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Mimi: No, it isn’t. I know how twisted you are, Jan. This is something you would do. You probably brainwashed Shawn into thinking he's in love with you.

Jan: Shawn and I are in love.

Mimi: Oh, yeah? So in love that you'd let him take the blame for slicing and dicing Philip’s uniform?

Jan: I didn’t.

Mimi: Give it up, Jan. God, you're busted. It is time Shawn finally saw you for the manipulative little witch you really are.


Lexie: Oh!

Children: Aah!

Lexie: You can't leave us, okay? I want you to fight, Abe. Fight, okay? Fight. Fight for all the -- the happy times that you dreamed and planned for with me and Theo. Honey, please, you have to fight. Come back to me, Abe. Come on, come back. It's already been a year since I lost Abe. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Lexie: Tek. Hi, it's me again. I haven't heard from you since you and Brady went looking for Bo and John. If you get this call, please call me. Let me know you're okay.

Celeste: There's that message again. "One journey is about to end when another is about to begin."

Lexie: What are you talking about, mom? Whose cards are you reading?


Brady: Nicole...

[Grunts] His heart stopped. I need you to give him mouth-to-mouth.


Nicole: Aah! Brady! Brady! No!


Abe: [Grunting]

Abe: You son of a bitch. You rigged this, too. Is anyone there! Anybody here! Call out! I'm not gonna leave anybody behind! No. You, Tony. You bastard! And your rotted corpse of a father.


Lucas: Hey, you know, uh, will's at grandpa Shawn’s. I was going to take him trick-or-treating, but if you're not feeling well, baby, Shawn can do it.

Sami: Honey, I feel great.

Lucas: Mm.

Sami: Ha ha.


Kate: Ooh. Well... that went very well. Well, Brandon, I hope you'll strongly consider Basic Black's offer to fund your outreach program. No... Brandon won't be able to pass up my offer, much less turn down the opportunity to spend more time with his little brother Theo. Brandon, you have to make the right choice and free my son from that bitch Sami. Well, it's all in your hands now.

Brandon: Generous offer, Kate. Before I make my final decision, there's someone I need to see first.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Mimi: You've been after Shawn Brady for a very long time, and I don't know how you've done it, but somehow, you've changed him.

Jan: Shawn is a big boy. He can decide for himself who he wants to be with. I can't keep him from being with the woman that he loves. That's why he's with me.

Mimi: But if you thought that there was a chance that Shawn and Belle could get back together, you would do everything you could to stop that from happening.


Shawn-D: You're right. I made a huge mistake by getting involved with Belle in the first place.

Belle: How can you say that? Shawn, you and I loved each other for years.

Shawn-D: How could I have ever loved and trusted someone who slept with my best friend?

Philip: She never would have slept with me if you hadn't cut out on her.

Belle: You hypocrite. You made love to Jan way before I made love to Philip.


Lexie: Those cards that you're reading, mom -- what doom and gloom is about to befall someone this Halloween?

Celeste: You know, darling, the problem is that I don't know. You see, the cards keep telling me that one journey is about to end while another is about to begin.

Lexie: [Sighs] Okay, okay. I-I'm just not in the mood for any more of your riddles, mom. I've had a very hard day.

Celeste: But -- oh, darling, of course. It was just a little over a year ago when you lost Abraham. I'm sorry.

Lexie: I miss him, mom. And I-I miss the simple things, you know? Like... his singing in the shower, or his making waffles on Saturday morning, hearing him read "goodnight moon" to Theo. And that wonderful laugh.

Celeste: Ha ha.

Lexie: The most beautiful smile to go along with it. I -- it's bad enough that Abe’s gone. Now Tek has disappeared. I haven't heard from him. He hasn't checked in.

Celeste: And you were counting on him being a huge influence in your life, weren't you?


Nicole: Oh. Brady. Brady, wake up. Oh, you have to be alive. Oh, I can't lose you after everything we've been through. Brady. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, thank God. Thank God. There's a pulse. Brady. Brady, come on. Wake up. Come on. Come on, Brady. Oh. Oh. Brady. Brady. Brady.

