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Eugenia: Poor Mr. Black, coming down with the flu on top of everything that he's been through. Well, lucky for him he has a friend like Kate to help him through it.

Kate: Ah, Eugenia. Come in. Thank you so much for rushing over here.

Eugenia: No problem. What's up?

Kate: Sami and Lucasís wedding -- it's coming up very quickly, and you and I still have a lot to do.

Eugenia: I can't believe that St. Luke's is actually being repaired this quickly. I mean, between Shawn Brady crashing his motorcycle through the stained-glass window, to the fire that started when his motorcycle's gas tank exploded, I just figured that Sami and Lucasís big church wedding would have to be postponed for at least a year.

Kate: No, no, no, because the congregation and the construction team wanna see everything fixed as soon as possible, and they're right on schedule, which means stopping the wedding is up to you and me.

Eugenia: Oh, those are beautiful. Are those a get well present for Mr. Black?

Kate: No, they're not. Actually, this is a sample centerpiece for Samiís reception. I did all the legwork. All she has to do is sign off on it. Now aren't I just the perfect mother-in-law-to-be?

Eugenia: It would be hard for anyone to say that you're not.

Kate: Well, Sami and Lucas have to believe I'm sincere, you know? Meanwhile, Brandonís going to get the e-mail I sent on Lexieís PDA, and soon he'll be rushing back to the side of his ailing father. And once again, Sami -- Sami dear is going to be torn between two lovers.

Eugenia: Feeling like a fool.

Eugenia: These aren't for your wedding, Sami. They're for your funeral.


Lucas: I just -- I don't know. Are you sure about this? Are you sure this is a good time?

Sami: Lucas, I wanna get my mother's pearls. She promised that she was gonna have me wear them on my wedding day. They're rightfully mine.

Lucas: Yeah, I know, but my mom said John has a bad case of the flu, and I don't think we should disturb him now.

Sami: Lucas, I need those pearls to help me break the curse of my wedding day disasters, okay?

Lucas: All right, all right, all right.

Sami: I-I-I just think that we're either gonna get them now, or we're gonna elope because I'm not gonna plan some big wedding without them.

Lucas: Come on, Sami, please, don't do this.

Sami: You don't understand. My grandpa Evans gave those pearls to my grandma on her wedding day, and my grandma gave them to my mom to wear on her wedding day, and my mom always said that she was gonna have her firstborn daughter wear them on hers, and that's me.

Lucas: I know. I know.

Sami: But my mom never gave them to me before, and I'm sure it's because she knew that those weddings weren't meant to be. But this is real. And I don't want anything to go wrong this time. So, we're gonna have enough details to worry about right before the wedding. I wanna get this taken care of right now. Unless, of course, John the junkie sold my pearls to pay for his drug habit.


Kate: It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be all right, okay? Just take it easy. You'll be okay.

Kate: It's gonna be okay.

John: Come here. Come here.


Hope: Bo and Billie were somewhere in this village the last time I heard from him.

Patrick: I think we should book a couple of rooms first and get some rest before --

Hope: No, there's no time.

Patrick: Hope, you're exhausted. We've been traveling all night.

Hope: Bo's in trouble, Patrick.

Patrick: We can't be sure of that.

Hope: No, no, I can feel it. The Basic Black jet was still on the tarmac when we landed, and you heard what the pilot said. He hadn't heard from Bo or Billie since Bo asked him to fuel up the plane to return back to Salem. What is it? Is that --

Patrick: A DiMera castle.

Hope: I knew it. Stefano and Tony set this whole thing in motion before they died. Damn it, I told Bo and Billie that the DiMeras were using the possibility of their daughter being alive to lure us all back into danger. That's why I didn't want them coming back here without I.S.A. back-- we've gotta find them immediately, before it's too late.

Patrick: I'm sorry, Hope, but for right now, Bo and Billie are on their own.


Girl: Wake up. Please, wake up.

Girl: Are you all right? Did those men hurt you?

Billie: Oh, my God. It's really you, isn't it? It's really you -- my baby girl, my Georgia.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Lucas: All I'm saying is if you're gonna ask John for a favor, it might not be a good idea to call the guy a junkie.

Sami: Look, it's not a favor. Those pearls belong to me. And besides, it's the truth. He is a junkie. Even father Jansen knows.

Lucas: Father Jansen knows? How?

Sami: Because I told him.

Lucas: You told him? Why did you do that?

