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Bonnie: ...Charity begins at home. And if all goes according to plan, before this night is over, my new home is gonna be that big Horton house on the hill. And not as the hired help... But as Mrs. Mickey Horton.

Julie: Shawn Douglas Brady, what in the world do you think you're doing?

Shawn-D: Kissing my girl. Is there a problem?

Julie: Well, yes, there is. We just got a call from Lexie. She said that you checked yourself out of the hospital against doctor's orders. Do you have to be reminded you just recovered from brain surgery brought on by an accident that nearly killed you? And, may I ask, when did Jan Spears become "your girl"?

Philip: Are you sure you wanna stay? If Shawn being here's gonna upset you --

Belle: No, unh-unh. I am not gonna let him ruin my night. I came here tonight to enjoy myself with you, and that is exactly what I'm gonna do.

Philip: All right, they why don't we get started?

Rex: You don't want Shawn and Belle back together. What changed your mind?

Jan's voice: If you don't want Rex to know about your abortion, then you'd better get behind Shawn and me spending the rest of our lives together.

Mimi: Rex.

Rex: Yeah?

Mimi: I have something important to tell you.

Caroline: Victor, you can't be serious.

Victor: Can't I? Nicole was serious when she hired somebody to kill me. I'd just be returning the favor, only I plan to do it with my own bare hands. And then I'm gonna go after Jan Spears, too.

Caroline: You could go to jail.

Victor: It would be worth it. Anything to keep my murdering slut of a wife away from my grandson.

Nicole: [Muffled scream]

Bart: [Grunting]

Bart: I'm sorry, boss. I couldn't save him. He's dead.

Nicole: No.

Bo: What about Hope and Billie? Have you seen them? Are they all right?

John: Sorry, pal, I haven't seen them. But don't worry, once I get you outta here, we're gonna find them.

Bo: Well, we gotta do it fast. God knows what DiMera's got planned for 'em... if they don't kill each other first.

Hope: [Grunting]

Billie: I'm sorry. I guess I'll never be over Bo, no matter how hard I try.

Hope: No, I'm sorry, Billie, 'cause if you even think of destroying my marriage, I'll destroy you first, no matter what it takes.

Philip: Look.

Belle: Philip, what are you doing? I'm not getting on that thing, once was enough.

Philip: No one's asking you to get on it. Your job is to cheer me on while I break the house record.

Shawn-D: You won't last five seconds.

Philip: Oh. You're on. Whew! Go ahead.

Belle: Ooh, yeah.

Philip: It's really not that hard, actually.

Shawn-D: Marine training?

Philip: Yeah, we learned about that. Piece of cake.

Rex: Mimi, yeah, what is it?

Mimi: There are things you don't know... about Jan. She's just used to getting her way, and there's not much we or anyone else can do about it.

Rex: What, so we just sit back and let her ruin their lives?

Mimi: You're the one who said that you didn't think Shawn and Belle would ever be able to get past this.

Rex: I'm just surprised. If you think Jan's up to something, why would you let her do it? It just doesn't seem like you.

[Crowd cheering] [Buzzer] [Cheers and applause]

Belle: You broke the house record!

Philip: Looks like I won the bet, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Oh, no, not if I break the new house record.

Belle: Shawn, don't be crazy. You just got out of the hospital.

Jan: Yeah, you know what, Belle's right. It's too dangerous, honey.

Shawn-D: I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. Hold onto that. Just get out of my way.

Julie: Shawn, sweetheart! Sweetheart, don't do this! If you fall, if you hit your head, it could kill you!

Billie: Hope, hey, take it easy.

Hope: "Take it easy"? While you just admit you're going after my husband again?

Billie: I am not going after Bo. I admit I still have feelings for him, and I admit I am still drawn to him. I'm not gonna lie to you about that. But he --

Hope: Oh, please. Save it for the "Enquirer" interview. You're throwing yourself at my husband just like you always do, Billie.

