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Rex: Mimi, look, I'm worried about you. All right, you've been acting strange for days. Just now, that thing between you and Belle -- come on, it was about me, wasn't it? What is the big secret

Mimi: I've already made an appointment at the women's clinic for this afternoon.

Belle: Oh, my God, Mimi, no. I will not let you do this.

Mimi: You can't stop me.

Belle: Somebody has to. Don't you see what you're doing? Before you even tell him you're pregnant, you are killing Rex's child.

Mimi: Uh... Belle and I were discussing my... surprise for you. There. Are you happy? Now it's ruined.

Rex: Uh...ha ha. What surprise?

Mimi: The surprise that has to do with... our anniversary today.

Rex: Anniversary?

Mimi: Don't tell me you forgot. Our anniversary of our very first real kiss.

Rex: Ha ha ha. Are you kidding? Of course I didn't forget our anniversary. No. In fact, I've got quite the little gift myself I've got to pick up, so, hey, it won't take me long. Just promise me you'll sit tight and wait for me to get back.

Mimi: But I have some errands to run, like I told you.

Rex: On our anniversary. What, you can't do the errands later?

Mimi: I have an appointment, Rex.

Rex: You can change the appointment. Look, you and I are going to spend the day together, and I won't take no for an answer.

Rex: Anniversary of our first kiss? I could have sworn that happened on Christmas. What's Mimi thinking?

Mimi: I wish I could cancel my appointment, Rex, but I know if I did that, I'd end up losing you forever.

Brady: Lexie! Lexie. Hi. Um, hi. Do you -- do you have a minute? I need to talk to you.

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, of course. Uh, sorry I had to cut our call short earlier.

Brady: Uh, no, no, no. That's fine. I understand. Um, I just -- I need to know what's going on with my Dad, okay? With everything that I've -- that I've heard -- what are the details on this -- on this plane crash?

Lexie: Brady, I wish I could give you some, um... Tek's been working with the Coast Guard, but so far, they haven't had much luck.

Brady: Yeah, but where were my Dad and Bo heading? What the hell were they doing in the first place?

Lexie: Well, they were trying to find Hope and Marlena, and hopefully Abe and Roman and all the others.

Brady: What are you talking about?

Lexie: I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but given the circumstances --

Brady: Yeah, I-I think that's a good idea. What -- what is this all about?

Lexie: Bo and your father had a theory.

Brady: What theory?

Lexie: That... some, if not all, of the Salem Stalker's victims might still be alive and are being held captive somewhere.

Belle: Mimi was right, Philip. I need to talk to Shawn one more time before I can accept this -- accept the fact that he's left me for Jan Spears, of all people.

Philip: All right, Belle, hold on. Just listen. I understand why this is hard for you to believe. It's hard for me to believe. But Shawn made it pretty damn clear where things stand, didn't he? I do not want to see you hurting, and do you really want to put yourself through hearing that again?

Belle: I just need to know that it's not more of Jan's lies and that it's not his head injury that's making him act this way. He doesn't even know what happened to his mother yet, Philip. And I don't want him hearing it from Jan. I'm sorry.

Philip: Hey, don't apologize.

Belle: I just -- I know how you feel about me.

Philip: No, Belle, it has nothing to do with that. I just don't want see you hurt again.

Belle: And I appreciate your concern, and I know this is really hard for you. But I just can't believe that Shawn and I are through until I talk to him alone, one on one.

Kate: If I were you, I'd stop her... before she makes a big mistake.

Shawn-D: What aren't you telling me? Why don't you want me calling my parents?

Jan: I don't know how to tell you this, Shawn. We were gonna wait, um, until you were stronger --

Shawn-D: Tell me -- tell me what?

Jan: I have quite a bit of bad news, starting with your mother.

Shawn-D: What about her?

Jan: I'm so sorry, honey, but she's dead.

Shawn-D: No.

Jan: I'm so sorry.

Shawn-D: No. No.

Hope: Why'd you do it, Bo? Don't you wanna get back and see Shawn and Zack?

