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Chelsea: Orlando Bloom in a magazine just doesn't cut it when you have a real live naked man down the hall in a shower. Let's go get an eyeful.

Abby: We already tried. There was too much steam.

Chelsea: I mean when he gets out of the shower. Abby, when he's standing there in gorgeosity...

Abby: That's a total invasion of Patrick's privacy.

Chelsea: You're such a wimp sometimes. God.

Abby: He's our houseguest, Chelsea. He's my Mom's friend.

Chelsea: Yeah, right.

Abby: Now I feel even more embarrassed about that video camera you put in his room.

Chelsea: It's Jack Jr.'s baby monitor.

Abby: You put it in his bathroom. What were you thinking?

Chelsea: Same thing you are. Same thing your mom is. What's Patrick got under that towel?

Abby: That's disgusting.

Chelsea: Hey, if he's going to be my future lover, I want a preview of what I'm going to get.

Abby: You can be so gross sometimes.

Chelsea: Okay, don't get all oedipal on me. It's not like he's your father.

Abby: I know who my Father is. I also know that everybody else thinks he's dead, in case you were wondering.

Chelsea: Everybody else? Who doesn't think he's... do you still think your father's alive?

Abby: I know he's alive.

Jack: Okay, come on, please, please, please. [Telephone rings]

Jack: Please come in.

Jennifer's voice: Hey, we can't get to the phone now, but you can leave a message after the beep for Jen, Abby, or even Jack Jr., and we'll get back to you. [Beep]

Jack: Uh, Jennifer, it's -- it's me. It's Jack. I'm alive, and I'm coming home to you. Ah. Jennifer, I'd give anything to see your face when you pick up my message. Next.

Patrick: Oh, I'm sorry, Jen. I-I didn't know you were home.

Jennifer: Oh, uh, no, th-that's okay.

Patrick: I caulked my shower, so I was going to use the one up here.

Jennifer: Oh, th-that's fine that's fine.

Patrick: Okay. Uh, ha ha. I'm dripping on your floors.

Jennifer: No, that's okay. Don't -- don't worry about it. Um, thank you for keeping an eye on the girls and -- and Jack Jr.

Patrick: Oh, no problem. He's sound asleep. I just checked on him. And Abby's hanging out with Chelsea in her room, so, um... is everything okay? I mean, what happened with Shawn and Hope?

Jennifer: Uh, you know what? I-I'm tired, and there's so much happening. I'll fill you in tomorrow morning, okay?

Patrick: Okay, no problem. Uh, I'll get the bagels, and you can fill me in.

Jennifer: Okay.

Patrick: Okay. Oh, Jen.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Patrick: Don't forget, you have a message on the machine.

Jennifer: Oh, yes. Thank you for reminding me.

Mimi: Did all that really happen? Belle is Mrs. Philip Kiriakis now. Shawn's been arrested. He's probably in jail.

Rex: Look, Mimi, Shawn -- Shawn's in bad shape. I mean, he proved that with that motorcycle stunt. He's a danger to society. He should be locked up for what he did.

Mimi: No.

Rex: Let's just hope that Shawn gets the help he needs and stays the hell away from Belle, for his own good as well as hers.

Jansen: In the eyes of God and by the power vested in me by both church and state, I now pronounce you husband and wife. What god has joined together, let no man put asunder. You may kiss the bride. [Motorcycle engine revving]

Belle: Aah!

[People screaming]

Belle: You could have killed yourself, Shawn. Why? Why did you have to risk your life like that?

Philip: I don't believe it. They actually let you out of jail?

Shawn-D: I didn't come here to talk to you. Where's Belle?

Philip: That's none of your business. Back off.

Shawn-D: Oh, what are you, a big, tough marine? Belle?!

Philip: Get out of here. She's not going to see you, all right?

Shawn-D: I'm not leaving here until I talk to her.

Philip: You're not going to see Belle -- not now, and not ever.

