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Shawn-D: All that accident did was knock some sense into me. It opened my eyes to something I should've seen a long time ago. Jan kept saying that you were sleeping with Philip, and she was right.

Belle: That is not true. And if Jan told you that, then she's lying.

Shawn-D: The hell she was! I didn't wanna believe it at first, either. But then I saw it with my own eyes time and time again.

Abe: All right, man.

Tek: You know, thanks for the grand tour of New Salem. It was very impressive, but all the same, I hope I won't be staying here very long. This is crazy.

Abe: Well, I hope that none of us will be. I mean, now that people have come looking for us. You've actually found us. I mean, you've given us the first real hope we've had in a long time. Tek, look, look. Does anyone in Salem know what's really going on?

Tek: I mean, Lexie knows that we dug up the bodies and that your casket was empty, but, I mean, until you can really see this with your own eyes, it's hard to believe. All the victims of the Salem serial killer are alive, it's -- I-I mean...

Abe: Yeah, well, imagine how I felt when I got here. I mean, I was the only one here. I thought I was dead. I thought I'd crossed over, I was in purgatory. I'll tell you something, man, I kept waiting for one of the saints to walk up to me and give me the thumbs up or the thumbs down.

Tek: Ha, I can imagine. So, I mean, you really think -- you think that DiMera's masterminding this whole thing? I mean, they -- they -- they framed Marlena for murders she never committed.

Abe: And actually made her think that she was guilty. I mean, who else on the planet could do this? Who else would do this? No, this is DiMera all the way.

Tek: Well, then forget purgatory, he's put us in hell.

Abe: Yeah, but it's a hell that we can get out of. That's why I have Doug watching the mansion. And if Tony leaves, Doug follows him. The most important thing is that Maggie got everyone ready to escape as soon as the others get back.

Tek: If they get back.

Bo: What do you think DiMera did with Hope and Billie? Where'd those goons take 'em?

Roman: Hey, listen, we're gonna get out of here. We're all gonna get off this island.

John: At least he demagnetized the floor so we can move around. But the fact is we are close to the power source, which means we're close to solving this whole thing.

Bo: Damn right we are, 'cause all the answers are right here. This scum is a DiMera spy.

Patrick: And what? He threw me in here to make it look good? It's my job to be a spy and inform on your next move? Does that sound about right? Ha. Well, hey, guys, don't all chime in at once. I'm no spy. What do I have to do to prove it?

John: You can't.

Patrick: I'm just a prisoner like the rest of you.

Roman: Well, now you sound like Tony DiMera. That's what he tried to make us believe about him.

Bo: You are a DiMera spy. You were put with us to undermine everything we do. You told him where we were on the island so his goons could pick us up.

Tony: Oh, my. Watching their feeble escape attempts is becoming rather amusing. Hmm. Ah, and my other guest -- resting comfortably. Hmm... holding cells are becoming rather crowded. I do hope, John, that you and your band of mighty warriors are the last of the uninvited guests. Hmm.

Brady: Stop!

Nicole: [Gasps]

Bart: Hey, Count.

Tony: Hey, Bart. What?

Bart: The ladies are all settled in, comfy cozy. Man, would I like to get lost in a Jacuzzi with those two. They are knockouts, boss. No pun intended. What does Bo Brady have that I don't have, I mean, to get two hot babes like Billie and Hope to go for him?

Tony: You know, there are mysteries of the universe, Bart, to which we will never know the answer.

Nicole: I want you, too, Brady, but I thought you were focusing on finding your father first.

Brady: Nicole, I knocked you over because you nearly hit a trip wire.

Nicole: Oh.

Brady: Come on. [Grunts] Oh, my God. It's a security camera, and it's panning this way.

Bart: Okay, everything's quiet outside the compound.

Tony: Let's hope it remains that way.

Bart: Yes, sir. So, what's the deal with this Patrick Lockhart? I mean, is he with us or against us?

Tony: It remains to be seen. As of right now, consider him to be a traitor to the cause.

Patrick: I swear I am not working for DiMera. For God's sake, Bo, didn't you listen to your wife? Hope was with me when I was almost killed trying to save Jennifer. I delivered her baby. I risked my life in the jungle trying to find and save Jack.

Bo: Yeah, you're a real friggin' boy scout.

Patrick: Ha ha. There's not a damn thing I can say, is there?

