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Hope: Why haven't you called, Bo? Oh, great, still no signal. Great. Gosh... Bo, I know that you need to find your daughter. I know that Georgia needs you. But we need you, too. Why can't I reach you? Wait a minute. What am I thinking? Of course. Where is it? Where did I put it?

Billie: We should be getting close.

Bo: Yeah. Is there anyone trailing us? I mean, if the DiMera organization knows we're on our way...

Billie: They won't, they won’t. This device is field tested by the I.S.A. It's scrambling any tracking devices.

Bo: All right, let's go.

Bo: Hey.

Billie: Oh, my God. There's the castle.

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: Do you think she's in there?

Bo: With any luck, we'll find our daughter and a whole lot more.

[Branches snap]

Man: Freeze!

Man #2: Freeze.

Marlena: I wish there was some way to communicate with John. And Kate. Let them know that we're here, let them know that we're alive.

Roman: You know what? There could be a way, but it could be dangerous.

Lexie: [Gasps] Oh, my God. What's happened?

Maggie: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I'm sorry. Oh, Lexie, I didn't mean to startle you.

Lexie: Oh...

Maggie: I was just here for a meeting at the children's wing for the Christmas party.

Lexie: Oh, oh...okay.

Maggie: I wanted to stop by and see how John was.

Lexie: Okay, okay, uh...

Maggie: I'm sorry.

Lexie: That's okay. That's okay. Would you like some coffee?

Maggie: Uh, uh, sure. Yeah, that would be great.

Lexie: It's not the world's best, okay? I had to make it myself.

Maggie: Gee. She cures the sick, she makes the coffee...

Lexie: His spirit is so strong, and I am so thankful that he's here with me. But his prognosis isn't good. It's only a matter of time before he's completely blind.

Maggie: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. Oh... listen, if there's anything that I can do...

Lexie: I know, I know, I know. I appreciate it, thanks.

Maggie: How's John doing?

Lexie: Maggie, I don't understand it. But so far, we haven't been able to alleviate his pain. I've never seen anyone have this kind of reaction to every medication we've tried. I don't know.

Maggie: You know, I hate to ask this, considering his condition and all, but do you think I could have a moment alone with him? I have something to give him. It's Marlena’s.

Sami: Scratch paper... stupid newspaper... but no annulment papers. Great.

Sami: You still love me, don't you, Brandon?

Brandon: Yeah. I do.

Lucas: I love you so much, Sami, and I always will.

Sami: I don't believe this. I'm in love with two men. I have got to find those annulment papers. I know. I know. I kept it here somewhere. Where -- thank God. Thank God you answered. I am in so much trouble, and I need your help.

Brandon: Look, Kate, I know nothing would make you happier than if somehow I came between Samantha and Lucas and they never got married. But as soon as this storm is over, I'm getting the hell out of Salem for good.

Kate: You are just not thinking straight. You're upset because the woman you love is marrying another man.

Brandon: Drop it, Kate.

Kate: It's true. But it's not too late for you to do something about it.

Philip: Belle, please be okay.

Shawn-D: Being with you feels so good... and so right.

Shawn-D: I love you, Belle.

Belle: I love you, too, Shawn. Make love to me.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Maggie: Marlena gave me something, uh, to hold on to the night we left the island.

Marlena: Here, here. Take this. If anything happens to me, give it to John. No, take it! Please take it. Please take it. He'll need it when I'm gone. It will help him with the pain.

Maggie: This is what she gave me.

Lexie: Whew, it's beautiful. I never saw Marlena wear this.

Maggie: No, it wasn't hers. Apparently it was John's from his days in the priesthood.

Lexie: It's exquisite.

Maggie: Well, if nothing else, I think it'll make him feel closer to Marlena.

Roman: All right, so that's it. I know it's a long shot, but I think it's one we should take. I know you're scared.

