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Sami: Ah, so this is what it feels like.

Lucas: What?

Sami: To be perfectly happy and relaxed for the first time in over a year. Lucas, that surprise shower that you and will threw me -- that was incredible. It meant so much to me. And the pearls that you gave me -- it meant so much to me, Lucas, thank you.

Lucas: Oh, honey. I just wish I could have afforded something nicer.

Sami: No, Lucas, don't say that. They're perfect. They're beautiful.

Lucas: Yeah, I know, but they'll never replace your mother's pearls -- the ones...

Sami: Stop.

Lucas: That John gave Belle.

Sami: Honey, the pearls that you gave me are already priceless, and we're gonna start our own family tradition.

Lucas: Hmm. So you feel better? You don't want to elope?

Sami: I feel wonderful. And I think we are going to have the most beautiful wedding ever.

[Thinking] That psychic said the only thing that can screw it up is Brandon coming back to Salem, and I know for a fact that he's in London, thousands of miles away.


Celeste: Oh, yes, yes, I understand, darling. And that's exactly what you should do, Alexandra. Oh, darling, I'd be happy to stay here with Theodore. Take your time. All right, goodbye, dear.

[Doorbell rings]

Brandon: Celeste, what are you doing here?

Celeste: What am I doing here? What in God's name are you doing here? When I talked to you in London, I thought I had convinced you not to come until next week.

Brandon: Not with my father's condition getting worse. I wanted to be here for him, and for Lexie and Theo.

Celeste: Well, now, that's very noble. But believe me, darling, they don't even have to know that you were here if you leave now. Brandon, darling, you must get as far away from Salem and Samantha Brady as quickly as you can.


[Knock on door]

Jan: This is it, Mimi. You and Rex are over. I'm not only gonna tell him that you deep-sixed Rex Jr., But that you deliberately helped Shawn get to Belle again when Rex absolutely told you not to. You are going to pay for this, Lockhart. Oh, boy, are you gonna pay.


Mr. Lamarque: I do not know who you think you are, but you're not taking Georgia anywhere. She's our legally adopted daughter!

Bo: I understand how you feel --

Billie: But think about how we feel. Georgia was taken away from me at birth. I did not give my consent. Therefore, it is not a legal adoption.

Georgia: I do not want to go with them, mama. I do not want to go.

Mrs. Lamarque: Don't worry. You don't have to go, sweetie pie.

Billie: But, Georgia, I'm your mother. Please, Georgia! No, I'm her real mother. No. Georgia. Georgia, it's okay, Georgia.


Shawn-d: Your love made me a better person. I wanna be that person again, but I need your help to make it happen. I love you, Belle.

Belle: I love you, too.

Shawn-d: Oh, God, you have no idea how much I needed to hear that.

Shawn-d: I have been lost and confused for so long now. The last couple months have been a total blank to me. But now, I know who I am. And I know what I want. I'm so sorry for all those horrible things that I have said to you. I am sorry that I was not here to help you through your mother's death. And I am incredibly sorry I ever got involved with Jan. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and it kills me to know how much that I hurt you. I love you, Belle. I have always loved you.

Philip: Belle?

Philip: Are you here?

Shawn-d: We have to tell him. We have to tell Philip that we love each other. We have to do that now.

Belle: I know, but you've gotta get out of here right now.

Shawn-d: No, I'm not gonna let you do this alone.

Philip: Belle? Are you upstairs?

Belle: Please, you cannot let Philip find you here.

Shawn-d: Hey, I am not going anywhere.

[Doorbell rings]

[Knock on door]

Philip: Hey, man.

Rex: Hey.

Philip: What's up?

Rex: Have you heard?

Philip: Have I heard what?

Rex: Obviously you haven’t. I'm sorry, I've got some terrible news.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Georgia: Even if you did give birth to me, you're not my mother. I'm not going anywhere with you.

Bo: We have to take her back to the states, have a D.N.A. test done to prove whether or not she's our daughter.

Billie: I am sure that she is.

Hope: How? I know you wanna believe it. I understand. But there is still no definitive proof Georgia is even alive. Every clue so far has come from the DiMeras. This could be a hoax.

Billie: It's not. But I know that you want to believe that it is because you're afraid of losing Bo. The only thing you care about is getting him the hell out of here.

