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Sami: I understand your policy about this whole destiny thing, and I get it, okay? But, um, look, I-I just think it wouldn't be such a big deal for you to -- what are you doing?

Marguerite: Uh... whenever I try to bring in living spirits, my breathing changes. And in your case, Samantha, I have two men inside of me.

Sami: Just tell me what to do, okay? I love Lucas, and I want to marry him more than anything in the world, but I still have these feelings for Brandon.

Marguerite: And you're afraid of what he might do.

Sami: Exactly, okay? You know my history with messing up with men at the altar.

Marguerite: Wait. I have it. Your love is very powerful. Oh, Samantha, you are going to have a bright future.

Sami: Yeah, but, Miss Wendy, with who?

Marguerite: If your future is bright, what difference does it make? You're the only one with the power to decide, Samantha. I cannot influence your destiny by telling you anything more.

Sami: What? Why does it have to be up to me? I mean, why can't Brandon just leave town, and then I'll know that he would never come between me and Lucas.

Kate: Perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

[Computer dings]

Kate: Oh. An e-mail -- I hope it's from Europe.

Sami: I don't know what to do, okay? Brandon still has these feelings for me, and, I mean, I-I still have feelings for him.

Kate: "Mother... arrived safely in Europe, having totally missed a major storm. Bo and I have started our search for our daughter. Pray for us. Love, Billie." Sweetie... I will pray for you. I will pray that your search for your daughter will help you and Bo rediscover your love for each other.

[Alarm blaring]

Bo: My phone's off. What about you?

Billie: Yeah.

Bo: Good. If the DiMeras know we're here, we'll never find our daughter.

Billie: I don't care, Bo. I am not leaving here without her.

[Footsteps approaching]

Bo: Shh. Somebody's coming. Try this. Go in.

Billie: Oh, my God.

Bo: What is it?

Billie: Baby clothes. Little girl baby clothes. A blanket... oh... it's got embroidery on it. "Georgia." Georgia. She was here, Bo.

Bo: Yeah. I wonder if she's still here. What you got there?

Billie: Dolls. Dolls. Oh, God, things that she used to play with. Things that she outgrew a long time ago. We missed it, Bo. We missed it all, Bo.

Billie: What is it?

Bo: It's a picture... of our little girl.

Hope: Bo, why isn't your phone on?

Lexie: Hope!

Hope: Lexie, where are they?

Lexie: The ambulance is here.

Hope: Oh, my God. Shawn. Honey.

Lexie: Hurry, hurry.

Hope: My God, Lexie.

Lexie: Hope, wait here. I'll be out as soon as I can.

Hope: Please, God, please. No more grief. Be with us. Be with us.

Mimi: Rex. I can't believe you got through to me on my cell in this weather.

Rex: Where the hell were you, anyway?

Mimi: Uh, I'll tell you later. How are Shawn and Belle?

Rex: Not good. They both have smoke inhalation. They almost suffocated. And they're still having trouble breathing.

Philip: I just don't understand. Why were they out there? What were they doing? I can't lose Belle.

Hope: They're gonna make it. They have to.

Woman: O-2 set's dropping.

Woman #2: Down to 88.

Lexie: Bump him up 10 liters.

[Monitor beeping]

Lexie: Get respiratory therapy in here.

Belle: I was so afraid of what was happening to me... until I knew you were here.

Shawn-D: Don't worry. Nothing can happen to us now. We're gonna be together forever.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Billie: Oh, my God. That's our little girl, Bo.

Bo: Yeah. Hey. Look at this. It's the same hat she's wearing in the picture.

Bo: Yeah, itís... it's got her name in it.

[Sniffs] "Georgia."

Billie: 15 years ago... I gave birth to our daughter. They told me she was dead.

Bo: Hey...

Billie: And I believed them.

Bo: Billie, it's not your fault. It's the DiMeras'. There was nothing you could do.

Billie: Did she grow up here... all alone in this cold, dark place? Did she have any friends... someone she could talk to, someone she could trust... someone to love her? It's bad enough that she grew up without her parents. She grew up without us. What kind of a life could she have had?

Marguerite: Hello? Sami? Sami, even if your future sucks, you still have to pay the full price.

Sami: Lucas, what are you doing here?

Lucas: I left will with the neighbor, and I ran over here to tell you the news.

Sami: What news?

Lucas: I heard it on the radio. Belle and Shawn were stranded in the snowstorm outside of Salem tonight.

