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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/28/04 - Canada; Wednesday 12/29/04 - U.S.A.



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Hope: 101.

Jennifer: Yeah, he has a low-grade infection from that cut on his side.

Bo: Oh, thank you, nurse. I'm fine.

Hope: Don't argue, and take these. Here, open your mouth. Open. Be a good patient. Please try to get some rest.

Bo: Mm. At least you didn't say "call me in the morning."

Hope: Oh, no. I'll be back to check on you in a little while.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Mm, you're so warm.

Jennifer: Go to sleep.

Bo: Yes, mom.

Hope: Be good.

Jennifer: Men are like little boys when they're sick, huh?

Hope: Yeah, tell me about it. It's lucky he's only got a fever. He could have died, Jen.

Patrick: Billie, why don't you, uh, take a break and have some coffee?

Billie: Thanks. Just leave it. It's all here on this disk, Lockhart -- all the information as to where my daughter is and who adopted her. It's all here, and I'm going to find her.

Patrick: Maybe it's better that you don’t.

Bo: Sorry about how things ended up Christmas Eve. I -- I'm worried about you. You broke up with Belle. You loved that girl ever since I can remember.

Shawn-D: Dad, this --

Bo: I know, I'm sorry. Uh... your love life is none of my business. But you've dropped out of school, you had an accident, you've been arrested. Now you're driving that bike around that Jan gave you. You almost gave your mom a heart attack.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, mom worries too much.

Bo: Well, maybe your new girlfriend doesn't have your best interest in mind. You ever think of that?

Shawn-D: You know what? That's exactly what I was afraid of. I'm going to go downstairs and give Zack his Christmas present. That's what I came over here to do.

Bo: Walk out -- that's your answer for everything these days?

Shawn-D: Me. What about you? You left mom here alone with Zack while you just go run off to Europe with your ex-lover? You know what? Forget it. I don't even want to have this conversation. I feel like I'm going to explode. I got to figure out what's going on with me, and there's only one person who can help.

Rex: Okay, let me get this straight. You need the names of the groomsmen, their sizes, and when they're available for fittings, right? Okay, hold on. Belle, how many groomsmen? Do you even have any?

Mimi: Oh, could you hold on for a second, please? Belle, I called every bridal shop, and no one has the bridesmaid dress that you picked. Even if we rush order, it could take at least four weeks.

Belle: You're kidding.

Mimi: Sorry.

Belle: I was going to design the bridesmaid dresses myself --

Mimi: I know, but don't you have something we can use that you already designed for Basic Black?

Philip: Belle, the Penthouse Grill needs to know what time we want cocktail hour, what type of hors d'oeuvres we want to serve, and what are our entree choices. Do we even want a cocktail hour?

Rex: Belle, Belle, how many groomsmen?

Belle: Okay, with everyone talking to me, I can't think.

All: I'll call you back.

Philip: Look, just relax, all right? Everything's going to be fine.

Belle: No, it's not going to be okay. We're never going to get this done on time. Our wedding is going to be a complete disaster.

Mimi: Come here.

Philip: Where the hell's mom?

Lucas: Hey, there she is. There she is. My beautiful fiancée. A rose for you.

Sami: Lucas. Oh, how beautiful.

Lucas: You hungry, honey? Let's go get something to eat.

Sami: No, Lucas, I can't go anywhere. Do you know what's happening in there?

Lucas: Well, good, good, you finally came to terms with Belle and Philip getting married first. Good for you. What are you, helping them?

Sami: No, Lucas, I officially hate Belle and Philip, in addition to already hating Kate and John and everyone else associated with this freakin' nightmare. No, the part I hate the most is that my little sister is getting married before I am.

Celeste: Ever since the messenger delivered this, I've had a terrible feeling, but why was I drawn here to the church? [Gasps] Was this a message from the spirits... or -- or was it the -- the candles that caught the invitation on fire?

