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Sami: Oh, Brandon. All this stuff is making it harder for me to move on with Lucas. I love him with all of my heart, but somehow you're still in my dreams. So I have to move on. I have to get past our time together. It's the only way.

[Doorbell rings]

Sami: More trick-or-treaters?

[Doorbell rings]

Sami: Good thing I bought extra candy.

[Candy drops]


Lexie: Mom's right. Brandon's an adult. He'll never let Sami into his life again. Still, she'll do anything to find a way. Hmm. Maybe it's better if Brandon doesn't take a time-out to visit Salem. I'll just have to find another way for Theo to see his big brother. Hmm. Maybe we could take a trip to London as soon as I get some time off from the hospital.

[Doorbell rings]

Lexie: Oh.


Hope: [Panting]

Bo: Come on, Billie, where are you?

Hope: Thank God we ran into Tek. Otherwise we never would have known that Billie didn't make it back to new Salem.

Bo: Let's just hope she didn't run into one of DiMera’s goons. Billie!

Hope: Clearly Tony’s completely lost his mind, talking to his father's corpse as if he's alive, then setting off that explosion. Thank God we made it out of there alive, Bo.

Bo: Hey. Hey. We're gonna get off this island. Don't you worry.

Hope: My whole life flashed before my eyes back there at the compound.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: All I could think about was our boys.

Bo: Yeah, me too.

Hope: And in the middle of all of that chaos, the craziest thought came into my mind.

Bo: What's that?

Hope: I remembered it was Halloween. I promised Zack that I'd take him trick-or-treating.

Bo: He was gonna be a little sharky, right?

Hope: What if we never see him again, Bo?

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. We're gonna see him. We're gonna be there for the rest of his life, okay?


Hope: [Gasps] Oh, God.


Roman: Hey, ma.

Caroline: Ooh. Hi.

Roman: Hey, listen to me. It's gonna be all right. I'm gonna get you back to Salem. Pop's gonna be waiting there for you with open arms.

Caroline: Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh.

Caroline: How's the baby? Were you there when the DiMera compound exploded?

Jennifer: We were there, but the baby was not hurt, thank God. And if you can imagine, he's asleep. Aunt Maggie’s keeping an eye on him.

Roman: Where's Jack?

Jennifer: He's at the beach. He's helping cut down trees to build rafts for our escape. Whoa!

[All gasp]

John: Easy.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh, is that a volcano or Tony exploding something again?

John: I don't know. From the sound of that, it feels like this island's getting ready to break up.

Roman: You okay?

Caroline: Oh, God.

John: Has Brady made it back with Victor and Nicole yet?

Caroline: I've been keeping watch. There's no sign of them. I'm worried about

Victor. He has a bad heart, you know? Maybe someone should go and see if they're okay.

John: Brady won't let anything happen to his grandfather. My son's well-equipped. He'll get 'em back here.

Roman: Yeah, Abe’s still back at the compound with Tek. You can count on them to get everybody back safely.

Caroline: I just have this terrible feeling something has happened to Victor.


Victor: [Choking]

Nicole: Oh, God. Who am I fooling? I can't let Victor die. If I don't try to save him, he'll haunt me in my dreams. And Bo Brady will find a way to send me to prison. All right. All right. Come on, Victor. Come on, damn it. All right. Uhh! I'm actually trying here. Don't you die, Victor. You have to live for Philip, Brady, Bo, Shawn... oh, and whoever else. Yes, and even Caroline. I know you're still stuck on her. Do you hear me, Victor? You can't die! You can't! Not when you're living proof that I didn't kill you the first time. Don't make me go through this again!

Brady: You still there? Oh! Granddad!

Abe: Let me take over here.

Victor: Nicole... you should have killed me when you had the chance. Now I'm gonna get you.


[All grunt]

Nicole: Aah! Aah!


Tek: Who's there?

Tek: If you're working for DiMera, I can offer you immunity. Just help me out. Aah!


Bart: [Thinking] This may be the Count's only hope.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.



Billie: [Groaning]

Bo: Watch out, Hope. You okay?

Hope: Oh...

Billie: Bo?

