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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/4/04 - Canada; Tuesday 10/5/04 - U.S.A.


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Rex: Mimi, what is wrong?

Mimi: I don't know.

Rex: Listen, you have not been acting like yourself for days. Would you please just talk to me? I don't know what to do anymore, Mimi. Look, I've cooked you dinner, I've bought you a present, I've tried to plan a picnic for you, and you just -- you seem so sad.

Mimi: I love you so much, Rex. It's not you, okay?

Rex: Okay, then what is it? Mimi, I'm worried about you. I'm worried about us. If you can't tell me the truth, then what kind of future do we have together?

Mimi: I lied to you, Rex. I got pregnant, and I was afraid to tell you. And -- and you're not -- you're not gonna love me anymore, because I went behind your back. I got an abortion. I killed our baby.


Belle: Shawn has lost both of his parents, and he's pushed me away.

Philip: Belle, he had no right to blame you for that. It's not your fault that Bo and Hope are dead. You know that, right?

Belle: How could this be happening? How can my dad really be gone? And Bo and Billie? Every time I think it can't get any worse...

Philip: Come here, come here. It's okay. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere, okay?

Belle: What if Shawn doesn't get better? What if he's acting this way because of his head injury? Lexie said that this operation could affect his personality.

Philip: Well, he's definitely not acting himself. But, Belle, if he's been living with Jan all summer, then he has some problems, and none of them have anything to do with motorcycle accidents.

John: Why the hell did we ever let Hope out of our sight, Roman? We should have known she was never gonna leave this island without Bo.

Roman: Yeah. And Bo's not leaving till he finds Billie.

John: It's gonna be a pretty tough call when we have to leave the island without any of them, isn't it?

Roman: Yeah. Let's just hope that nobody else comes looking for us, 'cause I already got a bad feeling this is leading to disaster. Let's go.

Billie: Aah! Whoo!

Bo: You all right? Here -- you okay? You okay?

Billie: Bo, what are you doing? I'm not drowning! I'm just -- I was covered with mud. I was rinsing off.

Bo: Uh, all right. Um...sorry. I thought you were in tr-- okay. Um... let's get out of here. I got to get back to Hope.

Billie: Wait a minute. Hope's on the island, too?

Bo: Yeah, yeah.

Billie: How did she get here?

Bo: Well, it's kind of a long story. We don't have time right now.

Billie: Okay, fine. I'm gonna go get dressed. I have a lot to tell you, too.

Bo: Okay.

Billie: Go!

Billie: Aah!

Hope: [Panting] Oh... oh, God.

Patrick: It's gonna be okay, Hope.

Hope: Thanks. But you don't know what, Patrick. My husband could be hurt, he could be dead, all because he wouldn't leave the past alone.

Patrick: That's not what this is about. Billie could be hurt. Bo's a cop, and if someone needs help, no matter who it is, he's gonna run to the rescue. You'd do the same thing, and you know it.

Hope: If he would have let me help --

Patrick: Look, he's concerned for your safety.

Hope: What about his safety?

Patrick: You have been telling me for the last two days about his past with Billie. Obviously, it's weighing on your mind. But when Bo was with Billie, he thought you were dead. That's never gonna happen again.

Hope: It wasn't as simple as that.

Patrick: Well, he chose you, didn't he?

Hope: Yes, he did. He did choose me. But even after Bo and I got back together, Billie wasn't about to give up and she didn't. She became pregnant with his child. She lost the baby and she lost Bo, but -- look, she never really got over Bo, and he's such a good guy that he always gives her the benefit of the doubt. Look, I know that Bo loves me. That's not the issue here, okay? But I also know that he cares about her and she'll use that to her advantage.

Patrick: How? I mean, if he doesn't love her, there's nothing she can do about it.

Hope: No, but she'll try and trust me, she will keep trying. Every time Billie Reed comes back into our lives, it means bad news for us and she just keeps on coming. I don't trust her. I don't trust her as far as I can throw -- I see someone.

Patrick: Where?

Hope: Over there, about 100 yards in front of us. Let's go. Bo! Bo!

Billie: Aah! Okay, get it off! Get 'em off!

Bo: Hey, easy, easy. I've got two more here.

Billie: Oh, leeches are so disgusting.

Bo: You know, I thought you were big and tough, being in the I.S.A. and everything.

Billie: Just get 'em off me, Bo!

