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John: [Groaning]

Kate: We're gonna get through tonight. And I'm gonna be here. I'm gonna be here to get you through tomorrow.

Marlena: Oh, my dearest love. I know it's not easy, John. But you have to be strong. You have me to help you. I won't abandon you. I will stay with you as long as you need.

John: I need you now.

John: Doc? Doc, where are you? I can't make it without you anymore, baby. That's it. I can't do this alone.


Shawn-d: What is it?

Belle: I just don't know how to say this.

Shawn-d: You're doing the right thing. Philip has to know that you're in love with me. It'd be wrong to stay married to him. Okay, what can I do to help?

Belle: Nothing.

Shawn-d: What -- what are you doing?

Belle: I can't send this e-mail. I'm sorry.

Shawn-d: I thought we agreed Philip has to know that -- the truth before he goes into combat.

Belle: I can't break up with him, okay? I just canít.


Eugenia: Kate and I have gotta move fast, or this whole plan could blow up in our faces instead of Samiís. Make it look like you two had one hell of a night. What's the point of all this plotting and planning if Kate doesn't get Lucasís butt over here to catch his bride-to-be in bed with Brandon? All I'm living for is this payoff -- Sami Bradyís life totally destroyed... forever this time.


Lucas: You know what, mom? I know what you're doing, because you've done it so many times before. You should really see a shrink about that little problem you have -- the one where you don't want me to be happy with anybody but you.

Kate: I didn't come over here to be insulted. I came over her to save you from marrying that slut!

Lucas: You know what? That's not what she is, all right? And you're living in the past. Obviously, I'm not! I'm living for now. She loves me, mom. She cannot wait to become a family with me and Will and whatever brother and sister we give him. But you can't stand that, right? So you marched on over here and started making up lies about Sami sleeping with Brandon. Nice. Good mother.

Kate: Look, I don't wanna cause you any more pain, okay? But the private detective sai--

Lucas: And only you -- only you would hire a private detective to follow my fiancťe around.

Kate: Because I wanted with all my heart to be able to prove to you that she's completely faithful.

Lucas: You know what? Even if it's true, even if she is with Brandon, I'm sure she's got a perfectly good reason for it. What? You don't think anyone could love me for me? Is that it, mom? I'll have you know, she can't wait to marry me tomorrow. She can't wait to become Mrs. Lucas Roberts.

Kate: Oh, God, Lucas, how could you be so foolish? Everyone knows that Sami can't be trusted.

Lucas: That is not true! All right, it's not true -- not anymore. And I'm not gonna run over to Brandonís hotel room just to prove it. I'm gonna trust the woman I love.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Kate: It's always been my dream for you that you would marry a woman that you could love and you could trust because marriage is based on mutual trust and honesty.

Lucas: And that's why your marriages have all worked out, right, mom?

Kate: Well, now you're being unkind when all I'm trying to do is save you from a lifetime of unhappiness, Lucas.

Lucas: And how are you trying to do that -- by telling me the woman I'm gonna marry tomorrow is sleeping with her ex? Thanks.

Kate: Look, just give me one logical reason why Sami would secretly meet with Brandon a few hours before her wedding.

Lucas: You know, I don't even know if it's a secret.

Kate: You didn't know about it!

Lucas: You know, Sami and Brandon were friends long before they were ever involved.

Kate: Okay. Okay, fine. So let's say they're having just a friendly meeting a few hours before her wedding. Why didn't she tell you?

Lucas: You know what? I don't know why.

Kate: Well, then, could you at least acknowledge that maybe she's hiding something?

Lucas: No, I canít... because that would be the old Sami.

Kate: Oh, I see, and you're marrying the new improved Sami -- the one who doesn't lie, cheat, steal, or commit adultery?

Lucas: You know what, mom? When you unloaded all that crap on me about Sami and Brandon sleeping together, I admit I overreacted, okay? I said some things I didn't mean. But then I started to think -- Sami and I have made promises together. We're gonna make vows to each other, okay? I love her. She's my soul mate. She's my life partner, and I'm gonna honor her by trusting her. Now, I'm sorry -- I'm sorry for biting off your head and jumping down your throat when you started in again with that same old song and dance about, you know, you'd do anything to break up me and Sami. I'm sorry I went there.

Kate: Well, nothing could be further from the truth because I certainly couldn't get Sami over to Brandonís hotel room.

