha's an innocent victim. Kate can't get away with something like that. She has to be stopped.

Lucas: What are you, crazy or something?

Sami: I just thought if maybe you saw me in my dress, that you would change your mind about canceling the wedding.

(Gentle acoustic guitar music)

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