Billie: He loves you, not me. And that's the way it should be. You know, Hope, for all my faults, there is one thing I believe in -- one thing that I find sacred. And that is family. And I would never try and take away yours or anyone else's.

Hope: Right.

Billie: Even if I could. So, let's just drop it and move on.

John: All right, I jammed the camera. It's gonna create a continuous loop. All they're gonna see is you pacing back and forth. It's just gonna buy us a little bit of time. We gotta move now. If this current comes on in these vents here, we're gonna be toast.

Bo: Yeah, I gotta find Hope, Billie, and Roman. Let's go.

John: Well, you better find Nicole so we can grab everybody and get the hell outta here.

Tony: Come on, come on. More, Bart.

Bart: Okay, go.

Bart: Is he okay? Did we get him back?

Tony: Yes, he's unconscious, but he'll make it.

Bart: Whew! Man, that was close.

Tony: Too close.

Tony: You know, from now on, Bart, we can't be too careful.

Nicole: Brady, Brady. Brady, wait. I have to go back.

Brady: Back where? What the hell are you talking about?

Nicole: That person in the cell, that was Colin Murphy. I have to make sure he's okay.

Brady: Colin Murphy? Nicole, that is insane.

Nicole: I swear. I saw him with my own eyes. And if he's alive, he can clear my name.

Caroline: It's not right to keep this from the police. You think Nicole tried to kill you, and Abe suspects she did kill Colin Murphy.

Victor: But she's very good at covering her tracks, getting away with her crimes. And I'm sure she'll continue to do so regardless of what I say to the police. Besides, at this point, it's my word against hers. And I'm sure any evidence I had against her is long gone.

Caroline: Well, let the --

[Door slams]

Caroline: Excuse me. Maggie. Well, what brings you out tonight?

Maggie: Oh, well, I'm, uh, I'm meeting Alice for tea. And I guess she's not here yet.

Caroline: No, not yet. Everything all right?

Maggie: No. I mean, I don't know. I just had this terrible feeling.

Caroline: What kind of feeling?

Maggie: It's about Mickey. I'm afraid I'm gonna lose him forever.

Bonnie: Finally, a moment alone.

Mickey: Ha ha ha. Oh. Ha ha ha. Oh. Oh, dear.

Bonnie: "Oh, dear" what?

Mickey: It's Julie. She's signaling me. I better go find out what's wrong. I'll be back.

Bonnie: That does it. I am gonna find a bull to put that cow in her place if it's the last thing I do, and I know just the bull. Ha ha ha ha. [Dialing] Hey, handsome, it's Bonnie. Bonnie Lockhart. Listen, I'm calling to tell you that this is your lucky night.

Julie: Uncle Mickey, you've got to do something. If he falls off that thing in his condition, it could kill him! You know, it nearly killed me that time Bonnie tricked me into riding it.

Bonnie: Whoo!

Julie: Lockhart, why didn't the Salem Stalker kill you? Aah! That beast has a mind of its own.

Mickey: So does my great-nephew, more than ever these days. What can we do to stop him?

Julie: Well, gosh, Uncle Mickey, I guess I'll have to try.

Mickey: Well --

[Crowd cheering] [Crowd cheering]

Jan: Shawn, stop. Shawn, stop.

Shawn-D: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you stopping for? Whoa, what are you doing? What are you doing?

Julie: Sorry, Tex, your ride is over.

Shawn-D: What the hell did you do that for?

Julie: Because if your mother and your father are gone, it looks like your grandmother's gonna have to stop you from doing something stupid, like getting yourself killed.

Shawn-D: Thank you. Thank you very much, Grandma, but who the hell said I needed a babysitter?

Julie: Well, apparently, you do, sweetheart.

Jan: Shawn, you were wonderful. I already knew you could handle a wild ride.

Rex: Shawn is totally losing it. And it all started with him hooking up with Jan. If he was still with Belle, he wouldn't be acting like this.