Lucas: I understand that, and I believe you. I trust you because I love you. But I mean it. If I ever find out that you've been lying to me at all about this, I will cut you out of my life. I'll have to, mom. I'll have no choice. I'll cut you out of Will's life, and I know you don't want that to happen.

Kate: Lucas, I have done a complete 180 when it comes to your relationship with Sami. I mean, I have tried so hard to understand why you love her. And I think I have been completely supportive of your desire to give will an intact family with a mother and a father who live together happily. And I would never risk losing your love by lying to you about something that's so important to you. I just want my boy to be happy.

Lucas: It's been a while since I've been your boy, but I am truly happy, I really am.

Kate: Are you sure about that? Because you have been through so much pain that it would break my heart to see you go through any more.

Lucas: Listen to me, Sami is not gonna do anything to screw this up. She knows how important this is. And if she does, mom, if she messes up, I'm outta here. I'm gone for good. She knows that.


John: Oh, this is just too damn easy.

John: I don't have a choice.


Belle: Shawn, this is a lot bigger than you and me and our love for each other.

Shawn-d: We have waited so long to be together.

Belle: And that's not Philipís fault. Look, I just couldn't stand it if he ended up paying with his life for our mistakes. That's just not fair. He's going into combat. Who knows what could happen to him?

Shawn-d: I'm gonna say something. I don't want it to sound cold or callous, but soldiers are dying over there, and not all of them are getting Dear John letters.

Belle: I am married to Philip. I told him that I would wait for him. How can I take that back now that he's in such terrible danger? Look, if I send him a letter saying that I love you and not him, he could lose his will to survive. He could volunteer for some dangerous mission because he doesn't wanna live anymore.

Belle: Philip believes in my love for him. He said that my loyalty is what's gonna get him through the fighting safely. Don't you see? Philip is counting on me. If I send him this e-mail, I'm afraid I could be risking his life, and I'm just not willing to do that. Just think about it. You're a good person. You have a good heart. How would you feel if I send him this note and then he gets killed? I'm wearing his ring. He put it on my finger during our wedding when I vowed to love him until death do us part. Those vows aren't just magically erased because you and I decided we still love each other.

Shawn-d: So, you're gonna stay married to Philip the entire time he's on active duty? You're gonna let him believe that you're in love with him? He's counting on a future with you, Belle. And it's a lie. And I'm afraid that you're gonna start believing it, too.


John: You a cop?

Man: No way. I can fix you up, though.

John: It's that obvious?

Man: The shakes, the sweats, yeah. Make it worth my while.

Man: Thanks, man.

Man: Yeah?

John: I need some -- some top shelf pain medication, and the works to shoot it up if you got it.

Man: Nice kicks, man. Two bills.

Man: See you soon.

Man #2: Police! Freeze. Both of you.

Man: Who'd you buy this from?

Man #2: We didn't buy it, officer, honest.

Man #3: Yeah, we found it on the dock. Somebody must have dropped it.

Man: You bought yourselves big trouble tonight. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

John: Doc.

John: It's really you. You've finally come back to me.


Lucas: Mom, I don't think you understand how panicked Samiís been about this wedding.

Kate: Lucas, why would she be panicked? She's marrying the man that she loves. All of her dreams are coming true.

Lucas: She thought that about all her other marriages, too, but her dreams turned to nightmares, mom. She doesn't want that to happen again. And maybe that's why she went to go see Brandon -- to confront him, to ask him what the hell he's doing back in Salem the day before our wedding.

Kate: Lucas, why would she even be thinking about Brandon the day before her wedding? I mean, how would she know that he's in Salem? She should have been getting ready for you rather than doing god knows what in Brandonís hotel room.

Lucas: Wait a minute. Maybe that's why she went to go see him -- because Brandon gave her a wedding present.

Kate: Well, you don't think that's a little odd?

Lucas: Yeah, it annoyed the hell out of me. But what are you gonna do? They're friends. Some exes are friends. But he got her these, uh -- a pair of crystal lovebirds, and Sami dropped it. It broke in, like, a zillion pieces. She freaked out. She didn't know what to do. She got all superstitious on me, and she's like, "Oh, Lucas, our wedding is doomed. It's ruined. We dropped this." And she jumped on the internet, and she was -- with the horoscopes and the phone psychic.

Kate: Lucas, if she was in a state like that, then she's capable of anything.

