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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/22/04 - Canada; Tuesday 11/23/04 - U.S.A.


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Jennifer: Abby, it is your mother. I did not get you a cell phone for you not to answer my calls. It is late, and it is past your curfew. Now, call me as soon as you get this.

Patrick: Still no luck reaching Abby?

Jennifer: No. And she has to know that I am worried. I mean, she has never done this before. And what if she's not answering? What if she's not calling because she can't?

Patrick: Jennifer --

Jennifer: What if something terrible has happened? I couldn't even take that. I have already lost my husband. I am not going to lose my daughter, too.

Man: Whoo-hoo! Ha ha ha ha!

Mimi: I still -- I still can't believe Patrick’s alive. I have to keep pinching myself.

Bonnie: Didn't I tell you all along a mother knows these things?

Mimi: It's so sad that Belle's mom didn't make it. But... Maggie Horton did -- Mickey’s wife.

Bonnie: That one I sure as hell didn't see coming. And, just for the record, I'm Mickey’s wife now.

Mimi: You're not really all living together in that house, are you?

Bonnie: It's not exactly the ménage à trois I always dreamed of, but until Mickey gets up the nerve to tell his ex-wife that I'm in and she's out, it's the way it's gotta be. So...what's new with you?

Mimi: Wha--

Man: Ha ha ha ha!

Rex: What's up? You don't look too happy.

Shawn-D: Just, uh... just get me another beer.

Rex: What's his problem?

Jan: He's just a little upset 'cause we walked in on Philip proposing to Belle.

Rex: What? Philip actually proposed here... tonight?

Jan: That's right. And Belle accepted.

Shawn-D: I coulda swore I told you to shut up.

Philip: Look, Belle, we can celebrate our engagement somewhere else if being around Shawn and Jan makes you uncomfortable, okay?

Belle: No. It's okay. I am not letting Shawn Brady control my life, not anymore. He's hurt me for the last time.

Belle: My future now is with you.

Bo: Hey, Billie’s rental car is gone. She's already on her way to the airport.

Hope: We've gotta stop her, tell her what's going on.

Bo: She's not gonna believe this. I hardly believe it.

Hope: Doesn't seem possible.

Bo: Well, with everything we found on that disk from Tony’s computer --

Hope: Bo, even before that, the DiMeras have proven they're pretty much capable of anything. This could be a lie.

Bo: Well, believe me, I'll check into it. But first, I gotta stop Billie from getting on that plane and disappearing into the I.S.A.

Hope: I'm sure their report's already been filed. Bo, they'll tell her as soon as she checks with headquarters.

Bo: Yeah, I know that. You know I have to be the one to tell her face-to-face.

[Cellular phone rings]

Billie: Oh. Mother, if that's you again...


Billie: You know what?


Billie: I'm not gonna answer it. There is no way I am going to let you talk me into staying in Salem. The farther away I am from Bo, the sooner I'll be able to forget him.

Kate: Lexie... how is John? Any improvement?

Lexie: No, I'm afraid not. His injuries are very serious. We are concerned he may never walk again.

Evil voice: Come with me... John Black!

John: Get away from me. Get away from me. Get away from me! Aah!


[Monitor beeping]

Kate: What's happening?

Lexie: Oh, code blue! I need a crash cart!

Kate: Oh, my God.

Woman: Code blue, room 210!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Woman: The crash cart's here, Dr. Carver.

Lexie: Okay, let's check his rhythm with the paddles.

John: Aah! What are you doing?!

Lexie: John, John, John, I found you on the floor, okay? You'd collapsed, huh? It's me, it's me, it's Lexie. What were you doing out of bed?

John: Where am I?

John: He was here. He was coming for me.

Lexie: Who? Who, John? Who was here?

John: D-death.

Jennifer: Gosh, Patrick, I don't know what I would do without you. I don't know how I would get through all of this right now.

[Telephone rings]

Jennifer: Oh, maybe that's Abby. Hello? Chelsea. Wh-why are you calling?

Where -- where is Abby? What happened?

Bo: Damn it. Billie's not answering her phone. I'm gonna have to track her down. Hey. I'm sorry, fancy face. You know how she's gonna react to this. I should be the one to tell her.

Hope: I know. She's gonna need you to be there.

Bo: Yeah. Maybe I can keep her from getting on that plane.

Hope: Who are you calling?