Brady: My Dad has always told me the truth, and now this -- an empty drug vial, a syringe. I mean, what else could it be? My Dad's a druggie. He is addicted to drugs.

Nicole: They're pain killers.

Brady: It's still an addiction, Nicole.

Nicole: I know. And if it means anything, this is the one time I hate to be right, Brady. What do you want to do?

Brady: I-I don't know if there's anything I can do. I'm not a doctor. I don't know how to help him. You know what? Maybe -- maybe I can call Abe and Lexie. I mean, they'll know someone I can call to get him some professional help.

Nicole: Brady, Brady, bad idea, bad idea.

Brady: Why? What else you got?

Kate: Well, I know exactly what else she has. She just doesn't want John to get help and to get better. John Black, a-a drug addict? That would just make your day, wouldn't it?

John: Oh, Doc... I know how disappointed you'd be in me, but I did it for our little girl, for our baby. I made a promise to her that I would walk her down the aisle and I would dance with her at her wedding.

John: I love you, Izzy. Don't you ever forget that, baby.

Belle: I love you, too, Dad.

John: I'm sorry, Doc. I know that you would expect better of me. But I had to do it for our daughter. I had to do it for our little girl.

Rex: Sweetie, look on the bright side -- some jail time might help Shawn straighten his life out.

Mimi: What life? Shawn doesn't have a life without Belle. And I'm not sure he'll want to live at all now that he's lost the love of his life.

Shawn-D: I wasn't thinking straight. All I know is that I had to stop the wedding.

Belle: But why? Can you tell me why it was so important for you to stop me from marrying Philip? I think I know why you did it. And as much as part of me wants to hear you say it, there's another part of me that is so afraid of hearing it. You have no idea how afraid.

Shawn-D: You can't keep me from seeing her.

Philip: You see, that's where you're wrong. I have every right to keep you from seeing her. I'm her husband.

Shawn-D: Oh, right, right. I keep forgetting, Phil, you're this big, tough marine.

Rex: What's going on?

Mimi: Shawn!

Philip: That's the last time you ever come near her. You understand me? You will never hurt her again. You stay the hell away from my wife.

Nicole: Your usual high opinion of me, Kate.

Kate: Do I feel sorry for Brady, getting caught in your web.

Brady: Okay, ladies, can we focus, please? We're trying to help my Dad.

Nicole: Yes, that's what I'm trying to tell you, Brady. Calling Abe and Lexie won't help. I mean, John is not a hard-core drug addict, and he's not a criminal.

Kate: Oh, please. Why don't you just tell us something we don't know, all right? For months, John has suffered unbearable loss, unbearable pain, and if he is using a little medication -- I'm sure it is just a small amount -- to ease the pain so he can be there for his family... frankly, I thought he was a hero during the wedding.

Nicole: Even though I hate to agree with you... you're right, Kate. We won't bring in the doctors and the cops, because they'll only bring up issues that you don't want to deal with right now.

Brady: So we keep it in the family. An intervention.

Nicole: Exactly.

Kate: Brady, look, I wouldn't worry about it, okay? Your dad is such a forthright man, and -- and I really do believe that once he realizes that we're only trying to help him, he's going to be grateful -- grateful for the help. I know you wouldn't really understand this, Nicole, but John is a good man, and he's a smart man, and I'm sure he wants to stop, and he will, with our help.

Brady: Thank you, Kate. I feel the same way. I-I just feel like my Dad is -- is waiting for one of us to say something.

Kate: Yeah.

Nicole: Oh, my God. If you believe that, the two of you need more help than John does.

John: It's just -- it's just a rough road, Doc. I've been busted up pretty bad before, but... this is the worst pain that I've ever been through -- physically, emotionally... I-I got Brady and Kate and Nicole downstairs. I can't face them feeling this way. So if I'm going to deal with them at all... this is what I got to do. You understand that, don't you, baby? I know you do. I know you do. This is what I've got to -- I've got to do.

Chelsea: Abby, that's not a good idea -- hoping your dad's still alive and all. He passed away. You have to accept that.

