Days Transcript Tuesday 10/26/04

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/26/04 - Canada; Wednesday 10/27/04 - U.S.A.


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Sami: No. Okay. Okay, this cannot be happening. My future is with Lucas. Isn't it?

Sami: Oh. Redial. Okay. Ahem.

[Telephone rings]

Tillie: Miss Wendy, the psychic. How may I help you today?

Sami: Wendy, Wendy, this is an emergency.

Tillie: Don't tell me. It's Samantha J. Brady again.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. See, I have to know for sure if Brandon walker is coming back to Salem.


Brandon: Oh, it's great you've been able to take some time off work, Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah, well, Theo’s been dying to see his big older brother, so...

Brandon: He's told you so, huh?

Lexie: Well, not in so many words, but I can sense it. A mother knows.

Brandon: Are you sure you don't mind driving up here?

Lexie: No, I'm actually looking forward to it. Besides, I could use a break.

And, um, I don't think it's a good idea for you to come to Salem. This way, you won't have to run into Sami.

Brandon: Lexie, how can I convince you that Sami is not a problem for me anymore? I'm over her.

Lexie: I know, I know. I still don't trust her.

Brandon: Listen, I should go, but I will see you and Theo tomorrow in The Windy City.

Lexie: Oh, I can't wait.

Brandon: All right, take care.

Lexie: Bye-bye.


Brandon: Kate.

Kate: Mm. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see me.

Brandon: Oh, please, it was no problem.

Kate: And I am pretty confident that this is going to make you completely change your plans.


Nicole: Brady... you can't do this. I can't go back to Victor. I won’t.

Brady: I'm sorry, Nicole, but it's up to you. I have to make the right choice.

Victor: I appreciate your selflessness, Brady. However, that's something my wife wouldn't know anything about.

Brady: I told you, Granddad, you're wrong about her. Nicole is a good person.

Victor: She's a money-grubbing whore with the heart of a killer, and I can prove it.

Nicole: [Thinking] No... Brady can't find out I hired Jan to kill his grandfather.

Victor: Why, darling, you're white as a ghost. Don't you think it's about time Brady learned the truth?

Nicole: Oh! Victor, we don't have time for your sick game of revenge! We have to get off this island, or we're all gonna die! Aah!



Jack: It's okay. It's all right, it's all right.

Tony: Well, it won't be long for the moment we've waited for -- Armageddon to all those who crossed Tony DiMera.

Marlena: I'm going to talk to Stefano. He's the only one who can control Tony. And maybe he can stop all this madness.

John: No, too dangerous.

Marlena: No, no, it's the only chance we've got. Stefano can make Tony spare us and our loved ones.

John: All right. And I'll be behind you all the way.

Marlena: Stefano... it's Marlena. I want to talk to you.

Marlena: [Gasps]

Hope: Aah!

Marlena: Aah!

Tony: I just didn't want father to miss out on the festivities. I insisted he be here to witness your demise.

Bo: Tony's a sick man.

Hope: Without Stefano to stop this madness, we're all as good as dead.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh!

Hope: Bo!

Jack: It's all right.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Nicole: That was the strongest one yet. Look, I saw Patrick using a computer program to make an underground volcano erupt.

Victor: Right, that sounds about as scientifically feasible as flying pigs. Are you sure your doomsday scenario doesn't have something to do with your wanting to get off the hook?

Brady: Granddad, please, we don't have much time. We have to round up all the prisoners on this island and get the hell off of it before it's too late.

Victor: I have to find Bo. I have to find my son and Caroline.

Nicole: You see, Caroline’s the woman he loves, not me.

Brady: He is still your husband.

Nicole: Hopefully not for long.


Bo: This is perfect. We're sitting on top of a volcano that's about to erupt, the doors are bolted shut so we're stuck in here with a man who gets his

kicks out of having conversations with his dead daddy.

Hope: That's sick.

Bo: Yeah, that's a generous way of putting it.

Jack: It's all right, Jennifer, it's all right.

Abe: You know, we don't know for sure that that's Stefano’s body.

Roman: I know. Could be a setup just like everything else.

