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Singer: Baby, you know my heart is in the right place baby, you know my heart is in the right place baby, you know my heart is in the right place

Sami: Wow.

Lucas: Just a little taste of what you can expect later.

Sami: Oh, Lucas, this is better than any prom could ever be in the whole world. I can't wait to marry you. It's gonna be like a fairy tale. That's right. We'll live happily ever after.

Sami: Yeah, like a storybook ending. And, of course, the best part is, we don't even have to pay for it. Lucas, you're happy that we're having a big wedding, aren't you?

Lucas: Well, I'm happy that you're happy. I'm also very proud of you -- the way you've handled this and worked with my Mom and got Basic Black to sponsor our wedding. It's just -- it's a win-win for everybody.

Sami: Thank you.

Lucas: That's just one more thing my Mom's done to prove that she's on our side.

Sami: [Thinking] No, she's not on our side. She's a bitch, and I have to get her before she gets me.

Kate: Sami Brady is the biggest scam artist I know.

Eugenia: She sure is.

Kate: She's using my corporate clout to finance her wedding, but she's not going to get away with it.

Eugenia: Hmm. Well, like my Papa always said, there isn't anything in this life that's free. Sami's gonna pay. And she's gonna pay in a big way.

Kate: [Chuckles]

Jan: Shawn, what are we doing here?

Shawn-D: I told you, I want to get a couple beers. Rex, how about a couple drafts, huh?

Rex: Shawn, what are you doing here?

Shawn-D: I just told you, I want to get a couple beers.

Rex: You just got out of the hospital. Don't you think that while you're recovering from brain surgery, you shouldn't be drinking?

Shawn-D: No, no, actually, I'm thinking you should fill up a couple mugs and you should bring them over here. Sooner than later would be nice.

Jan: Shawn, you know, I was really looking forward to taking you home, so I can make love to you. I think that once we're together again, you won't want to do anything anymore.

Shawn-D: It's not gonna happen, Jan.

Belle: I'm not sure I'm up to this.

Mimi: Look, Belle, Jan is taking Shawn home to bed. You need to turn the page.

Belle: I know it's over between Shawn and me, but I really don't feel like celebrating.

Mimi: We're not celebrating. We're trying to get you thinking about something other than Shawn.

Belle: I've been trying really hard.

Mimi: I know. I know. That's why I called in reinforcements.

Philip: Philip Kiriakis reporting for duty, ma'am.

Belle: How sweet.

Philip: And I promise that I will do my duty and show you a good time tonight, and all of your problems will be forgotten.

Belle: I hope so.

Philip: Come on.

Abe: Well, we've got to be ready at a moment's notice to get all the prisoners to move out of New Salem.

Tek: Hey, look, I'm sure everybody's more than ready to get the hell out of here.

Abe: I don't know which is worse -- our families mourning us, thinking that we've been killed by the Salem Stalker, or us, knowing that they've moved on with their lives.

Tek: Well, you're not gonna have to worry about that pretty soon.

Abe: Yeah, you're probably right. But when I think of everything that Stefano did -- to fake our killings, frame Marlena, bring us here, keep us here -- it's hard to believe we'll ever be able to escape.

Tek: Once John and Roman find Bo, Hope, and Billie, they should be able to find the power source that controls the tides, and we can get on a boat out of here and say goodbye to this Godforsaken island for good.

Abe: But I don't wanna leave anybody behind. So let's just hope that John, Roman, and the others run into Brady and Nicole out there in the jungle.

Tek: I hate to make matters worse, but I got some bad news for Victor and Caroline, too.

Abe: What is it?

Victor: I'm just furious that Nicole has gotten her talons into my grandson.

Caroline: I'm worried about you, Victor. Let the justice system take care of Nicole. It's not your job.

Victor: Justice system. We're on a Godforsaken isle in the middle of nowhere.

Caroline: And we're about to go home.

Victor: Hopefully.

Caroline: Three commanders of the Salem P.D. are stranded here with us. Now, if Nicole killed Colin and she tried to kill you -- why are you so stubborn? Why don't you tell Abe or Roman, Bo, Tek? I'm frightened for you when you get this way.

Victor: Caroline, believe me, the only person you need to be frightened for is Nicole.

Bo: Why have you thrown me in solitary? What have you done with Roman, Hope, and Billie? Damn.

Nicole: Colin Murphy? Aah! Aah! [Nicole screaming]

Bo: Hope! Billie! [Nicole screaming]

Billie: Who is that?

Hope: I have no idea. As far as I know, we're the only ones in the compound.