Hope: [Sighs] That was a close call.

Bo: Yeah. You sure you're all right?

Hope: Yeah, I'm fine.

Billie: Bo?

Bo: Billie?

Billie: [Grunting] Ahh! Oh! I'm over here!

Billie: Bo!

[Coughing] Aah!


Jennifer: Gram, are you packed? Are you ready to go?

Alice: I am not taking anything with me from that house when we got the whole real thing in Salem.

Jennifer: Gram, we don't know how long we're gonna be on that raft. You're gonna need a hat and you're gonna need sun block --

Alice: Oh, n-no. I'm prepared for all that. And I have had quite enough of the tropics to last me for a lifetime. I can't wait till I get back home. And we will be back home, you know.

Jennifer: Gram... the unsinkable Alice Horton.

Marlena: Oh, my. What do you think we should do about her?

Roman: Well, I'm just afraid mom's not gonna get on that raft until she's assured Victor is safe.

Marlena: Well... they share a son. That's a very powerful bond. I mean, we -- we share the twins. I know how I would feel if anything ever happened to you.


Victor: [Coughing]

Abe: Look, you two have got to get -- got to get Victor back to new Salem. Have Marlena check him out, make sure he's okay. All right, you gonna be all right on your own?

Brady: Yeah, we can manage.

Abe: All right. Good luck.

Brady: You too. All right, Nicole, you gotta help me get him to his feet.


Abe: Tek? Tek?

Tek: Yeah.

Abe: How you doing, huh?

Tek: Not too bad. Just watch your back, man.

Abe: What do you mean?

Tek: There's someone skulking around out here.

Abe: Who?

Tek: I don't know. I didn't get to see their face.

Abe: DiMera.


Bart: This thing is magic. I used to see it on Stefano’s finger, but I never got to touch it. Oh, I can feel the power of the Phoenix right here in the palm of my hand. So, boss, is it true what they say about the big guy's ring?

Tony: There's nothing else on earth like it.

Bart: Does it really contain the power of the Phoenix?

Tony: Whoever wears the ring can channel the regenerative powers of the legendary bird. He may fall, but he will always rise again from the ashes more powerful than ever before.

Bart: If the Count is right, God help his enemies.


Kate: Ahh! Trick or treat, Sami? Ha! Well, my goodness, it looks like Brandon still has quite an effect on you. Hmm. Ooh. You were right, Eugenia, bless your little heart. ,

Kate: Brandon. What are you doing here? Have you decided to accept my proposal on behalf of Basic Black?


Eugenia: Surprise!

Kate: Oh, my God, I don't believe it!

Eugenia: Oh! It's a good likeness, huh?

Kate: Where did you get that?

Eugenia: At a costume shop in Salem Place.

Kate: How did they do it?

Eugenia: I, uh, gave them a picture of Brandon, and they created this thing out of latex. Spooked me too at first.

Kate: Oh, my God, that is remarkable. Where did you get the photo grab?

Eugenia: I visited his web site. The outreach project for refugee children.

Kate: Well, aren't you the clever boots?

Eugenia: Yes. I, uh, like to make myself useful.

Kate: Oh, and you will be rewarded. Never fear.

Eugenia: Wouldn't Sami have a cow if she could see this?

Kate: Well, it is Halloween, isn't it? Is that what you have in mind, showing up on her doorstep and scaring her half to death?

Kate: Unless of course you'd like to do the honors.

Kate: That's awfully tempting.

Eugenia: Go ahead. Gaslight the bitch.

Kate: [Sniffs] Why would Sami have a fire going? It's not that cold.


Lucas: My God, Sami! Sami! What have you done?


Lexie: [Gasps] You stay away from me! Brandon! What the hell are you thinking?

Brandon: I am so --

Lexie: After the way your father was murdered!

Brandon: Oh, God, I wasn't thinking. One of the kids in the outreach program gave me this mask. It's therapy for them, you know? Using scary images to work out their fears.

Lexie: Marlena wore something similar during her reign as the Salem Stalker.

Brandon: I wasn't here at the time. I never connected the two. I am so sorry.

Lexie: I'm so glad to see you.

Brandon: Should I go back outside and start over?

