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Chloe: Brady, it's me -- Chloe. Can you hear me?

Brady: Is this some kind of sick joke? Chloe's dead.

Chloe: No, Brady. No, it -- it's not. It's me. I'm --


Chloe: Brady? Brady?

Nancy: What happened? Did he hang up?

Chloe: No, it was a bad connection. We could barely hear each other.

Nancy: Then we will just have to try again when we get closer to Salem.

Chloe: It felt so good to hear his voice.

Brady: That sure did sound like her. Could it be possible? Chloe still be alive?


[Cellular phone rings]

Brandon: Hello?

Nicole: Brandon. Nicky? Are you all right?

Nicole: No, I'm not. Look, Brandon, I know you're leaving town, but I need to talk to you now.

Brady: Nicole, you are never gonna believe --

[Engine starts]

[Car pulls away]

Patrick: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey.

Patrick: I, uh, I know you're worried about Abby, but, uh, I promise you, things will get better.

Jennifer: Yeah, that's what everybody keeps telling me. What if they don't get better?

Patrick: But they will, because Abby has you, Jennifer, and she loves you so much. And you know what? In the end, that's all that's gonna matter. You're doing the right thing. Just be patient.

Jennifer: And what if that doesn't work?

Patrick: Then we'll figure something out together.

Jennifer: Patrick, I'm so sorry. The last thing you need to be worrying about is my teenage daughter's angst. I mean, it's not your problem, and I shouldn't even be asking for your help.

Patrick: But I like helping you.

[Country version of "hark! The herald angels sing"]

Mimi: Mom.

Bonnie: Mimi baby, what's wrong?

Mimi: Everything's falling apart. I'm about to lose Rex, and I don't know what to do.

Sami: Julie? Um...

Julie: Sami, don't speak. Don't speak. I know.

Sami: Well, I'm glad that I found you. I have to talk to you, Julie. You're the only one who can help me.


Jennifer's voice: Hey, Hope. Hey, it's me -- Jennifer. Listen, Patrick and I are going to decorate my tree later, and we would love it if you and the kids would stop by. Call me.

Maggie: Hope? Are you all right?

Hope: It's Bo. I-I think he's in trouble.

Billie: Hey, are you sure you're okay?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I just hit the ground kind of hard, that's all.

Billie: Man, I just about had a heart attack when I saw all those snakes surrounding you in the pit.

Bo: Yeah, just lucky, I guess.

Bo: Maybe we should get you checked out anyway.

Bo: No, no, no. We don't have time. We got to find our daughter. There's got to be a reason that door was electrified.

Billie: Well, do you think Georgia could be in there?

Bo: Yeah, there's a good chance. We got to check it out.

Billie: Okay, well, let's go then.

Bo: All right. Ah, man! Ahh...


Bo: Oh! Ahh!

Jack: I don't know who is trying to break into this castle, but I am going to leave them a note, and they will hopefully read it as they're passing by in the hallway.

Cassie: That's your plan?

Jack: Uh, yes, that is my plan.

Cassie: Okay, and what if one of the guards sees it?

Jack: I don't know. I'm just making this up as I go along. Look, we got to do the best we can here. Besides, they know that I am gonna do whatever it takes to get out of here and get back to my family. Now, give me a hand.

Cassie: Come on.

Jack: Okay. All right. Okay. Don't try this at home. Okay. 1...2... and voilŗ.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Nancy: Chloe, I know you want to talk to Brady, and, you know, once we get closer, we'll have a better connection and you can speak to him longer.

Chloe: You're right, Nancy. I do want to talk to Brady again. But I canít.

Nancy: Why not?

Chloe: Calling him was a mistake. I can't let Brady know that I'm back in Salem until I'm whole again. I'm gonna have the surgery. I'm gonna do everything else that you wanted. But you cannot tell me what to do when it comes to the man I love. You cannot say anything to Brady. Please, Nancy, promise me that you'll honor my wish.