Billie: Well, then who else could it be?

Hope: Maybe someone escaped New Salem to try to rescue us. I don't know.

Billie: Well, if she did and DiMera and these goons have hurt her, she's a dead woman walking.

Tony: I want a full security alert.

Bart: I'm checking the monitors, boss. All prisoners are accounted for. I don't know where that scream is coming from.

Tony: You know what? I'll check it out myself. [Nicole screaming]

Brady: Dad!

John: No!

Brady: Dad! No!! Dad!

John: Aah!

Brady: Dad! Hang on, please!

John: You don't have to beg, son!

Bo: [Thinking] I've gotta get Hope out of this hellhole. [Thinking] DiMera's got all these cells on closed circuit. Doors and vents are electrified. There's gotta be a way out of here. [Aloud] I've got it. This just might work. Hold on, Fancy Face. I'm gonna get you out of this place.

Hope: [Groans] I wish I knew who was screaming and why she stopped.

Billie: Well, if she did come to rescue us, she's alerted the goons by now.

Hope: She sounded like she was scared to death.

Billie: I don't blame her.

Hope: Well, neither do I. What do you think DiMera's gonna do to us? Why do you think he had us taken out of that other holding cell?

Billie: And what's he gonna do to John and Roman and Bo?

Hope: If he wanted us dead, he wouldn't have wasted his time knocking us out with those poison darts.

Billie: Well, maybe he wants to kill us now.

Hope: Ha ha. I keep thinking I'm living my worst nightmare, and it just keeps getting worse.

Tony: What the hell is going on here? And which one of you was screaming like a banshee?

Billie: It was me. We were fighting. You know, Hope and I don't really get along too well. And now you've got me tied up to this bitch.

Brady: I'm coming after you!

Brady: Dad! Grab my feet!

Brady: Hang on, Dad. I'm slipping. All right! Climb up!

John: Hold on, son. Hold on, son, you're doing great. Hold on.

Brady: Boy, that was damn close.

John: That was a fact.

Brady: Are you all right?

John: I wasn't using that little piggy that much, anyway. I gotta stop this bleeding. You got something to cauterize with?

Brady: I got some matches. Hang on, I'm right there. I'm on it.

John: Hurry up. It's really bleeding.

Brady: Are you ready?

John: Yeah, just light it, and stick it right on there.

Brady: Yeah, come on.

John: Go, go, stick it on! Stick it on! Aah! Is there another way out here? Is there another way out of here?

Brady: No, Dad, I think that was it. That fan wasn't on before, you know, when I came in. I think we're trapped. We've got to go find Nicole. We gotta figure out if she's okay or not.

Nicole: I... okay.

Nicole: Okay...

Victor: I have never allowed the authorities to handle my problems before, and I'm not about to start now. I will take care of Nicole myself -- once and for all.

Caroline: What are you going to do to her?

Victor: It's best if you don't know.

Caroline: Victor, please.

Victor: Caroline, I've said too much already.

Caroline: Oh --

Tek: Excuse me. I have some news from back in Salem that concerns the both of you. I'm sorry I didn't say it to you before.

Victor: What is it?

Tek: It's about your grandson Shawn.

Caroline: But Bo and John said he left town, and he wasn't in touch.

Victor: Did you find him? Is he all right?

Tek: Yeah. He had a serious motorcycle accident.

Caroline: Dear God, no. Oh, please don't tell me --

Tek: No, no, he sustained a head injury. He almost didn't make it, but Lexie performed an operation that saved his life. She says she thinks he's gonna be okay.

Caroline: Thank you, God.

Victor: So, what's the prognosis?

Tek: Lexie told me that Shawn wasn't himself after the surgery -- possibly a side effect.

Victor: How so?

Tek: Well, for one, he broke up with his girlfriend.

Caroline: Belle?

Tek: Now he's... engaged to somebody else.

Victor: Who?

Tek: Somebody named Jan Spears.

Shawn-D: What the hell are you looking at?

Rex: Nothing.

Shawn-D: Cheers. What, you're not drinking?

Jan: No, you know, I really just want to go home.

Shawn-D: All right, Jan, I like hanging out with you. I just don't want to live with you.

Jan: Why not? We're engaged.

Shawn-D: I just don't, okay?

Jan: Okay, but don't you remember our time at my... country house and we were so romantic, so sexy, You don't remember?

Shawn-D: Yeah, I remember. Tonight, I just wanna have a good time. No pressure.

Shawn-D: Please let me show you that you're the only woman I could ever want. Kiss me.