Brady: Mm.

Nicole: Brady.

Brady: Granddad. Where's Granddad? Is he --

Nicole: I don't know. I don't know. We were -- we were giving him chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth, and this place exploded.

Brady: Damn you, Tony! What about everybody else?

Nicole: I don't -- I don't know.

Brady: Come on, Granddad. Come on!

Nicole: Is he dead?

Brady: I'm afraid so.


Tek: Abe!

Abe: Tek!

Tek: Abe!

Abe: Tek! Hey.

Tek: Thank God I found you, man.

Abe: Oh, man, I thought you were back at new Salem.

Tek: No, man.

Abe: Okay, have you seen the others?

Tek: John, Marlena, Roman, Jack, Jennifer -- they all made it out. They're back at the pub. They're getting the others ready. Patrick's with them, too.

Abe: What about Bo and Hope?

Tek: Billie's still missing, so they -- they went out looking for her.

Abe: Well, at least they're still alive. I tell you... these doors opened, and this whole place, it just exploded. I mean, I thought -- I thought we were all blown to hell.

Tek: Look, look, as far as I know, the only ones missing are Brady, Nicole, and Victor. They might have made it out before the explosion. They could be all right. They could be back at the pub. It's a miracle anybody survived this blast.

Abe: I'll tell you, it's not this blast I'm worried about.

Tek: I-I can feel the heat from this volcano.

Abe: Yeah.

Tek: This whole island could be vaporized any second now. Look, if everyone's accounted for, we should just get back, put some distance between us and this island. Let's get out of here.

Abe: I'm not leaving. Not without DiMera. I want him dead... or alive.


Brandon: Hello, Dr. Reich?

Dr. Reich: Brandon. You sound like you're on a cell phone.

Brandon: I am. Can you hear me all right?

Dr. Reich: I hear you fine. What can I do for you?

Brandon: I'd like you to be the one to contact Ms. Roberts about the Basic Black offer.

Dr. Reich: That's fine. So, uh, do you feel good about it?

Brandon: Well, there's pros and cons. When we meet later, we'll discuss it. Right now, there's someone I have to see, and I have to see her tonight.


Sami: Mm.

[Gasps] Damn it. Why do you keep appearing in my dreams?

Brandon: You tell me, Samantha. I mean, after all, it is your dream.

Sami: Lucas?

[Sighs] Oh, God. I have got to figure out a way to get Brandon out of my head and out of my bed. And I know just how to do it.


Mimi: We'll see how in love Shawn is with you once he finds out that you're trying to keep him and Belle apart and that you want him to be blamed for shredding Philip's marine uniform.

Jan: Hey. Think about what you're doing. Just think about it. You are alienating the one person who can bring your pathetic little fairy tale crashing down around your sneakers. Oh, yeah -- that. If you say anything, anything at all to Shawn, you can kiss your sexy Rexy goodbye, because I will tell him about your abortion.



Shawn-D: I am not a hypocrite, but I don't care what you think. Because of the motorcycle accident, there are certain things that I don't remember, but one thing that I do know for a fact is that Philip has been after you ever since I left town. Why else would he move into the loft? And that's not all.

Belle: Make love to me, Philip.

Philip: Are you sure?

Shawn-D: And I remember the two of you getting all hot and heavy on the couch, and you saying to Philip, "make love to me."

Belle: Shawn, I don't know what you saw or how you saw it, but I have told you a million times, Philip and I almost -- but we didn't, not until tonight. Not until I knew I had lost you forever.

Philip: Belle, Belle, you do not have to defend yourself to him, okay? You didn't do anything wrong. He's the one with some serious explaining to do. You're a sick son of a bitch, Shawn. What were you doing? Were you spying on us?

Shawn-D: How else was I supposed to find out the truth from this lying slut?

Rex: Hey, hey.

Philip: Never call her that again!

Shawn-D: Why don't you go on back to the army, huh?!