Marlena: Yes. Yes, I'm scared. But not just for me. I'm scared that if Tony realizes that we've escaped, I'm afraid he will find us and then he will separate us.

Roman: Doc, Doc, I won't let him do that.

Marlena: Oh, we haven't had any choice for months. He took us away from our family, from our friends, he put us on the island, he brought us to this place. We don't have any hope. We've lost everything.

Roman: Doc, don't say that.

Marlena: I have lost everyone. I don't wanna lose you. I'm scared. I couldn't stand that. I couldn't stand that.

Hope: Ah! There she is -- the old satellite phone. With any luck, you're gonna break through the storm, and you're gonna help me find my husband.

Man: Do not move. Call for backup. Put your hands above your head.

Billie: Hey!

Man: Do not move.

Bo: Think you'll fit into this coat?

Billie: Going undercover?

Bo: You bet we are. It's gonna be risky. We're gonna have to turn off all our equipment and phones. We'll be vulnerable.

Billie: I don't care. I'll do whatever it takes as long as we find Georgia.

Bo: All right, let's get going.

Hope: Okay, I've got a strong signal. Come on, Bo.

Bo: All right, power's off. It's just you and me now.

Hope: Come on. Damn it, Bo, where are you?

Sami: I am so glad that you are still there.

Woman: I knew you'd be calling, Samantha J. Brady.

Sami: Your voice sounds different.

Woman: I was just channeling a spirit from the beyond. It always warms my voice.

Sami: Whatever. Look, I need your help. Can you help me find my annulment papers?

Woman: Annulment papers, why?

Sami: You're the psychic.

Woman: Yes, of course, but I wanted to make sure you knew your own desires in this matter.

Sami: Well, I do. At least I think I do.

Woman: Your ex-husband and your fiancé pull you in opposite directions.

Sami: Yeah, I mean, that's it. Well, except for that the justice of the peace told me that I am still married to Brandon.

Woman: So, your ex is really your current, and your fiancé is --

Sami: Exactly. And that's the problem. I mean, I have to find my annulment papers with the original dates on them. Otherwise, it'll be too late to annul the marriage, and Brandon and I will have to get a divorce, and that'll take forever.

Woman: Tell me everything that's on your mind.

Sami: Well, I've been having these dreams about my ex -- current husband.

Woman: Of course.

Sami: And to top it off, tonight he and I were caught in the snowstorm, and he told me that he still loves me. So, you can see my problem.

Woman: I don't, actually. How often does a girl get to double dip before her big day? Stick your big toe in the water, see how it feels.

Sami: Are you suggesting that I cheat on my fiancé with my current -- ex -- whatever -- husband?

Woman: I'm not suggesting you do anything. I'm a psychic, not a counselor. I'm just simply telling you what you're going to do unless you change your own destiny.

Philip: Come on.

Philip: Oh, my God. I don't believe it.

Roman: All right. So if our plan works, I don't think we'll have to worry about DiMera much longer. So, you ready?

Roman: All right. Here goes.

[Bell tolls]

[Bell tolls]

Billie: Wait. Did you hear that?

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: It sounded like a bell.

Bo: Maybe it's an alarm.

Billie: I don't care what it is. We gotta find Georgia.

Bo: Let's go.

Billie: Oh, God.

Bo: What?

Billie: Wait a minute.

Bo: What is it?

Billie: What if they brainwashed her? You know, it could happen, right? What if

they taught her to hate us, and she doesn't wanna have anything to do with us? What do we do then?

Hope: Well, at least the power's back on. What good is it if I can't reach Bo? He has to be at the DiMera castle by now. Why would he turn off his satellite phone? It doesn't --

[Knock on door]

Hope: Brandon! My gosh, come on in. It's freezing out here. What are you doing here? What happened to your eye?

Brandon: Oh, I was in a minor fender bender with your cousin.

Hope: You hit Jennifer? My God, is she okay?

Brandon: Actually, it was Lucas. And we're all okay, relatively speaking.