Bo: I'm trying here, but these guys are kind of attached to you.

Billie: Funny.

Bo: No, I'm not trying to be funny. You know what? We might have to burn -- hey -- shh, listen to me. We're gonna have to burn these off, all right?

Billie: Whatever. Just do what you have to.

Bo: Okay, I got your clothes.

Billie: Give me those.

Bo: Sorry.

Hope: Aah!

Roman: Hope! Hope!

John: Easy.

Hope: What the hell are you two doing here?

Roman: Well, what the hell do you think? Coming after you.

John: Thought we told you to stay out of the jungle. We had to put our escape plans on hold to come looking for you.

Hope: You said you weren't gonna wait for Bo. You were gonna leave him out here to fend for himself. Look, I told you once, I'll tell you again. I am not leaving this island without Bo.

Roman: Yeah, well, you didn't find him. Wait, what the hell is this? I thought you were dead.

Patrick: Well, I almost was. Hope saved my life.

Roman: Yeah, well, lucky you. But not so lucky for us.

Hope: Roman.

Roman: He knows more about this island and the captors than he's saying. Why in the hell would he be keeping secrets if he weren't working for the enemy?

John: So you're Patrick Lockhart. Well, Patrick, it's like this, the situation is deteriorating very quickly. Time to weigh in with a little bit of truth. Who are you working for?

Patrick: All right. The truth. I'll admit in the past, I was a soldier of fortune but I'm on my own now. I don't work for anybody. I'm a free agent.

John: Most dangerous kind. At least a soldier of fortune will sell out to the highest bidder.

Hope: He risked his life trying to save Jack and Jennifer. He delivered Jennifer's baby. He saved them both. He was with me the entire time. Trust me, I am telling you, he's a good guy.

John: I don't trust him.

Roman: Neither do I.

Hope: You know what? That's your problem, okay? We don't have time to discuss that right now. Have you seen any sign of Bo and Billie?

Roman: Well, we did find this. It's a pendant that belonged to Billie.

Hope: Are you sure it's hers?

Roman: Yeah, I'm sure. Kate and I bought it last fall right before Kate visited Billie in London. Besides, her initials are right on the back.

Hope: Oh, my God. She really is out here. Bo wasn't hallucinating. I keep getting this terrible feeling that something really bad is gonna happen. Bo's in danger, either from the jungle or from Billie. Either one, I am so afraid that I am going to lose him.

Belle: If I lose Shawn forever, I just don't know what I'll do.

Philip: Belle, sweetie, you heard it from his own mouth. He said he doesn't want to be with you. Now, please, for your own sake, you have to get over him. You have to. Come on. I can feel all this tension in you. It's not just upsetting you it's driving you crazy.

Belle: I can't help it. Nothing makes sense. I know Jan said that people change, but it's just not like Shawn.

Philip: He spent all summer shacked up with Jan Spears. Remember when she was talking about her fiancÚ, this great guy who was the perfect man for her? How she said she spent all summer having hot sex with her dream man? That was Shawn and we know that's true now.

Belle: So you don't think anything's wrong with him?

Philip: Oh, no, I think there's a lot wrong with him. How could there not be? He chose someone else over you. Let's go home. I'll make you something to eat and I'll give you a little TLC, okay? I think that's what you need.

Belle: I don't know what I'd do without you.

Philip: You'll never have to know. I'll always be here for you. Always. Okay?

Belle: Okay.

Philip: Here.

Rex: You were pregnant and you had an abortion? Mimi, how the hell could you make a decision that important about our lives? Huh? About our future? Because that's what you did, Mimi. You killed our future!

Mimi: I'm sorry, Rex! I'm sorry, but you kept telling me that it was too early for us to have children. Please forgive me.

Rex: Are you crazy, Mimi?! Are you crazy?!

Mimi: Please!

Rex: I'm never going to forgive you for this! Mimi, I don't ever want to see you again!

Mimi: Rex! Rex, please! Please! Oh!

Rex: Mimi, sweetie, would you please tell me what's wrong?

Mimi: My hormones. They just -- they're just out of whack. It's a girl thing.

Rex: Why are you shutting me out?

Mimi: Well, don't get mad at me! I hate it when you get like this. I need space, but you just -- you just keep crowding me. Can't you just leave me alone?

Rex: Where the hell is that coming from? Fine! Fine, Mimi! If that's what you want, I give up!