Lexie: Okay. I-I'm not going to lie. I was getting to be pretty fond of Tek. It's just that --

Celeste: It's just that now you're beginning to believe that my premonition is true about Abraham still being alive, yes?

Lexie: Mom, I don't know what to believe anymore. One minute Abe is dead and buried, the next his body is missing from his coffin. I don't know. As -- as much as I've tried not to get my hopes up, a part of me does have to wonder if somehow abe could be alive, and if he is -- I-I just feel like my whole life is in limbo.

Celeste: I warned you not to get involved with Tek. Darling, I have a bad feeling. If you pursue this relationship, it'll end in doom, Alexandra. Look how your heart has already been broken. And now you have Theodore to think about, darling. Is that the chance that you're willing to take?


Brady: [Groans] Aah!

Nicole: Oh. Brady, easy. I -- Brady... I know how much you loved your grandfather.

Nicole: But not nearly as much as I love you.

Brady: [Grunting] Come on, Granddad. Come on.

Victor: [Gasps]

Brady: Granddad.

Nicole: Is there anything I can do to help?

Brady: He needs medical attention. I need you to stay here and give him C.P.R. if he has a relapse, okay? He has a very weak heart. Can you do that?

Nicole: I suppose.

Brady: What?!

Nicole: Yes, yes, yes. I did it before. Let's just pray he turns out better this time.

Brady: All right. Look, I'll be right back.

Victor: [Wheezing]

Nicole: Let's just pray you die for real this time. Looks like it's just you and me, old man.

Nicole: Well, Victor... I'm holding your future in the palm of my hand.


Tek: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Abe, look, we don't have time to look for Tony. He probably didn't even survive.

Abe: Hey, hey! You don't know DiMera. He didn't create all this just to die alongside of us. I have suffered at the hands of that family for years, and I want proof that Tony and his father are gone.

Abe: Is that what I think it is?

Abe: It's exactly what I'm looking for.

Brady: Guys? Hey.

Tek: Brady, what are you still doing here?

Abe: Brady, I was hoping you were back at new Salem. Are you alone?

Brady: No, no, no. Victor and Nicole are out in the corridor. Listen, you used to be a paramedic, right?

Abe: Yeah. Somebody need help?

Brady: Yeah, my grandfather Victor. Huge beam came down on top of him. Now, I did C.P.R. I got him breathing again, but his pulse is very weak, so we need to get him the hell out of here.

Abe: Yeah, all right. I'm going to go help Victor. I'm going to have to ask you to get that ring off DiMera’s finger.


Kate: So how does it sound, Dr. Reich?

Dr. Reich: Kate, I have worked at not-for-profits for a long time. I have never seen anything quite like this proposal. You're offering to move the entire program from London and willing to pay relocation costs for its employees. It must mean quite a lot to you.

Kate: Well, Dr. Reich, I strongly believe in helping children. And I've seen Brandon at work. He's highly competent.

Dr. Reich: Yes. Yes, Brandon has an incredible bedside manner. He genuinely cares. And the kids -- the kids sense that. He knows how to get to the root of a problem, and almost always knows how to fix it.

Kate: Well, that's what I'm counting on.


Sami: Oh. Ow. What -- oh! Finally. Found it.

Lucas: Have you gotten to the part where he says that he can't even find the words to tell you how much he despises you, Sami? 'Cause that's my favorite.

Sami: [Sighs] Brandon...

Brandon: Ooh, what's going on here?

Man on radio: It's a crisp 62 degrees on this all Hallows' Eve in Salem. Traffic is slow due to all the ghosts and goblins running around out there. Avoid the Central Parkway. Big halloween parade going on. Try the Tri-County Expressway.

Brandon: Now you tell me.


Sami: Thank God Brandon is gone.


Mimi: You really are an evil bitch.

Jan: Sticks and stones, Meems.

Mimi: You're forcing me to choose my own happiness over Shawn’s and Belle’s.

