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Belle: I can't believe they're playing our song.

Steal my breath and emeralds from mountains that thrust towards the sky

Mimi: That's Shawn and Belle's song.

Rex: Exactly.

Mimi: What are you doing?

Rex: I'm just staging a little trip down memory lane.

Tell me that we belong together

Mimi: [Thinking] What if Jan thinks I'm trying to get Belle and Shawn back together? She'll tell Rex about my abortion.

Rex: Maybe this will give Shawn and Belle a chance to work things out.

Mimi: No.

Rex: What?

Mimi: Sorry. I can't let you do this.

That hang from above

Jan: I think it's about time we switched partners, don't you?

Philip: Believe me, Jan, I'd rather be dancing with Bonnie's dog. This contest is for charity. We lose points if we break the rules. Stay right here.

Jan: God, you're such a gentleman.

I'll be better when I'm older

Kewpie: Do something quick.

Belle: Do you remember this song? We used to dance to it.

Shawn-D: Right.

Belle: Do you remember anything else about the two of us before the accident?

Shawn-D: Actually, I do.

Kate: [Sighs] Oh, my God, Roman, I know before you died, I promised you that I would extend an olive branch to your hellion of a daughter. Oh, but I can't. I can't. Every time I think about Sami marrying Lucas, all I want to do with that olive branch is just whack her over the head with it. She's gonna ruin his life. Would you not look at me like that? You are the only one who could ever keep Sami in line, and you're not here anymore. Oh... Roman, I think it's better that you don't watch this. I know I promised Lucas that I would never use this against the mother of his child. But this is an emergency.

Sami: Oh, God... oh, God, why am I thinking about Austin when I'm in bed with Lucas?

Lucas: That's what I'd like to know.

Nicole: I swear to you, Brady, I saw Colin Murphy in that cell.

Brady: I took a look around, too, and no one was in there.

Nicole: Colin Murphy? Aah! I know what I saw.

Brady: Are you sure you don't have, like, a concussion or something?

Nicole: I am not hallucinating. I saw Colin. He's alive.

Brady: All right, just calm down.

Nicole: I don't care if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna clear my name once and for all. You have to help me.

Bo: Hope was definitely in that cell at some point. She must have lost her bracelet in some kind of a struggle.

John: Bo, we don't think Tony's gonna harm either Hope or Billie at this point.

Bo: Maybe not with his own hands, but what about his thugs? He's got this place wired so if we make a mistake, we're electrocuted. They took Hope and Billie out of our cell for a reason, and with DiMera, that could mean almost anything.

John: Listen, I understand that you're worried here, but keep in mind, Hope is trained in field tactics, and so is Billie. If we focus on taking out the power source here, DiMera's plans are irrelevant.

Bo: I gotta find my wife, and I gotta find her now.

John: What if she's not here? What if she's not even in the compound, he's taken her off the island here? This is our chance. We gotta take it. Everyone's survival is at stake.

Bo: You may be right, but I'm not gonna lose my wife again. Now come on, let's go.

Patrick: Don't hurt her, you bastard. You saved my life, Hope. Never mind DiMera's orders. I have to return the favor.

Hope: [Grunts] The only way to open up this baby is with one of those keys.

Bart's voice: Boss, about what you said -- destroying all the evidence, and -- and -- and anyone who was here --

Tony's voice: As well as any evidence of our plan.

Bart's voice: Well, but how exactly are we gonna do this, I mean, destroy everything?

Tony's voice: We destroy the island by blowing it up and everything on it.

Hope: I've gotta get out of here. I have to warn Bo and the others about what Tony's planning. I've gotta get everyone off this island before all hell breaks loose. Come on. [Grunting] Oh, God. I hope Billie's having a hell of a lot more luck than I am.

Man: Take it easy, and you won't get hurt.

Billie: [Grunting] Look, I wouldn't do this if I were you.

Man: Hey, I wish, babe. But I'm just following orders.

Billie: Oh, yeah? Well, so am I.

Man: Aah!

Billie: [Grunts]

Man #2's voice: Aah!

John: What the hell was that?

Nicole: Oh, my God, that's him! That's Colin!

Colin: [Grunts] Aah! [Groaning loudly]

Edwin McCain: You're my survival you're my living proof...

Rex: Wait, don't you want Shawn and Belle to get back together? Music has a way of stirring up old feelings. I mean, maybe it'll help them remember how much they loved each other, and they'll realize their relationship is worth fighting for.

Mimi: Good idea, but wrong time, wrong place.

