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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/16/04 - Canada; Wednesday 11/17/04 - U.S.A.


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Hope: I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but I didn't want you to hear about it from anyone else.

Jennifer: Hope, I just -- I can't -- I can't believe that -- that this is true. I can't believe... that Jack is really gone this time.

Hope: Honey, I don't want you to be alone. I'm gonna come over there, okay?

Jennifer: No, you -- you need to be with Bo. He's lost so many of his family. You need to be there for him.

Hope: Jen --

Jennifer: And I'm not -- I'm not alone. Patrick is here... and I need to go to Jo and Vernís. I need to pick up Abby and tell her this news.

Hope: I just wish I could do something.

Jennifer: I know. But I'm so glad that you and Bo are okay.

Hope: Oh, honey...

Jennifer: And gram and Doug and Maggie.

Hope: Jen, just know that we love you so much. And that you and Abby and the baby are always in our thoughts and our prayers.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Bo: How's she doing?

Hope: You can imagine. She's just about to tell Abby that she's lost her father all over again, that he's not coming home.

Bo: Damn it. Here we go again. You know, if DiMera were still alive --

Hope: Yeah, but he's not. John killed him. The DiMeras can never hurt us again.

Bo: No. But he took away -- he took away something we'll never get back -- part of our family.

Hope: I know. I know.

Bo: I'm so lucky to have you. You and Shawn and Zack.

Hope: Even though that we're home, even though Tonyís dead, I just, um, I don't feel like I can let my guard down. I hated seeing you walk out that door

and go to work. I don't know why I'm so worried about that disk Billie

downloaded from Tonyís computer, but I am. Was there anything useful on it?

Bo: Yeah, there was a lot of stuff about those of us who made it off the island, some stuff about John's past, and what the DiMeras were planning to do with Patrick Lockhart.

Jennifer: "Dear Jack... may you always find your way back to me. Love, Jennifer." You're -- but you're really not coming back this time, are you, Jack?

Jennifer: How am I gonna tell our daughter, Jack? How am I gonna tell her?

Patrick: There you go. You know, Jennifer, uh, if you want, I can come with you to Jo and Vernís to get Abby.

Jennifer: No. It's okay. It's something that I need to do on my own. You understand that, don't you?

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, of course I do. I just wish there was something I could do.

Jennifer: Yeah, you've done a lot. You made me a fire, and you made me -- you made me tea, thank you.

Patrick: Billie.

Billie: Patrick. Your ears are supposed to be burning.

Patrick: And what's that?

Billie: The key to your past. And your future.

Belle: I'm sorry, guys, but I couldn't find Sami. Lucas is still looking, though.

John: That's good. I don't think your sister should be alone right now.

Kate: John, Sami has no idea of the good that you have done. She has no idea of how lucky she is that you care about her. She had no right to blame you for her parents' death. The only one who's responsible for what happened on that island is Tony DiMera.

John: I should have protected Marlena.

Kate: How? How could you have done that? Roman and Marlena were swept away by the tidal wave. You did everything you could to protect them. You injured yourself trying to protect them. And you did it -- you killed Tony DiMera. What more could you have done?

Belle: Kate's right, dad. You know how Sami gets. She's upset, she's blaming everyone. But she has no right. Don't blame yourself.

John: Izzy, I raised Sami. I love her as though she's my own. And it would hurt your mother right now to see her this way. And I just don't know what to do for her.

Belle: I just hope she doesn't keep pushing Lucas away.

Kate: [Thinking] There's only one man who's going to comfort Sami, and that's Brandon Walker.

Sami: What do you mean you care about me?

Brandon: I know you're in a lot of pain and how much you loved your parents. I want you to know I'm there for you if you need me to be.

Sami: Brandon, you -- you may be the only person who understand -- who understands.

John: You know, this has probably been the hardest year in Samiís life, but I don't think I've ever seen her happier. It's all because of Lucas. He's been so good to her.

