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Celeste: There’s... great apprehension amongst the spirits. As one chapter comes to an end, another must begin.

Mickey: Bonnie, I don't know why we're going to a justice of the peace here in Salem when we wanted to be married in Las Vegas.

Bonnie: Mickey, honey, I hate to tell you this, but I couldn't get us on a flight out until next week. So we won't be married by Elvis.

Mickey: Oh, I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted your idol to marry us. But, you see, that's why I was willing to just wait around as long as necessary.

Bonnie: I'm not.

Mickey: Why?

Julie: Yes, Bonnie. Why? Do tell.


Belle: You're dropping out? I don't believe it.

Shawn-D: Believe it.

Belle: I don't know what to say.

Shawn-D: How about congratulations for finally taking control of my life?

Belle: What -- what -- what about law school? I mean, you were gonna go work for your Uncle Mickey.

Shawn-D: Not anymore. I woke up, realized I had better things to do with my time. Right, babe?

Belle: Okay. Get it together, Belle. You're not with Shawn anymore. If he wants to ruin his life by dropping out of school and hooking up with Jan Spears, well, that's his choice. There's nothing you can do about it. But I can help his family by keeping my play dates with Zack... as long as I don't have to see Shawn anymore. Shawn.


Kate: Hey, Lucas, I just wanted to wish you luck on your job interview. I know it's gonna go just fine, but give me a call, let me know. Bye. Ugh. I hope you get this job because if you do, you're going to be one of the most eligible men in Salem. The women are going to be flocking to your door, and you'll soon be saying, "Sami? Sami who?"


Brandon: Hi, I'm Brandon Walker. I have an appointment with the priest.

Woman: Oh, yes, please make yourself comfortable, and I'll let the father know you're here.

Brandon: Thank you.


Sami: Look, Joelle, why don't you just tell Kate that I'm busy planning my wedding to her son, okay? I'll be at work as soon as I can. God, the nerve of some people.


Brandon: Antonio? Hey, man, what are you doing here?

Antonio: Hey, man, come on in. I'll explain everything, all right?

Sami: Oh, my God. What is he doing here?


Lexie: Look at that, Theo. Here's a picture of you on your birthday! And don't you look cute in your little birthday hat, huh? Let's see. Ooh, yes. Here's your daddy on the day you were born. And I want you to know that although he's not here, he loved you so much. I wish so much that he was here.


Bo: The people lost in that tidal wave are friends and family. You sure you didn't pull anyone out of the ocean?

Man: I'm sorry, but the only thing I picked up out of the water is fish. The people you are looking for aren't here.

Abe: Then you won't mind if we have a look around.

Man: No, go ahead.

Hope: Thank you. Let's check over here.


Marlena: It's Bo, Hope, and Abe. We've gotta find a way to let them know we're here.

Roman: All right, let's do it. Abe! Abe, we're locked up in here!

[Both screaming]

Bart: One more knock, and you both lose an arm. All right? Let's go. Come on.

Roman: All right, Bart, where in the hell are we going?

Bart: Hey, you're in no position to ask questions. Close it. Let's go.

Roman: Come on, Bart. You can just tell me where we're going, that's all. That's all you gotta do.

Bart: You keep forgetting who has the gun, pal. All right?

Bart: Hey!

Marlena: Yes, yes, yes.

Bart: Join us.


Bo: How 'bout we check out this room?

Abe: Yeah, let's go.

Hope: Wait a minute.

Hope: You say you don't know where my friends are?

Man: No, I don’t.

Hope: Then how do you explain this?


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


[Telephone rings]


Lexie: Hello.

Celeste: Oh, darling, thank God you picked up. Are you and Theodore all right?

Lexie: Yeah, we are. Why?

Celeste: Oh, good. I was so afraid.

Lexie: What's wrong?

Celeste: I don't know, Alexandra, but the spirits, darling, they're restless.

Lexie: Mom, please, please, not on my birthday.

Celeste: Well, I'm sorry, Alexandra, but -- but, darling, I-I -- I feel this overwhelming sense of foreboding.

Lexie: Okay, mom, I can't believe I'm asking you this, but what do your cards say?

Celeste: I don't know exactly. I-I've been afraid to ask.

Lexie: Mom, I can't help you. What do you want me to do?

Celeste: All right. All right, darling.

[Gasping] I was right. A change has been set in motion, but the -- the cards, they won't tell me if it's for the better.

[Gasps] In fact... this change will affect all of our lives.