Shawn-D: You, barkeep. What do I have to do to get a drink around here, huh?

Rex: We have got to get him away from her.

Jan: I'd hate for your hunky boyfriend to find out that you got rid of his baby, one that you never even bothered to tell him about.

Mimi: Please, keep your voice down.

Jan: Nobody heard me. But Rex definitely will unless you do what I say. Make sure that Belle and Shawn do not get back together.

Bonnie: Mr. Brady, thank you so much for coming tonight, although I think by night's end, you'll be thanking me.

Shawn: I-I-I-I just wanna -- what is this about? I mean, what -- what's the big surprise that you dragged me down here for?

Bonnie: Okay, first off, why don't we sit, all right? I just -- I just wanted to tell you that I know how much you still miss your dear departed saint of a wife. I know that lovely lady was the whole world to you.

Shawn: That she was. But, you know, I still don't understand what it is you --

Bonnie: It's -- it's very simple. You see, Caroline would -- would want you to move on with your life.

Shawn: I know. And I'm doing my best.

Bonnie: No, not good enough.

Shawn: I beg your pardon?

Bonnie: Caroline would want you to be happy, find a new love. And you should... for her, if for no one else. And what with a serial killer ravaging Salem, there're all these widows and widowers. There's no reason for anyone to be lonely. Well, take Julia Williams, for example. The poor dear, she's all by her lonesome tonight. I'm sure she'd do anything to have the company of a very handsome man.

Shawn: I don't know, Bonnie. I think maybe it'd be a little too soon.

Bonnie: Oh, look, I'm not asking you to marry her. Just start off with a drink and some friendly conversation, see where it takes you. There's no harm in that now, is there?

Shawn: Well, I guess -- I guess it couldn't hurt.

Bonnie: [Clapping]

Shawn: Just one drink, just one drink.

Bonnie: She'll be delighted. In fact, first round's on me. You tell your grandson to pour my finest Irish whiskey.

Shawn: All right. I'll do it.

Bonnie: Oh, you go get 'em, Pops. I mean, have a very nice evening, Mr. Brady. All right. Now that that busybody is taken care of for the night, Mickey is all mine.

Shawn: I'd like to propose a toast to a lovely lass who only grows more beautiful with each passing year.

Julie: You're talking to me?

Shawn: Yes, I am. Who else? Of course.

Julie: Thank you, Shawn. That was a very nice thing for you to say.

Shawn: Julie, I know that you're still mourning your husband Doug as I still mourn Caroline, but, you know, it's time to get on with our lives as they would want us to. I mean, look -- look at Mickey with Bonnie.

Julie: I'd rather not.

Shawn: What I'm trying to say is I have always found you so beautiful, so attractive, and I was wondering maybe if you'd ever consider going out on a date, maybe, with another man? Me, for instance? Huh?

Mickey: What in blazes? What?

Bonnie: It's time.

Mickey: Time for what?

Bonnie: Everyone, um, if I could have your attention for a moment, please. I know you're all anxious to start the dance contest, but there is, um, something I'd like to do first, something I'd like to share with you all. As most of you know, um, opening this club -- which has been an amazing success... [Cheers and applause]

Bonnie: Has truly been a dream come true for me. And the man responsible for all this is this man right here.

Mickey: Oh, please.

Bonnie: Give it up. [Cheers and applause]

Bonnie: In fact, he's made so many of my dreams come true that there's really just one dream left, and then I'll have everything.

Bonnie: Mickey Horton, will you marry me? [Crowd gasps]

Maggie: Caroline, am I being silly?

Caroline: About what?

Maggie: Do you ever worry about losing your husband?

Caroline: Well, of course, I worry. But I'm sure the Lord will save my marriage.

Alice: Maggie, my son is a one-woman man, and you are the woman.

Maggie: Alice, he thinks I'm dead. He's free to move on. Mickey doesn't do well on his own. I don't mean to sound old-fashioned, but he needs a wife to take care of him. So what if he moves on, and finds a new one before I get back?