Abe: Yeah, another DiMera mind game.

John: My God, that's The Phoenix Ring. Stefano never took it off his hand. Never.

Marlena: As a doctor, I'd normally wait for scientific proof, but... I've got a feeling this is Stefano.

Roman: Damn it. You know, if we were back in Salem, we could get conclusive D.N.A. tests.

Abe: Yeah. But we never had proof those ashes at the DiMera mansion were Stefano’s. And Celeste never sensed his presence in the urn.

Bo: Tony must have kept the corpse as some kind of trophy, sick, twisted bastard that he is.

Marlena: Whatever all has happened, it's obvious there's no negotiating with Tony.


Bart: Excuse me, Count DiMera?

Tony: What, Bart?

Bart: You got to forgive me for being a little dense here.

Tony: When haven't I?

Bart: It's just, well...

Tony: What?

Bart: I heard you speaking on the phone with Stefano on several occasions. It doesn't compute.

Tony: Well, I've always talked to him.

Bart: But he's -- he's --

Tony: What? I'm in constant communication with him. Isn't that right, father?


Jack: I've got an idea.

Jennifer: No, no, don't do anything.

Jack: No, no, no, this is good. We may be able to use this situation to our advantage.


Sami: Well, Wendy, is he coming back or what?

Tillie: Chances are 50/50, Samantha. Maybe Brandon comes back, maybe he doesn’t.

Sami: Wait, that's your prediction? Maybe, maybe not?

Tillie: Well, either way, you're gonna screw things up for yourself.

Sami: How can you say that?

Tillie: Well, you don't need psychic powers to see that you're obsessed with your ex-husband. And that can only mean you're going to torpedo your engagement to the father of your son. You said it yourself. You're programmed to self-destruct.

Sami: No way. I love Lucas, okay? And the last thing I'm gonna let happen is --

Lucas: Sami. What are you doing? What's going on?

Sami: Um, Lucas...

Lucas: Who are you talking to?

Sami: Nothing. No one.

Lucas: Come on now, don't lie to me.

Sami: It was a psychic.

Lucas: A psychic? Are you serious?

Sami: Yeah, I mean, I wasn't on the phone for very long, and it wasn't one of those pay-by-the-minute things or anything.

Lucas: Yeah, but, Sami, they're full of crap, those people. They're all con artists.

Sami: No, no, not this one.

Lucas: What, this one's different?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, she's gifted.

Lucas: Come on, now you're conning me.

Sami: No, really, she knew things. Like she knew my name when I called.

Lucas: Sami, she's probably got caller I.D. I mean, why are you calling her? What's this about?

Sami: Lucas, I... wanted to see if anyone was gonna ruin our wedding.

Lucas: Oh... Sami, the only two people who can ruin our wedding is you and me. That's it. And we just have to stay committed to loving each other.

Sami: Lucas, it's not us that I'm worried about.

[Thinking] But your evil mother Kate and that loser Eugenia are out to destroy our relationship.

Lucas: Look, Sami, there is nothing to worry about. You love me and I love you. We are going to have a wonderful future together, and nobody is gonna come between us, all right?

Brandon: You'll never stop loving me, Samantha.

Sami: Shut up!

Lucas: Sami!

Sami: Would you just get out of here?

Lucas: Wait a minute. What did I do?

Brandon: Poor Samantha. Can't tell him about us, can you?

Lucas: Sami! Sami! Sami, look up. Shh, quiet.

Lucas: Come on, Sami. Come on, snap out of it.

Sami: Aah! Aah!

Lucas: Snap out of it.

Sami: Stop it! What the hell are you doing?

Lucas: Trying to wake you up.

Sami: I'm not asleep.

Lucas: I know, honey, but you hit your head. You were out for a couple minutes.

Sami: Ahh. Ow. Oh, God.

Lucas: What's wrong with you? What's gotten into you?

Sami: I've just had a really rough night, Lucas.

Lucas: All right, all right.

Sami: Oh, my God.

Lucas: All right. Sami, relax. Just relax.

Sami: No, no, it's okay. It's not deep. I'm fine.

