Days Transcript Thursday 11/11/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/11/04 - Canada; Friday 11/12/04 - U.S.A.


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Mickey: Ha ha ha ha ho ho! Bonnie, you're gonna hurt yourself. Besides, I'm supposed to be the one carrying you across that threshold.

Bonnie: Nope. You swept me off my feet, Mickey Horton, so turnabout is fair play. Now, come here, stud, and give me a great big wet one.

Mickey: Ha ha ha!

[Both moaning and laughing]

Julie: God, no. They did it. He married her.

Bonnie: Julie. What is she doing here?

Maggie: Married?

Bonnie: What's she doing here?

Maggie: Mickey! How could you?

Mickey: M-m-m-- Maggie. No, no, it can't be.

Bonnie: It's not. She's dead.

Julie: No! She's alive, and so is Doug. And so is grandma.

Mickey: Mom?

Julie: Yes! And Hope and Jennifer.

Mickey: I-I think I've got to sit down.

Bonnie: I got you, baby. I got you.

Doug: It's true, Mick.

Mickey: No. No, I must be dreaming.

Maggie: Does this seem like you're dreaming, Mickey?

Bonnie: Hey, get your paws off my husband!

Maggie: He's mine!

Bonnie: No! Mine!

Maggie: No!

Mickey: Oh, God! Oh, g-- oh!


Jennifer: Well, here we are. Here we are, baby. This is your home. It's weird. It doesn't feel like my home anymore.

Patrick: I know. But think about how hard you fought to come back to Abby, to have this baby. I mean, look at him. He's healthy, he's happy.

Jennifer: Yeah. He doesn't know there's anything wrong in his world, does he? He doesn't know that his father is missing. You know, I keep thinking about all the reunions that are taking place right now in my family -- Uncle Mickey and Aunt Maggie and Doug and Julie... and Bo and Hope and their sons and --

Jennifer: Gosh! Jack has to be alive. I mean, how many people have tried to tell me that he was gone, and I just -- I couldn't believe it with my whole heart, and I still can’t. I mean, he can't have just disappeared. They would have found his body if he was dead, right? God, why doesn't anybody call?

Patrick: You know what? I am gonna find out, okay?


Abe: Sorry to ruin your birthday party.

Lexie: Oh, honey, are you kidding me? You came home. This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. We just have to get you well. We will.

Abe: So what do you think it is?

Lexie: Well, I've called in a neuropathamologist. She'll be able to tell us more.

Abe... think of everything you've been through. Honey, you're a miracle.

Abe: You know, I was so desperate to -- to get home to you, Theo, and Brandon. I'm just so thankful.

Tek: Hey, man, what do you think Abe’s prognosis is?

Brandon: I'm a counselor, not a doctor.

Tek: It's just I know Lexie was holding it together for Abe, but she just seems -- she just seems scared. I don't know.

Brandon: Just how close did you and Lexie get when my father was missing?

Tek: Not that it's any of your business, but Lexie and I are just friends.

Brandon: Mm, mm. Well, like I told you, I'm a counselor, and I notice things about people. I saw the way you looked at Lexie when her husband came home. He's my father. She's a friend. I don't want to see either of them hurt. You hear me, man?


Kate: Oh... Brandon.


Sami's voice: Celeste told me that if Brandon left town last night, he would never come between me and Lucas. And Lexie told me that, yep, you guessed it, he left town last night.


Kate: Brandon's still here. Oh, thank you, God. Finally Lucas will be free of Sami forever.


Woman: Wow. It's nice.

Sami: Well, don't feel badly. It'll happen for you, too, someday.

Woman: I am not in a rush. I want to do this once, and I want to do it right.

Sami: I'm just glad that it's not, you know, ostentatious or anything.

Woman: Yeah, not like your last one. So are you eloping again?

Sami: No. Actually, we're gonna have a big church wedding. All our family and friends. We're gonna invite everyone. Well, not everyone. You know, you got to draw the line somewhere, right?