Abby: No, I don't. Dad's alive, and he's going to come back to me and my Mom and my little brother. I don't tell most people, 'cause they don't believe me, but I know it's true, and that's all that matters.

Chelsea: Okay. Hey, let's go get a close-up of Patrick in the buff.

Chelsea: He's gone. Happy, miss little goody 2-shoes? You deprived me of my chance to get to see his --

Abby: Shut it, Chels. What if he'd caught us? The mortification. You think that's funny?

Chelsea: I bet the real thing's even better than my imagination. You know your mom's thinking the same thing.

Jennifer: Oh! Aah!

Patrick: Jen, Jen, what happened? Oh, my God. Are you okay?

Jennifer: Yes. Oh, my goodness. I'm okay. I just -- I slipped.

Patrick: Don't get up. Don't get up. I can -- I can have the car out of the garage. We can be at the hospital in 10 minutes.

Jennifer: Oh, no. I-I don't need to go to the hospital, really.

Patrick: Are you sure?

Jennifer: Yeah, I just -- oh, I twisted my back or something. Ha ha ha. Oh, my goodness.

Patrick: The woman's in pain. She's laughing. That's great.

Jennifer: No, I just can't imagine how stupid I looked when I just fell. And that just made me think of Jack. He used to do these pratfalls all the time, and I never knew if he was joking or not. It's -- oh, Patrick, I miss him so much sometimes.

Jack: Grraah! Oh. Haven't you ever heard of taking a shower?! This stinks! You all stink! This is killing me! No. No, this is not killing me. I will love it. I would wash all the dirty laundry in the world and love it if it gets me home to my family. All I'm going to think about is... walking through that front door, coming home... and walking right into Jennifer's arms. Home sweet home.

Belle: Shawn... can you tell me why you came to the church tonight?

Shawn-D: Everybody thinks it's crazy, but I had to keep you from marrying him.

Belle: Why?

Shawn-D: Well, if I didn't, you'd be married. It'd be too late.

Belle: Too late for what?

Shawn-D: There's so many things that we have to figure out. There's so many things that we need to talk about before we can both move on.

Belle: But it is too late. Philip's my husband now. So whatever you had to say can't make a difference now.

Philip: We finally got to this night, Belle. It's our wedding night. There's no way Shawn's going to ruin it for us.

Rex: Shawn, come here, man. Let me help you up. Come on.

Mimi: Shawn, don't. Shawn, leave them alone before you get really hurt.

Shawn-D: He's keeping her prisoner in there.

Rex: Shawn, it's their wedding night. They have a right to their privacy.

Shawn-D: Belle! Belle!

Rex: Shawn, I wouldn't do that.

Mimi: He has to. It's how much he loves her.

Shawn-D: Belle! I need to talk to you!

Philip: You're kidding me.

Shawn-D: Belle, can you hear me? [Turns up romantic music] [Banging on door]

Philip: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Where's my wife going? Come here.

Belle: I thought I heard someone calling my name. It sounded like Shawn. Is he here?

Brady: Nicole, we just all want to help out my Dad, okay?

Nicole: Brady, listen to me. This has nothing to do with how I personally feel about your father. I know something about addicts. My Father got me hooked when I was a teenager. Addicts are driven, they're desperate, they're in denial. Which means if you confront your father, he will lie. He'll say that you're crazy. He'll say that you're not showing him respect. He will try to guilt you.

Brady: Nicole, I appreciate you speaking from personal experience, but with all due respect, I think I know my Dad a little bit more than you.

Kate: Yes, you do, and so do I. And John would not lie to Brady's face.

Brady: Exactly. So that being said, we'll just confront my Dad about it, and he'll be the first one to admit that he has a problem.

Nicole: Okay. Well, you two experts obviously know what you're doing. Good luck.

Brady: So, what now?

Kate: Well, I don't know. I think we should strike while the iron's hot, though.

Nicole: "No time like the present," "love conquers all" -- I don't know, pick a cliché.

