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Philip: So what is it? Belle, what'd you want to tell me?

Belle: Um...

[Cellular phone rings]

Philip: Oh, um... I have to take this. Just one second, okay? Kiriakis.

Shawn-d: We have to tell Philip that we love each other, and we have to do that now.

Belle: [Thinking] How do I do this to him? How am I ever going to tell Philip the truth?


Doll: Mommy.

Rex: Mimi... I can't believe it. I can't believe you didn't tell me.

Mimi: I'm sorry.

Rex: We're having a baby?! I'm going to be a father?! Mimi, come here! You just made me the happiest man on earth!


Patrick: So what exactly happened in there? I still don't understand.

Hope: It was a trick. The girl in that house wasn't Georgia.

Billie: I was so sure we had found her.

Bo: Hey, don't you worry. We will find her if it's the last thing I do.


Tony: Take a card. Any card.

Bart: Is this a card trick or are you going to read my fortune?

Tony: Oh, hardly your fortune, Bart.

Bart: All right. Hope Brady. Okay. Can you tell me what's going to happen to her?

Tony: What's going to happen to any of them? Their future lies in our hands. Ha ha ha ha ha.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Rex: Ha ha ha ha! This is incredible! A baby? We're having a baby? Oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart, I shouldn't be spinning you around when you're pregnant.

Mimi: I'm not, Rex.

Rex: What?

Mimi: I'm not pregnant.

Rex: What do -- what do -- what do you mean? Are -- are you sure?

Mimi: I'm positive.

Rex: Then -- then what's this all about?

Jan: Mimi can tell you. Can't you, Meems? Why don't you tell your boyfriend what you should have told him a long time ago?


Philip: No, no, that's -- that's not a problem. Yeah.

Belle: [Thinking] This is all my fault. I lied to myself, and I lied to Philip, and now I have to break his heart. I have to tell him the truth before he goes. If I wait, it'll only hurt him more in the end.

Philip: Yes. Yes, I understand. Thank you for calling. Bad news.

Belle: What happened? Who was that?

Philip: My deployment has moved up again. They're shipping us out on an earlier flight. Sweetie, I have to leave right now.


Patrick: How can you be sure this girl wasn't Georgia?

Bo: The Lamarques had some convincing evidence that she's not our daughter, but just to be safe, I have some of her hair for a D.N.A. test.

Billie: So what are we going to do now? Where do we look for her next?

Hope: Billie, the DiMeras know that we're here, so right now, I think the best thing we can do is, uh, get home in one piece.

Billie: But every clue that we have gotten so far has led us here. I mean, my gut instinct, my -- my -- my mother's instinct is telling me that Georgia is somewhere in this part of Europe.

Hope: But unfortunately, your gut has been wrong pretty much every step of the way, Billie.

Billie: Okay, and pretty much every step of the way, you've been discouraging to us. Bo, would you please tell your wife that if she can't be supportive of what we're doing, she should just stay out of it? You know, it really has nothing to do with you anyway.

Hope: What do you mean, it has nothing to do with me? This is my stepdaughter we're talking about, Billie. My husband's flesh and blood. If Georgia’s out there, if we find her, she'll be an awfully big part of my life as well.

Billie: Yeah, we'll just see about that.

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. That's enough. Billie, I know you're upset. You're disappointed. Please don't take it out on my wife.

Hope: You know, if Patrick and I hadn't come along when we did... you and Bo could be dead, and Georgia, if she really is alive, would now be an orphan. You'd better damn well wise up if you want to be around when we do find her.


Bart: Boss, by the way, I am really sorry about the way things went down at the Lamarques'. I mean, we had them -- Bo and Billie, at the house. And we would have kept them there if Hope and that turncoat Lockhart hadn't showed up.

Tony: You know, Bart, not to worry. Everything that transpired is exactly as I expected.

Bart: Okay. So what are we playing here?

Tony: It's your call.

Bart: My call? You know my game -- Texas hold 'em.

Tony: Texas hold 'em it is.

Bart: And, boy, would I like to hold her. Let's hope, Hope brings me luck.

Tony: You're going to need it.

Bart: Will you look at that -- a pair of Jack Deverauxes. Speaking of which, what -- what are we doing sitting around playing games when one of our hostages is A.W.O.L.?