Woman: So, can I help you with something? I thought you were banned from this place after that last test-switching thing.

Sami: My fiancé is the head of the Horton Foundation, thank you very much. And as you know, the Horton’s are practically royalty around here, and I'm about to become one. That's why I'm here. I'm getting a blood test for the marriage license. Oh, can you believe it? Do you remember when I used to work here? I thought my life would be miserable like that forever. But no, I'm gonna get everything I want. I'm marrying the man of my dreams. I am gonna become Mrs. Brandon Walker.

Brandon: Was that a Freudian slip, Samantha? Hmm? Did that come straight from the heart?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Lexie: I'm right here, I'm right here.

Abe: This is the happiest day of my life. No matter what else happens, I'm the luckiest man in the world.

Lexie: Oh...

Tek: Lexie thought her husband was dead. We all did.

Brandon: I realize that.

Tek: Yeah, I tried to be there for her and her son while Abe was gone. After all, you weren’t.

Brandon: Excuse me?

Tek: Well, since when are you such the devoted son? Didn't I hear you had an affair with Lexie a couple years back? Nobody thought Abe was dead then.

Brandon: All right, you know what? That's enough.

Tek: If you want to be angry at somebody for hurting your father, you're the counselor. Figure it out. Yeah, it might make you feel better to blame me, but I'm not the one with the issues to work out. Think about it.


Kate: Hmm... oh, Brandon, wait till Sami sees you. Ha ha.


Sami: Brandon?

Woman: Earth to Sami.

Sami: What? Huh?

Woman: Was that a Freudian slip? You just called yourself Mrs. Brandon Walker.

Sami: No, I didn’t.

Woman: Hello, I heard you. The entire time I was working here with you, all you did was talk about being Mrs. Brandon Walker. Are you sure you wouldn't rather marry him than Lucas?

Sami: Damn it, yes, okay? I am sure. And Brandon’s gone. He's not even in Salem anymore. And it wouldn't matter even if he was, because I am with Lucas. He is the father of my son. He is the perfect man for me. We are going to have a perfect wedding, a perfect marriage, and a perfect life.

Woman: Well, good for you. I really hope you have better luck at the altar this time.

Sami: Well, it wasn't exactly the altar I had trouble with last time.

Woman: Oh, right. Brandon dumped you right after the vows.

Sami: Wait a second. How did you know that?

Woman: Well, it makes the papers. Like when your fiancé Franco wound up murdered on your wedding day. And everybody thought you did it.

Sami: I didn't do it. Okay? It was Kate’s fault. In fact, all my problems with marriage have been Kate’s fault. Austin and Franco and Brandon. Well, I am not gonna let her ruin my marriage to Lucas. Now excuse me.

Kate: Wanna bet on it, Sami?


Patrick: Okay. Yeah. Thanks.

Jennifer: Bad news?

Patrick: Uh, no word on any more survivors.

Jennifer: Okay. No news. I mean, Patrick, tell me. Am I crazy to hope for the best? So many people had told me that there's no hope -- there was no hope for me, for my baby. No hope for Jack. He should have died a dozen times in that jungle. We all should have died. But look, we're all here. You know? He just went to help my gram. When that wave hit, he was coming right back to me. He was trying to take care of his family. Who was taking care of him?

Patrick: Jennifer, I -- I am so sorry. I -- I'm sorry for my part in all of this.

Jennifer: It's not your fault, Patrick.

Patrick: I just -- I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to work for the DiMeras. I thought we'd all be able to get away from the island in time. Yeah, I never should have done this. I never should have lied to you. It was my fault that you were down there in the first place.

Jennifer: Listen, I never would have seen my husband ever again if I hadn't gone to that island, so I thank God that I got to spend that time with him. And really, you did so much for us. You would have been killed if you didn't obey Tony’s orders. And here you got us out of there before that volcano erupted. You betrayed Tony knowing that you were risking your life. And I can't thank you enough for that. You've proved yourself to all of us that you're on our side.