Sami: Wait, Belle and Shawn?

Lucas: Yeah, they -- they took shelter in some barn, and I guess they -- they started a fire to keep warm, but then... the barn went up in flames.

Sami: Oh, oh, God. What -- what were Belle and Shawn doing together anyway?

Lucas: What does it matter, Sami? Don't you want to be there for your sister?

Sami: Oh, come on, she's fine. She's always the lucky one.

Lucas: No, I don't think so. Not this time. She's in critical condition at University Hospital, Sami. She may be dying.

Lexie: Ibudecutrol now.

Belle: What's happening to us?

Shawn-D: Don't worry. It's gonna be okay. As long as we love each other, we're gonna be together forever. And that's all that matters.

Belle: I do love you. I've always loved you.

[Monitor beeping]

Hope: Damn voice mail just cut me off. Where are you, Brady?

Philip: Hope, you okay?

Hope: I... I'm just having the worst time getting a hold of Bo. God knows why I can't get through to him on his phone. His voice mail just cut me off. He has no idea that his son's fighting for his life.

Mimi: I can't believe Shawn and Belle could be dying.

[Door opens]

Hope: Lexie, are they okay? Are Shawn and Belle going to live?

Lexie: Shawn and Belle, um, had a very close call, but it looks like they're going to be fine.

Hope: Oh, thank God.

Philip: Lexie, can I see her, please?

Lexie: They -- they really need to rest, Philip.

Hope: We won't be long, I promise you. I need to see my son, please.

Lexie: Okay. Just a short visit.

Philip: Okay, thank you.

Mimi: Oh, my God, what a relief.

Rex: What the hell were Belle and Shawn doing out there, anyhow?

Mimi: Rex, one of the E.M.T.íS is an old high school friend of mine. I'll see if I can get some info. Ty?

Ty: Mimi Lockhart. How have you been?

Mimi: Good, thanks.

Ty: Uh, did you know that Shawn Brady and Belle Black were just brought in?

Mimi: Yeah, that's why I'm here. Thank you for taking care of them.

Ty: Just doing my job. I mean, I'm glad they're going to be okay. I'm glad they're still together.

Mimi: Actually, they're -- what gave you that idea?

Ty: Mimi, I mean... when we rescued them, they were naked in each other's arms. It looked like they were... well, you know.

Mimi: [Thinking] Shawn and Belle were making love.

Ty: Was that Kiriakis that just walked in there?

Mimi: Yeah. Hey, Ty, don't tell Philip about what you just told me. Okay?

Ty: Okay.

Mimi: He's Belle's fiancť.

Ty: Whoa. All right, well, take it easy. I'll see you around, Meems.

Mimi: Okay, bye.

Rex: Mimi, what's wrong?

Belle: Shawn...

Shawn-D: Mom.

Hope: Hi, honey. I'm right here. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be fine.

Shawn-D: Belle?

Hope: Belle's going to be fine. Try to get some sleep, okay? And I'll be right back.

Hope: Lexie... thank you. Thank you for -- for everything.

Lexie: They were very lucky.

Hope: I'm going to try to reach Bo again.

Lexie: Okay.

Brandon: Hey.

Lexie: Hey.

Brandon: I bet you've been busy tonight.

Lexie: Yeah...

Brandon: I heard about Shawn and Belle on the radio. How bad are they?

Lexie: Smoke inhalation, but, uh, they'll be fine.

Brandon: Good.

Lexie: How are you doing?

Brandon: Just waiting for the storm to break so I can get back to Chicago.

Lexie: I wish you'd wait for your test results, just to make sure that the head injury isn't serious.

Brandon: No, no, I'm fine, Lexie. I just need to get out of here. And I don't want to run into Samantha again. That's how I got injured in the first place. She and Lucas slammed into me on the highway.

Lexie: Yeah. That's Samiís M.O. -- Destructive and deadly.

Kate: Hey.

Eugenia: I got your message. What's up? Bad news about Sami, I hope.

Kate: No, she was here earlier, and I caught her talking to some cheapo phone psychic.

Eugenia: About what -- her future with Lucas?

Kate: Or Brandon.

Eugenia: Get out.

Kate: I actually heard her admit that she still has feelings for Brandon. And we know that he's still in love with her, which gave me an idea. And if it works out, Sami and Lucas are going to be history. That wedding will never happen.

Eugenia: What are you going to do?

Kate: Come and learn, grasshopper.

Eugenia: Ooh!