Kate: Oh. This is perfect.

Eugenia: Why? I mean, Sami’s going off the deep end about this wedding.

Kate: Exactly, which means she's going to have to vent to someone.

Eugenia: Okay, like who?

Kate: Oh, I have a hunch that she's going to be calling our dear friend Marguerite.

Eugenia: The psychic. Of course.

Kate: Mm-hmm. And you know what you're going to have to do now.

Eugenia: Uh, actually, I don’t.

Kate: Honey, you need to get yourself over to the psychics hotline. You need to monitor all the conversations. We need to know everything that Sami does and says, and if we get her to trust Marguerite, then we'll have her.

Eugenia: Okay, but how can you be sure that she's going to call Marguerite?

Kate: Oh, believe me, I know exactly how to push that little bitch's buttons.

Lucas: All right, you know, I can understand you not wanting to help, but you still got to go to the wedding. Philip's my half-brother, and I know you want belle to be happy. I know you care about her, right? Right, Sami?

Sami: I'm thinking. Okay, all right. Yes, of course I want her to be happy. I just don't want her to get married before me.

Lucas: How many times have you been married, huh? Once to Austin in Paris to get custody, and then what, Brandon in Salem?

Sami: Those don't count.

Lucas: She's got to wait for you to get it right just so she can take her turn? Is that what this is, Sami?

Sami: Well, yes. I don't think that's unfair. I mean, Lucas, I wanted our wedding to be special, you know? And I just wanted everything to be perfect and... I want to prove to this town, show them that I'm getting the chance to marry the man that I love.

Lucas: Oh, Sami. Come here.

Sami: Ugh. Look at that. John and Kate have everyone at Basic Black jumping through hoops for Belle and Philip’s wedding, and I just want it to be like that for our wedding.

Lucas: It will be, all right? My mom's going to pay for our wedding. She's going to do exactly what she's doing for Belle. She's going to do the same thing for you.

Sami: Are you kidding? John wouldn't even make a freaking phone call for me, and I'm sure Kate would love to just open up a can of rotten tuna fish and spread it on some stale crackers for us.

Lucas: Oh, wait a minute. What about the perks? What about all those perks from the promotional thing with the advertisers for Basic Black? You still got all that.

Sami: Yeah, thankfully, 'cause I came up with that idea. I'm sure Kate’s going to try to ruin that, too.

Lucas: No, she won't --

Sami: But that isn't even the point, Lucas, okay? I wanted our wedding to be special. I wanted to prove to this town that I am not a total screw up. And if Belle gets married right before I do, it's going to ruin that. It's going to ruin everything.

Kate: Sorry, Sami. I mean, I'm sorry that I'm not a psychic. There's no way I could have known that Philip was going to be called up to active duty, now, is there? Maybe you and Lucas getting married first just wasn't in the stars. Look, now, I know Sami doesn't want to help with her sister's -- with the most important day of her life, but do you think possibly you could give your brother Philip a hand?

Lucas: Absolutely. Sure.

Kate: Thank you.

Lucas: Come on. Put a lid on it. Just count to 10 and breathe, all right? Try to be happy for Belle.

Philip: So obviously, mom, I need your help.

Kate: Oh, sweetie, it's going to be all right. I know it seems absolutely impossible right now, but we're going to get things organized, and we're going to get them done on time, because I have everyone at Basic Black working on it.

Belle: Yeah, but I don't even have a wedding dress, and then there's -- there's the caterers and the florists and -- and the arrangements at the church, and everything that the wedding planner was supposed to do.

Kate: Honey, look. The invitations -- they're being rush printed by a Basic Black printing company, okay? I have reservations at the Penthouse Grill for the reception, and everything else can be organized by my able-bodied sons, okay?

Mimi: Why don't I take Belle to the church to check things out and talk to the priest about the ceremony?

Kate: I think that's a very good idea.

Mimi: Okay, Belle?