Sami: Oh, my God. Is that who I think it is? I thought he left Salem.

Brandon: It's great to see you, man. I mean, Father Antonio.

Antonio: You can still call me Antonio.

Brandon: Ha ha. All right. Man, how long has it been -- what, eight years?

Antonio: Well, something like that.

Brandon: I had no idea you went into the priesthood.

Antonio: Well, after the summer we worked at the community center, I knew I had a higher calling, and the next year, I went to the seminary, and now I'm subbing for Father Jansen while he's on sabbatical.

Brandon: That's great, man. Well, the reason why I made an appointment with Father Jansen is I needed his help. I'm currently in the process of securing funding for one of my outreach programs for at-risk kids. I wanted to see if Father Jansen would like to be on the board, but now I have an even better idea. Man, I would love it if you would join us instead.


Sami: That was Antonio, wasn't it?

Woman: Yes. Father Antonio has been overseeing our parish while Father Jansen is away on sabbatical.

Sami: I can't believe it. I haven't seen Antonio since, what, junior high school? I heard he went into the seminary, but I never really thought that he'd become a priest. I mean, such a shame. I always thought he was so hot. Right. I'm sorry. Um, I-I'm just really impressed, 'cause he's always had such a generous heart, and I'm glad he's --

Woman: Don't worry, it's okay. You know, you're not the first woman who has commented on Father Antonio’s good looks.

Sami: Um, you know what? I was wondering if I could talk to him. I had wanted to talk to Father Jansen about my upcoming wedding.

Woman: Oh, oh, nice. Congratulations. Let me just take a check here in his appointment book. Let me see what is in -- oh.

Sami: Oh, no, no. Let me get it. I got it.

Woman: I'm sorry.

Sami: Here you go. That. And that one. Okay. And there you go.


Marlena: Oh! Roman!

Roman: I'll remember that. You're not going to get away with that, Bart.

Bart: You keep forgetting who's holding the gun, pal.

Roman: Yeah, right.


Bart: That's what I thought.

Marlena: Are you all right?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. We just got to find a way to get out of here, that's all.

Marlena: I-I think I may have hurt our chances.

Roman: What do you mean?

Marlena: Well, I-I, uh... I took off my wedding band. I-I dropped it, hoping that Bo or Hope or Abe might find it, but I'm concerned now that it might fall into the wrong hands.


Hope: I know this is Marlena’s wedding ring, and we all know that it wouldn't be here if Marlena wasn't on board, so where is she?

Bo: Damn it. I want some answers, and I want them now.


Belle: I so didn't expect to see you here.

Shawn-D: It's my parents' house. What's your excuse?

Belle: I'm here for my play date with Zack.

Shawn-D: Your what?

Belle: Well, ever since you left and your parents are -- are gone, I've stopped by at least once a week to play with your brother. I didn't want him to feel totally abandoned.

Shawn-D: Oh.

Belle: Well, and your Grandpa Shawn thought that Zack should be in a familiar place today, so we decided to hang out here.

Shawn-D: Well, that explains why he wanted me to bring him home before I brought him over to Lexie’s. He wanted me to run into you.

Belle: Well, here I am.

Shawn-D: Well, I guess you can come on in.

Belle: Thanks. Hey, Zack.

Shawn-D: We've been playing all afternoon.

Belle: Yeah, looks like it. Look at this.

Shawn-D: [Sighs]

Belle: Wh-what's wrong?

Shawn-D: Nothing much. Just can't believe I'm here and my parents aren't anymore.

Belle: Yeah, I know what you mean. I haven't been back to my parents' penthouse since they were gone, either.

Shawn-D: I'm thinking about selling the house. But then there's Zack. I just... don't know how to tell him that our parents are gone and never coming back.


Bonnie: Are you following us? I-I mean, what are you doing here? I didn't tell anybody about our big plans today.

Julie: Well, I saw you driving down the Salem Parkway, hell-bent, and I thought, of course, something must have happened to Uncle Mickey, you were taking him to the hospital. So I made a u-turn, and, yes, I followed you here, and I'm very glad that I did.

Mickey: Oh, that wasn't necessary, Julie.

Julie: No problem, Uncle Mickey. So go ahead. Why don't you tell Uncle Mickey the reason you're so anxious to get married today? Could it be you know something we don't?

Bonnie: Well?

Celeste: Well, nothing has changed. I still see Maggie, darling, very much alive and heading home even as we speak.