Mr. Lamarque: You! You cannot just come over here and expect us to hand over our daughter. We don't know who you are. Why should we trust you? For all we know, you could be working for the DiMeras, whoever they are. You have no proof of anything, except that birth certificate -- which could easily have been forged.

Billie: It's not. It's legitimate. Here. This is the date that Georgia was born.

Mrs. Lamarque: In that case, I can show you proof that Georgia is not your daughter.


[Knock on door]

Jan: When I get through with you, you and Rex are history. You'll be sorry you ever messed with Jan Spears. You hear me, Measles? When sexy Rexy hears what you did, he's gonna dropkick you faster than you dumped your kid.


Shawn-d: Did the doorbell just ring downstairs?

Belle: Yes, which means we've got some time. You have to get out of here before Philip comes up here.

Shawn-d: No, I am not going anywhere. I'm not gonna let you face him alone, okay? I have to be here --

Belle: No, you can't be here. Philip won't listen to anything that you have to say. He'll just attack you. It'll be a disaster.

Shawn-d: I can handle myself.

Belle: Shawn, Philip loves me. He's been incredibly great to me. I owe it to him to break the news to him as gently as I can without you being there. Don't you see? It would be like you were gloating -- letting him know you won.

Shawn-d: You're right. You're right. I didn't think about it that way. Okay, fine, just call me as soon as you talk to him, okay?

Belle: I promise I will.

Shawn-d: I love you. Be strong.

Belle: I love you.

Belle: Now I have to break the heart of another man I love -- a wonderful man. Oh, God, how did this happen?

Philip: Are you sure?

Rex: Yeah, I heard it from one of the guys in your unit who I know at Salem U.

Philip: I can't believe this is happening.

Belle: Believe what happened? Something wrong?

Rex: I better let Philip tell you.

Belle: Okay. I have something to talk to Philip about, too. It's important.

Rex: Well, Philip’s got some pretty awful news. You need to be there for him. Thank God he has you, Belle.

Belle: Okay.

Rex: Sorry, man.

Philip: Thanks.

Belle: Philip, what happened? What's wrong?

Philip: It's Paul, our first lieutenant. He was driving back from the base, and he got in a really bad car wreck, and they don't think he's going to make it.


[Doorbell rings]

Sami: Oh, who could that be?

Lucas: Oh, maybe it's Will. Probably lost his key again. Will, you -- hello!

Man: Hello, I have a delivery here for Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Roberts.

Lucas: Yeah, that's us. That's us.

Sami: I like the sound of that. A little money your way.

Sami: Ha ha!

Lucas: Whoa, that's a lot of money your way. You have you hands filled. Got that? Okay, I got it.

Man: Congratulations.

Lucas: Oh, well, thank you.

Man: And I'll get the door for you.

Lucas: I appreciate that. Thanks. Early wedding gifts! Can you believe this? I'll put 'em over here.

Sami: Lucas, that is incredible. Do you think -- oh, my gosh.

Lucas: Honey, we gotta wait.

Sami: I wanna open them.

Lucas: You can't till after the reception. Don't do it.

Sami: We have to open them now so we can get a head start on our thank-you notes. I hope there's a cappuccino maker in here somewhere.

Lucas: Maybe.

Sami: Ha ha ha.


Brandon: Look, Celeste, my coming back to Salem has nothing to do with Samantha. I'm here for my father. I wanna see him. I just thought I'd check in with Lexie first.

Celeste: Well, she's at the hospital, darling, I just spoke with her.

Brandon: Did she say how he's doing?

Celeste: Yes. Abraham's finally managing to get some sleep. And Alexandra’s gonna stay there with him and try to get some rest herself.

Brandon: Good. I won't disturb them then. Look, I know what you're thinking. Not to worry, I won't go anywhere, all right? I'll just stay here and maybe take a nap or something. It was a long flight.

Celeste: Oh, you didn't sleep on the plane?

Brandon: No, not really. I was sitting next to this lady, and she just wouldn't stop talking.

Celeste: Oh, well, she must have been very interested in you. Was she pretty, darling?

Brandon: Yeah, actually, she was.

Celeste: Does she have a name?

Brandon: Heather, I think.

Celeste: Heather?

Brandon: Mm-hmm.

Celeste: And did you get her number?

Brandon: No, not really, she -- why does everything have to be about Samantha? I'm not going anywhere near her, Celeste.