Kate: What are you waiting for? Go ahead.

Belle: Okay.

Kate: Ha ha ha.

Rex: Uh, ahem. Mimi. Why did you suggest taking Belle to the church?

Mimi: Just trust me, okay? If my plan works, Belle will forget about all this and stop the wedding and realize she's still in love with Shawn.

Rex: [Sighs]

Mimi: Hey, that was classy.

Sami: Hey, mind your own damn business.

[Cellular phone rings]

Mimi: Hello? Why are you calling me, Jan? What do you want? I'm busy. No, I don't know where he is. You sound worried. Trouble in paradise?

Shawn-D: I just don't know who else to talk to, Gran.

Alice: Well, what about talking to Jan? She's the one that you're going to marry, share your life with, aren't you?

[Knocking at door]

Jennifer: Hope, Bo was with Billie because they were looking for their daughter.

Hope: I know that, and I know that finding her is, of course, very important to both of them. I feel for Billie. What mother wouldn't? Believing that you have a child out there somewhere that you never had the opportunity to hold and love. But, damn it, Jen, Bo could have died. He went up against the DiMera organization. What if I'd lost him?

Jennifer: No, I know that, but listen, you didn’t.

Hope: No, I know I didn't, but I know it's only a matter of time before he and Billie will want to take off again, and I told Bo in no uncertain terms he's not going anywhere.

Jennifer: All right, what about the message on Billie’s PDA? She believes that she has a lead on Georgia.

Hope: It's not a lead. There's no real information. It's probably a trick.

Jennifer: What if it's not?

Hope: They both need to take time and come up with a plan -- a good one. I'm not letting her drag Bo into a dangerous situation again. The boys need him here, especially Shawn.

Jennifer: Oh, speaking of, what is he up to? How is he?

Hope: Still with Jan, still drinking, still out of --

Jennifer: What?

Hope: He's so out of control. Now, we got this letter from the college today. It says that Shawn can go back if he wants to, but... once again, we haven't had the opportunity to talk to Shawn about it.

Jennifer: It's so hard. It is so hard to understand what -- what your children are feeling. I mean, look at everything I'm going through with Abby -- not coming home by her curfew, talking back. But then I think about everything that little girl has been through in the past year. No one should ever have to go through all of that, really.

Hope: Honey, so have you.

Jennifer: No, but I'm her mother. I'm her mother. I-I need to be there for her. But it doesn't matter. No matter what I say right now, it makes everything worse.

Hope: She seemed a lot better at Christmas.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, we'll see how long that lasts.

Hope: Hey, you've got to remember, we had rebellious sides at that age. Don't you remember? And we turned out okay. I mean, mostly.

Jennifer: I know. That's what Gram tried to tell me, but I really don't think that we were that bad, were we?

Hope: What?

Jennifer: Okay. Maybe we were. I-I don't think so.

Hope: You know, when and if Bo and Billie do find Georgia, it's going to change all of our lives, including Shawn and Zack’s.

Jennifer: I know. And they're getting closer and closer to finding her. I mean, they know now that she was adopted when she was 3 years old.

Hope: Maybe.

Jennifer: What? What do you mean?

Hope: I hate to even think it, much less say it. What if all of this is a hoax? What if all of these clues were planted by the DiMeras years ago, and the truth is, Georgia really isn't alive?

Jennifer: Are you kidding? Why would they go to all that trouble to send Bo and Billie on some wild goose chase?

Hope: What have the DiMeras always wanted? To ruin our lives. Well, maybe the goal this time is to destroy my marriage to Bo.

Billie: Ha ha. Ahem. I'm sorry. Why do you think I shouldn't do everything I can to find my daughter?

Patrick: Look, you're driven to find your daughter and bond with her. I understand that. But if it's true that she was adopted, you could totally disrupt her life.

Billie: Okay. But if she was adopted when she was 3 and is happy, why did she choose to contact me on my PDA?