Bo: Hey, hey, come on, come on. Okay, Billie, it looks like she had a lot of nice things. They took very good care of her.

Billie: I don't care about the things that she had. She needed her mother and father. I never got to feed her. I wasn't there when she lost her first tooth.

[Gasps] We didn't get to tell her about the tooth fairy.

Bo: Hey, Billie, Billie, it's all right.

Billie: We gotta tell her about the tooth fairy.

Bo: I know, I know, okay?

Billie: [Sobbing]

Hope: Please just call as soon as you get this message.

Hope: [Sighs]

Hope: [Sighs]

Brandon: What's wrong? Lexie said Shawn was going to be okay.

Hope: He is. I was just so worried about him, and I still can't get a hold of Bo. Shawn's going to be fine, and that's all that really matters.

Brandon: And, hey, you were rooting for Shawn and Belle to get back together, right?

Hope: But Belle and Philip are still engaged. He's in with her right now. I wonder what Belle was doing with Shawn tonight.

Brandon: Look, if those two still really love each other, nothing's going to keep them apart.

Hope: Spoken like a true romantic.

Brandon: Well, I don't know about that.

Hope: So, um... still planning on leaving town as soon as the storm passes? No second thoughts about leaving Samantha behind?

Brandon: No, she belongs with Lucas. They share a child together, and that's a powerful bond that ties two people together for life.

Hope: I know. And when and if Bo and Billie ever find their daughter, it could bring them closer together, but I completely trust Bo. I do. And his love for me and our family.

Brandon: But you don't trust Billie.

Hope: What if she uses this child to get closer to my husband?

Brandon: You know, I can't predict what will happen. All you can do is have faith in your love for Bo and believe true love always wins.

Bo: Hey.

Billie: What? Oh. A baby book.

Bo: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Billie: Oh. Oh, look. Look, she was healthy. No birth defects. No serious illnesses. Thank God.

Bo: Hey, look at this.

Billie: What is it?

Bo: Something that could lead us to our daughter.

Brandon: I know it sounds corny and old-fashioned --

Hope: No, no, no, no. Corny and old-fashioned is good by me.

Brandon: Okay. Trust your love for Bo. If your feelings are strong enough, no one can ever come between you.

Hope: No, no, no. You see, Brandon, there is no if. Bo and I have that kind of love. Billie may still love Bo, but you know what? It really doesn't matter. Even if they share a child, Bo knows that his future and his family -- it's with me.

Brandon: Not much more you can do or say, then, is there? Except wait for him to call and come home.

Hope: Thank you. I better go check on Shawn.

Brandon: Okay.

Hope: Excuse me.

Brandon: Ahem. Ahem.

Sami: I heard what you said to Hope.

Brandon: Why am I not surprised?

Sami: Did you really mean that, that if two people have feelings for each other, that their love will last forever?

Brandon: Absolutely. I believe in that kind of love.

Kate: Ah. Finally.

Marguerite: Hello, this is Miss Wendy.

Kate: You just finished talking to Samantha Brady, didn't you?

Marguerite: Yes. Are you psychic, too?

Kate: Oh, I have my moments.

Marguerite: How can I help you?

Kate: Could you tell me exactly what you saw in your crystal ball for Samiís future?

Marguerite: I can't possibly give out that information. It would violate my professional ethics.

Kate: Yeah, right, Miss Wendy. Well, how does this proposition appeal to your professional ethics -- how much can you tell me for $500?

Marguerite: Five big ones?

Kate: Yeah, I thought that would get your attention. I'll tell you what -- I'll make it $1,000 if you tell me something good, if you tell me everything that you told Sami about her future husband.

Rex: Mimi, I need to ask you a question.

Mimi: What?

Rex: Why were you at Janís house tonight? I-I was worried about you when the storm got really bad. What happened to you?

Mimi: What the hell? You won't believe it.

Belle: Shawn.

Philip: Belle, Shawnís going to be okay. You both are. But, sweetie, listen -- I'm very angry with Shawn right now, and I need to know, why did he take you out in the middle of that snowstorm? It was way too dangerous for you to be out on the roads.

Belle: Oh, my God.

Shawn-D: Just -- just --

Belle: The bridge is a solid sheet of ice! We're sliding!

Shawn-D: Keep the wheel straight!

Belle: I'm trying!

Shawn-D: Just relax, all right? Just -- just take it nice and slow, nice and easy. All right?

Belle: Aah! Aah!

