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Jennifer: Listen, Bo -- Bo is on his way home. He is. You don't have to worry about it, okay?

Hope: Unless, of course, she manipulates him into staying in Europe with her.

Patrick: Manipulate? I mean, come on, Hope. Do you really think she'd use her daughter to manipulate your husband?

Hope: You don't know anything about Billie Reed -- nothing. When she thought that Georgia was stillborn and came back to Salem, she pretended to be pregnant and then blamed me for her miscarriage.

Jennifer: Patrick, you -- you don't know Billie the way we know her.

Patrick: Her daughter has been kidnapped by the DiMeras. She's lost 16 years of that girl's life. I mean, Hope, what would you do if it were you?

Hope: Well, for one thing, I wouldn't go racing off without a plan. Georgia's life could be in even more danger because of her, because she's so damn hell-bent on doing this the most dangerous way possible. And let me just tell you something -- if something should happen to my husband, I will kill her!

Patrick: I'm sorry, Hope, I am sorry, but you'd be wrong to blame Billie.

Mimi: I told you, Shawn wants to be alone!

Jan: Get out of my way. I want to go in and check on him.

Shawn-D: I'm going to give you two choices -- you either get Belle up on the roof in 15 minutes to talk to me, or I'm just going to break into her loft.

Mimi: Shawn won't let it go now. He wants to see you tonight.

Belle: He's out of jail?

Mimi: Yeah, actually, he's up on the roof right now waiting for you. You can't.

Jan: I can't? Last time I checked, Shawn was my fiancé©, not yours.

Rex: Hey, what's going on?

Jan: Your girlfriend is keeping me from seeing Shawn. Now, I'm going in there, so don't you stop me, or else.

Mimi: Fine. Go. But I guarantee if you go in there, he'll break up with you.

Belle: Mimi said you wanted to see me.

Shawn-D: Thanks for coming up. Are you okay?

Belle: Um... I'm fine. I -- I shouldn't have come up here. This isn't --

Shawn-D: No, no, no. Wait, wait. We -- we have to talk... about us.

Kate: What would you say if we asked you to submit to a drug test?

John: Oh, go to hell.

Kate: Well, I thought you'd say that.

John: Oh, come on. You can drop that holier-than-thou act, Kate. I know you try to come off as a classy lady, but we both know that you're nothing but trash, don't we? You go around accusing Nicole of sleeping her way to the top and marrying Victor for his money, but you did the same thing, didn't you? I mean, you might not be as rough around the edges, but you're no less the same whore!

Kate: John.

Brady: Will you listen to yourself, Dad? You sound like another person. I think you owe Kate and Nicole an apology.

John: I owe them nothing. Now, this is my house. I asked you all to leave. If you won't do it, I will.

Brady: Sorry, Dad, we're not finished with you yet.

John: Yeah, well, I'm finished with you, kid. As far as I'm concerned, you can all go to hell.

Kate: I know.

Nicole: Hey.

Brady: Thank you.

Nicole: You're welcome.

Brady: I'm sorry the way my father spoke to you before.

Nicole: Well, we all know that wasn't John. Besides, I've been called a lot worse. Look, for once, Brady, you shouldn't feel like you have to take care of us. Kate and I are big girls. The one person we need to take care of is your father.

Kate: I agree with that. I've never heard John talk to anyone like that, not even Tony or Stefano.

Brady: Well, the man that spoke to us before -- the man upstairs right now -- is not my Father, at least not while he's on drugs. What do we do next?

Kate: Well, I reiterate, even though Nicole thinks it's a bad idea, that we call Lexie, we talk to her. Maybe she could suggest a counselor or a professional who could help us get through to him.

Nicole: Kate, I do think that's a bad idea. That'll take time and make all of this public. We don't have time. Brady, we can't let your father think he's won. The more time he has to think, the harder it'll be to break him. We can't stop an intervention right in the middle. We have to follow through right now.

Brady: Well, how do we get him back down here?

Nicole: We're not. We're going to have to go up there.

Kate: Oh.

John: [Gasps] I-I know what I'm doing. I'm just -- just something for the pain. Just -- got to -- got to have something. Oh, this pain, it -- it -- just enough. Just enough to get through the night, that's all.