Belle: I know, and I'm so afraid she's gonna ruin it.

John: Thanks.

Kate: Well, it's what she's done with every man in her life. Austin and Brandon were so good to her, and look what they got in return.

John: Well, I kinda think that -- that no man's gonna be good enough for Sami.

Kate: Lucas is crazy in love with Sami, but she's not in love with him. In fact, the only reason she's marrying him is to get back at me.

Sami: [Sobs]

Brandon: You okay?

Sami: No.

Brandon: You want to talk about it?

Sami: I just couldn't take it anymore. I mean, listening to John talk about how he tried to save my parents when he probably pushed them off the raft himself.

Brandon: Come on, Samantha, John loved your mother. You know in your heart it's true. He would never do anything to hurt her.

Belle: Even if he found out that my mom and dad got back together on that island?

Brandon: Did they?

Sami: Well, I don't know, but maybe. Probably. I bet they did.

Brandon: Lexie told me how john got hurt trying to save them from Tony. I mean, doesn't that count for something?

Sami: I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Brandon: You don't have to talk to me about it, but you should talk to somebody. What about Lucas?

Sami: What about Lucas?

Brandon: Well, he is your fiancť.

Sami: Look, I can't talk to Lucas about my mom and dad.

Lucas: Why not?

Sami: Lucas. How long have you been... standing there?

Lucas: Long enough.

Sami: It's not what you think.

Lucas: No, I know it's not. It's worse, Sami. We're supposed to be in love, and we're supposed to be getting married. If you can't come to me when you're going through the hardest thing in your life, well, then what kind of relationship do we have?

Sami: Lucas, we have a great relationship. I just didn't want to burden you with my problem. I --

Lucas: Burden me with your problems? What are you talking about? Sami, we're gonna get married. We gotta be there for each other -- good times and the bad. Don't you know how much I want to be there for you?

Sami: Excuse us. Lucas, I'm sorry, okay? You're right. I-I should've talked to you about it. I just -- I just had to get away from John's room, and you were still talking to Kate, and I just... ended up running into Brandon. And it all kinda spilled out.

Lucas: When did he get back into town?

Sami: I don't know. I didn't even know he was still here. But, um, nothing is going on between us. You -- you believe me, right?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I believe you.

Sami: So you're not mad that I was with Brandon?

Lucas: No, I'm not. I'm actually glad that he was here.

Sami: You are?

Bo: Let's sit down. It's gonna take the I.S.A. months to get through all the material on that disk, because most of it has been encrypted. But we were able to access some old financial statements and real estate holdings, along with the information on lockhart.

Hope: So, what did you find out about him?

Bo: Not as much as I would want. You know, like I said, most of the files were unreadable, but... apparently, he's clean. The DiMeras just hired him to get to us.

Hope: Well, that's great. I'm very glad to hear that he's one of us, especially since Jenniferís relying on him so much.

Bo: I wouldn't get too excited about this. I mean, this whole disk could be a DiMera plant. As far as I'm concerned, the jury's still out on Lockhart.

Billie: Guess what Bo and I just finished doing?

Patrick: [Chuckles] What?

Billie: We just finished going over the computer files from the DiMera mainframe. You remember -- the one that you were working on at the island.

Patrick: And?

Billie: And... I've sent the files off to our London office so they could have a stab at them. All except one little part.

Patrick: Yeah, what is it?

Billie: Your life story. You know, being the inquisitive person that I am, I came across your name. My curiosity was piqued. So I decoded the material and I found out all sorts of fascinating things about you, Patrick Lockhart. Here. Take it. It'll take the I.S.A. months, if not years, to uncover all the data on that material. And in relation to the DiMeras, no offense, but you're relatively low priority. The I.S.A. doesn't need to know any of this.

Patrick: But you know my whole story, is that it?

Billie: Yes. Decoding things is my specialty. That's why I allowed myself to be kidnapped -- so that I could have access to the DiMera mainframe.