Mimi: So I opened the door, and the cage wasn't there. Instead she had this whole big Christmas setup. I had to totally lie to Belle, Shawn, and Rex, and say that I thought she was hiding something. I looked like a complete idiot for dragging them out there.

Bonnie: Honey, listen to me. You may have lost the battle, but the war's not over yet.

Mimi: I don't know, Mom. Shawn still pretty much has amnesia, so I have no proof of what Janís been up to. But she has all the proof in the world that I had an abortion without telling Rex.

Bonnie: Honey, I love you, okay? But you're gonna have to toughen up and deal with that broad.

Mimi: How?

Bonnie: Listen to mama. I'll tell you how to beat that bitch at her own game.

Julie: Sami, what's wrong?

Sami: Well, first of all, Brandon told me that he still loves me.

Julie: Oh, dear.

Sami: And I don't know what to do.

Julie: Well, first things first. Do you still love Brandon?

Sami: Yeah, I do.

Julie: Oh, double dear.

Sami: But I love Lucas. I love Lucas so much. You have to help me, Julie.

Julie: Well, Sami, before I became a talking vegetable, I was a woman of wide experience, and I suspect that you already know what you really want. You just have to reach deep down inside and admit it to yourself.

Sami: You make it sound so easy.

Julie: Well, it is in a way. Tell me what you love about Brandon.

Sami: He's gorgeous, and he's smart, and he always wanted to be there for me.

Julie: Okay. And what do you love about Lucas?

Sami: Lucas is -- he's Lucas. He's all of those things, but he's also my son's father and he's my soul mate.

Julie: Do we need to continue?

Sami: I don't think so.

Julie: I really should be looking out for the customers. Do you feel a little bit better?

Sami: Yeah, I really do. Julie, thank you so much. I knew talking to you would make me feel better. I can't really --

Julie: That's okay. That's just me, a problem-solving pepper.

Sami: Ha ha ha! Merry Christmas, Julie.

Julie: Oh, folks...

Brandon: I have to get to the airport soon.


Nicole: Oh, Brandon.

Brandon: Hey.

Nicole: Thanks for waiting.

Brandon: What's going on?

Nicole: I'm so lost. I don't know what to do. You have to help me.

Jennifer: You know what, Patrick? You, uh... you have already done so much for me already. I mean, look at this place. You've decorated it. You've babysat. You've helped me with Abby. I don't want to take advantage of you.

Patrick: You're not. You know, I love helping out. And to be honest with you, it's nice for me to be around a normal family for once.

Jennifer: A normal family? Well... I mean, what about your own?

Patrick: Bonnie?

Jennifer: No, I mean your own family. Don't you want to have a wife and kids someday and a home of your own? I'm sorry, that didn't come out right.

Patrick: No, Jennifer, it's fine. I know what you meant. I'm not sure what I want, you know? Especially now that my name has been cleared and I've cut all my ties with the DiMeras. I'm just trying to keep all my options open, you know? But one thing I have decided on is I'm going to stay in Salem.

Jennifer: Oh, that's great. You know, you're welcome to stay in the garage apartment for as long as you'd like. You know that.

Patrick: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Jennifer: Well, I don't want you to thank me yet, because there is something that I need to ask you. Something really big.

Patrick: Okay. What's that?

Jennifer: It's something that Jack and I discussed on the island. Something that could change your life forever.

Jack: Ahh...okay.

Cassie: Jack, I don't know if your note's gonna work.

Jack: Oh, come on now. If it doesn't work, we'll try something else. If that doesn't work, we'll try something else. And if that doesn't work, we'll try something else! Look, we have to do whatever it takes to get out of here. And we're gonna get out of here. We're gonna get back, and I'm gonna see --

Man: Come with me.

Cassie: No, I don't want to. No, I said I don't want to.

Jack: Cassie, wait --

Man: You have no choice!

Jack: Don't take -- wait a minute, don't take --

Man: Aah! God!