Jan: Oh, you're gorgeous. Please make love to me now. You know, it was easier when you were tied down.

Shawn-D: Tied down? Whoa, whoa, hold on a second. I don't want to be tied down. I wanna be free, I wanna enjoy myself. Hell, I've been in a hospital bed.

Jan: Well, I think it's time you come home to our bed. That way, I can give you some tasty sexual healing.

Mimi: I'm so sorry. I had no idea they would be here.

Belle: That's okay, Mimi. I'm probably gonna run into them all the time. I have to learn to get used to it.

Mimi: I'm still sorry. I mean, it's gotta be really hard to get over Shawn when you see him with Jan every time you turn a corner.

Belle: I'll be okay.

Mimi: Are you sure?

Belle: Yeah.

Mimi: Okay. I'm gonna leave you two alone. I'm gonna go talk to Rex.

Philip: All right. Well, I think you're handling things really well. And I'm sorry that Shawn is acting like this.

Belle: I don't wanna think about this anymore, okay?

Philip: Good idea.

Belle: Sami and Lucas are so happy. I hope I find that kind of love someday.

Philip: You will.

Lucas: I cannot wait to get you home later.

Sami: Ha ha ha. Mmm...

Lucas: That's right. You know, I think Will's gonna be cool with staying at Grandma Kate's, so we're clear.

Sami: We better be. I'm gonna go to the bar and get something to drink. Do you want a soda or something?

Lucas: No, I'm fine.

Sami: You sure are.

Kate: Ix-nay on the an-play. So, um, I just want the wedding to be perfect, you know? It means so much to my son, and I committed myself to supporting the marriage, and I gave my word. I'm not gonna go back on that.

Eugenia: You're a good woman for saying that.

Eugenia: A better woman than Sami Brady.

Sami: Okay, okay, enough. Since when did you two get all...cozy?

Kate: I heard Eugenia was having some hard times, so I offered her a job at Basic Black, and she turned me down. Apparently, she doesn't want to work anyplace close to you because of that debacle at the hospital.

Eugenia: You forced me to break the rules, remember, Sami? And it cost me my career. Now, you've got a new job and you're engaged to a wonderful guy. You've got it all, and I -- I don't even get tips. But judgment day is coming for you, Sami Brady. Oh... it's coming.

Sami: All right, Kate, I want the truth. Obviously, you and Miss "Hold a Grudge" are out to get me. So let's just have it. I know that you're not gonna be happy until I lose Lucas and Will and everything that's important to me.

Will: Mom, you promised not to fight with Grandma Kate anymore.

Lucas: Yeah, that's right, Mom, Sami. You guys fighting?

Lucas: Come on, you guys promised to get along.

Kate: I was just telling Sami how much I support your decision to get married, and obviously, she has a problem with that.

Sami: Yeah, my problem is that you're lying. I know that you're out to get me, okay? I know it.

Lucas: Just calm down, Sami. I'll take you home, okay?

Sami: Good. At least it'll get me away from her.

Lucas: Enough. Uh, Mom, are you gonna be okay with Will? That's all right?

Kate: Will and I will have a great time.

Sami: Don't try to fill his head with lies about me, okay?

Kate: I think a little paranoia therapy and anger management would do you a lot of good, Sami.

Sami: You want to know what would do you a lot of good?

Lucas: Back to your corners, ladies. The round's over. That's enough.

Sami: All right. Will, I'm sorry, honey. Um, have fun, okay? And be good.

Will: I will. Have fun, guys.

Sami: Oh, honey, be sure not to tip the coat check girl.

Will: Mom's right, isn't she?

Kate: About what?

Will: You really do hate her. Don't you?

Rex: Look, what's going on? You all right?

Mimi: Yeah. I'm fine, really.

Jan: From now on, it's your job to see that Belle and Shawn stay apart. And if you don't do exactly as I say, I'll make sure that Rex finds out that you killed his baby.

Rex: [Groans] Those two so don't belong together. He and Belle are both miserable.

Mimi: I think...

Rex: Yeah?

Mimi: Maybe we should just stay out of it and mind our own business.

Jan: Just ignore her. She's just trying to get her little hooks into you again. Come on, think about us. I really wish you could remember how close we were this summer when you proposed to me.

Shawn-D: It's just so weird that I did that out of the blue, because I don't like to be pinned down... until I can get all my memory back.

Jan: Nicole, it's me.

Nicole: Jan, my buddy in crime, to what do I owe the honor?

Jan: I was just calling to tell you that I'm a genius.

Nicole: [Laughs] Really? How is that?