Mickey: Look, why don't we just take some time and do this the way you've always wanted?

Bonnie: Absolutely not. We need to do this today, today, today. I mean, I can't wait another second to marry the only man I ever loved. We shouldn't put off till tomorrow what we could do today. After all, we never know if we're going to have another tomorrow. I do love you, Mickey Horton.

Mickey: You know, uh, I think you're right, Bonnie, and I realize now that I've been going about this in all the wrong way.

Bonnie: Really?

Mickey: Mm-hmm. I've made up my mind.

Bonnie: Say it.

Mickey: We're not getting married.


Roman: Doc, dropping that ring for somebody to find was absolutely the right thing to do.

Marlena: What if Tony finds it?

Roman: If Tony wanted us dead, we would be, all right? Now, our only hope right now is if somebody spots that ring.

[Distant whirring]

Marlena: What is that?

Roman: Damn, that sounds like a helicopter.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. I see the Coast Guard boat. There are people getting off onto the helicopter. They can't leave us here, Roman!

Roman: Let me take a look. Damn it, they are leaving. I see Maggie, I see Jennifer...

Marlena: Is John there? Can you see John?

Roman: No. No, not yet. Not yet. Why don't you take a look?

Marlena: Oh! He's there! He's there! Oh, my gosh, he's alive!

Roman: All right.

Marlena: Roman, he's alive. He's okay. Thank you, God. Thank you, God.

Roman: Do you see anybody else, Doc?

Marlena: No. Nobody. Nobody. Maybe there were people getting on before we saw them. Listen to me. I think if they find my ring, they will give it to John, and he will come back. I know he will rescue us.


Bo: Tell me. What did you do with our friends?

Man: I didn't do anything.

Hope: Then what's this ring doing on your boat?

Abe: You might as well tell us the truth, because we're not going to go anywhere until you do.

Man: The ring could belong to anyone.

Hope: No, no, it's inscribed. This belongs to our friend Marlena Evans Black.

Man: I don't know how it got here. You found it on the net. We could have pulled it out of the sea.

Bo: Yeah, along with the woman who was wearing it, so we're back to square one. Where is she?

Man: I told you, I don't know. When the big wave hit, it must have pulled the ring off of her finger.

Chavez: And that's all you have to say about it?

Man: Yes, sir.

Chavez: What he said could be true. With a wave that big, anything's possible.

Bo: Come on. You don't believe him.

Chavez: There's no reason that we shouldn’t.

Bo: Oh, man.

Chavez: What -- what motive would he have to lie?

Abe: He's right, Bo.

Bo: What are you saying?

Abe: We may have to face the fact that Marlena, Roman, and the others are probably dead.


Antonio: Samantha Brady, is that you?

Sami: Yeah, it is me. Hi, Antonio. Wow. I am so happy for you. I mean, just when you think you've seen it all... I-I mean, um, I think it is great, really great, that you're... doing this.

Antonio: Thanks. I mean, we will talk more in a minute. I just wanted to let you know I'm wrapping up a meeting, but I'll be with you shortly.

Sami: Oh, yeah, sure. I'll be here.

Antonio: Make yourself comfortable. Uh, grab a cup of coffee if you want.

Sami: Oh, okay. Thanks.

[Cellular phone rings]


Sami: Ahem. Samantha Roberts.

Kate: You're not a Roberts yet.

Sami: Well, I was just trying it on for size. It fits perfectly, Kate.

Kate: Yeah, right. So, listen, I got your message, and when can we expect our best employee to grace us with her presence?

Sami: Like I told Joelle, I'm a very busy girl. I'm planning my wedding to your son, which is Basic Black business.

Kate: Well, I suggest to you that you get in to Basic Black within the half-hour, or there will be no money for your corporate wedding or your romantic honeymoon.

Sami: Gee, Kate, why do you want me there so badly? Is it because Brandon’s going to be there?

Kate: Because it's your job, and I don't know what you're talking about.

Sami: Look, I know all about your little plan to get me away from Lucas by using Brandon to seduce me. Well, it didn't work. Celeste told me that if Brandon left Salem last night, that he would never come between me and Lucas, and I talked to Lexie about it. Guess what -- yep, Brandon left Salem last night. I bet you weren't expecting to hear that, now, were you?

Sami: Oh, God, you miserable little bitch. Um, my future mother-in-law. Sorry.


Kate: There's no way that Brandon could have left town. There's no way that could happen after all of my planning and my scheming to get him together with Sami. Oh. Where's his number? Okay. Oh. Voice mail.