Bo: More than anything. And don't you understand? We might not be able to do that without Billie.

Hope: Bo, please! Bo, I'm begging you, please.

Bo: When you get back to New Salem, tell John and the others that my wife is to stay put.

Hope: Damn it. Damn you, Billie Reed.

Patrick: Hey. I found a hot spring near the cave. I, uh, I almost got my shoulder worked back into place.

Hope: That's good. That's great.

Patrick: Well, it looks like you're all packed up and ready to head back to New Salem.

Hope: Surely you know me better than that, Patrick.

Patrick: So, what's up with the bag?

Hope: I'm going after Bo and Billie. And there's not a damn thing you or he can do to stop me.

John: I'd still like to know how the hell Hope got out here to look for Bo. You and I about got electrocuted trying to make it over that fence.

Roman: Yeah, well, I'm just damn glad we made it.

John: Yeah, no thanks to my lying half-brother.

Roman: I'm with you on that. Tony's excuse, all that -- that crap about losing his Zen touch, that's a lot of bull.

John: Yeah. He lowered that barrier before, he could have done it again.

Roman: And not just with chants and amulets, I guarantee you that.

John: You know what I'm thinking, Roman? There's got to be a master switch around here somewhere. More than likely it's controlled from his father's lair, wherever the hell that could be.

Roman: Not a doubt in my mind Stefano's behind all this.

John: I got a feeling the old man's just getting warmed up.

Roman: Damn it. Why in the hell did Bo have to go running after Billie Reed? We got better things to do than chase after him and now Hope.

John: That's a fact. I'll tell you something, Roman -- if we don't track him down in a hurry, we're not going to have any choice but to go back to our original plan.

Roman: Are you talking about, uh, leaving them behind? Is that what you're saying?

John: I don't like it any more than you do, but we got some fragile women back at the ranch whose lives are at stake. We got Alice, Jen, her baby.

Roman: Yeah, I know, I know. Ma, Maggie, Doc...

John: Yeah. Well, let's just hope we round up Bo and Hope before it comes to that, huh? Let's go.

Roman: Yeah, let's go.

Philip: Mom, please don't start. Now's not the time.

Kate: If you love Belle, you have to fight for her now.

Philip: Yeah. I can fight all I want, Mom, but I know that until she gives up on Shawn, it won't do any good.

Shawn-D: It just -- it just doesn't make any sense.

Jan: I know. It's so horrible. I mean, that's why we didn't want to tell you.

Shawn-D: Tell me -- I didn't want you to have to tell me. I should have been there so I knew what the hell was going on so maybe I could have done something about it.

Jan: It's not your fault. I mean, you would have been here. If it had not been for Belle's lies, then you never would have left Salem in the first place. Honey, I'm going to go see a nurse, see about getting you a sedative.

Shawn-D: I don't want a sedative, okay? I just want answers.

Jan: Excuse me, I would really appreciate it if you did not eavesdrop on me and my fiancÚ.

Belle: I need to talk to Shawn about what happened to his mom.

Jan: I am sorry, but Dr. Carver told me that I'll be the one to do that.

Belle: But --

Jan: No. No, Belle. You would only upset him. And haven't you caused Shawn and his family enough damage?

Philip: Belle.

Jan: My heart goes out to you, Shawn. I know that this has to be a huge shock. I am so, so sorry.

Shawn-D: Are you, Jan? Or did you get exactly what you wanted?

Brady: Lexie, how can this be? I-I don't understand how Marlena's victims can still be alive.

Lexie: I don't know, Brady. I examined each one of them. I-I signed the death certificates myself. I can't explain it.

Brady: All right, well, obviously, my Father and Bo thought somehow it could be possible.

Lexie: Yeah, well, let's put it this way -- they felt they had sufficient cause to investigate. That's when they took off in John's plane.

Brady: Okay, the plane -- where is the plane wreckage?

Lexie: The wreckage hasn't been located.

Brady: Okay, so they can -- they can still be alive, then.

Lexie: No, I-I wouldn't get my hopes up, Brady.