Lucas: Looks pretty bad, honey. I think you might need stitches.

Sami: What are you, Noah Wyle? I'm okay.

Lucas: We've got to get you to the E.R. I'm serious. You're bleeding.

Sami: No, not a chance.

Lucas: Don't do this. Don't give me a hard time right now.

Sami: Look, it's not necessary, okay?

Lucas: It is too. Come on, get up. Come on. You all right?

Sami: Stop spinning, Lucas.

Lucas: All right, calm down. We're gonna sit you down right here, okay?

Sami: I'm just a little dizzy. I'm fine.

Lucas: No, you're not fine. You need medical attention.

Sami: Don't say "medical attention." You sound like a dork.

Lucas: Whatever, all right? Something's not right.

Brandon: I hate to agree with Lucas, but you should get checked out.

Sami: What are you, a doctor?

Lucas: No, that's why I think you should see one.

Brandon: Don't be stubborn, Samantha.

Sami: Okay, all right, fine. Anything to get away from you.

Lucas: What?

Sami: Nothing. I'm not talking to you.

Lucas: Well, who the hell are you talking to, then?

Sami: Nothing. No one. Let's just go, okay, Lucas? Just get me out of here.

Lucas: All right, I'll get a coat.

Sami: No, no, change.

Lucas: All right, all right, all right. Good thing Will's at grandpa Shawn’s, 'cause you might have to spend the night in the hospital.


Eugenia: What if Dr. Carver found herself stuck at the hospital? I mean, what if -- what if her schedule was magically changed, and she couldn't get away?

Kate: Ha ha, very good. Very good.

Eugenia: Wow, I'm beginning to think like Sami. That -- that's scary.

Kate: No, that is good. That's exactly what we have to do if we wanna win.

Eugenia: [Thinking] What would Sami do? She'd get me to do her dirty work on the hospital computer. Luckily, I still have my old security pass. Now Sami will get what's coming to her.

Lexie: Eugenia, what are you doing here?



Brandon: I'm listening.

Kate: Well, basic black has generously agreed to completely fund your outreach program for children.

Brandon: Yeah, well, that's why I'm in Chicago. I'm here to meet with other organizations.

Kate: Well, yes. I doubt they're going to be able to match our deal, though.

Brandon: All right, look, your offer -- Basic Black's offer -- is very impressive. But you're gonna have to level with me.

Kate: Absolutely.

Brandon: If I accept, how much time am I gonna need to spend in Salem?

Kate: Well, that would be entirely up to you. I mean, I know you still have family in Salem. I'm sure you miss your mother and your sister Nicole. Clearly you wanna spend more quality time with your brother Theo.

Brandon: Family is very important to me.

Kate: Mm-hmm, but you're not thrilled with the thought of returning to Salem, right?

Brandon: Not thrilled, no.

Kate: So, can you be honest with me? Do the thoughts of seeing Sami again -- does that worry you? Do you think perhaps your old feelings for her would return?


Lucas: Easy, easy.

Sami: I'm okay, Lucas. I can walk by myself.

Lucas: Sami, you fell, all right? You could get dizzy again. Stay there. Are you okay?

Sami: Yeah.

[Thinking] Lexie and Eugenia are both here. This is gonna be a night from hell, I can just feel it.


Lexie: Do you have business here?

Eugenia: Just stopped by to catch up with old friends.

Lexie: I-I-I don't know, Eugenia.

Eugenia: What don't you know?

Lexie: I don't know if I can trust you. You covered it up when Sami changed the paternity test for my son.

Eugenia: Which you changed first, so no harm done, really.

Lexie: Yeah, right.

Eugenia: Lexie, Sami blackmailed me.

Lexie: Mm, is that your excuse?

Eugenia: It's the truth.

Lexie: I'm just glad you're both gone.

Eugenia: Well, yeah, well, Sami bounced back -- got herself a good job and engaged to a great guy. I wasn't so lucky.

Lexie: You stay out of trouble, Eugenia.

Eugenia: Don't worry. But Sami -- she's entering a world of trouble.

Lexie: What happened, Sami?

Sami: Hey, was that Eugenia Willens that you were talking to?

