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Nancy: Chloe? I'm a little worried about you, sweetheart. The nurses said that you're not eating. And, you know, you're gonna need all your strength for tomorrow. The big day, remember? Your reconstructive surgery. Maybe I should go get you a little soup.

Chloe: I'm not hungry.

Nancy: But you have to eat. Chloe, this surgery is so important. I thought you were looking forward to it.

Chloe: What for? What difference could it possibly make -- at least enough to matter?

Nancy: Oh, sweetheart, now is not the time to lose faith.

Chloe: I can't help the way I feel.

Nancy: Maybe not, but I know something that will help. And that something is Brady. Now I want you to call him and tell him that you're alive, and tell him that you need him. Because if ever you needed him, it is now.


Nicole: Brady, you have to face the truth. Your father needs help. He's addicted.

Brady: I think you're overreacting, Nicole. My father took one prescription painkiller so that he could walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Nicole: And you believe that? Thatís the only reason, and now he'll just quit cold turkey?

Brady: My dad's a tough man, Nicole. He's been through a lot worse. Besides, I talked to his doctor, remember? He's not prescribing any more medication. So there's no way in hell my father could become addicted.

Nicole: Hello! Brady, he already is addicted. I know the signs. I can see it in his eyes. And if you don't think he can't find a way to get more --

Brady: Why are you doing this?

Nicole: Doing this?

Brady: Why are you trying to make my dad out to be some crazed, lying drug fiend? What, is it because he doesn't approve of our relationship, Nicole? So you feel the need to bash his character, tarnish his reputation?

Nicole: Yeah, that's it. That's my motivation. Thank you very much. I'm just trying to do the right thing here, and this is what I get? You know, the old Nicole wouldn't have given a damn. Hell, I wouldn't have thrown a glass of water on the man if he caught on fire. But I guess you haven't noticed that I've changed. Well, I have. And because of your love for me, Brady, I'm a better person, and I care about what happens to you and the people you care for. And I know how horrible you would feel if anything -- anything -- happened to your father that you could have possibly prevented. If you don't do something fast, you will never your father back. Never.


Kate: I guess I'll say good night, huh?

John: Good night.

[Clears throat]

John: What are you doing?

Kate: Um, I'm just gonna put these in the trash downstairs. You don't want the maid to come up and find them tomorrow.

John: Just leave it.

Kate: Why?

John: I'm gonna need some of that to make it to sleep tonight.

Kate: No. John --

John: Don't start with the "John, no" stuff, all right?

Kate: Look, you promised me that you wouldn't take them.

John: Just shut up and just give me the drugs, will you, damn it?

John: Let go of them!

Kate: No! Aah!


John: Come on, Katie. Kate? Katie? Katie, you all right? Come on. Wake up. Kate, come on. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, Katie. Come on, wake up. Katie, wake up! Come on! Come on.


Mimi: What the hell is wrong with you, Sami? Why did you have to open your big fat mouth in front of Philip?

Sami: What do you mean? What did I say?

Mimi: Oh, like you don't know.

Sami: What, what, that maybe Belle is up on the roof with Shawn? Gee, I think Philip was wondering where his bride was, and I wonder why? It's their wedding night! But you obviously knew where Belle was, didn't you? And you didn't want Philip to find out. And I have to wonder why, Mimi. Is it because you're intentionally trying to destroy my sister's marriage?

Mimi: Will you keep your voice down?

Sami: Why? Who are you afraid's going to hear?

[Door opens]

Rex: Hey, what's all this yelling about?

Sami: Why don't you ask your girlfriend, Rex? Because I think she's intentionally trying to destroy Philip and Belle's wedding night.


Belle: Shawn, no, I can't do this. I'm married!

Shawn-d: Belle, Belle, come on, you felt something. I know you did. You cannot deny it.

Belle: This isn't right. I'm Philipís wife.

Belle: Philip.

Philip: You're a dead man!

Belle: No! Philip, no! Stop it, please! No!


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.



Rex: Mimi, what is she talking about? How are you going to ruin Belle and Philipís wedding night?

Jan: That better not be true.