Patrick: She contacted you?

Billie: Yes.

Patrick: Are you really sure it was her?

Billie: I believe it was, and if Georgia does have adoptive parents, they're probably on DiMera’s payroll, and there is no way that I am going to let them keep her away from me or use her in some evil agenda against us.

Patrick: Yeah, but you can't really be sure that's what's happening.

Billie: Of course it is. That's why they took her away from me at birth. There is definitely a plan that will affect me and Bo.

Patrick: If that's true, it will affect Hope, too.

Philip: I owe you one. Okay, the marine honor guard -- confirmed. We got it.

Kate: Ah, great. That's wonderful.

Rex: All right, and the maître d' said he'll help us put together a menu.

Philip: Nice.

Kate: Okay, check. That's two checks.

Rex: Cool.

Lucas: Booked the limos.

Kate: Oh.

Lucas: Get everyone from the church to the reception, no problem.

Kate: Oh, honey, that's wonderful. Thank you.

Philip: Um... mom, the thing is... I'm starting to wonder if all this is even necessary. I mean, throwing together a big, fancy, formal wedding in this amount of time, it's putting us all through a lot of stress, and especially Belle, and I'm starting to think that maybe we should just... bag the whole thing and have a nice, private little ceremony with our family and our friends.

Rex: Hey, d-don't go saying that now, man.

Lucas: Well, that'll certainly make Sami happy.

Kate: That's one reason we shouldn't even consider it.

Philip: What?

Rex: What?

Lucas: What was that?

Kate: I just said it's a little late to consider that.

Sami: Yeah, yeah. I'll make that happen right away. Whatever.

Kate's voice: Maybe you and Lucas getting married first just wasn't in the stars.

[Telephone rings]

Marguerite: Wendy's psychic network hotline. Hello, Samantha. I had a feeling you'd be calling.

Sami: That is really amazing.

Shawn-D: I can't talk to Jan because a lot of this has to do with her. Gran, family means a lot to me... but I feel like all I've been doing is fighting with them. Sometimes I feel like I've been trying to hurt them.

Alice: Oh, and you feel bad about it.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I do.

Alice: Good. That means you're healing.

Shawn-D: You know, ever since the accident, I haven't been sure about what I've been feeling, and I've been angry. I haven't been acting like myself.

Alice: Well, who would you normally talk to about your feelings?

Alice: Ah, that's right. You'd talk to Belle.

Mimi: See, Belle, Father Jansen’s back, and he said there's no problem getting the church whenever you need it.

Belle: Yes, he was very helpful, but -- what are we doing here?

Mimi: Oh, I just wanted to check out the bride's room to see what we needed to bring to get you ready. What's this?

Belle: Oh, it's Caroline’s hope chest.

Mimi: Oh, right, I forgot it was even here.

Belle: Yeah. It was brought here for Sami’s and Brandon’s wedding, but -- but then --

Belle: Isn't it beautiful?

Shawn-D: You are beautiful. Y-you literally take my breath away.

Belle: I know what you mean.

Shawn-D: May I have this dance?

Mimi: Belle, look at this. Mrs. Brady's dress is still here. This could be the solution to all your problems.

Belle: There is no way I can wear that dress.

Celeste: Was it an accident or are the spirits trying to tell me something? This has to be an omen... and a bad one.

Hope: You look skeptical. Jen, just hear me out, all right? Just think about it for a second. Look at what's happened to all of the other couples that were torn apart by Tony. I mean, Tony even tore his own sister away from Abe. I'm not going to let this come between me and Bo. I mean, my God, if he has a daughter out there, of course I want him to find her. I support him. But what if this is just a huge DiMera manipulation?

Jennifer: Hope, do you think that's possible after Tony and Stefano’s death? I mean, a-a list of instructions in the event we die kind of thing?

Hope: Exactly, yes.

Jennifer: Come on.

