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Mimi: Hi. Is this the women's clinic? Yes, I need to make an appointment...

Mimi: To terminate my pregnancy.

Shawn-D: What the hell are you doing here? Why don't you just get out? How could I forget the woman who taught me what it feels like to be a man?

Belle: I don't care what's happened. We can get through this.

Shawn-D: But we can't. I've moved on.

Belle: No.

Shawn-D: What Jan does for me, you never could. Now, if you'll excuse us, I'd really like to be alone.

Belle: Shawn!

Roman: Damn it! I can't believe Hope snuck out like that. What the hell was she thinking?

Abe: She's thinking about the man she loves.

John: Well, I thought she understood how important it was to stay in one spot.

Roman: Well, she's in none of the houses, so she's got to be here. Jen was hoping she'd talked her out of it, but Hope wanted Tony to help her get through that force field.

John: All right, listen. Even if Tony did help her and he knows where Hope is, do you really think he's gonna tell us?

Tony: So, have we had any word from our men regarding Bo and Hope?

Bart: No, nothing yet, boss.

Tony: Foolish of her to have stolen that remote control to lower the force field.

Bart: That's my take.

Tony: She should not have gotten back into that jungle.

Bart: Nope. And Stefano made it plenty clear that anyone who left New Salem had to die. Well, of course Hope never got that memo.

Tony: No, because she was worried that her husband was in danger. And he is. And now she is. And the minute our men find them, they're both dead.

Hope: Let's hope this works.

Hope: Don't take this personally.

Hope: Mm!

Hope: Bo... Bo, I have to find you. Bo.

Tony: Ah, pity things have gone a bit awry down here.

Bart: How so, boss?

Tony: Oh, our uninvited guests -- John and Bo, Hope, Patrick -- made things considerably more complicated.

Bart: Yeah, well, you shouldn't be surprised. I'm telling you something -- John, Bo, and Hope have been messing up the best of Stefano's plans for a long time.

Tony: You know, that's not a point I want to be reminded of, thank you. It happens occasionally, but not this time. Not this time, Bart.

[Knock on door]

Tony: Oh. That must be our heroes. Make yourself scarce, will you?

Bart: You got it, Count.

Roman: Where the hell is Hope?

John: What have you done with her, Tony?

Hope: Bo...

Patrick: Bo's a fool.

Hope: Oh.

Patrick: Ahem.

Hope: How do you feel? Are you all right?

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, much better, thanks. I, uh... sorry about last night. You know, I was pretty out of it, and, uh, when I woke up and saw you lying next to me, I guess I thought I was dead and you were an angel.

Hope: Please.

Patrick: How'd I get here, anyway?

Hope: I found you down by the river. You had a very bad case of hypothermia, and the only way I could think to warm you up was with my own body heat. You know, I still can't believe that you survived the fall into the ravine.

Patrick: Yeah, I blacked out when I hit the water. The current must have taken me downriver. I guess I finally washed up on shore. You know, you really saved my life.

Hope: When I woke up, I, um, I thought I heard you saying Bo's name, that he was a fool.

Patrick: Yeah. Bo is a fool for leaving you.

Hope: How do you know about that?

Patrick: You talk in your sleep.

Hope: What did you hear me say?

Patrick: Well, you kept saying, "no, Bo, don't go." said you had to go back into the jungle to find him. You kept saying it over and over. Now, what is Bo doing out here, anyway?

Billie: Am I dead, or are you really here?

Bo: I'm asking myself the same thing.

Billie: There's only one way to find out.

Billie: Bo, wait.

Bo: Come on, we got to keep moving.

Billie: No, I have to rest.

Bo: We got to get across the barrier.

Billie: Listen, if I don't make it --

Bo: You're gonna make it. Let's go.

Billie: If I don't make it, you have to tell them. Tell John and Roman and Abe what's going on here. What's gonna happen on this island is crazy. It's insane, and somehow you have to be the one to stop it.

Bo: Stop what? What is gonna happen?

Billie: You're never gonna believe it. [Dart shoots]

Bo: Ahh! Billie? [Coughs] Billie? [Grunts] Billie, where are you?

Mimi: Yes, I've already met with a counselor. Peggy Johnson from University Hospital. Yes, I'm sure this is what I want. That's fine. I'll be there. Thank you.

Mimi: I love you, Rex. That's why I'm doing this -- for us. For our future.

