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Shawn-D: Because of you, half my family is dead. Belle, why did you have to lie to me?

Jan: Shawn, honey, you really should stop thinking about her. She only gets you upset, and quite frankly, she is not worth your time.

Shawn-D: I know.

Jan: Now, let me get rid of this.

Shawn-D: No, no, no. Let me do it.

Shawn-D: From now on, I never wanna see or hear the name Belle Black ever again. Okay? Now it's just you and me.

Jan: Oh, Shawn.

Lexie: Ahem. What's the meaning of this?

Mimi: I've already made an appointment at the women's clinic for this afternoon.

Belle: Oh, my God, Mimi, no. I will not let you do this.

Mimi: You can't stop me.

Belle: Somebody has to. Don't you see what you're doing? Before you even tell him you're pregnant, you are killing Rex's child.

Mimi: Rex. How could I have killed the love between us?

Rex: What are you talking about, Mimi?

Brady: It's like we've been trudging through here for hours. Are you sure this is the right island?

Tek: Yeah, according to the map and the FAA, your dad's plane went down right here.

Brady: Tek, there's nothing here but rain forest.

Tek: Looks can be deceiving. There's no telling who or what could be in this jungle.

Tek: I'm not letting you fly into that restricted air space.

Brady: Point taken, but I found another way.

Tek: Let's do it.

Nicole: I'm going, too.

Brady: No, you're not.

Tek: Now, it's a long way to the island so we'd better give this thing the old once-over before we leave.

Brady: Good idea. I would hate to bother the coast guard if we broke down.

Tek: [Laughs]

Nicole: [Sighs]

Nicole: Uh, what was I thinking? This place sucks. Ooh. When I get home, I am so getting a massage.

Nicole: [Gasps] [Screaming] Oh, my God!

Tek: It looks like we are not alone.

Brady: Why does that voice sound familiar?

Tek: Let's go find out.

Tony: So how are our guests doing?

Bart: Let's see.

Patrick: Are you sure Stefano DiMera is the mastermind behind all this?

Hope: It's his M.O. The kidnappings, the sadistic games, the dead becoming undead. It's his quest for ultimate control. It's Stefano, all right, right down to the letter.

Bo: Yeah, only this time, the whole thing is a lot bigger.

Billie: I was captured by his goons when I was in Europe. I just discovered that Marlena Evans was being set up as the serial killer. The old man had to silence me.

Patrick: Did you see him?

Billie: No, but one of my jailors mentioned his name.

Hope: All right, listen. First order of business. We need to get our friends and our loved ones off this damn island. Now, John and Roman -- they are trying to shut down the energy source. Once they do, the force fields will go down, and Stefano will be at disadvantage.

Billie: That's exactly right. All right, you three go back to New Salem and organize the escape. I will go back to DiMera's compound. I've been there once. I'm sure I can find --

Bo: Stop right there.

Billie: It's the simplest strategy.

Bo: It's too risky. If you fail, it will complicate things for the rest of us.

Hope: That's right. You can't go alone. He needs to go with you. And if he is going, so am I.

Patrick: Count me in, too.

Bo: What are you talking about? You've got nothing at stake here.

Patrick: It sounds like fun. I never could say no to an adventure.

Billie: All right, let's just go while it's still dark. Once DiMera finds out we're coming, all hell will break loose.

Hope: Here.

Patrick: I've got to hand it to you. You're some kind of woman.

Hope: I've gone up against Stefano DiMera before. I'm ready to face him again. I just don't wanna lose my husband in the process.

Patrick: To Stefano or to Billie?

Hope: Bo and I are back on track.

Patrick: Let me guess. You don't want Billie getting any ideas.

Hope: Enough about my personal life. Let's go get DiMera and get the hell off this island.

Billie: Hey, I'm sorry about before. I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

Bo: Don't worry about it. It's my fault. But you need to know I love my wife.

Billie: I know you do.

Bo: Good. As long as we have that straight, we'll have no problems.

Hope: Ready?

Bo: Yeah, let's do it.

Hope: Okay.

Roman: Well, my gut tells me we're getting close.

John: You might be right.

Roman: I guarantee you the old man's up there sitting in his compound watching us, just waiting to attack.

John: That's why it's important the first thing we do when we hit that compound is take that generator out and shut down his power source.