Rex: What do you mean?

Mimi: Jan and Philip are watching them like a couple of hawks. You think those two are gonna stand by quietly and watch Shawn and Belle kiss and make up?

Rex: Maybe not, but --

Mimi: Jan will cause a scene, Rex. The charity will lose major bucks, and she'll probably find a way to make things even worse between Shawn and Belle.

Rex: Fine, what do you suggest we do?

Mimi: I don't know, but there's gotta be another way to help them. [Thinking] And save my relationship with you.

Jan: I don't like you any more than you like me, Kiriakis. But we will both lose a lot if those two get back together.

Philip: Hey, I am not your partner in crime.

Jan: You want Belle, don't you?

Philip: Yeah, I want her to be with me on her own free will.

Jan: What a lame-O.

Philip: Just keep dancing.

Belle: What else do you remember?

Shawn-D: The night before I left town, I stopped at the loft. Kate opened the door. I told her I wanted to see you, but she wouldn't let me in. She seemed to think it was a bad idea that I'd even come by. I tried to reach out to you.

Belle: I never knew. I would have come downstairs.

Shawn-D: That's a load of bull, and you know it.

Bo: It came from this direction.

John: That sound came from a man, Bo. It wasn't Hope or Billie.

Bo: Yeah, I know that. But whoever it is was being tortured. My wife could be next. Think of what DiMera did to your wife -- made her think she was the Salem Stalker. Made us all think our family and friends were being killed off. Then he brought them down here to this Godforsaken place where they got nothing to do but think about how their loved ones are moving on without 'em. It's the worst torture of all. When we find Stefano, I'm gonna break his arrogant neck.

John: It may not be that simple.

Bo: What do you mean?

John: What if Stefano really is dead, and Tony's just taken his place?

Bo: Nah, you're giving that mama's boy too much credit. He's a coward at heart.

John: I disagree.

Bo: You're just upset that you're related to the scum.

John: Bo, Stefano always had a weakness -- whether it was Marlena, his queen of the night, or Hope, and his Princess Gina. Somewhere in there, believe it or not, Stefano had a heart. But my brother, he's a whole nother animal.

Bo: How so?

John: There's nothing he holds sacred. He won't rest till he destroys all of us.

Colin's voice: Aah!

Colin's voice: Aah!

Billie: What was that? [Static from radios]

Man: Hold it right there.

[Door unlocks]

Hope: [Grunts] Oh, you rotten bastard. Ow.

Kate: Please forgive me, but it is for the greater good. [Knock on door]

Kate: Who is it?

Eugenia: Eugenia.

Kate: Ha!

Eugenia: Got your note, came as soon as my shift was over.

Kate: Go, come in, come in, come in.

Eugenia: So, how can I help you set up Sami's downfall?

Kate: Well, have a seat because I am about to open Pandora's Box.

Eugenia: What?

Kate: Well, you know the Old Greek Legend, don't you?

Eugenia: Hey, I was a science major. Not that all that higher education is paying off. I'm a coat-check girl. So, what's in the box?

Kate: Pandora's Box. Well, Pandora's Box contained all the troubles known to man. Here it is. And once it's opened, believe me, Sami won't know what hit her.

Lucas: We're planning our wedding. Will's all excited about being the best man. And what are you doing? You're fantasizing about Austin.

Sami: Look, I wasn't fantasizing about him.

Lucas: I heard what you said.

Sami: Look, I was just --

Lucas: What? What? What? We just made love, Sami. When we were kissing and your eyes were closed, were you thinking about me, or were you thinking about my brother?

Sami: Lucas, I will explain everything if you'll just give me a chance.

Lucas: Well, go ahead. Explain it. I'm listening. You lie to me, Sami, I'll know it.

Sami: I'm not gonna lie. Okay, you're right. I w-- I couldn't help it, okay? Austin just sorta popped into my mind, just now when I was trying to sleep. And, you know, I didn't want him there, I didn't invite him. It just sort of happened, and now I can't stop thinking about him.

Brady: Nicole, this doesn't make any sense. Colin Murphy was not murdered by the Salem Stalker.

Nicole: So? Nothing makes sense on this island. No one's really dead. We could open one of the cells, and Elvis could pop out, or Princess Dianna.

Brady: Well, I'd believe that more than Colin Murphy.

Nicole: You want proof he's alive?

Brady: Uh, that would certainly help, yeah.

Nicole: Fine. I'll get it.

Edwin McCain: And tell me that we belong together...

Jan: Will you let me go?