Lexie: No. Come in. Oh, it's been too long. Come in. Come on in. Oh...goodness.

Brandon: Where's my baby brother?

Lexie: He's upstairs sleeping. Look, I felt awful when my schedule suddenly changed at the hospital and I couldn't visit you in Chicago.

Brandon: No, I rented a car and drove down.

Lexie: Well, where are you staying?

Brandon: I thought I'd crash on mom's sofa.

Lexie: No. No, no way. We have a spare bedroom. Stay here.

Brandon: Are you sure?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Brandon: All right. I really scared you, didn't I? God, I could kick myself.

Lexie: Well, I just, um, still have a lot of fears just below the surface. Almost anything can set them off.

Brandon: It's been a year since Abe -- since my father was killed. How you doing?

Lexie: Some days are better than others. But I keep busy between the hospital and the baby.

Brandon: You ever get out and just relax?

Lexie: Uh, well, um, I used to go out occasionally for a drink with a friend, but, uh...

Brandon: Are you seeing someone new?

Lexie: [Clears throat] Not exactly.

Brandon: Hey, I am not judging. I mean, you are way too young to be mourning for the rest of your life. So? Do I know this guy?

Lexie: No, I don't think so. Abe did. They liked each other.

Brandon: So how's it going?

Lexie: It isn’t. He's disappeared.

Brandon: What?

Lexie: Yeah, along with Brady Black. They went off in search of Bo and John.

Brandon: Maybe you'd better fill me in.

Lexie: Oh, yeah, I mean, so much has happened here, Brandon. I was gonna tell you about it in person when I saw you in Chicago, but I --

Brandon: What's going on?

Lexie: Several private planes have gone down in the Caribbean. Jennifer Deveraux, John, Bo, Hope -- they're all missing.

Brandon: Why didn't you call me?

Lexie: Well, because you've been on the road, Brandon, plus I knew your plate was so full with the children's program. I just --

Brandon: We are family now. You need me, you get in touch.

Lexie: Thank you. Oh... there's more. I don't know how to say this, Brandon.

Brandon: What?

Lexie: Your father might still be alive.


Hope: Billie?

Bo: Keep calling out. We'll find you. Billie?

Billie: [Grunts] I'm over here! [Grunting] Oh, God. Oh. What the hell is that?


Bo: Billie?

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: Oh, man. It's lava, and it's almost reached the tree she's pinned under. Come on.

Hope: Hang on, Billie.

Billie: Oh, God. I never thought I'd be glad to see you.

Hope: Just hang on. We'll have you out of here in a minute.

Billie: Hurry.



Caroline: This ash from the volcano, it's blocking out the stars. Oh, dear heavenly father, have mercy on us. Bring Victor, Brady, Abe, Tek -- all right, even Nicole -- safely back to us. And let us all go home to Salem.

Alice: Amen.

Caroline: Oh. Thanks.

John: How you holding up?

Marlena: I'm worried about Caroline. She is frantic waiting for Victor to come back.

John: I saw you with Roman earlier?

Marlena: Oh, yeah, I'm trying to help him understand what his mom is going through. Just -- it's hard for him to watch his mother with his father's rival, you know, knowing that Caroline still has feelings for Victor.

John: Mm-hmm. I assume that you identify with Caroline?

Marlena: Well, I do. I know how it feels to have children with somebody. I'd be devastated if anything happened to Roman.

John: He would be devastated if anything happened to you.

Marlena: Ooh, I love you. I love you. You know, when -- when Tony set off that explosion... I just held onto you as tight as I could. I kept thinking, oh, I just hope we get to heaven together.

John: Well, that's not gonna happen. It's not our time yet. Mnh-mnh. Lady, you and me -- we're gonna go back to Salem. We're gonna go back to our kids, and we're just gonna live out our lives together to a very ripe old age.


Brady: Come on, Nicole. We gotta get him outta here before this whole damn place comes down on top of us.



Abe: I'm sorry, Tek. I know this is taking time, but I wanna be careful. I don't wanna hurt you.

Tek: Where's Brady?

Abe: He's heading back. He's heading back with his grandfather and Nicole.