Brady: Lexie, you just said that --

Lexie: I know, I know, I know. But according to Tek -- look at me, please -- Bo and your father have officially been declared dead by the government.

Brady: How the hell am I supposed to break this to my sister?

Belle: Break what to me?

Roman: Aah. Well, somebody's been here. This brush has clearly been trampled. Whoever it was made a rope out of these vines.

John: Yeah, looks like they used it to get down to the river.

Roman: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What the hell is this?

John: Ha ha. Yeah while Bo and Hope have been out looking for Billie, looks like someone's been hunting for them.

Roman: Yeah. Well, I think we better get going. What do you think?

John: Yeah, I think so. Get down.

Mimi: Oh, come on, Rex. Where are you? I have to go.

[Telephone rings] [Ring]

Mimi: Hello? Speaking. Oh, that's -- that's fine. I can come in early to fill out paperwork. Oh, uh... no. No problem. I'll be there as soon as I can. Thanks.

Mimi: Sorry, Rex. I have to get out of here, and before you get back. You're back. Ha ha.

Rex: Where are you going? I thought you were going to wait for me.

Mimi: I was. I just, um... I-I just have to step out for a while, that's all.

Rex: You've been crying.

Mimi: No.

Rex: Mimi, I can see it. I can see in your eyes that something is wrong. Now, for the last time, are you going to tell me what it is?

Patrick: Hope, wait. You can't just go running off after Bo. He told you to stay.

Hope: I know, to be a good little girl and go back to New Salem with you. The only problem is I'm not going to be a good little girl and do as I'm told.

Patrick: Okay, then, he told me to take you back and make sure you're safe.

Hope: I'm not going back without him.

Patrick: Well, unless I heard him incorrectly, which I don't think I did, because he repeated it several times, he's not going back until he finds Billie Reed.

Hope: Okay, fine. Then we'll find them both, and we'll all go back together.

Patrick: What exactly are you so afraid of?

Hope: You know what, Patrick? I got to get going.

Patrick: Yeah, I just -- I don't believe it. Are you seriously threatened by this woman?

Hope: Excuse me?

Patrick: Honestly, Hope, do you really think your husband would leave you for her?

Jan: How could you say that? How could I ever want this for you? I love you. It kills me to see you in pain. I mean, I would sooner cut off my arm than do anything to --

Shawn-D: All right, look... I didn't mean to attack you. It's just that I know in high school how much you hated Belle, and just now when you were blaming her for what happened --

Jan: But you were blaming yourself, and this is not your fault, and I just wanted you to see that. I mean, you have told me so many times that you only left Salem because of her. I mean, she is the reason why your great-grandmother was killed, and now, to think that your mom might still be alive if she hadn't pushed you away from your family... but I guess we'll never know now, will we? Selfishly... I should be grateful to Belle. I mean, the one good thing to come from your leaving was you and I reconnecting, falling in love, getting engaged. But as wonderful as all that is, if it turns out that had you been here, you somehow could have prevented your mother and father's deaths, then --

Shawn-D: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Wait a minute. What happened to my Dad?

Jan: Shawn, I -- I didn't -- I didn't mean for it to come out.

Shawn-D: Damn it, Jan, what happened to my Dad?

Belle: Brady, what's going on? What bad news don't you want me to hear?

Brady: Ahem. Uh, can I -- can I have a moment alone with my sister, please?

Lexie: Yeah, of course.

Philip: Okay, um, Belle, I'll be in the waiting room if you need me, okay?

Brady: Come on.

Belle: Okay, Brady, you're scaring me. What is it?

Brady: Uh, Belle, there-- there's been an accident.

Philip: I wonder what that was about.

Kate: I think Brady is probably going to tell Belle about her father.

Philip: John? What about him? Did something happen?

Kate: John and Bo were on a mission, and it was classified, and that's why it hasn't been in the news, but their plane went down, and they're both presumed dead.

Philip: [Gasps] Oh, my -- Belle -- I got --

Kate: Sweetie, there's more. Your sister.