Lexie: How'd she hurt herself?

Lucas: She's got a minor head thing right there.

Lexie: Let's get you to a cubicle.

Lucas: Thanks. Slow.

Sami: I'm fine. Look, Lexie, if that was Eugenia, then that means she's here because she's up to no good.

Lexie: Well, I could say the same thing about you, Sami. Whenever you show up, there always seems to be trouble.

Sami: Well, how can you --

Lucas: Look, she fell, okay, and she was out for a bit. I think she may need stitches.

Sami: Look, I want a different doctor, okay? I don't trust her. She's the one who said that my mother was dead and let her get buried alive.

Lucas: That's enough. Stop it, please, Sami.

Lexie: Believe me, I wish there were another physician here to treat you, but we are very busy right now, and we're short-staffed.

Sami: As always.

Lexie: I took an oath to heal. I promise I will put my personal feelings aside.

Lucas: Thank you, Lexie. I appreciate it.

Sami: No!

Lucas: No, don't argue with me, all right? I'm taking your insurance card up to the front desk. You just be good and trust her, okay? Come on.

Lexie: Have a seat.

Lexie: Okay, let's see.

Sami: Ow! Damn it!

Lexie: Hold still.

Sami: You're hurting me on purpose, aren't you?

Lexie: Oh, please. Don't be ridiculous.

Sami: So, um... look, Lexie, have you heard from Brandon? I mean, you know where he is, don't you?

Lexie: Yes, I do. And I'm not telling you. The last thing Brandon needs is a woman like you in his life.


Brandon: Ahem. If I saw Samantha again, I'm sure my feelings would be mixed. But I've told you already, she's not a problem for me. I'm over her.

Kate: Hmm. What if she is not over you? I'm sure you must have considered that scenario.

Brandon: That's interesting.

Kate: How so?

Brandon: Can we be honest?

Kate: Of course.

Brandon: Well, I think it's obvious. You want me to come back to Salem to break up Sami and Lucas.


Patrick: Hey. I think we can break the doors.

Bo: Oh, yeah? Tony said they were bolted shut with reinforced titanium.

Patrick: We can break them.

Hope: How?

Patrick: If we just apply enough pressure from both sides.

Bo: Both sides? Nice trick.

Patrick: It'll work.

Bo: We're all in here. Think of something else, smart guy.

Brady's voice: Uncle Bo.

Hope: Brady?

Bo: Brady?

Brady: Yeah, it's me.

Bo: Everyone's in here. We gotta figure a way to open these doors.

Brady: Bo's in there with my dad and everybody else. We have to find a way to pry open that door.

Nicole: What if we can't get the door open?

Brady: Nicole, we have to try.

Nicole: But we could all die!

Victor: Oh, will you stop thinking about yourself first for once in your life? We gotta help save these people. My son is in there.

Brady: Leverage. You know what? We gotta find, like, a -- like, a lever to pry the door open with.

Victor: What about your machete?

Brady: No, it's not strong enough. We gotta go find something else.

Nicole: This is so not good.

Bo: John, keep Tony busy, will you? We're gonna need some time over here.

John: I'll see what I can do.

John: Quite an elaborate scheme, brother. How long you been planning it?

Tony: Will it comfort you to know?

John: Yeah, it would.

Tony: A very, very long time.

John: Hmm, doesn't narrow it down for me.

Tony: Since before my father died. Stefano was going to betray me. Fortunate for me, I was able to find out that he had no intention of passing on the DiMera power and prestige onto me. As a matter of fact, if you had remained a loyal DiMera Soldier, brother dear, you would have inherited the keys to the kingdom.

John: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, no, pal -- not for all the money in the world.

Tony: Oh, please. It is I who have suffered the indignity here. And you, heir apparent, adding insult to injury, you steal my beautiful wife -- my darling Kristen. I vowed I'd have my revenge. I'm having it.

John: Well, Tony, that was then and this is now. And you still have time to make things right.