Philip: What are you gonna do, Jan?

Jan: I'm gonna stop the music and take back what's mine.

Belle: I swear to you, if I'd only known that you were there, I would've come downstairs to talk to you. I certainly wouldn't have let you leave the way you did, without a word.

Shawn-D: Well, you know, if I can come in --

Kate: You know something, I really don't think that's a good idea because she's resting.

Shawn-D: So, she doesn't wanna see me? It's all right. Can't blame her. Just tell her I'll call her from the road, okay?

Kate: Good luck. Be careful out there.

Shawn-D: You expect me to believe that?

Belle: It's the truth.

Shawn-D: You just can't stop lying, can you? I know exactly why you didn't wanna see me that night. And so do you.

Mimi: Jan, why aren't you dancing? Don't you know this event benefits Salem's Homeless Shelter?

Jan: Funny, because you're the one that's gonna be back on the streets again, Lockhart. Do you really wanna lose everything? And I mean everything?

Mimi: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jan: You and Rex think you're so clever, using the switch partners gimmick, Belle and Shawn's favorite love songs.

Mimi: I have no control over the music. I don't tell Rex what to play.

Jan: Well, you'd better tell him to stop. Now. Or else I'm gonna tell him how you killed his unborn child.

Man: DiMera's special prisoner's giving us trouble. We need backup. Let's go.

Hope: Oh! Oh!

Patrick: Relax! I am not going to hurt you.

Hope: Why should I believe you? You have a key. You're working for them. You've told me nothing but lies, Patrick.

Patrick: Because I owe you. You saved my life.

Hope: You wanna repay me? Help us get out of here.

Patrick: I can't do that.

Hope: I trusted you.

Patrick: Yeah, well, you should have listened.

Hope: Jennifer trusted you, Patrick. How can you do this to our family? What about your family? What will Mimi and Connor think when they find out that their big brother is a DiMera mercenary? This is gonna end up costing you your life. Don't you realize that?

Patrick: I said, be quiet!

Hope: Patrick, please just listen to me. Listen to me. Walk away from the DiMera's before it's too late. Help us escape, please.

Patrick: It's not that easy.

Hope: If you stay with the DiMera's, everyone in Salem will become your enemy. Do you hear me?

Patrick: I'm never going back to Salem. Neither are you.

Lucas: This is ridiculous! I've heard of people getting cold feet before their wedding, but fantasizing about my brother? That's sick!

Sami: Look, I wasn't fantasizing about him.

Lucas: What would you call it, then, huh? I thought you were over him. I thought you were ancient history.

Sami: We are. I am.

Lucas: Well, you know what? There's only room for one of us in this bed. So it's either him or me. Who is it?

Sami: You. Lucas, of course, it is you. You are the only man for me.

Lucas: All right, then, why?

Sami: I don't know. I mean, maybe it's because I made so many mistakes with Austin -- you know, I hurt him, and I did horrible things. The -- the lies, and --

Lucas: Yeah, you told him that Will was his son, and we all believed you.

Sami: Look, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry that I can't help thinking about it. Maybe it's just because I have to make peace with the past, you know, and make sure that the old Sami is -- is completely gone. God knows I didn't marry Austin for the right reasons.

Lucas: All right, since you wanna talk about it, why'd you wanna marry him, huh?

Sami: Because he was -- he was this golden prize, and I-I just thought that if I had him, my whole life would magically be perfect. It wasn't true.

Lucas: But that's not why you're marrying me?

Sami: No. No, Lucas. With you, the magic is -- is real. It's like I'm done chasing after an illusion, and I've come home. And I realize now that you are the only man for me. But I feel like I wasted so much time, and I hurt so many people. And I can't ever make it up to Austin. But I can make it up to you.

Sami: Lucas, I love you... so much. And... you gotta think about it like this -- we've made all our mistakes before we got married, right? So, nothing and no one can come between us now.

Eugenia: Just tell me one thing. If you've had this on Sami all along, why haven't you used it before?

Kate: I made a promise to my late husband.

Eugenia: Of course. I forgot. Her father. Commander Brady was always so upright, and Sami's so low-down. I forgot they were related.

Kate: I promised him that I would be a positive influence in Sami's life, and I meant it.

Eugenia: Until she went after Lucas.

Kate: You got it.

Eugenia: Hey, a mama's gotta do what a mama gotta do.

Kate: I mean, it was one thing -- it was one thing when she attacked me, but when I saw her spinning her web of seduction over my son, that was it.