Celeste: Well, maybe not today. But if you stay in Salem, I don't see how you can avoid it. Look, as I told you on the phone, coming back now, before Samantha is married to Lucas -- you are sorely tempting fate. And fate, as we know, darling, has a sadistic sense of humor.


Mrs. Lamarque: These are the documents from when we adopted Georgia.

Mrs. Lamarque: And here's a copy of her birth certificate.

Billie: The dates don't match. They're almost three months apart.

Bo: The DiMeras could have altered that. That's a no-brainer.

Mr. Lamarque: 15 years ago? It's hardly likely. Why would he change the birth date and no other relevant data -- like the fact that Georgia was born in the United States?

Bo: They don't want us to give up. They want to keep our hopes alive.

Mrs. Lamarque: There's no doctor or medical information here.

Billie: That's because Georgia was born in a small cabin in the Louisiana Bayou.

Mrs. Lamarque: I think you're good people, but I know you're mistaken. Georgia is not your daughter.

Billie: But I believe that she is. And I want a chance to prove it. That's why it is imperative that we take her back with us to the United States.

Mrs. Lamarque: No, this will not happen without an order from the courts.

Hope: I think I know a way to get the proof we need... right here, right now.


Mimi: God. So, what happened with Belle?

[Bang on closet door]

Jan: Shawn! Shawn, is that you? Let me out of here!

Mimi: You said to make sure she didn't interfere.

Jan: Shawn!

Shawn-d: Yeah, yeah.

Jan: That crazy bitch locked me in the closet.

Rex: What?

Shawn-d: Well, in a way, I asked her to. See, I had to do something. I didn't want Jan to mess it up.

Jan: Rex, your meddling little witch here helped Shawn set up a meeting with Belle again.

Rex: Damn it, Mimi, you promised me. How could you?

Shawn-d: I forced her to, okay? And it was worth it.

Rex: Why? Did Belle help you finally realize the truth?

Shawn-d: Yeah, she did, and now she's straightening out Philip.

Rex: What are you talking about?

Shawn-d: Belle and I worked things out.

Jan: No. No, that didn't happen.

Shawn-d: Yeah, Jan, it did. Belle loves me, and I love her back.

Jan: No, that's not true. That can't be true.

Rex: Yeah, I agree. This can't be true. What about Philip?

Mimi: Thank God. Finally true love won out in the end.

Jan: Maybe for them, but not for you. When I get back, Measles, you're doomed.

Rex: Is this really happening?

Shawn-d: Yeah, Belle's telling Philip right now.

Mimi: I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I know I wasn't supposed to get involved, but I just couldn't

stand in the way of true love any longer.

Rex: This is serious, Mimi. You lied to me! You did something I specifically asked you not to do.

Mimi: I know, but --

Rex: We'll talk about this later when we're alone. Right now, I'm really worried about Philip. I mean, the guy is getting shipped off today, he just got some terrible news, and now Belle is telling him she's in love with Shawn. I can't believe this is happening. Philip's going to be devastated, and it's your fault, Mimi.


Belle: Do you have any details?

Philip: All I know is what Rex told me -- that Paul was flown to a military hospital for an operation.

Belle: This is so horrible. Wait. Paul was the one we went to dinner with that time, right? And his wife Maria?

Philip: Yeah, Maria.

Belle: They were so looking forward to a family. Poor Maria. She must be devastated.

Philip: Yeah, well, she should be... because what happened to Paul was most likely her fault.

Belle: What do you mean?

Philip: Paul has been on the base for six months without leave. He's been getting our unit in shape, conducting special training before we ship out. So, when we finally got our marching orders, Paul went home on leave. Except Maria wasn't there, and neither were any of her things. She left him a "Dear John" letter saying that she was leaving him, that their marriage was over, and that she was filing for divorce.

Belle: She wrote all of that in a letter?

Philip: It's really nothing new. Guys in the service have been getting letters like that since the beginning.

Belle: It's so awful.

Philip: Yeah, but when soldiers are overseas, that's really the only way that their girlfriends can get in touch with them. I actually know quite a few guys who've gotten letters, e-mails, voice mails like that -- you name it. And it's pretty heartless, actually. I mean, especially if you're still gonna break up with someone who's stateside. At least have the guts to do it in person.

Belle: Do you know why Maria left him?

Philip: Yeah. Apparently, while Paul was on the base, Maria reconnected with an old boyfriend and fell back in love with him. You believe that?