Roman: Yeah.

John: We weaken him up, we root him out, and then we take him down.

Bart: Boss, it looks like "that's a fact" Black and Captain Brady are coming after us.

Tony: I think it's time they felt the wrath of God, or at least the power of a DiMera. Charge the engines, Bart.

Hope: Oh, shoot, my flashlight. I'll be right back.

Bo: Are you all right with that backpack?

Hope: Yeah, I got it. [Distant rumbling]

Patrick: What was that?

Billie: What was what?

Patrick: I don't know. Something's not right.

[Animals squawking]

Roman: Something scared those animals.

John: I don't like this, Roman.

Tony: So did you program the isolator coordinates?

Bart: Affirmative.

Tony: Good. Charge to full power, initiate. [Device beeps]

John: It's happening.

Patrick: Oh, God.

Bo: It's an earthquake.

Billie: Oh. Aah! Aah! Bo!

Bo: Billie! Billie!

Patrick: I'll get Hope! Hope!

John: You all right?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. How about you?

John: That wasn't any ordinary earthquake, Roman. No buildup, ground didn't roll. I'm willing to bet there's not going to be any aftershocks, either.

Roman: What are you saying?

John: I think that earthquake was man-made. It's got DiMera written all over it.

Tony: Well, brother, for once in your life, you're absolutely right.

Bart: So you want to go another round, boss, give them the aftershocks they were talking about?

Tony: No, not yet. Let's see how our other guests are handling the -- the great quake, shall we?

Bart: Four rattled people coming right up. [Device beeps]

Bo: [Grunts]

Billie: Oh, God.

Bo: You okay?

Billie: Yeah.

Bo: Good. You stay put. I'm going to check on Hope.

Billie: Be careful.

Bo: Aw, damn it.

Patrick: Hope. Hope. Wake up, Hope, come on. Hope. Thank God.

Hope: What happened?

Patrick: We had an earthquake.

Hope: Oh, God, Bo.

Patrick: He's behind this.

Hope: I need to get to him to make sure he's okay.

Patrick: Don't get up. Don't get up. You might have a concussion.

Bo: Hope?!

Hope: Bo?

Bo: Hope!

Hope: Bo! Bo.

Bo: Hope? Are you all right?

Patrick: We're trapped.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: Hope, hey, don't worry. I'll get you out of there.

Billie: Let me help.

Bo: I told you to stay put. It's too dangerous.

Billie: But you need my help.

Bo: No, I'll handle this.

Billie: [Coughs]

Patrick: It's okay. I think I know another way out of here.

Bo: [Coughs]

Tony: You know, Father always said the best way to destroy your enemy is to divide and conquer. I don't think Bo and Hope can be any more divided than they are now.

Bart: You know, boss, the earthquake was really cool, but can we charge up the cyclones, huh? Can we? With one switch of Stefano's weather machine, we could have Maggie Horton thinking she's Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz."

Tony: Ha ha ha. No, Bart, no. We have more pressing matters.

Bart: Like what?

Tony: Like -- like this.

Man: [Groaning]

Bart: Oh. Is that who I think it is?

Tony: Take a good look for yourself. All right?

Nicole: Aah! Aah! Ooh! Yuck! Ooh! Die, spider, die! Ooh! Oh. Ew. I think you're dead. Oh. Okay. Oh. You know, when I was a kid, I read that book "be nice to spiders." There was nothing nice about you. Oh. Oh. Oh. Where did Brady and Tek go? Mm.

Tek: That voice sounded familiar. We might be close to finding everyone we came looking for.

Brady: It didn't sound like Marlena or Hope or Jennifer.

Tek: No one was on the boat with us. [Rustling]

Tek: Someone knows we're here. Here, grab the end of this vine.

Nicole: Oh. Where are they?

Tek: Pull!

Nicole: Aah! Oh!

Brady: Nice job.

Tek: Get up!

Nicole: Wait! Oh, wait, wait!

Brady: Nicole?

Nicole: Hi, Brady. Miss me?

Rex: Mimi, what's going on?

Mimi: I didn't know you were back. Um... I was just thinking about how I ruined the romantic picnic you had planned for me. I should have canceled my appointment at the hospital. I am so sorry.