Tony: Haven't you listened to a bloody word I've said? What, you want me to turn around? Now that I've come this far? Do you actually understand what I've been able to accomplish? I set you up for my murder. I had you sentenced to death row. And if it wasn't for Watson and Holmes -- finding my diary, saving you at the last moment --

John: And what did you accomplish? What was it? I mean, I was set free, and you were still doomed to an incurable blood disease.

Tony: I cheated death! How do you think I set up the whole plan of faking the deaths? I conquered my disease! I was galvanized.

John: You did it, I see. I thought you said Stefano saved you.

Tony: If I had relied on my father, I'd still be in a coma or in a coffin. Ah, ha ha. He did -- ha ha. He did help me, though. I needed a blood transfusion. Only one suitable donor. Stefano had to die.

Tony: Looks pretty good, doesn't he? For someone who is exsanguinated, don't you agree?

John: Oh, my God. You killed your own father.

Tony: Yes, I did, John. You see, I'm not above exterminating my own flesh and blood.

Tony: My life for his -- fair exchange.

John: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You are mad.

Tony: Try daring. Now you know what I'm capable of, John. Wouldn't faze me to get rid of you at any time, even your -- well, those you hold nearest and dearest.

Abe: You are pure evil.

Tony: And you have no imagination.

Abe: You've gone beyond Stefano, if that's possible.

Tony: Thank you.

Abe: It kills me to think of Lexie and Theo sharing DiMera blood.

Tony: Well, that's a fact that can't change. But I do bear the DiMera name, even though my father -- while his will did not acknowledge me as the rightful heir to the DiMera legacy, I found a way. I was in a position to change his will.

Marlena: So you were behind that bizarre will reading.

Tony: Oh, I knew it all along. It was just a matter of time before I could implement my grand plan into the ultimate revenge. And using the saintly

Marlena as the serial killer was a stroke of genius, was it not? And watching her tear John and his beloved Doc apart -- oh, was priceless.

John: Well, that's where you're wrong, because it didn't even come close to destroying our love, Tony. Not even close.

Tony: I see. When Marlena was in the jungle with Roman and she was ready to grant his last wish to make love to him, was that loyal?

John: I know all about it. Marlena explained the whole thing to me.

Tony: And you believe her.

John: Absolutely.

Tony: Did you also tell her about your infidelity? Did you confide in your wife that while in Salem, you came very close to making love to Kate Roberts?


Kate: All right. I'll be honest with you. No, I'm not happy that Sami is marrying Lucas. She's destructive, she broke my son's heart. Austin still hasn't recovered. For years, she lied about will's paternity to Austin and to Lucas. My family suffered because of her, just the way I'm sure you suffered in your relationship with the bitch.

Brandon: Whoa.

Kate: Sorry, sorry. She just brings that out in me. Well, what can I say? I guess I'm resigned to the inevitable.

Brandon: What's that?

Kate: In the end, Lucas and Will -- they're both going to be hurt. That's just a fact. But would I ask you to return to Salem to break up Lucas and Sami? No. No, absolutely not. Because knowing Sami, she'll self-destruct all by herself.


Sami: Look, Lexie, I don't want Brandon to come back to Salem. I am very happy with Lucas, and I wouldn't want to hurt Brandon’s feelings.

Lexie: Mm. I think you'd have a hard time dealing with the one that got away.

Lucas: Ahem. How's she doing?

Lexie: Well, I don't think she'll need stitches, but I want to run some tests, make sure she doesn't have a concussion.

Sami: Lucas, you'll stay with me, right?

Lucas: Uh, yeah, yeah. Can I go with her?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah. Why don't you take her down to radiology, and I'll meet you there, okay?

Lucas: Okay. Thanks.

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: Here you go. Use this.

Sami: Oh, I --

Lucas: No, come on. Just use it. It's right here for you. Look, I know this probably isn't the best time, but... were you talking to Lexie about Brandon?

Woman: Dr. Carver, good to see you're back on rotation tomorrow. We could really use you in the E.R.

Lexie: Wait a minute.

Lexie: Oh, no. I'm down for a shift on my day off. How'd that happen? Damn it. It's too late to get someone to cover for me. Now I can't take theo to visit Brandon. Oh, he'll be so disappointed.