Tony: Because, Bart, this game is but a reflection of a larger game that is life.

Bart: Right.

Tony: Now, I admit, I'm not pleased that Jack Deveraux has escaped, even less so that we don't have any idea of his whereabouts, but not to worry. We will find him. But whether it is Jack, Roman, Marlena, Victor, Caroline, or those castaways in Salem or any of those who come looking for Georgia, wherever they may go, I hold all the cards. I control their destiny.


Philip: Yeah, sweetie, listen, before I leave, I have, um, just a couple documents I need you to hold onto for me, okay? Just...

Belle: Documents?

Philip: Yeah, just keep them in a safe place. This really -- it's not a big deal. It's -- nothing.

Belle: Your death benefits beneficiary form? Your last will and testament? No, Philip, I --

Philip: Look, look, I know -- I know this is something you don't want to think about. I don't want to think about it, either. But after what happened to Paul, it goes to show that anything can happen at any time, and I want to make sure you are taken care of just in case, just in case.

Belle: Please, just don't even talk about this.

Philip: Look, Belle, nothing's going to happen to me. Remember, I promised you. I have way too much to live for. I have the most beautiful girl in the world to wait for me to get home -- my wife, okay? Who loves me as much as I love her. Belle, you are everything to me, okay? You're my entire life, my entire future, and nothing is going to keep us apart. We are going to grow old together, I promise. I promise.


Jan: What's wrong, Meems? Cat got your tongue?

Shawn-d: All right, what the hell are you doing, Jan? You're pissed off over us, so you got to cause trouble for Mimi and Rex?

Jan: Rex asked about my gift.

Shawn-d: No, we need to talk -- now, Jan. Let's go.

Rex: She really is crazy, isn't she?

Mimi: Yeah.

Rex: Okay, what do you think she was trying to get at with that doll? You know what? Never mind. It doesn't even matter. She's obviously lost it over Shawn, and whatever she's trying to do isn't going to change anything. Besides, we have more important things to talk about, like what happened between Shawn and Belle earlier.

Mimi: I know. We have a lot to deal with.

[Thinking] I have to tell you the truth, Rex -- everything I've been keeping from you.

Rex: All right. Come on, Mimi. Let's go in the bedroom.


Shawn-d: I want a straight answer from you. What the hell is this all about?

Jan: Why are you yelling at me, Shawn? I'm the one who should be angry at you. You asked me to marry you. You put a ring on my finger, and now you just want to dump me for your slutty ex-girlfriend?

Jan: But I know that there's someone that still loves me. Don't you, sweetie? Yeah. Yeah, you love your mama, don't you?

Shawn-d: Jan, you're talking to a doll.

Jan: She's beautiful, isn't she? You know, to this day, I can't help but think of the baby that you and I lost.

Shawn-d: Okay, that was not my baby.

Jan: When I was pregnant, you took such good care of me. You made me fall in love with you, Shawn. Then you abandoned me just like you're trying to do now. But I can't let that happen. I can't let you break my heart again.

Shawn-d: I don't mean to break your heart. I don't want to hurt you. But I think you need some help.

Jan: Help? Well, you're the one that needs help if you'd actually pick Belle over me. She lied to you, Shawn. That's why you left her.

Shawn-d: You're the one who lied to me. You did.

Jan: Me? Me? What are you talking about?

Shawn-d: What do you think?

Jan: I don't like your tone, Shawn Douglas. It sounds like you're accusing me of something, and I have never, ever lied to you.

Shawn-d: You lied to me when you told me Belle pushed you down the steps and that's why you miscarried the baby.

Jan: Oh. That.

Shawn-d: Oh, yeah, that. So, what else?

Jan: What do you mean "what else"?

Shawn-d: Oh, there is so much that you could've lied to me about. I can still barely remember anything that happened to me last summer before the accident. The last thing I knew, you were in Europe, and I was just taking a break from Salem. I was coming back to Belle. I promised her that. But then, all of a sudden, I'm living in your house, we're engaged, and I'm completely out of touch with my family and friends. So what happened to me, Jan? You never really explained that.

Jan: Do you have any idea how much it hurts me that you don't remember how you and I fell in love?

Shawn-d: Okay, look, don't try and guilt me. I'm asking you a question. I'd like an answer.