Rex: Mimi, don't worry about it. We can have a picnic another time.

Mimi: Well, I just -- I feel so bad.

Rex: God, you're shaking. Maybe you are sick. Let me call Lexie and --

Mimi: No, don't.

[Knock on door]

Bonnie: Where's my baby? Oh, Mimi, honey. Mama's here to take care of you.

Rex: Mimi. She said she was fine. I --

Mimi: I-I am fine, really.

Bonnie: Oh, Rex, you can't listen to her. She doesn't like it when anyone makes a fuss. It's probably just one of those 24-hour flu's. Rex, would you mind going out and getting some juice? I knew I was forgetting something.

Rex: Yeah, sure, I'll do it right now. I'll be right back.

Bonnie: Thanks.

Mimi: What are you doing here?

Bonnie: Connor told me you called crying, so I came over here as fast as these boots could carry me.

Mimi: Well... I did it. I had the abortion... and I feel so horrible. How am I going to live with myself now?

Bonnie: Oh, baby.

Lexie: You can imagine my surprise when the discharge nurse handed me this. I understand you want to leave the hospital, but you should have consulted me first.

Shawn-D: I did. I asked you to leave, you said no. So I decided to discharge myself.

Lexie: Shawn, it's too soon. Honey, you were in a terrible accident. You've had brain surgery. You could easily suffer a setback if you overdo it. And now with your parents gone, who's going to take care of you?

Jan: I am.

Shawn-D: If my parents are dead, the last thing I want to do is wait around I.C.U. where other people are waiting to die. I'm not wasting any more of my time here, Lexie. I'm going to go home with my fiancÚ.

Lexie: Shawn, listen, your parents would want me to -- to look out for you. Honey... it's a miracle that you came through this surgery, that you're here talking, making decisions at all. Listen, I understand. I understand you're impatient, but what's another day or two in the scheme of things, huh?

Shawn-D: A lifetime.

Lexie: Was this your idea?

Woman: Dr. Carver, you have an urgent call on line 3.

Lexie: Thank you. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere.

Jan: Is she always such a bitch?

Bo: There's another way out of there?

Patrick: I'm not sure. But the night Jennifer gave birth, Tony was sneaking around. He got in here without any of us seeing him.

Hope: You know what? You're right. Tony knew the details of Jennifer's condition before he even saw her.

Patrick: There must be a secret entrance in here somewhere.

Hope: Bo, don't wait for us. You and Billie need to find John and Roman before they get to the compound. They're going to need all the help they can get.

Bo: Hope, I'm not leaving you here.

Hope: Bo, we don't have a choice. Listen to me, please. I can take care of myself, but John and Roman -- they're walking into the fight of their lives. They need your help. Last time I saw them, they were heading North. Find them.

Billie: I think I can find them.

Bo: Okay, great. I love you, Fancy Face.

Hope: I love you, too.

Bo: You be careful.

Hope: Watch out for yourself, okay?

Bo: All right. All right, let's do it.

Hope: Patrick -- Patrick? Patrick!

John: Hey, take a look at this.

Roman: What is it?

John: Tire tracks.

Roman: Got to be heading towards Stefano.

John: Yeah. So are we. Let's go.

Roman: All right.

Billie: I hope we get to John and Roman in time. They can't take on Stefano alone. Hey, I know how hard it was for you to leave Hope behind. But don't worry. She and Patrick will be fine.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hope, are you --

Hope: Oh, Bo, thank God you're all right.

Bo: What the hell's going on here?

Billie: What's really bothering you, Bo?

Bo: What do you think about Patrick?

Billie: Uh, I just met the guy, but he seems like he's decent. Why?

Bo: I don't know. It seems like there's something strange about him.

Billie: Hope can take care of herself. Your brother needs you right now.

Bo: Yeah, you're right. Let's go.

Hope: Patrick? Patrick. [Sighs] Oh, my God, Patrick, where are you? Aah!

Bart: Here we are.

Man: Aah! Aah!

Bart: Holy Moses. Holy Moses. It's true. How in the world did Stefano and Tony bring him back?

Bonnie: Oh. Baby... baby, I know you're hurting really bad right now, but it will get better. I promise. You did the right thing. Just keep remembering that, and you'll be able to forget about all the rest.