Mimi: Oh... oh, God. I'm sorry, Rex, but I have to keep this secret. I feel like I've made the biggest mistake of my life.

Rex: God.

Belle: Rex, what's wrong? What are you doing out here?

Rex: Belle, hey. I need to talk to you. It's important.

Belle: Okay, sure. What's up?

Rex: Something's up with Mimi, and she won't tell me what it is. Do you have any idea what's going on?

Belle: You cannot have an abortion.

Mimi: I've already made up my mind.

Belle: Mimi --

Mimi: Belle, you can't talk me out of this, so please don't even try.

Belle: She must have done it.

Rex: Done what?

Belle: Um, I know Mimi's been a little emotional lately. She's afraid you two would have a fight.

Rex: We did and I don't even know what we're fighting about. Look, it's our anniversary today. At least Mimi thought it was. I just wanted to make it a special day for her. I don't know what to do. You got to help me make this better.

Belle: Well, I think you should go in --

Rex: She just told me to leave. Belle, I can't communicate with her. I think something's really wrong. I mean, she's pale and exhausted, and she keeps crying for no apparent reason and telling me it's some kind of a girl thing. I mean, what if Mimi's really sick and she doesn't want to tell me?

Belle: You know what? I'll go talk to Mimi, okay?

Rex: Okay, okay. Just tell her I love her, okay, and I do not want to lose her.

Belle: Okay.

[Knock on door]

Mimi: Go away!

Belle: It's just me. You went through with it, didn't you? I should have gone with you when you asked me to. How did you get home?

Mimi: I took a cab. Belle, I didn't know it was gonna be like this. I didn't know I was gonna be in so much pain.

Belle: They shouldn't have sent you home like this. I'm calling the doctor right now.

Mimi: No, no.

Belle: What if something went wrong, Mimi? This is your life we're talking about. We're not taking any chances. I am not gonna lose you, too.

Hope: The question is, what is she doing here? She's not a Horton. She's certainly not a

Brady. Stefano -- I know it. Stefano brought Billie here to come between me and Bo. Just like he tried to destroy your marriage, John, and yours, Roman.

John: Well, your intentions might be right. It doesn't mean Stefano's gonna win.

Hope: I don't have any intentions of letting him win. I'm going after Bo.

John: No, you're not. It's a bit dangerous out here.

Hope: Do you really think I care?

John: Maybe a bit more than you realize.

Hope: A dart.

John: Roman and I felt like we were being hunted down. How we ducked that barrage of darts, God only knows. The only way we escaped was by jumping off that cliff into that raging river.

Hope: Oh, my God. Then we've all been attacked.

Roman: What? What are you talking about?

Patrick: Yeah, we were shot at, too.

Hope: So were Bo and Billie, only they were actually hit.

Roman: Wait a minute. Time out here. I'm a little confused. You mean you already saw Bo and Billie?

Hope: Only Bo. Actually, he found us. Patrick and I were in the cave. When I found Patrick, he had a bad case of hypothermia. He was nearly dead. I had to think of some way of warming him up, and... Bo walked in on us.

Roman: I got the picture. My little brother misunderstood and went ballistic, right?

Hope: Not only that, he refused to come back with us, he was so insistent on going after Billie.

Roman: Yeah. Well, my damn little brother. Just as stubborn as his wife.

John: We should have tied her up.

Hope: What?

John: We knew you were coming after Bo.

Roman: But we didn't think you'd get through the force field. How in the hell did you do that?

Hope: With this.

John: Where the hell did you get that?

Hope: When the two of you wouldn't help me, I went to Tony DiMera. I stole it from him. So much for the Zen powers he used to disengage the force field, huh? He must have had this all along.

Roman: Well, that pretty much confirms it. Tony's in on this plot. We were right.

John: So he faked all the serial killings, framed my wife, trapped us on this island for what? What the hell does he have planned for us now?

Billie: Ooh! Oh! Ahh! Mm...

Bo: Hold still.

Billie: Ahh!

Bo: There you go.

Billie: Ahh! Thanks, Bo.

Bo: Yeah. Here's your...

Billie: Ahem.

Bo: Well, now that we're done with all the fun and games, let's get down to business. You were, uh... you were about to tell me what was going on on this island.

Billie: Yeah. Well, one thing's for sure. Marlena isn't the serial killer.

Bo: Yeah, I know that. It's old news.

Billie: You do?