Alice: Well, I'm sure that's not gonna happen.

Maggie: Right. I'm worrying for nothing, aren't I?

Alice: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Don't you see, Brady? If Colin is alive, I'll finally be in the clear. They can't keep trying to pin his murder on me.

Brady: Nicole, you are not making any sense. Even if Colin Murphy wasn't murdered -- and we all know he was -- not by the Salem Stalker. There is no way in hell he can be alive.

Nicole: I know what I saw. No.

Brady: You know, I'm looking at that bruise. Are you sure you're not hallucinating? You hit your head pretty hard on that fall.

Nicole: I wasn't hallucinating. That was Colin Murphy. I'd recognize him anywhere. Brady. Brady, you have to come back with me. Be my witness that he is not dead, that I didn't kill him like half of Salem thinks I did, including my late husband. Please, I want you to see it, too. You're the only one who believed me when I said I didn't do it. Now you'll know you were right to trust me. I just pray he's still alive. And then this whole horrible nightmare will finally be over. ***********************************************************************

Bart: Boss, are you sure? I mean, are you absolutely positive you wanna do this? I mean, far be it from me to question your authority.

Tony: Then don't. Just see that it's done, okay? Quickly.

Bart: Poor sucker. Good thing you're unconscious. You won't feel a thing.

Tony: I'm moving the prisoners into the final phase, starting with the ladies first. You'll find Billie and Hope in cell block six, vault one.

Bo: That's them. Let's move.

Hope: Maybe Bo's right. My boys probably think I've deserted them.

Billie: Don't even go there, okay? You're a wonderful mother, and you know it. Hell, you're Superwoman. You've managed to juggle a very demanding career and your family, and you always put your kids first.

Hope: Bo and my boys are my heart and soul, Billie.

Billie: I'd feel the same way if it were me. But it wasn't meant to be.

Hope: If having a family means so much to you, why don't you find a man and settle down and have another baby?

Billie: I can't.

Hope: What do you mean, you can't? Of course, you can.

Billie: No, I mean, I can't. I can't have any children... anymore...ever.

[Telephone rings]

Tony: Oh, it's the hot line. [Ring] Yes, hello, Father. I'm here. Yeah, what can I do for you? Oh, I see. No, no, I agree with you. I think our original plan is no longer feasible. Yes, that we must proceed with the doomsday scenario at once.

Maggie: I don't know what's come over me. I just have this feeling that I need to get back to Salem as quickly as possible.

Alice: Maggie, does this have anything to do with Bonnie Lockhart?

Maggie: Just maybe a little bit. I can't believe Mickey is dating her. My housekeeper. Okay, Alice, tell me the truth. Do you think that it's possible that the two of them could get serious?

Alice: Oh, darling!

Maggie: And if they did, I mean, do you think that Mickey would go as far as to actually marry Bonnie? Do you?

[Crowd murmuring]

Julie: He's going to say no. He's got to say no!

Shawn: I wouldn't be too sure.

Bonnie: Now, Mickey, what do you say? We get hitched or not?

Mickey: Bonnie, the day that I lost my wife -- my beloved Maggie -- I felt sure that I would never smile or laugh or be happy again. That all just seemed impossible. But you've shown me that it isn't impossible.

Mickey: Your warmth and your joy and your zest for life have inspired me. And I can think of nothing that would make me as happy as spending the rest of my days with you. [Crowd gasps] [Applause]

Mickey: Bonnie Lockhart, I would be honored to make you my wife. [Cheers and applause]

Bonnie: I'm so happy.

Mickey: Oh, not half as happy as you've made me.

Bonnie: You ain't seen nothing yet, mister.

Mickey; So, Bonnie...

Bonnie: Yes, my darling?

Mickey: May I have this dance?