Jan: Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Could have all been avoided if you didn't feel the need to play Nancy Drew, especially when I haven't done anything wrong. And besides, Shawn is very happy with me.

Mimi: I have to do the right thing, even if that means losing the man I love.

Shawn-D: Hey, Philip, why don't you just --

Jan: What is going on here?

Philip: You. Why was your boyfriend spying on Belle and me, and what did you have to do with it?

Jan: Nothing.

Shawn-D: Jan, why was I here? What do you know?

Jan: Look, you don't remember this because of your accident, but like I said before, you came to the loft to try to talk things over with Belle, and that's when you saw something quite icky.

Shawn-D: Go on.

Jan: Okay, it was right after that I gave Belle your purity ring back. You were down. I can tell that you still weren't over her, so I told you to go and talk to her, figure out where you two stood.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Okay, so I came over here, and I saw my best friend trying to put the moves on my drunken girlfriend.

Jan: When you came home, you were crushed. You said that you knocked and knocked and that no one answered, and that's when you decided to go on the fire escape.

Belle: Make love to me, Philip. Make love to me. Make love to me. Make love to me.

Shawn-D: And that's where I saw it.

Jan: And then you came home and just ravished me. Well, I mean, there's no other word for it. That's when you and I first made love.

Belle: Shawn, I know how it must have looked, and I understand why you're so angry --

Shawn-D: Yeah, you asked my best friend to make love to you.

Philip: That's why you destroyed my uniform, isn't it?

Shawn-D: I didn't touch your stinking uniform, Philip, so drop it.

Mimi: Shawn's right. He didn't destroy your uniform, Philip, but I know who did.


Lexie: Mom, despite your tarot cards and your internet searches, nothing suggests that Tek is a bad person, or that he's going to hurt me. Look, don't get me wrong, I appreciate your concern. Now that Tek’s disappeared, it's all moot anyhow.

Celeste: Oh, darling, I'm not so sure.

Lexie: What is it, mom?

Celeste: Alexandra, have you given any thought to the possibility that both Tek and Abraham -- that they just might come back, darling? What will you do then, huh?

Lexie: You know what? I-I can't think about that right now, okay? All I can do is focus on Theo and try to be a good mother to him, okay? I just wish I could have taken him to visit Brandon. That change in the hospital schedule really screwed up our trip to Chicago.

Celeste: Well, then, Brandon should come down here, darling.

Lexie: No. No. Absolutely not. I won't have it.


Brady: [Grunting]

Brady: Abe, you all right?

Abe: Yeah, I think so.

Brady: Give me your hand.

Abe: Yeah. Thanks. Now... Tek. Where's Tek?

Brady: Abe. Abe, look.

Abe: Let's get him.

Brady: Quick.

Abe: Get this out of the way. Tek, can you hear me?

Tek: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just get -- just get this thing off me.

Abe: Look, man, this beam is huge. It's going to take a little bit of time.

Brady: I'll stick around, and I'll help you lift it. My grandfather can wait.

Tek: No, no, man, go. Nothing feels broken. Just come back for me, all right?

Abe: What about the volcano?

Tek: I'm fine. Go! Go!

Nicole: I could bash your head in with this. Then no one would ever be the wiser. They would just assume you were a victim of one of Tony’s tremors. And you would never have the chance to tell anyone about Jan Spears throwing a cd player in your bathtub. Just think, Victor -- everything you worked your whole sorry life for, including your grandson, would all be mine.

Brady: [Grunting]

Tek: It's too -- it's too heavy. You guys need some kind of wedge or something. Just get the hell out of here and help Victor. He's probably dying.

Brady: All right, we owe you one, man. Thanks. We'll be back for you.

Abe: Look, look, you take it easy, man, all right?

Tek: All right, man. I'm -- I'm not going anywhere.

Abe: Yeah. But luckily, neither is he.

Brady: Abe, let's go.

Abe: Yeah.

Brady: Come on!

Tek: Who's there? Who's there? Who's there?!

Nicole: [Coughing]

Victor: Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, you bastard. Aah! No.