Hope: Yeah, I do. I mean, all of this could have been just manufactured to break up me and Bo. It's too suspicious. What, all of a sudden, Billie’s missing daughter suddenly contacts her mother on Christmas, doesn't tell her where she is or how to get in touch with her, and why now? And how did she know about Billie? And how did she know how to get in touch with her?

Jennifer: I don't know. I don't know. There are so many questions, and there's not one answer.

Hope: The message had to be phony. It had to be sent by whoever's out to get me and Bo.

Bo: Try this. Go.

Bo: Look at this.

Billie: It's Georgia’s files. This could tell us everything we need to know. This could tell us where she is.

Bo: Billie. Billie, don't touch that!

Billie: Aah!

Bo: Billie, no. No. Don't die. You can't die. Come on, Billie. Come back to me. Come on. Billie. Oh, Billie. No. Don't die. Don't die. Don’t...

Billie: Patrick, you were a part of the DiMera organization. Do you really think that they are continuing to operate without Tony or Stefano?

Patrick: Well, without getting into whether that really was Stefano’s body at the island compound or the fact that we don't have proof positive that Tony’s even dead, yeah. Once the DiMera organization puts a plan into motion, their underlings have orders to carry it to its conclusion no matter what. Now, if you're right, there has to be some kind of long-term plan for kidnapping Georgia at birth and letting everyone believe she was dead. You know, Billie, what if it wasn't Georgia who left that message?

Billie: I honestly believe it was.

Patrick: Then why didn't she tell you how to contact her?

Billie: Maybe she was going to, but she got caught. You know, I mean, if she's being held captive, maybe whoever is -- has got her has complete control over what she says and does.

Patrick: And you're thinking contacting you was that deliberate and calculated?

Billie: Yes.

Patrick: Okay. Well, if that's true, your daughter's being used as bait, and when you find out where she is, you could be walking into a trap.

Billie: Hmm. You're right. But -- but the bottom line is that Georgia is alive,

and she is out there somewhere, and I am going to find her and save her and make her a part of my life, and nothing on God's green earth will stop me.

Marguerite: Sami, are you calling again about being in love with both your not-quite-ex-husband and your fiancé?

Sami: No, no. I managed to get that resolved, even though I haven't gotten the annulment yet, but you wouldn't believe what happened when I tried.

Marguerite: I can imagine -- literally. I sense an obstacle was thrown in your way.

Sami: To say the least. An obstacle that was ugly and mean and vicious. This horrible woman Eugenia -- she somehow managed to get a job at the county clerk's office, and she wouldn't put a rush on my paperwork.

Marguerite: The nerve. Some people just have to go by the bureaucratic book, don't they? Just drives you nuts.

Sami: Well, I'm not worried about it, 'cause I'm going to get it taken care of.

Marguerite: So tell me about today. You're in pain.

Sami: Yeah, well, that's why I'm calling, and of course, my fiancé would tell me I'm utterly nuts and that you're a total con artist.

Marguerite: I'm not a con artist, Sami.

Sami: Well, I know that. That's why I keep calling. I mean, it's not like I have anyone else to talk to. Besides Lucas and Will, there's no one else in this whole world that I trust except you, Wendy, a total stranger. God, that's so sad.

Marguerite: So why are you calling?

Sami: Don't you know?

Marguerite: [Whispers] Why is she calling?

Eugenia: Her little sister's getting married.

Marguerite: There's a wedding, and it's not yours. You have a sister who's getting married... and you're upset about it.

Sami: Wow, you are good. Yeah, you're damn right I'm upset about it, and you know why, don't you?

Marguerite: Your, uh, sister's fiancé is suddenly being called away. Is he in the military?

Sami: Yeah.

Marguerite: The marines?

Sami: Yes.

Marguerite: He's being called up and shipped out right after the new year, and you're upset because you wanted your wedding to be first.