Bo: Uh, the airline -- the gate there -- she told me she was getting on. Hey, this is Commander Bo Brady, Salem P.D. I need to know if a Ms. Billie Reed has checked in. Yeah, the -- the flight to London.

Woman: No, Commander Brady. Not yet.

Bo: Okay, thanks. Um...damn it. She hasn't checked in. She could be anywhere.

Hope: Well, maybe she went by Jennifer’s to say goodbye again. Let me give her a call.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: It went straight to voice mail. Listen, why don't we do this? Why don't we split up? I'll head over to Jennifer’s, and I'll call you when she gets there, okay?

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Actually, I'll call you either way, okay?

Bo: All right. Hey, hey. You know how much I love you, don't you?

Hope: Of course I do. I love you. But if this is true --

Bo: I know. A lot of things are gonna change, but not us. Listen to me. Our love will never change, okay? Come here.

Woman #2: Oh, sorry I'm late. There was an accident on the parkway. Thanks for covering.

Woman: No problem. See you tomorrow. Bye.

Woman #2: Bye.

Billie: Hi. I'd like to check in for my flight, please.

Bonnie: Now I just heard through the kitchen with my --

Rex: Hey, you guys, have you heard the news?

Mimi: I'm sure it pales in comparison to what my mother just told me. What is it?

Rex: Philip proposed to Belle, and she said yes.

Mimi: Shut up.

Rex: Funny, that's exactly what Shawn said when Jan told me, but, you know, I don't think he meant it in the same way.

Philip: Belle. You have made me the happiest man on earth tonight, and I promise, I swear to you, I'm going to spend the rest of my life making you the happiest woman. So, we were talking about setting a date. What do you think?

Belle: No, I can’t. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: It is about time. Abigail.

Abby: What? I'm home now, okay? You can chill.

Patrick: Abby, that's no way to talk to your mom. She's been worried sick.

Abby: Hello? I'm perfectly fine. I'm also 16 years old, and I don't need my mommy watching every move I make. I got used to not having you around.

Jennifer: Well, you know what? I am here now. And you may be 16 years old, but you still have a curfew. And if you are going to be late, you need to call me. I was terrified that something happened to you --

Abby: You know, if you had worried half this much about my father, he might still be alive.

Jennifer: Do you really -- do -- you blame me for your father's death, don't you?

Abby: If you'd fought to save his life the first time, instead of instantly pulling the plug, he might have never ended up on that island in the first place.

Chelsea: Wait, Ms. Deveraux.

Jennifer: What?

Chelsea: No offense, but maybe you should let me. Abby's really upset right now, and, I don't know, maybe I can get through to her.

Jennifer: Okay, yeah, thank you.

Chelsea: No problem.

Patrick: Jen, uh, Abby didn't mean what she said. She's just lashing out, angry at the world for taking her dad.

Jennifer: No, she's not angry at the world, she's angry at me.

Patrick: Well, unfortunately, you're the closest target. But she loves you, you know. She'll come around, she did before. She just -- you need to give her some space.

Jennifer: Patrick, she is hurting so much. I just wanna be there for her, that's all.

Patrick: I know, I know. But the more you push, the harder she's going to push back. You just -- you need to let her come to you on her own. And she will, I know it. She, uh... well, everything is gonna work itself out.

Jennifer: You don't even have kids. How can you be smart about all this?

Patrick: Abby's just doing exactly what I did when I was her age when everything in my world was turned upside down. And believe me, in the Lockhart house, it was a daily occurrence.

Lexie: Okay, John, you are not going to die. Don't even think that.

John: I saw death. I saw death. It was right here in this room, and it was coming for me. I saw it.

Lexie: Okay, you must have been dreaming. You were dreaming, John. Listen, you can't get yourself all worked up like this. Come on. No, no, no. Let's get you back into bed. Let's get him into the bed.

John: [Groaning]

Mimi: This is unbelievable. Belle accepted Philip’s proposal?

Bonnie: I always knew those two belonged together.

Mimi: Mom --

Rex: Meems, look, maybe she's right.

Mimi: What?

Rex: And I'm wrong. I mean, Belle must have really fallen for the guy if she accepted his proposal. I'm -- I'm thinking maybe I should go over there and congratulate them. I've been kinda hard on Philip lately.

Mimi: This is all Jan’s fault.

Rex: Uh, what is? What are you talking about? What's Jan’s fault?