Belle: Shawn?

Philip: No, Belle, Shawn's not here. He's not here.

Belle: I must have been having a nightmare. Have I been asleep here all night?

Philip: Yeah. I didn't want to disturb you.

Belle: I'm so sorry.

Philip: Don't apologize. I know last night was hell. I'm just glad I could be here to help you -- now and always, if you'll let me. All right, I'm sorry. That wasn't fair. I told you that I wouldn't push. I'm gonna go make some coffee. You want to go up and shower?

Belle: Yeah, okay.

Philip: Okay. [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Mimi: Hey, Philip.

Philip: Hi. Come on in. What's up?

Mimi: How's Shawn doing?

Philip: Well, he's conscious. Lexie said the prognosis is pretty good, so it looks like he's gonna recover completely.

Mimi: That is great.

Philip: Yeah, it is great.

Mimi: What, did something else happen after I left?

Philip: I would rather not get into it.

Mimi: Into what?

Philip: Belle's upstairs, Mimi. I think you should go talk to her.

Philip: Damn you, Shawn.

Belle: I remember when you would hold me that way. What happened? If you could just tell me why.

Mimi: Belle? Honey, what's wrong? What happened?

Belle: It's Shawn.

Mimi: But Philip told me everything was gonna be okay.

Belle: It is, thank God, but it's really over. Jan Spears took him away from me.

Tony: Oh, it's all so predictable, isn't it? Hope is missing, and, of course, I'm to blame.

John: Well, there's a reason behind that.

Roman: Yeah, we all still think that Stefano's behind this, and you're working with him.

Tony: Okay, I'm not going to hear this conversation again. Good day.

John: Fine, then why don't you just do all the talking? Where's Hope?

Tony: Well, gentlemen, you'll be pleased to know that hope was here indeed. She demanded that I use my amulet and Zen mantra to disable the force field so she could go back into the jungle. It seems her husband is missing. Is that true?

Abe: You know damn well that's true. Now, where is she?

Tony: I have no idea, but I'll tell you one thing.

John: Yeah? What's that?

Tony: Well, if Bo and Hope are in the jungle, they will not come out of it alive.

Patrick: Your telling me Jack hasn't been rescued? Is that what Bo's doing back here?

Hope: No, no, thank God, Jack is fine. We brought him back to New Salem. He's with Jennifer and their baby. They're all doing well.

Patrick: So Jack's really okay.

Hope: Yeah. I mean, except for being completely exhausted and suffering from exposure, he's -- he's going to be fine.

Patrick: Good. Good, that's -- that's great news.

Hope: Are you really happy that he's okay?

Patrick: Of course I am. I'm truly happy that Jack was found and is back with Jennifer and her baby. Ha ha. And Abby -- oh, she's going to be thrilled when her mommy and her daddy and her new little brother all come home to her.

Hope: You really mean that, don't you?

Patrick: Yeah, I do.

Hope: You are one mysterious man, Patrick Lockhart.

Patrick: Ha ha. Nah, nah. There's no mystery. I am just a guy who makes a lot of bonehead mistakes. Kind of like -- mm, I don't know -- your husband Bo, maybe.

Bo: Billie. Men's footprints. They dragged Billie off. Where'd they take her? What the hell?

[Knock on door]

Philip: [Sighs]

Philip: All right, look, Rex, it's been a long night, and I'm not in the mood for any of your crap right now.

Rex: Look, I'm looking for Mimi.

Philip: So what?

Rex: Is she here?

Philip: She's upstairs. She's talking to Belle. Belle needs a friend right now.

Rex: What'd you do to her?

Philip: Walk across the hall and slither back underneath your rock, okay?

Rex: Listen, did you hurt her?

Philip: No.

Rex: Then why does she need a friend to talk to right now?

Philip: Why do you think? She's upset about Shawn.

Rex: When are you going to get it into your thick skull that you never -- things are never going to happen between you and Belle?

Philip: You have all the answers as always, Rexie, right?

Rex: Well, I definitely have the answer to this one. Look, she is in love with Shawn, and he loves her.

Philip: Yeah, well, I have a little info for you, smart guy, about Shawn.

Rex: I bet you do.

Philip: And I'm betting that once you hear it, you won't be so quick to defend your stupid cousin.

Belle: [Sobs]

Mimi: What are you talking about? Shawn would never have anything to do with Jan Spears.