Philip: What happened?

Kate: Billie's dead.

Belle: An accident? Did something happen to Sami?

Brady: No.

Belle: Eric? Carrie? Who? Tell me.

Brady: Belle, uh...

Belle: No. Not Dad. Please tell me nothing happened to Dad.

Brady: I'm sorry, Belle. He's gone.

John: Are you all right? You didn't get hit, did you?

Roman: No, no. It was close, though. Somebody's awful damn trigger-happy with that dart gun.

John: Yeah, it had to be one of DiMera's henchmen. I'm sure tony put the word out that we escaped.

Roman: You know what, John, I don't understand is I was out in this jungle before. Instead of trying to kill me, they saved my life.

John: Yeah, Doc told me some mystery person left a syringe laying around.

Roman: Yeah, it was full of a medicine that cured me. Clearly, they didn't want me to die.

John: Well, maybe they wanted you to stay alive for a while.

Roman: What the hell are you talking about?

John: I've be t thinking, Roman -- everybody who's been brought to this island, very carefully chosen. You're all part of a plan, some -- some sick, twisted plot just to screw with our lives. I'm convinced of that. And for a while there, it was working. That is, until Bo and I showed up and kind of threw a wrench into their plans.

Roman: Maybe that's now why they want us dead, huh?

John: I think our friend's back.

John: In fact, we're surrounded.

Roman: I don't see anything.

John: There's three. [Sniffs] Make that four.

Roman: Well... how in the hell are we going to get out of this one?

John: As far as I can see, there's only one way out.

Roman: Are you crazy?

John: Just enough. You want to get home to see your daughter get married?

Roman: Count to three.

John: Do I say "1, 2, 3, jump" or --

Both: Aah!

Rex: Mimi, it's okay. Whatever it is, you can talk to me. Just tell me what's going on.

Mimi: I'm getting an abortion.

Rex: Mimi, come on. Why were you crying? Just tell me.

Mimi: You'll think it was so silly.

Rex: No, I won't. Come here.

Mimi: Uh, after you left, I was thinking about our anniversary, and... how lucky I am that we're still together and that I haven't lost you like so many people we know have lost people they love, like I've lost Patrick and you've lost Cassie. I just got all emotional. I told you it was dumb.

Rex: That's it? That's the truth?

Mimi: The truth is, um... I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and, um... I would do anything... absolutely anything to hang on to what we have.

Rex: Mimi... I feel the exact same way. I love you so much. It's just -- I can't believe how lucky I am.

Mimi: Oh, Rex.

Rex: Come on, no more tears, okay? This is a day for celebrating. In fact... I have a proposal, one I think you're going to like.

Mimi: You have a... proposal? [Gasping]

Rex: Miriam Lockhart... will you marry me?

Mimi: Yes. Yes, yes, of course I will. You're not going to believe this, but your timing couldn't have been better.

Rex: Why's that?

Mimi: Because, Rex... you and I are about to be parents.

Rex: You mean...

Mimi: Yes. We're going to have a baby.

Rex: A baby?

Mimi: Yeah.

Rex: I'm going to be a father? Mimi. Oh, you have made me the happiest man alive. Oh. Mimi. Hello. Where'd you go?

Mimi: Sorry. I was, um, just daydreaming.

Rex: In the middle of my big surprise?

Mimi: I don't suppose this proposal has anything to do with the church, lifetime commitment, stuff like that.

Rex: Oh, Mimi, come on. We've already talked about all that. Look, you know we're not ready, at least not yet.

Mimi: I know. I was just...kidding. Um, so, what are you proposing, exactly?

Rex: A picnic. Just you and me, someplace very romantic and secluded where we can relive our first kiss over and over and --

[Telephone rings]

Rex: Just let the machine get it.

Mimi: No, no, no. It -- it might be important. I better answer. Hello? Yes, I've already -- I've already spoke to someone about the paperwork.

Mimi: Okay. Yeah. All right. I got the new information, and I'll be on my way. Thanks. I'm sorry, Rex. I couldn't cancel my appointment.