Lucas: Yeah, but if Brandon is back in town, I could just hear her. I could hear Sami, "Oh, oh, I gotta get to Brandon. I gotta stop him from ruining our wedding. Oh, Lucas, please." But I don't get it. What does Brandon care? That guy's moved on.

Kate: Lucas, he sent her lovebirds. Maybe he sent them to her to remind her of their love.

Lucas: Brandon dumped Sami, all right? Sami is the one who carried a torch for him for months. He doesn't even wanna talk to her.

Kate: Yeah, well, maybe he's had a change of heart... because that happens. And maybe Sami had a change of heart, too, and that's why she followed him to his hotel room, Lucas.

Lucas: No, that's not what happened.

Kate: Listen to me, the private detective said they each had a drink at the bar, and then Brandon went up to his room, and Sami followed him. Now, I know that you wanna believe that it's all perfectly innocent. I wanna believe that, too, but what if that's not true, Lucas? You told me that Sami was going to confront Brandon, right? Well then, they could have just stayed in that bar and talked. But they didnít. Now from my experience, when people go to a hotel room, it's for one of two reasons -- either they're gonna sleep, or they're gonna fool around without anyone knowing about it.

Lucas: Fine. You know what? I'll prove it to you. I'll talk to Sami personally.

Kate: Call a cab. We can be there in 15 minutes.

Lucas: I'm not going to the damn hotel.


Lucas: Yeah, give me the number for the Jet Way Inn, please.

Kate: Lucas, what are you doing?

Lucas: Thank you. Yes, Brandon Walker's room, please.

[Telephone rings]

Eugenia: Damn it, who's calling? What if Sami and Brandon wake up?






Shawn-d: One lie leads to another and it leads to another. We've seen it. It's happened to us. The longer you let Philip believe that he's gonna stay married to you, the harder it's gonna be to tell him the truth. Belle, you could spend the rest of your life still married to him.

Belle: No, it's not gonna be like that.

Shawn-d: But he believes in you and your future together, and he would never think that you would lie to him, when, in fact, your entire relationship is based on a lie. You and I belong to each other. You said that yourself.

Belle: I know.

Shawn-d: Then how can you stay married to him? It's not fair for any of us. It -- lies always come out in the end, and that's when people get hurt. Like when I lied to you when Jan got pregnant. It broke your heart thinking that I was the father of her baby. But for a long time, I thought I had to lie. I couldn't let anyone find out that Mendez had raped her. I was trying to protect her, when that was the wrong thing to do. In the end, everyone was unhappy. It tore us apart. I mean, don't you remember how much that hurt?

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn-d: Hey. We promised that we were never gonna lie to each other.

Belle: And then I broke that promise when I lied about my mom's alibi. So many terrible things have happened just because of that lie. I mean, you ran off and ended up with Jan all summer, and I totally rebounded with Philip, and now we're stuck in this terrible situation where Philip is gonna get hurt, and he doesn't deserve to get hurt. The only mistake that he made was loving me.

Shawn-d: I don't want you to blame yourself. A lot of this is my fault. I could have stayed around and given you more of a chance. We can't go back in the past and change what's happened. It's over. But we can learn from our mistakes. We can tell Philip the truth.

Belle: And what if the truth makes everything worse, and then we can't ever be together?

Shawn-d: Why would that be?


John: You are here, aren't you? You've come back to me.

Marlena: I've got you. I've got you. I've got you.

John: You don't know how much I've missed holding you, feeling you in my arms again. You're here, aren't you? Tell me you're here.

Marlena: There's one sure way to find out.

John: I've played this out in my mind a million times, but I never thought -- I was afraid to hope that we could ever be together again, Doc.

Marlena: John, you've got to be strong. You've gotta have faith. In the past, when we were apart, and we thought we'd never be together again... I came back to you then. That's what I do. I come back to you.

John: When you came back to me that time, you gave me back my life, Doc, and my future. Your love saved me. It's always saved me. You know that?

Marlena: Your love has saved me countless times.

John: I've been needing you so bad you don't know what I've been going through.

Marlena: John, I do.

John: No.

Marlena: I do know. That's why I found you here tonight. John, you were buying illegal drugs. Don't lie to me. I know, I know. They're right here -- the syringe, the vial of drugs right in your pocket. I know that you haven't used them yet. You don't need them. John, those drugs will kill you. You can't take them. So many people are counting on you -- your family, your friends. John, you listen to me, you stand for so many things. You stand for decency and strength. A lesser man would have fallen by now. I know that. I know what you can do. And you must stop taking these drugs. You must stop. Spinning or what?