Mimi: Never mind.

Rex: Meems, is there something you know you're not telling me?

Mimi: No, I just -- I have a feeling.

Bonnie: Rex, honey, why don't you run along and give the happy couple our best? I'd like to talk to my daughter.

Rex: Sure. Sweetheart, don't worry about Belle, all right? Just try and be happy for her.

Bonnie: I don't know why you're so upset. This is good news for you.

Mimi: Really? How do you figure that? Never mind, I don't wanna know.

Bonnie: Belle is marrying Philip of her own free will, which means she is finally done with Shawn for good. Now all you gotta do is get that Looney tune Jan out of the picture, and then the path will be clear for you.

Jan: Shawn, I'm really ready to get outta here now.

Shawn-D: So go. Who's stopping you?

Philip: Belle, what's wrong? Why don't you want to set a date?

Belle: It's not that I don't want to, it's just there's so much planning to do. And I still have my sister's wedding coming up, and her dress to design, and the bridesmaids, and school.

Rex: Belle, Philip. Hey, sorry to interrupt. I just wanna say congrats on your engagement.

Philip: Well, thanks.

Rex: Yeah, have you two set a date?

Bo: Yeah, okay, if you do, have her call my cell right away. No, um, it's just something she needs to know before she leaves town. All right, thanks, Lucas. Damn it. Where the hell are ya, Billie? Ah, I should have thought of that before.


Jennifer: Who in the world? I'm telling you, if this is one of Abby’s friends...

Hope: Jen, hi. Listen, I am so sorry to bother you this late at night. By any chance, is Billie here?

Jennifer: No, she's not. What's going on?

Hope: It's important that Bo and I find her before she leaves town tonight.

Patrick: Hope, is everything okay?

Hope: Not exactly.

Patrick: Maybe you should come in and sit down.

Hope: No, I can’t. Bo's counting on me to find Billie.

Jennifer: What is going on?

Hope: Look, I can't go into it right now, okay? Just trust me, it's huge, it's -- or it could be.

Patrick: Why don't you let me look for Billie, and you stay here with Jen? I think you both may be what the other needs right now.

Hope: Jen, what is it? What's wrong?

Jennifer: Nothing --

Patrick: It's Abby, she's been giving her a hard time about Jack. Look, I'm gonna get going, see if I can track down Billie.

Hope: No, Patrick, I --

Patrick: Look, Hope, I'm going, you're staying. I won't take no for an answer.

Hope: Uh, yeah, I guess there's still a chance that Billie could show up here.

Jennifer: Hope, I am okay.

Hope: Patrick, here. I want you to take Bo’s cell phone number, okay? And thank you. Good luck finding her.

Patrick: Thanks. And good luck with whatever this is about.

Hope: Come on, sweetie. Let's go sit down.

Jennifer: What is going on? Are you okay?

Hope: Honey, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Tell me what's happening with Abby.

Jennifer: Oh, what's not happening with Abby? Everything. She is so upset. And anything that I say or do just makes it worse.

Hope: Sweetie, I'm so sorry. Is there something I can do? Maybe if I talk to her.

Jennifer: No, no, you can't talk to her. She just -- she needs time, that's all.

Hope: You're probably right. I hate seeing you like this.

Jennifer: Now she and that little guy are all I have.

Hope: No, that is not true.

Jennifer: No, you're right. I have an incredible cousin that I am worried about. Now, why is it so important that you find Billie? What is going on? Tell me.

Hope: I can’t. I wish I could, but I can’t.

Jennifer: Hope, I wouldn't say a word.

Hope: All right, all right, um... everyone will find out soon anyway. We just found out something else Stefano apparently did years ago, something that will directly affect Bo, Billie, and me -- everyone. You're just not going to believe this.

Billie: Am I dreaming, or are you really here?

Bo: I'm asking myself the same thing.

Billie: There's only one way to find out.

Bo: If you're up to something, you gotta let me know what it is. If you found out something about DiMera, you should tell me. That's how our operation should work. I mean, we're partners in this thing, are we not?

Billie: If I had found out anything, I would have told you. But you zapped me with a stun gun before I even got a chance to look at the files. Oh, I'm being honest with you, Bo. I have not had a chance to uncover anything yet. Just leave.

Bo: Yeah, right, and you're gonna be okay?

Billie: I'll be fine.

Bo: Oh, yeah? Why are you crying?