Sami: That's it. It's all true. So you have to tell me, am I going to be able to get through this? Am I going to be able to beat my sister to the altar, or is she going to get married first?

Kate: Philip, we have to go through with this wedding.

Philip: Why? I mean, the only important thing, mom, is that Belle and I commit to each other legally and emotionally before I ship out. Why put ourselves through all this?

Kate: Honey, look. When a woman marries the man that she loves, hopefully, it only happens once, and it's the most important day in her life, and you want it to be memorable, and you want it to be special. Don't you want that for Belle?

Philip: Of course I do.

Kate: Okay. Well, then, we need to get going. We need to get cracking, because we need to put on the wedding of the year, and the time is ticking away.

Lucas: Did you make that call?

Rex: Yeah, I got that one.

Mimi: Belle, this dress would look beautiful on you.

Belle: This is the -- the dress I was going to wear when I married Shawn.

Mimi: You still love Shawn, don't you?

Belle: How can I still love Shawn after everything he's said and done? He's engaged to Jan.

Mimi: Belle, we have been through this before. None of that is the real issue. What are your feelings for Shawn? If you still love him, then you are making the biggest mistake of your life if you go ahead and marry Philip.

Shawn-D: You're right, Gran. I mean, you're always right. I could always talk to Belle. She always understood what was going on with me. But ever since the accident, I, uh... Belle and Philip are getting married now?

Alice: Oh, yes. That was hand-delivered just before you got here.

Shawn-D: I can't believe this.

Alice: Well, do you intend to do something about it?

Hope: [Sighs]

Jennifer: I know, what you're saying, it makes a lot of sense. If Georgia left a message for Billie, why wouldn't she be more specific? And if she contacted her once, why wouldn't she contact her again?

Hope: Because it's a setup. Of course, I can't be dead sure, but my gut tells me it is. Unfortunately, Billie’s so caught up in finding Georgia, she can't see it.

Jennifer: All right, what about Bo? What's his take on this whole thing?

Hope: Well, he agrees. He thinks it's probably a hoax. But he wants to do the right thing no matter what.

Jennifer: Well, that's all well and good, but he's not going anywhere with that injury right now.

Hope: No, he's not, and he promised me, once he's better, we're going to have a family meeting and deal with Shawn.

Jennifer: Poor Shawn. All this information about Georgia -- that's the last thing he needs right now.

Hope: What Shawn needs to do right now is get his life together. God, I'm so petrified he's going to go out on that stupid bike Jan got him and get himself killed.

Jennifer: I can't believe that he is dating Jan Spears.

Hope: He's not in love with her. He's in love with Belle. He's just too stubborn to admit it. She and Shawn are destined to be together, just like me and Bo. Oh, God, Jennifer, I swear to God, no matter what happens, he's not going anywhere. He's going to stay right here with his family.

Bo: Hold on!

Billie: I am!

Bo: Try and pull yourself up.

Billie: Okay.

Bo: Come on.

Billie: Okay.

Billie: Bo, get up!


Bo: [Groaning]

Billie: Oh, my -- come on, Bo!

Bo: [Coughs] What the hell?

Billie: Snakes!

Bo: Aah!

Patrick: You know, Billie, you've been at this for hours. Why don't you take a break? I mean, do you want your coffee? I can heat it up for you.

Billie: No thanks. I'm good.

Patrick: Okay.

Billie: Found you.

Patrick: What is it?

Billie: It's a hidden encrypted sub-file. Looks fairly simple. I'll bet the I.S.A. program code can break it. Ha ha. There it is.

Patrick: What's it say?

Billie: Okay, it's a series of latitudes and longitudes... somewhere in the vicinity of the DiMera castle. I've got to get there right away. That's probably where she is.

Patrick: Damn it, Billie, come on. The DiMera organization is onto you, okay? They know you've been to that castle before, and they'll be waiting for you, especially if this is some kind of trap.