Patrick: So you got what you wanted. Now what?

Billie: Now it'll take the I.S.A. months to decipher all that information. But all in all, I'd say our mission was a success.

Jennifer: How can it be a success when so many lives were lost?

John: Oh, Kate, come on. Sa-- [Groans]

Belle: Dad, are you okay?

John: Everybody knows that you and Sami don't exactly get along, but... come on, do you honestly think that Sami would marry Lucas just to spite you?

Kate: Yes, I do, because she told me so herself.

Belle: She did? Kate, I'm sure she didn't mean it. You know Samiís always saying crazy stuff when she's upset.

Kate: Belle, she meant every word she said to me. And she takes great pleasure in repeating it to me every time she sees me.

John: I have to agree with Belle. I think Sami loves Lucas.

Kate: Well, maybe she thinks she's in love with Lucas. But that's certainly not the reason that she's rushing in to marry him. In fact, I only predict unhappiness for the two of them because her heart belongs to someone else.

Belle: What? Who?

Kate: Brandon Walker. In fact, the reason you probably can't find her right now is that she's with him.

Belle: Brandon? Wait, I thought he'd left Salem.

Kate: No, he's back in town.

John: [Groans]

Kate: In fact, I really need to go check on Lucas. Um, is there anything I can get for you?

John: No. I'm fine, thanks.

Kate: Okay. I'll check in on you later.

Kate: Belle, I'm sorry if I upset you because of what I said about Sami. It's just that I-I'm so worried about Lucas and Will.

Belle: No, I understand.

Kate: Thank you. You hang in there.

Belle: I will.

Belle: I know Sami loves Lucas.

John: But?

Belle: Well, I know she loved Brandon, too. Okay, I would never say this in front of Kate, but Sami told me for some reason she's been thinking about Brandon a lot lately. She swore she's over him, but if he's back in town... what if Kateís right?

Sami:'re glad that Brandon is here?

Lucas: I am. I mean, if he didn't stop you, who knows, you probably would have done something incredibly stupid.

Sami: Lucas...

Lucas: Well, I just don't want you to hurt yourself, all right? I'm glad he was here to stop you. The last time you were this upset, you tackled that bottle of vodka, and that vodka won.

Sami: Don't remind me.

Lucas: I just love you, all right? I want you to know I'm always there for you.

Sami: I love you, too.

Brandon: Hey, sorry to interrupt, but I really need to leave.

Lucas: I didn't mean to ignore you earlier. We just needed to talk about some things.

Brandon: No problem.

Lucas: So, welcome back. I had no idea you were moving back to Salem.

Brandon: Thanks, but I'm not. I'm not staying for good. No, I came back to see my family, and then out of the blue, my dad came home.

Sami: Yeah, we're really glad to hear that Abe is alive.

Brandon: Yeah, me too. I don't know if you know. He, uh, he's lost his eyesight.

Sami: Oh, my God.

Lucas: That's terrible. I'm sorry about that.

Sami: I had no idea.

Brandon: Yeah. Yeah, so I'm gonna stick around until, you know, he gets back on his feet. I figured Lexie will need some help. And besides, I just miss my family, so...

Lucas: Well, maybe I could talk to the hospital board and you can do some consulting while you're here to keep you busy or something.

Brandon: Ah, I appreciate that, but, uh, now that your mom has offered to fund one of my outreach programs for kids, I think I'll have my hands full. But thanks.

Sami: [Thinking] I knew it. Kate is responsible for Brandon coming back to Salem.

Brandon: So, I'll see you guys later. And by the way, congratulations on your engagement.

Sami: Thanks.

Lucas: Thanks. Go outside and get some fresh air? What is it? What's wrong now, huh? Come on.

Kate: Lucas, I've been looking all over for you.

Sami: God, you little witch, I'm gonna kill you!