Bo: Yeah. Uh, Marlena and all the so-called serial killer victims, they're being held hostage here on the island. It is the wildest thing you've ever seen. There is, like, this tropical replica of Salem being -- it's surrounded by this huge force field...thing. If you're able to get through that, then you got to deal with the ocean.

Billie: So who else is on the island? There's Marlena...

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: Hope, and the victims.

Bo: Yeah. Well, there's my father.

Billie: Shawn is here?

Bo: No, not -- my bio dad Victor. Jennifer Deveraux, John Black, Patrick Lockhart.

Billie: Who? I don't know him.

Bo: Yeah, you don't want to know him. He's responsible for bringing Hope down here, where she could have died a couple of times. You know what? I think he's involved with whoever's behind this whole madness but we'll get into that later. What happened to you? After we were shot with those darts, I couldn't find you. Where'd you go?

Billie: I was captured by someone, but I don't know who it was. And I escaped. Thank God. And then I came back looking for you. I was worried about you. I was afraid you might have been killed. Losing you would have been too much.

Bo: We were hit with those darts. What happened?

Billie: If I don't make it...

Bo: You're gonna make it. Let's go.

Billie: If I don't make it, you have to tell them. Tell John and Roman and Abe what's going on here. What's gonna happen on this island is crazy. It's insane. And somehow you have to be the one to stop it.

Bo: Stop what? What is gonna happen? And that's when we were both knocked out. What did you mean? What's gonna happen on this island?

Billie: I will tell you everything. But like I said before, you are never gonna believe it.

Philip: Kick back and relax. You want a beer?

Rex: Yeah, sure.

[Under his breath] What am I doing here? I don't even like Philip. Hey, man, I'm really sorry to hear about Billie.

Philip: Thanks. You know she was your half sister, too, right?

Rex: Yeah, I just -- I wish I could have gotten to know her better.

Philip: I wish you could have, too.

Rex: So, you, uh, you been to the hospital lately?

Philip: We just got back.

Rex: And Shawn, how's he -- how's he doing?

Philip: Well, physically he's doing better, but he just had to hear the news about his parents, though.

Rex: Man, I -- whew.

Philip: And you know he blames Belle for the entire thing? He thinks it's her fault that they're dead.

Rex: That's crazy! I mean, how -- how?

Philip: Something about if she hadn't driven him away, then he would be there to make sure they were okay. But Bo was the police commander, Hope was a detective. If they couldn't help themselves, I mean --

Rex: God, I feel so bad for them, that they have to go through this.

Philip: It's just so hard for me to watch him do this to her after all she's had to go through already. I'm just hoping that she's finally ready to accept that it's over between the two of them because, Rex, he won't even talk to her. And I can't believe that I was the guy standing right here making excuses for him, cutting him slack. I'm never going to let anyone or anything come between Belle and me again.

Rex: Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel the exact same way about Mimi.

Philip: Yeah? How 'bout a truce then, bro?

Belle: I knew you shouldn't have had that abortion. Something must have gone wrong. I'm calling 911.

Mimi: No, Belle. No, it's -- it's not -- it's not physical pain, really. It's -- it's the pain in my heart... my soul. I did a terrible thing. I killed my baby. I killed Rex's baby. I took away his right to be a father. I lied to him. I couldn't even tell him I was pregnant. And now if he ever finds out I had an abortion, it will be all over between us. I've already lost my baby. I'll lose him, too.

Belle: Okay, Mimi, it's over. You had the abortion, and there's nothing you can do about that now. But I really believe -- and I said this before -- that you have to tell Rex the truth. You can't keep lying to him.

Mimi: I can't. He will flip. And he won't love me anymore.

Belle: Okay, look, I-I don't wanna sound mean, but if you don't tell Rex the truth, you're gonna have this -- this dagger over your head, over your relationship, for as long as you're together. I just lost Shawn because I lied to him. Do not let that happen to you. You think this pain is bad, you have no idea what it's like to look at a future without the man that you love.

Billie: I know about the plot, and what's in store for everyone being held against their will on this island. And obviously, that now includes you, John, Hope, Jen, and this Patrick guy. Their plan is to bring everyone down here.

Bo: What do you mean by everyone?

Billie: Well, everyone in Salem that we care about.

Bo: Why?

Billie: To destroy Salem as we know it and rebuild it here -- to have total control of everyone.

Bo: Who are you talking about?