Roman: Well, then, let's get off the subject. We can't worry about which side Patrick's on. If he's not with us, he's not gonna help us. So we gotta let it go 'cause our one and only priority is to get the hell outta here.

Bo: Well, we sure as hell can't break that glass. In the first place, it's gotta be at least a foot thick.

John: No, even if we did break the glass, the water pressure rushing in would crush us. And if we survived that, God only knows how far it is to the surface.

Patrick: Or what could be waiting for us when we get there.

Roman: Yeah. And I guarantee ya, all these cells probably -- probably got cameras, security cameras. Now, listen, it's a long shot, but maybe if we talk in a whisper, they won't be able to pick up our voices. So, let's at least give it a try.

Bo: The only problem is he took everything from us when we were captured. We got nothing to pick a lock.

John: You're wrong, Bo. They didn't get everything. We can use this little multi-purpose tool here to pick the lock. Just stay between me and the camera, and let's go to work.

Bo: John! Are you hurt? Easy, easy.

John: [Breathing heavily]

Bo: Get this thing off.

Bart: Wow! Did you see that? John just got fried.

Tony: Oh, please. Yeah, it's shocking, isn't it? Positively shocking. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Bo: John, John. John, talk to us. Hey, wake up, man. John! Come on, man. John. Hey.

Roman: Oh, no.

John: Damn! Those locks were booby trapped!

Roman: Hey, are you okay? Are you okay?

John: Yeah, I'm just burned up a little bit. Aah! [Whirring]

Bo: What?

Tony: That's right, John. And the next time the charge will be increased to be strong enough to kill you.

Bo: What the hell have you done with Hope and Billie?

Tony: Oh, stop sniveling, will you? They're fine. They're resting. Matter of fact, I would recommend you do the same. Any further attempts to escape are futile.

Roman: Why are you doing this to us, Tony?

Tony: Well, if I let you know, it would spoil the surprise. Heh heh heh.

Bo: That bastard.

John: All right, men. We gotta bust outta here and destroy that power source now.

Roman: Yeah. You know what? I am convinced that it not only runs this bunker, New Salem, and the force field, but it probably controls the sea itself.

Bo: Well, that's going a little far, don't you think?

Roman: Think about it, the seas are always high and dangerous. And when have you ever seen the tide run out?

John: No, he's right. Tides, currents, breezes -- onshore constantly, all the time.

Roman: That's why we hadn't been able to launch a raft without it being scuttled. There's not a doubt in my mind that disabling that power source is the key to getting off of the island.

John: I agree.

Patrick: So do I. But how do we get out of here to find it?

Bo: Well, there's an air vent high on the wall behind me.

Patrick: No, we'll never get to it without the cameras seeing us.

John: All right, Bo, you and Roman engage in conversation in front of the camera. Patrick, you come with me.

Bo: Hold on. Hold on. You really wanna involve him?

John: No. We don't have much choice, though, do we?

Bo: All right.

John: All right, hoist me up.

Patrick: Okay. Okay.

Abe: Yeah, well, you're right. Who knows what those guys will run into out there in the jungle? Then, you know, you shouldn't have let Brady and Nicole go off on their own.

Tek: Yeah, I know. It's just Brady is just as stubborn as his old man John.

Abe: Well, not quite, but he's close.

Tek: Maybe I should just go back out there and look for 'em.

Abe: No. We've gotta ensure the safety of everyone here in New Salem. It might be up to us to get them back to their loved ones in the real Salem, like Lexie and Theo.

Tek: Right.

Abe: So, Lexie knows that I might be alive?

Tek: I mean, all she really knows is your body's missing. She saw you dead, Abe. I mean, she pronounced all the victims dead. It's -- I mean, it's hard to fathom, as you can imagine.

Abe: You seemed uncomfortable when I asked you earlier. I know you don't know Lexie all that well, but you would tell me if you heard anything. Has Lexie met someone that she might be interested in?

Lexie: [Gasps]

Tek: I gotta be honest with you, Abe. I have been spending quite a bit of time with your -- your wife and son.

Shawn-D: How long did it take you to jump in the sack with Philip? Two days? Three?

Belle: No! I was waiting for you to come back, praying that I'd hear from you. You promised that you would be in touch.

Shawn-D: And what would it matter? I saw you with Philip eating strawberries and cream at Titan, line dancing at Alice's, and right here on this sofa snuggling up with him.

Jan: And when Shawn got home, you wouldn't believe how angry and upset he was.

Belle: I don't understand. How did you see those things?