Mimi: I have no idea what she's talking about.

Sami: Well, let me explain. I came over to visit my sister, make sure she was okay after what happened tonight and give her her wedding gift, and Mimi had all these excuses as to why I couldn't see her. Then Philip comes out. Lo and behold, his bride is missing. He had no idea where she was.

Rex: What?

Jan: Mimi, you wouldn't by any chance happen to know where Belle is?

Sami: Oh, I'll tell you if you want.

Rex: Oh, for God's sake, somebody just say it. Where is she?

Sami: She's up on the roof with Shawn. Obviously a little rendezvous that Mimi helped to arrange.

Jan: Oh, my God.

Rex: I don't believe this. Mimi, you promised me -- you promised me that you'd mind your own business. How the hell could you do this?


Belle: Philip, stop! You need to stop! Stop! Stop, please! Aah!

Philip: Get up! Get up!

Belle: Stop it, Philip!

Philip: Get your ass up!

Belle: Aah! No! No! No! No! Philip, I'm begging you, stop!

Shawn-d: Come back.

Philip: Is this what you wanted? Look how upset she is. Is this what you wanted? Did you want to get her this upset?

Shawn-d: It's all you!

Philip: You bastard! If she wasn't here, I'd throw your ass off this roof! Are you okay? Did he hurt you?

Belle: No. I can explain. He just wanted to talk.

Philip: He wanted to talk?

Belle: Yes, he just wanted to apologize for ruining our wedding.

Philip: I just saw him kissing you. I saw him force himself on you. I heard you say "stop."

Belle: No, he just got carried away. He didn't mean to.

Philip: Why do you keep making excuses for him? Why do you keep sticking up for him? I want this scum out of our lives. I'll tell you what we're going to do, okay? We're gonna let the cops handle this, okay? When they found out that this lunatic came after us again, they're gonna send him to jail where he belongs. Only this time, there's not gonna be any bail. You're gonna go away for a long time, Shawn. And Belle and I are gonna start our lives together. Let's go. We're calling the cops. No, Philip, you can't!


Nancy: Chloe, do it. Pick up that phone and call Brady. Tell him that you're alive and that you need him.

Chloe: No. I won't be a burden to him. I've told you so many times. I'm not the same girl he fell in love with. And no matter what you or any of the doctors say, there's no guarantee that I ever will be.

Nancy: But what difference does that make? And besides, you are the same girl. Deep down inside where it counts.

Chloe: Nancy.

Nancy: Chloe, he loves you. And he should be here. He'd want to be here. You need to call him. And if you don't, I will.

Chloe: Don't you dare. I mean it. This is my decision, and I'm asking you to respect it. If you don't, I will never forgive you.

Nancy: Oh, Chloe, you don't mean that.

Chloe: You and dad and joy are all I've got now, mom. I don't want to lose you. Please don't push me away.

Nancy: Chloe, that's the last thing I would want.

Chloe: Then let me handle this my own way. Please.

Nancy: All right, I won't make the call.

Chloe: Thank you.

Nancy: But, sweetheart, promise me one thing -- that you'll think about it. One call, and Brady would be back in your arms. And the two of you could be so happy. And it would make all the difference in the world when you go into that surgery tomorrow. I just know it would.

Chloe: Okay. I'll think about it. But only if you do me a favor.

Nancy: Anything.

Chloe: Can you go get me some soup from the cafeteria?

Nancy: Ha ha. Yes. I'll be right back.

Chloe: I'm sorry, Nancy. I told you I was going to handle this my own way, and I meant it.


Brady: Nicole, I appreciate your concern. I do, but I wish you would stop insisting my dad's a drug addict when it's not true.

Nicole: I'm telling you, I know.

Brady: And I am telling you again his doctor is not prescribing any more medication. Neither is Lexie.

Nicole: And since when has that ever stopped anyone who needed a fix?

Brady: My dad is not just anyone.

Nicole: Oh, that's right. I forgot. He's John Black. Mr. Almighty. Mr. Invincible.

Brady: No, not invincible, but he's the strongest person I've ever known. He has an amazing self-will and a superhuman control.