Rex: Mimi. Look, I know Jan upset you out there, and I think I know why.

Mimi: You do?

Rex: Yeah, you've been dying to start a family, and I've wanted to wait. She obviously knows how to push your buttons.

Mimi: You can say that again.

Rex: But, Mimi, when -- when I thought you were pregnant a second ago, look, I realize I can't wait to be a dad. But at the same time, Mimi, I... I realize our relationship has changed. I just don't feel like I can trust you like I used to.

Mimi: What?

Rex: Yeah, I actually believe that you had told Jan you were pregnant before you told me. And now, being able to think with a clear head, I know that you would never do anything like that. But, Mimi, we still do have a problem, and it goes back to what happened with Shawn and Belle. You -- you went behind my back again, Mimi, and you interfered with their lives when you promised me that you would not do it. I-I don't understand it, Mimi. I don't understand why you can't come to me with things like this. You know, we could've talked it through, but you don’t. You just -- you just keep these secrets. And I don't know how we're supposed to have a marriage if we can't have an open and honest relationship with each other.

Mimi: I'm sorry.

Rex: Mimi, "sorry" is what you said last time. I want to know how we get past this, how I'll know you're never lying to me about anything ever again.


Billie: Maybe Bo and I should walk in together. We checked in as a couple to avoid suspicion.

Hope: Can she possibly think of one more way to get her hooks into you?

Bo: That's not what this is about, and she does have a point.

Hope: Come on, please. Like I said before, the DiMeras already know that we're here. They know every move that we make before we even make it. So why doesn't Billie just drop the act?

Bo: "Act"?

Hope: You know, maybe you really do have a concussion. Don't you see? It's so obvious. Just in case she doesn't find Georgia, she's laying the groundwork just in case for the next best thing -- a piece of Georgia forever -- and that would be you.


Bart: So, what are we playing for, boss? What's the stakes?

Tony: As I said before, Bart, I'll leave it to your discretion -- whatever you like.

Bart: Whatever I like? You mean anything?

Tony: Anything.

Bart: Well, that's a very interesting proposition, sir. The possibilities are... you know, you're a much more generous man than your old man ever was. Have I ever told you that? Have I? And a snappier dresser, too, if I might say so, sir. I'm gonna have to think about this a minute.

Tony: Take your time.

Bart: Mm. You know... speaking of the Stef-Meister, if this was his deck of cards, Marlena would be the queen of hearts.

Tony: Your point being?

Bart: Oh, no point. No point, sir, just...trying to suss out where your mind train's going here. I mean, here you've got Billie as the queen of spades, Bo as the king of hearts... huh.

Billie is the queen of spades... Bo is the king of hearts... I'm -- I'm just trying to figure out what -- what it all means.

Tony: Means?

Bart: Yeah. What's the master plan, and when are you gonna let me in on it? Thank you. And more importantly, sir -- more importantly, what's in it for you?

Tony: What do you think?

Bart: What -- me?

Tony: Yes, you. And I'm sure that our fellow Salemnites have similarly sophisticated theories.

Bart: Well, thank you. I think.

Tony: So... tell me your thoughts.

Bart: My thoughts. All right. First off, for openers... this whole business with Bo’s sexy ex causing problems with him and the missus -- that's good stuff. But I'm guessing that that's just a bonus and not part of the master plan. Am I right?

Tony: No. You're absolutely wrong. Given the foibles of human nature, it is exactly what I planned from the beginning, with much, much more to come.

Bart: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not trying, or even thinking about, busting up Bo and Hope. I mean, it can't be done, boss. They're indestructible. They're like...Teflon. They're together, wherever they go.

Tony: Would you like to place a wager on that?

Bart: Are you kidding me, sir? There. I am all in. I hate to bet against you, count, but... you can't win. The house -- their house -- always does. And I've seen others try, and I've seen others fail. I can't lose.

Tony: You've seen my father try. But I am not Stefano. And where my father failed, I will succeed, and I promise you, when I'm finished, Bo and Hope will part, never to be reunited again.


Patrick: Why don't we all just go inside and have a drink, all right? It's been a tough day for everyone.

Billie: Fine. Let's go.

Billie: I need some coffee.