Rex: What about the picnic? I mean, I got all the food.

Mimi: Um, just put it in the fridge, and we'll have the picnic tonight.

Rex: Tonight?

Mimi: I love you, Rex Brady.

Rex: Okay --

Mimi: I'm so sorry, but I'm doing this for you... for us.

Hope: [Sighs] Maybe you're right. Maybe I-I do still feel threatened by Billie Reed, but, I mean, how insane is that? How crazy is that?

Patrick: Look, I know it's hard not to think about what happened before, but things are completely different now.

Hope: I lost so much, Patrick -- all those years at Maison Blanche -- I lost my memory, my entire family. You can't even imagine what that was like.

Patrick: Well, I've lost a few things in my time -- things that meant everything to me. But luckily, I managed to get them all back in the end.

Hope: Well, it wasn't that simple for me. Even after I recovered my memory, I still had to start all over in Salem. My husband was with another woman, a woman who tried to replace me.

Patrick: Yeah, but no one could do that, Hope. No, once you got your memory back, once Bo knew you were his wife, the woman he loved, he chose you.

Hope: Yeah, he did... in the end. Look, I know that Bo loves me. That's not the issue. I trust that man with my whole heart and soul, but... Stefano's the reason that Billie came between us in the first place. He's probably the reason we're all here now. What if he wants the same thing to happen? However, I did call a few

Brady: Dad and -- and Bo were looking for Hope's plane when -- when their plane went down.

Belle: So Shawn's dad is dead, too? Oh, my God. Brady, when is the suffering going to end?

Shawn-D: Tell me, Jan. Tell me. Tell me, what hap-- what happened to my Dad? Look at me. What happened to my Dad? Will you just tell me?

Lexie: What in the world is going on here?

Shawn-D: Lexie, what happened to my Dad?! Why won't anyone tell me about my parents?!

Jan: I was just telling him about his mom and dad.

Lexie: Shawn, I am so, so sorry. Listen, I'm -- I'm going to call your Uncle Mickey and Julie and have them come be with you, okay? I would like a word with you outside.

Lexie: How could you do that? I specifically asked you not to say anything to Shawn about his parents until he was stronger.

Jan: I'm sorry. I just thought that --

Lexie: No, no. You didn't think. That's your problem. Get back in there and stay with him until I can contact his family.

Jan: I am his family, you witch. All he needs is me. Shawn, Shawn, what do you think you're doing?

Shawn-D: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm getting the hell out of here.

Roman: Ahh. Oh. John... John, are you okay?

John: [Groans] Yeah, so far, so good.

Roman: Yeah.

John: You?

Roman: Yeah. That was kind of fun, actually, but I'm not sure I want to do it again, huh?

John: You didn't find that dip in the river a little refreshing?

Roman: Yeah. Well, who's ever after us, I don't think's going to quit trying.

John: That's a fact. I'm sure they're after Bo and Hope, too, so let's get moving.

Roman: Yeah, you got it. Wait a minute. What the hell -- what the hell is this?

John: What do you got?

Roman: It's a woman's pendant.

John: By the way you said that, I'm guessing you know who it belongs to.

Roman: You're damn right I do. It's Billie Reed's.

Hope: Damn zipper's stuck. I can't get it loose.

Patrick: Ahem. May I?

Hope: Be my guest. Thanks.

Patrick: There you go.

Hope: Bo was coming to meet us the other day.

Patrick: That's right. And if I could just throw my two cents in on this situation --

Hope: You know what? Let's just forget it, okay? Billie Reed isn't worth discussing. Forget it.

Patrick: Hey, all I was going to say... is that I think your husband's a damn fool to leave you behind.

Rex: Something is definitely wrong with Mimi. She wouldn't blow off our anniversary for some appointment. Speaking of that anniversary... I knew it. I marked this down a long time ago. There's no anniversary today. We kissed on Halloween, but, I mean, our first real kiss was at the Hartley house Christmas party. What the hell is going on? Mimi, it's Rex. Look, I checked, and there is no anniversary today. Call me, okay? We need to talk. I've got to find out what you're hiding. This is crazy. I think I might know how.