Nicole: Oh, please.

Brady: Whatever, Nicole. All I'm trying to say is my dad is not the type of person to get addicted to drugs and then lie to his family about it.

Nicole: Unlike my father?

Brady: That's not what I meant.

Nicole: You know what? It's okay. I would never defend Paul Mendez. But let me ask you a question. If your father is so infallible, and every word that comes out of his mouth is held up as gospel, why haven't you listened to what he said about me? What a terrible person I am. Or maybe it's only a matter of time before you do, before you realize he's right about that too, and you leave. Is that what's gonna happen, Brady, after you've had your fun?


John: Kate? Katie? Kate, come on. You okay? Kate?

Kate: John?

John: Thank God. I thought you were hurt.

Kate: What happened?

John: You fell. I'm sorry. It was my fault. Are you okay? I'll call you an ambulance.

Kate: No. No, unh-unh. I'm okay.

John: Are you sure?

Kate: Yeah. I -- I think I must have bumped my head.

John: I'm sorry.

Kate: It's all right.

John: No.

Kate: It's all right.

John: It's not all right. I'm sorry.

Kate: I don't think you could help it. You wanted that pretty badly. I think you really needed it.

John: I don't know what came over me.

Kate: Oh, I think you do.

John: No, I just know that my body is trashed in pain, and I'm looking for a little relief, and I guess I kind of lost it. That's -- and I swear to God I'm not an addict.

Kate: Yeah. Yeah, you can quit anytime, right?

John: That's right. Yeah. Tomorrow. I'll quit tomorrow.

Kate: Yeah, tomorrow.

John: Tomorrow. It's just that Belle's wedding has really sucked it out of me, so this will just help me get through the night, and then in the morning I'll start clean. I'll show you, okay?

Kate: You know something? It's not that easy. I wish it were, but it's not. I know a little something about addiction. Do you forget that? My ex-husband Curtis, my daughter Billie. Do you remember the hell that she went through? And Lucas. Lucas, who I almost lost in that fire because he was so drunk, he was passed out and he couldn't help himself. He ended up in a coma for months.

John: Said enough.

Kate: Just listen to me. I know what drugs and alcohol can do. I know it destroys people, and I know it tears families apart, and I don't want to see that happen to you. It's about the people that you love. It's about Belle, and it's about Brady, because they have been through so damn much, and they don't deserve this. They don't deserve to lose their father. So you need to admit that you have a problem so you can get help before it's too late.

Kate: You can do this. It just has to be one step at a time.

John: Why can't anyone understand? All I wanted to do was walk my baby girl down the aisle at her wedding and dance with her, that's all.

Kate: And you did that, okay? And now all you want to do is get through the night. And then what excuse is it gonna be tomorrow? And the day after that? Because, you see, this whole thing is totally out of your control, and you need to look at that fact. You're gonna end up doing things that you would never do all because of this drug. I just fell.

John: I didn't mean for that to happen, Kate. You know that.

Kate: I know that. I know. I know that. But you were so desperate to get the drug, that you did something that you would never normally do. And I could have been seriously hurt.

John: I'm sorry. I said I was sorry.

Kate: You don't have to be sorry. You just have to realize that it's only going to get worse, and one day the only thing that's going to matter to you is getting high. Not even your kids. Come on. Please. Please. Give them to me. If you can't do it for yourself, then why don't you do it for them? Do it for them. Do it for Marlena. You have told me so many times that it meant so much to her that if anything happened to her, she knew that you would be okay. And you've never let her down before, so don't do it now.

John: I couldn't save her.

Kate: No, you couldn't save her. But no one could. And no one could save Roman or Cassie or any of the others. But she knew that. And she loved you. And if she could see what you're doing to yourself right now, she would be devastated.

John: Oh, Doc...

John: Oh, my God, what's happening to me? Help me, baby. Oh, please, I need your help. Help me, baby.

Kate: I'm not Marlena. I'm not Marlena, but I'm here. And I'll help you if you'll let me.

Kate: You're going to be okay. You're going to be okay. I'm going to call Lexie.