Bo: Let's sit down here. You've been a little rough on her, considering what she's been through today.

Hope: Can you at least stop running to her rescue every minute, as if you're her own personal bodyguard? Can you do that?

Bo: This isn't about Billie. This is about me finding my daughter.

Hope: Billie's making it about Billie. You know what's happening to us. I'm tired of fighting with you.

Bo: Yeah, you and me both.

Hope: Aren't we on the same side? We both want to find Georgia. And just get back to our normal lives, if that's possible.

Bo: Well, I think it is.

Hope: Don't you remember what happened the last time Billie came back into our lives? She almost got Zack and me killed because she got involved with Larry Welch.

Bo: What happened was not her fault.

Hope: I've never believed that. Billie has a history of getting in way over her head. She doesn't think things through to their consequences. Has she even thought about what's going to happen when you do find Georgia? And what about the adoptive family? Bo, we know for a fact how it felt when J.T. was taken away from us by his biological parents. You can't just waltz in there and do that to another innocent family.

Bo: So, what, I should just walk away, forget the fact that I have a daughter out there somewhere?

Hope: No. We need to find Georgia. We need to make sure that she's safe.

Bo: What you're not saying is, is you don't want my daughter to be part of our lives.


Patrick: You know, I'm really sorry for what you're going through, Billie. I just wish there was something I could do to help you.

Billie: I'm just afraid that, with each day that goes by, my daughter is slipping further and further away.

Patrick: Now, look, you can't think that, okay?

Billie: Who knows what kind of a situation she's in? I mean, when I was her age, my life was a nightmare. My brother Austin and I used to pray every day that our mother would come and rescue us, and when she didn't, we thought she abandoned us. We had no idea that she was told we were dead.

Patrick: That's terrible.

Billie: Yeah. And I can't help but think that if she had only found me sooner, my life would've been different. My whole life. And even when our mom did finally find us, I blamed her for a very long time for what happened.

Patrick: And now you think that Georgia’s gonna blame you.

Billie: I didn't even know my daughter was alive. A good mother knows. I mean, I thought with my whole heart that that girl today was Georgia. I don't even know my own daughter. What kind of a mother am I? And now it may be too late. She could be lost to us forever.


Mimi: You're right, Rex. This is a conversation that... we needed to have for a really long time. In fact, it's way past time.

Rex: Oh, my God, speaking of time, I didn't realize how late it is. I've got to get ready for my shift at Alice’s. We'll have to talk about this later.

Mimi: What? Wait!

Rex: Mimi, I'm sorry, but if I don't jump in the shower, I'll be late for work.

Mimi: The shower's broken, remember? I called the super twice today, and he never came.

Rex: Great.

Mimi: Can you just skip work for one night?

Rex: Mimi, I wish I could, but I've been killing myself working two jobs so that we can get married and start that family that we both want. I-I know how important this conversation is, and we'll finish it as soon as I get home. Just do me a favor.

Mimi: Sure.

Rex: Promise me that I can trust you.

Mimi: Of course you can.

Rex: Okay. And, Mimi, look, I don't want Shawn and Philip getting into another fight again tonight, all right? Philip is special forces, and God only knows what he'll do to him when he finds out Belle's leaving him, which I still can't believe when her husband is being shipped out the same night.

Mimi: Rex, Rex, I know you're upset, and I know you don't want to see your brother get hurt. And I don't either, but that wedding never should've happened in the first place. What Belle and Shawn have is true love.

Rex: Mimi, I don't want to hear that, okay? I was Belle and Shawn’s biggest supporter for a long time, and they blew it. There have been way too many lies and too much pain. And if that's what love is all about... then something's really wrong, and maybe we're all better off without it.


Jan: You don't know why you slept with me? Hello! Maybe it's because I am a woman, and you're a man. But I'm not just any woman. I am a real woman. You weren't getting any, so is it really such a mystery to you? You don't remember after the accident? You were in the hospital. You were in the hospital calling my name. You told Belle and everyone else there that you loved me. So did I make you do that? Did I?

Shawn-d: All right, look, I'm still confused. Okay?

Jan: Yeah. Yeah, you're confused, all right.

Shawn-d: I'm sorry, Jan. I am sorry that I led you on. But I don't know how any of this ever happened. All I do know is I realize now I love Belle.