Brandon: Look, Celeste, no disrespect towards you and your powers. I mean, you knew that Abe and all the other victims of the Salem Stalker were still alive. But I have to tell you, in this case, you're wrong. And here it is. Samantha is marrying Lucas. Right here in black and white -- done deal.

Celeste: Well, not yet, darling. It may be doomed to disaster like Samantha’s other weddings.

Brandon: I think this one's going off without a hitch.

Celeste: Well, now, there is a way to find out, if you're willing... and unafraid.


Sami: Wow. Two toasters and a blender.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: What do people think, that we don't have a blender or a toaster?

Lucas: I don't know.

Sami: I know what I'm doing tomorrow -- taking these back.

Lucas: Well, at least you got your cappuccino maker over there.

Sami: True.

Lucas: [Irish accent] And sheesh, don't forget grandpa Shawn. He got us that great trip to Ireland.

Sami: Well, that's definitely gonna be hard to beat. Oh, we gotta open this one, too. It's too bad it's too small to be a fondue pot or a waffle maker or something.

Lucas: It's light, too. I wish it was a waffle maker. I like waffles.

Sami: Waffles? I can make waffles. I could learn how to make waffles, maybe. All right, let's see what this is. Here. Oh, my gosh. Oh, they're so gorgeous.

Lucas: Love birds?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: Check this out. It says, "the legend of the lovebirds. Forged by passion's fire, they require a firm hold, but delicate touch. A tight grasp will crush them. Too loose, and they may fly away. Take good care. Cherish and protect them. For if they should break, hearts will break, too."

Sami: Wow, that's really special. We'll have to make sure never to break them. Who sent them?

Lucas: "Dear Sami and Lucas, I'm sorry I couldn't be there for your wedding, but I truly wish you every happiness."

Sami: Oh, that's so sweet. It must be from grandma Evans, right?

Lucas: It's from Brandon.


Billie: How can you prove whether or not Georgia is our daughter?

Hope: Very simple. Georgia, sweetie, do you know your blood type?

Georgia: No, no, I do not.

Mrs. Lamarque: But I do. It's ab-negative, from her medical record.

Bo: I'm o-negative.

Billie: O-positive.

Bo: We're not compatible.

Mr. Lamarque: Then Georgia is not your daughter.

Billie: Wait, how do we know that you're not lying about Georgia’s blood type?

Hope: Billie, Fabian would have had to have known both of your blood types in order to pick one that wasn't compatible. And there's no point in lying. It's easy enough to get a blood test right here in the village. Well, it's time to go.

Bo: I have more questions. I'm not completely convinced that Georgia’s not our daughter.

Hope: Bo, you're putting these poor people and this girl through hell. Don't you remember how it felt when Glen and Barb showed up to our door the first time and claimed that J.T. was theirs?

Bo: This is different.

Hope: You're right, it is. Very different. Glen and Barb were J.T.'s parents.

Billie: I just -- I can't believe that we have come this far for nothing. And I will not leave here without conclusive proof.

Mrs. Lamarque: I just remember. There's something else in Georgia’s records that might just give you the proof you need. This is it. This was given to us by the agency when we finalized Georgia’s adoption. They said to open it if anyone came to us claiming to be Georgia’s birth parents, and wanting to take her away from us.

Billie: Isn't that a strange thing to anticipate?

Bo: May I read that? Thank you.

Bo: It's from Anthony DiMera.


Shawn-d: That's a terrible story. I'm sorry, I -- that's rough, man.

Mimi: Paul's married, right? I mean, this must be so awful for his wife.

Rex: Actually, it's --

Jan: [Humming "rock-a-bye baby"]

Shawn-d: Why are you back?

Jan: I just realized that I overreacted before. Who am I to stand in the way of true love? Right, Mimi?

Mimi: What the hell are you up to?

Jan: Nothing. Nothing at all. I just -- I realized that it's time for me to be a gracious loser. So, has Belle gone ahead and completely, utterly, totally, and cruelly broken Philip’s heart yet? Stomped on it, ground it up with her shoe, then picked it up, cooked it, and eaten it for dinner?

Shawn-d: That's not how it's gonna be. Listen, Belle's gonna call in a little bit, so I think it's best that you just leave.

Jan: No, I'm not going to leave, Shawn. Not until I've given Mimi her gift. I don't want it.