Billie: The DiMeras.

Roman: Damn it! I knew all along the DiMeras were behind this thing. Tony faked getting drunk that night at Doc's penthouse so he'd accidentally have an excuse to destroy the signal device that Abe and I made. But Bo got the signal, and that's how you two wound up here. But the most important thing right now is we gotta get every prisoner on this island -- we gotta get them together, get 'em off this island, and back to Salem as soon as we can.

Hope: Okay, here, take it. Take the remote and go. Don't worry about us.

John: Hope, it's not that simple. Even with the remote, I'm sure DiMera's got surveillance cameras, closed-circuit TVs all over the place here. The only way we can even attempt to escape off this island is to shut down the power source for the entire island.

Roman: Yeah, I agree. But obviously, it's not within the force field of new Salem. It's out there in the jungle somewhere.

John: Yeah, there's gotta be a nerve center, some central control room from where all the power's emanating from. It's a search and destroy. We gotta find it. We gotta shut it down. And that's the only chance we got to get off this island.

Hope: But where is this nerve center?

Roman: We don't know.

John: Yet.

Patrick: I know.

Patrick: I know I can find the power source.

Roman: Well, you son of a bitch. I knew all along you knew more than you were saying.

Hope: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute, just because he said he was going to help doesn't mean he was in on it.

John: Just tell us what you know.

Patrick: If you wanna find this so-called nerve center, you just have to follow the current.

John: Could you be a little more specific?

Patrick: All right, when I fell off that cliff into the ravine, I was in and out of consciousness. I don't know for how long, but I was aware of this vibration -- a low humming sound. I could feel the current moving under the earth.

John: Hell, as little as I trust this guy, he could be onto something.

Patrick: Obviously, there must be power lines buried underground. They're supplying power to new Salem, the force field, and wherever this control center is. I could feel the current. We just need to follow it to the source.

John: I think he could be right.

Roman: Yeah. He also could be leading us into a DiMera trap.

Bo: I knew it. This island madness is orchestrated by the DiMeras.

Billie: Yep.

Bo: You know what, I've known from the beginning that Tony DiMera was probably involved in this, but do you have any solid proof that Stefano has crawled out of his grave once again?

Billie: I don't know for sure, but from everything I've seen, and my instincts as a spy are telling me that yes, Stefano could be the mastermind behind all this.

Bo: Yeah, I feel the same way. This whole diabolical plot has all the earmarks of that old bastard. We gotta stop him.

Billie: That's right. We have to get everybody off this island, as far away as possible. You have to save those people, Bo.

Bo: All of a sudden, we turns into me?

Billie: Well, I need to stay here and keep searching for clues and proof that DiMera is really behind all this. When I was in the jungle compound, I was given a drug to make me forget specifics, but I do remember this.

Bo: Talk to me.

Voice: All the pieces will be in place soon. The final countdown has begun. It won't be long now. All our prisoners from Salem will soon be facing their very own Armageddon.

Billie: [Grunting]

Bo: So, we gotta stop him.

Billie: That's right. We have to get everybody off the island before it's too late.

Mimi: I feel terrible about what's happening with Shawn. You went to the hospital this morning?

Belle: I-I don't want to talk about that right now. What can I do for you?

Mimi: You've already tried. You tried to talk me out of this. Why didn't I take more time? Why didn't I listen? I can't even stand to look at this. It was a gift from Rex. But how can I get rid of it without telling him what I did?! [Sobbing] Oh, my God.

Patrick: Well, you don't have to listen to me. I'm only trying to help you. I want everyone to get out of here alive.

Roman: Yeah, well, Patrick, I'm glad we don't have to listen to you, but we will follow the current, and we will stick together.

Hope: Well, I'm going after Bo.

Patrick: I'm going with her.

Roman: I don't think so.

John: First you want to help us, and then you want to haul. What's up with that?

Hope: I'm going with or without him.

Patrick: Hope, you're not going alone.

John: I don't know which one's worse.

Hope: I trust him, John, with my life.

Roman: All right, we'll split up. John and I will go look for that power source. You two keep looking for Bo and Billie. But, hope, you be careful, and, Patrick, you listen to me. Anything happens to her, I guarantee you, you will answer to us. You understand that?

Hope: Let's go.

Billie: The clock is ticking, Bo. I mean it. It's the 11th hour and getting closer to midnight. We have to stop the DiMeras' plot before it's too late.