Belle: I didn't want to believe it, either, but it's true.

Mimi: How could it be?

Belle: When Shawn woke up, he didn't ask for me.

Mimi: Belle, he -- he had to be really out of it. I mean, he -- he had brain surgery. He was in a coma.

Belle: Then why did he ask for Jan instead of me?

Mimi: Maybe he was really delirious.

Belle: No. He knew exactly what he was saying, and Jan told me all of these awful things about him -- unbelievable things.

Mimi: That's Jan. Everything she says is unbelievable.

Belle: Not this.

Mimi: How do you know?

Belle: Because I asked Shawn if what she said was true.

Mimi: He didn't...

Belle: Yes. He said that everything she told me was true, and -- and that we're over.

Mimi: I don't believe it.

Belle: I didn't want to believe it, either, but I could see it in his eyes. He doesn't love me anymore, and he wants to be with Jan.

Mimi: Oh, God, this doesn't make any sense, Belle.

Belle: I know. And I don't think it ever will, but it's true. Shawn never joined the Merchant Marine. He's been with Jan in her house on Kent Island all summer. [Sobbing] He gave his virgi-- he did it with her, and he gave -- he gave that slut his Brady family cross that he wore around his neck, and -- I can't even say it.

Mimi: Say what? Tell me what he did.

Belle: [Sobbing] He asked Jan to marry him.

Mimi: No.

Belle: You saw the engagement ring, right?

Mimi: Yeah. She showed us her ring when -- that night when we were all here at the loft. She said she was getting married, but we never met her fiancÚ.

Belle: Because it was Shawn.

Mimi: No. This -- Belle, this can't be true. You and Shawn were meant to be. You're soul mates.

Belle: I always thought that, too. [Sobbing]

Mimi: Oh, God. Belle... no, you two were so perfect together. You had that magical thing, that thing that every couple wants. I'm sorry. I just -- I mean, I used to think that if you and Shawn ever broke up, that there would be no hope for the rest of us.

Belle: You can't say that. Rex is a wonderful guy, and he loves you with all his heart.

Mimi: Shawn loves you that way, too, Belle. Okay, let's -- let's look at what Jan's been telling us all summer. She never said she was with Shawn. Either she was lying then, or she's lying now, and probably both.

Belle: But Shawn said it was true.

Mimi: It has to be that accident, okay? He had a major head injury, Belle. He had to be hallucinating or thinking about you when he was talking about Jan. What -- what did Lexie say?

Belle: Well, she said his personality might seem different, and that he might be confused. But he doesn't seem different. Do you really think that's what might have happened?

Mimi: Honey, I-I don't know. It -- it seems like the only thing that makes sense. I mean -- I guess -- I guess we just have to keep hoping and praying that he has a full recovery and that his feelings for you just kind of sort themselves out and that everything will be all right again.

Belle: Do you think that might happen?

Mimi: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I believe in my heart, okay? And you just have to give Shawn time, okay? And trust in the love that you two always shared and still do.

Belle: Okay. I can't talk about this anymore.

Mimi: Okay. I understand.

Belle: So how are you? Have you told Rex about the baby?

Mimi: No.

Belle: Why not?

Mimi: Because I'm not going to tell him.

Belle: You have to.

Mimi: What? No, there's no point. I'm just not going to.

Belle: Mimi, he's the father of your baby.

Mimi: There's not going to be a baby.

Belle: What do you mean, there's not going to be a baby? You're not really pregnant?

Mimi: No, I'm really pregnant. I'm getting an abortion.

John: What do you mean that Bo and Hope aren't going to come out of that jungle alive?

Tony: I would suggest you keep your distance and your anger in check.

John: I would suggest you just answer my question.

Tony: Why, do you think I was making a point of threatening Bo and Hope?

John: Well, it kind of sounded that way to me, yeah.

Tony: Well, I wasn't. On the contrary. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about the odds against them. As we know, the jungle is a very treacherous place.

John: Well, no doubt about that. Doesn't mean that Bo and Hope aren't going to come out of it alive, though.

Tony: Well, it certainly took the life of Patrick Lockhart, very nearly Jack, Jennifer, the baby, even our friend Roman here. But you don't know the real reason why Hope believes Bo went back into the jungle, do you?

Roman: Sounds to me like you're on a little fishing expedition here, Tony.