Tek: Nicole. Lexie always said you had a cool head in a crisis.

Abe: So, uh, how was she doing the last time you saw her?

Tek: You're right, Lexie, you can't do this on your own anymore. You need someone to help you. That someone is right here, and I'm not going anywhere.

Lexie: Uh -- uh --

Tek: She misses you terribly.

Abe: You know, I just don't know why -- it's just hard for me to believe that she'd never go out with another man.

Tek: I didn't exactly say that.

Abe: Has she?

Tek: Actually, she went out with me.


Bart: Just a sec, sir, while I clean you up. Wouldn't want this baby to fall off.

Tony: I'm next in line to wear the Phoenix ring. If anything should happen to my father and the ring is removed, it'll be your job to bring the ring to me forthwith. Yeah?

Bart: Hope this works. I'll finally get my big raise.


We will return for the second half of "Days of Our Lives" in just a moment.


Lucas: What, did you hit her with that thing?

Kate: Oh, God, Lucas. Don't be ridiculous.

Lucas: Well, then what? What happened?

Kate: What happened? I-I came over here to see Will in his Halloween costume, and the door was open, and -- and Sami was on the floor.

Lucas: What, you didn't try to help her?

Kate: Of course I did. I checked her pulse. And then I saw that there was smoke coming from the fireplace. So I thought probably she forgot to open the flute.

Lucas: Mom, she fell earlier. She hit her head.

Kate: [Gasps]

Lucas: And Lexie said she didn't have a concussion, but I don't know. Maybe it's more serious than I thought.

Kate: Oh, my poor dear. You know, I was just going to call you on your cell phone when you walked through the door.

Lucas: Sami, sweetheart. Can you hear me?

Sami: Brandon?

Lucas: No, honey. It's Lucas. Are you okay? I mean, how'd you wind up on the floor?

Sami: I -- I heard the doorbell, and I, um, I thought they were trick-or-treaters.

Lucas: You okay?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: You sure?

Sami: Yeah.

Kate: Here you go.

Sami: You! You did this to me!


Lexie: And all the coffins were empty -- Abe’s, Roman's, Marlena’s. My mother's intuition tells her that they're all alive. Brandon, I don't know how to handle it. I mean, of course, I w-- I wanna believe her, but I'm also afraid of being disappointed. You know, my mother's intuition also said they were all dead not so long ago.

Brandon: Yeah, I understand.

Lexie: This whole thing is just tearing me up inside.

Brandon: I never really got a chance to know Abe as a father.

Lexie: He really felt bad about not being there for your childhood, Brandon. But, of course, Fay never told him that you were his.

Brandon: If he's still alive, we -- we might actually have another chance.

Lexie: This whole thing is mind-boggling.

Brandon: What does your heart tell you, Lex? I mean, you think it might be true?

Lexie: I don't know. All I can say is that it is so good to see you again. Oh, I missed you so much.

Brandon: Likewise.

Lexie: I hope you haven't stayed away because of me. You know, because of what happened before.

Brandon: Well, actually, you -- you might be seeing a lot more of me.

Lexie: How?

Brandon: Well, I -- I might be moving back to Salem for good.

Lexie: No! You can’t.


Billie: [Grunts]

Hope: Come on, Bo.

Billie: [Groaning] Oh, God. Oh, please don't let me be burned alive.

Bo: Come on.

Hope: Oh, my God. She's unconscious. She's got a deep gash on her head, too. It looks like she's lost a lot of blood. Oh, my God.

Bo: Okay, we're gonna have to get her back to new Salem. Marlena's got some medical supplies.

Hope: She'll never make it. We gotta stop her bleeding first.

Bo: How are you gonna do that?

Hope: About half a mile back, I saw a plant -- it looked like an aloe plant. I think that's what Tony used to stop the bleeding when Jennifer was hemorrhaging.

Bo: Okay, I'll go get it. You stay here.

Hope: Hurry. You're gonna be okay.


Marlena: Caroline, what can I do?

Caroline: Well, I filled the canteens. All the food's packed up. Looks like all I have left to do is worry. You heard anything about Victor?