Lucas: See that? There is no answer in Brandonís room. Sami's not there. Neither is Brandon. Tomorrow is my wedding, mom. Things are gonna be fine.

Kate: Except it's God knows what time, and the groom doesn't know where his bride is. I think that's a little troubling, Lucas.

Lucas: Fine, fine. For you, I will call the front desk at the Jet Way Inn, all right? Let's see here.

[Dialing] Yeah, I just called, and asked about a Brandon Walker. Um, is the bar still open? Bar and restaurant are closed. What about the lobby? Is there a couple in the lobby -- a beautiful blonde woman, long blonde hair? Nobody in the lobby. Thank you. I appreciate it. You see that? You see that? If they are together, and that's a big "if," they're not in that hotel room. They're probably at some coffee shop or some diner somewhere.

Kate: Honey, the Jet Way Inn is not in downtown Salem. It's out by the airport. There's nothing around it out there.

Lucas: Fine. You're right, okay? It's a big mystery. It's a huge mystery. And when she gets here, I'll ask her about it. But, mom, right now, I gotta trust her. And she trusts me. That's the kind of relationship we have. I mean, if we don't have that, we don't have anything to build on, do we?

Kate: You're just so happy. You're so happy, I hate to see you lose it all.

Lucas: Well, haven't you been listening to me, huh?

Kate: Yes. Yes, I have been listening to you. But that -- Lucas, you're taking this wrong. I'm thinking maybe she's in some kind of trouble. I mean, maybe her car. Maybe she had car trouble, and now she's stranded somewhere.

Lucas: You're right about that. What the hell am I thinking?


Lucas: Cell phone's turned off. She doesn't like to answer it when she's driving. But if she were in trouble, she'd have her phone on her, and she'd call me. She'd let me know.

Kate: Then there's only one other thing that I can think of... but I really -- I-I don't wanna say it.

Lucas: Just say it, please. Just spit it out. I hate it when you do that.

Kate: Maybe the reason that Brandon came back to town was to talk Sami out of marrying you.

Lucas: No, that's not it. He doesn't care, mom. He got us a present. The man got us a wedding present. Can we move on from that please?

Kate: Lucas, sometimes people change their mind. I mean, it's been known to happen -- especially when it comes to love. And maybe as the wedding date got closer and closer, Brandon realized that he was still in love with Sami, and that's why he came back to Salem -- to talk her out of marrying you, and to run off with him, maybe with your son.

Lucas: I don't believe that, all right? He doesn't feel that way about her. He -- he hated her. He was mad at her when he moved.

Kate: Lucas, passion is passion, whether it's love or hate, and sometimes people get really confused about what their feelings are. Take Shawn Brady. Everyone thought he was over Belle, right? That he shacked up with Jan Spears. But then what does he do? He drives his motorcycle through the church window, nearly killing Belle and Philip, right? So, maybe Brandon is jealous of you and Sami. Maybe he lost control of his emotions just the way that Shawn did. And maybe now he's gonna put Samiís life in jeopardy. Do you really think you could live with yourself if you let that happen? Could you live with losing Sami forever?


John: You don't understand. I'm -- I want you to understand. I can't live with this pain anymore. I've tried, and it's -- it's almost killed me.

Marlena: John, the drugs will kill you. They will drain the life out of you. Darling, Belle and Brady, Sami and Eric have lost their mother and Roman. You have to be here for them. Have you forgotten how strong you are? You have to stop taking these drugs.

John: You just said the kids have lost their mother?

Marlena: Yes.

John: No. No, no. You're here. You're here, and I'm touching you, and this can't be any more real. No. Doc, don't tell me this is a dream. I don't wanna wake up again and find that you're dead, and I lost you all over again. I don't wanna lose you. Doc, no, don't go. I want you to stay with me.


Shawn-d: Oh, my God, it's all the things that I love about you that's gonna take you away from me. I mean, commitment, loyalty. They way you have felt about marriage your entire life. I remember when we were kids and you were playing "bride."

Belle: I know, in kindergarten. My teacher used to always tell me I would go to the dress-up box and pull out the white dress. I wouldn't let anyone else wear it.