Mimi: How can you say that? How can you say that? I will never forget. I will never forget I had an abortion. I didn't do the right thing. I didn't even tell Rex he was going to be a father. I didn't -- I didn't give him the choice because I didn't trust our love enough. I am a horrible person.

Bonnie: No. No! No, you're not. Baby, you did what you had to do because you knew you couldn't take care of a baby right now, and Rex didn't want one, either.

Mimi: He wants to be a dad.

Bonnie: Didn't he tell you umpteen times that he wasn't ready to have a baby yet, that he wanted to establish his career, make enough money for both of you?

Mimi: But he didn't even know I was pregnant. If he knew, he would have told me to have the baby.

Bonnie: Oh, and then what? Oh, eventually, baby, he would have left you high and dry, considered you damaged goods, even run off with your best friend 'cause he couldn't handle the responsibility of having a family.

Mimi: Are you sorry you had me, Mom? Are you sorry you had Patrick and Connor?

Bonnie: Oh, honey. Oh, honey. Come here. Oh. You and my boys are everything that's good in my life. You know that.

Mimi: But all the hopes and dreams you had to give up. That's why you didn't think I should have the baby. You didn't want me to make the same mistake you did.

Bonnie: No. No, Mimi. Having you was the best decision I ever made. But I also made another decision a long time ago, and I know better than anyone else what you're going through right now.

Mimi: What are you talking about? You had an abortion, too?

Bonnie: Yes, I did.

Mimi: Oh, my God.

Bonnie: It was way before I met your father. I was dating a guy for a couple of months when I found out I was pregnant. It took me weeks to get up the courage to tell him, and when I did, well, you know the story from there.

Mimi: He ran off with your best friend?

Bonnie: Ex-best friend.

Mimi: I am so sorry. You -- you never told me.

Bonnie: I never wanted you to go through the pain and humiliation that I went through. Baby, I had to take three buses out of town to go find a place where nobody knew me, and when I got back home, I had to bury that pain inside me -- the pain of knowing how much I wanted that baby, but I could not give him the life that he deserved. I'm here for you, Punkin. You can always talk to me. You can always count on your mama to support you.

Mimi: Okay, but... if you knew how much this hurts, how could you have told me to do it?

Bonnie: Because I love you, and I want you to have a good life, and now you can.

Mimi: How?! How? How will I ever get past this? I will never be happy again.

Bonnie: You will get past it. You will. I promise you.

Mimi: I don't deserve to.

Bonnie: You deserve happiness more than anyone I know. Sweetie... sweetie, you'll never forget what you had to do, but in time, you will learn to forgive yourself.

Mimi: No. Mnh-mnh.

Bonnie: You don't know what the future's going to bring. Think about it. Mimi, if I'd have had that baby all those years ago, everything in my life would be different. Your father never would have given me a second look, although that may have been a blessing, actually. Except... you wouldn't be here, either. You, Patrick, or Connor. Every woman has the right to choose. You chose not to have a baby you couldn't take care of.

Mimi: But I could have.

Bonnie: You will have a family someday, and you will have so much love to give those kids. I promise you, every day, it will hurt a little less.

Mimi: I just hope Rex never finds out what I've done.

Rex: Lexie, something is wrong with Mimi. I need your help.

Lexie: What do you mean?

Rex: She says she's sick, and I just wanted to talk to you about it, 'cause I know she had an appointment with you recently.

Lexie: Rex... as you know, I am bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. You really need to speak with Mimi.

Nicole: Ow!

Tek: I should have known you were involved in all this. Probably here to warn your partners, aren't you?

Nicole: Oh, yeah, right. I-I stowed away on your dinghy and was almost killed by a tarantula so that I could warn my partners that two crazy guys are on some island searching for missing people.

Brady: Nicole, I don't know what the hell you're thinking, but I told you to stay home. This is dangerous.

Nicole: I thought you guys could use some help.

Tek: Oh, yeah. Some help covering up what's going on on this island.

Brady: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back off. Come on, Tek.

Tek: Brady, Nicole's been a suspect in the unsolved murders of her husband Victor Kiriakis and Colin Murphy, and now she just happens onto the island that we believe your father and Bo landed on. I'm not backing off one bit.

Brady: Listen to me, listen to me. You're an officer of the law, Tek. Just for a second, think about innocent until proven guilty.