Marlena: No, honey, I haven’t.

Brady: He's right here.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh.

Caroline: Oh, God, thank you. Thank you.

John: Ha. I told you he'd be all right. Good job, son.

Brady: Hey, dad.

Nicole: Yeah, I'm okay, too.

Marlena: Listen, what happened here?

Brady: During one of the tremors, some debris fell on him. We had to administer C.P.R.

Marlena: His pulse is regular. Let's get him inside.

Brady: Let's go.

Roman: All right, I got him. I got him, I got him.

Caroline: Oh, hold it right there. You and I need to talk.


Abe: Have you and Lexie been dating?

Tek: Abe, she's not -- she's not dating anyone. I told you, she just -- I just tried to be there for her when I could. Aah!

Abe: Okay. Where're you hurting? Where're you hurting?

Tek: Just get this -- just get this thing off.

Abe: All right. All right, now look, look. This is gonna get worse before it gets better, all right? So just try to -- try to distract yourself, okay? Try to distract yourself. Think of something pleasant.

Tek: Aah! Aah!

Abe: It's okay. All right, I'm trying to do my best, okay? I'm sorry.

Tek: I know. I know. I know. Just get it off.

Abe: Come on. Come on, baby. Come on, come on. Come on.

Tek: [Grunting]

Abe: Come on, baby. Come on, baby. That's it. Good, good, good. Come on. Come on, let's get up. Let's get out of here. Come on, let's go. Lean on me. Lean on me. Lean on me. Come on. Hey... thank you for looking out for my family. All right, let's blow this joint. Let's go. Come on, lean on me, man. Come on. Let's go. Come on.


Bart: Oh. Aww, jeez. I guess it was a tall tale after all. The Count's as dead as a stool pigeon in cement shoes at the bottom of the ocean, swimming with -- aw, hell, you're dead, sir. And so am I if I don't get off this island and out to that submarine. I'd better take those important computer disks.


Brandon: Lexie, what happened between you and me was a one-time thing. I mean, haven't we gotten past that by now?

Lexie: Oh, please, get over yourself. That's not what I'm talking about.

Brandon: Ha, really?

Lexie: No.

Brandon: Well, why else would you be so dead set against me moving back to Salem?

Lexie: Guess. Sami Brady.

Brandon: Oh, come on, Lexie. That's all in the past, too.

Lexie: Oh, you're forgetting what she did -- tampering with my paternity test?

Brandon: Sami has always been her own worst enemy -- the irony being abe really was Theo’s father, not me.

Lexie: Yeah, thank God.

Brandon: And that's exactly how it should be.

Lexie: Brandon, Sami was so desperate to hold onto you that she nearly destroyed your life.

Brandon: My eyes are open now. I ink a part of me always wanted to heal her. I finally realized that she needed a lot more than could ever give her -- than anyone could. I've moved on. And so has she.

Lexie: I thought you liked living in London.

Brandon: I did. The work was incredibly rewarding.

Lexie: Then why are you interested in moving back to the States?

Brandon: The program's run out of money. Kate has offered a grant using funds from Basic Black's Charitable Foundation.

Lexie: Oh, ha ha ha. Brandon, Kate is using you. The only reason she's interested in funding your project is to bring you back to Salem. She's using you to break up Lucas and Sami.


Sami: You're responsible for this.

Kate: How? What could I do to make you faint? Sami, it --

Lucas: It's true. Mom just came by to see will in his costume. She found you laying on the floor. Now, are you feeling better?

Sami: I'm fine.

Lucas: Well, maybe we should take you to the hospital again, let Lexie take another look at you.

Sami: No, no, I'm okay.

Sami: Lucas, I-I saw Brandon. He was at the door.

Lucas: Sami, that's impossible. Brandon is in London.

Kate: Gee, I don't know, maybe the smoke from the fireplace made her dizzy.

Lucas: What is this, Sami? Why are you burning this? Is this Will's?

Sami: No. No, it's, uh, mine. It's -- look, it's not junk. It's just, you know, um, I didn't want it anymore.

Lucas: Mom, could you, uh, give us a sec, please?

Kate: Sure. Sure, no problem.