Billie: Okay, and I told you that my daughter is out there somewhere. I'm not giving up.

Patrick: Hey. I'm not telling you to give up, okay? I'm telling you it's too dangerous to go alone, and Bo is in no condition to go with you, plus he's back with Hope, and I'm sorry, he's going to stay with Hope.

Billie: Okay, so what's your point?

Patrick: You need backup, Billie, so I'm going with you.

Jennifer: Bo is so stubborn. He's going to feel obligated to go with Billie to find his daughter. You're not going to be able to stop him.

Hope: Well, you know what? I can be just as stubborn. I swear to God to you, Jennifer, if I have to put him in a straitjacket, I'll do it.

[Doorbell rings]

Hope: I wonder who that could be.

Billie: Hi, Hope.

Hope: Billie, hi.

Billie: Sorry to bother you again.

Hope: You want to come in?

Billie: Yes, thank you.

Patrick: Hey.

Jennifer: Patrick.

Hope: Patrick, hi.

Patrick: Hi, Jen.

Billie: Hi. Hi, Jen.

Jennifer: Hey.

Hope: So, um, whoo, it's cold out there. What's up?

Billie: Well, I got another clue as to Georgia’s whereabouts. I found a hidden file on one of those computer disks.

Hope: You sure it's legit this time?

Billie: Absolutely. I'm leaving town to follow up.

Patrick: Yeah, um, I'm sorry, Jennifer. I won't be able to go with you to Philip and Belle's wedding. I'm going with Billie to look for her daughter.

Hope: What? Oh, my God. That is such a great idea. I mean, you know how the DiMeras think, and you're on our side. What more could we ask for? I think you'll be a huge help to Billie.

Jennifer: Oh, Patrick, that could be very dangerous for you to do that.

Patrick: Uh, it's fine, it's fine. I can handle myself, and, uh, we'll be looking out for each other, so...

Hope: How soon are you leaving?

Bo: She's not leaving. She's not going anywhere with Lockhart.

Sami: So is my sister's wedding going to happen?

Marguerite: It seems to be heading in that direction, but I see great drama, upset, and upheaval.

Sami: Really? Well, in that case, I'll definitely be there and hope for the worst.

Rex: Thank you.

Philip: Perfect.

Lucas: We appreciate that.

Kate: That'd be terrific. Thank you.

Philip: You know something? I don't believe it, but I think we're going to pull this thing off.

Kate: Well, of course we are. Your wedding to Belle is going to go off without a hitch.

Lucas: Well done.

Belle: It doesn't matter what I feel for Shawn. He's made it very clear what he feels for me or doesn't feel for me.

Mimi: You're avoiding my question.

Belle: I am marrying Philip. He's being shipped off. He's probably going to go into combat. I told him I'm marrying him, and there's nothing even left to think about with Shawn and me -- not anymore. We've both moved on, you know? He's marrying Jan, and I am marrying Philip, and that is just the end of it.

Mimi: She still didn't answer... because I know she's still in love with Shawn.

Alice: So, Shawn Douglas, what are you going to do?

Shawn-D: Well, I guess I got a lot to think about, don't I?

Alice: Yeah.

Shawn-D: Thanks, Gran.

Alice: Well... I know that you'll make the right decision.

Shawn-D: I love you. Bye.

Alice: [Sighs] Oh, please, Tom... help Shawn realize who he really loves and who he needs to be with.

[Bell dings]

["The wedding march" playing]

[Voices shouting]

Celeste: [Gasps] Something terrible is going to happen here.

Jan: Shawn, what are you thinking about?

Shawn-D: You really want to know?

Belle: I am not marrying Shawn.

Mimi: But you wish you were, don't you?

Man: You know I can't give you drugs.

John: Well, that's where you're wrong, Agent Sparrow. You can, and you will.

Hope: You knew the minute Bo heard about it, he'd insist on going with you. Isn't that what you really want?

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