Kate: Why don't you just leave if you don't want to help?

Nicole: And miss the show? Unh-unh.

Brady: Hey, Dad? Could you come down here for a second? Please?

[Door opens]

Brady: I just want to talk to you for a minute.

John: So, what's up?

Brady: You know that we -- we all care about you, right?

John: Well, two out of three, anyway.

Kate: Look... come on. I think what Brady's trying to say is that we all know what a good man you are. Sit down. We know that you always put others' needs before yourself, especially when it comes to your family.

John: So have you come here to praise Caesar or bury him? Come on, all these compliments are making me nervous. You got something to say, kid, spit it out.

Brady: Fine. The cards are on the table. Dad, what you're doing is dangerous, and we want you to stop.

John: All right. Am I supposed to guess what you're talking about?

Brady: There's no use in trying to hide it, Dad. We all know that you're doing drugs.

John: Oh.

Chelsea: Hey, what's your problem?

Abby: You need to get something clear. My Mother is in love with my Father. She's not interested in Patrick.

Chelsea: First of all, your father is -- okay. Whatever. But you don't have to be widowed or divorced to know when a man's hot. And Patrick is so hot. He steams up my dreams, and yours must be scorching, too. Admit it.

Abby: No, I won't, and they're not. My dreams aren't like that.

Chelsea: Liar. You know you like the way he fills out his jeans just as much as I do.

Abby: Could we not talk about Patrick anymore?

Chelsea: Fine with me. I'm sick of talking. I'm into doing... as in doing Patrick. Oh, God. That would just so make my life. I'll tell you everything when it happens. I just hope I don't have to fight your mom for him.

Abby: Chelsea, you're wrong about my Mom. The only man she cares about is my Dad.

Patrick: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to remind you.

Jennifer: Remind me about Jack?

Patrick: Yeah.

Jennifer: You don't have to remind me, Patrick. He's always on my mind. That's just the way it is. And that's how I want it. I don't ever want to forget about him.

Patrick: Of course. You know, I totally respect that.

Jennifer: Oh!

Patrick: Oh, Jen, you're in pain. Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?

Jennifer: No, no, I'm all right. I just -- I just need to sit down.

Patrick: Okay, let's get you over here. You know what? I know what will help -- a massage.

Jennifer: Uh, no, that's okay.

Patrick: Either you let me rub your back, or we're gonna have to get a doctor to check you out.

Jennifer: Okay.

Patrick: All right.

Jennifer: I surrender.

Patrick: Ha ha ha.

Jennifer: [Groans]

Patrick: So just relax, close your eyes. I promise I will be gentle.

Jennifer: Okay. Oh.

Patrick: Is that too hard?

Jennifer: No, no, go ahead. It's not hard enough, actually.

Patrick: Um, you know what? Maybe you should take your jacket off. It'll make it a little easier.

Jennifer: Oh, okay.

Patrick: All right. Okay.

Jennifer: Oh.

Patrick: Is that good?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Patrick: Okay.

Jennifer: Ooh.

Chelsea: I told you.

Jennifer: [Giggles]

Chelsea: Now do you believe me?

Jack: That's enough of that.

Jack: Hi.

Jennifer: Jack. No. No, no, no. No. No, I have imagined this so many times -- you -- you walking in the door alive, but... it can't be true. It can't be. It can't be true.

Jennifer: Oh, Jack. You're not dead.

Jack: No.

Jennifer: You're here?

Jack: Yes. I'm here. Why are you looking at me like I'm a ghost? Didn't you get my message?

Jennifer: No. I didn't believe it was true.

Jack: Well, it is. And so am I. I'm here. Jennifer?

Jennifer: No. Please don't do this to me. This is -- this is all a dream, and -- and I'm gonna wake up and you'll be dead.

Jack: No.

Jennifer: And I'll cry. I'll cry like I always do.

Jack: Jennifer, wouldn't it follow that if I'm in the dream with you, that when we wake up, we'll still be here together?