[Sighs] Oh, I don't believe I'm going to make this next call.

[Telephone rings]


Celeste: Hello?

Kate: Hello, Celeste. It's Kate Roberts.

Celeste: Oh, yes. Hello, Kate. How are you?

Kate: Well, I don't know. Maybe you can tell me. Is it true that you told Sami that if Brandon stayed in town last night, he would come between her and Lucas?

Celeste: Yes, dear, it's true.

Kate: Well, maybe you could consult your cards again, and maybe there's some more information you could give me.

Celeste: My, what a busy day. Um, certainly. Just a minute.

Celeste: [Gasps] Oh, God, no.

Kate: What? What is it?

Celeste: Kate, you must go to the hospital right away.


Bonnie: What do you mean, we're not getting married?

Julie: Sounds perfectly clear to me. My uncle has seen the light of reason at last.

Mickey: Uh, Julie, would you mind? I-I need to talk to Bonnie alone just for a minute, hmm?

Julie: Okay. But don't let her talk you out of it.

Bonnie: What changed your mind?

Mickey: You.

Bonnie: Me?

Mickey: Mm-hmm. You made me realize that we don't need to fly to Las Vegas or have some fancy ceremony in a big church to celebrate our love. We could live as companions.

Bonnie: Oh, Mickey.

Mickey: Hmm?

Bonnie: You'd live in sin for me? Just -- I couldn't let you do that. I mean, what -- what would Salem Society say about a God-fearing Horton like yourself living with a woman he wasn't married to?

Mickey: I don't give a damn what other people say.

Bonnie: Well, I do. I will not let you ruin your good name for me. If we're going to be together, then we have to do this right. I want to be your wife. So what do you say?

Mickey: Well, if it'll make you happy, then let's do it. Let's get married.

Bonnie: Yahoo! Ha ha!

Mickey: Mm.

Bonnie: Mm.Veveveveveve


Shawn-D: I remember taking this picture. We had so much fun that day. I-I have so many great memories of us together, but... Zack doesn't have any. He'll never get to sail around the world on the "Fancy Face." And he's too young for most of the family traditions that we went through, like hanging the -- the ornaments on the Christmas tree, and the Brady/Horton Fourth of July barbecue. And he's never going to get to taste Grandma Caroline’s Irish soda bread. He's never going to have any of those things now that everyone's gone.

Belle: Shawn, maybe you can make new traditions for Zack, ones that the two of you can share.

Shawn-D: I don't think I can, especially now that I don't have you in my life.


Antonio: Have a seat.

Sami: Ahem.

Antonio: You know, I'm surprised to see you here.

Sami: Why, I don't look like the churchgoing type?

Antonio: That's not what I mean. I-I just remember you as a teenager who never wanted help from anybody. I mean, you were always so independent.

Sami: Yeah, that's my problem. I-I don't listen, and I don't like to compromise.

But that's why I wanted to talk to Father Jansen. I was just, you know, hoping I could sign up for those pre-cana classes.

Antonio: You're getting married?

Sami: Yes. I am marrying the most wonderful man in the world.

Antonio: Congratulations. Anyone I know?

Sami: No. Actually, he came to Salem right after you left.

Antonio: I'm glad you're planning on getting married in the church, and most couples get a lot out of the classes, but, um, you know, you -- you could have called and signed up for them over the phone, and --

Sami: I know. I just -- I really wanted to talk about this, um, this problem that I've been having lately.

Antonio: Maybe I can help.

Sami: Okay. Um... the thing is, I really love my fiancé, and I am so happy that we are getting married, but lately, I've been -- I've been thinking about my ex-husband.

Antonio: Thinking?

Sami: Fantasizing. You know, sexually -- oh, God, this is really embarrassing.

Antonio: There's no need to be embarrassed. I'm not here to judge you.

Sami: I know, Antonio -- Father. Um... the thing is, I just can't stop thinking about my ex-husband.

Antonio: Well, as far as your ex-husband, in terms of getting married in the church --

Sami: Oh, oh, that's not a problem. My marriage was annulled. In fact, I never made it to the wedding night with either of my husbands.

Antonio: Oh.

Antonio: I see.

Sami: Yeah. Look, Father, I love my fiancé more than anything, but I can't stop thinking about my ex-husband. What do I do? I'm going to hell, aren't I?


Roman: Damn it! Damn! This son of a bitch won't move, won't budge without tools.