Sami: I couldn't stand it anymore, okay? Everyone in this town thinks that John is this big superhero and I'm his loser stepdaughter. Well, he is the loser, Lucas, and I just wish everyone knew it. But since you won't let me tell anyone, I-I told father Jansen.

Lucas: That's just wrong, wrong on so many levels.

Sami: Why? All I was doing was confessing what I saw to the priest. And what I saw was John shooting up in church before Belle's wedding, and I saw him stealing drugs from the nurse's cart at the hospital.

Lucas: Sami, if John has a drug problem --

Sami: No, there is no "if" about it, okay? He does. I had to tell someone before I burst, okay? And father Jansen promised me that he wouldn't be able to tell anyone what I confessed, so I don't understand what the big deal is.

Lucas: The big deal is the man's reputation is at stake here.

Sami: Oh, it's a bogus reputation. No one is ever gonna make him pay for all the things he has done, and now God will.

Lucas: God doesn't need you to tell him what John did or didn't do.

Sami: He's very busy. He might have missed it.

Lucas: If God was responsible for punishing every mortal transgression, Sami, you and I would have been fried by lightning years ago.

Sami: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Lucas: I am on your side, whether you believe that or not. That's why when you go in there, and you see John, you're gonna be the sweet, loving stepdaughter he's always wanted you to be.


Kate: Stop. Stop. We are not gonna do this.

John: It's okay. It's okay. Come on, come here.

Kate: You are trying to seduce me so that I'll give you some drugs, but that is not gonna happen. You can forget it... because they're not here. I got rid of them.

John: Kate. I wasn't -- wasn't trying to... I was kissing Marlena. I opened my eyes and it was you. Oh, my head's playing tricks on me.

Kate: It's just the withdrawal.

John: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Kate: No, it's o-- it's okay. It's okay, just forget about it. You just took my -- you took me by surprise, that's all, okay? Look, the important thing is that you -- you need to get through this, and you need to fight through it.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll get through this. No one else knows about this, right?

Kate: No, of course not. The party line is that you have a bad flu, and that you're not to be disturbed.

John: Good.

Kate: I did some, um, I did some research on the internet, and I found out that it's not just the physical addiction that you need to kick, it's -- well, it's also an emotional dependency. But there's lots of counselors in Salem. There's a first-class rehab facility.

John: I'm not there yet, Kate, okay? All I need right now is just to have somebody by my side that I can really trust, and that is you.

Kate: You know that I'm here for you.

John: I know that I've got a long road ahead of me. But I wouldn't be this far if it weren't for you. Thank you. Thank you.

Kate: You'd do the same for me. Here. You need to stay covered, all right? Why don't you drink -- you should drink some of this tea. It's cold, though. I'm gonna get you some warm tea.

John: Thanks.

Kate: Here. Stay under these. I'll be back.

John: I don't need counselors or rehab or your damn coffee. Just need those damn drugs to get through.


Hope: What do you mean, "Bo and Billie are on their own"? We've gotta find them. That's why we're here.

Patrick: Not until we get our bearings straight and have a clear plan of action. Otherwise, we'll be doing exactly what you're accusing Billie of doing -- putting all of our lives at risk. This village is one giant booby trap.

Hope: You've been here before, haven't you?

Patrick: Yeah. A very long time ago. And unless something's changed, which I doubt, this village is a lot like that island we were trapped on. There are DiMera surveillance cameras everywhere. Every man, woman, and child is either directly or indirectly working for their organization.

Hope: This really complicates things.

Patrick: Yeah, and if we pique anyone's curiosity, they will report our every move to the DiMeras. Now, unfortunately, Bo and Billie weren't armed with that information.

Hope: Yeah, but we are. And if anyone can stay below the radar, we can.

Patrick: That's what I think. But like I said, we need a plan. So, let's see if there's room at the inn, and we can get off the street, and try to figure things out.

Hope: Let's go.

Hope: Looks like there's a wedding celebration going on.

Patrick: Good. The more distraction for the locals, the better. Just keep your head down. We don't wanna wind up in any photos that the DiMeras might see.

Hope: Are there any other hotels in the village?

Patrick: No, not that I'm aware of.

Hope: Then Bo and Billie must have checked in here, too. I know all the aliases he uses.

Hope: What the hell was that, Lockhart?