Patrick: I still have a lot to prove to myself. But thanks for saying that. What are you doing?

Jennifer: Just habit, I guess. I just want to see if there's any messages from Jack.

Patrick: Jennifer, those messages were a hoax.

Jennifer: You know what, Patrick? He was alive. And Uncle Mickey and Julie, they thought that I was crazy, and I'm sure it seemed like I was, but I knew it, Patrick. Do you understand that? I could feel it, and I can feel that now, so I'm not gonna give up hope. I know that Jack is alive. [Gasps] Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it's Jack.

Jennifer: He did. Jack sent me an e-mail. I knew he was alive, Patrick. Oh, come on.

Patrick: Let me help you, okay? Jennifer, these are dated from the day you left for the island too look for Jack.

Jennifer: No, no, they're not.

Patrick: Jennifer, I'm sorry, but these are old messages.

Jennifer: Oh, Jack.

Jennifer: I don't know what I'm gonna say to Abby. She was so angry the first time, and I don't have any answers for her, so how can I do this to her again, Patrick?

Patrick: You have to tell her something. Now, I am sure you're gonna want some time alone, so... I'm going to the garage apartment. I'm gonna gather my stuff together and get out of here like I've been promising.

Jennifer: No, wait, wait. Please. Please don't go.



Bonnie: Hey! Hey, no, let go of him!

Mickey: Ow! Oh, listen. This is surreal.

Maggie: Tell me about it.

Mickey: I just -- I can't believe this is happening. Now, I know what Celeste said.

Maggie: What did Celeste say?

Mickey: Well, she said that you were alive -- maybe. None of it made any sense. None of this makes any sense at all.

Doug: Okay, here it is in a nutshell. There was no serial killer. Marlena is innocent.

Bonnie: What?

Doug: It was all a DiMera plot.

Julie: What else?

Doug: To keep all of us hostage on some remote island in the Caribbean made to look exactly like Salem. We had the comforts of home -- almost.

Maggie: And the only comfort that I wanted was you. And I come back home, and you're married to her.

Mickey: Oh, folks, I just can't believe this is happening. You see, we were going to Vegas, but our flight got canceled, and then we went to the Justice of the Peace, and Julie delayed the ceremony and we ran out of time.

Julie: I told you that fate had something in store for you.

Mickey: But Bonnie forced him to slip us in.

Julie: Of course she did.

Bonnie: What are you doing here anyway? I thought Mickey told you to stay out of our lives.

Julie: Oh, yes, that. I came by to apologize to you and to Mickey in writing, but fortunately, I haven't had a chance.

Bonnie: You know, today is my wedding day. I am the bride. Do something about them, honey.

Mickey: I'm sorry, Bonnie. Ooh. I'm sorry, Maggie.

Maggie: You know the worst part about it? I knew that this was going to happen.

Julie: You did?

Maggie: Well, I was afraid it would. That night in the Penthouse Grill when you two were dancing ever so close.

Mickey: But how could you see --

Maggie: Oh, we were privy to a showing on closed-circuit TV on the island. Tony DiMera’s sick way of torturing us.

Julie: I can't imagine torture any worse.

Maggie: I know how much you missed me, Mickey. And I know you needed me. And I know you needed someone to take care of you. And Bonnie was right there. I just hope she took better care of you than she did my plant.

Julie: Maggie, I tried to stop this. I swear to you, I tried.

Maggie: I know. I just wish I had gotten here sooner.

Mickey: So do I.

Bonnie: I know, Mickey. I know how much it means to you that Maggie is alive. It's the best news. And I personally want you to know, Maggie, you'll always be welcome in our home.

Maggie: "Our home"?

[All screaming]

Mickey: I'm sorry, Bonnie. Are you hurt?

Bonnie: Oh, thank you.

Maggie: I have never been so hurt.


Julie: I can't even begin to comprehend that you're here. In all this craziness, the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life is standing before me.

Doug: Julie, let's you and I go home.