Bonnie: Oh, dance. Oh, my God. Yes. Ha ha. Thank you, everyone, for your patience, and for joining us in our special moment. [Crowd Cheers]

Bonnie: And now it's time for what you all have been waiting for -- the big country dance contest to benefit Salem's Homeless Shelter, so all you guys, you grab a girl and get ready to shake your booty for a very worthy cause. [Cheers and applause]

[Country music playing]

Philip: Let's dance. Come on.

Well, I walk into the room passing out 100 dollar bills and it kills...

Jan: Come on, lover, let's show them how to do it.

Rex: I wish I could ask you to dance, but I promised your mother I'd deejay.

Mimi: That's okay. It doesn't look like any other couples who should be together are out on the dance floor anyway.

Rex: Yeah, I see what you mean.

I make a lot of noise 'cause the girls they are so pretty ridin' up and down Broadway on my old stud Leroy

Rex: Maybe there's something we can do about that.

Bonnie: Meems! There's my baby little girl! Aren't you going to congratulate your mother? I'm engaged!

Mimi: Congratulations, Mom. I just hope you're not taking advantage of poor old Mr. H.

Bonnie: No, you mean rich old Mr. H.

Mimi: I knew it! You're just about the money!

Bonnie: No, that's not true. I've always said you can love a rich man just as much as you can a poor one. And speaking of which, you would do well to grab yourself a Horton while the gettin's good.

Mimi: This again?

Bonnie: Shawn's back in town, and he's just ripe for the picking.

Mimi: Mother!

Bonnie: I just want my baby girl to be as happy as I am. Ha ha ha. Ha ha!

Julie: Oh, tell me -- tell me it was a nightmare. My Uncle Mickey did not just get engaged to Bonnie Lockhart.

Mickey: Yes, Julie, I did. And I hope that my marriage will have your full support. [Country music blaring]

Shawn-D: You know I'd rather be dancing with you. Dollar prize. 39 keep moving get close are you to crisis mode in terms of not having water?

Billie: After I lost Bo's baby in childbirth, the doctor said I could never have another child.

Hope: I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Billie: That's why I threw myself into my work at the I.S.A. and why after Bo I never had another serious relationship.

Hope: I really am sorry.

Billie: I mean, what's the point? After Georgia died, all my hopes and my dreams of my future went with her. So, you see, Hope, you don't have to worry about me going after Bo, because I've got nothing to give. I've got nothing left to offer him. Whereas you, on the other hand, have given him everything. Not just your love, but the family that he has always wanted. And I would never take that away from him. Not for anything.

Hope: I'm sorry. I really am so sorry for everything you've been through. I wish there was something I could say.

Billie: You know what?

Hope: What?

Billie: I think these ropes are starting to come loose.

Hope: You know what? You're right. I can feel it.

Billie: Okay. Come on, we got to try and get out of here.

Billie: Oh! Go!

Man: Well, well. Looks like I'm just in time.

John: All right, we ought to be getting close to where they're being held.

Bo: We got to get them before DiMera's goon.

Nicole: Uhh! There he is. That's Colin.

Brady: Sorry, Nicole. Looks like bad news.

Tony: Well, I'm afraid that the security on the island has been breached irreparably since our almighty heroes John Black and Bo Brady have arrived uninvited. So Father believes others may come looking for them. So we can't leave any evidence behind.

Bart: You mean...

Tony: Yeah. New Salem will be -- must be -- completely destroyed.

Bart: And all of our guests, what about them?

Tony: Hmm?

Bonnie: Oh, Mickey, I think this is our dance.

Mickey: All right. Excuse us.

Shawn: Well, Julie, shall we give it a go?

Julie: Excuse me?

Shawn: Trip the light fantastic. Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum.

Belle: You really mean it? You want to dance with me?

Her evaluation of my cowboy reputation had me beggin' for salvation all night long so I took her out giggin' frogs introduced her to my old bird dog and sang her every Willie Nelson song I could think of and we made love and I saddle up my horse and I ride into the city I make a lot of noise cause the girls they are so pretty

Mimi: You know, I thought Belle would be able to move on with Philip, but she just looks so miserable. I guess there's nothing we can do.