Shawn-D: So, you're admitting that it happened?

Belle: No! Sort of, but you've got the details all wrong. I thought you were out of town. Why didn't you come talk to me? Then none of this would have happened. What, were you spying on me? Why?

Shawn-D: Obviously, I knew I couldn't trust you!

Belle: Well, where were you hiding, in the closet, on the fire escape? I mean, how could you possibly have seen me?

Shawn-D: I don't remember exactly, but I know what I saw.

Belle: No, you don't. There's a lot you don't remember, like what really happened. Don't you see? There's something seriously wrong here. Look, there are two things that you can't trust here. You can't trust her! You never could. Do you remember that? And I'm sorry, but you can't trust your memory. You had a head injury. You had major surgery. You're confused. I mean, how could you possibly not remember where you were when you were watching us?

Jan: Whoo, now that is what I call x-rated. Belle hits the sheets with boy toy. And this is only the opening scene. Can you imagine how hot it's gonna get?

Belle: Why can't you remember, Shawn? Are you sure that you were really even here?

Shawn-D: I had to have been here and all those other places, because I-I remember seeing you and Philip very clearly here at the loft, and -- and at his mom's office at Titan, and at Alice's, and -- and worst of all, in bed together at the Green Mountain Lodge. I-I had to have been there, because how else would I have known that you were at all those places? You were there, weren't you? I remember seeing you. You were there.

Jan: You're the one that he can't trust. You know, it makes me sick to think about how badly Shawn's been hurt by you.

Belle: I cannot believe that you were here all of those times when I was worried sick about you! I was terrified that you had been hurt or killed. I mean, how could you be here and not let me know? I mean, how could you not come to me when you found out that my Mother had been shot and killed? Or did you just decide that that's what she deserved? Is that why you didn't come see me?

Shawn-D: No. No, when I found out that your mother was dead, I felt terrible, okay? There were so many things that I wanted to come here and tell you --

Jan: Shawn did come back to you, Belle. He wanted to talk to you, but every time that he tried, he found you in Philip's arms.

Nicole: Okay, Brady, first it was the trip wires. What's your excuse this time?

Brady: Trip wires, security cameras, armed guards -- who the hell rigged this place?

Nicole: Well, I can honestly live without that answer.

Brady: You just wanted to stow away, didn't you?

Nicole: Sorry. I feel safer with you than without you.

Brady: I'm sorry, too, 'cause I'm not leaving this island until I find my Father and Bo, so no regrets.

Nicole: No. Being in this position is what I live for. Ha ha.

Brady: Excuse me.

Nicole: Okay. Wait. Yeah. Who do you think is watching us?

Brady: I don't know, and I don't want to wait to find out. You ready?

Nicole: Yeah, I'm ready.

Brady: Let's go.

Bart: Excuse me, Count D. Count D., did you just see something?

Tony: Like what?

Bart: Like a shadow on the -- on the perimeter camera.

Tony: No.

Bart: All right, me neither. The Salem super cops seem quiet.

Tony: Hmm, too quiet. So where's John and Patrick?

Bart: They're -- they're probably just off-camera, boss. John's still sucking his thumb after that jolt he got. Ha ha ha. Patrick's just -- probably just taking care of him.

Tony: Now I think it's time we're going to find out whose side Mr. Lockhart's on and then treat him accordingly.

Bart: He may be sucking his thumb next, right, boss? Ha ha ha ha.

Tony: Why don't you check on the women again, and then get back here? I'll see to Lockhart.

Bart: Yes, sir.

John: Good job. You all right, man?

Patrick: Yeah, don't worry about it. I hurt my shoulder in the jungle.

Bo: Aw, you poor thing.

Patrick: Saving Hope's life.

Bo: You're the reason she's here in the first place.

Patrick: Ha ha. You know what, man? I'm sick of it. It's time to teach you some manners.

Bo: Bring it on, pretty boy.

Roman: Hey, hey. Save it till we get out of here. John, what'd you do to that camera up there?

John: I jammed it. It's going to show a continuous image of you and Bo talking. Eventually Tony's going to see that Patrick and I aren't in the picture. Hopefully, when that time comes, we're going to be long gone. Now, we need to make a human ladder here. Patrick's got a bum shoulder, so, Roman, you climb up on me, Bo, you go up on Roman. You get inside that grille and get us out of here.

Bo: All right, man.

John: Let's go.

Bo: What the --

Tony: Well, I trust you've recovered from your shocking experience.