Patrick: There's a surveillance camera directly above the desk. And my guess is the feed goes directly to the DiMera castle. So try to keep your back to it, and play along so we don't arouse any suspicion, okay?

Hope: We need to get our hands on that registration book.

Patrick: We will, okay?

Man: May I help you?

Hope: Excuse us.

Patrick: Yeah, um, we're looking for a room.

Man: You're Americans.

Patrick: Yeah, is that -- is that a problem?

Man: Not at all.

Hope: We just, um, we just got engaged. I'm sorry, we don't have a reservation, but possibly -- well, we just thought the village was so romantic.

Man: It's a busy night. But, lucky for you, a room just became vacant.

Hope: That's great!

Patrick: A couple checked out at this hour?

Man: No, a single, though another American couple did take a room earlier.

Patrick: Well, did you hear that, honey? I mean, who would have thought in a village this small we'd run into more Americans?

Hope: Yeah.

Man: I don't usually think of Americans as an amorous people, but maybe it's the moon.

Hope: What do you mean by that?

Man: Well, they seemed just as in love as you two. In fact, the bartender told me they couldn't keep their hands off each other.


Billie: Georgia. Georgia, you have to help us. You have to untie these ropes.

Georgia: Who is that man?

Billie: He's your birth father.

Georgia: My birth father? No.

Billie: Yes. Yes, and I'm your birth mother. Oh, Georgia, we love you so much. Please, don't be scared. Everything is gonna be okay from now on. I promise. Bo, Bo! Georgia's here! She's here! Wake up! Wake up! Oh, we've been searching for you for s-- Georgia?

[Echoing] Georgia. Georgia, no. Wait. Please come back. Come back, Georgia. Georgia. Georgia. Where did you go? Georgia.

Bo: Billie, Billie. Time to wake up. Billie.

Billie: Georgia.

Bo: Hey. Come on, wake up, wake up, wake up. You all right?

Billie: Where's Georgia?

Bo: What are you talking about?

Billie: Where's Georgia? She was -- she was just here. Bo, she was just in the room with us, but then I turned, and she got scared, and she disappeared. She's here. We have to find her.

Bo: Quiet, quiet, quiet. You were dreaming. You were sleeping. They must have drugged us. You were out all afternoon and evening.

Billie: But it seemed so real.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I know. Listen, we'll find her. We will, before the DiMeras get to her. First of all, we gotta get out of this house.

Bo: Oh, man, Hope is gonna be worried to death that I didn't show up at home. I bet you anything she flew over here. She doesn't know the danger she's walking into. There's one guard out front. I'll check out back.

Georgia's voice: Are you all right?

Billie: I'm fine, Georgia.

Billie: And now you will be, too. I promise.

Bo: Hey, we're in luck. There's no one out back. Here's what we're gonna do --

Billie: I'm not going anywhere, Bo -- not without our daughter.


Sami: Lucas, you're right. John is still my stepfather, whether or not he's a junkie.

Lucas: Hey, enough, all right?

Sami: No, you're right. Look, in honor of my mother's memory, I am going to be a good girl and a loving stepdaughter... as long as he gives me those pearls. If he doesn't, all bets are off.

Lucas: Honey, if you want pearls, I can get you some pearls.

Sami: Lucas, you can't replace those. My grandfather gave them to my grandmother, and my mom wore then when she married my dad, and if I can't have my parents with me on my wedding day, I'd like to have at least some part of them there with me. If I'm wearing my mother's pearls, I know the wedding will go off perfectly -- no more disasters, no being left at the altar, no public humiliations.

Lucas: If you say so.

Sami: Guys just don't get it, do they?

Lucas: Wait a minute. This guy gets it. I love you, and I can't wait to be your husband.


Kate: So, is there an E.T.A. for Brandonís arrival in Salem?

Eugenia: No, he hasn't even gotten the message about his father yet.

Kate: How do you know that?

Eugenia: I, um, I put him on my buddy list, and he hasn't been on the system since yesterday.

Kate: Well, I'm sure he'll pick it up soon. Then he'll get Lexieís e-mail, and he'll know that his father's in bad shape. And he'll come rushing back to Salem just in time to stop Sami from marrying Lucas.

Eugenia: You're a genius. No wonder you're --

[Knock on door]

Kate: Who could that be?

Kate: It's Sami and Lucas. You have to hide because if they find the two of us together, they're gonna know exactly what we're doing. Go into the powder room. It's down at the end of the hall.