Brady: Dad. Dad, it's me. Come on, open up.

Hope: Why are you defending Billie?

Patrick: Someone has to.

Jennifer: Patrick, this is not what Hope needs to hear right now. Please.

Patrick: I think it is. I mean, does there really need to be a villain here? I mean, Hope, when we were on the island, you gave me this picture of Billie, and yet, when we met her, it was like she was a totally different person from who you described. You were out there with her. How many times did she lay her life on the line for others, including yours? I am sorry, Hope. I am not trying to upset you. I am not trying to offend you. I'm -- really, I'm trying to put your mind at ease. I just -- I don't think Bo is the main person on Billie's mind right now.

Hope: Don't misunderstand me. I don't think Billie's sitting around plotting to get her ex-husband back, but somewhere, in the back of her mind, she must believe that if she finds Georgia, it'll bring her and Bo closer. Trust me, she has tried every trick in the book to get him back. As much as she says she's changed, she hasn't.

Patrick: Well, do you trust your husband? Because if you do, Billie's feelings shouldn't matter, and if you don't, well, I don't see how that could possibly be Billie's fault.

Brady: Dad, open the door!

John: I told you to get out of here, kid, and I meant it.

Nicole: He-- he's not using any drugs yet. Listen to the rage in his voice. Brady, keep talking to him.

Brady: How are we going to know if he shoots up?

Nicole: Well, his -- his voice and his temperament will change almost immediately. It's like he's been running a marathon, and he's exhausted.

Brady: Dad? Dad, it's your son Brady. Please open the door so the two of us can talk.

John: Just go away, will you?

Brady: Dad, you have told me before that if I was ever in trouble, that I could come to you. The same goes for you, Dad. You once said that I was like my Mom, that I had a gift for listening and understanding. You have helped me so many times. Now it's my turn to help you.

John: I don't need you. I don't need a-anyone.

Brady: It's no use.

Kate: Look, there -- there has to be a key somewhere, somewhere in the house.

Brady: You're probably right, Kate, but I don't know the first place to look.

Nicole: Brady, we don't have time to look for a key.

Brady: All right, you're right. Move out of the way, please. Aah! Oh, my God.

Brady: Dad, what the hell have you done?  

Jan: What's going on, Mimi? Why can't I see my lover?

Mimi: You don't know Shawn Brady very well, do you?

Jan: Actually, I know every last inch of him.

Mimi: I'm talking about his brain. Right now, he is in no place to see you, me, his mom, anyone.

Rex: I don't know, girls. This sounds serious. Maybe we should check on him. What if Shawn goes on a binge? What if he gets drunk, goes out on the fire escape, and goes over to Belle and Philip's place?

Mimi: He would not interrupt them on their wedding night.

Rex: Mimi, are you crazy? Did you see what happened in the hallway? Philip almost broke Shawn's jaw, and he got up and started banging on their door anyway. We brought him in here, we tried to calm him down, and he heard the two of them making love. Then he gets up and starts banging on the walls and yelling Belle's name.

Jan: You know what? Rex has a point. Mimi, he was drinking before he went to St. Luke's church.

Mimi: And who was responsible for that, Jan?

Jan: Okay, I admit that we had a couple drinks together, but that is not why he went to the church.

Rex: She's got a point, Mimi. The only reason Shawn went to St. Luke's was 'cause Belle called him before the ceremony.

Belle: Shawn, it's Belle. Look, I'm at the church, and I really want to see you. We -- we need to talk. Please call.

Jan: I'm so sorry, Belle, but I don't think so. Say bye-bye.

Shawn-D: Jan, what are you doing?

Rex: Mimi, you were the only one with Belle in the bride's room before the ceremony. Why did she do it? Why did she call Shawn?

Jan: Yeah, Meems. What or who on earth could have possessed Belle to pick up that phone and call Shawn?

Belle: Don't you understand that there's nothing left for us to talk about because there is no more us? Tonight I married Philip, and... we made vows and promised to spend the rest of our lives together.

Shawn-D: Then why'd you come up here?

Belle: To tell you that you ruined what was supposed to be the happiest day of my life.