Shawn-d: I-I remember. You know, the boys -- we were off playing with the trucks, being firemen, and there you are in your white dress walking down the aisle holding your fake plastic flowers. I remember those. I think even then I knew I wanted to be the guy standing next to you when your dream came true. But I'm not. Philip's the guy. And now you're gonna live out your commitment to him. I mean, that's what you said, right? That you and I -- we're not gonna be together --

Belle: No, no. That's not what I'm saying. I love you, and I want that future with you.

Shawn-d: It's all right. As hard as this is, we've been through a lot worse. And you're right about all the things you said -- truth, commitment, honesty -- but I do believe that things are gonna get better once we tell Philip the truth. We have known him our entire lives, and I don't wanna lie to him any more than you do. But once the truth is out, and he knows that you and I, we love each other and we wanna be together, it will give him the opportunity to move on.

Belle: I know. And that's just it. I want us to have that future together.

Shawn-d: So do I.

Belle: But I'm just afraid that if we tell Philip now, we won't have that future together. I'll lose you forever.

Shawn-d: No, no. What -- what are you -- you're not -- I love you. I have loved you my entire life. You are not going to lose me.

Belle: I am just trying to think this through, okay, to what could happen to Philip. Shawn, we don't know what war is like -- the reality, what it does to your mind. I mean, if Philip gets this impersonal e-mail from the woman he married, the woman he loves -- and he does love me, you know -- Philip could snap. He could put himself in harm's way on purpose. And if Philip dies in combat, I will always feel like it was our fault, and it would be. We would be responsible for killing the most amazing person who was our friend for all of our lives. How could we live with that guilt -- knowing that our love killed Philip? Don't you see? We would lose Philip and then we would lose each other.

Shawn-d: You have such a good heart. You always wanna take care of the people that you love. But Philip signed up for the service. It was his choice. I really think that he can take care of himself -- even if it is just so he can come back to Salem to kick my butt, I think he's gonna get through this war in one piece. But you can't keep lying to him. I keep thinking about how I felt when I found out you lied to me.

Belle: I know. It's just -- I'm so confused I feel like I can't even think straight anymore. I need to talk to Mimi.

Shawn-d: No, that's good. Talk to her. She'll want you to be happy. Here. I'll wait here for you. So, could I just get one more kiss just to hold me over?

Shawn-d: It's gonna be okay.

Belle: Promise?

Shawn-d: I promise.

Belle: Thank you for being so understanding. Okay, I'm going.

Belle: Aah!


John: I can't lose you again.

Marlena: You're not going to lose me. I'm with you. I'm always with you. John, be strong. Listen to your heart.

John: No. No. No. Doc. It wasn't real... and you weren't with me. It was never real. Oh, damn it, Doc. I need you so bad. I can't do this. You were my strength. You were always my strength. All I have is pain. So much pain. It's so deep, and it just runs all the way through me.

John: What the hell do you want?


Lucas: Fine, all right? I will drive over to the hotel just in case Sami needs me. I can't imagine what for. For your information, I don't think Brandon came back to Salem to get Sami back. All right, maybe because his father's going blind? Yeah, that makes a little more sense to me. But if it'll make you happy, mom, no problem. Honey, it's not to make me happy. I know how much you love Sami, and I know how much it would kill you if something happened to her, especially now -- you finally worked all your problems out.

Lucas: All right, fine. I'm going. I'm going. And I'm gonna rub your nose in Samiís innocence. You don't believe me that she's changed? Fine, I'll just have to prove it to you.

Kate: All right, all right. You're my son. All I want is for you to be happy, Lucas. But...

Lucas: What? What now?

Kate: There's just one thing. Just don't bring my name up. Okay, in the interest of family harmony, I just think it's best you don't tell Sami that I hired a private detective to follow her. She'll -- she'll hold it against me forever. So just don't bring my name up.

Lucas: Just relax, all right. Everything's gonna be fine. She's not even gonna be there. Tomorrow, our wedding's gonna go off without a hitch.

Kate: If Sami can make you happy, Lucas, I'll gladly dance at your wedding.

Lucas: Oh, well then, get ready to boogie down 'cause we're getting married in a few hours. And I'm gonna prove to you once and for all that you are wrong about the woman I love.

Kate: Yes!


Brandon: Samantha?


Bo: Forget about Billie. Don't wanna talk about her anymore.


Billie: I said no. And no means no.


John: Why don't you just give me the damn drugs?

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