John: Yeah, I'm fine. So what do you want?

Tony: Oh, John, I know you all well -- too well. Except Mr. Lockhart. I need to make your acquaintance. Patrick... if you'd be so kind.

Tony: So if there's anything you need or want...

Bo: Yeah, your head on a platter.

Tony: Ha ha. Good.

Bo: Thank you.

Roman: Hey, you know what? That's all the proof I need.

Bo: I'm with you there.

Roman: That's all the proof I need to know that Lockhart's been working for DiMera all along.

Bo: I agree.

John: I'm not so sure. And if he was, why wouldn't he tell Tony about that camera?

Bo: Give him time.

John: All right, let's forget about Patrick. Let's get out of here.

Bo: All right.

John: All right, give Roman a boost.

Bo: All right.

John: Up on the shoulders, Roman -- here we go.

Roman: Ready?

Bo: Yeah.

John: Go right on up. Here we go. Right on up.

Roman: Okay. All right, you all right there, John?

John: Yep. Just keep it moving. I'll be fine.

Roman: All right. That's it.

John: Good.

Roman: All right. Okay, little brother, let's go. Come on.

Bo: Is it all right, John?

John: Yep. Okay, go on. You're fine, you're fine.

Roman: There you go.

John: That's it.

Roman: Keep coming, yeah. There you go. Okay.

Bo: All right? You all right?

Roman: Yeah, bring it up.

John: Go on up on top. Keep going.

Roman: Keep moving.

Bo: Okay, I'm up.

Tony: All right, leave us.

Man: Are you okay alone with this guy, Mr. DiMera?

Bart: I got him, Crawford.

Patrick: Was all this really necessary?

Tony: I like to keep up appearances. So tell me, Patrick -- whose side are you on? Mine... or the boys in blue from Salem?

Patrick: Yours, of course, Count DiMera... as I've been from the beginning.

Abe: Hey, you know, I appreciate you keeping an eye on my family. So, uh... ha ha -- then you would know if Lexie was dating anyone.

Tek: Really, she spends most of her free time with her son and her mother. I mean, I-I drop by every time I get a chance.

Abe: Yeah, I-I know, uh, I know Lexie got that letter that I-I sent her on Theo's birthday. I told her that I wanted her to... move on if something ever happened to me, find love again.

Tek: Yeah, I know, I know. I delivered the letter to Lexie myself. She was very emotional when she read it. She said it was something that she didn't think she could ever do, but she loved you for saying it.

Abe: So then even though I've been gone for more than a year, she won't --

Tek: Look, Abe, she hasn't forgotten about you. I don't think she could ever forget about you. She -- she loves you. I'm sure she always will.

Abe: Well, well, okay, then that's more reason for us to get the hell off of this island. You know, everybody else might not be as lucky as I am, so it's important that we get them back to their wives and husbands before they move on without them.

Tek: Yeah.

Bo: Oh!

Roman: Hey, how's it going up there?

Bo: Not so good. I can't get these screws undone with my fingers.

Roman: Well, maybe my belt buckle's thin enough to use as a screwdriver. Let me get it off. John, you okay down there?

John: Yeah, but anything you could do to expedite this procedure would help us all.

Roman: All right, Bo. Here you go, little brother. Take it.

Bo: Got it.

John: Come on, Bo. It's only a matter of time before they figure out that damn camera's been jammed.

Bo: Yeah. This works.

Tony: Really. You're on my side. You have a lot of explaining to do. You were hired to deliver Jennifer Deveraux.

Patrick: Actually, I was blackmailed.

Tony: Regardless, you are on the payroll, and you consistently ignored and countermanded direct orders.

Patrick: Jennifer was pregnant. I thought it was too risky.

Tony: You're not paid to think!

Bart: I'll vouch for that.

Tony: Shut up. Now, it's because of you that John, Hope, and Bo are here -- oh -- ahead of schedule, and there are other people in Salem like that damn police officer Thomas Kramer who knows that some bodies are missing.

Patrick: Hope, Bo, and John may be here early, but they're your prisoners. As far as I know, that cop Tek has no idea where they've gone. I'm sure he thinks they're dead. So your so-called problems are nonexistent, and my loyalty is as it's always been -- to you and the DiMera's.

Tony: I don't believe you.

Bart: Uh-oh.

Belle: Philip was there for me, Shawn, because you weren't. He was there as a friend.