Shawn-D: No, the happiest day of your life was supposed to be when you married me.

Belle: I love Philip now.

Shawn-D: No. You can't.

Belle: But I do. He is my husband. My husband.

Shawn-D: It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Belle: Yeah, well, things change. People change. I hardly even recognize you anymore. Never in a million years would I have thought that you would do what you did tonight. Not only did you nearly kill yourself, but you could have killed me.

Shawn-D: I never meant to hurt you.

Belle: But you did. All you've done for the last nine months is hurt me.

Shawn-D: Okay, I'm sorry. I wish I could take it back, but I can't.

Belle: Okay, you're right. What's done is done, so... if you've come here to apologize, then I accept your apology.

Shawn-D: Are you saying you forgive me?  

Hope: There is so much you don't know about Billie Reed. The last time she came back to town, did you know she was responsible for almost getting me and Zack killed? Did you know that? How can I not be suspicious? I want her out of our lives, Patrick.

Patrick: Well, unfortunately, she and Bo share a child, so that's not going to happen, is it?

Hope: You know what? Giving Billie Reed the benefit of the doubt isn't going to help me.

Hope: Look, Bo and I offered to hire a private investigator to help find Georgia. We even offered to help pay for it. But no -- she wanted Bo. She had to have Bo. I don't understand it. I mean... he was too sick to go to his brother's wedding, but somehow, she got him to run to the airport to rescue her.

Jennifer: Patrick, listen, the point is, is that she did it while we were all at Philip and Belle's wedding. She lied to us. She said that she was going to wait to search, so when people lie, that means they're up to something, Patrick.

Patrick: She lied because you were all standing between her and her daughter. I mean, would you two listen to yourselves? I mean, Hope, you should give your husband some credit here, let him take a little responsibility. You keep trying to let him off the hook. It wasn't like Billie forced him at gunpoint to go to Europe.

Hope: What are you saying?

Patrick: I'm saying it was Bo's choice to go. He's with Billie because he wants to be.

Nicole: Don't bother. We didn't even have to come in here to see what you were doing.

Brady: Dad, come on. You can't deny it now. We just caught you red-handed.

John: Yeah. Yeah, you did. You caught me, all right. Yeah.

Brady: So what's in this?

John: Well, son, that is a, um... it's a painkiller that was prescribed for me.

Brady: But not by Lexie.

John: Look, Mark, all I'm looking for is a little something to get me through the wedding. You know, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, you know.

John: Yeah. Whoo. Well, you're right again, son. Lexie was, uh, being a little conservative. She refused to prescribe me an effective painkiller, so I just, uh... had to go somewhere else.

Kate: Well, John, the reason that Lexie didn't want to give you the drugs is that she knew how easy it would be to become addicted to them.

Brady: Dad, can you give me the name and the number of this physician so I can give him or her a call and we can touch base, you know?

John: Can't do that.

Nicole: Because you stole the drugs from the hospital.

John: Oh, come on. Chill out, will you? What happened at the hospital had nothing to do with me. Lexie simply asked me to investigate the theft. Now, you think she would do that if I were a junkie? Come on. You think she would do that if she knew that I was the one stealing those drugs?

John: Well... what have we here? Yeah, that should... do the trick.

Brady: Dad, does Lexie know that you're seeing another doctor?

John: Trust me, I needed a second opinion. It's my prerogative.

Brady: Hold on. Dad, you're not answering my question. Come on.

Nicole: He's not seeing another doctor.

John: Shut up.

Brady: All right, all right. Listen, Dad -- okay, let's say you -- you went to see this I.S.A. physician, and he prescribed you these drugs. Lexie is your doctor. She does not know you're taking these drugs. She thinks you're still gutting it out on aspirin, which you were, so what changed?

John: You mean what you want to know is why I'm taking these pain meds?

Nicole: He's not going to tell us the truth.

John: Well, the -- actually, it's very simple, son. Just ask Kate.

Jan: You're the reason that Belle called Shawn, aren't you?

Mimi: You love Shawn! Admit it to yourself! Admit it to him! At least talk to him. Isn't what you had with Shawn -- all that love, all those hopes and dreams -- worth one last try?