John: No. I can't let you do that.


Brady: Nicole, this has nothing to do with us. It has nothing to do with our relationship. It has everything to do with me believing my father when he looks me in the eye and tells me there's nothing to worry about.

Nicole: You are both in such denial it is ridiculous.

Brady: Oh, man.

Nicole: Neither one of you want to believe the truth, so you just donít. You know what that makes you? An enabler.

Brady: Oh, will you spare me the psychobabble? Please!

Nicole: That is what you are. You would let that man die before you admit he has a problem.

Brady: No, you know what the problem is? You have no idea what the simple concept of faith is. You have no clue in hell what it's like to trust someone you love. You have no idea!

Nicole: Now we're getting down to what you really think. And what do you know? It's exactly what your father thinks -- that I'm just some monster, incapable of love.

Brady: I didn't say that.

Nicole: You don't have to say it, Brady. It's clear to me now. No matter what I say or do, or how hard I try to show you that I care or how much I have changed, it will never be enough. You will never love me like you love Chloe.

Chloe: Hmm. Looks like nobody's home. And it's Tuesday -- Hendersonís night off.


Rex: Mimi, you told us that Shawn was in his room, that he didn't want to be disturbed. That was a lie, wasn't it? You were covering for him so you could get Belle to meet him up there on her wedding night.

Sami: How sick is that?

Rex: Mimi, you told me that you would not interfere. Belle and Philip are married now. You said you'd leave it alone.

Mimi: Rex, I --

Rex: No, I don't want to hear any more excuses, Mimi. Just tell me -- does Philip know where Belle is? What's going on?

Mimi: He does now, thanks to Sami.

Jan: Are you saying that Philip went up there? That he's up there right now?

Sami: Well, yeah, of course he is. He was livid.

Rex: I better get up there.

Mimi: Ow! Aah! Let go!

Jan: Hurts, does it? Well, this is just a little taste of what's in store for you, Meems. This time you have crossed the line, and you are going to pay, big time!

Mimi: Aah!


Belle: Philip, please don't do this. You don't need to call the police.

Philip: Why are you protecting him? Don't you want him to leave us alone, to stop interfering with our lives? Belle, that is not going to happen until he is locked up. The guy doesn't get it. It's over for the two of you. You and I are married.

Shawn-d: Hey, Phil? How are you so sure she's not having second thoughts?

Philip: You little bastard! I'm gonna beat your ass again!

Belle: No! Philip, stop!

Rex: Calm down, calm down, all right? Let me handle this.

Philip: No, I'm gonna handle it until he leaves Belle alone for good!

Rex: No, you're not! Not tonight! You need to calm down and you need to take it easy before you do something crazy, something you regret.

Belle: Listen to him, Philip, okay?

Rex: Shawn, you need to go. You've caused enough trouble.

Shawn-d: Shut the hell up. I'm not going anywhere. Not until I get some answers.

Rex: What answers, Shawn? What are you talking about?

Shawn-d: Belle called me before the wedding and left me a message. I want to know why. If I had gotten there in time, would you have called it off?


Nancy: Chloe, they had your favorite vegetable soup. I got you a sandwich, too, and -- Chloe?

Chloe: Nancy's right. I do need you, Brady, and you need to know that I'm alive.

Brady: I could've sworn I heard somebody down here. Chloe? Is that you? Am I dreaming?

Chloe: No, Brady. This isn't a dream. It's really me. I'm alive.

Brady: Nicole. I really wish you wouldn't think that, okay? I'm not comparing you to Chloe.

Nicole: Maybe not consciously, but it's happening. I can see it now. And how could you not? I mean, Chloe was perfect. Everything you ever wanted -- beautiful, talented, sweet...

Brady: Nicole, come on.

Nicole: No, why don't you just admit it, Brady, okay? Why I'm not good enough for you. My love is not good enough. And what you and I share can never come close to what you had with her.

Brady: Nicole.


Kate: Why don't you want me to call Lexie? You've admitted you needed help.

John: Not there. Not at the hospital.