Lucas: You're getting yourself all soo. What is that thing?

Sami: Um, it's just an old toy.

Lucas: Sami, tell me the truth.

Sami: Look, I was burning all of my old stuff from my time with Brandon. I had to get it out of the house because --

Lucas: Because you're still in love with him. Well, aren't you?


Brandon: Lexie, don't you think you're being just a little bit paranoid?

Lexie: No. You underestimate Sami’s obsession with you.

Brandon: She is engaged to marry Lucas.

Lexie: For the time being.

Brandon: I thought that maybe Kate had something up her sleeve, too. But I realized I can't think that way. I have to believe this is about the merits of my program.

Lexie: Brandon, I'm sure it's a great program. It's just I know --

Brandon: Kate takes her job seriously. As acting C.E.O. of Basic Black, she would never cough up that much money just to put an obstacle in Sami’s path.

Lexie: Ha, you wanna bet?

Brandon: She may dislike Sami, but if I know Kate, she wants her children, including Lucas, to be happy.

Lexie: Brandon, no mother alive believes her son could be happy with Sami Brady.

Brandon: Lexie --

Lexie: She's counting on Sami dumping Lucas for you.

Brandon: I am not that irresistible. And I'm not having her back in my life, either. I am more than capable of handling Sami, but I don't think that I'm

gonna have to. She and Lucas have so much at stake. I mean, they share a child, for heaven's sake. I'm just glad they're finally able to come together as a family.

Lexie: No, Brandon. Sami will never be satisfied until she has dug her claws back into you.

Brandon: That is never gonna happen. I'm probably the furthest thing from her mind.



Sami: Lucas, I can explain.

Kate: It better be good.

Sami: I decided that I wanted to get rid of all this old stuff to make room for our future together.

Lucas: Ever hear of the trash?

Sami: I was reading in this magazine when we were at the hospital about how you have to get rid of all your old stuff to make way for the new stuff, and that it can be very therapeutic to have a cleansing ritual. And -- and that's why I built the fire.

Lucas: Are you saying I can't compete with the memory of your ex? Is that it?

Sami: No, that is not it, Lucas. Look, it's not about you. It's about me. I'm a pack rat, and I hang onto things. I just wanted to clear the decks, you know, and make -- make room for you, and me, and our son, and -- and the home we're gonna share together. Lucas, you must know how much I love you.

Lucas: I love you, too.

Kate: It doesn't matter how much you fight it, you and Brandon are meant to be together. And I'm the one who's gonna make it happen.


Jennifer: There she is.

Marlena: Here. Elevate his head. Victor, you're okay. You're safe. Take it easy. Let me get my medical bag.

Brady: I think you should know, Nicole saved your life.

Caroline: I know who you are and what you've done. And if anything happens to that man, I'm going directly to the police and telling them everything.

Roman: Here you go, partner.

John: Yeah, thanks, man.

Roman: I understand, um, Brady tells me that abe stayed behind to get Tek out of the rubble.

Abe: All right, get ready.

Roman: Oh, all right. All right, good to see you.

John: Good job, partner.

Abe: Have you got everybody here accounted for?

Roman: Well, we're missing -- we're missing Hope and Billie and my brother. I'm just hoping to hell that they're okay and they're not in trouble.


Hope: [Grunts] Oh, my God. It's so hot.


Hope: Oh, God. It's everywhere. [Grunts] We gotta move. The lava's moving -- moving towards us. Oh, my God, we're surrounded. Bo!

Bo: Hope. Oh, my God.

Hope: Help us.

Bo: Don't worry, I'll get you out of there.

Hope: Hurry, there's not much time. Hurry!

Bo: Hope! Hang on!


Bart: Gotta contact the DiMera Organization, let 'em know the big boss is dead.


Kate: I know you were thinking of Brandon, and that's why you burned all the mementos in the fireplace.


Bonnie: If you're honest with yourself, you would have to admit that you still love Sami.


Patrick: Tony DiMera gave me no choice.

John: Well, we'll never know that for sure because Tony’s a dead man.

Abe: I don't wanna call off this search, but if we wait any longer, it could end up costing everybody's lives.

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