Bo: You're damn right we do, but I'm not going to let you go off investigating on your own. What if you get caught again?

Billie: Well, if I get caught, they'll probably kill me. Probably? Oh, hell, it's a fact.


Voice: We can't let her get away again. She can't go anywhere if she's dead.

Billie: I knew I was going to be killed. I had to get out of there. So as soon as I was alone...

Billie: So... guess I just better not get caught, right?

Bo: Not going to happen, 'cause I'm going to be right there by your side.

Billie: No. No, you're not coming with me. You have to get hope and the others to safety. I am going to stay here and nail DiMera. It's my job as an I.S.A. Agent.

Bo: Enough with the bravado. There's no way you can handle DiMera and his troops. It's too dangerous.

Billie: I am not going to argue with you about this. I know you're worried about Hope. You need to get her and the others to safety.

Bo: You're not going out there on your own.

Billie: Yes, I am!

Bo: All right, listen to me. I won't let you risk your life.

Billie: If I die, it was meant to be!

Bo: What the hell are you saying?

Billie: Look... I haven't had such a great life. Got off to a lousy start with an abusive father who got me hooked on drugs. Falling in love with you was the only thing that brought me back from the edge. But we weren't meant to be, were we? And it's kind of been downhill since then. Our baby girl Georgia... she's gone. But you have Hope and two sons. You have a family and a future. You need to be with them... not me.

Bo: I will be with them, but I'm not going to turn my back on you.

Billie: Please listen. Let me do something positive, Bo, okay? No matter how it turns out. Maybe at least this will help wash away some of the bad memories. I'll either die, or I'll walk away feeling proud that I at least did something to bring down the DiMeras.

Bo: Billie, you don't have to prove anything to anybody.

Billie: Aah!

Bo: What is it? What is it? God, you're bleeding.

Billie: [Gasps]

Bo: It's okay, it's all right.

Billie: Oh.

Bo: It's okay.

Belle: Don't you see, Mimi? Every time you look at a teddy bear or see a mother and a father pushing a baby carriage, you're going to think of this baby that you gave up, and it's going to make you so sad, and Rex will see it in your eyes. He loves you. He deserves to know the truth. You can't keep this secret. It's going to come out. And the longer you wait to tell him, the worse it's going to be for both of you.

Hope: [Sighs] You know what worries me?

Patrick: What?

Hope: If Bo finds Billie, what could happen? If Billie's in danger, and Bo walks in --

Patrick: Shh. Quiet.

Hope: What is it?

Patrick: Come on, hurry. This way.

Roman: You know what, John? I got a gut feeling.

John: Yeah? What's that?

Roman: We don't have much time before DiMera makes his move. The safety and lives of everybody on this island depends on us.

John: That's a fact. We're taking a hell of a risk.

Roman: Yeah. And if we do find that nerve center, the control room of this island, we could end up being the ones to die.

John: Well, the odds are someone's going to die on this island, Roman. Big question is who's it going to be. The current's getting stronger this way. Let's go.

Roman: Yeah.

Billie: Okay, okay, I guess those leeches just took a little more blood than I thought.

Bo: Hey, um, let me take a look at those wounds. You may need bandages.

Billie: No. Let's just keep going.

Bo: Billie, Billie, come here.

Billie: Let's keep going.

Bo: No. You need to take off your shirt so I can look at the wounds. Billie, I don't want you passing out on me again.

Billie: Okay.

Bo: What are you looking at me like that?

Billie: [Sighs]

Bo: Well... these aren't bleeding. You should be okay there. Let me -- let me look at that one.

Bo: Yeah, you are bleeding a little bit, but, uh... you should be fine.

Billie: I told you. I'm fine.

Bo: Yeah. But you won't be if you go out there looking for DiMera on your own. I'm not going to let you do that.

Billie: Oh, I'm not getting into this with you again.

Bo: You said yourself if DiMera's guys find you, you're dead.

Billie: And I told you that my life was worth risking. You need to go back to Hope and raise your kids together. I don't have anything like that to go back to. But there is... one thing that I want from you... something I've been thinking about for a while.

Bo: What's that?

Belle: Wait. What are you doing?

Sami: I'm going to go rip Jan's freakin' head off.

Belle: No, Sami. Shawn and I are through.

Billie: The reason Bo kissed me is because I asked him to. I wanted it.

Hope: You bastard. How could you do that to me?

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