Mimi: "Imagine your perfect family." [Sobs] 

Hope: Look, I appreciate your support, but fool or not, Bo is the man I love, and I'm going after him. If you want to go back to New Salem, I completely --

Patrick: Forget it. I'm coming with you.

Hope: Patrick, this --

Patrick: We've come this far together. You don't think I'm going to quit, do you?

Hope: I know better than to argue with you. Let's go.

Patrick: Right behind you.

Patrick: Whew. I want to meet this Billie Reed, see what kind of woman could take any man from Hope Brady.

Belle: How are you coping with all of this, Brady? You just lost Chloe.

Brady: Belle, I'm going to be okay. I'm worried about you. Why don't you let me take you home?

Belle: No, I can't. I have to be here for Shawn.

Brady: For Shawn? After the way he treated you?

Belle: He's just lost both of his parents.

Brady: You have, too, Belle.

Belle: But I still have you. We have each other to help us get through this. Except for his little brother, who is too young to understand, Shawn has no one -- no one really close, anyway.

Brady: What about his fiancÚ Jan Spears?

Belle: I just can't believe he loves her. I have to go to him.

Brady: Whoa, whoa, hang -- hang on a second.

Belle: Brady, just try and understand, he's lying in a hospital bed, and he's only just found out. He's going to need me, and I need him more than ever.

Brady: If he does or says anything to hurt you again, I swear --

Belle: He won't. He won't. I love you.

Brady: Oh, it's going to be okay, Belle. I love you, too. We're going to find a way to get through this, all right?

Jan: Shawn, you need to get out of those clothes and get back in bed. Dr. Carver says that you're not well enough to go home.

Shawn-D: I don't care what the hell Dr. Carver said. I'm out of here.

Jan: I've upset you. This is all my fault.

Shawn-D: No, no, Jan. You were just trying to protect me. What you said before, you were right. This whole nightmare -- if it's anyone's fault, it's Belle's. I mean, both my parents... are gone, and I wasn't here because of her.

Lexie: Shawn! What are you doing? Where do you think you're going?

Shawn-D: I'm leaving. I'm checking out.

Lexie: No, you're not.

Shawn-D: Oh, are you going to stop me?

Jan: Shawn -- Shawn, wait.

Lexie: I'm calling security!

Belle: Shawn... I'm so sorry about your mom and dad.

Shawn-D: Sorry? I'll bet you are. Because of you... my family is dead.

John: How do you know that's Billie's?

Roman: Well... I was with Kate when she bought it last fall right before she left for London for a visit.

John: Yeah?

Roman: Besides that... she had Billie's initials engraved on the back.

John: Wow, so Bo didn't imagine any of this. Billie's here. She's somewhere on this island.

Roman: Yeah. What the hell is that all about?

John: Well, Roman, that's just another piece of evidence that confirms my theory.

Roman: What do you mean? What, you're talking about Stefano?

John: He's going to use her to try to destroy Bo and Hope.

Rex: It's not that I don't trust you, Mimi... it's just that I want to know what you're hiding, why you're not telling me the truth. My God. That's it. I know what she's doing. I-I know where she went.

Mimi: Where are you, Belle? Why am I even calling you? Do I want you to talk me out of this? [Cellular phone rings]

Mimi: Belle? Oh, h-hi. No, I promise I'm on my way. I'm -- I'm sorry I'm late. Yeah, I'm okay, really. I was just kind of having... second thoughts, actually. To tell you the truth, um... I don't know if I can go through with... not going through with this pregnancy. What? Do I want to cancel my appointment?

Lucas: I got some bad news for you.

Sami: Oh, God. What is it?

Lucas: This isn't going to work.

Rex: If you were to tell me that we were going to have a baby now... Mimi, I love you so much, we'd make it work.

Philip: Shut your mouth right now or I'm going to shut it for you.

Shawn-D: You go ahead and try, Philip, and I will kill you.

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