Bo: After everything we went through with Lockhart on the island, there's no way I'm letting him off the hook so early. I'm waiting for Billie to get back to London and decode the rest of that disk.

Hope: Billie's really going back to London, is she?

Bo: Yeah, she's leaving Salem for good. She seems to be excited to get back to work.

Hope: Sounds very committed to her job.

Bo: That, and there's some unhappy memories here in Salem. Hey, where are you coming? Come here.

Hope: What are you doing? Have I mentioned lately how much I love you?

Bo: Mm, not nearly enough.

Hope: Hmm. That's nice.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Hope: I got an idea.

Bo: Does it involve our bedroom?

Hope: Hmm. Maybe.

Bo: Maybe?

Hope: Maybe.

Bo: Then why don't we go upstairs and find out? Ahh!

Jennifer: Jack is dead, and the I.S.A. considers this mission a success?

Billie: No, no, no, no, no. That's not what I meant. What I meant was that from the I.S.A.'s perspective, key information was gained about the DiMera organization, and Tony DiMera was eliminated. But that doesn't at all discount the loss of innocent lives. I heard about Jack. That's why I came over.

Jennifer: Billie, I miss him. I miss him so much, and I don't know how I'm gonna go through this all over again. I really donít.

Billie: I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I can't even imagine what you're going through thinking that Jack was dead only to find out that he wasn't, and now... to lose him all over again.

Jennifer: I need to be strong for my children. And Abby -- I wanted her to have hope that maybe her dad was alive. And I wanted hope, too. I did so much.

Billie: Of course you did.

Jennifer: But that was false hope. Because now I have to take that away from her forever.

Billie: Do you want some company when you go talk to her?

Jennifer: No. It's something I need to do on my own. I'm glad she's at Jo and Vernís, someplace where she feels really safe. Oh, God, thank you. I'm s-- I don't -- do you want something to eat or drink?

Billie: No, no, no, no, no.

Jennifer: Do you want something to eat or drink?

Patrick: No, no thanks. No, I think I'll get some more wood for the fireplace while you two chat.

Jennifer: Billie, why don't you come and sit down?

Billie: Oh, okay. Listen, I can't stay very long because I have to go and find my mom before I go to London, but, um, it seems like things are working out having Patrick living in your garage apartment.

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, he's been really great.

Billie: Well, I'm glad he's here for you. Oh... oh, Jen, it's okay. Please, go ahead and cry.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I just keep imagining my husband in the middle of the ocean just waiting for me to come and save him.

Billie: Hey, are you blaming yourself for what happened to Jack?

Jennifer: No, I am not, but why couldn't I have helped him? How -- how could he be gone? How could I lose him again?

John: Well, Izzy, if Brandon is the one for Sami, she'd better figure that out before she marries Lucas.

Belle: I hope so, too.

John: Thanks. You know, you don't need to be hanging around here with your old man. Don't you have some finals you got to study for?

Belle: Are you serious, dad? I think you're a little more important than a geology test, okay?

John: [Groans]

Belle: Oh.

John: You know how much I love you, don't you?

Belle: Yes, dad. I love you, too.

John: That's good.

Belle: Do you want me to get you a doctor or something? You really look like you're in pain.

John: No, I'm fine. I could use a phone, though. I need to call Carrie and Eric and tell them what happened to Roman and Marlena.

Belle: No, you don't have to do that. I already did when I went to go look for Sami.

John: Oh, sweetheart, you shouldn't have had to do that.

Belle: Well, you shouldn't have, either. This is just so awful, dad. I don't know what I would do without you.

John: Listen, before I forget...

John: I think your mother would have wanted you to have this.

Belle: Her wedding ring? No, I canít. It's the only thing we have left of her. You should hold on to it. It'll let you know that mom is always here with you.

John: Thank you.

Belle: I love you so much, dad.

[Door opens]

Lexie: Checkup time.

Belle: Okay, um, I guess that's my cue to go, so I'll see you later, okay?