Shawn-D: Right, right. And every time I saw the two of you, I was hit in the face with betrayal.

Jan: Shawn kept coming 'cause he wanted to talk to you. I mean, I told him to stop torturing himself, but he kept insisting that he had to see you and work things out, do the right thing.

Shawn-D: But that all ended when I saw the two of you making love at the Green Mountain Lodge.

Belle: What? First of all, we didn't.

Shawn-D: You -- you weren't in bed with him?

Belle: I was, but --

Shawn-D: But -- but what?

Belle: But you were engaged to Jan by then, right? You were in bed with her, right? So why am I the one who cheated? I thought you had left me. I thought you were never coming back. But instead, you were sneaking around, following us up to the Green Mountain Lodge? Why?

Jan: Part of Shawn still had feelings for you. He needed to see you and resolve things, but every time he tried, he found you in Philip's arms, so he finally accepted that it was over, committed himself to me because you had clearly moved on with him.

Belle: I did not move on with Philip. We never made love.

Shawn-D: Damn it, Belle, I saw you, and I heard you. "Philip, just make love to me, right here, right now." I will never forget hearing that. Don't you just get sick and tired of lying?

Abe: This map you brought -- it does fill in a lot of the blanks, but there's a -- there's a lot we don't know.

Tek: Mm-hmm.

Abe: There's got to be a control center here somewhere.

Tek: Well, from the way New Salem is laid out, I think the most likely place for a control center would be right about here on the North Shore.

[Knock on door]

Abe: Yeah. Come in.

Doug: Abe, glad you're here. Tony DiMera is missing.

Brady: What the hell? What is this place? It looks like a fortress or a bunker or something. Look, half of it's underground.

Nicole: Okay. Let's get back and report to Tek --

Brady: No, stop, stop. Nicole, we have to go in there.

Nicole: What? Look, Rambo, I know I agreed to be in this for the long haul, but you don't know what we're walking into.

Brady: My Dad and Bo could be in there. Besides, I'm not going in blind. Do you have any hair spray?

Nicole: Hair spray? What, Brady? Your hair looks fine. Even if it didn't, this is a hell of a time to be concerned about it.

Brady: Just give me the damn hair spray, please.

Nicole: All right.

Brady: Thank you. Ow.

Nicole: Wow.

Brady: Just as I thought -- lasers. You trip one of these beams, an alarm goes off.

Nicole: You're not John Black's son for nothing, huh?

Brady: No, I'm not.

Nicole: Your father taught you that, right?

Brady: Yes, he did. All right, look -- I'm going to spray. You crawl through very carefully. Then you spray, then I crawl through. You ready?

Nicole: Ready. Here.

Brady: All right.

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: Go ahead. Thinking. Always thinking. Thinking about making it safer. More capable. Friendlier... to the environment. We keep thinking about all these things. Because we want you to drive a Ford. It doesn't take an expert to figure out.

Nicole: Ooh.

Brady: Oh.

Nicole: Brady, we can't get in. There aren't any doors or windows.

Brady: There's an air shaft.

Nicole: What? I'm not going in there.

Brady: Ha ha ha ha.

Nicole: At least not first.

Tony: I'd have everyone back in Salem under my control if you hadn't rushed down here with Hope. Now they know how to use the coin to get through the force field, and Hope stole the remote from my mansion, plus I was forced to take and apprehend Salem's finest, plus two I.S.A. agents, and then reveal myself as the one who is behind all of this. And I blame you, Patrick. You have hardly been loyal to the cause.

Patrick: I am loyal. I can prove it.

Tony: All right. How?

Bo: Okay. One to go and we're in. Sorry it's taking so long. This belt buckle doesn't make a very good screwdriver.

Roman: Okay.

Bo: Got it.

John: All right, good job, men.

Bo: Okay. I'm going in, and... I'll pull you guys up.

Tony: Nice work, gentlemen, but alas, it's a wasted effort. My, uh, loyal soldier here, Patrick, told me what you'd done to the camera in your attempt to escape.

Bo: You rotten, lying bastard. I knew you were no good.

Tony: On the contrary, he was very good. It is the three of you who have been very bad. Therefore, you must be punished.