Kate: Why not at the hospital? Why, because you're -- you're in charge of investigating the drug thefts, is -- oh, my God. You're the one.

John: I'm just not ready to go public with this yet.

Kate: Public?

John: Public. It wouldn't be good for Basic Black, it wouldn't be good for my family. Belle just got married. She's starting a new life with your son. He doesn't have much time before he ships out. She just lost her mother. It's only been a couple months. And Brady isn't over Chloe. I don't want to cause my children any more pain.

Kate: Look, I know you don't want to hurt them. I know you want to protect them. But the only way you're going to do that is if you beat this. And the only way that's going to happen is if you let me call Lexie and you let her give you the help you need.

John: What if I have a better idea?


Mimi: Ow! God.

Jan: This time, you have really done it. You have pushed me way too far.

Mimi: I did what I thought was right, okay?

Jan: I'll deal with you later, and when I do, it's not gonna be pretty for you and sexy Rexy.

Sami: Gee, Meems, seems like something's going on between you and psycho Jan. What is it?

Mimi: Nothing, okay, Sami? For once in your life, just mind your own damn business.

Sami: Sounds like someone's got a secret. I wonder what it is.

Shawn-d: Just tell me the truth, Belle. Tell Philip and me the truth. If I had gotten to you before the wedding, would you have called it off?

Philip: I'm gonna break your neck!

[All yelling]

Shawn-d: Let me ask a question!

Jan: Stop it!

Shawn-d: Can you deal with the truth, Philip?

Philip: I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna throw your ass right off the roof, I swear to God!

Belle: Mimi, how did this happen? How did Philip find out we were up here? Did you tell him?

Mimi: No, of course I didn't tell him! I was doing everything I could to make sure nobody knew!

Belle: Then how does he know?

Sami: Oh, my God, Belle, what are you wearing? Put this on! It's freezing out here!

Mimi: I'll give you one guess who told him.

Belle: Oh, my God. Sami, how could you do that to me?

Philip: Belle. We need to talk.

Shawn-d: No, no, you're not going anywhere. Don't leave.

Belle: We have nothing left to say. Bye, Shawn.

Jan: Honey, why don't we just go back to your house and just forget it?

Shawn-d: Just leave me alone.

Rex: Hey, Jan, Jan, I wouldn't do that.

Jan: What if they start fighting again?

Rex: I'll take care of that.

Jan: You have screwed with me for the last time! If you think Rex was pissed at you for all your lies about Shawn, just wait until he finds out what else you've been keeping from him. If I were you, I would pack my bags, tell the newlyweds you're moving in.


Kate: What do you mean you have a better idea? Lexie is your friend. She cares about you. And she can get you the very, very best help. Unless you're not serious about all of this, if this is just another trick.

John: No, it's not a trick. I heard what you said, Kate -- every word. You're right. I can't continue like this. I need to get some help, and I will. Just not from Lexie and not that hospital. I just can't do that.

Kate: Then where?

John: The I.S.A. They'll keep it quiet. It'll never get out.

Kate: God. The I.S.A. -- The I.S.A. is where you got your last fix.

John: It's not what you think. All right, just -- just hear me out. There's something you need to know. Um... I lied about that doctor.

Kate: So he's not the one who gave you the drugs?

John: No. He gave me the drugs, all right. He didn't want to. He was kind of under...duress because he owed me.

Kate: Oh, God, John.

John: That's all right. We're even now. He's not going to refill those vials. He was pretty adamant about that. It'll be all right.

Kate: Are you sure?

John: No, I'm not too sure about anything right now. Except I miss my wife... and I wish that she were here right now.

Kate: Look... I meant what I said. I am going to be here for you. I'm going to be here for you every step of the way. I'm not going anywhere.


Nancy: "Please don't worry. I realized you were right. It's time to tell Brady I'm alive." Oh, Chloe. Thank God. Thank God.

Brady: Chloe?

Chloe: Now you know why I couldn't tell you, Brady, why I couldn't tell you that I was alive. I wanted to wait until after I had the surgery, so that you wouldn't have to see me like this, which is exactly what I should have done. I should have waited. My face repulses you, doesn't it?