Billie: Because I was thinking about Georgia.

Bo: Billie.

Billie: Hearing you talk about going back home to be with your sons made me feel really sad. I know I'm supposed to be over this empty feeling by now. But I just can't help thinking about our precious baby girl. You would have been a great dad to her.

Bo: I wish there were something I could do to bring her back.

Billie: Me too. I would have loved to have shared all the things a mother shares with her daughter.

Bo: I'm sorry.

Billie: I'm sorry.

Bo: Hey, don't be.

Billie: Thanks for being there for me, Bo.

Bo: Wish I could have been there for you when it really counted -- when you lost our daughter.

Billie: Yeah. Well, that was a long time ago, and I need to focus on the present.

Mimi: Please tell me you are not still pushing for me to be with Shawn. I thought it finally sank in, I'm in love with Rex.

Bonnie: And yet you didn't trust him enough to tell him you had his bun in your oven.

Mimi: It is your fault I didn't tell him.

Bonnie: Baby, it was your choice. Look, I like Rex. I really do. All I'm saying is keep your options open. That way if this whole secret abortion thing blows up in your face, now you have someone to fall back on -- someone with lots of dough and endless possibilities.

Philip: Belle and I were just talking about setting a date.

Rex: Look, I know I haven't exactly supported you two dating.

Philip: Oh, yeah, that's one way of putting it.

Rex: What can I say, man? I've been trying to stick up for Shawn. You know what? Now he's back, and he's had his chance to turn things around, and he hasn't, okay? Instead, he's just acted like a total -- never mind. Look, the point I'm trying to make is that I really am excited for the two of you, and I wanna wish you guys the best.

Philip: Well, thanks.

Rex: And with that said --

Philip: Oh, here we go. What?

Rex: Don't you think the two of you might be rushing into things?

Philip: Rex, Belle and I love each other. We wasted too much time already. Now, I am still a marine on active duty. I could be called up and shipped out at any moment. And, Belle, I know it was a risk asking you to marry me tonight, but I just spent so much time not making any move out of respect for Shawn. And I don't wanna wait any longer. Plus, my financial future is secure, thanks to my dad. And so is Belle’s. Money's not a problem. There's no reason to wait. I know I can make Belle happy, and I'm anxious to start.

Rex: I know you two have been through a lot this year, but I really do wish you two the best.

Philip: Well, thank you for your support. My family is, you know, is kind of all over the place right now. My dad's gone, Cassie’s gone, so... we're brothers, Rex, and you know it means a lot to me that you and I are friends. That being said, will you do me the honor of being my best man at the wedding?

Rex: Are you serious?

Philip: You know, why not? This wedding is about new beginnings for everybody. Let's do it.

Rex: Uh, wel-- okay. Sure, I'd be honored.

Philip: Thanks. Now all we have to do is plan everything else.

Mimi: I just heard about Belle and Philip. We have to talk... alone.

Jan: Well, anything that you have to say to Shawn you can say in front of me.

Shawn-D: Oh, you know, if she wants to talk to us alone, Jan, then just please leave us alone.

Jan: Fine.

Mimi: You do know you're making the biggest mistake of your life.

Patrick: Bo, hey. Any sign of Billie?

Bo: No, but thanks for your help.

Patrick: Yeah, well, maybe one day you'll realize that I really am on your side.

Bo: Yeah, right. You're working for the DiMeras, you turn around and you help us out. What will you be doing tomorrow? As far as I'm concerned, the jury's still out on you.

Patrick: How many times do I have to say it? I didn't know what Tony was up to.

Bo: Yeah, whatever. I'm concerned about finding Billie. Have you seen her?

Patrick: No. And I've been everywhere. I even stopped by her mom’s. No luck.

Bo: Yeah, I called Kate, left a message on her voice mail. She hasn't called back yet.

Patrick: Maybe she had some time to kill, stopped off for a drink somewhere.

Bo: Yeah, I thought of that. She used to like the Cheatin' heart. Called over there.

Patrick: What, was that, uh, was that your place?

Bo: She wasn't there.

Patrick: And she hasn't come back to Alice’s.

Bo: No, no, I just checked.

Patrick: What is this big news that can't wait until she gets to London?

Bo: None of your business.

Patrick: Look, do you want my help or not? I consider Billie a friend. If she's in some kind of trouble, I wanna know what it is.

Bo: You keep this to yourself till I have a chance to talk to her.