Jan: Well, it's for Rex, too. So, Rex, why don't you open it?

Rex: I can't help it. I'm curious.

Mimi: No, no, no, no. You can't open that!

Rex: Why not? Aren't you curious?

Mimi: No.

Rex: Come on.

Jan: Isn't it cute? I saw it in the toy store earlier, and I just -- I couldn't help but think of Mimi.


Belle: Paul and Maria seemed so happy.

Philip: Paul certainly thought they were. He had everything invested in her. His entire future was centered around his marriage to Maria. I just can't believe she dropped this on him the day before he ships out. It's no wonder he slid off the road. He can't concentrate on his driving. I just -- I just hope he wasn't so devastated that he didn't care whether he lived or died.

Belle: What? Are you saying he was trying to commit suicide because his wife left him?


Brandon: And this is gonna tell us the fate of Samantha’s wedding?

Celeste: Not just her wedding, darling, but the future of her marriage. Come. Give me your hands.

Brandon: Oh, come on, Celeste, don't make me a part of this. I don't wanna be responsible for what happens to Samantha’s marriage.

Celeste: Darling, you already are a part of this. Please, now, give me your hands.

Celeste: Now close your eyes and concentrate.


Lucas: Stop doing that. Don't touch it. You're gonna cut your hand. Stop it, Sami.

Sami: No, I have to. Look, I can -- I can do it. I can glue these pieces back together. I have to, or else -- or else our love and our marriage are doomed.

Lucas: Are you really that superstitious, huh? Are you? No, forget it. Don't answer that. Don't answer that. That stupid psychic hotline you're always calling with what's-her-face, Miss Wendy -- don't tell me you're still calling that lady.

Sami: How could I not be upset, Lucas? Look at these lovebirds.

Lucas: I don't care. Has anything changed? Has anything changed between us at all?

Sami: Well, no. Not yet. But it will.

Lucas: Why?

Sami: Be-- because.

Lucas: Because why, huh? Because what? "The legend of the lovebirds"?

Sami: Would you please not make fun of me, okay? Can't you see how upset I am?

Lucas: You know, I think you're being ridiculous. You know, it's almost like you want our wedding to end in a disaster.

Sami: Of course I don’t.

Lucas: Well, then, why are you creating problems where they don't exist? Just like with my mom.

Sami: You're calling me ridiculous? Your mother has a death wish against me, okay? And you always see her side.

Lucas: Fine, let's fight. You wanna fight --

Sami: I don't wanna fight, but you are being ridiculous if you really think that Kate is supporting our marriage, okay? She hates me. And you -- you always see her side because that's what you always do.

Lucas: You know, if my mom and Eugenia are plotting against you, you are the only one that will allow them to succeed. You. You hold the future to us in your hands.

Sami: Well, I hope that's true.

Lucas: You know, I'm getting married -- as scheduled and as planned. And I hope you're there, too. Wouldn't be the same without you.


Hope: What does it say?

Bo: "I wish I knew an effective way to laugh aloud in print..."

Hope: Bastard.

Bo: "But, alas, all I can do is say sorry, wrong girl. Keep looking. But I assure you, you'll have no better luck next time while I, on the other hand, will continue to have fun. Happy hunting, best regards, Count Anthony DiMera." Why the hell does this bastard keep doing this to us?

Hope: Why does he do anything, Bo?

Bo: But he's dead. How long is this gonna last?

Mrs. Lamarque: If you're finally satisfied, may I please ask you to leave now?

Hope: Yes. It's time for us to go.

Billie: No. No. I'm not going without Georgia.

Bo: Billie.

Billie: No, no. We do not have any definite answers. We're gonna leave without even a D.N.A. test? Maybe this is DiMera’s trick. Maybe he wants us to get this close, and then have us walk away and regret it for the rest of our lives. I still believe that she could be my daughter.

Georgia: I am not going. But I can give you the proof you need... without taking me with you.


Sami: So, you really don't think we're jinxed, right?

Lucas: I love you. Do you love me?

Sami: Yes, I love you more than anything or anyone.

Lucas: Honey, that's all we need. I know we've had some bad luck lately with the pearls and the lovebirds, and... I'm not demeaning the situation. I know how much your mom's pearls meant to you, but I really don't think John gave them to Belle to purposely hurt you.