John: All right, sweetheart. I love you, baby.

Belle: I love you too, dad.

Lexie: Bye, Belle.

John: Test results.

Lexie: Uh-huh.

John: All right, so tell me. What's it look like?

Lexie: You've suffered extensive damage to your spinal column.

John: Bottom line.

Lexie: There may be ongoing effects that we can't address medically. You might have to live with chronic pain the rest of your life.

Kate: Get off of me!

Sami: You evil witch, I'll get you for this!

Lucas: Stop it, Sami. Come on.

Sami: You -- you brought Brandon back to town to break us up.

Kate: Do you see what I mean? She is absolutely crazy. I forbid you to marry a woman who's trying to kill your own mother.

Sami: Oh, don't try to change the subject. I know that you brought Brandon back to Salem because you wanted to come between me and Lucas.

Kate: I did not. I did nothing of the kind.

Sami: Oh, you can lie all you want, but this time I have proof.

Kate: Proof? Really? Well, what is that?

Sami: You used John's company money to make sure that Brandon would come back to Salem. And that is where you went wrong, Kate, because when I tell John everything, he's gonna throw you out of Basic Black on your ass.

Belle: No, you won't, Sami. You're not telling my dad anything.

Bo: Oh, Fancy Face, I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you.

Bo: I love you, Fancy Face.

Hope: I love you, Bo.

Jennifer: Billie, thank you. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Billie: Hey, you don't have to thank me. Jack will be missed by so many people.

Jennifer: He adored you, you know that?

Billie: And I adored him right back. Look, I know you said that you have to go pick up Abby...

Jennifer: Yeah, I do.

Billie: And I got to go find my mom and make sure she knows that I'm okay.

Jennifer: Okay. Well, we're gonna miss you. Be safe, okay?

Billie: I will, I will. You still have my numbers there, right?

Jennifer: Yes, I do. Come on.

Billie: Listen, you go get ready. I'll show myself out.

Jennifer: All right. You take care, and don't be a stranger, okay?

Billie: I wonít.

Billie: Oh, Jack. I am so sorry you're not gonna be around to see your son and daughter grow up. But I promise you, I will use every resource the I.S.A. has to make sure that Jennifer is safe and protected.

Patrick: Especially from me, you mean?

Belle: Look, I don't know what's going on out here, but I am not gonna have you upset my dad any more than he already is, Sami.

Sami: Well, Belle, I think you should know that Kate is stealing from your father's company. She took Basic Black money to fund Brandonís children's charity.

Belle: I know.

Sami: You know?

Belle: Of course I know. I approved it.

Sami: You did what? Belle, how could you do this to me? Kate only wants to fund Brandonís charity to make sure that he comes back to town to come between me and Lucas.

Belle: Philip and I oversee all the charitable donations at Basic Black. We decided to fund Brandonís charity because it helped needy children. It had nothing to do with you, Sami. And besides, I didn't even know that Brandon was back in Salem.

Kate: So, you see, Sami? I had absolutely nothing to do with this. All I did was ask the C.F.O. to approve any funding that Belle or Philip thought was appropriate.

Sami: Something is still not right. I know you are up to no good.

Kate: I don't care what you believe. But what I really don't understand is why it would be so upsetting to you if Brandon was back in town, especially if you and Lucas are so happy and so in love.

Lucas: You know what? That's enough. Mom, can I have a word with you in private please, now?

Kate: Sure.

Lucas: Thank you.

Belle: You know what, Sami? Kate has a point. Why does it matter if Brandonís back in town? After all, you are engaged to Lucas and you love him, right?

Sami: Yeah, right. Yeah, I've moved on, and so has Brandon. And I'm sure he doesn't even think about me.

Brandon: You know what the old saying is, don't you?

Sami: That would depend on what old saying you're talking about.

Brandon: Well, a very wise man once said, "one last dance deserves one last kiss."