Jennifer: No, that doesn't make any sense. This is my dream.

Jack: What if it's my dream?

Jennifer: It's not your dream. Why do you always talk so crazy, Jack? [Gasps] It is you.

Jack: I told you.

Jennifer: Oh!

Jack: [Laughing]

Jennifer: Oh! [Smooth jazz playing]

Philip: Belle, Shawn was handcuffed and taken off to jail. You know that.

Belle: Yeah, you're right. Listen, that music's really loud. Do you mind if I turn it down?

Philip: No, no, hold on. I wanted to make sure we could hear it up here. And this -- both of these -- are gorgeous. And I can't wait to see Mrs. Kiriakis wear them.

Belle: Well, I'll go change.

Philip: Well, I'll open the champagne.

Belle: [Giggles]

Philip: Hey.

Belle: What?

Philip: Belle, I love you.

Belle: I won't be long.

Mimi: I'll get the ice.

Shawn-D: I don't want a damn drink.

Mimi: It's for your damn jaw.

Rex: Shawn, just -- come here, sit down.

Shawn-D: No, Rex, stay away from me. Just leave me alone.

Mimi: Here. Just hold it there.

Shawn-D: I-I --

Mimi: Okay, don't say thank you.

Shawn-D: I won't.

Rex: All right, so what happened after you were arrested? How'd you get out?

Shawn-D: Uncle Mickey got me out on bail.

Rex: What'd they charge you with?

Shawn-D: Reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, you name it.

Rex: Shawn, you know that can mean a lot of jail time.

Shawn-D: [Sarcastic] No... really, Rex? I've got to talk to Belle.

Mimi: Um, I don't think that's a good idea right now.

Shawn-D: I don't care what happens to me.

Mimi: Well, I do, and you should, too!

Rex: Shawn, Mimi's right. Seeing belle right now could be a very bad idea. They could add criminal harassment to your long list of charges. Is that what you want?

John: I'm on drugs? No, you're all on drugs. It's the craziest thing I've ever heard. You know Lexie won't let me have anything stronger than aspirin.

Brady: Dad, there's really no point in doing that. We all know that --

John: What is it that you think you know, son? What, that your old man's a druggie and he's a junkie? Is that it? Well, let me tell you something. The fact is that I am in a kind of pain that you can't even imagine. Now, that is what I know. And I'm trying to tough it out. So who the hell gave you the idea I was on drugs, anyway?

Brady: Nicole was actually the first one --

John: Ah, Nicky. Wow, what a shock that is. That comes from a woman who hates my guts, who knows that I have been onto her from the moment that I met her. A little disappointed in you, boy -- taking the word of some tramp instead of believing your own father.

Brady: What? No. Dad --

John: Oh, come on. She knows I don't want the two of you to hook up. So now she's trying to play you against me. That's not real surprising, considering the source, is it? Gee, Kate, come on, what's going on? You've been wised up to Nicole long before me, and you're still buying this junk she's selling? What's going on?

Brady: Dad, there really is no reason to get angry here.

John: How do you expect me to react? You call me a liar to my face, and this woman over here who claims that she cares about me -- both of you are buying into the lies of some bitch here who obviously is trying to discredit me!

Jennifer: [Giggles]

Abby: Daddy, you're alive! You're home!

Jennifer: Ooh, Abby! Ha ha!

Abby: I knew you'd come home to us. I knew you were alive.

Jack: Abigail. I want a hug. I want a hug from my Abigail.

Abby: And -- and Jack Jr.

Jack: Oh... Jack. Jack Jr.

Abby: Do you remember? This is our Daddy.

Jack: Oh...

Jennifer: Mmm...

Patrick: You've got it, all right.

Jennifer: That feels good.

Patrick: Okay, good. I just don't want to do it too hard.

Chelsea: I told you, didn't I? Didn't I? How can you say that there's nothing going on with Patrick and your mom?

Abby: It can't be. My Dad's alive, and he's coming home.