Mimi: I don't know every little thing that belle does. God, if she decided to call Shawn before the wedding, I'm sure she had a good reason.

Rex: Yeah, you know, weddings are emotional. I mean, maybe she just wanted to find some sort of closure with Shawn.

Jan: No. No, there's something here that we don't know.

Rex: I don't know. You figure it out, okay? I gotta go get changed.

Mimi: Oh!

Jan: You lying little bitch.

Mimi: What the hell was that for?

Jan: Hello? "If Belle wanted to call Shawn, I'm sure she had good reason"? Bull! The only reason why she called him was 'cause you were standing there telling her to pick up the phone.

Mimi: That is just not --

Jan: I overheard you talking to Shawn. You admitted that you were the one that convinced her to pick up that phone and leave that message. "I wanted you to be honest about your feelings for each other before you walked down the aisle with Philip." When are you gonna give up on the idea of Belle and Shawn ever getting back together?

Mimi: Never.

Jan: Really? Well, then I guess you'd better start focusing on how you're gonna keep Rex... especially after I tell him that you aborted his baby without even consulting him.

Mimi: Jan, I swear, if you open your mouth --

Jan: For the millionth time, what are you gonna do, huh? Tell Shawn that I locked him in a cage? What?

Mimi: I could.

Jan: You have no proof. Besides, nobody would ever believe you. You thought you lost something precious when you got rid of your baby, wait until Rex finds out about the abortion. Oh, he's gonna be so shocked.

Rex: What's this about an abortion?

Belle: I can accept your apology, Shawn. And I appreciate it. Forgiveness? I don't think I can ever get past the things that you've said and done to me.

Shawn-D: I understand.

Belle: No, I need to go. I don't want Philip to wake up and find me gone, okay?

Shawn-D: You never answered my question.

Belle: Yes, I did. I told you that you ruined my --

Shawn-D: Not that question...

Shawn-D: The one I asked you at the hospital about why you called me.

Shawn-D: Mimi kind of told me what it was about, but I wanna hear it from you.

Hope: You're wrong. You're wrong. I mean, okay, yes. You're -- yes, Bo went because he wanted to, but he never would have gone to Europe on a whim -- unless...

Jennifer: Unless what?

Hope: Unless he thought that Billie was in danger.

Patrick: That's my point exactly. Bo went because he's concerned about Billie.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: This is a surprise.

Bo: Well, good.

Hope: How did you know where to find me, huh?

Bo: Well, this is where you come to think, and we needed to talk. You're upset about Billie. You think she's here in Salem because she's after me.

Hope: I'm not going to lie. Yes, I do.

Bo: I understand why you might think that way --

Hope: No, I -- no, Bo. I don't think you do understand. I keep thinking about when I came back to Salem. I didn't know who I was. I thought my name was Gina. Gran was the only one who actually believed that it was me -- Hope Brady, your wife. You didn't. You didn't wanna believe it.

Bo: Well, I -- after seeing what I thought was DiMera killing my wife, I... I kinda figured it was another one of his tricks.

Hope: It wasn't just that. Let's be honest, you were so in love with Billie that you couldn't even stand the thought of anything coming between you and the woman you loved. It wasn't until I opened grandpa's puzzle box and proved that I was Hope -- Hope Brady, your wife. That's when you realized that you had to make a decision about the woman that you wanted to be with -- if it was gonna be me or if it was gonna be her.

Bo: Hey, listen to me. There was never any question.

Hope: But you were also so in love. You were so in love with Billie, and there was a question. No man should ever have to choose.

Bo: Fancy Face, I loved you. You were always my choice.

Hope: But you also loved Billie. You were in love with her.

Hope: Patrick, you're right. Billie didn't force Bo to go. He had a choice, and he chose to be with her. Enough about this, okay? We just keep covering the same ground. I'll straighten this out with Bo when he gets home... which had better be tonight. I need to, uh, I need to -- I need to go home.

Patrick: Hope, again, I'm -- I'm sorry if I upset you.

Hope: You didn't upset me. You just made me see things differently. And I appreciate it. Thank you.

Jennifer: Are you okay?