Sami: Ha ha. I've never heard that one.

Brandon: Mm-hmm.

Sami: Who was this wise guy?

Brandon: Me.

Brandon: You know, I was wrong. That was too good to be the last kiss.

Brandon: Go ahead, hit me. I deserve it.

Sami: Yes, you do. Do you realize what you could have done? Brandon, do you realize that you could have killed him? He could have died, Brandon. You could have killed him! I could have lost him!

Sami: I have lost him.

Bo: Good to be home.

Hope: Mm, it is. I'm just so sorry.

Bo: Yeah, I know, I know. It'll never be the same without the people we love. But... like ma would say, we can't look behind us. We got to take care of our families and be thankful for what we have.

Hope: I'm thankful for every minute I have with you.

Bo: Mm. Me too.

Billie: If I need to protect Jennifer from you, I will. But I don't think that's the case.

Patrick: You don't?

Billie: No, I'd like to think that Jennifer will encourage you by example to turn your life around, so that when the tony DiMeras of the world come knocking at your door, you don't answer.

Patrick: Well, I'll tell you what. I appreciate your little offer to hide my past, but unlike you, I prefer to address my problems head on, and not run away.

Billie: Meaning?

Patrick: Well, I thought Bo Brady was the love of your life.

Billie: He was.

Patrick: Was?

Billie: What's your point?

Patrick: Well, Hope Brady told me you were the only woman she ever felt threatened by.

Billie: You know what? Bo Brady is married, and he has two children. There are some institutions a person just doesn't mess with.

Patrick: Point taken.

Billie: Although I suppose if Bo and I did have a child together, I might go about things differently. What about you? Would you go after Jennifer if Jack was still alive?

Patrick: What? Where does that come from?

Billie: Everybody's seen the way you look at her.

Patrick: Well, like you said, there are some things a person shouldn't mess with.

Billie: You know what? I think I like you, Lockhart.

Patrick: Enough to let me buy you a drink?

Billie: Maybe.

Patrick: Maybe. All right, well, uh, I'll call you then.

Billie: Yeah. If I'm around. I got to go.

Patrick: I don't want --

Billie: Oh, listen. I've got copies if I need them.

Sami: I'm gonna go find Lucas and go home. You need a ride?

Belle: No, I'm gonna hang out here for a while -- you know, check on dad.

Sami: Okay. See you later.

Belle: [Sighs] God... mom, I know you're up there watching over us right now. Could you please keep your eye on dad? He really needs you more than ever right now.

Lexie: John, listen, I don't want you to feel that there is no hope, okay, because there is. I've called in several specialists. In the meantime, this will make you feel more comfortable. Now, I want you to rest. You've had a very long day.

John: Thank you.

Lexie: No. Thank you. For helping bring Abe back to me.

John: I miss you, Doc.

Lucas: Is any of that true, mom?

Kate: Honey, of course it's not true. All I did was support Belle and Philipís decision to fund Brandonís charity. It's not like I came up with some elaborate plan to break up you and Sami.

Lucas: I hope not. I hope you're telling me the truth. 'Cause if you do anything to jeopardize my happiness with Sami, you can forget you ever had me.

Sami: Hi. There you are, honey. You ready to go?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go.

Eugenia: Are you sure you know what you're doing, Kate? I mean, is destroying Sami Brady -- is it really worth it?

Sami: Lucas, I'm really sorry about going after your mom like that. I just am sure that she's trying to keep us apart.

Lucas: Nothing can tear us apart, especially not Brandon... right?

Sami: Right.

Lucas: Right?

Sami: Right.

Maggie: Mickey is my husband. I married him first.

Bonnie: And legally you're dead.

Maggie: Aah!

Sami: You've really forgiven me?

Brandon: Yes.

Lexie: Sami Brady is as resilient as a cockroach. She's going to eat you for lunch.

Billie: Whose demise are you planning now?

Sami: Mine.

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