Eugenia: Right on.

Kate: I mean, I am just not gonna sit by and watch her eat him up. 'Cause that's what she would do. She would devour him with her -- with her neediness, and -- and her lies, and her endless scheming -- just like she did to my older son.

Eugenia: We have to neutralize the bitch before she hurts any more innocent people.

Kate: Yes, we do. Or I'll lose Lucas forever.

Eugenia: So, what's in the briefcase?

Kate: Something that could put Sami away once and for all.

Eugenia: So, what are we waiting for?

Eugenia: Shut up! Sami did all this stuff?

Kate: Ha, yeah. Yeah, and more.

Eugenia: Oh, oh, oh! This is better than the tabloids.

Kate: But that's not the thing I'm going to use to destroy her forever.

Eugenia: You got something better?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Eugenia: What is it?

Kate: A tape. A tape of Sami admitting to perjury on the witness stand.

Eugenia: Oh.

Kate: And when I give that to Judge Fitzgerald, she'll put Sami behind bars where she belongs. Oh, God. Oh, my God! This is the envelope that it was in.

Kate: "Dear Mom, I took the tape. Sorry, but I couldn't risk it coming between me and the woman I love. Lucas." You fool. You fool. Sami has won.

Eugenia: Wait a minute. Ha! There's somebody who might be able to help us.

Brady: Nicole, Nicole, hang on a second. We're going on a wild goose chase. We're going in circles, and wasting time.

Nicole: No, wait. When we hear Colin again, we'll be able to find him.

Brady: How do you even know that it's Colin?

Nicole: I saw him, Brady. I know it. And we have to find him before they finish him off for good this time.

Brady: Hang on a second.

Nicole: Don't you know why I'm doing this?

Brady: To clear your name?

Nicole: No, Brady. For us. Okay? If we can prove that Colin is alive, Bo and Shawn and Abe will see that I didn't kill him. And you and I will be able to have a future together. Don't you want that?

Edwin McCain: Angry on the tin roof...

Belle: Look, I have lied to you only once in my whole life when I gave my Mother an alibi, and I have apologized for that, like, a million times. So what are you talking about?

Shawn-D: The night I left town, you were upstairs with Philip. That's why you didn't wanna come downstairs. You were probably already moving on with my best friend.

Mimi: You are the same scheming bitch you were in high school.

Jan: Wrong. I'm the new improved version.

Mimi: You want me to choose my own happiness over Shawn and Belle? How can I live with myself if I sabotage my best friends? How could I sleep at night?

Jan: Well, you'll be sleeping alone if you don't because Rex will be long gone.

Mimi: You are evil.

Jan: Please. This is a win-win situation. Philip gets Belle, you get Sexy Rexy, and I get Shawn.

Mimi: I am not going to help you.

Jan: Well, I have the evidence that you killed Rex's baby. Hey, Rex! Will you come here?

Rex: What's up?

Jan: I have something to show you. Something you're not gonna like one bit.

Colin's voice: [Groans]

Bo: John.

Colin: [Moans]

John: Hang on, pal. We're getting you outta there.

Colin: [Groaning]

Bo: There's gotta be a way of opening this thing.

John: Not unless we kill the generator. [Footsteps approaching]

Colin: [Groaning]

Bo: We could take 'em.

John: No.

Colin: Aah!

Man: Go to the control room. Tell Count DiMera the situation is under control.

Bo: I'm gonna follow him. He may lead me to Hope and Billie.

Hope: Yes, I am going home to Salem. Patrick, come with me. Save yourself.

Patrick: Sorry. I only came down here to see if you were injured.

Hope: You can't just leave me here.

Patrick: I don't have a choice. [Grunts]

Hope: Now what?

John: Hope, don't scream. It's me.

Hope: John.

John: Stand back.

Hope: Hurry up.

John: Going up.

Eugenia: So Sami chased after your oldest son for half her life.

Kate: Yes. Yes, she did, but he's now in New York and out of her reach, thank God.

Eugenia: What if you talked him into visiting?

Kate: What?

Eugenia: Just long enough to see Sami so he can stir up some doubts about her marrying Lucas.

Kate: No, no.

Eugenia: If we give Sami enough rope, she will hang herself. She'll -- she'll go after Austin, and Lucas will call off the wedding.

Kate: I'm not going to sacrifice one son for the other.

Eugenia: Who said anything about sacrifice? I'm saying use Austin as a decoy.

Kate: It's out of the question. But... I do like the way you think. You're on the right track. You just have the wrong guy.