Sami: It doesn't matter because you gave me my own strand of pearls, and we can start our own family tradition with them.

Lucas: There's also a tradition I'd like to start. I want you to trust that everything is gonna be okay. Trust in our love, all right?

Sami: You're right. You're right. It doesn't matter that I broke these stupid lovebirds anyway, right?

Lucas: Heck, no. It doesn't mean a thing.

Sami: You know what? I could call the store and tell them that they were broken when they got here.

Lucas: You could do that. That's the Sami I know and love. You don't change, do you?

Sami: No, not completely.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sami: I love you.

Lucas: I love you back.


Celeste: Show us a sign of Samantha’s wedding.

Brandon: How the hell did you do that?


Billie: Georgia, how can you give me proof?

Georgia: I saw this in a movie once. Have this tested, and compare it to your D.N.A. and Bo’s. I am sure it will not match.

[Car horn blows]

Hope: That must be Patrick. It took him long enough. It's him. It's time to go.

Billie: Thank you, Georgia. You're a beautiful girl.

Georgia: I will pray for you, that you find your daughter.

Bo: I'm sorry for the intrusion. We've all been victims of the DiMeras. I'll leave you my card. If anyone ever tries to cause you trouble, you call me immediately. I'll see that you get help.

Mr. Lamarque: Thank you.

Mrs. Lamarque: We wish you well. Godspeed.

Hope: Thank you.

Bo: Billie, come on. Come on. Don't worry. We'll find our daughter. And I'll be with you every step of the way.

Billie: Thank you.


Shawn-d: Jan, is this a joke?

Jan: No. As a matter of fact, I'm being completely sincere.

Rex: This thing's amazing.

Jan: Yeah. Yeah, it is. It's anatomically correct, also. It's a boy. At first I came up with the name Thomas Rex Lockhart, "T-Rex" for short. But I think Rex Jr. is a little bit nicer. Listen to how it talks.

Doll: Mama.

Jan: It just tears me up inside. It's such a shame it's not really alive. I remember how Mimi and I used to play with dolls when we were younger -- and actually friends -- and dream about how one day we'd have babies of our own. And I always thought that Shawn and I would get married, settle down, have a family. But that's not gonna happen now, is it?

Shawn-d: No, no, it's not. I'm gonna be with Belle.

Jan: Yeah. I know the doll is a lame substitute for a real baby, isn't it, Mimi?

Rex: Oh, my God, I finally figured out what's going on.

Jan: Well, it took you long enough, brainiac. But at least now you finally know the truth.


Philip: No, I don't think Paul tried to kill himself. He's stronger than that. But that doesn't go for everybody. There are guys who go completely off the deep end when they get those "Dear John" letters.

Belle: Like, what do they try to do?

Philip: They drink, they do drugs...worse. They just don't give a damn about anything anymore. There was a guy in our company last year who was in combat. Found out that his wife left him. Just stopped caring. This guy would charge enemy-held buildings, no backup, no fire support, nothing. He didn't care.

Belle: Oh, my God. Was he trying to die?

Philip: Yeah. It seems that way. Thank God I have you, Belle. Thank God I never have to worry that you'll be faithful to me. Thank God you would never do what Maria did to Paul.

Belle: I can't believe this happened on the day that you and Paul were supposed to ship out.

Philip: Neither can I. You know how horrible this is for the morale of our combat unit? It's like a bad omen that the entire mission could be doomed.

Belle: Okay, one doesn't have anything to do with the other, Philip. You can't think that way.

Philip: I know. I know. You're right. You're right. And I don't want to worry you any more than you already are. I'm going to be fine. I've got this to protect me, keep me safe. And more importantly, I have you at home loving me and waiting for me to get back.

Philip: Sweetheart, are you okay?

Belle: Am I okay? Are you okay?

Philip: Yeah, I'm fine. I mean... there's nothing else we can really do right now except pray for Paul and wait to find out what happens. I just -- I don't even want to talk about him anymore. It's okay, all right? Um, you said you wanted to tell me something important. What is it? What did you want to tell me, Belle?


Jan: Why don't you tell your boyfriend what you should have told him a long time ago?


Philip: And I have any suspicion that he was trying to worm his way back into your life, it would kill me.


Bo: What you're not saying is you don't want my daughter to be part of our lives.


Tony: When I'm finished, Bo and Hope will part, never to be reunited again.

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