Belle: I swear, I wasn't lying. Philip and I did not make love. I stopped because I was still in love with you. And I wish I weren't, you know that? I wish I could move on. I have lost my Mother, my Father. I didn't think I could stand to lose you, too. I have lost everything, Shawn. Do you know how that feels? Of course you do. You're grieving, too, and you're doing it all alone because you pushed me away, just like I had to go through it all alone because you abandoned me. You know what? Why am I the one defending myself? I didn't do anything wrong. You're the one who's been missing all summer, who never called, who made us all worry. What happened to you? How did you wind up with Jan? You don't know, do you? Maybe that's what you should be trying to figure out. If you think you can't trust me, what about her? You know how many times she's lied to you, to me, to all of us. And don't think that I haven't noticed that every time I've asked you a tough question that she's jumped right in to answer it for you.

Jan: He's been in a coma, you twit. He's just trying to figure things out.

Belle: He remembers things he thinks I did, but he doesn't remember exactly being there, and I don't see how he could have been. Hmm, what's wrong with this picture?

Shawn-D: The point is were you or were you not on this sofa in Philip's arms? Did he give you a nice massage? Did you kiss him and talk about what it would be like to have sex? Did you tell him that you didn't know what you'd do without him? Did he move in here with you? Did you not share the same bed with him at the Green Mountain Lodge?! Am I crazy, Belle, or am I just imagining all these things?!

Belle: No. They're all true, but I never --

Shawn-D: But nothing! But nothing. It's not important.

Belle: Whatever. You've already made up your mind. You don't want to talk. All you want to do is accuse. When you left, you said you loved me. You said you were coming back to me, and you didn't. You didn't call, you didn't write. I waited for you. And you're the one who moved on with someone else. All I want is a chance to talk, to explain.

Shawn-D: There's nothing! There's nothing to explain! Like I said before, you are nothing but a lying slut.

Belle: I cannot believe you are acting this way. I hate you.

Shawn-D: Oh, no. Not as much as I hate you.

Abe: Doug, what happened? Tony's missing?

Doug: Hey, aren't you Tek?

Tek: Yeah. Hey, Doug.

Doug: What the hell are you doing here?

Tek: It's a -- it's a long story, Doug.

Doug: No, no. How'd you get here? I didn't hear any plane land or crash.

Tek: We came by boat.

Doug: "We"?

Tek: Brady and I.

Doug: Brady's here, too?

Tek: Look, we came looking for his dad and Bo --

Abe: Look, look, look, Doug, Tek will fill you in later. So what happened? Tony's missing? What happened?

Doug: Yes, yes. There was no movement at the mansion for hours. I got suspicious, I went to check. Nobody answered when I knocked. I went inside, searched everywhere, scoured that place. There is no Tony DiMera.

Abe: Damn it. Damn it! That means he's gone after John and Roman.

Tek: And if he did, you can bet he's not alone.

Doug: Okay, well, let's go after him, right?

Abe: No, no, no.

Tek: No, no, no, no, no. Abe's right, Abe's right. We should just take the people who are here who want to get off the island, put them on a boat, alert the mainland authorities.

Abe: No, no, no. I want everybody to be safe. We can't take that risk. If Tony DiMera finds out that we've escaped, God knows what he'll do to those we've left behind. We just have to hope that John and Roman find the others, and they get back here soon.

Doug: I just want to get home to Julie, Abe.

Abe: I know, Doug. And I want to get home to Lexie and Theo. But nobody leaves this island unless we all go together.

Brady: Do me a favor. Keep an eye out, would you?

Tony: Well, I know that jamming the camera was your handiwork, John, so please step forward, hands behind your back.

Tony: I can always magnetize you to the floor, but I know you won't try anything, knowing that I have Billie and Hope, not to mention the fact that I have several sexually deprived and depraved minions who would just love to get their hands on those lovely ladies before killing them.

Bo: Damn you, DiMera.

John: No.

Tony: Oh, make another move, and you'll never see them again. Aw, damn it, do you see what you've done? You've reduced me to b-movie dialogue. Now... take him. Get out. Get out.

Bo: You'll pay for this, Lockhart.

Tony: Oh, dear, another cliché. Oh, he's been paid, and quite handsomely. Oh, by the way -- you should be very glad that I came in when I did. If you have any ideas in the future of trying to escape through that air shaft, know it's electrified. Good night, gentlemen.

Brady: This won't take long. Then we'll be inside and safe.

Will: We're finally going to be a real family. Everything's going to be perfect.

Sami: Everything is terrible.

Nicole: I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I love you.

Jan: You and Rex are going to be ancient history unless you do exactly what I say.

Belle: I want the truth, Shawn. Do you love her the way you loved me?

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