Hope: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just, um, I'll -- I'll call -- I'll call you as soon as -- as soon as Bo walks through the door, okay? Cuz, thank you for everything.

Jennifer: Drive safely, okay?

Hope: I love you.

Jennifer: What is wrong with you?

Kate: Why are you turning this on me? I have no idea why you're taking this pain medication.

John: Well, of course you do, Kate. You know that it's because of Belle.

Brady: You're pinning your habit on Belle --

John: I don't have any habit. Listen, son, what I'm trying to say is that it's because of Belle that I needed the medication.

Nicole: Are you listening to him? He'll try and blame anyone but himself. It's a true sign of an addict.

Brady: Maybe, but I'd like to hear this. How is Belle responsible for your problem?

John: Well, Belle lost her mother. And it was -- it was a biggie. At the same time, she was going through this breakup with Shawn, and I guess that was another biggie. And then she and Philip started getting closer, Philip asked her to marry him, and I was determined to be there for her on that day. I was gonna walk her down that aisle. And I had the time, damn it. I mean, I had time to do rehab, physical therapy, recover. And then Kate put together this in-freaking-credible last-minute wedding for them.

Brady: You still wanted to walk Belle down the aisle.

John: I couldn't see it any other way. But it wasn't gonna happen... because later on that night, Lexie examined me. And she said that I wasn't gonna walk for six weeks, let alone a day. And I said, not if you give me some pain killers that'll neutralize this immobility. I mean, come on, I gotta be there for my little girl, right? Can't let her down. Well, Lexie refused, so I just... called up an I.S.A. doctor friend of mine to do what Lexie wouldn't do. I mean, you all gotta believe that the only reason that I took the medication was to walk my baby down the aisle.

John: You believe me, don't you?

Rex: You said something about an abortion.

Jan: I'm not sure you wanna hear this story, Rex.

Rex: Why not?

Jan: It's really sad.

Rex: Try me.

Jan: Well, I was just telling Mimi about a girl we both know who got an abortion and was too afraid to tell her boyfriend.

Rex: That's terrible. She should have been able to communicate with the man she's in a relationship with.

Jan: Right. She should have been. Actually, this guy is a really understanding, noble, upstanding kind of guy.

Rex: Okay, then, what's the problem?

Jan: This girl is a selfish bitch who doesn't think before she acts -- a girl who's always meddling in other people's business.

Rex: What's this all about, Mimi? What's wrong?

Belle: Look, we shouldn't be having this conversation -- not now, not ever. What's done is done. I am married to a wonderful, loving man who happens to be downstairs sound asleep.

Shawn-D: If you don't wanna tell me why you called, that's fine, but I am at least gonna explain to you why I crashed my bike through the stained-glass window.

Belle: Why?

Shawn-D: It was because you called. When I saw the wedding invitation at Gran's, it was like a fog had been lifted off my head. The months that I had lost from the accident, slowly, they were starting to come back to me. And then I heard your voice on the answering machine. Belle, I had to talk to you. I had to find you.

Belle: I asked you to call, which you didn't do. I don't remember saying, "Shawn, I need to see you. Will you please come crash your bike through a stained-glass window into a room full of people."

Shawn-D: Look, I had no other choice. Every single door at that church was locked, and the place was guarded. You wanted to talk to me on your wedding day. I figured that was probably pretty important. And you wouldn't have been thinking about me unless you were sure. I just wanted to talk to you. I was hoping together we could figure out what went wrong, and why we split up.

Belle: Are you crazy? We split up because you abandoned me!

Rex: Mimi, what's wrong? Why are you so upset?

Jan: 'Cause it's such a sad, sad story. Isn't it, Meems?

Rex: Mimi, come on, sweetheart. It's not your problem. Nothing like that would ever happen to us. It's okay. So did this girl's boyfriend ever find out about the abortion?

Jan: Nope. Not yet. She never told him.

Rex: Okay, see, that's terrible, 'cause this guy had a right to be a part of that decision.

Jan: You'd think.

Rex: So, what happened?

Jan: Well, long story short, the girl went to the women's clinic and had her pregnancy terminated. Now she lives in fear of losing her boyfriend for good if he ever found out.