Jack: Wait --

Billie: Damn, I thought I knew where that room was, but the doors all look the same.

Bo: Somebody's coming.

Billie: Wait --

Man: What did the girl do this time?

Man #2: She bit my arm.

Man: She's getting worse.

Man #2: Next time she acts up, she will be sorry.

Man: Ja.

Man #2: Let's go.

Billie: Oh, my God, did you hear that, Bo? They must have been talking about Georgia. They probably just left her.

Bo: We don't know that for sure.

Billie: Well, who else could it be?

Bo: I'm not sure.

Billie: Bo, what's the matter?

Bo: It's nothing.

Billie: Bo, what are you hiding from me?

Man: : Diddle-diddle-diddle-it

Women: (Upbeat instrumental)

[Phone rings]

Chloe: Hello?

Brady: Chloe? Is that you?

Brandon: All right, okay, calm down. Tell me what's wrong.

Nicole: Everything.

Brandon: You have to be a little more specific.

Nicole: Okay. It's Brady and me. Brandon, for the first time in my life, I thought I found a guy who could truly love me -- you know, faults and all. But he keeps talking about his dead girlfriend Chloe Lane. I don't know what to think of us anymore. How can I compete with a ghost?

Brandon: Well, maybe things aren't as bad as you think.

Nicole: No, they're worse.

Brandon: Nicky, listen to me. Brady just lost the love of his life in a horrible accident. It's only natural that he's still grieving the loss of Chloe. I mean, she hasn't even been gone a year yet. Right now you need to give Brady some time to heal. And then when the time's right, I'm sure he'll want to move on with you.

Nicole: I knew you'd make me feel better.

Brandon: I just want you to be happy, Nicky.

Nicole: I will be. You know, I really don't want you to leave.

Brandon: Yeah, I know. I really need to get out of here.

Nicole: I know. The sooner you get away from Sami Brady, the better. Well, do you have a ride to the airport, or...

Sami: [Thinking] He's really leaving today?

Brandon: No, I already have one, thanks.

Nicole: Okay, well, just stay away from Sami until then.

Brandon: You don't have to worry about that. Come on, let's get out of here.

Maggie: Julie! There you are. I can't believe I didn't see you when I came by earlier. What in the world are you doing dressed like that?

Julie: Maggie, a gal's got to do what a girl's got to do. We'll talk about it later.

Maggie: Okay, so what's so important? What's so important? I mean, I was all ready for bed with a good book and settled in and then you called me.

Julie: Well, I hope it was a Jackie Collins novel.

Maggie: It wasnít. Why?

Julie: You're gonna need some inspiration.

Maggie: What do you mean?

Julie: Maggie, tonight is the night you are going to take your husband back from that gold-digging Bonnie Lockhart.

Bonnie: If you want to get rid of Jan, you need to take away her power.

Mimi: Sounds great, Mom. Now how do I do it?

Bonnie: You need to tell Rex the truth.

Mimi: You want me to tell Rex that I had an abortion without telling him?

Bonnie: Yes, I do.

Mimi: Mom, we have been through this before. If I tell him, I will lose everything.

Bonnie: Not necessarily. If you break the news before that Jan Spears does, you might be able to spin the situation in your favor.

Mimi: There's no way I can make having an abortion without telling him sound good.

Bonnie: Listen to me, baby. Whatever you have to say to him will be definitely better than what Jan has planned for him.

Mimi: Ooh, you have a point.

Bonnie: But before you even tell him anything, you need to make sure that you have to.

Mimi: What do you mean?

Bonnie: If you have dirt on Jan, you can use it to make her keep her mouth shut.

Mimi: I tried that, but I don't have good enough dirt. Besides, I just don't do dirt well.

Bonnie: Oh, come here, come here. I'll coach you, baby. Now, you need to stalk that horrible Jan until she slips up. And trust me when I tell you, women like her always slip.