Chelsea: Abby, that's just not realistic.

Abby: Well, it's real to me. He came home before, didn't he? And... if Mom's doing stuff with Patrick and falling for him, then when my Dad finally comes home, it'll ruin my family.

Chelsea: Okay, if -- if she's doing anything? He has his hands all over her. God...I'm so jealous. How can he even touch her? She's so old.

Abby: My Mom is not old.

Chelsea: Okay, she's pretty, but she has a teenage daughter. A guy like Patrick should be with someone more his own age?

Abby: Like you? I don't think so.

Chelsea: Look at her. All "mmm," "ahh." It's so gross.

Abby: Come on. Mom. I didn't know you were down here.

Jennifer: Oh.

Chelsea: Gee, sorry, Ms. Deveraux, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Jennifer: You weren't -- you weren't interrupting anything, honey. I tripped, and I fell. And Patrick was just helping me with my back, work the kinks out.

Chelsea: "Kinks," huh? Um, Abby asked me to stay over tonight. Is that okay?

Jennifer: Sure, you're always welcome to stay here, honey.

Chelsea: Thanks. Um, may I use your phone? I left mine at home, and I need to ask my Mom if it's okay.

Jennifer: Sure. Oh, Chelsea, one minute. I have a message on there that I haven't heard. Would you mind playing it for me real quick?

Chelsea: Yeah, no problem.

Chelsea: Are you sure this thing is working? Oh, my gosh.

Jennifer: What, what's wrong?

Chelsea: I accidentally hit "erase." Your machine's different than ours. I'm so sorry, Mrs. Deveraux.

Jennifer: You know what, honey, it's okay. I have done it more than once, trust me.

Abby: But now we'll never know who called.

Jennifer: Well, sweetie, if it was that important, they'll call back again.

Jack: Oh... okay, everybody, listen up. You too, Junior. I'm never going anywhere again. I'm -- I'm gonna stay here forever. We're all gonna be together... forever and ever and ever.

Jennifer: [Giggles] Oh...ha ha.

Jack: Jennifer must've gotten my message by now. She knows I'm alive... and on my way home to my family.

Gavin Degraw: I'm gonna love you more than anyone I'm gonna hold you closer than before and when I kiss your soul your body be free I'll be free for you anytime I'm gonna love you more than anyone

Philip: I wish there was a new word for beautiful.

Belle: Beautiful's nice. It works.

Philip: How did I get so lucky?

Belle: Your knuckles -- they're bruised. What happened?

Philip: I just scraped them. It's no big deal. I love you, Mrs. Kiriakis.

And I will try I will try

Philip: Here. To the rest of our lives as husband and wife.

I'm gonna hold you closer than before

Shawn-D: Thanks.

Mimi: You're welcome.

Rex: You hear that music?

Shawn-D: The whole town can hear it. So what?

Rex: It's Belle and Philip's wedding night. You gotta leave 'em alone. Shawn, don't be a fool. Accept it. Belle married Philip, all right? It's over.

Free for you whenever you need

Brady: Dad. You know that I love you, and I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think you were desperate.

Kate: John. You've been in so much pain, and we understand that.

Brady: I have to admit, when Nicole first told me about this, I didn't believe her, either. But I've been noticing some changes in you. Kate has, too.

Kate: I know it's really hard to understand. It's hard to hear. But it's just because we care about you.

Brady: We just want to help you, Dad.

John: No, no, if you two are willing to take this lying whore's word over mine, just get outta here.

Brady: Dad --

Kate: John.

Brady: Dad, come on!

John: I mean it! Just get outta here right now, all of you. Just go on, clear out. Get outta here!

Shawn-D: Mimi, did she want to call off the wedding with Philip? Is she still in love with me?

Belle: Everything worked out the way it was supposed to.

Patrick: Bo went on this trip with Billie because he wanted to. You want to be mad at somebody, you should be mad at him.

Billie: You have a problem because I'm not going with you.

Bo: You are the most stubborn, irrational...

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