Nicole: Yes, Brady, thank you yet again.

Brady: You are not off the hook yet. Sit down and tell us the real reason why you're here.

Nicole: Okay. I couldn't stand the thought of losing my one and only friend in Salem, all right? You have done so much for me, Brady. I thought you guys could use all the help you could get trying to find your dad's plane. What, three heads are better than two, right?

Tek: Yeah, well, in this case, two heads are better than three. The only thing you're going to do is slow us down and get us killed. Brady, I say we take her back to the boat, and we tie her up.

Nicole: Whoa, whoa, wait. Brady, you're not going to let him do that to me, are you?

Billie: You know, I really don't blame Hope for wanting to come with us.

Bo: What are you talking about? She forced us to leave her in that cave with Patrick.

Billie: After she found out how long it would take us to get them out. Before the earthquake, she was adamant about not leaving us alone together.

Bo: So?

Billie: So... after all these years, she still hates me for not wanting to give you up after we found out she was still alive.

Bo: Well, do you blame her after she found us kissing?

Billie: No.

Bo: So... what was your life like after you left Salem this last time?

Billie: You mean did I have a life outside of the I.S.A.? Oh, you know, I dated a few guys. Nothing special. Being an I.S.A. agent isn't exactly a relationship-friendly career. But if I met the right guy... I'm sure I could make it work. Bo.

Bo: What?

Billie: Hope is going to be okay. She is a strong, resourceful woman. She and Patrick will be fine. They'll find us.

Bo: Hope you're right.

Hope: Why did you do that? You scared the hell out of me.

Patrick: I didn't want you saying anything while we were inside. Since DiMera accessed the cave, I figured he has some kind of surveillance.

Hope: Okay, okay. Whatever. Just warn me next time, okay?

Patrick: Fine, fine. [Rustling]

Patrick: That could be DiMera's men. Let's go.

Hope: Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Roman: Patrick! Whoa, whoa!

Hope: Whoa, John, what -- why are you dressed like this?

Roman: We found these in one of the outposts. We thought we could move more freely if we blended in.

Tony: Bart, come here. What do you think of my caged specimen?

Bart: I don't get it, boss. How did you and the big guy manage to revive him?

Tony: What? Oh, you don't know?

Bart: No. [Device beeping]

Tony: Well, we -- what is that?

Bart: We got four people outside the compound.

Tony: Get me a visual. They just don't give up, do they? Okay, prepare holding cells. We're about to have company.

Bart: Sure, boss. But how are you going to take down John Black, your father's deadliest soldier?

Tony: You know, unfortunately for John, we know his weakness. He'll gladly give his life for someone else. Therefore... it's time for someone to die. - I'm ready!- I don't think so.

Rex: I'm back. Hey, how you feeling, Mimi?

Mimi: Okay.

Rex: Well, I stopped by the pub and got you some chicken soup. Grandpa Shawn said it's Grandma Caroline's special recipe. I-I hope it does the job.

Mimi: Thank you.

Rex: And by the way, I did call Lexie.

Mimi: You did what?

Rex: I wanted her to tell me what was wrong with you.

Mimi: What did she say?

Rex: She said I should ask you.

Bonnie: Because of the doctor/patient confidentiality, right?

Rex: Yeah. So, what's... really going on, Mimi? What's wrong? I mean, you are acting so just not yourself lately, and I'm really worried it's something bad.

Bonnie: Mimi, I think, uh, I think you should tell him.

Mimi: What? What?

Bonnie: We're all adults here. I think it's time you told Rex the truth.

Brady: Look, Tek, I know what Nicole did was wrong. She shouldn't have followed us here. But we just can't take her back to the boat, tie her up, and leave her there.

Tek: Yeah, but we can't take her with us. You said it yourself, it's too dangerous.

Brady: I know, I know. There's -- there's gotta be another solution.

Tek: Look, Brady, Nicole's not even used to this kind of terrain. She's not even wearing the right clothes. Look, taking her with us is like signing her death warrant.

Brady: I know it is, but taking her to the boat, tying her up, and -- I can't leave her defenseless like that.

Tek: [Sighs]

Brady: All right, you know what? I have a solution.

Tek: What are you doing?