Mimi: So you really think that I can stop Jan from opening her big mouth and ruining everyone's life?

Bonnie: Of course I do. You're a Lockhart woman, and we always get what we want.

Rex: Mimi, I've been looking all over for you. Where the hell you been? Come here.

Bonnie: That can't be good. Uh, why don't I give you two some privacy?

Julie: I don't care what the house rules are. There's only one way you're gonna get rid of Bonnie, and that's to use what God has given you in so much abundance -- your sex. Yes. Yes. I'm talking flesh. I want you to go home and ravish uncle Mickey. Give him a night to remember so he'll know nobody can compete with you, the love of his life.

Bonnie: That's what she thinks. Come on, girls, we got work to do.

Chelsea: Hey, when you were downstairs, I figured out who I want to have sex with for the first time.

Abby: What?! Who? I thought you didn't like any of the guys at school.

Chelsea: Ugh, I donít. This guy isn't in school anymore.

Abby: He's older?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. And really hot.

Abby: Well, who is he?

Chelsea: Patrick.

Abby: You mean Patrick Patrick?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Abby: But he's too old for you.

Chelsea: No, he's not. Besides, Oprah had this whole show about how older guys love younger women.

Abby: You're jailbait, Chelse. How are you even going to get him to notice you?

Chelsea: Watch and learn.

Patrick: Okay, um, what is it that could change my life forever?

Jennifer: When Jack and I were on the island, we talked about all the things we wanted to do when we came home, and one of those things was to decide who we wanted our son's godparents to be. And of course I want Hope to be my son's godmother. And Jack and I decided that we would like you to be our son's godfather.

Patrick: Uh...

Jennifer: What do you think?

Patrick: Yeah. I mean, if that's what you both decided... yeah. I mean, I would be honored to be your son's godfather.

Jennifer: Oh, that's great, Patrick. Thank you. Thank you. And listen, there's one more thing. Jack wasn't really keen on having a junior, but I insisted that our son's name had to be Jack. And he said, "okay, well, it can't be the same middle name then," so we came up with a new middle name, and we decided on Patrick.

Patrick: Jennifer, you really didn't have to do that.

Jennifer: Patrick, my son wouldn't even have been born if it weren't for you. I wouldn't even be alive today if it weren't for you. I would have never made it to the island to see my husband again. Don't you realize everything that you've done for us? Jack Patrick Deveraux. That is -- that is such a good name. It's so strong. I hope you don't mind.

Patrick: I don't even know what to say.

[Both laugh]

Hope: Oh, it's so cold -- hi.

Jennifer: Hey. Hi.

Patrick: Hi.

Jennifer: This is so great. I just asked Patrick if he would be Jack Patrickís godfather, and he accepted.

Hope: That's great.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Hope: Congratulations.

Chelsea: Hey, um, sorry to bother you guys, but, uh, Abby was wondering if Patrick could come up and try and fix her stereo. For some reason it won't turn on.

Patrick: Yeah, sure, I'll take a look.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Jennifer: Hello there.

Hope: Hi, hi. Sorry.

Jennifer: What's going on? Listen, have you heard from Bo?

Hope: No. No, I havenít. I am so worried about him.

Billie: Okay, this one's empty. Come on. Go sit in that chair. I'll take a look at your side.

Billie: Let me help you. Okay, get your shirt off.

Bo: Billie, we're wasting our time.

Billie: Why must you always argue with me? Just do it! Let me help.

Billie: Oh, my God, Bo. This is really bad.

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: This is gonna need more than just a band-aid. You've got a big piece of metal in there. That's got to come out, or you're gonna bleed to death.

Bo: Well, okay, let's do it.

Billie: What?! I -- I'm not a doctor. I can't do that!

Bo: Billie -- Billie, it's got to be done. I got to get home to see my wife and kids. We've got to find our daughter. That's what you want, right?

Billie: Of course it is.