Kate: Ha ha, this is a surprise.

Lucas: Hi, mom.

Kate: Hi, honey. So, what are you doing here?

Sami: Well, it's lovely to see you, too, Kate. Where's John? Oh, upstairs. Thanks.

Kate: You're not going anywhere.

John: Damn it, Kate not only threw out my drugs, she cleaned out the whole damn medicine cabinet. There's gotta be something around here somewhere. Doc used to keep another medical bag here, always kept some prescription medication around in case of an emergency, and this does classify as an emergency. Ah, yes.


Hope: Hey, honey, I wonder if the other Americans who checked in are that lovely couple that we met at the airport.

Patrick: Yeah.

Hope: What do you think? What do they look like? Were they our age?

Man: They were --

[Bell dings]

Man: I'll be right back.

Hope: We need to find out if the other couple is Bo and Billie.

Patrick: Agreed, but just remember what I said. If you start asking too many questions, you'll arouse suspicion, and then you'll be putting all of our lives in danger.

Hope: Trust me, if it was Bo, he's already in danger. What did that man mean? "It must be the moon. They couldn't keep their hands off each other"? Julie was right. When I get my hands on him --

Patrick: If it was Bo and Billie, I'm sure they were just acting, and if so, it was for the benefit of the desk clerk... the same way we were? Hope, you haven't slept. You're worried about Bo and Shawn. You're letting your emotions take over.

Hope: You're right. You're right, Boís a good -- a good detective. So is Billie -- when she puts her mind to it, anyhow. They were just creating a cover, doing the best thing they could. It's no big deal, right?

Patrick: Right, exactly. And if we're smart, we will do the same thing -- pretend to be that newly-engaged couple that we said we were, off on a romantic European getaway.

Hope: Anything you say, Sugar Pie.

Patrick: Okay.

Hope: I just wish I could get my hands on that registration book before the camera catches me -- make sure that they really were here, and if they were, what room they were in.

Patrick: Okay, okay. Just follow my lead, here. Oh, look, honey. There are lots of interesting things to see around here -- castles, battlefields, markets. Uh, what do you wanna do first?

Hope: Gee, sweetheart, I, um, I don't know. What would you like to do?

Patrick: Well, uh, I think that maybe I'd like to visit one of those old castles, and, uh, I don't know, run into a ghost or two.

Hope: Oh, my God, I don't believe it.

Patrick: What?

Man: What are you doing with the registry?


Bo: Billie, this could be our only chance. We gotta get outta here now.

Billie: Not without our daughter.

Bo: How many times have you said that? And how many times has it almost gotten us killed? Georgia is not here. She may never have been. This was a setup.

Billie: No, it wasn't! She was here. She was right here in this house, and she's coming back. I know it. Just like you and Hope know when there is something wrong with each other. That's why I have to be here waiting for her when she gets back, so that we can take her home.

Bo: Listen to me, I wanna find her just as much as you do. I wanna know that she's safe, I wanna bring her home. But if we stay in this house, we're sitting ducks. You know that as much as I do.

Billie: Don't you get it? She was right here! She was right here. I spoke to her. I saw her. And then she got scared, and she just ran away. So that's why I have to be here waiting for her to get back so that I can comfort her, and I can make her wanna be with us.

Bo: Listen to me. Shh! This was a dream. It didn't happen.

Billie: I know it was a dream, okay. But you believe in dreams when they're about Hope, right? Georgia was trying to contact me.

Bo: All right, maybe. But we're not gonna be any good to her if these guys take us prisoner and tie us up again. We gotta get outta here while we can. We gotta regroup, we gotta find Hope, and figure out what's going on with Georgia so we can find her.

Billie: You don't -- you don't even care about your daughter at all, do you? You don't care about finding Georgia. The only thing you care about is getting outta here and finding Hope.


Sami: Get your hands off of me, Kate. This is my mother's house, and I'm gonna go visit my stepfather, and you have no say in it.

Kate: Oh, no?

Sami: No.

Lucas: Wait. Wait a minute. Remember what we talked about, honey.

Sami: We talked about John, not Cruella Deville here. She may be your mother, but she's shacking up with John in my mom's home.

Kate: I am not shacking up with John, I'm helping him.

Sami: With his little problem?

Kate: If you mean the flu, yes.

Sami: Oh, is that what he's calling it now?

Lucas: All right, that's enough, both of you.