Julie: I'd love to. But I can't leave Uncle Mickey now. Doug, you know he lost his mind when he lost Maggie. To think that he could move on with anyone, let alone with that.

Doug: Okay, okay, okay, Mickey was lonely. Bonnie was here for him. He thought Maggie was dead.

Julie: You're not saying you approve of what Uncle Mickey has done?


Maggie: What is that in my house?

Mickey: Bonnie.

Bonnie: Mickey, I'm sorry. Maggie has always been very good to me, but that old niece of yours is just --

Mickey: Now, look, everybody is just a little emotional right now.

Maggie: Well, I hate to ruin your wedding day, Bonnie. But you truly can only come back from the dead once, and I have been planning this day for over a year. It's just not the way I pictured it.

Mickey: What can I do?

Maggie: You can tell her this is not her home. Oh, as much as you've put your tacky stamp on every inch of it -- and I mean every inch, down to Mickey’s wardrobe. I'm surprised I don't see a stuffed buffalo head over the mantle.

Bonnie: Now you've ruined Mickey’s wedding present.

Maggie: There was no wedding. There was no wedding! Mickey is still my husband. He's a lawyer. Ask him. This is my home. And you will be very lucky if you ever step foot in here to even vacuum the dust bunnies. Which, I might add, have gotten way outta hand. Just like everything else since I've been gone.

Bonnie: Yes, my husband is a lawyer. And I've obviously taken a more active interest in his career than you have because I can tell you this -- I have every right to be here. You were officially declared dead. Your death certificate was signed and filed in City Hall, which made Mickey officially single again, until we applied for our marriage license today. I am officially, legally, the one and only Mrs. Mickey Horton till death do us part. Read it and weep. I didn't mean that literally.

Julie: Yes, she did.

Bonnie: You know, now that we're all here, who wants to help the newlyweds celebrate?


Jennifer: I'm sorry. I-I-I do not like feeling so needy.

Patrick: Jennifer, it's okay.

Jennifer: I just remember how much Abby blamed me the first time we thought that we lost Jack. So, I just thought that maybe if you were here, you know, that would help. Because she trusts you, Patrick.

Patrick: Have I given her any reason to?

Jennifer: What? Yes, you have. All those times that -- that she was pushing me away, she knew that she could count on you. So, I just thought if she pushed me away again...

Patrick: Hey, Jen, look, whatever you need, okay? I'm here for the both of you, as long as you want me to be.

Jennifer: Thank you. Really. I mean, what do you say to a teenager? This doesn't even make sense. And I don't want her to believe that her dad is dead because I don't believe that he's dead. Oh, please, God, help me.

Abby: I guess I'm gonna have to drop out of driver's ed. I just can't deal with Aunt Julie. She freaks out every time I, like, accelerate. Uh, where's my stupid key? Why can't anything ever go right in my life?

Girl: Come on, let's just go to the mall or something.

Abby: Yeah, nobody would care if I never came home, anyhow.

Girl: Hey, Abby, the door's open.

Abby: Oh, I guess Aunt Julie’s here to check up on me.

Abby: Mom?

Jennifer: Oh, Abby! Oh, my gosh. Oh, baby. Oh, I love you so much. I love you so much.

Abby: Mom, you're... you're really here. You're okay.

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm really here and I'm okay. And your mom is never gonna leave you again, honey. I'm never gonna leave you again.


Abe: We've lost so much, sweetheart. And we've gained so much now. You know, I-I-I remember dreaming, teaching Isaac how to play football, and baseball, and soccer. I missed that with Brandon. And I thought I'd miss it with Theo. God, is it too much to ask that I'd be able to see again? I... I'm sorry.

Lexie: It's okay.

Abe: I'm sorry.

Lexie: It's okay.

Abe: I don't mean to feel sorry for myself. I-I-I don't have any reason to. I-I -- hey, you know, um, Tek told me that he looked after you and Theo after I was gone.