Hope: I can't believe you're out in this weather.

Brandon: Yeah, traffic's not really moving, and since I was passing by -- well, not really passing since I wasn't going anywhere -- I thought I'd come check on ya.

Hope: On me? Why?

Brandon: Well, Kate told me that Bo and Billie went to Europe to look for their daughter, so...

Hope: Yeah, thanks. But shouldn't you be resting?

Brandon: No, I'm fine. Really.

Hope: Okay, um, would you like some tea? I'll make some tea. Excuse me. You know, you're lucky you didn't stop by earlier. We just got our power back on.

Brandon: Oh, thank you. Your heater's working okay? Your phone?

Hope: Yeah, everything's fine. I have my police radio, have my satellite phone. I'm very prepared. I just wish I could get through to my husband.

Brandon: Hmm. Well, is there anything I can do?

Hope: Actually, um, can I ask you a personal question?

Brandon: Well, that seems like the popular thing tonight. Go ahead, please.

Hope: You and Sami broke up under very unusual circumstances.

Brandon: Yeah, you could say that.

Hope: I mean, it's not like you fell out of love with her and it was over.

Brandon: Is that your question?

Hope: It just seems that you and Sami are a lot like Bo and Billie used to be before I came back. I guess what I wanna know is, is it possible to -- to end feelings like that?

Brandon: That's a big one.

Hope: I know, I'm sorry. Okay, I apologize. I know -- I know it's not a question that I have any right to ask. It's just that I'm trying to figure some-- I'm trying to figure out if -- is it possible to love -- to love someone like Bo loved Billie and then just end it? Or is it possible that a part of us never stops loving?

Maggie: Oh. I hate to see you like this.

John: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: Yeah, John, I'm here.

John: Haven't seen you since the island. How are you? How's Mickey?

Maggie: I'm fine. And Mickey’s fine. But we're concerned about you right now. We want you to get better so you can come home for Christmas.

John: Yeah, I want nothing more than that. Just not gonna be the same.

Maggie: Without Marlena? I know you miss her terribly. John, I have something that she wanted you to have in case anything happened to her. There it is.

John: Oh, Doc.

Sami: No, not you, too.

Woman: What?

Sami: Well, this other psychic that I know -- she told my ex -- current -- whatever -- husband -- that she saw us standing before the justice of the peace and walking away married. And we did.

Woman: You have to ask yourself what you want. Do you love your fiancé?

Sami: Of course I do.

Woman: Well, if you wanna be with him, the man you claim to love, then it's up to you to make that decision and stick with it.

Sami: What, that's it?

Woman: Ah, but there's much more you need to know about your future.

Sami: More? What more? Is it about Brandon?

Lucas: Sami, who are you talking to?

Rex: What is it? What is it?

Philip: It's empty. If they're not here, then where the hell are they?

Lexie: I know what you're doing, Kate, and it's not going to work.

Kate: Oh, not again, Lexie.

Lexie: I spoke to Brandon, and he's leaving Salem right after the storm.

Maggie: Kate.

Kate: Hi.

Maggie: It's good to see you. Um, I wish I could stay and talk, but I have to get going. I have to put out a few fires at home. Please, will you let me know if there's any change?

Lexie: Yes, yes, I will.

Maggie: Okay, thanks, Lexie. I'll call you.

Kate: Okay.

Kate: Is he asleep? Lexie, is it still this bad? Why -- why can't you give him something?

Lexie: Let's -- let's step outside.

Kate: I can't believe there isn't anything you can do.

Lexie: Well, uh, patients often do much better at home in familiar surroundings. He'd be in his own bed, no hospital food, no nurses checking in on him five times a night. But the only medical problem is that he would be home alone. And so, that's just not even an option.

Kate: I'll do it.

Lexie: What?

Kate: I'll take care of him. I know that's what Roman and Marlena would want. I owe it to them.