Bo: Yeah, well, so let's do this. Looks like there's some vodka over there. See if you can find a sewing kit. We're gonna need needle and thread. I'll walk you through it.

Billie: Okay.

Bo: Come on, let's go.

Billie: Okay.

Bo: Ahh!

Billie: Sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry. Okay. Here. Here, you're gonna need this.

Billie: Okay. Bite down on this.

Bo: Just do it. Go ahead, do it.

Billie: Okay...

Bo: [Muffled screaming]

Billie: Bo! You're losing too much blood. I think we need --

Bo: Just get it out of there and sew it up!

Billie: But what if you get an infection?

Bo: Billie! It's a chance we'll have to take. Come on. Get this done with.

Brady: Chloe, are you there?

Chloe: He can't know. I can't tell him.

Nancy: Is that Brady? Then talk to him.

Chloe: You have to cover for me. Please, Nancy!

Nancy: Brady, is that you?

Brady: Nancy?

Nancy: Hi, I hope I didn't disturb you when I called earlier. I-I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Brady: Uh, Merry Christmas. I-I'm sorry. You just sounded so much like Chloe there. I thought she was -- I thought she was trying to call me or something.

Nancy: He misses you so much.

Chloe: I'm not ready.

Nancy: Tell him you're coming home with my ashes.

Nancy: Brady, I'm -- I hope I didn't upset you. I just wanted to let you know that I'm coming home to Salem now, and... I'm bringing Chloeís ashes.

Nancy: Brady, look, I don't mean to be so abrupt, but I really have to go now. When I get all settled in, I'll call you, okay? Bye. I do not like lying to Brady.

Chloe: I know you donít. Thank you for respecting my wish.

Man: We've begun our initial approach into Salem International Airport.

Rex: Mimi, what's going on? Why'd you run out of Janís like that?

Bonnie: Mimi, Mimi! Ooh, ooh, I need you to do me a big favor. I need you to cover for me here while I run a quick errand.

Mimi: What do you want me to do?

Bonnie: Just take everybody's money, you know, when they wanna buy a Christmas tree.

Mimi: When will you be back?

Bonnie: In a few. Thanks, Mimi, you're a doll. Oh, if you need anything, you just ask that hot pepper over there. She'll take care of it.

Brandon: Samantha, what are you doing here?

[Mickey snoring]

Bonnie: Come on, girls, we got work to do. It's time we secure our place in Mickeyís life... and his bed.

Maggie: Julie's right. It's time to fight fire with fire. Mickey doesn't call me red for nothing.

Mickey: Whoa. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, whoa.

Patrick: So, Abby, when is the last time you listened to the radio?

Abby: Oh, I don't know, last week, maybe.

Patrick: 'Cause it looks like you're missing a wire here.

Chelsea: Oh, look, um, could this be it?

Patrick: Yeah, could be.

Hope: Oh, I just can't shake this feeling that something is terribly wrong with Bo. You know, it's bad enough that I have to worry about Boís safety, but I hate the idea of having to worry about Billie, too.

Billie: Well, since you're still conscious, I think it's safe to say that the spike didn't puncture any of your organs.

Bo: Thanks. Thanks for sewing me up. I'm fine.

Billie: No, you've lost too much blood, Bo. You're not fine at all.

Bo: Billie, Billie, let's find Georgia, and get the hell outta here.

Billie: Wait, wait. Are you sure you can do this?

Bo: I'm sure of one thing -- we're gonna find our daughter.

Billie: Okay. Lead the way.

Jack: Someone has got to find that note.

Billie: Georgia could be in any one of these rooms.

Bo: Yeah, I know.

Man: Over here.

Billie: Here, let's go in this one --

Man: Come this way.

Sami: You weren't supposed to see me.

Brandon: What are you doing here?

Sami: I wanted to watch you leave.

Brandon: Why?

Sami: I guess I just wanted to be sure that you were really leaving this time.

Brandon: Look, I know there's no place in your life for me, Samantha. You and Lucas belong together.