Sami: Austin is ancient history, Lucas. I love you... only you.

Brandon: Are you sure about that?

Sami: [Gasps] Oh, God, it can't be.

Brady: Nicole, I have defended you all along. Of course I would like to prove to my -- my friends and my family that you're innocent and you're not a murderer. But listen to me -- right now, our number one priority is getting off this island. If we find Colin, hell, we'll take him with us, but -- are you okay? What's wrong?

Nicole: Just give me a minute.

Brady: What's up? Whoa. Nicole? Hey. Nicole. Nicole!

Colin: Hello, sweetheart.

Nicole: You're supposed to be dead. I shot you.

Colin: [Imitates buzzer] Guess again.

Nicole: But how?

Colin: Tony and his accomplice Mr. Milbauer.

Nicole: The funeral director?

Colin: Managed to convince most of Salem that a lot of us were dead. Drugs, body switching, the whole 9 yards.

Nicole: I went through hell thinking I killed you.

Colin: You deserved everything you got.

Nicole: You were blackmailing me to the tune of $5 million.

Colin: You could have come clean to your husband about our little affair. I mean, Victor would have dumped you, but you still would have had $5 mil... plus a place in my bed.

Nicole: As soon as I prove to the cops that you're alive, I can move on with a real man.

Colin: Brady? That boy scout.

Nicole: He's 10 times the man you are.

Colin: And what if you don't find me? What if you, uh, safely make it back to Salem and the Spears girl turns in proof that you shot me in cold blood? What will you do then?

Brady: Nicole? Come on, come on. Just -- Nicole. There you go. Come on. Sit up. Look at me. You are exhausted. You can't keep going on like this.

Nicole: I can't stop until I find Colin. And if you had any real feelings for me, you'd help me.

Edwin McCain: I'll be your crying shoulder

Mimi: Hold everything.

I'll be your love suicide [Music stops] [All murmuring]

Man: What's going on?

Woman: Hey, who turned the music off?

Man #2: Is the contest over?

Man #3: Hey, can you turn the music back on?

Rex: Hold on a sec, all right? Mimi, what are you doing?

Mimi: I'm sorry. Just trust me, it's for the best, okay?

Shawn-D: I wasn't even out of town yet. You know what? You can have her. She's all yours.

Belle: I'm not yours to give away.

Shawn-D: That's for damn sure.

Philip: Everybody's watching. Stop fighting.

Shawn-D: As if I give a damn, Philip.

Belle: All I want is to set the record straight. If I had known you'd stopped by the loft that night, I would have stopped what I was doing, which, believe it or not, was nothing, and I would have come downstairs to talk to you.

Shawn-D: You made your choice, and you can have her. Or maybe I should say you can have her again. Actually, before I go, I'm just kind of curious -- Phil, what was it like to do a virgin?

Woman: Oh, my God. Oh!

Shawn-D: Oh, you'll be damn sorry you did that. Aah!

Woman #2: Oh, my God.

Belle: You guys, stop it. Shawn! Philip!

Kate: I don't know why I never thought of this sooner, because there's only one man who ever really thought he understood Sami.

Eugenia: Who?

Kate: Ha ha. And that is... Brandon Walker.

Sami: Um, what are you doing here?

Brandon: What is he doing here?

Sami: I love Lucas. We're getting married.

Brandon: Ha ha ha ha. Wrong.

Sami: What?

Brandon: Samantha... you and I both know I'm the only man who could ever love you unconditionally.

Patrick: Aah. Oh, Hope. You're making a big mistake.

Hope: Before Billie and I were separated, we overheard Tony talking to one of the guards. He's going to blow up the island. I'm sure the clock is ticking.

John: All right, then we'd better round everybody up, get the hell off here now.

Hope: Where's Bo?

John: Shadowing a guard. He was hoping he could lead him to you or Billie.

Man: Aah!

John: I think we bought ourselves a little bit of time with DiMera still torturing somebody.

Hope: Oh, my God. Who is that?

Nicole: You want to know who that is? That person howling in pain is Colin Murphy.

Hope: Brady. What --

Bo: [Thinking] You're going to give me the answers I need.

Bo: Oh, my God. Billie.

Belle: Shawn, my God. Why are you acting like this?

Mimi: I want to know the same thing. What have you done to Shawn?

Belle: You think you made a mistake, and now you want to come back to Salem? You want to come back to me?

Bo: Billie, come on. Come on. Come on back to me.

Hope: That's right. Victor's here, and he is very much alive.

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