Lexie: Honey, I am just so happy that you're the one -- that you're here to teach our son everything that matters. I love you so much.

Lexie: Ah, Dr. Nash.

Dr. Nash: Dr. Carver.

Lexie: Uh, thank you. This is my husband -- I'm sorry -- Abe.

Abe: Good to meet you.

Lexie: Thank you for coming down to see him.

Dr. Nash: I finished examining your chart and your test results.

Lexie: Honey, I'll be right back, okay?

Tek: See, you don't act like a counselor, that's the problem.

Brandon: Oh, you're trying to tell me how to act?

Lexie: Hey, hey, what is going on here? What in the world are the two of you arguing about?

Brandon: You.


Kate: Sami?

Sami: Oh, God. What are you doing here?

Kate: I'm sorry, but, um, I have some very bad news for you.


Jennifer: Oh. Oh, my goodness.

Abby: Mom, I-I don't believe it.

Jennifer: I know. I know, honey, neither do I.

Abby: They said your plane crashed. After we lost dad, I didn't think I could make myself pray ever again. But I prayed so hard that you would come back. I never really thought it would do any good. Are you okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah. I'm -- I'm okay. Um, I have a lot that I need to tell you.

Abby: Where have you been all this time?

Jennifer: It's a really long story. And, um, and Patrick, he came after me. He was a real hero in all of this, really.

Abby: I'm so glad you're okay, too.

Patrick: Hey, Abby.

Abby: Thank you for taking care of my mom. Oh, my gosh, Chelsea. I'm sorry. I forgot you were there. Mom, this is my friend, Chelsea. We were at camp together, and she goes to my school. Chelsea, this is my mom.

Jennifer: Hi.

Chelsea: Yeah, I kinda figured that out.

Abby: And Patrick.

Patrick: Hey.

Chelsea: This is all so amazing. I don't even know what to say.

Jennifer: That's okay, honey. I know it is amazing. I mean, are you okay? Has Aunt Julie been taking -- taking care of you?

Abby: Yeah, she's been staying here so I wouldn't have to move. Oh, my gosh, mom! The baby?

Jennifer: Oh, sweetie! The baby. He was born.

Abby: He?

Jennifer: Yes, he. Your little brother is sleeping upstairs. How would you like to meet him?

Abby: Yeah.


Julie: Help them celebrate?

Doug: Honey, we have so much to celebrate. Let's go -- let's go see Alice. Let's -- let's enjoy this day.

Julie: My God, darling, there's nothing I want more than to be with you, to see grandma, but how could we possibly leave Mickey and Maggie in the middle of this crisis?

Maggie: [Gasps]

Mickey: What is it?

Bonnie: Ow!

Maggie: That's my diamond.

Bonnie: It's mine now. Possession's 9/10s of the law. Right?

Maggie: You buried me with my wedding band. I risked a volcano erupting so that I could come home with it. And then you give her the diamond out of my engagement ring?

Bonnie: It wasn't doing any good sitting in a drawer. And you really should be thanking Mickey for updating that ugly old setting.

Maggie: Ugly? Ugly? That's ugly.

Bonnie: This is the new fashion. I'm sorry, but you can't keep living in the past.

Maggie, you've been gone for over a year now. The world has moved on. Now think about it, Maggie. Did you really expect Mickey just to sit around waiting for you to come back from the dead?

Maggie: Yes. That is exactly what I expected.

Mickey: Maggie, when I lost you, I lost my soul mate. I-I didn't even know where to be, and I didn't know what to do. And -- and, uh, Bonnie took care of me, and she was here nearly every day. I couldn't even eat, and she cooked me three square meals a day.

Maggie: Well, I hope that she kept you on your low-fat, low-carb, high-fiber regimen.

Bonnie: You were starving this poor man. Bean sprouts, tofu? Life should be a hot fudge sundae with a big old cherry on top -- chili cheese dogs, and quarter pounders and ice cold brewskies, right?

Maggie: Okay, are you trying to kill him?