Victor: [Gasps and gurgles]


Eugenia: I mean, so how come this doctor won't just tell Brandon that he has to come to Salem?

Kate: Well, as impressed as he was with the offer, Dr. Reich really couldn't commit to anything. Keep in mind that Brandon is the one that started the program, and Dr. Reich is only on board as an advisor.

Eugenia: So there's still a chance.

Kate: Uh, absolutely, there's still a chance. The doctor is probably still on the phone with Brandon right now, and knowing Brandon, he'll want to do what's right for the children. They always come first.

Eugenia: Ooh. Damn. For that kind of money, I'll gladly relocate, even if it meant living in the same city as Sami Brady.

Kate: Mm, well, Brandon’s a very strong man. He is not going to let Sami Brady get to him. That's why we have to make sure that he gets to Sami Brady. And thanks to you, Eugenia, I know exactly what we're going to do.


Sami: I have to do it, no matter how hard this is. It is the only way that I can be sure of my future with Lucas.

Sami: Oh, Brandon.


Dr. Reich: I'll be quick, 'cause I know you're meeting someone tonight.

Brandon: You spoke with Kate?

Dr. Reich: Yes.

Brandon: And?

Dr. Reich: Things with Ms. Roberts and Basic Black look good.

Brandon: Mm-hmm. And what do you think?

Dr. Reich: I think you should move your outreach program back to Salem.

Brandon: I'll think about it.

Dr. Reich: I don't want to keep you. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Brandon: No, I'm, uh, I'm almost there.

Dr. Reich: This woman you're meeting must be pretty special.

Brandon: She is. In fact, she's part of my family.


Philip: Mimi, who did this? Who did this to my uniform?

Mimi: It was... probably a burglar.

Philip: Really. I think I know what you're doing, Meems. I think you're trying to get Shawn off the hook.

Jan: You did the right thing, Meems, but I'm warning you, you're on really thin ice with me. Mess with me or my man again, and Rex will be out of your life faster than your aborted kid was.

Rex: Mimi. Are you okay? Come here. I just...can't believe they're going through this. Thank God you and I have the kind of relationship where we tell each other everything -- total trust. We will never have to deal with anything like this. Come here.


Tek: Whoever's there, come out! Show yourself! W-wait! Come back! I need help! Come on!

Nicole: Oh, God... who am I fooling? I can't let Victor die. If I don't try to save him, he'll haunt me in my dreams. And Bo Brady will find a way to send me to prison. All right. All right... come on, Victor. Come on, damn it. All right. I'm actually trying here. Don't you die, Victor. You can't die. You can't! You're living proof that I didn't kill you the first time. Don't make me go through this again.

Brady: He's over here! Granddad!

Abe: Okay, let me take a look. It's all right, it's all right.

Brady: Come on, come on.

Tek: Who's there?


Lexie: I'm sorry, mom. I didn't mean to yell.

Celeste: Alexandra, what is going on here? Why don't you want Brandon to come back to Salem? After all, darling, this is his home.

Lexie: Because there is also someone else here -- someone very despicable, very evil -- who will stop at nothing to sink her claws into Brandon.

Celeste: Yes. You're talking about Samantha Brady, of course.

Lexie: Mm, yes, you didn't need your cards for that one, did you?

Celeste: Darling, look, there is nothing that Samantha can do to Brandon. He's an intelligent man, well aware of Samantha’s trickery. Look, if Brandon wants to steer clear of Samantha, he will.

[Knock on door]

Lexie: [Gasps]


Kate: Wish me luck, Eugenia. The witching hour is upon us.


Sami: Wow, I am so glad that Brandon is overseas. It would be so much harder to move on with Lucas if he was here.

[Knock on door]


Bo: We've gotta find Billie and get off this island before that volcano blows.

Billie: Bo!!


Marlena: You know how I would feel if anything ever happened to you.


Lexie: I don't know how to say this, Brandon...

Brandon: What?

Lexie: Your father might still be alive.


Lucas: You're still in love with him. Well, aren't you?

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