Shawn-D: I'm just going to warm you up with my body heat, okay? Is that any better? Any happy thoughts yet?

Belle: W-what are y-you thinking about?

Shawn-D: You.

Philip: Belle? Is there something you want to tell me?

Shawn-D: [Coughing]

Hope: Hey, sweetie. Sweetie, I'm right here. Shawn.

Shawn-D: Belle...

Hope: Belle's fine, honey. You both made it. You were there for each other. You both pulled through.

Shawn-D: I love you, Belle.

Belle: I love you, too, Shawn. Make love to me.

Shawn-D: This... changes everything.

Rex: Mimi, what am I not going to believe?

Mimi: Jan was showing this to Shawn while she had him locked up. How sick is that? I'm sorry, but... I can't talk to anyone about this before I talk to Shawn and Belle, not even you.

Rex: Wow, that -- that sounds really serious.

Mimi: It is. It'll change everything. Jan, what you're doing is so wrong, and -- I cannot wait to tell Belle and Shawn. I can't wait for them to see this. I especially can't wait for Shawn to see this, because when he does, he's going to remember everything.

Jan: You are not going to say anything, measles, because if you say one word to Shawn about any of this, I'm going to tell Rex that you aborted his baby without even asking, so if I lose Shawn, then you lose Rex.

Mimi: I promise I'm going to be totally honest with you, but first I have to talk to Shawn and Belle. I owe this to them.

Rex: Okay. All right, I'm going to find Lexie and see how everything's going, okay?

Philip: Belle, are you trying to tell me something?

Philip: Belle, you need to rest. Just try to sleep. Hey, it's gonna be okay.

Hope: What changes everything? What do you mean?

Shawn-D: Belle.

Hope: Have you changed your mind about her?

Shawn-D: [Coughing]

Hope: Oh, take it easy.

Woman: Let's see if we can get you a little more comfortable, Shawn.

Hope: Take it easy. I'll be right back, okay? Take it easy. Take it easy, sweetie.

Shawn-D: [Coughing]

Hope: Lex?

Lexie: Yeah?

Hope: Shawn's cough sounds terrible. Are you sure he's gonna be okay?

Lexie: Hope, he'll be fine. He'll have a bad cough and a sore throat for a while, but the damage isn't permanent.

Hope: Thank you. That's all I wanted to hear.

Lexie: Has Bo called yet?

Hope: No, and it's frustrating the hell out of me. I take it you've heard about Bo and Billie.

Lexie: Yeah, well, Brandon told me that they're in Europe somewhere searching for their missing daughter.

Hope: I'm trying to give Bo the space he needs. I really am. I just -- I can't help wanting him here with his family. Am I being completely unreasonable?

Lexie: No. No, not at all.

Hope: All right, then answer this. Do I have any reason whatsoever to be jealous of Billie Reed?

Lexie: Honestly? Yeah, you do.

Bo: Look. If Georgia drew this, it could tell us something.

Billie: It's a -- it's a girl reaching out a window to touch a cloud.

Bo: Yeah. When you're 3 or 4, you draw what you know. If that's her room, she's in the turret.

Billie: You could be right.

Bo: Let's check it out.

Bo: Let's go. Come on.

Lexie: Hope, it's -- it's only natural for you to be jealous of Billie, okay? And not because Bo is romantically involved with her, but because he's giving her all of his time, trying to find their daughter.

Hope: Okay, so what do I do?

Lexie: Exactly what you've been doing -- love your husband and your sons. Be there for them, and try to understand that Bo has a daughter now.

Hope: Believe me, I understand that very well. But that's not going to change anything, because I won't let it. Billie is never going to come between me and Bo again. Not ever.

Mimi: [Thinking] If Shawn and Belle made love tonight, no one is going to keep them apart -- definitely not Jan.

Rex: Mimi. What's on your mind?

Mimi: Nothing. I mean... you'll see. Everything will be fine. I'm sure of it.

Lucas: What, still haven't figured her out yet?

Rex: Nope.

Lucas: Yeah, well, join the club. I got to find Sami before she causes more trouble.

Kate: Look, Sami is trouble, and I am not going to let her ruin my son's life.

Marguerite: I have all the 411 on Sami Brady. I know for a fact that she still has strong feelings for her ex-husband Brandon -- make that her current husband, since their marriage was never annulled.

Kate: Then, look, Sami needs to be convinced that her future is with Brandon, not with Lucas.