Brady: Repulses me? No. Chloe... you're here... with me. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Chloe: How can you say that? I'm hideous. I'm ghoul girl, just like the kids used to call me, except now it's really true.

Brady: Come here. Look at me. Do you remember when you had leukemia, when you were going through chemo and you lost all your hair? It didn't make a damn bit of difference to me then. Chloe, you should know me. I love you no matter what. That hasn't changed. It never will.

Chloe: Brady, I love you so much.

Brady: I love you, too. Ha ha ha ha.

Brady: Nicole, wait up. Just hang on a second. We need to talk.

Nicole: What for?

Brady: Because what you said before is not true. Nicole, I don't think you're a horrible person incapable of love. I don't think that at all. I just wish that you would understand I'm not as quick as you are to believe that my father has a problem. The man has never lied to me before, Nicole. When he tells me there's nothing wrong --

Nicole: Then why should you listen to someone like me, a person who's been through it all, who knows what she's talking about? I'm only trying to keep you from getting hurt, Brady. You know, I bet if this was Chloe trying to warn you, you'd listen to her right away.

Brady: What is this Chloe? Chloe has nothing to do with this.

Nicole: You know what? Never mind, Brady. Just forget it, okay? Forget everything.

Brady: Nicole.


Kate: Look... I want you to know that you can count on me for anything you need.

John: I'm going to hold you to that, 'cause this ain't going to be easy. But they say the first step is to admit that you have a problem. Well, thanks to you, I've got that one out of the way. Who knows? You may have just saved my life.

Kate: Look, I want to call Brady. I know that you don't -- I know you don't want him to worry, but -- he was here tonight, and I -- and I think he should know.

John: Aah, it's just that the kid so desperately wanted to believe in his old man, and I let him down.

Kate: No. No, you didnít... not if you tell him the truth now.


Nicole: There's nothing left to talk about, Brady.

Brady: I think there is.

[Telephone rings]

Brady: Hang on. I'll get it.


Brady: Hello?

Kate: Oh. Hey, Brady, it's Kate. I'm sorry to disturb you at this hour, but, um... I have some news.

Brady: Is it dad? Is he okay?

Kate: Well, he's going to be.

Brady: What does that mean?

Kate: After you and Nicole left tonight, he admitted to me that he has a problem. He is addicted to the painkillers.

Brady: So Nicole was right. Uh, you know what? I'm on my way over.

Kate: No, honey, you don't need to do that. Your dad's going to get help. He's going to get help first thing in the morning. Until then, I'll be here. I'm going to see him through the night. I'm going to make sure he's okay.

Brady: And you're sure you don't -- you don't need me over there.

Nicole: This is what I get for trying to help. Nice girls finish last.

Brady: Nicole... I just want to apologize to you. That was Kate on the phone. You were right all along, unfortunately. My dad does have a drug problem.

Nicole: Chloe.


Jan: I'm going to tell Rex your little secret, that you aborted his baby that you never even bothered to tell him about.

Mimi: No, you won't, because then you won't have anything to hold over my head, Jan.

Jan: I am warning you one last time. Keep Belle away from my man, or so help me, you will be sorry.

Sami: [Thinking] Oh, my God, Mimi was pregnant? And she had an abortion and didn't tell Rex? Wow. That's what I call one juicy secret.


Shawn-d: Stay out of it, Rex. Leave me the hell alone.

Rex: I will, once you leave Belle and Philip alone. Shawn, they are married now. You have to accept that. Belle's made her choice.

Shawn-d: Yeah, and she also made a big mistake. She doesn't love him, because she is still in love with me, and sooner or later, she's going to have to admit that she married the wrong guy.


Bonnie: I'm Mickeyís wife now, and my answer is no.

Maggie: Well, maybe this will be enough to turn your no into a yes.


Mimi: Funny, you accusing me of lying when you're Salemís all-time champ.

Sami: I'd be a lot nicer to me -- a lot nicer.


Shawn-d: Do you still have feelings for me?


Brady: Who is in the closet?

Nicole: Chloe. She's alive.

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