Lexie: Kate, you realize that would mean you moving into John's penthouse and keeping a constant eye on him. Do you even have the time?

Kate: I'll do whatever I have to do. And I can get a nurse 24 hours a day to be there when I can't be there. Lexie, I know that John would do it for me.

Lexie: Well, that -- that would be the best thing for him. So, if you think you could do it...

Kate: I know I can do it.

Lexie: Great. Well, then, I'll discharge him A.S.A.P. Thank you, Kate.

Kate: Oh, God. You shouldn't have to go through this alone. Whatever I have to do to help you, I'm gonna do it.

John: Oh, Kate.

Kate: I'm here. Just hold on to me. I'm not gonna leave you.

Roman: All right.

Marlena: Done.

Roman: Just as I thought. DiMera gave his goons cell phones.

Tony: I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unless you want your head pumped full of lead. Do you? There's no accounting for some people. And you're so hopelessly predictable. But have no fear. I've come today to entertain you, not to bury you. It's show time!

Marlena: What does that mean?

Tony: Oh, you'll see for yourself. Bart!

[Snaps fingers]

Tony: Yes, um, clean the mess up, will you? And just leave.

Bart: But I brought the popcorn and licorice. You know, I can eat it somewhere else. Come on.

Tony: My, do I have a revelation for you this morning. Actually, it's quite enjoyable and quite titillating.

Kate: I'm not going anywhere. Just hold on to me. I'm always gonna be here for you.

John: Okay.

Billie: Last guard passed three minutes ago.

Bo: All right, after the next one, we go in.

Billie: Okay.

Bo: Let's go get our daughter.

Billie: Okay.

Hope: I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't burden you with my -- well, especially since I really have no reason to be insecure. You know, it's just that so many horrible things have happened to so many couples that we know lately. Are you following me? Do you understand what I'm saying here? Look what the deaths of Marlena and Roman have done to John and Kate. And Maggie -- oh, my God, don't even get me started. Uncle Mickey with Bonnie Lockhart?

Brandon: Hey, hey, hey, not everyone's relationship is on the brink.

Hope: Yeah, you're right. I mean, look at Sami and Lucas. They seem really happy. And you've moved on, right?

Brandon: Well, moved.

Hope: Oh, my God. Brandon. You're still in love with Samantha, aren't you?

Brandon: You know, I couldn't even admit it to myself. And then I admitted it to Samantha tonight.

Hope: And what did she say?

Brandon: Well, she took it in. And then Lucas showed up, so... but don't add them to your list. I am leaving town as soon as this storm lets up. I don't wanna cause any more trouble for either of them.

Hope: And that's all it takes?

Brandon: Well, just because I still have feelings for her doesn't mean I'm gonna pursue her. I mean, they share a child together, you know? So, if you're worried about Bo and Billie, I don't think you should be. I mean, you two have two wonderful children together.

Hope: Bo and Billie just found out their daughter's alive. So what does that mean? And don't tell me that two is greater than one.

Brandon: Well, I'm -- I'm not really sure what to tell you.

Hope: You know what? I do. Bo and I have to figure this out on our own. I just hope that Billie is as decent as you.

Sami: I have to go. I'll call you back in a minute.

Woman: That girl's crazier than anyone I know.

Lucas: What was that about?

Sami: I had to call the late night shift at Basic Black. I thought maybe I left the annulment papers there.

Lucas: It's the middle of the night. Can't you just get 'em in the morning?

Sami: Oh, no, I'm not gonna be able to sleep thinking about it.

Lucas: Why don't you come back to bed? I'll give you something to think about.

Sami: I'd really like that, but, Lucas, I have to find those annulment papers.

Lucas: All right, I'll -- I'll go with you. Let me put something on.

Sami: No, um, no, it's okay. No sense both of us losing sleep over it.

Lucas: But I won't be able to get any sleep without you. Come on.

Sami: Well, then, I'll have to hurry home and help you get back to sleep.