Rex: Well, I don't blame the guy -- not telling the father of your baby about making a decision like that is unforgivable. All right, that's a decision that two adults should make together.

Shawn-D: I would never abandon you.

Belle: But you did, and then you hooked up with Jan and got engaged to her.

Shawn-D: I don't remember that happening. I don't even understand how it did, okay? I still love you.

Belle: Okay, just stop it. Don't do this.

Shawn-D: I'm not the same guy. I know that I've been acting very differently. And I have treated you horribly. I am not proud of what I've become. But I wanna change. I need to change. But I need your help.

Belle: You have to stop doing this, okay? You can beg and you can plead, and you can ask me to hear you out, just like I did when you wouldn't listen, but it is too late. What is done is done. I'm married to Philip, and he is my husband.

Shawn-D: You called me. You wanted to talk.

Belle: Yes, you're right. I called you before my wedding. And looking back, it was a huge mistake. I am married! This was supposed to be your ring. I was supposed to be spending my honeymoon night with you... alone. Not like this.

Shawn-D: Just tell me before you go...

Shawn-D: Do you still love me?

Jennifer: I cannot believe that you are taking sides like this with Billie. How could you do that to Hope?

Patrick: Look, I didn't wanna get involved. You and hope pulled me into it.

Jennifer: What? How did we do that?

Patrick: Because I can't just sit there and agree just to agree. You know, I've gotten to know Billie, and I am convinced that she's not after Bo. In fact, if anything, it sounds like Bo is the one who's drawn to her.

Jennifer: Oh, well, maybe you've fallen under the spell of Billie Reed, too.

Patrick: I don't think so. I haven't fallen under the spell of any woman, and I don't intend to.

Jennifer: Well, I'm gonna go check on my baby, and then I'm gonna go to bed.

Hope: Bo, I know that if I had never come back to Salem, you'd still be with Billie. Somewhere deep inside of you, you still love her. She'll always have a piece of you -- a piece of your heart.

Bo: Hey, hey, look at me. It's you that I love. It's you who I wanna be with. Fancy Face, you're the love of my life. You always have been. Nothing... nothing is gonna change that, not even death. You and I, we're gonna grow old together. We will always... always be together.

Hope: Then why do I feel so alone?

Brady: Come on, Dad. Let's go sit down. Come on.

John: You gotta believe me, son. I-I promise you, this medication was -- it was just for today, it was just -- just for today.

Nicole: The wedding's over, John. Why are you still sticking your leg with a needle?

John: Well, today's not over. Look, I just pushed myself too hard at the wedding, and the accident, and then -- and dancing, and... you know, I have been busted up pretty bad in the past, but I have never had pain like this before. So, it was just -- just something to get me along, that's all.

Nicole: Until when? Tomorrow morning, when you shoot up again?

John: Shut up, Nicole. Just shut up. I'm done after this.

Brady: You're sure?

John: I know what you're thinking. Just because I went behind Lexie's back and got a -- a buddy of mine at the I.S.A. to prescribe some drugs doesn't mean that I'm a drug addict, 'cause I'm not.

Brady: So you didn't steal those drugs from the hospital.

John: You know, I have -- it really makes me feel good that you all felt that you needed some kind of intervention here, but it really isn't necessary. And I gotta say that I-I'm really sorry for lashing out the way I did. It's 'cause I haven't been feeling good, and I'm tired, and you all just kind of took me by surprise.

Brady: Hey, Dad, listen, it was the drugs talking. It's okay. You just -- you gotta stop taking 'em, though. Because then you're really gonna get addicted.

John: Katherine... I-I-I-I... ca-can you forgive me? You know, what I said downstairs was really inexcusable. I'm sorry.

Kate: Of course, of course.

Nicole: I don't believe this.

Shawn-D: I never returned your ring. Belle, you have to believe me. I would never have her do that.

John: I would do anything for my family.

Nicole: Even lie to them?

Julie: What did she do to trick your husband into going away this time?

Hope: Billie didn't trick him. He went because he wanted to.

Billie: I'm Georgia's mother, this is her father, and we are here to see our daughter!

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