Sami: You're right. You're right. I'm gonna be good. No more fighting.

Lucas: Thank you.

Kate: And for your information, he does have the flu.

Sami: Well, okay, then I'll run right upstairs quickly and get my mother's pearls, and Lucas and I can leave.

Kate: Why the hell do you need Marlenaís pearls?

Sami: Because I'm gonna wear them at my wedding... otherwise I -- well, gee, Lucas, do you wanna tell her, or shall I?

Lucas: I will be the one to handle this, thank you.

Sami: Okay, well, then I'm gonna go wash my hands. There must be all sorts of germs around here with John so sick and all.

Lucas: Wait, mom. Mom.

Kate: I don't understand all this urgency about the pearls.

Lucas: She's got some crazy idea in her head that she needs some kind of good luck charm before she gets married, or the whole thing's gonna be ruined.

Kate: That is ridiculous, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, well, if she doesn't get it by today, she's gonna call the whole thing off.

Kate: If Sami doesn't get those pearls, she's going to call the whole thing off? That means she's going to break up with you?

Lucas: Well, no, we just won't have a big wedding. We'll just elope.

Kate: No!

Sami: Sounds like Kate heard about our plan to elope. Well, Kate can tell the entire world that John has the flu, for all I care... as long as I get to wear my pearls. Okay, while she's busy with Lucas, I'll just go upstairs and get them myself.

John: Damn it. It's empty.


Man: I said, what are you doing with the registry?

Hope: I'm so sorry.

Man: Why did you take it off the desk?

Patrick: It's my fault. Um, while we were waiting for you, I, uh, decided to circle some things on the map here, and, uh, well, we moved the book, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean any harm.

Man: I'll need your name here.

Man: It's room number 210.

Patrick: Thank you.

Man: Do you need help with your bags?

Patrick: Oh, no, we can manage. Anxious to get to our room.

Man: The stairs are right over there. Breakfast is served between 6:00 and 8:00.

Patrick: Great, thanks.

Hope: Thank you so much. Come on, honey. That was close.

Patrick: Did you, uh, recognize any of the names or the handwriting? There are, uh, lots of interesting things to see in the area, honey. Let's see here -- castles, uh, battlefields, markets. What do you wanna do first?

Hope: Gee, sweetheart, I, um, I don't know. What would you like to do?

Patrick: Well, uh, I think I'd like to visit maybe one of those old romantic castles, and, I don't know, run into an old ghost or two.

Hope: Oh, my God, I don't believe it. There was a page torn out, but there was a piece left with letters on it. "R-e-E." Just missing the "D." Billie must have registered under her own name.

Patrick: Okay, was there a room number?

Hope: 206.

Patrick: All right, let's go. Give me the key. Grab the bags. Let's go.


Bo: Of course I'm worried about Hope. She's my wife. I'm also worried about you and Georgia.

Billie: Just not as much.

Bo: Listen to me, she's my daughter, too. And if this wasn't important to me, if I wasn't gonna follow this through to the end, I never would have gotten on that plane with you and flown over here in the middle of the night. Now the thing is, Hope could have followed us over here, and she's in just as much danger as we are, only she doesn't realize it. Georgia and hope are both depending on us, and we're not gonna be able to help them out if these goons find us and tie us up again. You know I'm right, don't you?

Billie: I'm sorry.

[Sighs] The most important thing is finding my little girl. And you're right, that's not gonna happen if we're trapped here.

Bo: She's our little girl. Now, I'm trying to help everybody here -- Georgia, you, me, my wife. But I can't do that unless we work as a team, and that's what we are, right?

Billie: Right. Yes, we are.

Bo: Okay, good. As far as I could tell, there's only one guard out there watching us.

Billie: So what, do you wanna go out the back?

Bo: No, I got a plan. With any luck, it'll buy us some time.

Billie: Help! Help me! Somebody help! Help! Freeze, you goon!


Kate: Lucas, you can't elope -- not after all the plans we made. You have to wait.

Lucas: Well, we will. We will, as long as Sami gets Marlenaís pearls, which shouldn't take that long. I'm not worried about it. It just seems a little weird.

Kate: A little?

Lucas: Listen to me, I really appreciate everything you've done for us. You've really tried to give us the wedding of the century, but Sami has this idea in her head that -- that certain people are trying to conspire against her and stop this wedding from happening.

Kate: Oh, my God. Don't you think that's just getting a little old?