Marlena: I can't believe they didn't find us.

Roman: Well, I can. I can. Knowing Tony, he probably took this room off the blueprints. Besides, the Coast Guard has no jurisdiction over this vessel. We're in international waters.

Marlena: Ooh, this is so frustrating. I can't believe that Tony is controlling our lives again. I'm beginning to think that he is just plain unstoppable.

Roman: Doc, you listen to me. In the long run, he is no match for Bo, Hope, John, or Abe, all right? And if that ring doesn't give them a clue as to our whereabouts, I'm sure something else will. Doc, I'm positive something else will. Do you hear that? You hear that, DiMera? Do you hear that?

Marlena: Let me out of here, Tony!

Roman: We are getting the hell out of here!

Marlena: Let us out of here! Let us go!

Tony: Hmm. Poor Marlena. Ha ha. You have absolutely no clue as to what I have planned next for you and your friends.


Belle: Shawn, I am always going to be here for Zack, and I think he's starting to realize that, too. That's why I keep our weekly play dates.

Shawn-D: Well, I guess I should thank you. It really means a lot to me, knowing that someone was looking out for him when I was away.

Belle: You're welcome.

Shawn-D: I just can't imagine what it's like for him, waking up every morning wondering where his mom and dad are. It's like you said, I just don't want him to feel like he's abandoned.

Belle: Oh, I'm sure he doesn’t.

Shawn-D: I mean, just what were my parents thinking, just leaving him here like this? They went away without telling anyone where they went.

Belle: There are a lot of things that are wrong right now.

Shawn-D: Like the way I treated you up in the loft?

Shawn-D: I wanted to apologize to you for that. I know that you were only concerned about me dropping out of college. I had no right to yell at you the way I did. I'm sorry. I was wrong. Can you accept my apology?


Mickey: Ha ha.

Bonnie: Oh, Mickey, you have made me the happiest woman alive.

Mickey: Then I must be the luckiest man. Ha ha ha.

Bonnie: Yes, you are. Ha ha ha. Why don't you run into Mr. Gerard's office and start filling out the paperwork, and I'll, uh, freshen up a little bit?

Mickey: All right. But don't be too long, because I'll need your signatures, too.

Bonnie: Oh, I sure won’t. Ha ha.

Mickey: I'll see you.

Bonnie: Bye-bye, baby. I can't believe I'm really going to be a Horton. Ha ha. And to think -- I really do love the old coot. Mickey Horton is going to make all my dreams come true. Ha ha ha ha.


Bonnie: Oh. Oh. Oh, God. Not another seven years.

Julie: Looks like an omen to me. You may have talked my uncle into marrying you, but you're going to crash and burn, Miss Lockhart. I'll see you inside.

Bonnie: I am going to live happily ever after with that man, and there's not a damn thing anyone's going to do about it.

Gerard: Here you are.

Mickey: All right.

Bonnie: Are we all done here?

Mickey: Just about. I need you to sign in a couple of places.

Bonnie: Oh, yes. Uh, which ones?

Mickey: Right here.

Bonnie: Okay.

Mickey: And on that one.

Bonnie: Uh, where? There?

Mickey: Right there.

Bonnie: Okay, all right.

Mickey: All right.

Bonnie: All done. Ha ha ha ha. Justice Gerard, are you all ready to marry us?

Gerard: Yeah, well, I am. Are you?

Bonnie: Oh, yes, he is. Ha ha. Let's get this show on the road. Oh, honey, hold this for a sec, and this. Thanks. I am ready to be the next Mrs. Mickey Horton.

Gerard: Well, then, let's begin. We've come here today to join Mickey Horton and Maureen Bonnie Lockhart in marriage.

Bonnie: Oh, uh, excuse me, Justice Gerard, we all know this part. Can we just skip ahead a little, please?

Gerard: Well, sure, I, uh, I can.

Bonnie: Right.

Gerard: Let's see, uh... does anyone here have just cause why Bonnie and Mickey should not wed?

Julie: Uh... charley horse. Cramp in my leg. Ha ha ha. Go ahead, Justice Gerard. Don't mind me.

Julie: [Thinking] I sure as hell object. And so would Aunt Maggie, if she were here today.


Maggie: Mickey? Honey. Are you here? It's Maggie. I'm home! I'm home. Ha ha ha. I'm home, I'm home. Mm, where is he?

[Gasps] Oh, my God. No.


Antonio: Samantha, you're not going to hell just because you're having impure thoughts about another man.