Sami: I love you, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, I love you, too.

Sami: All right, now I have to find the annulment papers at Basic Black, and call Miss Wendy back, find out what more is in my future.

Shawn-D: Belle? Belle?

Philip: Look at that.

Rex: Looks like something's on fire.

Philip: Oh, my God. Come on.

Rex: Let's go.

Shawn-D: How am I gonna get us outta here? By going straight through it.

Sami: They have got to be here. I mean, I have looked everywhere else. I certainly wouldn't put it past Kate to find my annulment papers and hide them. Damn it! Wow, I hope my bitchy future mother-in-law wouldn't mind if I were to call a 900 number. But, then, I just don't care.

[Telephone rings]

Woman: Hello, this is Miss Wendy, here to answer all --

Sami: Yeah, yeah, I-I know the drill. So, um, where are my papers?

Woman: Samantha, of course. It's kind of hazy, but I think you must be getting warmer.

Sami: Okay, okay. I'll just keep looking then. But what about Brandon and Lucas? Who do I choose?

Woman: Which way are you leaning now?

Sami: Look, I'm really confused, okay? You keep telling me that I get to choose my own destiny. But how do I do that? I mean, I've been trying to deny it for a long time, but the truth is I am in -- I have feelings for two different men -- my current husband Brandon and my fiancé Lucas. I mean, you have to help me. Can't you just tell me who I end up choosing, and save me a whole lot of heartache?

Kate: Perfect. I can finally predict how Sami and Lucas’s romance will end.

John: [Groaning]

Woman: Mr. Black! That's very strange. How could they have forgotten to give you your pain medication?

John: [Groaning]

Tony: I must say, good work. I'm pleased as punch to know that my half-brother is at the breaking point. To think that after all these years John Black, in such a short time, is going to be a mere shell of the man he once was. Good. This is what I want you to do next.

Marlena: This can't be true.

Roman: It's not. I think Tony had those images altered.

Marlena: But it's so soon. They must believe that we're gone.

Roman: Doc, you listen to me. Our bodies were never found. It's not like last time. And if I know John and my little brother, I guarantee you they have not given up on us yet.

Marlena: I'm not so sure. Take a look.

Roman: What do you see?

Marlena: There, right there. Look, the cross in John's hand. Maggie must have given it to him.

Roman: And that -- that means what?

Marlena: I told Maggie -- I asked her to give him the cross if -- if I didn't come back, if -- if I -- if I were lost. The fact that he has the cross must mean... that they've given up. John's given up.

Roman: Hey. It's okay. What we just saw there -- John and Kate needed each other, just like...

Marlena: Well, now we know. Nobody's coming for us. We really are all alone now.

Bo: Hey, hey. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Billie: Okay. Okay, so now what?

Bo: Got a keypad over here.

Billie: Okay.

Billie: Ah.

Bo: How'd you do that?

Billie: The code keys were faded. Come on. You ready?

Bo: No, no, wait. We gotta take this slow. Be very cautious.

Billie: Mm-hmm. Or...

Bo: Billie!

[Alarm sounds]

Bo: Damn it.

Man: Hey, I found their IDs.

Man #2: I know who they are. It's Belle Black and Shawn Brady. I went to high school with them.

Man: Well, whoever they are, I can't imagine what they were up to. Well, actually, I can.

Man #2: I just hope they're gonna be okay.

Philip: Oh, my God, Belle. Belle! Belle!

Rex: Relax, relax. We have no idea Belle and Shawn were anywhere near this place.

Philip: Oh, yeah? Then what's her scarf doing here? Oh, my God. Belle!

Belle: I was so afraid of what was happening to me until I knew you were here.

Shawn-D: We're gonna be together forever.

Hope: Do I have any reason whatsoever to be jealous of Billie Reed?

Lexie: Yeah, you do.

Billie: She's in there.


Brandon: I still love you, Samantha.

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