Lucas: Yes, I do. I do, but she's had bad luck on her way to the altar, and I gotta deal with that.

Kate: Lucas, you know something? Sami makes her own luck. And just because she's neurotic about her past does not mean that she should force you to give up your plans and elope.

Lucas: She's not forcing me to do anything, all right? I love her. She's my bride. I just feel like she deserves to have the wedding she's always wanted.

Kate: Lucas, she wants the church, she wants the audience, she wants the magazine spread, okay? It's just pre-wedding jitters, that's all. All brides get it. When she comes out of the bathroom, I'll talk to her, and I'll calm her down, okay?

Lucas: I don't think that's gonna help any... since she still has this crazy idea that you and Eugenia are the ones trying to stop this wedding.

Kate: Me?

Lucas: Yes.

Kate: Lucas, that is so crazy. Do you realize how much work I have put into this -- I have put my life on hold to prepare this wedding? You know that.

Lucas: I know, I know.

Kate: Look at these flowers, these beautiful flowers that...

Lucas: Yeah, they're great. The flowers are great, mom, but -- what are you doing? What's this?

Kate: What? Oh, God, Lucas, nothing. You know, it's just that I am -- I'm tired of this. I can't talk about this anymore. I'm going to go up and check on John, okay?

Lucas: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What's wrong?

Kate: Nothing is wrong.

Lucas: I don't believe you. I'm sorry. And I know that nothing. So you look me in the eyes right now and tell me exactly what's going on here.

Sami: Oh, you have the flu, all right. Hi, John. Good to see you're awake.

John: What are you doing here?

Sami: I came by to see you.

John: It's not a good time. I got the flu, probably contagious.

Sami: Oh, well, Kate told me. Don't worry, I'm lucky. I had my flu shot this season. But I'm sure you're worried about infecting Kate.

John: What do you want?

Sami: Can't a girl come visit her stepfather, especially when he's not feeling well?

John: I know you didn't come by for a chat. What do you want?

Sami: Okay, I came by to get my mom's pearls. I wanna wear them at my wedding.

John: What pearls?


Hope: Patrick, hurry up. Let's go. Bo, Billie, are you there?

Hope: Oh, my God, we're too late. Tony's people got to them.

Patrick: I don't think so. There's no sign of a struggle. It looks like they just were in a hurry and didn't clean up after themselves.

Hope: I hope to God you're right. How could Billie be so damn stupid to register in her own name? And in a town run by the DiMeras.

Patrick: Well, she and Bo didn't know that. This town isn't even on the I.S.A. or Interpolís radar. Tony and his father made sure of it years ago.

Hope: Oh, come on, Patrick. Come on, it doesn't matter. Billie is a trained I.S.A. agent and a cop. No matter how safe you think the situation is, you never give your own name. That's why Bo has all those aliases. How could he let her -- she must have checked in

when he was calling me. He doesn't even know what she did.

Patrick: I agree, it was sloppy. But you know what? There's a positive thing here. It led us to their room.

Hope: Why did they have to be so damn impulsive -- flying over here without any backup like a-- like a couple of untrained vigilantes?

Patrick: Hope, calm down. Now there is nothing in here to suggest foul play. They're probably out in the village nosing around.

Hope: Then why was their page torn out of the book, Patrick? Can you answer that? Bo is in danger. I can feel it.

Patrick: We're gonna find him.

Hope: I just hope when we do that it's not too late.


Billie: Now get up and take us to our daughter.

Bo: Come on, man, you heard the lady, get up.

Man: Go ahead, shoot. But my dying reflex will kill your lover.

Billie: Drop the gun.

Man: Why would I do that? No, the choice is yours, Ms. Reed. Do you save your lover or your daughter? The clock is ticking.

Bo: Don't let him rattle you, Billie.

Man: You're already rattled. Let me make the decision for you and shoot first. What do you think?

Billie: Where's Georgia? Where is our daughter?

Man: What's that expression, "hide in plain sight"? She's right up there.

Billie: Oh, my God. Bo, I was right. Georgia was here all along.


Sami: My father is dead now, so is my mother. And what do you do? Shack up with my dad's widow. How low can you get?


Man: Put your hands up.


Hope: Come on, Patrick, get out of the way.


Shawn-d: I gotta figure out how to handle the situation with Belle myself. But I'm running out of time.


Mimi: Are you going to admit that you're still in love with Shawn?

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