Sami: Yeah, we do.

Brandon: I have to go.

Sami: Goodbye, Brandon.

Brandon: Go home to your family.

Brady: Nicole, I was just gonna come find you and apologize for what I said earlier. I didn't mean to hurt you.

Nicole: Oh, Brady, donít. You have nothing to apologize for. Chloe was the love of your life. And I shouldn't have been pressing you to move on so fast.

Brady: I'm not gonna lie to you, Nicole, Chloe was the love of my life. For the longest time, I always thought that if I even looked at another girl I'd be cheating on her. But I know now that's not the case. Chloe's dead. She's gone. She's gone forever. She's not coming back. I've gotta realize that, and I'm starting to. You're the one I wanna be with, Nicole.

Nicole: Wh-- are you sure? Are you -- are you really sure about this?

Brady: Yes. Yes, I am.

Brady: You're the one I wanna be with, Nicole, only you.

Brady: Now, come on!

Man: Welcome. Welcome. Hi.

Nancy: Since you don't like that wine, perhaps we should get something that you do like.

Sami: Wait a second, was that Nancy Wesley? What is she doing back in Salem? And who's that creepy-looking girl that she's with?

Rex: You wanna tell me what's the matter?

Mimi: You know what? It's really nothing. I've just been really tired and stressed lately, and it's not even worth talking about.

Rex: Are you sure?

Mimi: Absolutely. You know, instead of stressing, I'd much rather spend my time enjoying the holidays with the man I love, okay? Good.

Julie: Maggie should be seducing uncle Mickey right about now.

Mickey: Someone naughty is under my sheets. Who is disobeying the house rules?

Bonnie: Just me and the girls, Mickey. We were craving you, and we just figured whatever Maggie didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Aah!

Maggie: Mickey, it's me. And my girls are craving you, too. And looky here, I put on my red shoes that you bought me.

Mickey: Oh, wow. Well, now, if -- hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. If both of you are up here with me, then who is licking my toes?

[Pop music plays]

Chelsea: Thank you so much, Patrick.

Patrick: You're welcome. Anything else, ladies?

Abby: No, thank you.

Patrick: All right, see you guys later.

Chelsea: Bye, Patrick.

Patrick: Bye.

Abby: I can't believe you.

Chelsea: What? A girl has to go after what she wants. And believe me, Patrick Lockhart and I will be lovers. I don't care who my competition is.

Jennifer: Well, the thing is it doesn't matter what Billie wants because Bo wants to come home to his wife and his boys.

Hope: I know he does. And when he does, I'm not letting him out of my sight, that's for sure.

Jennifer: I don't doubt that.

Hope: Wonder where Shawn -- you know, I need to give Shawn a call, find out where the heck he and Zack are. I'm starting to get worried. I'll be right back, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Patrick: All right, problem solved.

Jennifer: Oh, okay. Well, thank you for helping Abby. At least she responds to somebody. I wish she'd open up to me at some point.

Patrick: Aww, come on. It's okay.

Chelsea: [Thinking] And it looks like Mrs. Deveraux is my competition.

Jack: Someone, please. They've gotta find my note. I'm gonna get home... to Jennifer, Abigail, and baby Jack.

Billie: Oh, I -- oh. Oh, my God.

Bo: What?

Billie: Georgia's not here.

Bo: How do you know?

Billie: Because according to this piece of paper, she was adopted when she was 3 years old.

Bo: So she hasn't been here for quite some time.

Billie: I was so sure.

Bo: Hey, hey, Billie, we'll find her.

Man: Over here!

Bo: Come on, let's get out of here before we get caught.

Sami: What are you saying?

Lucas: If you can't sort your feelings out for Brandon, then we should postpone our wedding.

Kate: Merry Christmas.

Hope: I'm afraid Bo may be spending Christmas and our anniversary with Billie.

Bo: Like the old guy said, Christmas is a time for miracles. Something tells me he knew what he was talking about.

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