Abe: Do you know why Bo went back?

Tony: Yes, I do. Bo believes he saw Billie Reed somewhere amidst the fauna and flora. It seems his head wound's a lot more serious than any of you thought. Coffee, gentlemen?

John: For the record, Bo Brady is just fine.

Tony: That's where I think you're wrong. I think Bo's feelings towards Billie were a lot more serious than... Hope suspected. Otherwise, why would he have gone into the imagination of thinking that, you know, Billie was in jeopardy?

Roman: Why do you think Bo imagined all this?

Tony: Oh, you don't think Billie Reed is here, do you, in this jungle? Wouldn't she have been brought to New Salem by our captor just like the rest of us were?

John: Maybe Billie knows more about what the hell's going on here than the rest of us. You know, she was investigating the Salem Stalker before she disappeared in Europe.

Tony: Oh, is that a fact?

John: That's a fact.

Tony: Oh. So you believe that Billie was brought here by our captor.

John: That's another fact. Look, I'm not going to stand around here playing 20 questions. What happened to Hope?

Tony: And who's playing 20 questions now?

John: Don't be a smart-ass with me, Tony. Where's Hope?

Tony: I don't know. I just refused to help, that's all.

Roman: No, Tony, that's not all. Keep talking.

Tony: What, that I sympathize, empathize with her worry about her husband? I also told her that I didn't think that you brave souls would go back into the jungle looking for her husband who so stupidly went back in there because he imagined he was going to save the life of his ex-wife. You know, it didn't matter how many times I refused her. She truly was on her course of action.

Abe: That means she -- she went through the force field.

Tony: Yes, that's what I imagine she did. But I don't imagine that she'll be able to get through.

John: She wouldn't stop trying, though.

Roman: Let's go find her.

John: Come on, Tony. You're coming with us.

Tony: Oh, no, no, I don't think so. I think it's best if you all big, brave souls do it all on your own.

Roman: Ha ha. Tony, you're so cute. But unfortunately, we do need your help, so you are coming with us. You're going to get us through that force field.

John: We're sure that you still have your amulet.

Tony: Oh. Yes, well, yes. Yes -- it doesn't always work, though.

John: Yeah. Well, don't worry about that. It's our job to make sure you try.

Roman: Let's get going. Come on.

Tony: It's just my house. That's all.

Hope: I won't have you saying those kinds of things about Bo.

Patrick: What?

Hope: What do you mean, what?

Patrick: All I said is that he reminds me of me. Is that such a bad thing? Okay, fine. Maybe it is.

Hope: Bo doesn't make bone head mistakes, okay?

Patrick: We all make mistakes, Hope. I mean, why did he leave you to go back into the jungle? I'm having a hard time figuring out what on earth could be so important that he'd leave his wife, his children, his extended family, everyone he cares about who's on this island. I'm thinking whatever it is, it's pretty mnmn important to him. Wait a minute. Nah, it couldn't possibly be that it's Billie Reed, could it?

Hope: You know that Bo thinks he saw her here in the jungle, so he came back here to save her, and I completely understand why he decided he had to do it.

Patrick: You do.

Hope: Yes, I do, because that's the kind of person Bo Brady is. He's brave and noble and -- and if he thinks that someone's in trouble, he'll put his own life on the line.

Patrick: Whoa, whoa.

Hope: He'll do everything possible to save that person.

Patrick: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold the phone right there.

Hope: What?

Patrick: That's what I did. I did exactly what Bo is doing right now, except when I did it for Jennifer, you accused me of doing it because I wanted to sleep with her. So what, now, when Bo does the exact same thing, it's -- it's different? Is that it? He couldn't possibly still have the same feelings for Billie?

Hope: No, it's different. It's completely different.

Patrick: How can you be so sure?

Hope: Because I know my husband a hell of a lot better than you do.

Patrick: You know what I think?

Hope: I'm not sure I care.

Patrick: Oh? Well, I'm going to tell you. I think you're getting mad because I'm only saying what you've been thinking all along.

Bo: Billie?

Hope: Bo!

Bo: Hope? Are you --

Hope: Oh, Bo, thank God you're all right.

Bo: What the hell's going on here?

Hope: I found Patrick down by the river. Bo, he was nearly dead. He had a bad case of hypothermia. I had to get him out of his wet clothes and warm him up somehow.

Bo: Hypothermia. I see. How the hell did you survive that fall?