Eugenia: Now that Lexie has to work, maybe Brandon will come visit her in Salem, and Sami’s dreamy future with Lucas will go up in smoke.

Lucas: Excuse me, Sami. I'll be right back. Um... I mean why wouldn't they?


Kate: Brandon, look, I would never do anything to hurt Roman's daughter. Before he died, I promised him that I would look after her.

Brandon: That doesn't mean you're above using other people to do your dirty work.

[Cellular phone rings]

Brandon: Lexie.

Lexie: Brandon. I am so sorry.

Brandon: What's wrong?

Lexie: Theo and I can't come to Chicago. My work schedule changed at the last minute.

Brandon: Ah, that's too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing you. There's nothing you can do?

Lexie: No. I'm sorry.

Brandon: Well, if you can't make it, you can't make it.


Tony: I knew John and Kate would be unfaithful to Roman and Marlena. Hmm. I'd bet my life on it. So, John, why don't you tell us how close you came to consummating your love with Kate?

John: What a bastard.

Marlena: John -- John. You didn't tell me the truth about how close you got to Kate.

John: Marlena --

Marlena: Why didn't you tell me everything?

John: We never made love. We were alone, we were grieving, I missed you, she missed Roman.

Marlena: It's Kate. It's Kate.

John: Doc --

Roman: All right, John. John... answer me, then. Why did you keep it secret? Do you still have feelings for Kate?

John: Absolutely not.

Tony: Well, we must all face the hard facts. Love is fleeting. It all ends too soon, rather like life. But it pains me to see you all filled with such hurt, knowing that you have so little time left to live.

Jack: Come on, Bart. You can see it. Your boss has gone crazy. Look what he did to Stefano. The only way that you're going to be able to save yourself is to turn that gun on Tony and help all the rest of us get out of here.

Hope: How are you two doing?

Jennifer: Good, good. I haven't lost faith yet, not in Jack or Patrick.

Hope: At least we know in the end, Patrick was on our side.

Bo: Hopefully Brady will find something to pry this door open.

Brady: All right, this should do it.

Nicole: Brady, it's hopeless. Let's save ourselves.

Victor: Will you shut up? We have to get these people out.

Brady: Whoa!

Nicole: Oh! It's too late!


Lexie: Believe me, Brandon, there is nothing I'd rather be doing more than meeting with you in Chicago, but I just -- I-I can’t.

Brandon: I understand.

Lexie: Theo's really going to miss spending time with his big brother. With Abe gone, he needs a man in his life.

Brandon: I'm not going to let what happened to me happen to Theo. I grew up without a positive father figure, and I know -- I know that's not what I want for Theo. I'll take time off and come to Salem.

Lexie: Um... mm, I'm not so sure you should change your plans, Brandon. We'll see each other soon enough.

Brandon: Yeah, we will. Hey, give my love to Theo.

Lexie: I will.

Brandon: All right, take care of yourself, Lexie.

Lexie: You too. Bye-bye.


Kate: Well, Brandon, I hope you'll strongly consider Basic Black's offer to fund your outreach program. You know, if your base of operation is in Salem, then you'll be able to be there full-time for Theo, get him that positive father figure that he's been looking for.


Lucas: What'd the tests say?

Lexie: No concussion. The head injury wasn't serious. But I do hope that it knocked some sense into you. Be more careful.

Sami: Can I go home now?

Lexie: Yes.

Lucas: Lexie... thank you.

Lexie: You're welcome.

Lucas: See that? There you go. You're fine.

Sami: Yeah, well, I'm glad, okay? But now let's just get the hell out of here, okay?

Lucas: But you still didn't answer my question.

Sami: What question?

Lucas: Were you and Lexie talking about Brandon earlier?

Sami: Brandon who?

Lucas: Don't play games with me, Sami.

Sami: Okay, I'm sorry, but can we seriously just get the release papers and get out of here? Because I'm about to lose it.

Lucas: All right, fine. I'll be right back.

Sami: Well, I really don't like the look of this.

Eugenia: Well, there are a lot of things I don't like. Can't do a damn thing about it.