Patrick: Yeah, you have my word.

Bo: Well, I don't know what that's worth just yet.

John: [Groaning]

Kate: John, can I get you anything? Can I get you water?

John: Gimme something for my back, hurry.

Lexie: Okay, John, I am sorry, it would just -- it would be very dangerous to overmedicate you right now.

John: I'm dying. Damn it, Lexie, do something.

Lexie: No, John, you're not dying.

John: Don't lie to me! I told you, I saw it. It was here, and it was coming for me. Oh!

Kate: Oh, God. Lexie, what's wrong with him?

Lexie: He's having a bad reaction. His B.P. is elevated. So is his heart rate.

John, John, listen to me. You're going to have to stay calm, okay?

John: I can't calm down until you give me something, Lexie. Please help me.

Kate: Oh, my God. Lexie, is there anything that you can do for him?

Lexie: I'm -- I'm sorry, I wish there were.

Lexie: Kate, right now, I am more concerned about his mental state. Stress is the last thing that he needs. I know the two of you are very close. Do you think you can calm him down?

Kate: Oh, my God. I'll -- I'll see what I can do.

Lexie: Okay, I'll check in with you later, okay?

Kate: John, oh, John. I'm here for you. I'm here. I'm gonna help you through this, okay?

John: Oh, hey, Kate.

Kate: Oh! Yeah, I'm here. I'm here.

John: Philip, Philip -- Philip was here.

Kate: Yeah, I know. Philip was here. And he cares about you. We all care about you, okay? We all want you to get better.

John: And Philip and Belle, Philip and Belle.

Kate: I know. I don't want you to worry about Belle, okay? Because Philip’s gonna take care of her. He's gonna take really, really good care of her. Just the same way that I'm gonna take care of you. I'm gonna take care of you. I'm gonna take care of you. Oh, God.

Rex: Oh, this is great. I wanna buy you both a drink to celebrate.

Belle: Thanks, I'll just stay with soda.

Philip: My fiancée will have a soda, I'll have a shot.

Rex: All right, I gotta get back to work, but I'll send the waitress right over.

Philip: No, no, no. I'll go with you to the bar. You don't mind, right?

Belle: No, go ahead.

Philip: I'll be right back.

Jan: Well, congratulations, Belle. I hope that you and Philip will sincerely be as happy as Shawn and me. I guess losing your virginity turned out to be a great thing, huh? You caught yourself a little soldier boy in your honey trap. Well, at least that's what Shawn said to me in bed last night.

Bonnie: You're not driving, are you, hon?

Shawn-D: [Chortling] Jan is my designated driver.

Mimi: Are you sure you really need that, Shawn? How many does that make for you now?

Bonnie: Hear that, Shawn? Meems is looking out for you.

Mimi: Go away, mother.

Bonnie: Okay, I'll just leave you two kids alone.

Mimi: Shawn, listen to me. You have to go to Belle and tell her that you love her. And I know you do. You two belong together. You cannot sit here and let her marry Philip.

Shawn-D: Mimi, why is so hard for you just to mind your own damn business, okay? I didn't ask for your advice. And Jan and I are together now. And Belle... is with her marine. And you know what? He's more than welcome to her.

Rex: So, you think you two are going to get married sooner rather than later?

Philip: I hope so.

Rex: Congrats, man.

Philip: Thanks, man. Ahh! I just think, with the holidays coming up, it's bound to be a very tough time for Belle. Think about it -- her mom's gone, her dad is in the hospital. I mean, that's another reason I didn't want to wait to propose. I want her to know that she's not alone. I want her to know if there's one thing in her life that she can count on, that she will never lose, it's me. I'm just so glad she said yes. What the hell?

Belle: I really don't wanna hear about what you and Shawn talk about in bed. And by the way, if it's me, I'd say you have a problem.

Jan: Oh, that was just between rounds. You probably don't know this -- of course you don't know this, but Shawn -- he's a little machine. He can go all night long.

Philip: Jan, it's time for you to get the hell outta here. Your little machine -- he's at the bar pounding beer. So why don't you go annoy him? You two deserve each other.

Jan: So do you and Belle.

Philip: Bye-bye.

Mimi: Shawn, we have been friends since we were little kids. Why can't you just admit it? You love Belle, and she loves you. And if you let her go ahead and marry Philip, you're hurting yourself just as much as you're hurting her.