Patrick: Oh, I don't know. Just lucky, I guess.

Hope: Thank God he survived, Bo.

Bo: Yeah.

Patrick: You know, uh, I'm sure my clothes are dry. I'm going to go put those on and give you two some alone time.

Bo: I don't think so. You're not going anywhere. You're working for whoever's behind this, so I have a few questions for you. You're not sneaking off into the jungle.

Hope: Hey, speaking of sneaking off, why did you trick me at the force field and go off without me?

Bo: I told you why, Hope. I didn't want to put you in any danger, but considering how things turned out, I guess I should have let you come along with me.

Hope: Don't be ridiculous, Bo.

Bo: What are you -- Hope, what is going on here? I find you naked with this man. What's that about?

Rex: You're not feeding me a load?

Philip: Nope. That is what Shawn did to her. Now, you were there at the hospital when he woke up and called Jan's name. Well, let me tell you, it went downhill from there. Now you can appreciate why Belle is so upset.

Rex: I don't believe it. It just doesn't sound like Shawn.

Philip: Yeah, well, maybe he's not the guy you always thought.

Rex: Is that what you told Belle?

Philip: I didn't need to tell Belle anything, Rex. She witnessed it all firsthand. She was there.

Rex: God, this doesn't make any sense.

Philip: You know, for all your smarts, you don't have a lot of insight into the human heart, do you? I don't think you have the first clue about human emotions.

Rex: I don't think that's accurate at all.

Philip: Really? Well, you certainly guessed wrong on your cousin Shawn, didn't you? You see, Rex, we have this thing -- it's called discernment, and you don't have any. But, you know, what can I expect? You were raised in a test tube.

Rex: Look, Shawn is family, all right? And he was great to me and Cassie when we arrived in Salem.

Philip: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right up till the point when he started running around accusing you of being a serial killer.

Rex: Shawn and I made amends, and if --

Philip: If what?

Rex: If what you're saying is true --

Philip: It is true, Rex. There's no two ways about it.

Rex: Okay. Then it's true...

Philip: And?

Rex: And that would mean that you've been right this whole time, and I've been dead wrong. Look, it's just that Mimi and I have always thought of Shawn and Belle as the ideal couple, you know, that their relationship was a litmus test for all relationships. If those two couldn't make it, then it really makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Philip: Not really, no. Rex, it was all B.S. I'm not saying Belle's part was, but Shawn didn't turn out to be what he seemed. Now, relationships -- they're based on love and trust and honesty. It doesn't appear that Shawn was too honest, does it?

Rex: But he loved her.

Philip: I don't think he did. Yeah, he talked a lot of talk, but he didn't walk the walk, and that's what matters.

Rex: No, I -- I guess he didn't.

Philip: Rex, Shawn broke the heart of a girl who would do anything for him, a girl who was good and pure and true. He tossed Belle aside for someone like Jan Spears, who was just crazy about sleeping with him.

Rex: Do you really think that's what this is about, sex?

Philip: What else would it be?

Rex: I don't know.

Philip: Well, you don't know Jan Spears very well, but trust me, comparing Jan to Belle, it's like -- it's like rhinestones and diamonds. It's crazy.

Rex: Poor Belle. She must be devastated.

Philip: She is. But she's going to get through it. I'm going to see to that. From now on, I'm going to be there for her. [Sighs] All right, let's get this straight, bro. Shawn made his move, and he's out of the frame now. I have every right to pursue a relationship with Belle, and you better stay the hell out of the way.

Belle: Tell me I heard wrong.

Mimi: No, you didn't. I'm going to end this pregnancy.

Belle: How can you possibly say that? Okay, so you're not serious. This is just a bad joke, right?

Mimi: I don't have any choice, Belle.

Belle: That is so not true. Of course you have a choice. You have a lot of choices.

Mimi: I've already spoken to a counselor about it, we went through all the options, and this is what I've decided to do.

Belle: No. You cannot go through with this without even telling Rex that you're pregnant. He is a good and decent responsible guy. He would never leave you, Mimi. He would want this baby. He loves you.

Mimi: This isn't his decision. It's mine, and I've made it.

Belle: Look, you just found out that you're pregnant. There's no need to rush into anything. Just give yourself some time to think it over.

Mimi: You don't think I've been over and over and over it a million times in my head, okay? The longer I wait and think about it, the harder it'll be to go through with it.