Jan: Please. Please don't do this to me. You can't do this to me. You don't understand that I love you and you love me, so tell me you love me! Please! You are the only thing that I have! And you're all that we have. Please... don't make us hate you.


Belle: Philip, just wait five more minutes. I just really need to talk to you.

Philip: Belle, I can’t. If I don't leave right now, I'm gonna miss the flight. I'm cutting it too close as it is.

Belle: Then I'll take you to the airport.

Philip: No, no, look, I don't want you driving when you're this upset. They won't let you see me off at the gate, anyways. No, this is the last memory I want to have of you -- right here where I'm gonna come home to, okay?

Philip: Please don't cry, sweetie. I'm coming home, I promise. I promise. Okay? I love you, Belle. I love you.

Belle: Philip, wait, wait.

Philip: Belle --

Belle: I-I have something for you upstairs. Just let me get it, okay? Just wait.

Philip: It's no wonder he slid off the road. He can't concentrate on his driving. I just... I just hope he wasn't so devastated that he didn't care whether he lived or died.

Belle: [Thinking] Philip could die, and it could be all my fault.


Patrick: Billie, I know what you're talking about. I mean, my dad split when I was a kid, and my mom -- well, she wasn't exactly there most of the time. I mean, look at me. I turned out okay. More or less.

Billie: More or less.

Patrick: Billie, I'm serious. You can't go on blaming yourself for this. I mean, besides, who's to say Georgia’s miserable, you know? Maybe she's out there somewhere living an amazing life.

Billie: I know, I know, but that makes me sad, too. I know, that sounds terrible, but... I-I want her to be happy, I do, more than anything. I just -- I want her to be happy with me. Is that so much to ask? Does that sound horrible, Lockhart, to want a little bit of happiness for me? Maybe it's just not in the cards. God knows, it hasn't been so far.


Bo: Is that what you think? Huh? We shouldn't even try to have Georgia be part of our lives?

Hope: No. Bo, what --

Bo: You brought up the past. Do you remember how you felt when we found out Abe and Lexie were raising our biological child? Could you have walked away from Zack?

Hope: I'm surprised you even remembered you have a biological son -- two, in fact.

Bo: Nice change of subject. That's not fair.

Hope: What also is not fair is how much time we've spent away from our boys, especially Shawn with everything that he's going through. Did you get the message? He said he left a message for you on your voicemail. Bo, he sounded very upset.

Bo: What's going on?

Hope: I have no idea. I've been trying to call him back, but I can't get a hold of him. I'm worried about him.

Bo: Well, so am I.

Hope: Then listen to me. And do something. We don't know for sure if Georgia’s even alive. But we do know Shawn, our son, is in trouble, and he needs us to be there for him. Because if we're not and something should happen to him, I'll never forgive myself. And I will never, ever forgive you.


Jan: Shawn, come on. I know you still love me. You still love us.

Shawn-d: Jan, I don't have time for this right now, okay? I have to go.

Jan: No. No, Shawn, wait, you can't go over there. You don't understand. I love you, and Philip will kill you. I don't want you to have to die.

Shawn-d: Okay. Jan, listen to me, it's over, all right? You have to accept that. Belle and I are going to be together now.

Jan: No. I don't want you to have to die...


Belle: Please, God, protect Philip and keep him safe. I wish I could spare him this hurt, but I can't live a lie. And Philip and Shawn shouldn't have to, either. I know what I have to do, and I can't put it off any longer. I have to tell him... now. Philip. Philip? Oh, my God. Philip, where are you?

Philip's voice: "Belle... I hope you'll understand. I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye. Just know that I love you, and that your love has made me happier than I ever thought possible. I will be counting the days until I'm back in your arms. Love always, your husband Philip."

Belle: Oh, my God. I'm too late. He's gone.