Jan: Things just keep getting better and better with Shawn. I mean, his personality is completely different since the accident. He's angry all the time, but I can live with that. Because what pisses him off the most is all that stuff with Belle and Philip. Which he's starting to remember, except that he thinks he saw it for real. But he doesn't remember anything about being my love slave or a whole bunch of other things.

Nicole: Well, he will eventually, and when he does, you'll be a long-term resident at the women's central jail.

Belle: He should never have left the hospital, and he definitely shouldn't be drinking. What if something happens to him?

Philip: Well, I hope to hell that nothing does happen to him, but, Belle, Shawn really isn't your problem anymore.

Man: Hey. It's my game, pal.

Shawn-D: There was no one here...pal.

Man: I went to get a beer, little man.

Shawn-D: Okay, you go get a beer, you lose your place. Sorry.

Man: Ha ha ha. Oh, this is gonna be fun.

Belle: Oh, no. Shawn will get himself killed.

Tony: You know, if you only stayed where you belonged, the accommodations would've been much more pleasing. I can't say you didn't try. But you've made your bed. Now, I don't want to hear any more screaming coming from this cell, because I promise you, there will be repercussions.

Hope: "Bitch"?

Billie: I was trying to sell it.

Hope: Oh, you sold it all right. Why'd you tell him it was you?

Billie: I don't know who was screaming, but it was obviously someone DiMera wasn't expecting. You know, we don't know who else is on the island. But I'll tell you one thing -- any enemy of that slug is a friend of mine.

Hope: Agreed. Let's try to get our hands out of these ropes.

Billie: Right.

Hope: We can't just wait here for the men to rescue us.

Billie: [Laughs] That wouldn't be our style.

Hope: You got that right, Billie. My grandmother's on this island and my Dad and my cousin Jennifer. We're the ones they're counting on. We've got to get out of here and rescue them before it's too late.

Billie: I'm with you. But there's, uh, one thing I think we need to clear up between us first. It's about Bo.

Hope: It's impossible to clear up anything between you, me, and Bo. You know what? I don't want to talk about it right now.

Billie: Look, I just wanna explain what you saw earlier.

Hope: I know what I saw, okay? I know what I saw. Bo was kissing you because you asked him to. He already told me that.

Billie: That's what he told you?

Hope: All right, you want to talk about this? I have one question for you. Are you here to destroy my marriage? Just answer me.

[Metallic object drops]

Bo: [Thinking] This will either short out this bad boy or fry me like a shrimp won ton.

Bo: All right.

Tony: I must say, I'm entertained by your feeble attempt to escape. You try a stunt like that once more, I promise you, I'll increase the voltage to the point where you'll be burned beyond recognition.

Bo: Who was screaming earlier? Was it Hope or Billie?

Tony: Huh. You seem just as concerned about Miss Reed as you do Hope. Ex-lover or wife? I wonder which one you'd prefer to see survive her captivity.

Bo: You son of a bitch.

Tony: Well, if you're unwilling to make the choice, I'll make it for you.

Bo: What are you gonna do?

Tony: You'll just have to wait and see, won't you?

Bo: DiMera! Damn it. [Electricity crackling]

Bo: Hell.

Brady: You know what? I have an idea.

Brady: Bombs away!

John: Ha ha ha ha! Very nice.

Brady: All right, Dad, you go first.

Brady: Whoa!

Nicole: He's still alive.

Tony: Our special guest has a visitor.  

Sami: Ha ha! Lucas!

Lucas: You like it?

Sami: It's perfect.

Lucas: Well, good. Just practicing a little for our honeymoon. Tonight is about you and me. And no more talking about my Mom, all right?

Kate: You're looking haggard, Sami.

Sami: No.

Lucas: What?

Sami: I mean, um, no, I want to start with you. Ha ha.

Lucas: That's okay then.

Sami: Ha ha ha.

Kate: Lucas will never love someone who hates his mother.

Sami: Shut up.

Lucas: I didn't say a word.

Sami: Oh. Lucas, shut up and kiss me.

Kate: Eww. Those onion rings gave you bad breath.

Lucas: What? What? What is it?

Sami: No, uh, maybe I should go brush my teeth.

Lucas: You're not going anywhere.

Kate: Throw your head back like that, you're gonna need a chiropractor.

Sami: Would you just get out of here?

Lucas: What? What is the matter with you?

Kate: Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!

Rex: Hey!

Philip: Shawn, stop! What are you doing? Stop! Stop!

Belle: Philip, no!

Shawn-D: Give me your best shot. Go ahead.

Tony: I trust Mr. Murphy -- he's enjoying his extended slumber.