Sami: Even though that man is my ex-husband, and I'm marrying Lucas in a couple of weeks?

Antonio: Even so. But I think it's important that we understand why you're thinking about your ex-husband when you're about to remarry. Is your relationship with Lucas a satisfying one?

Sami: What do you mean by satisfying?

Antonio: Does he fulfill your expectations for the man you wish to live with for the rest of your life?

Sami: Yes, Father, he does. He's a wonderful man, and I love him, and he is a very good father to our son.

Antonio: Well, then, maybe you should speak to your ex-husband and find out what it is about him that you're not getting from your fiancé Lucas. When you realize what that is, then you need to ask yourself, is this something I must have in a relationship, or is this something I can do without? Only then will you know if you should proceed with this marriage to Lucas.

[Telephone rings]

Antonio: Excuse me. It'll just be a minute, okay?

Sami: [Thinking] I'm so afraid to talk to Brandon. What if I lose Lucas forever?


Kate: Room 210.

Celeste's voice: Listen to me, Kate. You must hang up the phone and go to the hospital now.

Kate's voice: The hospital? Why? I'm not sick.

Celeste's voice: No, but the cards say that someone you love, the person you will spend your life with, is in the hospital.

Kate: Roman. You've come back to me.

Kate: John.


Roman: Doc, listen to me. We can't let Tony know he's gotten to us.

Marlena: I know that. I just can't believe that he's controlling our lives again. I can't stand that.

Roman: He's not controlling anything, all right? All right, we may be locked up here in this ship, but we are still alive, and I guarantee you we're going to get out of here.

[Door opens]

Tony: You should listen to your ex-husband, Marlena. I promise you, you will reunite with your loved ones. The question is, will it be in Salem, or will it be in hell?

Roman: Damn you, Tony.

Tony: I'm sure you've noticed by now that your loved ones, uh, have left. The authorities checked this vessel inside-out, but couldn't find these hidden apartments that were especially designed for such occasions.

Roman: You take my word for it, Tony -- we will get out of here.

Tony: Yes. In the meantime, please enjoy yourselves.

Marlena: What if he's right? What if we just never s-- never see our loved ones again?

Roman: Doc, don't you listen to him. Look at me. We are going to get back to Salem, and until then, the good news is we still got each other.


Shawn-D: I really am sorry about the way I yelled at you earlier. It was -- it was -- it was wrong, and...

Belle: Shawn, are you okay?

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah. It's just -- it's this stupid headache. I get them off and on ever since the accident.

Belle: Maybe you should have Lexie check it out, make sure you're --

Shawn-D: No, it's no big deal. It's -- it's fine. Shoot. Now I'm late. I was supposed to take Jan over to Salem Place. She wants to go shopping or something.

Belle: Shawn, are you sure you're going --

Shawn-D: Yeah. No, I'd better get going. All right, Belle, I -- uh... listen, can you take Zack over to Lexie’s, or should I?

Belle: No, I can do it. I already told your grandpa I would.

Shawn-D: Okay. All right, good. All right, little brother, have fun with Belle, okay? I'll see you later, all right?

Belle: Are you, uh...

Shawn-D: Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll see you later.


Hope: Ha ha ha! Shawn! Ha ha ha!

Bo: Hey, mister. How are you?

Hope: Oh, honey. Oh, God.

Shawn-D: Mom. Dad.

Bo: Ha ha ha ha.


Lexie: Oh, Brandon. Thank you for doing this.

Brandon: It's your birthday. I couldn't let you celebrate alone.

Lexie: Oh. Where's my mom? I know she was here a few minutes ago. Um, she must have gone outside to get something from her car. I'll check. Mom, there you are.

Celeste: Yes. Alexandra, darling, what's the matter?


Brandon: I don't believe it. It's impossible.

Celeste: It's true.

Lexie: Abe?

Abe: Lexie.

Lexie: No. No, it -- it can't be. You're -- you're alive?

Abe: Yeah. I've come home to you.

Lexie: Oh! Oh, God. Oh, my -- oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


Abe: Oh, God. Oh.

Lexie: I missed you so much. I never stopped, not for a minute. You're the only man I could ever love. You know that, don't you?


Jan: Surprise, Mr. and Mrs. Brady. Not only are your son and I dating, but we're engaged.


Belle: Daddy, is it true? You're both okay. Oh, my mom and my dad.


Celeste: By staying here last night, you opened up a Pandora’s box, inside of which is Samantha Brady.

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