Sami: Yeah, but seeing you here at the scene of the crime, Eugenia, just proves to me that you are up to something. I'm surprised they even let you up here.

Eugenia: Yeah, just visiting old friends.

Sami: Yeah, right.

Eugenia: Mm. You're paranoid.

Sami: I'm not paranoid. I know that you and Kate are out to hurt me, and I'm not going to let it happen. I'm not going to let anyone ruin my relationship with Lucas.


Brady: Nicole, come here!

Nicole: Oh!

Brady: Get over here!

Nicole: Aah!

Jennifer: Aah!

Marlena: Aah!

Jennifer: Aah!

Marlena: John?

Tony: It won't be long now.

John: Hang on, hang on.

Bart: Back up, back up!

Jack: Come on, Bart, it's now or never! Now or never.

Bart: It's never, Deveraux. I-I can't betray the DiMeras. They -- they gave me a home. See? That's what happens if you even think about betraying them.

Jack: Think about this -- is this what the rest of your life is going to be like?

Hope: Bo.

Roman: There you go. It's all right.

Bart: I got nowhere else to go.

Jack: Bart.

Bart: No. No deal.

Jack: Damn it, Bart, damn --

Bart: Find yourself another turncoat, Jack. It ain't me.

Jack: Come on, Bart.

Bart: Come on!

Tony: Jack, you don't look very well. Are you feeling all right?

Jack: Just go exsanguinate yourself.

Tony: Ha. Well, there are so many secrets around every corner here, and I have another of them to keep you all occupied. Colin Murphy is not the only corpse I brought back from the dead. There are others out there. Even my father -- he kept insisting that I do the same for him.

Abe: You can't trust a word he says.

Tony: Well, you can trust this one -- death is at hand.

Bo: Come on. Come on. It's opening up.

Patrick: It won't budge.

Bo: DiMera will not win. Come on.

John: Quick, bust that door.

Tony: You're wasting your last breath!

[Men grunting]

Jack: Lift it off the hinge.

Brady: [Grunts]

Nicole: It's not working. Let's go.

Victor: Bo is in there. We're getting him out.

Brady: I am not leaving anybody behind. I got it.

Brady: No! Granddad! Granddad!


Lucas: You ready?

Sami: I've been ready since we got here.

Lucas: No, I mean are you really ready? I'm going to pamper you like you've never been pampered before.

Sami: Ha ha. Wow, that sounds nice.

Lucas: Yeah. I'm going to wait on you hand and foot until you feel better, and then when you feel better, I'm going to pamper you even more. I cannot wait to see you walk down that aisle and fall into my arms -- beautiful Samantha Brady.

Sami: I can hardly wait, either.

Lucas: We're going to have a perfect life together.

Sami: Lucas, no man in the world could make me as happy as you do.


Lexie: Oh, don't come back to Salem, Brandon. You need to be as far away from Sami as possible.


Eugenia: My end of the bargain is covered.

Kate: I planted a seed with Brandon. Now we'll just have to see if it grows.

Eugenia: If Brandon comes back to Salem, Sami won't know what hit her.


Brandon: I know what I have to do.


Nicole: [Coughs] Brady. Oh, my God. Be careful, Brady.

Brady: [Grunting]

Nicole: Be careful. Are you okay?

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: [Thinking] I hope the old geezer croaks. Please die, Victor.

Brady: Oh, no. Nicole! We got a problem. His heart stopped. I need you to give him mouth-to-mouth.


Abe: All right.

Jack: Come on, come on, make it fast before the island implodes.

Hope: Hurry up, Bo.

Bo: Okay. Come on.

Hope: You can do it, guys.

Bart: Should we let them go, boss?

Tony: Time for plan "B."

Bart: "B"? As in the big boom?

Tony: So... would you care to do me the honors, father, and help me say goodbye to our enemies?

Hope: No!


Shawn-D: How could I have ever loved and trusted someone who slept with my best friend?

Belle: You hypocrite. You made love to Jan way before I made love to Philip.


Nicole: Brady! Brady!


Lexie: [Gasps]


Jennifer: The crew's taking another break. Well, time is money.


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