Julie: Well, not till after the wedding.

Mickey: Julie.

Bonnie: Oh, ha. Mickey knows how much I love him.

Maggie: All right. This is enough, Bonnie. You're right. Possession is 9/10s of the law. And until you've consummated, shudder the thought, he is still mine.

Julie: Uncle Mickey!

Bonnie: [Laughing] Aah! Aah!

Julie: Bonnie.

Doug: What is it?

Maggie: What? No. Oh, please, no.

Bonnie: Look, Maggie, I see why it's so hard to even think about giving him up... it's because he's so damned good. But he's mine now, body and soul. He's my little battery bunny. He stays up all night long to keep his woman satisfied. Me.

Julie: Oh, darling, darling.



Sami: Bad news? I don't wanna hear it, especially not from you.

Kate: Sami, please. This is important.

Sami: No. I am not gonna let you ruin my perfect day, Kate. Look, I know you just wanna ruin my marriage with Lucas. Well, I'm not gonna let that happen. I've already gotten my blood test, I've been to see the priest.

Kate: Oh, "I, I, I!" Do you hear yourself? Where's Lucas in all of this, Sami?

Sami: He's at a job interview. He wants to be able to provide for his family.

Kate: Well, that certainly is a good thing because you never go to work.

Sami: Look who's talking.

Kate: And to think that I was starting to feel sorry for you.

Sami: Why, just because I'm me? You are such a witch. You're the one with nothing better to do with your life than try to ruin mine. Look, Kate, it's not

gonna happen, okay? Brandon has already left town. So, there's nothing that's gonna mess up my future with Lucas.

Kate: Well, I wish you all the best, Sami.

Sami: Yeah, right.

Kate: In fact, I'm gonna do you a favor. I'm going to give you a little preview of your future. Why don't you run upstairs because there's someone there that you really oughta see.

Sami: Upstairs?

Kate: Yes, upstairs. The second floor waiting room?

Sami: What are you up to now, Kate?

Kate: Oh, you're very curious now, aren't you? Believe me, there's a treat there that you just don't wanna miss. Upstairs, in the waiting room. You won't believe your eyes.



Lexie: Why were you arguing about me?

Tek: It's nothing. Don't worry about it. Just -- how's Abe?

Lexie: Uh, the specialist is in with him right now.

Tek: All right, well, I gotta check in with the station. So just hang in there, all right?

Lexie: What was that all about? Don't tell me nothing.

Brandon: I don't know. The guy just rubs me the wrong way.

Lexie: [Scoffs] Brandon, listen, all our emotions are really high right now, okay? We just need to stay calm and positive for Abe, okay?

Brandon: I'm sorry. Of course.

Dr. Nash: Dr. Carver, may I speak with you for a moment?

Lexie: Yeah, sure, this is Abe’s son, Brandon.

Brandon: Hi, pleased to meet you.

Lexie: Well, how is he?

Dr. Nash: I'm sorry. I'm afraid your husband's condition could be very serious.


Maggie: Oh, it's true. Oh, it's like being in a nightmare, and you can't wake up -- just like being on the island, only worse. I should have fired you a thousand times over. But I said, "oh, no, Maggie, she needs the job."

Bonnie: Fired me? Why?

Maggie: Well, the only thing you ever cleaned out at this house was my wallet.

Bonnie: I beg your pardon.

Maggie: And I gave you the benefit of the doubt -- even though you failed the white glove test, even though you were such a busybody.

Bonnie: All right, I'll give you that one. Mickey's been keeping my body real busy lately.

Maggie: Oh, God, I'm gonna be sick.

Mickey: Oh, please, Bonnie.

Bonnie: I'm sorry.

Julie: Maggie, it wasn't all Mickey’s fault. She's preyed on his grief. I told him he was on the rebound. I told him it was too soon to move on. He wouldn't listen. As you can see, the man is out of his mind.

Bonnie: Oh, please! You're just jealous 'cause no man wanted to come near you.