Shawn-D: Are you finished?

Mimi: No. One more thing, think long and hard about what I said because you may not get another chance.

Patrick: Oh, my God. No wonder you need to find her. Did you have any idea?

Bo: I'm not discussing this with you. Billie's flight leaves soon. If she's not at the airport now, she'll be there soon. I'm gonna try to intercept her.

Patrick: No, no, I'm gonna come with you.

Bo: What for?

Patrick: Look, man, Billie’s a friend. She did a nice thing for me, and I wanna be there for her when she gets the news.

Bo: All right, let's go.

Jennifer: [Sighs] I cannot believe it.

Hope: I know.

Jennifer: Well, I mean, can that really be true?

Hope: Who knows? But for now, we have to go on the assumption that it is. Hey, either way, Billie needs to know what was found on that disk.

Jennifer: I can't even imagine how she'll react.

Hope: I know one thing for sure -- she's gonna need Bo.

Bo: You're a wonderful woman. Someone would be lucky to have you.

Billie: Well, thank you for saying that, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards. Hope, I admit that I still have deep feelings for Bo. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna act on them.

Hope: I appreciate that.

Billie: I have way too much respect for what you and Bo have together, for your family. You and Bo belong together.

Hope: Good luck, Billie. Stay safe.

Billie: Thanks. Thank you. And you, you take care of your family. And be happy.

Man on P.A.: Flight 733 to London is now boarding at gate 5.

[Monitor beeping]

Kate: Oh, my God. He's finally asleep.

Lexie: Oh, thank goodness.

Kate: Lexie, why is he acting like this? Why? The paranoia, and the hallucinations, all this talk about death?

Lexie: I don't know. It's hard to say, Kate. But I do know that he feels an enormous amount of guilt over Marlena’s death. It's possible that he wishes that he could join her subconsciously.

Kate: Oh, my God.

Lexie: Yeah. That, coupled with a bad reaction to the pain meds -- which we'll have to discontinue now.

Kate: Well, you're going to be substituting something, right?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, but, unfortunately, nothing else is quite as effective.

Kate: He is in so much pain.

Lexie: And I'm sorry to say he's in for a lot more, Kate. As hard as it's been for him, it's only going to get worse.

John: Doc. I have to find you. I have to find you. You can't be gone. You can't be gone.

Jan: Shawn, it's getting late. Are you gonna come home with me or not?

Shawn-D: Yeah. Yeah. That -- that sounds nice.

Rex: Oh, it's -- it's too bad things didn't work out between Shawn and Belle. You know, maybe she and Philip really have a shot.

Mimi: All I want is for Belle to be happy.

Philip: I can't wait to start planning our wedding. And our honeymoon! Do you have any idea where you wanna go? Hmm?

[Cellular phone rings]

Philip: Uh, hold that thought, okay?


Philip: Hello. Yes, it is. What? Are you serious? Yeah. Yeah, I understand. Thank you.

Belle: What was that about?

Philip: Belle, I'm sorry, but that phone call changes everything.

Jennifer: So tell me, how are you feeling about all of this?

Hope: Honestly, I haven't been able to wrap my head around it yet. Look, until we know for sure if it's true, I'm not --

Jennifer: And what if it is true?

Hope: If it is, then nothing about my life with Bo will ever be the same.

Bo: Damn, they've already boarded. Excuse me, Commander Bo Brady, Salem P.D. I need you to open those doors. It's a matter of life and death.

Woman: I'm sorry, Commander, but the plane's already left.

Bo: Yeah.

Patrick: Hey, I'm sorry. So what now?

Bo: We don't really have a choice, now, do we?

Patrick: Look, I know this was a shock for you.

Bo: I'm more concerned about Billie.

Patrick: What about Hope?

Bo: What about her?

Patrick: Well, this is really gonna shake up her life.

Bo: My wife is gonna be fine. Our marriage is gonna be fine. You're wrong. It's not gonna change anything.

Patrick: No, you're wrong, Bo. And you better just hope your marriage can handle it.

Jan: See, you're not the only one who has exciting news. I'm gonna have Shawn’s baby.

Mimi: What have you got to lose? Get out your cell and call Belle now.

Lexie: What's that, pictures?

Brandon: Oh, no, it's nothing.

Lexie: You're looking at old photos of you and Sami.

Billie: Our baby, she's alive? Oh, Bo!

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