Brandon: Yes -- ahem -- I do believe that if two people have a love that's strong enough, it can and should last forever.

Sami: I tried to be honest about my feelings for you. Look, when you left me and you insisted that we get our marriage annulled, I thought my life was over. I thought that no one would ever love me again.

Brandon: But along came Lucas, and...

Sami: Yeah, and he does love me, and I love him. We have a son together, and nothing has ever been more right. All I want is to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him.

Brandon: Then what's the problem? Why do we keep having this conversation?

Sami: Because I'm afraid of you, and that our old feelings for each other are going to come between me and Lucas.

Brandon: Won't happen. I'm leaving Salem. For real this time -- tonight.

Mimi: Rex... I'm sorry for being such a head case tonight. Shawn and Belle could have died, and I just can't lose my best friends, and I can't lose you.

Rex: You're not going to lose me, Mimi. Why would you say that?

Mimi: Just promise me that no matter what happens, we'll always be together.

Rex: Come here. Listen, I will say it as many times as you need to hear it, sweetie. You're not going to lose me, Mimi.

Mimi: [Sighs]

Woman: You can go on in.

Hope: Thank you. Hey, sweetheart, how are you feeling?

Shawn-D: Hey. Better.

Hope: Good.

Shawn-D: I'm not sure if I've been sleeping. I keep having this dream, but it feels real.

Hope: What's the dream about?

Shawn-D: It's -- I-I... can't tell you.

Philip: Sweetie, are you okay?

Belle: I'm fine.


Philip: What are you thinking about?

Philip: Belle. Belle. What's going on? Tell me.

Marguerite: So what would you like me to do, Ms. Roberts?

Kate: I would like you to come to my office for a private meeting.

Marguerite: I'll be there. I'm looking forward to doing business with you. Oh, um, wait.

Kate: Let me guess -- you need directions to Basic Black?

Marguerite: Basic Black? I'll find it. Ha ha! I'm rich!

Kate: Oh, it's worth $1,000 if I can get Sami to break it off with Lucas -- ha ha -- and then I can watch her ride into the sunset with Brandon Walker.

Sami: Brandon, wait a second. What do you mean, you're leaving town tonight?

Brandon: Samantha, you -- you can't put an end to that part of your life with me still around. There's too much baggage between us. So I'm taking myself out of the picture for your sake.

Sami: What do you mean by baggage between us?

Brandon: When we were stranded in the storm, we both admitted we still have feelings for each other. I still love you, Samantha.

Billie: All right, this is the highest floor of the castle. Georgia's room must be around here somewhere.

Bo: Footsteps. We were followed. Come on.

Man: Stop right there.

Man: No one's allowed on this floor.

Man #2: I was taking this vase of flowers to the guest room.

Man: And you tripped the alarm. That room is off-limits. You need clearance to come up here.

Man #2: I'm sorry, sir.

Man: Leave this floor now.

Billie: Bo. Bo, look. She's in there.

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy. It could be a trap.

Billie: [Gasps]

Kate: Ooh, I have a really good feeling about tonight. But you know something, Eugenia? You probably shouldn't be here when Miss Wendy arrives. I mean, she might become a little nervous and maybe reconsider her professional ethics.

Eugenia: No problem. I'll be home if you need me.

Kate: Okay.

Eugenia: All right.

Kate: Oh, Billie... I hope that when you and Bo find your daughter, you also find your love, and, Lucas, you are finally going to be rid of Sami. She's going to be out of your life forever.

Brandon: I still love you, Samantha. I guess a part of me always will. But I know that you want to marry Lucas, so I'm leaving Salem tonight.

Sami: Brandon, don't go.

Rex: Oh, sweetie, I was going to head into work, but if you need me, I'll stick around.

Mimi: No, go. I'll be okay.

Rex: Are you sure?

Mimi: Yeah. As long as I know you love me, I can handle anything.

Rex: Come here. I love you so much.

Mimi: [Sighs] Hope you can forgive me when I tell you the truth.

Shawn-D: Mom... [Coughs] I need to see belle. I need to talk to her about what happened between us tonight.

Belle: Philip...

Philip: Yeah?

Belle: There's something I have to tell you.

Mimi: It wasn't with Philip. It was with Shawn. The two of you really did make love tonight in that barn.

Hope: You've got to be with her. You cannot let her marry Philip.

Sami: Lucas, I love you.

Brandon: Goodbye, Samantha.

Bo: Billie, don't touch that!

Billie: Aah!

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