Julie: What? I'll have you know that --

Doug: Have you know what?

Julie: Nothing. Believe me, nothing.

Bonnie: Look, Mags, you're not gonna have any of Julie’s problems finding a new guy. You're still a good-looking dame, considering your age and all.

Maggie: This may be a surprise to both of you, but I don't want any other man. I just want my husband.

Mickey: Maggie, wait.


Jennifer: Okay, here he is. Here's your little brother. Look at this, little guy. Here's your big sister, Abigail.

Abby: Oh, my gosh. He's so beautiful. He looks so much like dad.

Jennifer: Oh, sweetie. He looks so much like you when you were smaller.

Abby: So, he's really okay?

Jennifer: You know, sweetie, he is -- he is okay. He's perfect. And so are you, you know that? Would you like to hold him?

Abby: I've never held a baby before.

Jennifer: I know. It's okay, sweetie. Here you go. Oh, he looks so much like you. Just -- just be careful with his head. Just hold it --

Abby: I know, mom. I got it. I love you so much. You're the best thing that's happened to our family in a long, long time.

Jennifer: I so wanted Jack to be here for this.

Abby: Hey, mom, I don't even know. What's his name?

Jennifer: Well, your dad and I decided that --

Abby: What? What do you mean? Dad didn't know about the baby before he died.

Jennifer: I know, honey. This is -- this is all part of so many things that I need to tell you. Okay, listen, your dad was on the island with me, and your great

gram, and Bo and Hope, and Doug.

Abby: Oh, my God! Dad's alive!

Abby: Is the baby okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, the baby's fine. He just got a little fussy, that's all.

Abby: I hope we didn't make him upset. I just go so excited about dad. I can't believe it.

Jennifer: Well, Abby --

Abby: Three miracles in one day. I thought I was the unluckiest person in the world, mom. I-I-I really don't believe it. Where -- how did this happen? Where is he? It's a surprise, right? That's so my dad. I know he couldn't stand to miss this, though. He must be upstairs.

Jennifer: Why -- why didn't I say something? I just made it so much worse. How am I ever gonna tell her that Jack may not be coming home?

Patrick: It's okay. It's okay.



Mickey: I should go after her.

Julie: Yes, you should!

Maggie: My clothes and shoes and matching bags are all gone. All that's in my dresser drawers are these!

Bonnie: Oh! Give me that back! Give it, give it, give it! It's supposed to be a surprise for our honeymoon. Mickey's gonna need an extra dose of his heart medicine when he sees me in this.

Julie: You're gonna need an extra dose of reality, sister. For crying out loud, Uncle Mickey, can't you do something? Something to stop this?

Mickey: I-I'm sorry. Both of you, I'm really sorry. I-I-I don't know what else to say.

Doug: Well, it seems to me you got something very important to say, Mick. A man can only have one wife, so you're gonna have to make a choice here. I know you don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings, but it can't go on like this. So, who's it gonna be, Bonnie or Maggie?


Abe: Lex?

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah, honey, I'm right here.

Abe: Did Dr. Nash talk to you?

Lexie: Yeah, she did.

Abe: I'm gonna be okay. I told myself the only thing that mattered was coming home to you. And if I have to spend my life like this --

Lexie: Honey, honey, don't -- don't say that, okay?

Abe: Just wish that I could see your face again. And Theo’s. Oh, I will. I will. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna beat this. I will see again.

Lexie: Yes. Yes, sweetheart. Yes, you are.


Kate: Perfect.


Sami: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it's you. What the hell are you doing here?


Hope: Could that be the reason why you changed your mind about Belle? I mean, why else --

Shawn-D: It's my life, mom. Please back off!


Jennifer: Is this innocent little boy gonna have to grow up without his father?


Sami: Oh, God, please don't tell me that you spent the night in Salem last night.

Brandon: Yes, I did. You have a problem with that?

Sami: Brandon, if you didn't leave Salem last night, that means my life is over.

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