Tony: You know, that camera is not scanning properly.

Bart: It's probably just jammed.

Tony: Well, I think it's time our patient gets another injection.

Bart: Yes, sir.

Brady: Whoa! That was close.

John: Yeah, a lot of that going around lately.

Brady: All right, listen, Dad, we need to find Nicole fast. If the power comes back on in these vents, we're dead.

John: That's a fact. All right, here's what we're gonna do. You find Nicole. This vent splits in two. I'm gonna go left, you go right. I'm gonna free up our prisoners and shut down the power source on this island. When you see the lights go out, meet me at our prearranged rendezvous outside the bunker. You got it?

Brady: 10-4.

John: Good luck, son. Be good.

Hope: You said you wanted to talk about it, so answer me. Are you here to destroy my marriage?

Billie: No. I swear.

Hope: Then why did you kiss him?

Billie: I was going away on a very dangerous assignment. I wasn't sure I'd ever see Bo again. Or anyone else, for that matter. I was just saying goodbye.

Hope: Looked like more than a goodbye kiss to me.

Billie: Okay. I'll admit it. I wanted to see if it would still affect me. You know, I've been with a lot of guy-- I've been with a few guys since Bo, but I've never felt anything as deeply as I have when I was with him. He was my one great love. I guess I just... wanted to see if it would still feel the same.

Hope: Did it?

Bo: [Thinking] Gotta find Hope. So... I gotta do this.

John: Stop right there. You touch that lock, you're a dead man. I found a way out. Come on.

Lucas: What's wrong with you? Why did you just tell me to get out?

Sami: Lucas, I'm sorry. It's just sometimes when I'm feeling insecure, I... start imagining things.

Lucas: Well, like what?

Sami: It doesn't matter. Right? Because everything's gonna be perfect. Lucas, I love you so much. And we can handle anything, right, as long as we do it together.

Lucas: Don't worry, okay? I will always be here for you and Will. And I promise to make you proud as a husband and a dad.

Sami: I wanna make you proud of me.

Lucas: You already have.

Kate: Are you all right?

Philip: I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?

Belle: What were you thinking? Philip was just trying to help.

Shawn-D: I didn't need a rescue from the Cub Scouts. Okay? I was doing just fine on my own.

Belle: You're in no condition to be fighting.

Shawn-D: This is none of your damn business, all right?

Philip: Don't talk to her that way.

Shawn-D: Listen, pal, when I'm feeling a little bit better, why don't you and I deal with this man-to-man, huh?

Kate: He's doing you a favor.

Philip: Look, why don't I just take you home? I'm sure this is very uncomfortable for you here.

Jan: You don't love her anymore, remember? You love me.

Philip: Let's go home.

Belle: No. I wanna stay. I'm going to have a good time tonight... with you.

Philip: Really?

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: Well, in that case, I'm going to give you a night you'll never forget.

Rex: Okay, wait, you don't want Belle and Shawn back together? What changed your mind?

Jan's voice: If you don't want Rex to know about your abortion, then you'd better get behind Shawn and me spending the rest of our lives together.

Mimi: Rex...

Rex: Yes.

Mimi: I have something important to tell you.

Shawn-D: I don't feel like hanging here talking.

Jan: Okay. Then what do you want to do?

Sami: Oh, Lucas. If that was just a preview... our honeymoon is gonna be perfect.

Hope: I don't even know why I'm asking, but you know the answer, even if you won't admit it.

Billie: Hope... I'll be honest with you. Kissing Bo made me realize I still have feelings for him.

Billie: I'll never get over him.

Bo: John, we need to find Hope and Billie. I heard one of them scream.

John: No, that was someone else.

Bo: Who?

John: Nicole.

Bo: What the hell is she doing here?

John: It's a long story, but I'm sure it's gonna add up to trouble.

Tony: Would you be more careful, you imbecile? You squirted some of that on my hand. Make sure the rest of that gets into the patient.

Bart: Yes, sir.

Bart: Oops.

Tony: What happened?

Bart: I think maybe death.

Tony: Don't let that happen.

Bart: No, no. Don't die. If you die, I die. Don't.

Nicole: [Muffled cry]

Brady: Colin Murphy? Nicole, that is insane.

Nicole: I swear I saw him with my own eyes.

Billie: I can't have any children anymore ever.

Bo: She's here. This is her bracelet. She and Billie must've been tied up right in these chairs.

John: The question is, where are they now?

Bo: What is DiMera planning on doing with them?

Tony: Father, we must proceed with the doomsday scenario at once.

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