Belle: Okay, well, then, maybe you're having doubts, and if you're having doubts, then you owe it to yourself and that child to wait. You have to tell Rex, Mimi. You have to.

Mimi: I can't tell him, okay? I have to do this, Belle. I have to end this pregnancy. If I don't, I could lose Rex, and I can't lose the love of my life like you lost Shawn.

Rex: Look, I-I admit, if Shawn really did treat belle that badly, then there's no way he deserves her.

Philip: You're damn right.

Rex: But let me tell you something, bro -- if you hurt her, you're going to have to deal with me.

Philip: Cool.

Rex: And just for the record, when you said that I didn't understand anything about emotions, well, you're wrong. I do understand because of Mimi, and I just have to believe that what happened between Belle and Shawn won't ever happen to us, because we love and we trust each other. Look, honesty is crucial to a successful relationship. Without honesty and trust, love is dead.

Mimi: I'm sorry, Belle. God, I didn't mean for it to come out like that. You have to know that none of this is your fault and that Jan is the one. She probably made --

Belle: What happened between Shawn and me is not important right now. What's important is you talking about an abortion. You can't do it. It will destroy your relationship with Rex. Look at what lies did to Shawn and me.

Mimi: You don't understand. You don't understand, Belle. This is tearing me up inside, okay? This is the last thing I want to do, okay? Believe me, I don't want to, but I have to, or else Rex will feel trapped, okay? He's not -- he's not ready to start a family. He has told me over and over he does not want a baby, okay? I can't do this to him. I want us to have a family someday, okay? I want -- I want us to have a baby because we want to. [Sobbing] I can't lose Rex, okay? I want us to have a future together, one that we always dreamed of. There's no other way. I can't keep this baby! [Sobbing]

Abe: [Sighs] Nothing's changed. The charge is still fully operational.

John: All right, I checked the rest of the perimeter. No sign anyone breached it.

Roman: Then where in the hell is Hope? It isn't possible she got through, is it?

Bart: Come on, Count. What could she be up to? I mean, Hope Brady's smart, but she's got nothing over you and Stefano. She's just got her knickers in a twist over her hubby being out in the jungle with that hot babe from his past. That's all it was.

Tony: Wait a minute.

Tony: She took the remote. She's taking it to the force field.

Bart: On second thought, she could be up to something.

Tony: Father is not going to be pleased.

Roman: Well, I don't know how she did it, but Hope's out there somewhere. She's in that jungle looking for Bo.

John: Yeah, we got to get this show on the road. Come on, tony. Deactivate this force field. Let's go.

Tony: It's no -- it's no good.

Roman: Tony, I don't get the feeling you're working that hard.

Tony: I'm trying, damn it. I can't always make this Zen mantra work whenever I want it to. And besides, I want no harm brought to Bo and Hope any more than you do.

John: Well, we got our work cut out for us, gentlemen, 'cause we got to get inside there and find them somehow.

Roman: Yeah, well, we will, but first of all, we got to get through that damn force field.

Abe: Yeah, okay. But how?

Tony: [Thinking] You better pray you don't find a way through, because if you do, you'll all be dead then.

Hope: Bo, he could have died.

Bo: Oh, really?

Hope: Yes, really. His body was ice-cold when I found him.

Bo: Yeah. I'm sure. Well, he's obviously not dying now. He looks like he can go out and run a marathon.

Patrick: Yeah, well, I am okay now, thanks to Hope.

Bo: Yeah, I'm sure you are. I'm sure you had quite a little party here. You arranged this so you could get my wife naked.

Hope: Oh, please. I cannot believe you're behaving like this.

Bo: And I can't believe you're defending this scum.

Hope: Bo -- just knock it off. Let -- just let me put my clothes on. All right? So we can get out of here and back to the others.

Bo: You do what you like, Hope. I'm not going anywhere until I find Billie.

Shawn-D: I never went home, not to visit? That doesn't make any sense.

Jan: There's something that I have to tell you.

Philip: As soon as she is over what Shawn has done to her, I'm asking her to marry me.

Rex: I think marrying Belle would be a huge mistake.

Belle: Don't you see what you're doing? You are killing Rex's child.

Bo: I want you. To go back to New Salem.

Hope: If you're going after Billie, I'm going with you.

Bo: No. You're not coming with me.

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