Rex: You know what? I was gonna stay out of it, but I thought of something we can do. I got the perfect way to get Shawn and Belle back together.

Everybody says save a horse, ride a cowboy

Victor: Caroline, I'm sorry if I upset you. But I won't let my two grandsons fall prey to those -- pardon my language, but those two murdering bitches who tried to kill me.

Caroline: Where are you going?

Victor: I think it's best if you don't know. Good night, Alice.

Alice: Good night, dear.

Maggie: Victor.

Alice: Darling, all you can do is have faith in Mickey's love. Yes, and pray that the two of you will be reunited soon.

Maggie: Before he finds someone else, another woman? It could be too late.

[Country music playing]

Bonnie: I can feel your heart beating next to mine.

Mickey: Oh, Bonnie, I love you.

Bonnie: I love you, too, Mickey.

Julie: Shawn, you're a dear man.

Shawn: But you're turning me down.

Julie: I don't see how this could ever work. My heart will always belong to Doug forever, the same yours will always belong to Caroline.

Shawn: She's all I ever wanted. All I ever needed. I mean, since the day -- since I first laid eyes on her. And I guess that ain't ever gonna change.

Julie: Maybe someday you'll be ready.

Shawn: No. No, I don't think so. You are a smart, beautiful woman, Julie Williams. And you know that, huh?

Julie: I know what true love looks like... and what it doesn't look like.

Shawn: What do you say we get out of here, huh? I'll take you home.

Julie: An excellent idea.

Rex: Okay, listen, I know how much you want Shawn and Belle back together, and I know just how to make that happen.

Mimi: What do you mean? What are you gonna do?

Rex: You're about to find out. Take that.

Mimi: There's only one problem, Rex. If Shawn and Belle get back together, that means you and I are finished for good.

Rex: Attention, ladies and gentlemen. We're gonna add a surprise twist to tonight's contest. Everyone must now change partners with the couple closest to them. If you do not do that, you'll be eliminated. Come on, nobody wants that. After all, this is for charity. Hit the remote, Mimi.

["I'll Be" by Edwin McCain playing]

Jan: This is such B.S.

Philip: Think I like this any more than you do?

Jan: Listen up, you idiot. If we don't do something to stop this now, we're gonna lose a whole lot more than some stupid trophy.

Philip: Shut up.

Belle: Seems like a million years ago we won the dance contest at the last blast -- you remember that?

Shawn-D: I remember.

Belle: Do you remember anything else...about us?

I'll hang from your lips instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

Nicole: No, no. No, this can't be. He was right there.

Brady: Nicole, it's still possible you might have a concussion. You could have imagined the whole thing.

Nicole: No, I'm telling you, I saw him.

Brady: Maybe. But we've got to get out of here before we get caught.

Nicole: No... no.

John: Well, this is it. Cell block number six, vault number one.

Bo: Hope was here. This is her bracelet. She and Billie must have been tied up right in these chairs.

John: Question is, where are they now?

Bo: More to the point, what does DiMera plan on doing with them?

Tony: Well, our prisoners seem to be getting rather antsy. But then of course they won't be around much longer.

Bart: Boss, about what you said -- destroying all the evidence and anyone who was here --

Tony: As well as any evidence of our plan.

Bart: You and the Stefmeister controlling the world's energy. Wow.

Tony: Well, regrettably, we have reached a point where there is no other option.

Bart: But how exactly are we gonna do this? I mean, destroy everything?

Tony: We destroy the island by blowing it up and everything in it.

Sami: We've made a lot of mistakes before we got married, right? Nothing and no one can come between us.

John: He's a whole 'nother animal.

Bo: How so?

John: He won't rest until he destroys all of us.

Hope: You rotten bastard.

Shawn-D: Phil, what was it like to do a virgin?

Mimi: Oh, my God!

Shawn-D: You're gonna be damn sorry you did that.

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