Mimi: Rex... listen, um, I know you don't want to do this right now, but there's -- there's something that I need to tell you, and it can't wait because, um, I have been trying to tell you for so long. But I just -- I just kept losing my nerve. Even now I can't -- I can't even look at you when I say it because it's -- it's, um, it's pretty horrible. And I have to say it before you hear it from Jan. Um... you're upset with me because I haven't been completely truthful with you lately, and, um... it's so much worse than you even know. I have kept something from you that I had -- I had no right to. And when you hear what it is, there's a very good chance you may never be able to forgive me. You see, Rex... I was pregnant. It happened months ago. I found out, and I didn't know what to do. I tried to tell you then. I was going to, but then you kept saying you weren't ready for kids yet and that they were the last thing you wanted now, so... so I didn’t. And, um... and I didn't want to ruin your life, so... so I made a decision, and, um... I thought I was doing the right thing, but... um, I have re-- regretted it every second of every day ever since. Rex, I'm so sor-- I'm so sorry. I-I had an abortion.

Mimi: Rex... Rex, I know I betrayed you, and I wouldn't blame you if you hated me forever. But what I couldn't stand is to hear you tell me that you never want to see me again, so... if that is true, if that is how you feel, then -- then please just don't say anything, okay? Just -- just don't say a word, and I promise -- I promise I won't make a scene. I won't -- I won't cry or -- or beg. I'll just -- I'll just go right now and never come back.

Mimi: Oh, God. Goodbye, Rex. I'll always love you.


Jan: Shawn made a very big mistake tonight. Oh, but don't be worried, baby. Mommy's not going to let you grow up without a daddy. I'll get him back for us. And if I can’t... I'll make sure no one else can have him.


Belle: Shawn...

Shawn-d: I heard someone leave. Is Philip gone?

Belle: He just left.

Shawn-d: Did you tell him?

Belle: I tried.

Shawn-d: Belle...

Belle: He just -- he got a call, and he had to leave so fast. It all happened so fast, I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. He just -- he left a note, and he was gone.

Shawn-d: Okay. I'm gonna go to the airport. I'll tell him.

Belle: No!!

Shawn-d: Belle, you have to tell him. He deserves to know the truth. This is our only chance -- our only chance to be together. I'm going.

Belle: Wait, no! Shawn, wait!


Patrick: Billie, listen to me. You're gonna find your daughter. And when you do, you're going to be a fantastic mother. I believe in you. You just have to believe in yourself.


Bo: Shawn is going to be fine. When I get home, I'll make sure that I...

Hope: Tell me something...

Bo: Hmm?

Hope: Why does it upset you so much that Patrick’s with Billie?

Bo: 'Cause I don't trust the creep. You shouldn't have brought him with you.

Hope: So I should've come alone?

Bo: You shouldn't have come at all.

Hope: Billie said I should stay out of this. Maybe you feel the same way.

Bo: Hope, I didn't say -- I just wish you'd cut her a little slack, that's all.

Hope: Me?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I'm not the -- you know what? Um, I don't want to sit here and argue with you anymore.

Bo: Neither do I.

Hope: Let's just get out of here, okay?

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Wait a minute. My key. Um... Patrick must have it.

Bo: He's got the key to your room?

Hope: We checked in together for the same reason you and Billie did.

Bo: Huh. For me, it wasn't a good idea. Nice.

Hope: Got it. Let's go. I'll get you some aspirin out of my suitcase.

Bo: Yeah, all right.

Hope: Maybe that'll help your attitude.

Bo: This certainly won’t. What the hell?

Hope: What?

Bo: What?

Hope: What?

Bo: Take a look. We got Lockhart kissing my wife. Now, why doesn't that surprise me?


Bart: I don't get it. Texas hold'em is my game. I absolutely clean up at the Indian casino back home. I... are you sure you didn't have any cards up your sleeve?

Tony: Ha ha ha ha! Actually...

Bart: Ha! You're -- you're very good. Who is that?

Tony: It's a wild card, one that's yet to truly come into play.

Bart: Okay, sir, you lost me at -- at that point. What are you trying to say?

Tony: Oh, come on, Bartholomew. Take a guess. Why, it's sweet Georgia Brady.

Bart: Swee-- Georgia Brady. I mean, she -- is she really real, like, in alive?

Tony: Ha. Not only is she still alive, but she is the key to this whole game.


Sami: You don't want to give up your apartment because you're afraid that we're not actually gonna get married.


Belle: I have to be the one to explain things. If Shawn tells him we're still in love, Philip will kill him.


Hope: Sounds like another manipulation tactic to me.


Kate: We need to do something definitive, something that will stop Sami from walking down the aisle with Lucas.

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