Brady: Here, we'll split up. You don't wanna take care of Nicole, I'll take care of Nicole. Look, the boat's docked right there. We'll meet back there tomorrow at sundown.

Tek: All right, do what you gotta do. Just be careful, man.

Brady: I will.

Tek: Brady, watch your back. See ya tomorrow.

Brady: I can't believe that you --

John: Watch out. Down. Yeah, I caught that one, DiMera. I'm gonna catch the next one, too.

Tony: No, no, dear brother, I don't think you will. Ha ha.

Bart: Ha ha ha.

Lexie: Shawn!

Shawn-D: Nothing you can say or do is gonna change my mind. I'm checking out of the hospital now.

Lexie: But, Shawn, you can't --

Shawn-D: I know you're worried about me, okay? I really appreciate that, especially since my parents aren't around to worry about me anymore. But I'm going home with Jan.

Lexie: Well, okay. Here, take my card. It has my direct phone number on it. You call me if you start to feel weak, or anything out of the ordinary. You call me, okay? Do you hear me? You call me immediately. I don't care what time it is.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Thank you, Lexie.

Lexie: Come here. You take it easy, okay?

Jan: Don't worry, I'll make sure he does.

Jan: I can't wait to take you home.

Shawn-D: I'm not going there. I'm going to the loft.

Jan: But Belle is there.

Bonnie: Rex, I think it's time Mimi came clean with you. The reason my baby has not been feeling well is because she's having female problems, you know, plumbing issues.

Rex: Oh.

Bonnie: And since I taught all my children to be polite, she's a little uncomfortable about talking about it with you.

Rex: Yeah, she's told me that before, but she said everything was better now.

Bonnie: Oh, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. It's just not a very pleasant topic to talk about, you know what I mean?

Rex: Yeah.

Bonnie: Well, okay, now that that's settled, I, um, I think I'll get going. Uh, you call me if you need anything, and I mean anything.

Mimi: Okay, thanks. Thanks.

Bonnie: You're welcome. Love you. Goodbye, Rex.

Rex: I'll see you later.

Bonnie: Okay, see you later.

Rex: You know, Mimi, I really wanna know what's going on with you. It worries me.

Mimi: You are such a good boyfriend, Rex.

Rex: Look at you. Why are you crying?

Mimi: Because you're too good for me.

Rex: That's not true. Mimi, look at me. You -- you would tell me if there was anything wrong, right? Because you know a relationship can't make it without honesty and communication between both parties.

Mimi: I know.

Rex: I love you, Mimi Lockhart.

Mimi: I love you.

Brady: Stop it, stop it. We can't do this.

Nicole: Yes, we can.

Brady: No, we can't. Tek was right.

Nicole: About...

Brady: The only thing I'm gonna be able to concentrate on is keeping you safe, and not finding my Father or Bo. Why are you smiling?

Nicole: You care about me, don't you?

Brady: Yes, Nicole, I care about you.

Nicole: I care about you.

Brady: Listen, I don't think you understand the severity of the situation. This place is dangerous. There is a possibility we might not make it off this island alive. [Animal growling]

Brady: We better get moving.

Nicole: Wait for me. Brady, wait! Brady, wait!

Patrick: We're under attack. [Grunts]

Hope: Patrick.

Tony: Don't they know that resistance is futile, that no one is coming to their rescue. [Beeping]

Bart: What is it?

Tony: I want a visual.

Bart: We got intruders in the east perimeter. I'm trying to get one, sir. The camera's out.

Tony: All right, bring in the reinforcements. Make sure they seal off the area. Now!

Bart: Yes, sir.

Tony: No one is gonna beat me at my own game. We've come too far

Hope: We're surrounded.

Billie: They're trapped.

Bo: Yeah. Okay, you know what to do, right?

Billie: Yeah.

Bo: All right, let's do it.

John: Come on, Roman.

Hope: [Gasps] Aah!

Shawn-D: You asked him to make love to you.

Belle: How do you know that?

Shawn-D: Because I saw it with my own eyes.

Nicole: What is this place?

Brady: I have no idea. But I intend to find out.

Nicole: I was afraid you were gonna say that.

Bart: What now, boss?

Tony: Wait till you see what I have in store for them next. It's quite amazing.

Bo: DiMera, no!

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